Ramola D: Not a Warrior, A WRITER and Journalist

Clarification | Ramola D | March 27, 2022

This is a clarification for all those who work with the notion still of needing to “fight” for the right in a world where private corporate governments have removed or attempt to remove basic God-given rights and freedoms from everyone. (No, I believe in exercising one’s rights to freely-speak et al, without waiting for permission.)

I have addressed this recently in Ramola D | Seeing the Light: From Activist to Illuminator — and I think I need to further clarify I do not see myself, nor should anyone see me, as a “warrior” “champion” “combatant” “soldier” “fighter” or any other such military and warring term.

I’m aware others use these terms but I resist this language of weapons, wars, and military aggression.

And I am addressing it now because someone anonymous with a cybertroll name suggesting he or she is part of the Weapon-Wielding brigade attacking others commended me under a video (News Report 9) as a “warrior”–thanks but no thanks.

Humanity is in a state of one-way slaughter, not engaging in a war with a misled government–and it’s been this way for a long time. What we are learning today about governments and who is behind them–greedy bankers, aristocrats, deceivers–points to centuries of subjugation of humanity–it’s exacerbated and intensified recently in our lifetimes.

On Gettr recently I wrote this on my profile: “Writer, SciTech Journalist, Poet, Advocate for the Disappeared, Revealer of Crown/USGov/Globalist/BigTech Crimes: Neuro/DEWs, Lies, Lists, Smear Ops” and it’s more accurate.

The very fraudulent, exploitative and frankly evil US Government–and its agencies–has established a Long-Fraud to name everyone “felons” “enemy-combatants” “volunteers” “aliens” and other fraudulent labels, with intent to provoke all into a state of “combatancy” against them. They are not warring against the people, they are unilaterally slaughtering the people meanwhile. War implies 2-way battle. That does not exist here. People are being hammered without defense, offense, or recourse. I have started to speak openly of this distinction, including here, on March 22, when I was attacked with an acoustic neuroweapon directly after a post revealing the DOD-CIA hand in keeping the facts of portable-microwave-weapon use in neighborhoods on people hidden: Revealing the Hidden Hand Leads to Instant Malicious Retaliation | Which Reveals Richard Lighthouse Connections to Intel #HiddenHand Criminals.

Please examine the long history of my work as a writer, teacher of writing, journalist, and creativity workshop leader and know that in my work now as a podcaster, journalist, writer, and continuing freedom and God-given-rights advocate for all living beings, I continue in the same ethos: as truth-teller and excavator, illuminator and public educator, advocate and journalist.

I take exception to being tarred with the brush used by the very violent, aggressive, warring, military, weaponized faction which since the fall of 2013 has waged a Unilateral War of Major Slaughter on me, using directed energy weapons, neuroweapons, major smear campaigns in my neighborhood and to my former clients–the parents of children in my creativity workshops–family, and even to guests appearing on my podcasts: I am not a “Warrior”–while being unilaterally hammered on all sides by traitors to America–but what I am and continue to be is a writer who has gotten quite an education over the last 8 years about CRIME in the US BACKYARD and is sure as heck not backing down from publishing the truth, writing the truth, and saying EXACTLY what needs to be said. Note: When local fusion centers converged to attack me in Fall 2013, actions which have not stopped, I was teaching children art and creative writing–something I would still be doing today had they not attacked me unilaterally, without cause; exposing their actions of military subjugation of neighborhoods with DEWS and Neuroweapons–used asymmetrically and unilaterally, that is, repressively and oppressively–is an act of journalistic exposure and revelation, not an act of war! (Yet I suspect there are many brainwashed minions in the FBI who tell themselves that “activists” and “writers” are in a war against them–a joke.)

I also reserve the right to use my voice. As I have experienced–and wrote about here recently, I have understood that the actions of targeting, blacklisting, and character-assassinating people which the Luciferians–with the help of the FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA–have devised, are intended to suppress voice, fact, truth, energy, from powerful truthtellers like myself.

Those “handlers” engaging in suppressive actions using weaponry from right next door are fed stories of needing to suppress “violent extremists” with their powerful tools of surveillance AKA DEW-Abuse: Smart-City Always-On Surveillance, Gestapo Jailer Neighbors, & Helicopter Harassment: Forget the Great Reset (to Global Communism), It’s Here Now. (These mercenaries are advised they will indeed be personally charged for their crimes.)

Parallel-construction entrapment efforts by the FBI/DHS #HiddenHandCriminals seek to cast their select victims as “violent” “aggressive” “dangerous” and “threats” with intent to suppress all speaking and voice from those they target, violently attack, and victimize.

I reject such lunacy and suggest that everyone being targeted in whatever way do the same: Everyone in the world has the God-given right to freely use their voice, to assert themselves, to express themselves, and to speak their minds.

The fact that this country has been taken over by grasping thieves is addressed here: Let Freedom Ring! Massachusetts State Assembly Podcast 4: Birthright American Or Captured US Citizen? Learn Who You Are

And here: American States Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information.

Sharkocracy, Inc. Has Taken Over America (and the World)

What we are all witnessing and seeing unfold is a grab for power over all: this absurdity will stop when everyone rises into their own power and works on being their authentic selves–instead of permitting themselves to be suppressed and predated on, or spending their lives spying, monitoring, and predating on others.

As a writer, I will be doing just that myself.