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Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics

Note & Op-Ed | Ramola D | 28 June 2023

Updated July 5 2023 | Updating July 6 2023

From the startling opener noting that neuroscientists simply don’t know “how mind occurs in the brain” to much of this surprising conversation focused on Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno convergence (covered earlier here), this June 15, 2023 radio podcast discussion at the US Army “Mad Scientist” Convergence Podcast featuring Dr. James Giordano and Dr. James Canton, offers up quite some food for concern for all:

449. One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Dr. James Giordano is the Chief of Neuroethics and a Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University, primarily a “neuroscientist by trade, by profession,” as he avers on this podcast, curiously now also introducing himself as an adjunct professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, which suggests that this military neuroscientist is scrambling to corral the dubious fields of Psychiatry, “Behavioral Health,” and Mental Health into Weaponized Neuroscience, or perhaps just gain the credentials to preside over both–to unravel why, we must listen to this podcast.

Dr. James Canton is the author of several books aiming at techno-futures, a former Apple exec, with affiliations ranging from the National Science Foundation to the National Science and Technology Council, Stanford, Wharton, the U.S. Army and Naval War Colleges, the Joint Special Operations University, the Singularity University at NASA, who, curiously, appears to have functioned as a management consultant and advisor not merely to the US Government–White House, Departments of State, Defense–but also Health and Human Services–on various subjects including especially on nanotechnology. His stated focus is on “Emerging Technologies” though (a subject for greater exploration soon given coverage at this site earlier), and “threats and opportunities” thereof, on which he says he’s advised four White Houses, while also working in the space of AI in the private sector, holding positions as CEO of 5 private companies; a special focus today, he notes is the NBIC from NSF covered allusively later in this podcast (excerpts from the 2002 NSF Convergence report below).

While both of these military/managing men–one presented (on the “Mad Sci blog”) as a “hard science” expert, the other as a “soft science” visionary–present a complex view of an intended future within the framework of national security and defense, the actual content of their references in terms of takeover of the human mind, brain, body, agency must be questioned: Is it really possible that demolishing human–in this case American–individuality, independence, autonomy, uniqueness, creativity, intelligence can contribute to keeping our country safe from our “adversaries” or “competitors”? (One would think “National Security” inheres in platforming and promoting American brilliance, not seeking to disappear it.)

Neuro-AI Convergence

Neuro-AI seeks the convergence of Neuroscience with Artificial Intelligence, which is discussed here as necessary for advancement in the sciences and military. Ways of bringing these sciences together, we’re told include nano-bio-info-cogno, which seems to be pretty much everything Mil-Intel Mad Science has dreamed up including nanotechnology, synthetic biology, powerful database systems, cognitive processing underlying the creation of AI, and a seeking to bring the worlds of Cogno: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, the BRAIN Initiative, Robotics, Bio: The study of Life, Biology, Medicine, Genetics, putatively also “Behavioral Health” and Psychiatry, Info: Supercomputing, Big Data, Telecom, Nano: Nanobiosensors, Nanobioelectronics, Nanomedicine et al together under one management umbrella, all of it wanting sadly to head Humanity and Life in the direction of full-on brain implantation and Borg’ing into a cerebral Internet, body, brain, and behavior to be continually manipulated. (Covered often earlier at this site including with former US Navy Mark Trump on this podcast.)

Report #147: Mark Trump & Barbara Hartwell, Podcast 1: Alerting All to the Techno-Abyss

This kind of merging of man with machine is insistently posited as the future of both warfare and society, with much predicated on its intended successes in numerous fields of endeavor.

Dr. Giordano talks about implications for Public Health and Safety, BioMedicine, Performance Optimization and “making people better,” mentioning National Security, military and Intelligence goals in securing “multi-domain” security (Air, Space, Cyber, et al) while also alluding to Global Biosecurity and a Global Bio Economy. The US he concedes has a modest lead in the field over its adversaries and competitors, but more needs to be done, Dr. Canton also notes, to connect and link the fields of AI and Neuroscience. “We’ve invented this technology, we haven’t converged and linked it.”

“Performance Optimization” enters the conversation, with Dr. Giordano hastening to surface (in presumptive Orwellian wise) how “making people better” via the Brain Sciences could contribute to the good–the problem there of course is the eternal one of fox guarding the henhouse which he surely knows by now is The primary problem with his dual-stance neuromilitaryscience/neuroethics discourse: Where are the voices of the writers, the journalists, the scholars, the ethical biologists and physicists, the true healers, the working professionals and citizenry alluded to here as the “people”, the mothers, the fathers, the children in this debate?

Weaponized Neurotechnology to Affect Behavior

Addressing the notion of Convergence, Dr. Giordano states his particular focus is “the intersection of the Brain Sciences and those technologies that are going to be vital for not only Public Health and Bio Medicine but also for key aspects of lifestyle, which would then include things like Performance Optimization, but of course what you can do in terms of rendering Good, making people better, there’s a flip side to that coin, you can also make people Worse, and of course, what’s good for me may not be good for you–which then brings us to the whole stage of how the Brain Sciences are being leveraged multi-nationally for a variety of nationalistic Goods–economically, biomedically, technologically, socially, of course militarily, and on the Intelligence front.” (We mustn’t miss the fact he’s actually given it all away quite successfully here, acknowledging that the Neuroweaponry /Nanoweaponry /Microweaponry (brain sciences and other tech) Collective is quite possibly likely to Destroy brains while it’s busy aiming apparently to modify behavior for the “Good,” much as MK ULTRA in “Behavioral Health” functions.) (Or, in other words, Neuroweaponry IS MK ULTRA, and MK ULTRA IS Neuroweaponry: Top Secret (until it’s not).)

Brain sciences he goes on to say must include the social sciences, humanities, or “soft sciences” while Dr. Canton calls for the NeuroAI, NeuroSci and NeuroCog communities to talk to each other, all of which requires further research for further reportage, but the rising implication here of using neuroscience and other technologies–putatively nanotechnology, imaging, scanning, facial recognition AI, remote sensing technologies, gene-editing technologies, EMF technologies utilizing wifi, telecom, telemetry to affect lifestyle, daily life, and effect a paternalistic hold on people’s “performance” at work or play–being referred to here and being along the same spectrum as the DEW Bio-Behavioral Research contracts inflicting physical damage on people reported often here earlier, is unmistakable. Are military energy technologies slated for dual-use now being intended or used (in hard-to-believe tech-transfer of historic CIA MK ULTRA neuro control tech) for “behavioral health” purposes?

And it turns out, indeed they are, as many modern technologies, “emerging” or “innovative”, being introduced into doctors’ offices and psychiatry treatments suggest: Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry? (Please also see the documents and notice of military contracts in Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWS and Neuroweapons… and US and NATO Weapons-Testing for more.)

Brain Control rather quickly becomes Mind Control here, with much nebulous allusion to the psycho and the social sciences, conjuring up visions of such awkward, human-erasive inventions as sentient simulation, metaverses and virtual reality, immersive AI and brain cloning, voice cloning and RHIC-EDOM (radio hypnosis and dissolving memory), synthetic telepathy and so on, a combination of disclosed, being-experimented-with, and reported-by-non-consensual-Neuro-experimentation-victims tech:

“Understanding the Brain Sciences as they exist today–and I’ve had the opportunity to be a neuroscientist for about 40 years now– is that the capabilities of the brain sciences and the technologies it both uses and evolves are highly dependent on the interaction with other sciences, not just the physical sciences, natural and life sciences which I think are axiomatic to the brain sciences–the Brain is a biological organ—but understanding the functions of the brain are psycho-social, and therefore the social sciences, in identifying what those investigative targets are going to be for the brain sciences—

In other words, what are we looking at? What cognitions, emotions, and behaviors are going to be vital to understand the structural, functional mechanisms, correlations but then also, how are we going to affect those things, how are we actually going to intervene in the Brain in these ways or in some way that is capable of modifying, modulating (which is a fancy way of saying Manipulating) those things that we colloquially refer to as Mind – but soon as you get there then you’re also dealing with not just the social sciences inclusive of Law but the Humanities – What is ethically correct to do and not correct to do, and of course with what philosophy, based upon what type of epistemology, what do we know and how do we know itShouldn’t we go forward with these things even though we don’t know what the manifest effects are going to be?

That said, the Brain Sciences are axiomatic to what we now consider to be Advanced Integrative Scientific Convergence – in other words you can’t do effective brain science without Convergence and desiloing other sciences both natural and physical sciences as well as social sciences and more broadly the humanities—what are sometimes called soft sciences. So brain sciences Are convergent, it’s that Convergent that enables and force-multiplies the brain sciences to be used in the Social Science Public and obviously National Security Military and Intelligence milieu.”

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Remote-Access Neuro Takeover of “the Human System, the Biological Organism”

With Dr. Canton delineating five key domains within the Neuro-AI Convergence (militarily) envisioned comprising Chips and Hardware, Software, Cloud Platforms and Satellites, Systems like Tele-Robotics, Decision Support Systems, Decision Analysis, and Wearables meaning BCI-AI (brain computer interfaces and supercomputer AI), Dr. Giordano ruminates on challenges ahead regarding “how these five…are going to be yoked to the human system, the biological organism” and suggests looking to “other species as proxies, biomimetic systems, hierarchical systems”.

Neuro Cognitive science, he says, cannot be done “without actuating Big Data and Machine Learning” (the latter referring silently to artificial neural networks) — which is ominous in itself, given the military’s disclosures on Neuro Cognitive Weapons in recent times: Is it possible that human brains and human intelligence, in this dystopian view, are being prepped for downgrading, degrading, occluding and harm through techno Artificial Intelligence overlays?

The domain of wearables he notes includes implantables, injectables, nano levels of chemicals, with migration to key areas (an echo of intelligent targeting bioweapons there), real-time remote sensing (via nanobiosensors presumably) “real time reading from the living brain and writing into the living brain,” all of which he now confirms is part of a “global bio economy” with “peer competitors” and its own train of implications for National Security, Military, and Intelligence.

Listen again (past Cyberhacking) and we hear the whole of it, he Does go into that whole messy concept of nano NSA Neurosurveillance, reading brains in real time, and writing into them too, meaning with gaps and spaces and wiping out of memory so Neuro Cog, as Biodefense names it, or Neurology Live, takes on its real Black Ops Cloak of nanobiosensor nets :

…so yah, Wearables, are Certainly a Domain, but Wearables in what way? Things that are donnable and doffable? Or things that are Intrinsics—in the scale of properties that Dr. Canton mentioned, working down at that low Nano Level Scale whether we’re talking about nano level concentrations of chemicals and/or nanoscale engineering devices–are highly implantable, inhalable, swallowable, injectables, migrated into key areas where My work intersects, in the Brain, and then form literally Vast Arrays of Sensors and Transmitters that allow Real Time Remote Sensing and Engagement of the Brain—in other words, Real Time Reading from the Living Brain and Writing Into the Living Brain.

