Extrajudicial Targeting Technologies (Weapons Use/Tests/Abuse) — Biometric Surveillance, Non Lethal Weapons, Neuroweapons


  • Terminology for Weapons
  • Weapons By Bio-Effect
  • Weapons By Delivery Method/Targeting Platform

Terminology for Weapons


Emerging Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Next Generation Technologies

Next Generation Squad Weapons

Anti-Personnel Non Lethal Weapons

Non Lethal Weapons

Electronic Weapons


Neuro Cognitive Weapons

Neural Weapons

Spectrum Weapons

Electronic Warfare Weapons

Psychotronic Weapons

Counter-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons

Active Denial Systems

Crowd-Control Devices

Riot-Control Devices

Peace Keeping/Peace Enforcement Weapons

Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, Locating Devices

Offender Monitoring Devices

Biometric Surveillance

Wireless Telemetry/Medical Monitoring Devices

Wireless Body Area Networks

Weapons By Bio-Effect


  1. Microwave Pulse Weapons: Head & Body Pulse Shots, Low-Intensity to High-Intensity, productive of instant migraines, running noses, stuffed noses, inability to breathe, extreme heat
  2. Sonic & Acoustic Radar Weapons–Ultrasonic (Bone Conductance), Infrasonic, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency): Projected Sound, Silent Sound, Tinnitus/High Tone, Remote Cavitation of Organs for Tracking—Stomach, Throat, Mouth, Intestine, Rectum.
  3. Vibration Weapons: Vibrations of couch, bed, seat, externally induced; Vibrations at spine of body (induced presumably by implants at spine); see Conducted Electrical Weapons & Microchip Weapons below; ELF vibrations from large engines, HAARP wind weapons acting like ELF vibrations to aid in tracking/honing/guiding Pencil Microwave Weapons at Rectum, Vibrations transmitted through Water Pipes underfoot in flooring
  4. BCI/EEG/TMS/Sonic/Other Neuroweapons:
    1. Neuro Injections – V2K (Voice to Skull), Synthetic Telepathy, Forced Speech, Synthetic Images & Film, Sounds, Sensations, Smells, Electronic Dreams;
    2. Neuro Communications/Modifications/Interventions – BCI (Brain Computer Interface) Tech inducive of Hive-Mind Communications, Brain to Brain communications, BCI-CBI Communications; Removal of Memories; Insertion of Memories; Removal of Words, Language Skills, Musical skills, Computer skills;
    3. Neuro Takeover – EEG Heterodyning and EEG Cloning, Bio-Robotizing inducing effect of Brain Clone invading brain and imposing external will/external force in thought, speech, bodily movements
  5. Bio-Resonance Frequency Weapons/DEW: Forced Sleep, Forced Emotions: Induced Rage, Fear, Fatigue, Depression, Paralysis, Confusion; Bodily Organ Attack via Organ-Specific Bio-Resonance Weapons, experienced as pulse shots, pain
  6. Scalar Radar/Touch Weapons: Pulse-flicker weapons, Skin-crawl/Skin-hammer weapons, Highly Intrusive Private-Part-Invasions, Haptic touch weapons
  7. Conducted Electrical Weapons: Remote electro-shock/vibration/spasm weapons, producing violent to mild shocks and spasms of different parts of body or whole body—perhaps to mimic clinical seizures; violent to mild vibrations at spine; Remote sexual stimulation/orgasm-inducing weapons, perhaps to create involuntary sexual stimulation, now classified a “disorder”; Remote electromagnetic rape weapons (Precision tracking radar)
  8. Tracking Radar Weapons: Nerve-flicker weapons, Breath-and-heartbeat-tracking weapons (Through-wall-surveillance radar, Earthquake radar), Muscle-flicker weapons—all used as Biometric Surveillance devices, to establish occupancy or presence, to establish bodily position, azimuth.
  9. Brain Entrainment Frequency Weapons: Radio Hypnosis/Brain Programming Weapons, often at night, inducive of externally-imposed urgency-of-action-without-personal-will (Manchurian-action), causing people to engage in compulsive, unexplainable behavior and speech
  10. EEG Weapons: Painful EEG scans at scalp, done remotely
  11. EMF Wave Weapons: Painful pressurizing constrictions, wave-like, intense, unshieldable by simple metal, at brain and body: the forced movement of high EMF fields through the body & brain
  12. Laser/Maser Weapons: Sharp precision hits at skull, eyes; evidence of cigarette-mark-style burns on body
  13. Bio-Resonance Nerve-Activation Weapons: Painful activation of vagus, other nerves, remotely; fibromyalgia-style-inducing spot-hits on subdural nerves on face and body
  14. Microchip Weapons: RFIDs, Bio-MEMs, BCI (brain) chips, WBANs (Wireless Body Area Networks), Pattern of Clandestinely-placed Implants at Spine, Implants Surgically Inserted inside Organs, activated from outside for Torture and Organ Damage.
  15. Nanoweapons: Nanotech MEMS, Nanobots, Nanobiosensors in fingertips, tongue, Sprayed thin-film nanotech on back, used with microwave pulse weapons to induce extreme, subdural heating effects, basically Torture; sprayed/injected nanotech filler-synthetic-tissue to disfigure and mutilate faces and bodies; nanotech attacks to create burns, lesions, swellings, discoloration; nanotech clustering at feet, to permit remote electrical vibration
  16. Active Denial/5G/Millimeter Wave Weapons: Skin-burn weapons, producing burns, blisters, lesions
  17. Plasma Weapons: Pulsed Energy Projectiles, Localized Heat-bombs, inducing extreme heat on body and surroundings; Localized Heat-Sinks, ionizing/cooling-down of temperatures around body
  18. Chemical Weapons: Chemicals and gases, vented into homes/cars, targeted aerosols/chem trails, dropped from aerial vehicles,
  19. Biological Warfare Weapons–Virus-laden Aerosols/Chem Trails; Microchip/Nanotech weapons: Inducing high-itch/psoriasis, flus, colds, coughs, Morgellons
  20. HAARP Weather Warfare Weapons: Localized microburst wind, storms, hail, tornados; Wind vibrations used like ELF vibrations to aid in tracking/honing/guiding Pencil Microwave Weapons at Rectum
  21. Pencil or Precision Microwave High-Frequency Pulse Weapons at Rectum/Vagina/base of spine, sending high-frequency vibrations up spine, causing concussion-like headaches, electromagnetic rape/sexual stimulation.

