Ten-Step Checklist For All Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Law Enforcement: 21st-Century Citizens’ Clean-Up of Non-Consensual Weapons Testing, MK Experimentation, and Mil-Intel-Contractor Crime

Re-post of the Ten Step Checklist/21st Century Citizens’ Clean-Up | Ramola D | November 9, 2023

21st-Century Citizens’ Clean-up of Non-Consensual Weapons Testing/MK Experimentation & Military/Intelligence/Contractor Crime

Re-posting here the Ten-Step Checklist For All Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Law Enforcement provided online here by this writer (several years ago) in conversation and communication with other human rights activists seeking to end the scourge of people being wrongfully accused, abused, and turned over to Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Law Enforcement often by their own misled family members, sometimes by neighbors, engaging in COINTELPRO or OOTW/Mil-Dec/Psy Ops Framing and Entrapment operations–as this writer has recently experienced and is still addressing–who then engage in abusive, non-health-care-related activities of repression, incarceration (in hospitals: Emergency Rooms and Psych Wards), and inexplicable tyranny, all for the purpose of imposing false psychiatric labels on them and condemning them to a lifetime of social abuse, blacklisting, complicit harassment, and continued electromagnetic/neuroweaponry experimentation until death it appears, clear Crime obviously, to be exposed, to be repudiated, and to be fully and absolutely terminated.

The text in the first part of this Checklist–intended for use by human rights activists with soul, heart, and persisting conscience, written at a time when I believed there were medical staff in hospitals who could be shown the truth and believe it, not knowing that medical staff in hospitals, particularly in Emergency Rooms, first line of Humanity-Takedown, had already been pretty fully co-opted and were complicit; those “Defense, Security, and Intelligence agents” referred to here I believed then were separate entities, with brains of their own yet working in hives like drones, driven by their King Bees at the top (of Acceptable Crime in Government), not realizing then what I do today: complicity is networking and partying and holding hands and so on, in layers and classes and castes of corruption, nepotism, self-aggrandizing, exclusionism, and entrenched patriarchy let alone aristocracy; the “meritocratic” don’t exist, only the Mafiosi, Masonic; and those I imagined were merely adjunct or distantly related, the EMS–that’s the Ambulances on Call and the Sudden Police who prove amazingly informed on bringing “Law Enforcement” and “Mental Health” together, now a popular pursuit for Governors and Attorney Generals who confess they cannot handle crime on their own but must resort to lifetime Deceit and MAGA Fabrication for Psych Labels, a handier Lock for the Masonically Inclined–are really the Front-Liners and Headliners of Horror here; this Checklist therefore is being preserved as is, and is posted here for any remaining Medicos with ability to make a change in the current US, UK, UN, World Dystopia we apparently now inhabit: Those who know and Those who don’t (I hardly believe the latter exists) may want to check the grime of their souls and bring that last smidgen of Conscience to bear on this matter here; Many of us know what the score is now, and how the Unimaginable Crime of Accepted Implanting, Accepting Aerosol’ing (that’s Nanotech, Nanobot Inhaling and Skin-Assaulting), Accepted Vaccinating, Accepted EMF/Neurotech Experimenting is being covered over, ignored, disappeared, day after day, with the Essential Lies (& Infinite Fabrications) of Psychiatry: Obviously this has to be Stopped.

No-one should be sitting back and letting this Crime continue

People in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s still working need to make this change. Not wait for the next generation because as we all know, the Next Generations have all been taken down. I don’t mean to suggest that if you’re young you cannot change this world; I mean that if you’re young, those ahead of you have created a rotten world for you–yet this means you still speak out, and say it exactly as it is: Name those, older, who have harmed us all. Those of us older who can see what has been happening have all been “gyp’t”. We have all been put at a disadvantage–of whatever kind; that doesn’t mean we get to sit back and let the Marauders of all Time walk all over us.

A Habit of Terror Across Time

It’s become a habit for those in Power with Money to ride roughshod over those without: this is historic Habit. As a consequence it appears people can now order a Hit on those they find difficult, or troublesome, or annoying, just by virtue of the latter being superior in intellect, class, skill, writing ability, speaking ability, Math skills or English skills–a particular sticking-point, I understand–and sic the Dogs of Eternal War with Invisible Weaponry on them. This appears to be what has happened now worldwide, and the sons and daughters of scions now rushing off to get their MAs, MBAs and MDs and JDs and LLMs and hiding out in Law, Medicine, Psychiatry, Management Consulting, Public Schools, Government operate it appears both as Informant and LawKeeper, sealing both ends of the Crime: a state of affairs none of us can believe but which we can see for ourselves actually exists. Using “Security” as keyword, those in Power have managed to divert public funds back to themselves (Informants are handsomely paid–and include School Principals and School Board Treasurers and Presidents) while terrorizing the (often more educated) citizenry.

Expect a Better World

Please share this Checklist with every physician, EMT, EMD, EMS, psychologist, psychiatrist, police person you know; let them know we believe in a better world, and we expect a better world. We don’t expect that Physicians act like Jailers, and we don’t expect that Ambulances act like Police Vans. Nor do we expect Police to act like they have a right to arrest people saying they are Mentally Ill, or need their children removed from them, or interfere with family lives in other ways. Families need their privacy, and Police need to be retrained. Physicians ditto. Psychologists may want to prove to us there’s a value in good Psychology as opposed to bad, and those examining Psychiatry may want to Make Some Change Happen here so they–Psychiatrists–are not permitted to lock people up with drugs and labels, which is indeed Life-Takedown. The Wealthy need to be curbed: their Names known, their Behavior exposed.

Private Corporate Government Using Electronic Warfare on All Needs Stopping

This Checklist is for all Hospitals after Police have the Spine to step forward and confess their crimes, along with all branches of the Military, and all agencies of Intelligence, and all private-party contractors who contract with Mil-Intel and who run the show, manufacturing these devices themselves, who know perfectly well what they are doing, and what they have been doing: hammering people with pulsed RF HPM (radio-frequency high-power-microwave) weapons, through-wall millimeter-wave surveillance devices, radar guns, ultrasonic weapons, sharpshot- and syringe-shot implants in hospitals and in homes, BCI implants, Neurostimulators, Pacemakers, Fibrillators, FM Generators, acoustic neurotechnologies, vibrational EMF, Precision neuro strikes, via drones et al, for decades now, some of these possibly a century and a quarter now–while condemning their “Victims” as Mentally Ill, Incompetent, Incapacitated, Unable, Disabled, so they can continue to Experiment on them.

Ultimately, what it all comes down to is: What does it mean to be Human, and Humane, and Sane? It’s possible only a handful of (intelligent) physicians may comprehend what’s at stake here, and why They need to “stand up” and speak out, but it’s pretty clear to the rest of us that physicians generally are being used as front-men and front-women to permit the Crime; psychiatrists of course are being knighted beyond them; they’re both culpable, complicit in tightening the noose around their Victim’s life with a deeper, more “Acute” psych label, intended to step by step, across a few months or years, take the Accepted Victim deeper into helpless, all-black, disappeared “human subject experimentation”: which in this day and age means, complete Brain takedown, retardation, and erasure, in addition to Trauma on the body, psyche, community, family, life: obviously criminal, and being hidden, one imagines, under classified covers-yet known in broad daylight.

Corrupt lawyers, judges, social workers, and courts may also need to be apprised their job is not to sit Judge and Jury on Lies, but step out of the business of condemning people into lives of fake dependency on the “system” whose entire build-up of mechanisms to foster dependency, abuse, fraud, waste, corruption, crime in endless circles and cycles needs to be torn down.


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