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists
Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE | NSF/DOC-sponsored report | June 2002

This is information from the military-intelligence world which every person on the planet needs to be aware of and needs to track, question and speak out about. But there is more, and that relates to the “Human Performance Optimization” mentioned earlier. Dr. Canton, asserting that AI and Neuro AI systems are going to supersede human intelligence in decision-making and data analysis soon enough (a point of contention with many I would imagine given that we don’t have NeuroAI playing chess with either yet), suggests a seeming need to enforce in the average human being this belief-in-the-unproven-yet-intended (forcing humans to roll over and cave to NeuroAI takeover?) via human augmentation with brain technology: “You either enhance the human to understand that–Rapid Decisionmaking, Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis–and we can Do that, there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology could be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader much bigger social ethical issues here, I am confident we can navigate this properly…”

The implication being also that top “adversary” countries like Russia and China are engaged in the same “race” to the fore, requiring constant vigilance and padding of budgets, an old story from the military on every score, while Ethics of course remains an exclusive stronghold of the West, much waffling about ancient cultures, traditional cultures and so on gilding the conversation on China–with some surface attention paid to the obvious history we are familiar with of Communism in those parts. “That’s not to advocate an authoritarian US,” assures Dr. Giordano, as he meanders through thickets of a “whole of Government approach” needing to “conjoin whole of nation approaches” then fixes his sights on “bipartisan Unity” being essential to ensure the US remains competitive with a “definite strategic plan” and unchanging posture given that our adversaries had gotten ahead by way of a “triple helix” of conjoined sectors–Government, research, commercial.

Neuroethics Contemplates “Revising Certain Ethical Principles (for) a New Global Order”: (“A More Dialectical Approach to Ethical Realities”)

Ethics remains, if only in cosmetic cover, a topic for discussion, with “asymmetry in ethics” of course skewed only in favor of the US, still seen in this rose-colored light as Leader in Virtue (of whatever dubious means): “We provide a Global Security,” explains Dr. Canton, as he looks to a “War for the Future” while longing for a “Future that is not a War but is a negotiation, is a collaboration, is an understanding…” yet grumbles about our need for an “Innovation Detente to not go hot” given that China is racing ahead supposedly cramming into 20 years our 200 of sci-tech: “Our thesis is NeuroAI convergence is important…We need to move up our game. We invented ChatGpt, We invented Mapping the Human Genome… You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar…” (This is either before or after he mentioned Sam Altman and Einstein in the same breath–on the other hand, is he talking about the Military inventing these things or the frontmen for same…?)

Either way, there’s that tiny question of Disclosure which now seems to be pouring out of the Mad Science Podcast as also from a ton of documents and videos from various branches of Military and US Gov–which suggests really, given the sweep of Global ventures mentioned, historically speaking, the Worldwide Internet itself may have heralded our plunge into what Dr. Giordano calls a “New Global Order” for which Ethics itself must be twisted out of itself to fit. Pondering this spiky notion of traditional Ethics to “keep our honor clean” Dr. Giordano offers the alternative (more pleasing no doubt to those apologists for AI, being perhaps less endowed in the human department themselves) to simply fudge it, phrasing this offer in genteel puzzlement: “Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only those of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?”

“Where we are right now is that the United States and its international allies maintains a very modest lead in Key Areas across the NBIC framework – nano bio informational cogno and Cogno here conjoining Neuro obviously – and doing so reciprocally both in terms of Cognitive-Based-Systems that are AI-based-systems, using neuromorphic design and then utilizing AI Machine Learning Systems to facilitate what we know about Organic Brains and the Organisms in Which They Live

But what I foresee is over the next 5 to 10 years that will be a fairly short-lived advantage—for 3 reasons, Number 1, because the actual technological capabilities are being infused by the triple helices of at least our major, at least Trans-Pacific peer competitor, And, the Overwhelming and Ubiquitous if you will Juggernaut of their economy, not only nationally but internationally, Number 2 is that, the Nature of What Can Be Done, in China, is in some ways Flexible. Dealing with this on an international level, trying to get some level of organizational and industrial co-operation, in other words if we’re looking for economic co-operative models that also recognize competition, our Chinese Peer Competitors are very savvy in recognizing that a key aspect of Much of Western philosophy is acknowledgment of Competing Viewpoints—and an Openness, or at least Readiness to engage that as axiomatic to the philosophy itself—and their viewpoint here is there are wonderful aspects of Western philosophy that are wholly intrinsic with their value systems but ..

We must now appreciate that we are dealing with a very old culture, equivalently as old as the cultures of the West, and that culture for a number of years, hundreds of years, has been essentially isolated, the last 100 years have been viewed as the Century of Humiliation, and only moving into the current period, notably over a Sentinel year, since 1949, has that culture been Allowed to gain some Global Stature and Status, in many ways playing Catch’up! But it’s no longer a question of playing Catch-up. Now those values, and those values and desires of that culture are becoming paramount based upon the economic capability of that culture on a number of different global scales and markets.

Therefore the Posture is, it’s sort of an aspect of a Golden Rule if you will, yeah, Those with all the Gold Rule, and our Trans-Pacific peer competitor is coming to the table and very realistically saying, Got a lot of gold! There’s a lot of things we can do.

And we’re not closing our doors, we’re Opening our doors, we’re inviting, and soliciting, and attracting Individuals to be Collaborative, but the thorny part of that collaboration is that there are also Intellectual Property laws, that are not only in China, but that have now been leveraged Globally, that while being attractive to international co-operation around much of the IP to Chinese national property, which then creates tremendous leverageable capability and hegemony on the global stage at least legally and economically. So what we’re seeing is, that although we’re very keen to talk about if you will maintaining our fight for Right and Freedom, and those Freedoms how they can then be Realized through Technological and Scientific Readiness, we also have to maintain at least some attitude toward what it means to keep our honor clean. Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

The Brave New World of “Non-Sovereign Rogues (and Non-Rogues)”: Multi-Domain Engagement with Innovative Warfare (Bio-Hacking Tech) to Roll out Neuro-Communism & Communism-With-Consent (Teamwork Neuro AI)

The New Word of “Co-optition” introduced earlier by Dr. Giordano notwithstanding, Dr. Canton provides in a whispery, blustery way the right way to go about wearing the thin skin of Ethics AI (one presumes) to foil China–still flailing about building (unnamed) new technologies likely to flay the US supposedly–while professing Collaboration with the rest of the DEW/Neurotech/Cyber/AI-building contingent of crowns worldwide in order to run full-on Engagement (replete with lasers masers RNM drones NeuroAI et al) on the People of the world–the next World War presumably which is already here, as some of us know–with particular (dosimetric) attention to brains, bones, veins, nerves, eyes, hearts, organs, genes, cell nucleii and so on, along with the obvious NBIC covers noted above to bring about that dream confection they’re all baking away with Double Speak, the Brave New World for Rogues (and Non-Rogues):

I take a bit of a more, let’s say, Pragmatic View on all this but I agree with everything Dr. G has said, we’re involved in a War for the Future, China too, because of the Background, and the History, and the Context, that’s the Background of Obviousness…..If wiser heads would prevail, you’ll end up with a leadership in China that recognizes hey! Wait a minute! There’s a Fundamental Economic Basis, for if you attempt to kill off your biggest customer, maybe that might have an impact on our economy—so let’s just step back for a moment. The Global Economy is a collaborative, interlinked co-dependent System. (It wasn’t at any other time up till very recently.) 80, 90% of their entire Income is derived from Us walking into Targets and buying stuff. This is the bottomline, right, the bottomline.

Now why is this important? The Demographic Debacle of the One-Child Policy is going to leave within a decade China at a deficit, of not being able to Replace their Replacement, which is critical to any kind of hegemonic desires that you have to go ahead and operate your own country from an economic point of view, but that they’re trying to do in 20 years what we did in maybe 200 years. So the economic underpinnings of all this—that really is a Core foundational reality.

Now the Chinese are betting, and to a certain extent the US and EU—and these are the 3 Major Forces on the Planet if you will—they’re trying to figure out a new kind of—and they should have an Innovation Detente to Not Go Hot—so at the end of the day, I like where Dr. G is going in terms of a “Cooler Heads Will Prevail with a Collaborative Basis”—but at the End of the Day before that happens, this War for the Future is going to get tried out – and I think it’s going to be surprising—so we should, you know, Hope for the Best but Prepare For Engagement—Space, Oceans, Multi Domains, Cyber, and that’s where again, coming back to our Thesis—Our Thesis is that ‘Neuro-AI Convergence is Critically Important’–are we moving fast enough in this? No we’re not! Are we behind on this? Yes we are.

A big part of us doing this podcast is to say, Look, we are Insiders in the Game, but we need to move up our game. We need to not sit back and say, Ok We invented ChatGpT, we invented, you know, Mapping the Human Genome, this is great…we are, our biggest weakness is our biggest strength. You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar. We need to get back and think through the next Opportunities for Neuro AI so that we can provide a Peaceful Secure Global Security which has been the role of the United States and will continue to be that role–while we continue engagement with China and many other adversaries, you know, in the what I call The Dark Network of Non Sovereign Rogues, and Non-Rogues–we need to use these technologies to provide a more secure – It’s going to be a tough ride! over the next decade, having new frontiers.

Now what’s the Drag on those? Well we have some Moral Issues. I mean they’re not discussing in their 5 year plan—you want to know what China’s going to do, they’re publishing it every 5 years right? The Chinese—and many of our Peer Adversaries are not just publishing it but they don’t have the same Value System as we have. And having been part of the many briefs and developments on you know, ‘You always have to have a human in the KillZone’, you know, ‘at the end of the day for Kinetic AI’, you know, we’re going to have to develop a let’s say, a kind of New Appreciative Way of ‘What are the conditions of Engagement so we can deter and make it let’s say a Future that is Not a War but is a Negotiation, is a Collaboration, is an Understanding’-can only be, only be successful if you have the right stuff, to be able to stand things down.

So that’s just my, my Sense about this, this is an imperative to Step on the Gas. Should we do something about it? Yes we should. So I’m hoping a listener here will reach out to us and say Yeah, I’m in a position to do something about it, and I want to talk to you guys.

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Russia’s “Fully Autonomous Robots” Versus Humans in the Decision Making: Reversing Ethics with Machine-Intelligent Humans?

“Complete autonomy” we learn is not going to be turned over, in Robots (or Artificial Intelligence?) despite human engagement being acknowledged as requisite.  “Ethical Posture” becomes a goal, which seems to require Tailoring a few disparate pieces together: Light Wars and Brain Hacking, brain cloning and “human enhancement” technology, Neuralink and Neuro AI to replace human thinking, machine intelligence to replace human brains–“Human Robots” examined briefly here earlier.

