NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Writes Openly to FBI Infragard, “America’s Unconstitutional Fascist Brown Shirts”

Ramola D/Posted 8/5/2017

“Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.” Karen Stewart

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart needs no introduction. Outstanding among NSA whistleblowers for her fearless exposé and denunciation of NSA Security, US Naval Security Group, Florida FBI, and Florida Law Enforcement use of electromagnetic weapons, portable directed-energy weapons, other “non-lethal” radiation, sonic, and neuro weapons used definitively on her in retaliation for her exposure of top-level management corruption at NSA (covered here and here earlier), and covertly also being used on thousands of American and global civilians in unacknowledged surveillance and targeted-killing programs wrongfully and inhumanely targeting outstanding Americans, she recently penned a strong letter of rebuke to the FBI Infragard, and sent it in via the FBI Infragard website to a few listed “Alliance” leaders.


Home Page, FBI Infragard Website, click to visit their site

FBI Infragard, a program set up by the FBI nationwide to incorporate communities via regional “Alliances” in “community policing” actions, has been revealed—by various whistleblowers and writers, please see links below under Related/Additional Resources–to be among those groups involved in a nationwide stalking, harassment, and COINTELPRO program, where community vigilantes are connected on 24/7 cell-phone networks and work within communities to openly harass and stalk identified and targeted Americans.

Blandly, from the Infragard web site:

“InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. The InfraGard program provides a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure.”

More tellingly, from the ACLU’s 2004 report by Jay Stanley, The Surveillance-Industrial Complex: How the American Government is Conscripting Businesses and Individuals in the Construction of a Surveillance Society:

“The program has more than 10,000 members organized into 79 local chapters; the list of participating companies is kept secret. Members wishing to participate fully must undergo a security check and obtain clearance by the FBI.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer described it as “a vast informal network of powerful friends,” a “giant group of tipsters” created by the FBI under a “philosophy of quietly working with corporate America” in order to “funnel security alerts away from the public eye and receive tips on possible illegal activity.”

COINTELPRO Has Returned to the USA

In a reprise of ’60s and ’70s COINTELPRO, stalking and harassment activities, now being passed off as “surveillance,” “Neighborhood Watch,” “community policing” and “keeping communities safe,” are being directed not against putative terrorists and spies targeting national power and utility infrastructures, as advertised on the Infragard website, but against outspoken community leaders, activists, civic-minded citizens, whistleblowers, alternative media journalists, and pretty much anyone who appears to have crossed paths in some way with the criminal Mafiosi/Masonic/Mossadic Deep-State element embedded within the CIA/FBI/NSA/DHS, and able thereby—under comfortable (and criminal) cover of Homeland Secrecy–to harness the public “national security” apparatus of the FBI and DHS.

Karen Stewart, currently a member of the Joint Investigation Team, an intrepid women-only international coalition investigating the global use of directed energy weapons and military neuro/bio-technology on civilians, as well as systemic corruption, is a 28-year veteran of the NSA, an intelligence analyst who has worked as a foreign language specialist and authored critical Intelligence reports. 

Shortly after her letter (published below) was despatched, a note was sent around from an FBI email id (SA_Infragard_MBX@ic.fbi.gov) to Regional Infragard Alliance members expressing concern about the author of this letter, who had made no attempt to keep her identity hidden. 

Attention InfraGard member,

You have received a new broadcast message.

On 4/24/17, multiple InfraGard members reported receiving a disturbing email from an unknown individual. It appears this individual used the InfraGard public facing site to obtain contact information for InfraGard Coordinators and IMA Leadership. As you are aware, the FBI and by default, the InfraGard Program receive email such as this on a routine basis. At this time, we are not aware of any direct threats made against any specific individuals. If you and/or your IMA leadership would like their contact information removed from the InfraGard public facing site, please send an email to InfraGardContent@leo.gov.

The irony of the FBI disclosing that Ms. Stewart’s missive proffered routine fare–“As you are aware, the FBI and by default, the InfraGard Program receive email such as this on a routine basis”–seeming to suggest they are used to being told they are engaging in Unconstitutional activities such as human trafficking and destroying the best in society becomes clear when you read the whole of Ms. Stewart’s letter. 

The real facts on the ground, as explored in numerous interviews with Ms. Stewart, as well as in other articles posted on this site by this writer and by other vigilant journalists online on the secretive removal of due process and basic human/civil rights from citizens in the USA and worldwide, are that all our top intelligence and security agencies, including the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the NSA, appear to currently be run by a Deep-State element of cultists/Freemasons/Globalists pulling out the stops to establish a fascist New World Order – which is not being reported by mainstream media (such as The Intercept/The Washington Post/The New York Times), which appear to function currently as the mouthpieces of these very factions, and facilitate the Psy Op strategic deception of disseminating government propaganda and calling it “News.”

