Call for a Congressional Committee: Investigate & Prosecute Non-Consensual Clandestine Experimentation, Surveillance, Monitoring, Harassment of Citizens with ElectroMagnetic/Scalar/Sonic Weapons & Related Crimes

Call for a Congressional Committee to Investigate and Prosecute the Covert, “Classified Research” and “National Security” Crimes of Covert Assault, Surveillance, and Experimentation with Remote-Access ElectroMagnetic/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry

I include here my notes on possible investigative goals for a prospective Congressional Committee or ethical group of journalists or human rights advocates to openly and publicly pursue.


To examine the over-reach, invasion of privacy and civil liberties, invasion of human rights, invasion of civil rights by the US Military and Air Force in subjecting innocent individuals and activists to 24/7 electronic or electromagnetic harassment from dangerous directed-energy weapons euphemistically classified as “non-lethal” by the military, and in non-consensually rolling these individuals into extremely damaging covert weapons testing programs run by private contractors for the military or by the military for years, and for the duration of their thereby shortened lifetimes.


To examine the over-reach, invasion of privacy and civil liberties, invasion of human rights, invasion of civil rights by Intelligence agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DHS, and the secretive FISA courts–in illegitimately and extra-judicially targeting innocent activists and individuals, in colluding with local Law Enforcement and subjecting them to persistent harassments such as:

  • persistent physical surveillance,
  • persistent electronic surveillance–via computers, cell phones, home landlines,
  • organized intimidating stalking–inclusive of vehicular mobbing, accident creation, street theater,
  • vandalism and covert break-ins into homes and property,
  • defamation and discrediting campaigns at workplaces and neighborhoods,
  • falsification of medical records–colluding with medical personnel and institutions to stamp false diagnoses on their records, usually psychiatric diagnoses, in efforts to discredit their testimony and witness,
  • theft and usage of medical records–using FISA letters to obtain medical records of reporting individuals, and using the information therein to create and execute customized torture and health-damage programs with radio-frequency neuroweapons on the “target,”
  •  aerial stalking and tracking,
  •  physical surveillance and stalking across state borders,
  •  physical surveillance, stalking, and EMF weapon abuse in airports and rail stations, on commercial airplanes and commercial railway trains.

To examine the over-reach, invasion of privacy and civil liberties, invasion of human rights, invasion of civil rights by Intelligence agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DHS, and the secretive FISA courts–in setting up Fusion Centers and colluding with privately set-up companies like InfraGard to recruit widely from criminals, ordinary people, local Law Enforcement and EMS personnel, neighbors, and coworkers to engage in the harassments detailed above of innocent reporting individuals, or to operate or assist in operation of directed-energy weapons testing on the persons of reporting individuals.


To examine the public law and Department of Defense Directives for any injunction or allowance that permits the US Military to freely experiment and test their new directed-energy weapons or any kind of weapons on Americans, and to repeal and strike any such pernicious laws or directives from the books.

To examine publicly and openly the nature, dimensions, and reach of directed-energy weapons, euphemistcally termed “non-lethal” but which are capable of electromagnetically conveyed damage to human organs and brains, remote neural monitoring, remote control of human brains and bodies, and associated “mind,” “consciousness,” and “behavior” control.

To examine publicly and openly the ethicality of weapons testing of whatever kind–chemical, biological, electromagnetic, or otherwise–on American populations.

To publicly question the US Military and Air Force about the ethical and managerial oversight, supervision, and regulation of their past, present, and continuing research programs involving testing weapons, especially directed-energy or non-lethal weapons on human subjects, whether in the laboratory or in the field, whether run by themselves or by private contractors, specifically about:

  1. what “field” research means and entails
  1. how the subjects for laboratory or field research are chosen
  2. whether qualified ethical monitors are associated with each project and if not, why not
  3. what information prior to consent to human experimentation is provided to these subjects
  4. whether full and complete information regarding the possible risks associated with the use of these specific directed-energy weapons on their person is provided to them
  5. whether full and complete information regarding the methodology, scope, and duration of this testing is provided to them
  6. whether informed consent is thereby obtained by each and every proposed human “subject” or participant in these experiments
  7. whether a list of names exists which lists every single “human subject” involved in these testing experiments, and whether every such “human subject” can easily access or be accessed by any ethical, overseeing, or regulating body
  8. whether “human subjects” can at any time terminate their participation in such weapons testing research
  9. what other protections exist for “human subjects”
  10. whether they can produce all human subjects in court or before the Committee to attest to the veracity of consent and duration and other procedures, as they state it
  11. what testing of these weapons entails, specifically:
  • what methodologies of testing,
  • how the weapons are mounted, transported, and used
  • what numbers and kinds of personnel are involved in testing
  • how qualified are these testing personnel and in what subjects
  • what time period of testing is involved
  • what checks and balances are used
  • what methodologies of evaluation are used
  • what methodologies of feedback are used
  • what operational outcomes are aimed at
  • what methods of improving efficacy or outcome are used
  • what methods of tracking bio-effects is used
  • what means of ascertaining needs for changes to methods is used
  • what changes to such methodologies of tracking bio-effects are applied
  • what protocol exists for tracking unintended damages to “human subjects”
  • what protocol exists for ameliorating damages, intended or unintended to “human subjects”
  • how often subjects avail of such protocols and provisions for amelioration of damages
  • essentially, what kind of health care is provided such subjects (the answer is none, in the case of non-consensual, unwilling, involuntary experimentees)


To examine publicly and openly the value, need, and ethicality of mind control or behavior control of any population, and thereby to discuss openly the scope, reach, and potential for ill-usage–as currently demonstrated by covert weapons testing on reporting individuals–of such dangerous weaponry.

To denounce the use of such dangerous weaponry on any human population.

To ban the usage of such dangerous weaponry by the military or by anyone in our civil society.


To examine publicly and openly how reporting individuals used in weapons testing research have been denied informed consent to be used in such research.

To examine publicly and openly how informed consent has therefore been “stolen” or falsely associated with their names and persons.

To examine publicly and openly how HIPAA forms and medical records of reporting individuals have been misappropriated, stolen, and otherwise illegitimately hijacked by infiltrating CIA and other Intelligence personnel using secret FISA-court warrants and National Security Letters or by compromised medical personnel in medical institutions.


To examine publicly and openly how highly qualified professionals in civilian medical and civilian psychiatric fields have been co-opted by the US Military and CIA and other Intelligence agencies into:

  1. Colluding, creating, executing, and evaluating the covert and illegitimate research on human minds, human behavior, and human bodies through the use of directed-energy and brain-control weapons.
  1. Misdiagnosing and falsely diagnosing reporting individuals rolled into these covert weapons-testing programs and reporting being stalked, harassed, and assailed with electromagnetic energy as paranoid schizophrenic or delusional or otherwise mentally unstable.
  1. Dismissing reporting individuals rolled into these covert weapons-testing programs and reporting being stalked, harassed, and assailed with electromagnetic energy as paranoid schizophrenic or delusional or otherwise mentally unstable, and referring them to or suggesting they seek psychiatrists for help.
  1. Actively and illegitimately implanting reporting individuals with radio-identification and transmitting (RFID) microchips, wires, and other electronics for monitoring and delivery of electric signals, during routine or non-routine surgeries, without informed consent from the individual.


To examine publicly and openly how individuals employed by the private companies contracting with the military to examine the human bio-effects of such illegal and covert weapons testing are:

  1. Covertly and overtly implanting their illegitimately targeted human “subjects” with identifying radio-frequency transmitting (RFID) microchips by whatever means, whether sharpshooting, or drugging, or engaging during scheduled surgery and forcibly implanting, or using bio-warfare methodologies and promoting exposure to self-organizing nanotechnology through adulteration of food/medicine, sprayed aerosols used in geo-engineering in their neighborhoods, or other illegal methodologies.
  1. Covertly remote-scanning the brains of their illegitimately targeted human “subjects” to determine their brain fingerprint or essential resonating frequency while asleep, in the privacy of their own homes, or in hospitals, using radio-frequency technologies; and running remote EEGs on their brains to harvest thought waveforms, examine mental states, and otherwise use in their illegitimate research on the human brain.


To examine publicly and openly the ethicality, need, and value of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), which involves tracking and monitoring the brainwaves of individuals from a distance of up to 250 miles, using RNM technology mounted in aircraft, drones, satellites, or ground vehicles.

To examine publicly and openly the ethicality, need, and value of not merely tracking the brainwaves of individuals by Remote Neural Monitoring technologies, but of regularly procuring, storing, experimenting on, and otherwise using these brainwaves for EEG Cloning, EEG Heterodyning and other illegal uses, all of which would constitute a flagrant theft of intellectual property, among other privacy and civil liberty invasions.