So here’s the Scenario—you know as Futurists we like to write Scenarios and I’ve done a number of them for Mad Sci about Defense and Intel – Secenario No 1 is that we’ve already adopted, for certainly the Defense Department and Defense Posture if you will that a human has to be in the Kill Chain, right—You’re not going to turn over Complete Autonomy. Well, we already know, from an adversarial point of view, Russia, has already deployed Robots – let’s say Defensive Robots that are fully autonomous. Now I don’t think their Science is as good as ours, but you know, they’re Russian! Science, theyr’e pretty damn good! So we’re going to have a Scenario where we adopt an Ethical Posture that says, Human Beings have to be in the decisionmaking before an autonomous system–regardless of how powerful–has access to either a weapons system or IS a weapons system –that goes away when we lose the East Coast, Ok?–that Goes Away—

Now that’s One Scenario. Now the Other Scenario says, we have a Bifurcated or Trifurcated Set of Conditions, that what happens is, we have Human Engagement based on these conditionsand then Autonomy is part of the mix, in the event there needs to be—and I’m not talking about MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)–I am saying that these are various levels of Tools that are gonna impact the Battalion Level, the Soldier Level, the Battalion Level…and Citizenry, because you have to now look at Ghost Wars and the Whole New World of Space and Cyber and everything in between—That’s where we should be playing and modeling Scenarios Now—Because you can tailor the Action Engagement and Rules of Engagement Now—Because we have So many Light Wars that are going on Now–now if you look at those, and the implications for Brain Hacking or—we’ve talked a lot about the Text Stack we’ve talked a little bit about the Scenarios, but Autonomy and Ethics—we have to have a Failsafe, to be able to deploy what we need, what we need–

Here’s the reality that nobody really wants to hear, is that AI Systems today, and Tomorrow’s Neuro AI Systems—and I do mean very shortly—will be able to make decisions and analyze data faster than humans—Done! – You either enhance the human to understand that—Rapid Decisionmaking Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis—we can Do that!—and there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology can be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader bigger social ethical Impact Issues here, but I am confident we can navigate these properly…but if we don’t invent if we don’t keep moving forward, with safeguards, but also proper safeguards, that are adjustable and adaptable –in other words we may need an AI to govern AIs—ok Got it!

Now how many policy makers in Government and in our Congress understand that and have created a Taxonomy for that? None! So—I’m advising most of them, Microsoft…all most of them I advise most of these in the private scene – We need the Private and the Public sector to come together—we’ll get there—but this Threat Matrix of Potential is Going to Be More Exasperated and our Ability to be able to have an Ethical, let’s say Label and Constraints, are going to be tested and there’s things like you know our Survival—as a Nation and as a Species–will be on the Line, and I’m not the first to say that!

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists


“Find the Convergence”: Neuro Cog, BCIs, Human Brains, and NanoBIC

You know, just bringing together people from varied areas just to Find the Convergence, that seems to me to be something Mad Sci could do—there’s so much, and Jim knows this of Neuro Cog space, of people actually doing applied work and looking into the brain and understanding the processes and all—in other words if you look at Neuralink, what Elon Musk is doing, right, BCI Development right, very interesting—it’s probably the only venture, being as bold, and they got FDA approval to do this, this

(Reuters: Elon Musk’s Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implants: In other words, the Whitewash Phenom of Military-Intel Rushing to Cover Up Probably Over 50 Years of Using Humans Nonconsensually For Deadly Brain Experiments Rolled In With MK ULTRA & Disappearing All Pre-”FDA-Approved” Human Torture Experiments Sheathed by CIA-NSA-Media As “Targeted Individuals”)

So part of the pathway is and we learned this at NSF…and if you’re doing stuff and you had this follow up to NBIC Convergence which had to do with Enhancing Human Performance –those were the key technologies—if you start to think differently about Convergence—and you have these 3 or 4 poles you can put together, what does it look like, you can create new systems.

So we haven’t done that one—so if you put in a room, simply put Neuroscientists, and you curate them well—they’re Open and all that (huh?)–and Jim blesses them (Occult Blessing Ritual for Neuroscientists by Jim Prior to Release from FishPond and Just After Curation Which Involves Opening Them Up Like Fish?)-and then you’ve got AI Folks who are spending 2-3 million dollars a day (chortle chortle) and have Commitments of Billions of Dollars—and you say, let’s find that Interaction and Collaboration, that would be best for these kinds of Missions—How do we deal with Autonomy? (Whose really? Certainly not the Robots’!) How do we deal with Faster Decisionmaking (Through Neurodamage and Brain Takeover?) What does a Neuro AI system look like? (Like a Brain Star in its own ANN Lane…?) How could we do Better Prediction?

If you could do Bad Guy Hunting faster and then predict better – in other words – if you create a couple Vectors of Scenarios and say, OK, This is what we’re thinking about, might make a difference, and you bring people together, you might also bring together funding sources that Should Be Alerted, that this is a Cabal, a Conspiracy, a GOOD Conspiracy, (eyeroll) (Look into copyrighting/and assigning ownership over your own brains, everyone (to YourSelf)) That’s how you Make Change.”

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

“How Can We Leverage Government Labs (and) Technologies Which Nobody Knows about”? 

I’ll just throw in one more practical, ‘What to Do,’ and all that. So when I was at SOCOM, and that’s actually ONE of the ways I met Jim—I was Tasked with seeing what Private Sector has going on –you know, what’s happening with Venture Capital and Startups, and Mature Companies and all that—how can we leverage Government Labs, Technologies Which Nobody Knows About

So there is (deep throated chortle) a Fertile Landscape of Opportunities (full bellied laugh) there’s Money, there’s Innovation, what we need to do is have Better Bulk-Ons, and revisit how to Collaborate more –and that’s why Jim and I you know are Mad Scientists (attempted-irascible-giggle) (What Is a Mad Scientist – a kind of Anything Goes, don’t blow our (Obvious) Cover Now…?)

And we represent that kind of—We need better Real World Collaboration—and There’s Not That Much! And it could make a big difference in terms of our Survival—and, our Our Way of Life. [reaching for help and finding it in that tried (and false) trope from past US Presidents (and the obviously propped-up Writers who virtuously cite them)] 

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Now both these speakers calling for a future subjugation of the human brain and human intelligence as we know it seem to have a touching faith in (Invasive asserted as Non-Invasive) Science and Technology leading the way to a better tomorrow filled with power for the wealthy and the warmongering–“fertile landscape of opportunities”–“some of these AI companies make 2-3 million dollars a day with a commitment of a billion dollars” “there’s money, there’s innovation” (but we do need “better world collaboration…for our survival and way of life”)–yet the corralling of humans into Human Performance Optimization through nano-bio-info-cogno, the use of AI to downgrade human intelligence, the casual recourse to brain chips and vibrational energy technologies to affect brains can hardly be considered “innovations” and forward-moving sci-tech to marvel at and make one’s own: as nations, as nationals, as citizens, as Americans, as humans with intelligence and soul who value our own and our children’s unique and perfect lives and brains, we need to do way, way more. We each need to stand up and question every part of what is going on in these spaces, we need to know that basic, extant Ethics and Human Rights by our side make it rather simple really to just say No. And Keep saying No.


Red Alert! Graphene Oxide Found in Pfizer/AstraZeneca Vaccines–Used in Biosensors and Neural Interfaces–Could Be the Secret Link to Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) Human-Machine Convergence for AI Singularity & Full Spectrum Brain/Bio Control Intended by Anti-Human Transhumanists, Globalists, Governments

“Global Health Security” Versus AI-Run Digital Health: Does the WHO, European Commission’s Partnership Respect Human Rights or Aim for Cerebral Internet Cyborgism?

The Future of Intelligence or The Rise of Human Rights? | Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Vs Preserving The Sanctity of Human Brains And Lives

Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry?

Drop Copyright, Ban Artificial Intelligence: Question Where Neural Networks Come From First

Lack of Consent in Neuro Ethics and Brain Research: A Primary Problem, Long Exposed

Report | Ramola D | April 6, 2023

Lately there seem to be have been all sorts of surfacing of the need for Neuro Ethics and Neuro Rights, including in mainstream coverage of Duke University law and philosophy professor Nita Farahany’s new book “Battle for Your Brain” and a new interview with her and Antonio Regalado, senior biomedicine editor at MIT Technology Review by Greater Boston News’ Sue O’Connell.

“Brain implants could treat serious conditions. The technology is closer than you think“/Greater Boston News, April 5, 2023 (Screenshot)–MIT and Duke just grazing past addressing true neuro ethics in relation to “targeted individuals” reporting non-consensual brain experimentation

One of the more startling admissions made here by researchers and elite-academe media obviously long aware of the unethical and covert use of people in brain experiments and non-lethal weapon testing operations–long reported here at this site–is that Consent of those ab/used in experimental brain research is still in question (or that the question of Lack of Consent is making some researchers squirm now).

“…(Regarding) the technology that we’re talking about for implanted electrodes used by people who are suffering from neurodegenerative disorders or who’ve lost their ability to communicate–the primary ethical issues are around safety and efficacy and ensuring the autonomy of the individuals on whom these are being researched are able to provide full consent — there are complex questions with deep brain stimulation about continuity of self, and what that means for a person with depression…”

–Dr. Nita Farahany, JD, MA, PhD
Excerpt, GBH News Interview with Nita Farahany, Duke University, and Antonio Regalado, MIT Tech Review

False psychiatric labels to wrongfully label people mentally ill–or depressed, or paranoid, or bipolar, or schizophrenic–have as we know long been used to inhumanely and unethically experiment on those also wrongfully labeled “targeted individuals” (who start out being wrongfully watchlisted by the Security Surveillance apparatus often as “terrorists” or “non-investigative subjects” as the ACLU has exposed or “troublemakers” by local community mavens who moonlight as FBI informants keen to disappear school moms with a voice)–a serious issue which needs to be publicly addressed by everyone in Medicine, Psychiatry, and Psychology, as indeed everyone in the world aware of identical abuse conducted under MK ULTRA or Soviet/Communist regimes. (Covered previously here and here, for instance.)

Neurotechnologies and EMF technologies being known in military and intelligence circles to invoke the symptoms of mental illnesses (like depression), neurodegenerative disorders, or DSM-labeled “disorders” has been publicly surfaced by numerous whistleblowers, scientists, and researchers over the years, including recently Dr. James Giordano, Dr. Charles Morgan, and Debra D. Schnelle at a Biodefense conference, and reported here earlier:

Public Disclosure By Military/Intelligence Whistleblowers on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today

Non-consensual brain experimentation as also non-consensual energy-weapon-experimentation/testing/operation is a subject therefore which cannot be discussed openly without discussing wrongful mental-illness attribution.

False-Claim of Mental Illness in the Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Other “Non Lethal” Weapons Testing on Citizens in USA & Worldwide

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

Everyday Brain Sensors and Everyday Brain Hijacking via Bluetooth, Nanotech, Smart Tech: Neuralink to Meta to Microsoft to Everyone else

Of equal concern currently to pretty much everyone in the world is the casual mention of “everyday brain sensors” and the vulnerability of the human brain to non-consensual nano and micro implants, “brainjacking” (covert brain hacking), the “commodification of data”–your brain data, that is, AKA your most private thoughts, fleeting or entrenched, your prejudices and passions, desires and dreads, in addition to your language skills, your Math skills, your ability to think logically, compute clearly, summarize, connect, disengage, associate, cognize, remember, recognize, compose, write, read, dance, sing, speak, express yourself verbally or vocally, do art, fix cars, etc–and how indeed (with the right nanotech humming along inside your neurons maybe) you can be Bluetoothed just as easily as your iPhone or Thinkpad, Epsilon’d, dumbed-down, or disappeared.

Think of what this could do to y/our children’s brains–and perhaps has been for a while: Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

Tech companies, we are told, are now flourishing and predating on human brains, coming up with different “consumer-facing” tech which really seeks to normalize brain-computer-interfaces or microchips as sensors to be secreted into earbuds and headphones and other such–while also normalizing other forms of invasive brain surveillance, already in operation in police/criminal justice as crowd control tech and limited-effect tech.

