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Ramola D | Launched 11/22/2021 | Launched at Substack, Feb 1, 2022 | Updated: May 31, 2022

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I’ll repost in link and PDF here as I go on. LATEST POST: May 26, 2022

Feb 1, 2022: Beat Censorship: Speak Your Mind! PDF here

Feb 4, 2022: This is this week’s post: At Substack: Calling Out Media in Washington, DC and Ottawa for Refusal to Report COVID-Vaccine Deaths: The Situation is Dire | PDF Feb 4 2022

Feb 9, 2022: “Invent2Prevent” & “Bug Bytes”: Failure of Government and Rise of Institutionalized Terrorism as DHS Ramps Up the Criminalizing of One and All (an FBI Tactic, Extended), Now Roping College Students In | PDF here

Feb 13, 2022: Havana Syndrome: Intellectual Trickery, Strategic Deceit/Enter the short-tailed CIA Cricket (spychogenic at head) } PDF here

Feb 17, 2022: Calling All Science Journalists and Scientists: Now’s the Time to Counter WEF on Vaccinations/New Myths or Old Myths? Vaccine History is being revised | PDF here

Feb 28, 2022: Ballgowns in Satin for a Vaccine Business Plan: Ursula von der Leyen Delivers Corruption in Europe/Strasbourg Press Conference Reveals the Ursula von der Leyen-Albert Bourla-Stephane Bancel Dealmaking in Secret |PDF here

March 11, 2022: The Hidden Hand: Intelligence Community Crimes, Law Enforcement Crimes, Military Crimes: High Tech Crimes, Well-Hidden/Using Spectrum Weapons on the populace is easy to hide when the “Support Groups” help wheel-spin the disclosure to oblivion | The fallout is disappearance of journalism | PDF here

March 22, 2022: The “New Way” of Stealth Urban Spectrum Assault: Yes, Microwave Weapons Are Being Used From Neighboring Houses & Parked Cars, Utility Vans, Service Trucks | Not just Drones, Celltowers, Antennas, Satellites: Countering New Disinfo from Richard Lighthouse | PDF Here

May 18, 2022: The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It’s Really Brought To Light | Part I: A Few Facts | PDF Here

May 26, 2022: Free to disagree with the law…but not disregard it” says Trey Gowdy | But what law does he mean? | PDF Here

May 31, 2022: The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It’s Really Brought To Light | Part II: The Backdrop | PDF Here


Weekly op-eds and analyses of articles and video/audio reports published in mass media which distort and skew truth and facts while purporting to present truth and facts.

Especially vital to examine today as COVID and pandemic lies go sky-high in their desperate push to bring us all into an AI-driven, Virtual Reality world.

Mass media, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Social Media all share the same investors and shareholders: Blackrock, Vanguard, and other big names behind which cower the real power players and billionaires of the world aiming our trajectory toward transhumanism, digital enslavement, brain takeover, and energy harvesting: all good reasons to stay aware, vigilant, and resisting of the Lie Train while expanding human consciousness toward independence of mind and body, bodily integrity, freedom of thought, will and speech, absolute sovereignty, and connecting with others in harmony of mind and spirit.

Media is clearly linked to Big Pharma and Big Tech in promoting, sanctioning, and extending the punishing covert-assault system set up by the Smart Grid under cover of “Surveillance” and now the punishing public-assault system set up by the CDC, WHO, Deep State and all government corporations under cover of “Public Health.”

Previous op-eds and reports on Media-Misleading I have published listed below:

Dangers of Vaccines & Dangers of the COVID Vaccine Whited-Out by Google (as well as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram) in Service to the False Narrative that Vaccines are Safe: It’s a Pfizer-DARPA Narrative, Finally | Nov 1, 3, 2021

Uninformed Professor Devi Shridhar Blatantly Lies to Children on BBC Newsround, Dr. Vernon Coleman & UK Medical Freedom Call Her Out, Demand Public Retraction & Apology/June 15, 2021

Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano | June 4, 2021

Cover-Stories on DEWS from Russia while US Govt batters Americans in USA with DEWs, Neurotech from Celltowers, Drones, Planes, Satellites, Neighbors, Portable Devices on a Daily Basis | May 10, 2021

Promoting the COVID Psy Op: Neil MacFarquhar of The New York Times Ignores the Facts & Pushes False-Narratives /March 8, 2021

Youtube Terminates Ramola D Reports After Bombshell Premiere of Alison McDowell Interview on the Greater Danger Facing People Worldwide Today: Full Spectrum Techno Enslavement via “Biosecurity” Games for Western Billionaires–Hedge Fund Gambling Built on Intrusive Bio Surveillance–Which MUST Be Stopped by all Humanity! | March 3, 2021

Desperate Attempts by Twitter and Facebook to Suppress the Deadly Truth About Pfizer & Moderna’s mRNA Vaccines as More Disturbing Videos of Disabling Vibration/Spasms/Coma & Deaths Post-Vaccine Surface | Feb 21, 2021

Youtube and Twitter Remove Videos, Tweets Exposing Grave Dangers of the mRNA COVID Vaccine in Reprogramming Human Cells Without Informed Consent | Jan 30, 2021

NewsWatch 6 with Ramola D| Youtube, Twitter Remove Information on Dangers of the mRNA COVID Vaccine | Jan 30, 2021

Youtube, Keen to Keep Truth on Deadly (Unsafe) COVID Vaccines & Deadly (Unsafe) 5G from the World, Yanks Report 222, News Panel 12 Exposing Both, Citing “Safety” | Dec 22, 2020

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Interview Blowing the Lid off the COVID-19 Pandemic Scare, with Faulty Tests, Faulty Data, and Dangers of Vaccines Has Been Removed by Youtube | May 6, 2020

Ramola D | Post Youtube Censorship of Global Gestapo 12, Mission Statement Re. My Journalism and Human Rights Advocacy | Oct 2, 2019

Failure-To-Report-Crime | The Chicago Sun-Times Debacle: Neil Steinberg, Ella Free, David LaPorte, Ph.D, and the Ruthless Tearing-Down of All Reporting Unethical US Mil/Intel/Medical Experiments and Political Persecution Operations with Neuro/Bio/Energy Weapons as Delusional, Paranoid Schizophrenics Enjoying a “Mass Delusion” | Sep 10, 2019

Failure-To-Report-Crime & False-Reality-Construct | #Media POPPCon | 60 Minutes/CBS/Sep 1, 2019: “Targeted Americans: Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government” | Sep 4, 2019

Censorship, Lies, Deception: WIRED Removes Writer’s Comment Exposing DOD/CIA Crimes at Laura Yan’s POPPCon (Psy Op Propaganda Piece) for the Deep State | March 7, 2018

Targeting is Real | Dec 28, 2016

United States of PsyOps: Call Them Paranoid. Call Them Delusional. | June 13, 2016

Robert Duncan, Regarding 6/10 NYT Article on Gang-Stalking & Targeted Individuals: “When Weapons Are “Field Tested” They Need To Be Very Secretive” | June 11, 2016