As such, what has been unrolled in our midst is a massive New Phoenix operation—explored here recently in Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s analysis of the CIA’s Phoenix programs run in Vietnam as studied by Doug Valentine as well as of the CIA’s general operations of global “counter-terrorism”–a term apparently synonymous with actual terrorism—all around the world, as exposed by CIA veteran L. Fletcher Prouty in his book “The Secret Team.”

This operation is quite akin to the Stasi operations run in East Germany and involves  normal citizens being pulled into snitching, surveilling, and persecuting their neighbors—who are being glibly and wrongfully named “terrorists,” “extremists,” “enemies of the State,” and “unpatriotic.” The terms in which these operations have been experienced, observed, and reported online include “gangstalking,” “organized stalking,” “counter-Intelligence stalking,” and “electronic harassment.” Dr. Katherine Horton, former CERN and Oxford-educated particle physicist, recently issued an exhortation from Zurich, Switzerland, to Americans of integrity to wake up and understand exactly what is happening in America today—the Surveillance State is way more predatory, mercenary, and fascist than mainstream media bothers to reveal.

Astonishingly, what is happening in America today is akin to Nazi and KGB programs of repression, and involves both the hoodwinking and participation of ordinary, everyday Americans. High-ranking Nazis, we must recall, were brought over to the USA after World War II in treasonous Project Paperclip operations which installed them in high places in scientific, secretive, and government agencies. This letter by a former NSA Intelligence analyst unafraid to expose the truth of America’s takeover by Nazis and other amoral cultist factions is addressed to those working today for Infragard (as well as other similar community-policing initiatives) against all Americans, America, and everything that this nation once stood for.



Dear fake patriots,

This is a message from your victims, the thousands upon thousands of innocent, law-abiding victims randomly and maliciously put on your harassment list, your assassination list, the outrageously fake and contrived Terrorist Watch List, the Core Death List that is all about killing good Americans – illegally created by globalist puppets Bush and Obama and minions to satisfy an un-American, depraved Globalist depopulation agenda, while rallying the hardcore, ignorant, rabid, zealot fools of society, desperate for relevance, into secret and cowardly attacks en masse like true bullies, on the very best citizens of their own country – ones who actually know that the Constitution (4th Amendment) forbids secret, false accusations by guaranteeing due process and forbids (8th Amendment) cruel extrajudicial “punishments” such as those meted out illegally by depraved Infragard vigilante thugs.

We, your innocent victims are the apparent best of society, judging by you low-lifes. Unlike you, we are well aware that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), run originally by a practicing anti-American Muslim, hired profoundly dubious “experts” to advise them at the inception of DHS, on devising a protocol against “enemies” that stood in the way of the planned subversion of the USA – and those experts were former Soviet Union KGB, and Soviet Union Secret Police (Cheka) and former Communist East German Secret police (STASI), with the latter two organizations, having nothing to do with protecting their country from foreign threats but had everything to do with oppressing and destroying their own citizens to appease totalitarian dictators. In fact, the concept of “Zersetzung” (“deconstruction”, i.e. no-touch, psychological torture) by multiple persons, relay stalking harassment teams, 24/7, and despicable massive slander campaigns was conceived of and executed by the East Germans against their own dissidents and Freedom Fighters in order to force them to act out, be falsely incarcerated, be falsely committed, or be forced to commit suicide so that their tormentors could maintain supposed plausible deniability . That is to say, this is a ploy used by the very worst in society to destroy the very best in society.

Benjamin Franklin said, Those who are willing to give up liberty for safety, deserve neither.” But you have even taken that a step beyond, you have decided that you are more than willing to give up other people’s freedom for your supposed safety. Though really, it is for a contemptuously false pride and prestige and blatantly avaricious monetary (mercenary) reasons and to bestow upon yourselves a worth that you simply do not have either as a patriot or as a human being. Explain how destroying your neighbor, your competitor, your ex-wife, with vicious slander and false accusations protects America from Muslim Extremist Terrorists? Oh, yeah – it doesn’t.

You have no doubt the contemptible belief (delusion) that what you are doing is “technically legal” because “someone from the government said so.” Again, you show abysmal if not willful ignorance if not depraved disregard of the Constitution. What the Nazis did was also “technically legal”, according to them. But the World thought otherwise and perpetrators and collaborators were tried before the world at Nuremberg and found guilty of heinous crimes.

