2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

The Decade of the Brain, Decade of the Mind, Decade of Neuroscience: While we hear occasionally of stellar advances in neuroscience in the mainstream press that promise new abilities and potential to the mentally or physically disabled, less is heard, printed, or published about open or classified research projects being run by DARPA, NIH, the CIA, the DIA, and other DoD/Intel agencies, in conjunction with Neuroscience departments at various Universities, that aim to full-spectrum map and unsheathe the human brain, down to its minutest neurons and synapses, “harvest” thoughts, emotions, feelings, intentions decoded from their electromagnetic waveforms as issued forth from the brain, and worse, in covert programs of Neuro Warfare, pump in thoughts, emotions, feelings, intentions via constructed electromagnetic waveforms transmitted at the precise ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies) the human brain functions at as well as via neuro-implants, and thereby achieve that once-fantasized, no-longer-science-fiction means of ultimate dominance and subjugation of whole populations, via remote biological access and manipulation of human brains and bodies: Mind Control of the Masses.

Also not reported on by the giants of corporate media, once revered as cutting-edge sources of reliable journalism (perhaps mistakenly, even then, by many of us), is the whole phenomenon of current-day covert/clandestine experimentation on the human brain experienced and reported by thousands of involuntary, unwilling, non-consensual experimentees worldwide, both open and classified research on the “bio-behavioral effects” of “non-lethal” Directed-Energy Weapons, joint Dept. of Justice/Dept. of Defense initiatives in Neuro Crime (thought crime, pre-crime) which literally involves reading people’s minds, and the status and profile of Brain research today in areas inclusive of Cybernetics, Neuropsychiatry, and Artificial Intelligence, and which includes such esoteric concepts as EEG Cloning, EEG Heterodyning, Electronic Brain Links, and Hiving Minds. All of this also points to current covert military/intelligence research and operations in Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Aerosol (Chem Trail) and Vaccine delivery of Nano-implants, HAARP as generator of ELFs used in mind control and capable of affecting large populations, and EMF/Wifi bio-effects, information on all of which is increasingly being revealed by diligent researchers and investigative journalists who for years have braved the labels of “conspiracy theorist” to persist in their much-needed work.

Today, in 2016, we know incontrovertibly the Human Brain and Central Nervous System have been hacked. Minds can be read. In fact, minds can be read remotely. Dreams can be manipulated. Waveforms for emotions, such as rage, irritation, fear, can be transmitted and received. (The brain has no firewall.) Patents for hundreds of mind-altering and mind-stimulating and mind-influencing and mind-invading and mind-attacking processes, methodologies, and devices using microwaves, radio waves, ELFs, RFIDs, Bio MEMs, and NeuroStim implants exist. In combined research/surveillance programs, classified research/surveillance projects permit Universities and DARPA–and other DoD/Intel entities–to experiment on non-consenting civilians and veterans remotely, in their homes, in their communities, using remotely-operated DEWs, portable Man-pads, covert generators, repeaters, transmitters, antennas, RFID sensors, electromagnetic oscillators, community Psy Ops disguised as community-participating research. Elaborate systems of covert warfare have been set up, involving National Security Letters, a corrupt psychiatrist lobby, medical institutions and physicians, whereby reporting experimentees are given the (“National Security” state-serving?) “official” diagnoses of paranoia, schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, schizoid disorder, and related delusion-focused disorders, in hopes of associating paranoia/mental instability/a-credibility closely with that other conferred label, “Targeted Individual,” to silence witness and testimony, and keep the horrifying awareness of covert/clandestine experimentation on human brains and bodies hidden from the larger world. Where is Neuroethics–does it exist? Or is it a cover-all term, and cover, for its opposite to flourish?

Thankfully for humanity as a whole, some ethical neuroscientists are speaking out today about the crossroads we are at, as we contemplate the ease with which human minds can be read remotely, and the ease with which they can be and are being influenced. Some journalists and investigative science and technology reporters and ex-CIA/DoD scientists have written books on these subjects. Some educated and informed activists are speaking out at conferences in recorded videos and audio podcasts, interviewing CIA/Navy/DoD scientists who have worked on these technologies, interviewing and collecting the testimonies of “Targeted Individuals”.

This page seeks to collect posts and articles stored here addressing all these resources, and highlighting the work and discoveries of these scientists, journalists, and activists. Many know this particular subject is one of profound concern at this site, which is committed to exploring and publishing, in fully lay terms, in plain English, in translation of tech-jargon, as much scientific information as can be found today on how exactly human brains are being studied, experimented on, operated on, and covertly assaulted. This page will also list op-ed articles (by this writer) exploring the illegitimacy and criminality of these classified-research non-consensual human experimentation programs–Exemptions in Informed Consent self-permitted to the Government by the Government do Not make these non-consensual research projects acceptable to humanity. In tandem with information on RFIDs/microchips/neurochips being collected at this page, the hope is to collect here for all future researchers, journalists, ethicists, and human rights advocates, meaningful information to help expose and prosecute these crimes of non-consensual remote biological manipulation of the human brain and the human body. Please check in on an ongoing basis, as this list grows.

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