Suggesting, with Antonio Relegado, that Neuralink and Elon Musk have brought “attention to the field,” Nita Farahany says that “brain computer interface companies whether it’s implanted neurotechnology companies or the huge number of players that have started to introduce everyday brain sensors it’s really stimulated all of the major tech companies, all of the brain computer interface companies to rapidly start to think about consumer-facing technologies which is why you have Meta investing in a watch that is supposed to serve as a neural interface to augmented reality and you have Snap buying a major neurotech company called Next Minds in order to integrate into its products and you have Microsoft and Apple all looking at developing neural interface for everyone. I think it’s the big untapped Market in so many ways –right–people are used to quantifying every other aspect of their bodies and of their health but we even know virtually nothing about our own brains so I think the ‘Musk effect’ has led to a huge amount of funding and a race to be the first to develop a broad scale kind of killer app for everyone”: Is this a matter-of-fact surveying of an already too-advanced foray into brain invasion for all humanity or a seeking to normalize such as perfectly okay?

Neuro Rights or Human Rights? Brains to Regulate or Brains to Keep Private?

Neuro rights, neuro privacy, cognitive liberty: these are terms which have been conceived and surfaced for quite some time now, but who is laying claim to these concepts, why are “terms of service” being mentioned and should this be a legal issue, a moral issue, an ethical issue, or a concerted cause for alarm and massive human rights alert for all alive today on all these counts?

(“Terms of service” is a phrase used by Nita Farahany in a Guardian interview. “There are profound risks from both the commodification of the data but also what it means to have your brain activity monitored by others and what that does to freedom of thought. The technology is at an inflection point: use is ascending steeply but it is not yet mainstream. We have a moment, before the terms of service are set by others, where we can have a voice in how it is used and deployed in society.”)

Non-Consenting “Subjects” of Classified or Hidden Military/Intelligence Technologies Have Long Exposed Neurotechnology & DEW Abuse

Mind reading, replacement of your inner voice, soul-jacking–essentially transforming your personality via MK ULTRA style “crime prevention” neuro surveillance seeking to provoke or hypnotize people into crime-creation–mind-control via remote EMF tech, overwhelming synthetic telepathy, and the tracking and transforming of your mental activity or neurological state have long been reported by those covertly targeted with military and Intelligence neurotechnologies, disclosed by DOD/CIA/Navy/Army whistleblowers and scientists, and increasingly exposed now as being rolled out, including in schools and crowd control situations as post-COVID reports from China and Europe and the US and Australia demonstrate.

A significant public exposure of unlawful targeting of Americans and abuse in non-consensual brain and energy bio-effects/bio-behavioral research occurred in 2011 and 2012 with the Presidential Bioethical Commission hearings, as also with the SACHRP comments during the Common Rule revision in 2015/16 when Intelligence and Criminal Justice agencies were apparently given a free pass to experiment on civilians without any of the human rights protections the Common Rule (already watered-down version of the Nuremberg Code) offered.

This was covered here earlier:

Washington’s Blog: The American Public Informs President Obama’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues About Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation in the USA Today | 3/13/2016

No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities | 7/16/2016

Neuroethics as a means to address such rampant abuses has long been discussed on my panels and podcasts, including in such memorable interviews as with neuro rights activist Shad Budge, Columbia Neuroscience professor Dr. Rafael Yuste who brought Neuro Rights to Chile, the Invasive Neurotech, True Neuro Ethics panels, and the recent Neurotech/DEW Tech online conferences I hosted in 2021 and 2022.

It should be noted also that everyone I have interviewed or worked with over the years in relation to their exposure or/and disclosure of these neurotechnology and DEW abuses has contributed vastly to the exposing of these crimes against humanity and brought forward the entire public discourse on neuro ethics, bio ethics, and neuro rights, which all academics, private parties and media now tentatively touching these subjects need to consult. (As indeed they need to consult also the vast body of literature from numerous researchers and writers who have addressed these matters, including Cheryl Welsh, Paul Baird, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Rauni Kilde, Gloria Naylor, Mark Rich, Dr. John Hall, Mary Gregory, and others.)

The fact remains that these disclosures from the field cannot be overlooked in any intellectual reportage or review of technology use in this area, and a serious overhauling of the entire fields of surveillance, psychiatry, brain research–whether in public, private, or academic sectors–is long overdue.

Consent cannot be presumed for the great numbers of unwitting, involuntary, non-consenting people who have come forward in many ways to report the great harms on their persons inflicted by remote neurotechnologies and energy technologies–implicating military, intelligence, corporate, and academic research, classified or not–even by so-called neuroethicists fraudulently held up by corporate media and academe. Nita Farahany, interestingly, was a member of President Obama’s Bioethical Commission headed by Amy Gutmann in 2011 and 2012 which heard the testimonials of numerous Americans exposing these crimes (as also, curiously, was Christine Grady, wife of Anthony Fauci).

The entire industry of neural interfaces, augmented reality, prosthetics, BCI-tech, nanotech, optical imaging tech and so on needs to come under much closer scrutiny than it has currently, always in light of the vast public disclosure of crimes against humanity in such research made by many many reporters of these crimes, often dismissed, wrongfully, as a cadre of mentally ill “targeted individuals.”

Inevitably also, the abuses of animals, particularly primates, in neurotechnology and BCI (brain computer interface) research, as exposed last year in the case of the Neuralink-funded use of baby monkeys at UC Davis–reported here and questioned further by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine–must be further scrutinized in light of harms to humanity implicit in all such research.

A sampling of panels below:

Report #122: Shad Budge Discusses Global NeuroEthics Conference 2019 and Neuro Rights/March 16, 2019

“Existential Threat Against Humanity” says Dr. Robert Duncan: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference Bears Witness to Profound Mil/Intel/DOJ/Univ/Private Sector Crimes | October 22, 2022

Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference | Oct 22, 2022


Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

Affidavits, Letters of Validation and Support, & Legislation Efforts Attesting to Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation & DEW Use on Civilians

Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 17th of February, 2023

Among the many revelations emerging from Davos 2023 is this gem from a session moderated by Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson, with Professor Nita A. Farahany from Duke University School of Law (video link below) presenting a vision of a supposed future which she tells us is already here.

In her wide-ranging narrative she expounds on a number of brain surveillance, brain entrainment, and mind hiving technologies, astounding approaches to workplace management, concepts many may actually be familiar with from previously-published journalism on some of these subjects, including at my site.

Mind Hiving in Groups or Synthetic Telepathy or Brain Heterodyning/Entrainment or a combo of these…? A very interesting post here which discusses mind hiving and possibly different technical forms of telepathy

Professionals working in teams or parents with children in colleges or schools in probably every grade at this point, worldwide, may already be familiar with small group activities in some form. Imagine this transformed to another level of managed performance which includes neurotechnology. To comprehend that, this is the presentation for every parent, and every team member of workplace projects in any industry to watch.

Robots in the workplace or humans being moved into machine intelligence…?

Indeed, what is being unfolded here is insight into a dystopic view of life-and-work reality few of us could dream up or imagine of, yet one we are told is already here. Surely this: how can such a convoluted takeover of our brains be already here? is a question all must pause to ask. innocuous music videos to improve cognition or memory or sleep: is there a deeper motive behind these clothed-in-wellness programs? Has there been a widespread sweep of neuro takeover strung over the years into our lives?

Or rather, these emerging technologies call out in immediacy for our attention, especially as mothers, as fathers, as children even, as thinking college students and thoughtful employees in any workplace, in any profession, in any walk of life, pretty much anywhere.

Neurotechnologies raise hard questions re. brain autonomy, neuro privacy, cognition rights and liberties, the ethicalities behind neuro surveillance and much more. What Professor Farahany is doing here is very similar to what others such as Professor James Giordano and Professor Charles Morgan have been doing for years — covered here in part: Public Disclosure on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today.

What they may really be doing is perhaps just opening the conversation for all of us to continue and take forward in the ways we as humanity need.

Do any one of us want all our minds read, our thoughts scrutinized and neuro-censored, our children mind-hived into clusters and their specialness or talents degraded and depressed or, conversely, their uniqueness and individuality honored, respected, and revered?

Starting from neuro surveillance to….what exactly?
Neural networks being studied worldwide–to what end?

We must learn as much as we can about these technologies now and take an active part in speaking our minds on these subjects in the best ways we can each muster, especially in light of the need to preserve brain autonomy and neuro rights not to mention uniqueness of talent and emotional integrity for our children’s futures and our own independent lives in our own respective workspots, before it is too late.

Another must-watch from Davos, and a must-think-about, must-share-please, with all.

Davos Raises Hard Questions All Humanity Must Answer For Brain Autonomy in Our Children’s Future

WEF/Ready for Brain Transparency?

Truly it is up to us all to think deeply and act wisely to safeguard our humanity in the face of propelled technology expansion in one wise or another, especially for our children, rather than stall in top-down notions of performance and behavioral health management, concepts causing some to hold and carry power over others, to the extent of supreme neuro invasions none of us need surely in our lives.

Imagined Prospects of Present and Future in Advanced Computing, Cognitive Computing, Pervasive Computing

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 3rd of February, 2023

In a rather fascinating TED Talk from 2018, Tim Mullen of Intheon, a spokesman from the seeming future seems to be describing an imagined reality only allusively spoken of yet incorporating many aspects of our present knowledge.

Ranging across wide fields of knowledge and inquiry, this talk seems to be revealing in a smattering of glimpses insights into such ephemerals as embedded tech – what some of us may call brain nano — cognitive computing, brain computer interfaces, ubiquitous computing, virtual reality, and other such, concepts of such vast import that our brains glaze over at some, especially if hearing those terms and concepts for the first time.

Visual aids offered during the talk help a great deal though in conveying this vision of the future–nebulous still as we gaze at them, somewhat recessed, slowly coming into view and yet misty and unclear.

To what extent will any of this persist into the future, we wonder, noticing as well the curious symmetry of shapes on the images flickering before us with the measured speech of the speaker.

To what extent is this imagined, to what extent can any of this be true, we wonder.
Embedded tech being brain nano as we see — prospects of brain computer interfacing and cognitive computing embedded
Direct brain-computer interfacing an elaborate project, we see, and a complicated, widely-affiliated one — which makes us wonder, how vast is this project and who is invited?
Odd ideas perfectly explained for a singular moment then whisked into that liminal space between comprehension and oblivion
Exquisite language weaving a thought or thoughts into possibility not all would even consider feasible let alone plausible
Intuition: Who would ever have thought that one day Technology would pursue the paths and processes of intuition, but here we are, and for the first time we begin to feel a sense of unease: how exactly do we interpret the above–we don’t really know, but someone is pursuing the answers.
The brain, the body, cognition, devices–the internet of things, a fuzz of interconnectivity–is this what the “Cognitive Halo” refers to?
What an extraordinary visual, the Indian meditator using virtual reality to raise 3 balls over the ocean–or is it sand, is it sea grass, is it the flow of foaming water we need to see with closer eyes here.
A sunny day, and mountains in the distance
Techno designs becoming a dream, immersive, all are held in seamlessly without intent–yet each, individually, still at center, at heart of this dream
Listening to the speaker, many possibilities arise–but startling concepts like “open source neuroscience software” and “ubiquitous neurotech interfaces” stand out
Artistic notions of enclosure within which virtual reality blossoms

There is so much in this single talk, so brilliantly condensed, that it becomes imperative that we watch and listen again, watch and listen again, unfolding into view the many different concepts here, to see how far neuroscience has advanced, how far computer science has advanced, and how this world of deep introspective intellectualism that clearly underlies research dreams and hopes in these areas incorporates concepts and paradigms from so many different spaces that we are at a loss to fully comprehend the implications here or grasp the direction in which these dreams are going.