Here is a sample of the Constitution if you have never bothered to look at it:

4th Amendment – the right to due process, to know who accuses you of what, so that you may defend yourself especially against blatant lies by criminals. The right to be safe in your own home, etc.


8th Amendment – No cruel and unusual punishment allowed, even if someone is convicted of a crime (much less BEFORE.)

And laws regarding the Constitution:


18 US Code 241

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights (such as due process, the right to KNOW what you have been accused of and by whom so that THEY can be held accountable as well).


18 US Code 242

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights under color of law, i.e., protection from criminally corrupt law enforcement abusing their positions and perverting the law to benefit themselves or protect themselves from criminal prosecution.


18 US Code 2441 – War Crimes, using weapons of war by military, law enforcement or civilians on unarmed, non-combatants, among other crimes.


When someone claims that the Fusion Center/Infragard organized thuggery, 24/7 stalking harassment thinly veiled as surveillance, “is legal,” ask them to explain to you the standing Supreme Court decision “Marbury v. Madison, which declares that ANY LAW passed that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is VOID.

Much if not all of the Protect America Act (PAA), the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), National Letters of Security (gag orders/slander facilitating orders) and many post 9/11 “emergency laws” are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore undeniably VOID.

The FBI historically was caught engaging in such illegal, and criminal activity against Civil Rights leaders and Women’s Rights leaders in the mid-20th Century (1950’s/1960’s) simply because FBI Director Herbert Hoover was a racist and a chauvinist. Remember, a country of laws guarantees that the law enforcement entities must themselves abide by the law. In no Democracy are they or any public officials above the law, only in a dictatorship. In the 1970’s a committee headed by Senator Church looked into the FBI COINTELPRO crimes and forbid them to “ever illegally war against the American people again,” yet, with the help of ignorant fools like you, here we are again, in an American Dark Ages, a division of the US into a totally depraved society of predators and prey. You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Worse than Nazi Germany, at least they had the guts to face their victims but your ilk hides in the shadows and among large numbers of like-minded bullies, never daring to show yourself.

Because innocent people are being put on the kill list wantonly (random, Constitutionalists, legitimate whistleblowers, ex-wives, etc.) and in profound numbers with seemingly no criteria other than the wink and nod say-so of a good old boy in the “network” (“the Alliance”), secret, purposeful misinterpretations of the law are used to declare them secretly stripped of their human, civil, and Constitutional rights and therefore open season for attacks by members of “the Alliance” to utilize defense contractor weaponry such as energy weapons, poisons, noxious gases, etc. declared by the Geneva Convention profoundly inhumane and unacceptable even for war, and even test out secret and non-consensual medical chips secreted into the bodies of the wrongfully accused new caste of “untouchables” during dental work, cosmetic surgery, other surgery, or other more violent means, to be used to torture and debilitate them “for science.” Nazi science is more accurate. Healthy human beings are being sought out to test extreme medical technology on in order to perfect and profit off of technologies to help those extremely injured, or born with extreme birth defects but at the expense of non-consensual healthy human beings, even to the point of causing their deaths. You see, medical and pharmaceutical “Alliance” members, make no money off of healthy humans, they therefore have no worth to them, and are declared by this self-anointed elite as expendable guinea pigs in the fascist corporate government alliance Infragard is installing . (Did you not know the definition of fascism?)

The use of a human being’s body without their consent is called “Human Trafficking,” if you did not know that either. Know too that “the Alliance” also uses the private information of their wrongfully targeted victims to take out fraudulent life insurance policies, fraudulent trust funds, fraudulent co-owned properties and once the person’s personal information is maxed out in that way, they are simply murdered for a last pay out.

So, with that knowledge that we your victims know what you really are and that no conspiracy stays a secret forever, go home and look in the mirror and view the future newest monster of humanity to be written indelibly into the annals of history.

I am K. M. Stewart, a retired intelligence analyst who worked 28 years for the National Security Agency in Maryland protecting the security of the USA and Americans. My intelligence reports were credited by NSA management for saving thousands of lives, yet when I reported serious wrong-doing by management to the NSA Inspector General, I was falsely accused, railroaded out of NSA and falsely and SECRETLY accused of something in order to put me on the Terrorist list for harassment and death by Infragard vermin. God curse you, you are unworthy to be Americans. I’m sorry I wasted my life protecting degenerates like you.

Source of letter: Karen Stewart

With many thanks to Karen Stewart for her commitment to truth, courage, and transparency in speaking out and keeping the nation and the world informed.

In the absence of truth from mainstream media, please share widely to increase awareness.



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20 responses to “NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Writes Openly to FBI Infragard, “America’s Unconstitutional Fascist Brown Shirts”

  1. Sounds interesting. I would however beware of people who tell you everything you want to hear.

    The FBI DOES control both sides of the argument.