Weapons By Delivery Methods and Targeting Platforms

DELIVERY METHODS AND TARGETING PLATFORMS USED IN REMOTE ASSAULT/STEALTH ASSAULT WEAPONS ATTACKS ON NON-CONSENTING TARGETS (Spectrum/Sonic DEWs, Neurotech, Chem/Bio) as Reported by Targets & Documented in Military documents (References TBA Shortly)

Targeting Technologies/Ground-Based Platforms:

Ground Installations/Mobile Units:

  • Celltowers
  • Antennas & Repeaters in Neighbors’ Yards, on Buildings
  • Microwave/5G Millimeter Wave Transmitters Placed on Lamp Posts, Electrical Utility Poles
  • Microwave Transmitters Placed in Homes/Walls/Flooring
  • Parked/Mobile Large Trucks & Vans
  • Parked/Mobile SUVs, Cars, Service/Utility vans
  • Boats, yachts, anchored just off-shore/moving
  • Ground Radar: GWEN
  • Microwave/Radar Transmitters Placed in Public Utility (Sewage/Cable/Gas) Underground Tunnels/Rooms/Installations
  • Microwave/Radar/Scalar Emitters Placed in Garden Landscaping Equipment, Outdoor Grills
  • Microwave/Radar/Scalar Emitters Placed in Water Lines/Piping in Flooring
  • Electrical lines/circuits/networks in walls of houses, buildings
  • Smart Meters (Pulsed microwave emitters)

Portable Units

  • Small/Carried in backpacks, purses, bags, briefcases all round town
  • Small/Placed in carry-ons at feet or overhead on planes, buses, trains, shuttles
  • Small/Carried in hand: cell phones, modified cell phones, transducers, RFID (Bar code) scanners, handheld satellites
  • Larger/Carried in bags and boxes into houses around target, onto airplanes/other transportation/installed in rooms in houses

Targeting Technologies/Air-Based & Space-Based Platforms

  • Drones
  • Helicopters
  • Small planes
  • Commercial Planes
  • Military Planes (eg, Chem Trail Planes, Spy Planes)
  • Satellites
  • Aerostats – PGSS-T – Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems-Tethered