Perhaps the answer is right here though, in these spectacular images and quotes, with each of us at the center and heart of this dream, each of us dreaming a new world of creative possibility into being.

US Department of State Sets Up a New Office for Critical and Emerging Technology Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: Human Rights Oversight Urgently Needed

Report & Op-Ed | Ramola D | January 5, 2023

Nextgov and the US Department of State report that Secretary of State Blinken has set up a new office and special envoy to focus on critical and emerging technologies in their aspect of influence on US foreign policy and diplomacy.

A January 3 Media Note from the US State Department confides that “Secretary Blinken established the office as part of the wider modernization agenda because the constellation of critical and emerging technologies reshaping the world is now an integral part of the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy.  The competition to develop and deploy foundational technologies is intensifying.  The Office of the Special Envoy will bring additional technology policy expertise, diplomatic leadership, and strategic direction to the Department’s approach to critical and emerging technologies.”

Defining foreign policy and “tech diplomacy” in the arena of new technologies aiming to become “foundational” to a new era in national security seeking reliance on such technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and presumably, Nanotechnology, Neurotechnology, and Synthetic Biology, CRISPr Editing, et al is discreetly mentioned.

“As the Department works to strengthen tech diplomacy across the organization, the office will provide a center of expertise and energy to develop and coordinate critical and emerging technology foreign policy, and to engage foreign partners on emerging technologies that will transform our societies, economies, and security—including biotechnology, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum information technologies.”

Human Rights Considerations Need to Be Front and Center in Development and Promotion of New Technologies

A vast and impactful subject needing immediate public debate, discussion, and disclosure on all fronts, including the much-needed insights of experts and ethicists from the humanities and the liberal arts, human rights attorneys and advocates, activists and journalists, as well as all citizens–whose lives are daily being reshaped, wittingly or unwittingly, by the cruise-control rollout of new technologies by governments the world over–it is to be hoped the requisite steps are taken by Dr. Seth Center, the Deputy Envoy commissioned to build out the office to include this component of close analysis, examination, and inclusion of a diversity of viewpoints, particularly the human rights one, going forward.

Too much in the realm of technology advancement has been left to the ultimately inadequate devices of scientists in laboratories and academe, propelled by military and intelligence divisions whose aims and instrumentalities often do not match the interests of organically-evolving humanity.

Cybernetic or Cyber Torture is Fallout from Development of Emerging Neuro/Cyber/AI Technologies

Examples abound, including from the current and ongoing COVID-19 vaccine debacle, and from the little-known yet UN-publicized disclosure of “Cybertorture”–the remote-access torture (under cover of surveillance and putatively classified experimentation) of people worldwide using neurotechnologies, AI, nanotechnology, cybernetics and man-machine intelligence, executed non-consensually and involving the participation of thousands of AI and neuro/nanotechnology researchers, discussed here by former UN Special Rapporteur for Torture, Nils Melzer: Magnus Olsson, EUCACH Director: UN Starts Investigation to Ban Cyber Torture.

“Public Safety” and “Mental Health” Used Wrongfully to Remove God-Given Rights and Freedoms

While the technologies of much vaunted yet unproven “transhumanism” have been summarily denounced by numerous scientists, activists, and journalists in truth media, including here by Dr. Salinas Flores, few know that Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience/Neurotechnology development over the years has been non-consensual, involves a profoundly unethical subjugation of select citizens, dismissed in mainstream media as “targeted individuals” and, concomitantly, mentally unstable, supposedly endowed with a “behavioral health disorder” or “psychiatric disorder” while Emergency Room, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health Staff are persuaded (and wrongfully promote that) such non-consenting “human test subjects” are emotionally disturbed, mentally unstable, potentially violent, self-harming, delusional patients to whom “Public Safety” and “Community Health Monitoring” protocols are being applied for their own good.

The Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies are very dark control mechanisms sold to people as Innovative and Progressive:

Some psychiatrists and psychologists have spoken out on this travesty–which causes grave harm to all.

Facebook post from Elena Sagnol on Russian Psychologist Revealing Wrongful Psychiatry on Those Targeted with Psychotronic Weapons

Seth Farber, Ph.D: The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times

Neuroscientists and neurobiologists in academe have been persuaded by military funding in the millions as have psychiatrists propelled newly into “Neuropsychiatry” to view invasive neurotechnology as benevolent and the “new way” forward into abrasive, controlling brain modification concealed as “improving behavioral disorders” as these articles show:

The “New Way” May Just Be the Old Way Dressed up in Techno Gear

Opportunity is rife therefore for the misuse and abuse of new and emerging technologies, and it becomes necessary for every literate human on the planet currently to understand more clearly what is meant by “advancements in technology” and how the blanket acceptance of all new technology as benign is misplaced.

Of equal concern is the misplaced role of psychiatry which is being used in medieval wise by the very entrenched agencies and divisions to “commit” into unlawful medical “care” all those the uber-censorious banker, spy, and military crowd deem “candidates for neurobio behavior modification.”

Faced with such a plethora of Techno Control Mechanisms, it is to be hoped that the first time this new Office of the Special Envoy is deployed, it runs a thorough clean-up first of all the hugely deleterious and conscienceless practices all “development of emerging technologies” has, it appears, been predicated upon.


“Existential Threat Against Humanity” says Dr. Robert Duncan: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference Bears Witness to Profound Mil/Intel/DOJ/Univ/Private Sector Crimes

“MK ULTRA on Steroids”: Dr. Robert Duncan Reports On Today’s Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, and The Need For Change

Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

Documentary Evidence since 1994 of Covert High-Tech Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use in Targeted Surveillance, Experimentation, Operations by US Government on Americans: (1) The DOD/DOJ Memorandum of Understanding on OOTW/LE, 1994

Ramola D | Living Testimony in Form of Affidavit and Statement of Fact Re. April 12-19, 2022 Spych Op on American State National, Author, and Truth Journalist, Nov 9, 2022

Report | Ramola D | November 20, 2022

Updated 12th of January, 2023 | Updated 4th of March, 2023

4th of March, 2023:

This post is being updated today, the 4th of March, 2023, because I have just recently learned that while I have been focusing on reporting on the abusive actions against me recorded in this living testimonial, further unlawful actions of false psychiatric labeling and repercussions thereof were taken against my daughter and my family–these are incredibly grave and serious crimes against my daughter, myself as a mother, my family and humanity; they are deliberate whistleblower retaliation against this dedicated human rights advocacy and science and technology journalist who is still working out how exactly to fully report the whistleblower retaliation she has faced since the time of that first Section 12, with a second abusive Section 12 run on 12/20/22, with abusive repercussions and retaliation continuing, grievously, to this day, partially reported in earlier posts here and made reference to in Ramola D, 2/23/2023: Reporter’s Note and in my continuing brief update podcasts as here: REPORTER’S NOTES-1: TECHNO-CREATIVE POSTS AT ECC.

12th of January, 2023: This post is being updated today, the 12th of January, 2023, with a Redacted version of the :Living-Testimony-in-the-Form-of-an-Affidavit-of-Truth-and-Statement-of-Fact being reposted here below, primarily and solely to redact the names and addresses of neighbors mentioned in the Living Testimony alone, in acknowledgment of requests made by a couple neighbors and high tension in my home thanks to over-anxious reaction from certain family members–a task I was aiming to engage in the very day, 12/20/2022 that a second unlawful and egregious Section 12 was run on me, when I was physically ill and trying to recover from a period of unlawful and egregious whistleblower retaliation I have addressed in recent posts, in private emails, and in threads on Twitter, more on which I will write and speak soon–and not to in any other way tamper with the Truth and Facts set out in this Living Testimony dated November 9, 2022 and which was published online first on November 20, 2022.

This page is once more being restored to Public viewing today, with the extant Living Testimony (posted privately here) being replaced with this redacted version.

More on this page will be redacted and returned to Public viewing shortly.

As I have previously stated (in recent posts exploring issues of status)–and established definitively through documentation and notification of all requisite parties before I published this Living Testimony online on November 20, 2022–I am a Massachusetts state citizen and real, living woman living privately in the Land and Soil jurisdiction of The United States of America (Unincorporated), working since 2013 as a journalist reporting internationally–and in my current status, as a diplomat–on various matters as a matter of public service and in honor of the most basic and fundamental human rights we are all born with and endowed by God with, and it is in this spirit of working to ameliorate our living standards worldwide that this Living Testimony is being published.

:By: Ramola-grace: Dharmaraj©™

All rights reserved, without prejudice

Posted, for the public record:


in regard to

The April 12-19, 2022 Victimizing Ambush, Capture, Kidnap, Trafficking, and Persecution-in-Captivity Operation Run By Quincy Police Department, Brewster Ambulance Service, Steward Carney Hospital, Department of Mental Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Instigating Lady at XXX:

Exhibits | To Accompany Living Testimonial of April 12-19, 2022 Ambush, Kidnap, Capture, Persecution Operation on American State National and Truth Journalist

Exhibits | To Accompany Living Testimonial of April 12-19, 2022 Ambush, Kidnap, Capture, Persecution Operation on American State National and Truth Journalist /Returned to Public Viewing with redactions on the Notice of Trespass and Deceit and scanned note featuring it. | 23rd of January, 2023

[This Page and links will be returned to Public viewing shortly, after I go through and redact whatever may need to be redacted, for reasons spelled out above–Ramola, 12th of Jan 2023]

Article and broadcasts to follow.


Ramola D: Press Release, April 30, 2022: Neighborhood Watch Harassment & April 14-19 Section 12 Involuntary Psych Hold on Defamatory False-Claim: Police Crime & Police Retaliation for Truth-Journalism

Weaponized RF/ELF: Who’s Doing This? | Lookoutfa Charlie on Youtube Compiles the Facts

Video post with links | Ramola D | October 11, 2022

Brilliant compilation of cases of people subjected to sudden illness, sudden blood clots, sudden death, stalking and harassment, migraines, brain pressure attacks, Blackhawk helicopter attacks–who include actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, DHS whistleblower Julia Davis, journalist Michael Hastings, Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, and the very tragic Aileen Wuornos–as well as a slew of “mass shooters” or Manchurian’d victims/MK patsies–Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, Nicholas Cruz, James Holmes, Stephen Paddock, Aaron Alexis, and many more–going back to Mark Chapman, many of whom reported hearing voices: it’s all weaponized Radio Frequency weapons and Extremely Low Frequency weapons, suggests Lookoutfa Charlie, in a very compelling video which needs listening to and sharing widely.

Interestingly he also records and plays back ambient radio frequency buzz sounding like voices which he and many others have found to be steady in our environment, or pulsed at regular intervals, as in Clifford Carnicom’s observations.

We have a number of Intelligence agencies, private corporations, Defense contractors, military divisions currently wallowing deep in the industry of electromagnetic weaponry, both anti-object and anti-personnel–and the entire field has expanded to include neuroweaponry, nanoweaponry, sonic/acoustic weaponry inclusive of Synthetic Telepathy, putting voices in heads (see Military/CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan’s recent expose of technologies which mimic schizophrenia--putting voices and subtle inner voice for neural influence into heads) and all sorts of other exotic technology as well as AI which has turned into a powerful negative force — as Tarun Ravi and I discussed recently in Report 296 with Tarun Ravi, a new and bombshell interview which will be reported on more fully shortly.