    “an intrepid women-only international coalition ”
    Why women only?

  2. This organized gang stalking electronic microwave and microwave and radiation torture is the Biggest Crime in America no human being should ever experience this horrific evil programs! Praying that President Donald Trump will stop this inhuman HARRASSMENT immediately

  3. Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

    Dearest Ramola and Karen,
    This article was again placed onto Cong. Peter Aguilar’s Official site @ 0345 hrs. today. You both are GOD sends. Please remain strong!

  4. Great job Karen,I had my hometown Lawyer write a letter to the FBI back in 2013 requesting a response back to me from me and my wife’s visit to them.State College correct jurisdiction. No response from Agent Cramer!!!!

  5. Alan–terrific, and thank you for the kind words–truly, we all inspire each other. Karen is a warrior and a role-model. I am privileged to be able to report on her work. There is no doubt currently that it is only the already-targeted who have the guts and the spine to speak out — in this sickening atmosphere of Secrecy Supremacy and criminal deception that the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS are rolling out. The rest are being herded into silence and compromise with their own moral values. I have not forgotten your case, please contact me by email so we can continue discussing a print interview or article. I have also started doing podcasts and would be glad to do an interview with you and Amy. . Best to you both–Ramola

  6. Thank you for your comment and attention and insight! I’d like to underline this portion of it: “Greenwald, Scahill et al will be remembered for their shameful inaction and complicity in these crimes against humanity happening in their own country.” No doubt about it! They’ve forged their own name in stone there as complicit, turning-a-blind-eye non-investigative journalists. I’ll have more to say about this species of journalistic inaction and compromise soon — it amounts to collaboration with the oppressors — and I thank you for speaking your mind! Every voice counts — and will most definitely bring about a change in this extreme-evil scenario — whose time is up!

  7. Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

    Dearest Karen,
    This article was placed onto Cong. Peter Aguilar’s Official Site today @ approx. 1415 hrs, : https://everydayconcerned.net/
    Please see Ms. Karen Stewart’s offering at the above site. It is truly germane to our ongoing dialog re: the need for a Church Commission caliber INVESTIGATION.
    Most Sincerely,

  8. Welcome to the new STASI-State 2.0. Guess who build up this infrastructure and was later killed ? Mischa Wolf from STASI

  9. Ramola, have you heard of Mike Matloff? If not, this is his twitter: https://twitter.com/mikematloff

    He’s been a TI for over a decade. Sought asylum in Iceland a few years ago but it wasn’t granted. He’s now living in China. I thought his story might be of interest to you after watching Karen’s disclosure about Lockheed Martin. Matloff says several of his family members work/have worked for Lockheed Martin. He also has a youtube channel – his attacks are some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  10. Human trafficking results in loss of all rights for the victims, yet our Congress authorized our military to use humans for experimentation after stripping them of all rights. The American public is getting what it voted for, not questioning the legality of this blatantly illlegal activity under the U.S. Constitution. Our military volunteers blindly serve the masters. Yes, a new level of slavery arises out of this SECRET GOVERNMENT THAT ANSWERS TO ITSELF. THERE IS NO CHECKS AND BALANCE AMONG THE BRANCHES OF GOVERMNENT THAT OPERATES ON AUTOMATIC PILOT, marching humanity on the path to destruction. Dianne Renee Chandler, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Retired and enrolled into the electronic torture program after filing an EEO complaint based on disability at Anniston Army Depot (while a Army Civilian Contract Specialist) in 2010.

  11. Thank you Karen. My sentiments exactly. I swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution when I put on the Army uniform, and served 28 years. There is no justice now because those who participate in this torture, depopulation, and theft of assets from hardworking citizens and their families are puppets who don’t know right from wrong. Nazis and Satanist have taken over while the Christians sit back and await the sel fulfilling prophesy of the Bible, that the Nazis and Satanist are all too happy to fulfill. Thank you for listing these U.S. Codes being broken. When the F.B.I. and Justice Department create the conditions for this perverse lawless network of lowlifes who use their families, including children to carry out torture against innocent neighbors, it amounts to treason, nothing less. Freedomisntfree