Dr. Robert Duncan | Neurotechnologies: Voices in Heads, Hive-Minds, Neural Influence | Aug 2020


It’s an ongoing saga of criminality which needs public airing, redressal, and halting.

It is inexplicable to many of us how this situation has been allowed to go on for decades — and part of the reason is we have physicians, psychiatrists, law enforcement, emergency service personnel all involved in the cover-up — which perpetuates the criminality, and continues the trend of crimes Manchurian-committed by the most exploited victims, as well as continues the trajectory of the covert divisions running these deadly operations across a range of intensities and effects on pretty much everyone in society today, to lesser or greater effect. We are all being targeted, to one extent or another. RF and ELF weapons can cause physical illness or brain effects or both. Some are being targeted under cover of Surveillance, some singled out by grasping predators in the spy agencies for their “Genius” harvesting of brains (open IP theft and neuro destruction), some thrust by whim into the most serious Manchurian Candidate programs of crime-creation, some being given chronic illness for life control, some given occasional illness for targeted doctor-visits and pharma-profits (suggesting the Pharma industry is quite complicit), and more. The human herd is being managed by psychopaths, nothing less.

It is possible that most if not all of the crimes currently being committed today are Manufactured Crimes, manufactured in stealth by the maniacs running this terrifying neuroweaponry on their chosen targets–the circle of which continue to expand today.

People will have to get informed and find their consciences to make this madness stop.

Lookoutfa Charlie has another video examining the history further of the Manchurian assassin-creating programs of MK ULTRA and more of the cases of the mass shooters and serial killers–once an American product, now cropping up all over the world:

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Dr. David Salinas Flores | The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The First Robotization of Africans

Re-post of Article in PDF with Preface | Ramola D | August 28, 2022

In a bombshell new article, Dr. David Salinas Flores, author of numerous articles exposing the Nanomafia and the Transhumanists pushing Cerebral Brain Nets beneficial only to them and their agenda of control, reports that the real purpose of Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is to transhumanize, robotize and use humans in a myriad of unseemly ways, including IP Theft (of dreams, memories, inner-self, brain privacy, inner visual imagery, thoughts) and Sex Trafficking (through brain or mind control).

A cardiologist who exposed DARPA’s stealth programs of nanotechnology research in Peru run via the positioning of military bases next to hospitals and running illicit non-consensual experimentation on patients, he says the same program is now in process of unfolding in Africa with the mushrooming of military bases and the unsuspecting compliance of the people.

US Navy, he says, is instrumental in neuro-colonizing Latin Americans in Peru under guise of military research, with thousands of teenagers already fallen victim to neuro-nano surveillance and mind control.

“United States armed forces are organizing brain net in the jungles of the world

There is plenty of evidence that point to US Navy organizing the cerebral internet in the Peruvian jungle; there is evidence about the existence of two military bases in the Peruvian jungle (Madre de Dios e Iquitos). (NAMRU-6) is considered a unique military base in South America, It is necessary to highlight that NAMRUD-6, justifies its presence in the jungle of Peru arguing that its objective is only infectious diseases research, however, recent researches show that the main aim of NAMRUD-6 is actually to organize mafias of cerebral internet in Peru, there is plenty of evidence that point to a massive and secret release of brain nanobots in the Peruvian jungle; thousands of teenagers are becoming victims of surveillance and mind control. So, mind control is a secret mega problem of public health in the Peruvian jungle; surprisingly it has been created by the government and health institutions such as National Health Institute in Peru, Naval, Medical Research Unit Six (NAMRU-6) (Salinas, 2020).

In this regard, the presence of US military bases in Africa lead to high suspicion that African adolescents would become victims of American military mafias of brain net in African jungles; they would be under espionage and mind control, and turned into sex slaves.”

–David Salinas Flores, The First Robotization of Africans

In Africa, Dr. Flores says, military base expansion with AFRICOM has coincided with rise of “secret intelligence operations with bases for espionage and surveillance programs.”

““US empire has a massive military presence in Africa, the empire is busy situating military bases and command posts in Africa. The United States is the most present foreign army in Africa with their African
Command (AFRICOM) being omnipresent in every African region…” (Benyera, 2021, p.113).”

“Apart from setting of military commands such as AFRICOM, The United States of America expanded its secret intelligence operations in Africa with bases for espionage and surveillance programs” (Nhemachena et al., 2020, p.9).

–David Salinas Flores, The First Robotization of Africans

Most remain uninformed about the nature of nanotechnology, its wide usage now in industry, medicine, aerosols, vaccines, aerosols and how it is already giving rise to unsuspected diseases while expanding the use of surveillance and control mechanisms against humans.

Essentially, nano and neurotechnologies will lead to enslavement for Africans he says, Slavery 2.0.

Humans are being turned into “post-humans” or “trans-humans” by really being hybridized into human-machine cyborgs, a form of robot.

Of course, it’s not just Africans being targeted and enslaved currently by this nanotechnology in the COVID vaccines, it’s everyone human on the planet being aimed at, but this article focuses especially on the dangers to Africans of being nano-robotized and thereby enslaveable by the Transhumanist establishment focusing on the benefits of nanotechnology while refraining to mention the deleterious harms accruing from its use.

Wifi access of people’s brains via nano BCI implants, he reminds us, will ensure nothing in your brain is private–your random thoughts, your ruminations, your plans, your dreams, your visual remembrances. And it is intelligence agencies, law enforcement, public prosecutors who have access to this IP (intellectual property) capture, he says, in ways that lead directly to its abuse.

An explicatory and vitally clarifying article, this paper forms part of a book examining the rise of the new slavery in Africa, Sovereignty Becoming Pulvereignty: Unpacking the Dark Side of Slave 4.0 Within Industry 4.0 in Twenty-First Century Africa, edited by Artwell Nhemachena, Oliver Mtapuri & Munyaradzi Mawere. An excerpt from the paper is shared below, with the whole article posted in PDF below that.

Posted here at the request of the author and with many thanks for his whistleblowing disclosure. The great danger to all humanity is being highlighted by the articles Dr. Flores has been publishing, and it will be up to the people of the world in every country to get informed at speed and take the necessary action to halt the dehumanizing, transhumanizing, hybridizing, and robotizing of humanity being accomplished in stealth through the use of nanotechnology and neurotechnology within the context of expanding totalitarianism, fascism, and overreaching surveillance.

–Ramola D


“The end of the book by Schwab (2016, p 156), the part of the book that authors generally use as conclusion, is practically a promotion of invasive neurotechnology: Neurotechnologies. The tipping point: The first human with fully artificial memory implanted in the brain.

Thus, this evidences that the 4IR is only an intellectual camouflage to the massive application of the new technologies in human beings.

In other words, the main objective of 4IR is the massive implementation of transhumanism. Therefore, if governments of Africa want to apply 4IR technology they must be mindful of transhumanism as well.

Transhumanists state that adding technological implants and inserting DNA in human beings will improve their condition. It is striking that the transhumanist postulates have been analysed from different points of view such as sociological, religious, moral (Ostrowick, 2021), philosophical (Holm, 2016) and bioethics, however the main analysis related to the evidence of their affirmations is absent. Thus, one of the most promoted critical intellectual about transhumanism is American Francis Fukuyama; he writes in an article: “The first victim of transhumanism might be equality” (Fukuyama, 2004, p.42).

Recent research are revealing the truth about transhumanism; the transhumanism is a fraud, a big fraud (Salinas, 2018a, p.381).

The intellectual fraud is based on three facts.

1) Transhumanists hide the fact that technological implants can be a weapon against the citizen;

2) transhumanists invent many benefits of technological implants; and

3) transhumanists do not use the technological implants that they promote.

Concealment of the harmful effects of technological implants

(a) Technological implant can cause diseases “nanodiseases”

Technological implants such as nanobots can be injected into bodies, they can be put in the water, that human beings drink, they can be put in the food that human beings eat and they can be put in the air that human beings breathe (Nhemachena et al, 2021a, p. 14). Thus, nanobots can be placed in food, they are ingested, they can circulate in the blood, and they can be located in specific organs. Nanobots can produce blockage or stimulation of these organs and they can, thus, produce any disease or symptom such as intestinal obstruction, ocular refraction defects, sexual impotence, respiratory failure and even death. A recent article alerts: “Emergent cerebral internet which threatens intensifications of epidemics…” (Nhemachena, 2021a).

It is necessary to highlight that nano-diseases are hidden by the medical establishment. Actually, their current scientific state is being hidden by the scientific media, thus, for example, nowadays, with the invasive neurotechnology human brains can be hacked, they can be manipulated in the same way humans manipulate computers, it is possible to send brain algorithm to other brains by wi-fi, therefore this can cause new diseases; there is a secret new neuropathology: a nano-neuropathology. Most doctors do not know this disease. Justin Sanchez of the biological technology of DARPA, stated in an interview that; “There is no technology that can acquire signals to inform scientists of exactly what is happening inside the brain” (Gorman, 2013).

However, recent research show that DARPA is the main organizer of cerebral internet in the world (Salinas, 2018b); also, the magazine “The Economist” promotes cerebral internet with the image of the brain with wi-fi and some organizations donate shirts, with symbology of brainnet, to poor girls.

The evidence of concealment of current developments by scientists is abundant. On the other hand, recent research show that many sci-fi tv and movies have a secret script: illicit medical experimentation using nanotechnology in the whole world (Salinas, 2018c; Salinas, 2019a; 2019b; 2019c; 2019d). This concealment of current science and the illicit medical experimentations use secret scripts of the sci-fi series and movies. In this regard, series of science fiction can become libraries from which this secret science can be drawn.

Although the American establishment and its media hide what is going on from the citizens of the world, this kind of tv series can be a source of medical information about CIA-caused diseases – diseases that are not described in university medical books such as the diseases caused by nanobots. In the use of nanotechnology there are also risks like mind control, loss of privacy due to use of cerebral internet and so on. The best information about nano-diseases is not yet found in the few books written on nanotechnology. However, information on nanodiseases can be derived from an analysis, with scientific rigor, of science fiction series such as Black Mirror or Person on Interest (Salinas, 2019c).

(b) Nanobots can be used as weapons of delinquency

The illicit nanotechnology has created a new kind of criminals, criminals that could be called “nano-hired killers” or “nanotorturers”, those responsible for the “dirty work” of nanomafia; these mainly include journalists, university students, nurses and illegal immigrants like many Venezuelans in Peru: these people would be responsible for performing several works including: selection of the victims, choice of “the persons of interest”, persons who can assist the nanomafia; they intoxicate the victims with nanobots through food, drinks or pills or they can kidnap the victims in order to insert in them the brain implants; they can also edit, select and market mind videos obtained from the daily espionage using the Brain net, they also do mind torture, victim torture, breaching the victims’ privacy, they perform information and espionage of victims’ dreams; they obtain information from the victims’ dreams, they use the Brain net for extortion; they create pseudo-diseases blocking the function of organs by telemetry in order to then extort the victim with “the cure” (Salinas, 2018d).

Medical articles say good things about brain net, it is one of the most promoted “innovation” of transhumanism:

Brain net allows the capturing of the private lives, of the victims, mainly the sexual one, capturing the audiovisual extortion material, stealing intellectual information, and capturing brain algorithms, judicial information, confession secrets, prayers, credit cards passwords or any other kind of private information.

The Brain net aims to become the most powerful extortion, mind control, honor destruction and privacy violation weapon owned by the organized criminals, the state terrorism and the cyberwar perpetrators (Salinas, 2018e).

It is surprising that the advocates of the 4IR are silent about the dangerous effects of transhumanism to human beings. Klaus Schwab (2016) in this book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” does not mention nano-diseases or nano-criminals. It is necessary to highlight that the main partners of transhumanist mafia are the police, prosecutors and intelligence services in the world. They hide complaints about crimes committed by nano-criminals using their nano-weapons. Recently, The National Joint of Justice, the highest rank authority of justice in Peru, filed a denunciation of a mafia of prosecutors related to illicit nanotechnology (Junta Nacional de Justicia, 2021).

Research about illicit nanotechnology say in books:

Why do books on nanotechnology rarely ever mention nanoweapons? The answer is that nanoweapons are “classified,” meaning the technology and its military applications are either “Secret” or “Top Secret.” The technologists involved in their development cannot publish their research in scientific journals, they can’t speak about it at scientific conferences, or give media interviews about it. (Del Monte, 2017, pxii).

Recent research reveals the reason for this “top secret”: Crimes developed with nanoweapons are the source of illicit enrichment and sex pleasure of a mafia of police, prosecutors and members of intelligence services in the world (Salinas, 2018a,d,e).

Nanotechnology as a tool for committing crimes is giving rise to an exclusive corrupt circle of “new millionaires”: professors of medicine, health unions, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospital managers, physicists, journalists, publishers of scientific magazines, librarians, engineers, politicians, professors, policemen, prosecutors, judges, the military, university students and even school students who illicitly become rich at the expense of their victims’ health, honour and their lives (Salinas, 2018d).

The concealment of nano-mafias, nano-diseases and nanoweapons by mafias of prosecutors and police (Salinas, 2018 a, d, e) has a mega objective. The manufacture of consent to massive use of nanotechnology in the society as a tool of education, tool of security, tool of surveillance in health and disease, delivery of drugs or vaccines, food additives whose promotion has already begun; if human beings do not know anything about nano-diseases or nanocrime, they easily accept nano-implants into their brains, they will think that nanotechnology is beneficial to them.

While the world may massively use nanotechnology in education, and medicine among others, humanity may remain unaware that they are being spied on or they are under mind control, this mafia of prosecutors, police, agent of national service of intelligence and journalists will continue getting sexual pleasure with cybersex, sexual relations with teenagers who are turned into sex slavery, with mind control or under extortion; the mafia will also continue to spy on sexual lives of university students in the world, they will obtain information to use in extortion and they will torture and kill honest citizens who denounce them.

(c) Technological implants can be used as military weapon

DARPA’s scientists have publicly stated, at conferences, that cerebral internet was successfully used by the US army in the Gulf War. The cerebral internet simulates the voice of the unconscious, and for this reason it has been used as a weapon, taking advantage of the faith. It was named “the voice of God”, this weapon was able to trick the soldiers of the Iraqi army to persuade them to surrender (Salinas, 2019b). It is important that African governments know it. Similar to the ways in which the US army, in the military bases in Peru, is using jungles in the nanotechnological experiments, they could do the same in Africa.”

Article in PDF:


Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD | The Secret of “Person of Interest”: The Cerebral Internet

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD: Transhumanism: The Big Fraud – Towards Digital Slavery

Millions in COVID-19 Test Contracts & Pandemic Plans Signal Escalating Build-Up of Testing, Vaccine, Pandemic Industry in Treasonous DARPA/WEF Hybridizing Humans Agenda: Reject The Tests & Vaccines Both

BREAKING | Australian and New Zealand Scientists Confirm Toxic Nanotechnology, Graphene in COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccinated Blood | Medical Tyranny in OZ, NZ Clarified as Forced Genocide, Politicians Responsible & Must Be Questioned, Vaccines Halted

Make 2022 the Year to Wise Up and Stand Up: Reject Vaccine Mandates, Reject the Public Health Paradigm, Reject Germ-Creation in the Pandemics-Forever-Plan, Reject Nanobiosensors, Reject the Internet of Bio Nano Things, Reject the “Common Good,” Reject Media/Pharma/Govt Lies-for-Profit, Reject Digital Currencies, Reject Vaxx Passports & Biometric IDs, Reject COVID, Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Mik Anderson | Intracorporal NanoNetwork, Brief Summary

Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming

Damning Evidence of Self-Assembling Wireless Nanosensor Networks using Graphene Quantum Dots, Nanorouters, Nanoantennas Found by Dr. Pablo Campra in 4 COVID Vaccines Revealed by Researcher Mik Anderson/Corona2Inspect

Evidence of Nano Graphene Oxide (GO) Poisoning, Body & Brain: In COVID & Flu Vaccines, Chem Trails, Rainwater, Saline, Plus: Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Confirms GO in PEGylated Lipid Nano in Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines

Crime Scene Vaccine: Nano Graphene Oxide in High Amounts Now Found in Moderna, Other Vaccines, also Sanofi Flu Vaccine, & Saline Solution Point to COVID-19 (& All Professed Variants) Being Graphene & 4G/5G Poisoning, Not a Virus

Red Alert! Graphene Oxide Found in Pfizer/AstraZeneca Vaccines–Used in Biosensors and Neural Interfaces–Could Be the Secret Link to Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) Human-Machine Convergence for AI Singularity & Full Spectrum Brain/Bio Control Intended by Anti-Human Transhumanists, Globalists, Governments

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Nikolai Ivanovich Anisimov: Psychotronic Golgotha | Factories in Ukraine, Dangers of World Psychotronic Enslavement, Tremendous Human Rights Efforts to Expose Massive DEW/Neurotech Crimes by Mil/Intel/Police in Former Soviet Union

Review and Repost | Ramola D | May 28, 2022

“Psychotronic generators have long been coming off the assembly line of the Octava plant located in Kiev. What are psychotronic generators? This is electron-beam equipment, which causes the effect of controlled control in the human body. In particular, it affects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.”

–Psychotronic Golgotha, Nikolai Ivanovich Anisimov

An excerpt from the 1999 memoir-plus-review of psychotronic weapon use in the lands of the former USSR by Nikalai Ivanovich Anisimov, this book (PDF below), which chronicles the use of highly secretive “psychotronic” weaponry — essentially, neuroweaponry and anti-personnel directed energy weaponry (DEW) of the kind the US Joint Non Lethal Weapons directorate and DARPA and the US Navy, Airforce, Army, CIA, DIA have also been building and using secretively and unethically for years (as revealed here and here) — offers astonishing insights into decades of classified development and secret use of this technology on civilians in Russia, Ukraine and other parts of the Soviet Union along with the rise of the “Yellow Gulag” of punitive psychiatry to shut down the tremendous rising tide of human rights activism to publicize and shut down these dreadful police crimes.

Psychotronic Weapons: Bio Hacking and Neuro Hacking Weapons of Great Cruelty

What this book, translated here on a Deepl translation by researcher Georg, who sent in earlier Russian documents in translation covered here recently and here, reveals especially is the tremendous suffering that hundreds of thousands, now probably millions, of Russians and Soviet civilians have endured as military and intelligence contractors experimented on them in secret with deadly stealth Spectrum weaponry, pervasively termed psychotronic or psycho-corrective weaponry in the Russian literature, by way of its effects on the brains, psyches, and behavior patterns of people subjected to its very physical assault and battery over long periods of time while at the same time cloaking its existence in secrecy so that Psychiatry could swoop in and incarcerate all reporting victims–much as has been done in the self-righteous but equally inhumane and unethical “West” of UK, USA, Europe and the Five-Eyes countries (a deceitful and evil protocol thence exported worldwide).

In addition to physical remote-access and cruelty, these precision energy weapons operate as neuroweapons, able to insert voices, images, sounds, smells, sensations of touch into people’s heads through a variety of means, as discussed for instance here by Dr. Robert Duncan, a DOD/CIA whistleblower: Dr. Robert Duncan: Hacking The Human Mind | The Art and Science of Neuroweapons | Ethical Considerations of Capable Weapons.

Swaying Elections with Neural Influence Weapons

As such they have the capability to influence thinking and action, as in swaying elections and persuading people to elect certain politicians over others, which in the former Soviet Union, writes Anisimov, has had the effect of returning hard-core Communists to the government.

All over the country, Anisimov asserts, people have become aware of the use of psychotronic weapons on the population. The rising tide of human rights activism in the ’90s — severely persecuted by the KGB yet persistent — across the USSR and in Moscow sparked concern and conscience all over the media and in people, leading to much disclosure. Brain institutes and military scientists were exposed as whistleblowers, intentional and accidental, made statements to journalists.

The Yellow Gulag of Complicit Psychiatry

Also exposed was the habit of carting reporting victims off to the “Yellow Gulag” of psychiatric facilities, a venture which required the complicity of psychiatrists – much as it does in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand today.

Why is it that these weapons – which affect human bodies and brains – in particular have been kept so stringently secret that secret services and intelligence agencies sought to incarcerate and miscast those in the know as mentally ill?

Perhaps because the unethical scientists and military men – and shadowy powers behind them – who enacted these psych-commit crimes sought and still seek absolute control over human behavior, human thinking, and human action—at any cost, even the physical, social, and psychological destruction of large numbers of men, women, children, families.

And because they have indeed been successful at controlling people, whether spread out over regions, contained to a building, or specifically individual, with these very invasive neural and bio-hacking weapons. And imagine they can keep engaging in this secretive form of absolute control, forever—without anyone knowing for certain about this weapon-system’s existence and use by them.

Psychotronic Weapons Go Back to the Nazis and the Third Reich

A subject also exposed in this document covered here, it is still rather astonishing to learn these Spectrum neuroweapons had their origins in the concentration camps of the Nazi Third Reich.

New Weapons Are Used First By the Military and Government Bodies

In the USSR, governments and military groups were given access.

New weapons have been deployed by all nations in every war, Anisimov notes, with intent to try out assiduously developed technology of mass destruction—from geological/tectonic weapons to biospheric and atmospheric to psychotronic weapons.

“Humane” Non Lethal Weapons Which Zombify People & Point to Psychotronic Enslavement of the Whole Population

The irony here is that these Remote-Access Neuroweapons have been developed and are being touted as “humane” weapons by the masters of warmongering – but there is nothing humane about them. “Under the guise of “humane” ideas, more and more government programs of criminal encroachments on the human brain are planned.”

Nothing less than zombification or biorobotization of the population is achieved by the use of remote-influence weapons.

The dangers to the entire population cannot be ignored. Almost anyone can be hit by a remote-access weapon to induce illness, temporary or chronic.

Weapons Which Wreak Crimes Against Humanity Need Criminal Legislation

Nikolai Anisimov closes with advice to the people of his country and the world to work toward establishing legislation to curb the untrammeled assault with radiation weapons on the population. His advice holds of course for every country on the planet at this point, each of which seems to have adopted the Communist practices he describes, including the once-touted-as-free countries, the USA, UK et al.

While it’s interesting to read his account from the former Soviet Union which casts the US in much the same light the US casts Russia, the fact remains both countries and all others worldwide now have access to and are using these Stealth Weapons of Body and Brain War on their own populations–as reports from human rights activists worldwide today, including to this reporter and also posted widely online, prove.