  12. Hope Johnson

    With your iphone Slo-mo video you should video your Acousticom 2 while being attacked. It is very revealing.
    Cracked teeth, this is new to me as of April 2017, the beginning of my 8th year of attack. I believe my dentist noticed it but didn’t say anything at my May appointment. She looked very concerned. I suspect the teeth are in the line of fire when the ears are so well covered and contact with the ear chips is through the oral cavity, the teeth are just in the way. Also the Ultra Sound keeping me awake is new. Up till now I have slept pretty well with my head in a bunch of lead film cases which are no longer in production. I taped them together, overlapping them. Heavy attacks, I knew it would be so if I contacted you. I can no longer send you a message using my iphone as the keys freeze.
    My cell, really, when I put it in airplane mode the attacks on the Acousticom 2 stop. The very second I pull up the internet I am under very heavy attack. Off the chart. I no longer read my emails with my morning coffee or I’m good for nothing. I still haven’t been able to see your latest Youtube Crime Fighters Forum. When it was live the sound kept shutting off. At first I thought someone could see through my camera because every time I tried to video the Acousticom the attack was over. Now I see it is the phone itself when turned on points to where I am in my house.
    I have been doing some heavy wall covering and have areas in my home that are pretty quiet until I pull up the internet on my cell.
    I appreciate all your work. Thank you for teaching me to use the Acousticom 2, a very useful tool.

  13. Goodthink USA

    That was excellent. Thank you Karen and Ramola, your work is much appreciated.

    I think it’s important to name names insofar as these so called activists and journalists/human rights groups who’ve admitted to KNOWING what’s going on and continue doing nothing or feigning ignorance. I watched Tyrone Dew’s encounter with Jeremy Scahill recently where Scahill admitted he received MANY emails from people who wrote to him saying they were victims of this (TI) program, but essentially said he never followed up or bothered to educate himself on the subject. It’s APPALLING that he admits to receiving so many messages from victims yet for whatever reason (I can only assume fear), refuses even to inform himself.

    Jeremy Scahill WAS a journalist and activist. When you have people coming to you telling you their Constitutional rights have been violated in the most egregious way, that they’re suffering terribly, and you respond by burying your goddamn head in the sand, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, YOU ARE A WORTHLESS HUMAN BEING. Human beings worth their salt will look at what’s happening and at the very least, have compassion and empathy for all these men and women who’re speaking out about what they’re experiencing.

    I suppose Scahill and his ilk might look at the examples of REAL men like Micheal Hastings and Gary Webb and think that’s what’s in store for them should they investigate and take action. Well I’ve got news for them: EVERYONE’S ON A LIST. We’re all on one bloody list or another under Hitlers wet dream and Orwell’s nightmare. They think they’re protecting themselves by ignoring the truth staring them in the face, in reality they’re just delaying the inevitable. Scahill still moonlights as a journalist and activist so he ought to know he’s already on the Nazis radar.

    Jeremy Scahill and his fellow “journalists” would do well to remember the words of pastor Martin Niemoller:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Greenwald, Scahill et al will be remembered for their shameful inaction and complicity in these crimes against humanity happening in their own country.

    Our human rights are INALIENABLE – they’ll no more cease to exist under Nazi rule then the Constitution will cease to be a BINDING DOCUMENT. These people preying on the innocent and defenseless under the cover of darkness, Satanic child rapists and murderers, have cursed themselves – it’s called reaping what you’ve sown. Good riddance!

  14. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    As per usual you are sternly on point. Dr. Charles Stanley preached last week re: courage. Please remain strong and Christ-connected.
    Most Respectfully & Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

  15. Rachelle Davis

    Everything done in the dark comes to light….TRUTH prevails !!
    THANKS KAREN for being soooo INSTRUMENTAL in bringing TRUTH & being a much needed WARRIOR in combating this EVIL.
    This is a COWARDLY HATE group committing HATE crimes wearing suits, ties & uniforms , as they SELECT whose worthy of these brutal attacks upon unarmed citizens…. still in total DISREGARD of the CONSTITUTION, LAWS etc..

  16. Julia Ann Farr

    Thank you so much…..I think this is great. I plan to circulate her letter in Auburn,AL., if it’s ok?

  17. Rachelle Davis

    Everything done in the dark comes to light …..TRUTH always prevails.
    There are also those that are instrumental in bringing the TRUTH.
    Thanks Karen for being a true WARRIOR !!!
    These are COWARDLY HATE groups committing HATE Crimes…that just happen to wear suits, ties & uniforms, who are still capable of disregarding laws & the constitution, that are NOW able to hide behind technology.

  18. Alan Bellina

    Another great write up. I am truly moved by the courage and patriotism of Karen to go on the offensive and bring the fight to them. I consider you both friends and after reading this I am now inspired to push through my issues and complete my action plan to expose the participants in our torture. You two are the best of the best and you give all TI’s the roadmap and examples to try to end the hell we all live in.

    Much love,

    Proof ( Alan)

  19. Extremely good job setting the stage and giving background, Ramola. Excellent one-two punch.

    Thank you,

    K. M. Stewart



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