A disturbing but powerful read, the translated PDF is posted here below, as also a separate document which includes Nikolai Anisimov’s introduction to his book and many accounts of his own experience, both in human rights activism to raise awareness of this weaponry and in the psychiatric hospitals which sought to destroy him body and soul as also other activists, but could not succeed in breaking his powerful and vibrant spirit which shines through the entire volume.


Nikolai Ivanovich Anisimov was the chairman of the Moscow branch of the Human Rights
Information Center at time of publication of this book.

The book “Psychotronic Golgotha” is a warning to the millions of people who are being secretly
turned into remote slaves to create an elite-controlled society. For over thirty years the intelligence services have been armed with a secret technologically new weapon of the radiant type. It is a monstrous weapon of mass suppression, enslavement and destruction. Along with publicly known information this book contains previously unpublished confidential and secret materials. Members of the Moscow branch of the Information Center for Human Rights are grateful”–Andrey Vladimirovich BABUSHKIN, Chairman of the Committee for Civil Rights and Rector of the Human Rights Institute, who made it possible to publish his book “Psychotron Calvary.”

“This book is an abridged version of my basic, unpublished book Psychotronic Golgotha. The book
is written in simple and accessible language, designed for a wide range of readers. Along with the
well-known information the book contains confidential information about the secret psychotronic

In writing the book I used various sources of information. These are scientific and special literature, military publications and reference books, articles in the mass media, interviews with experts,
classified information and my own experience as a victim of psychotronic weapons. The abridged
variant of the book includes only a small part of all available information. However, it also informs
readers about the monstrous atrocity committed against the peoples of the former USSR. I am sure
that there are many victims among the readers who have experienced the whole horror of the
psychotronic terror themselves and their families.” — Nikolai Ivanovich Anisimov

Document with additional notes:

Many thanks to Georg from Germany for this translation and for reminding us all of this publication, which Cheryl Welsh has posted in translation by Ramon Ruelas on her Mind Justice site, along with photographs of the Russian activists exposing these government crimes. Please visit her site at Golgotha Pics for these photographs. Please share this article widely!


Microwave Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Human Control Weapons: From Nazi Times to Russia’s Cheka to the Present “Havana Syndrome”: A Century of Victims

21st-Century Weapons of Terror Now On Our Streets & Being Used Worldwide as “Crowd-Control Technologies”: Psychotronic Weapons, a Chapter from “Parallel Weapons, or What and How to Kill in the XXI Century”

Tim Rifat: Deadly Microwave Weapons Being Used Covertly as Dissident/Mass Behavior Control Weapons in UK and US

Ex-CIA and MI5 Agent and Whistleblower Carl Clark Reveals Covert Electromagnetic Torture of Civilians by Intel Agencies in US/UK/Europe/Asia with Directed Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons

News Report 8 | DEWs and Neurotech Being Used Worldwide as Crowd Control Technologies Without Public Consent

5G Live Cellphone Surveillance, Active Denial Burning, & Neurotech Wake Up Call: Dutch State Secretary Reveals 5G Will Be Used for Crowd Control While EU Documents Show Crowd Control Tech Includes Neurotechnologies

News Report 9: FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Describes The Issue: History of Secret Terror in the USA: Illegal Harassment, Persecution, Deceit that’s Currently Out of Control & Uses Neighbor-Mercenaries, Portable DEWs/Neurotech/Drones, More for In-House Torture

21st-Century Weapons of Terror Now On Our Streets & Being Used Worldwide as “Crowd-Control Technologies”: Psychotronic Weapons, a Chapter from “Parallel Weapons, or What and How to Kill in the XXI Century”

Post of translated chapter, courtesy Georg | Ramola D | May 19, 2022

“Psychotronic Weapons” is a chapter from a book in Russian which can be found here, titled Parallel Weapons, or What and How to Kill in the XXI Century, which seems to be an anthology of sorts, no primary author noted.

The PDF of the translated version into English is below, sent on by Georg from Germany who also sent in other translations recently, some posted here: Microwave Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Human Control Weapons: From Nazi Times to Russia’s Cheka to the Present “Havana Syndrome”: A Century of Victims.

Screenshot/Image search for Psychotronic Weapons, Duck Duck Go


An overview of public-domain disclosures from Russia and the USA on the development of biohacking weapons which sought first—early in the last century–to probe and manipulate consciousness, behavior, minds, and bodies with numerous means, both chemical, psychological, and electromagnetic, but which transgressed quickly into unethical and inhumane territory with the CIA’s MK ULTRA being launched in 1953 as chronicled often online these days including here, and had its unethical counterparts in Russia too, this chapter is a bit of an eye-opener into such horrors as zombification, bio-robotization, complete mind reversal, and suicide-induction, all accomplished through stealth EMF Neurotechnologies.

Stealth Assault to “Crowd Control” While Bodies & Brains Are Being Remotely Accessed, Invaded, Damaged, and Modified

Today, numbers of these stealth Spectrum and Non Lethal Weapons energy and neuro technologies are being used worldwide both by dark actors working for the Intelligence agencies and taking out whomever they please, as Carl Clark, MI5 and CIA whistleblower detailed for all in this chilling account he offered to a German magazine, corroborated by Tim Rifat, British physicist Tim Rifat: Deadly Microwave Weapons Being Used Covertly as Dissident/Mass Behavior Control Weapons in UK and US, by police agencies and local Law Enforcement, sanctioned in the US by DOD-DOJ agreements, as Crowd Control Technologies–whose inhumane aspect has never been publicly discussed, disclosed, or approved–as detailed here recently, Directed Energy Weapons Used at the Feb 12 Canberra Protest Make People Sick | Police Questioned in Parliament Refuse to Elaborate, and being rolled out by hubristic politicians as if a done deal in documents and press conferences with nary a word on the hugely invasive nature of remote-access wifi tech which is literally being used to modify brains, as covered here recently: 5G Live Cellphone Surveillance, Active Denial Burning, & Neurotech Wake Up Call: Dutch State Secretary Reveals 5G Will Be Used for Crowd Control While EU Documents Show Crowd Control Tech Includes Neurotechnologies.

Previous coverage of much whistleblowing on these energy and neural weapons can be found at this site under the Disclosure on Targeting tab, and listed in Targeting is Real, including this stark account from the Dominican Republic: Abreu Report: “My Brain was Cooking,” Says Victim of Psychotronic Weapon.

Never Forget Sarah Kershaw

Sarah Kershaw, New York Times reporter, comes to mind here–she wrote about targeting and psychotronic weapons and was possibly investigating them in the Dominican Republic when she was suddenly found dead, of asphyxiation by strangulation, in 2016: NY Times Reporter Found Dead After Exposing CIA’s Alleged Mind Control Program/HQAnon.

Interestingly, in 2008, Sarah Kershaw slanted her writing about “Targeted Individuals” (who report being hit with DEW/Neuro/Psychotronic weapons) as being mentally ill in her typical-of-New-York-Times-Cover-Ops article, Sharing Their Demons on the Web, but by 2016, when information leaked in the Dominican press about other than “coal plants” being built there, it is possible her enquiries into psychotronic weapons had yielded confirmatory information, as the Abreu Report also speculates (link below).

Sarah Kershaw

Behavior and Brain Modification From a Distance, Using Radio Frequency Weapons

Some highlights from this document:

Emotion-modification on a collective basis from a distance using radio waves (“Crowd Control” today!) was experimented on and accomplished by brain study scientists in Russia in 1925:

“In 1925, the organizer and head of the Psychoneurological Institute (now named after V.M.
Bekhterev) and the Institute for Brain and Mental Activity Research (1918), Academician V.
Bekhterev conducted and gave positive results the first experiments on the collective
suggestion of emotions at a distance by radio.” (page 7)

That EMF pulses of medium and short wavelength could be used to affect brain zones responsible for emotions and the functioning of various organs was known in the 1930s:

“The thing is that B. G. Mikhailovsky established: different combinations of electromagnetic pulses modulated in the range of medium and short waves affect the brain zones responsible both for human emotions and for the work of individual organs. He proposed to apply his discovery to the treatment of workers in the Country of the Soviets.” (page 8)

Nazi experimenters at Auschwitz (1940s) figured out they could reverberate human organs into resonance at certain frequencies and dissonance and death at certain other frequencies, and developed “psychotronic generators” to run these operations:

CIA experimenters starting in 1953 had figured out by 1966 how to use EMF emissions with drugs to create bio-robots, manipulate muscles and emotions from a distance, wipe out and replace memory, induce thoughts of a certain nature, put people to sleep, place new skillsets in someone’s brain, et al:

Russian energy companies in the 1980s worked on equipment and successfully initiated programs to influence masses of people remotely and “correct behavior” remotely–“psycho correction” in fact is a term used by Russian scientists to denote remote behavior change using EMFs (probably ELFs, super low frequencies which affect the brain at the long-wavelength, low-frequency levels the brain operates in):

Energy Companies Are Involved in Remote Behavior and Brain Modification for Shadow Government Defense Entities

Energy Companies are therefore being used by Intelligence and Military divisions to run Behavior Modification Operations on a large scale on people, as both the Abreu Report details in Sarah Kershaw’s case (see above) and the Russian disclosure confirms.

These operations are being kept classified and Top Secret, the Abreu Report notes, from the case in the Dominican Republic, where General Electric, a US Defense contractor was being protected by classified covers–but perhaps, as many investigators have since found, their ELF (extremely low frequencies) imprint can be witnessed on scalar waves in clouds, HAARP and GWEN transmissions, and the resultant docility and placidity of large regions of people.

Neuroweapons Which Induce Suicide or Homicide

Infrasound Weapons, Acoustic Neuroweapons, Hypnosis & Zombification Weapons, and Psychotronic Suicide Weapons are also discussed at length in this chapter, with much anecdotal, reported, and published information from both the Soviet press and US military documents, including some very chilling information on suicides induced in a group of CPSU investigative committee members who had exposed a crime ring in the ’90s, which reads a lot like the madness of mutual killing set off in Rwanda in the ’90s. As well, mass shooters of course are often speculated to be the recipient of manipulations via Neurotechnology/MK ULTRA maneuvers by various covert ops agencies.

People Worldwide Need to Wake Up and Ask Publicly about These Harmful Technologies

Neurotechnologies and non lethal weapons technologies using microwave and millimeter wave frequencies have currently progressed–or really, regressed–to the point of being seriously dangerous to all humanity, in fact to all living beings, and it is up to us to raise public awareness of these very harmful technologies which are now in the hands of the certifiably insane and completely unethical cowering behind “classified” covers, speak openly about them, challenge all military and commercial neuroscientists touting their existence and use openly today (and with pride) on TED Talks and various NatSec and University forums, and demand that they be fully exposed, fully publicly disclosed, and fully banned!

For more, please see:

Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

News Report 8 | DEWs and Neurotech Being Used Worldwide as Crowd Control Technologies Without Public Consent

Online Press Conference | Oct 15, 2021 | Exposing Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & AI-Cybernetic Torture, Bio-Neuro-Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity by Fusion Centers, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Local Govts, Universities, Research Institutions, Local Communities, Utility Cos., & Private-Party Criminals

Public Disclosure on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today

Some Corroboration

A few compendium-articles with much corroborating information:

Microwave Technology And Its Use Against Humanity

Documented U.S. Government Black Projects, Programs and Operations

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