To examine publicly and openly the testimonials and witness accounts of the hundreds if not thousands of Americans who have experienced 24/7 electromagnetic harassment, stalking and surveillance, etc., all non-consensually, and to propose that despite what the military may officially say about informed consent, no consent has been obtained in any of these cases, and all such targeting and testing has been illegitimate, extrajudicial, criminal and must be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law, and every single victim compensated for loss of privacy, human rights, health, and lifetime.


To take a definitive stand on denouncing any usage, by any body, Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, private, or otherwise of Directed Energy weapons, Mind Control weapons, Behavior Control weapons, Non-Lethal weapons, or Remote Neural Monitoring technologies and weapons using electromagnetic frequencies/scalar & sonic technologies as being supremely destructive to human beings, and therefore, like nuclear weapons, needing to be internationally denounced, removed from usage, banned, and otherwise forbidden, in order to preserve the bodily, mental, psychic, and human sanctity, sovereignty, and privacy of all Americans and all human beings on our planet.


I imagine the preceding offers a bit in the way of fodder for further investigation, but I offer the following as possible added venues for exploration by investigative journalists.

1) What are the research projects currently funded by Defense and being run by Universities–whether in the social sciences, biosciences, or physical sciences?

2) Under what controls, with what protocols, and what ethical oversight are these research projects being run?

3) What is the exact nature of the research currently involving human subjects in any of the above areas?

4) What medical institutions are involved in Defense research? What is the nature of their involvement?

5) Under what circumstances do medical institutions share private and confidential medical information with anyone?

6) How do Universities and medical institutions obtain informed consent from human subjects?

7) Are there laws and directives permitting the Military to experiment on citizens? What redress do citizens have?

8) What is the nature of the aerosols sprayed on populations under the guise of Geo-engineering and Solar Radiation Management?

9) What is the nature of the nanotechnology being used in cybernetics and artificial intelligence projects using (non-consenting) human subjects?

10) What constitutes the complete arsenal of radio-frequency DEWs patented, being used, and being tested in the field today by Defense?

11) How does the DoD arrive at “field-tested” determinations of their neuroweaponry (possibly otherwise labeled)?

12) Why are human rights organizations like Amnesty and ACLU silent in the face of multiple and probably multiplying reports of Electronic Harassment?

13) Senators and Representatives ditto–why no response on this subject?

14) The creation of psychiatric disorders through the use of advertising agencies–how do psychiatrists, drug companies, and advertisers work together to brand disorders?

15) The ubiquitous presence of small planes and helicopters in residential neigborhoods and urban areas–are these drones, what are they doing, according to the FAA and the USAF and local control towers?

16) The status and methodologies of current “mind-control” technologies.

17) The particular mechanisms and methodology of using microwave radiation in mind control.

18) Patents available for DEWs, mind-control and RNM technologies, nanotechnology, etc.

19) The particular “harassment training” possibly termed “behavior modification training” or “community-based participatory research” or “surveillance/monitoring directions or training” given by Fusion Centers and local neighborhood watch groups to normal everyday citizens in the neighborhood of reporting individuals–who are then inspired to harass their neighbors quite thoroughly.

20) The Artificial-Intelligence-managed and daily-briefing mechanisms by which “full spectrum surveillance” and concomitant color-coding and organized stalking is achieved and deployed.

21) The methodology by which “investigations” are opened on individuals, and how neighbors and community members are co-opted into believing the falsehoods actively disseminated by an actively denying and deceiving Intel/Military body.

22) The Nature of the Irregular Warfare currently being conducted by the Military in “CONUS.”

23) The presence of the military, in neighborhoods, among civilian populations.

24) Remote Neural Monitoring as created by Neuroscience–scientists and Universities involved, patents, DoD projects.

25) Methodologies of selection of human subjects for weapons testing projects by the DoD and USAF, and how Intel agencies are involved.

Thanks very much for reading. If this is all new to you, and you’ve never heard of any of this,and can barely believe these technologies can exist, let alone be used in this pernicious fashion, please research it–in addition to my listed references, there is infinite information on all of this, from concerned citizens and groups from many countries, including the US, online, as well as objective information on patents and technologies and Military strategies; if you’ve heard about this holocaust before but are unsure how to report on something like this, please do not abandon the subject, but keep researching, and please find a way to report on it, to advocate for those affected, and to speak out and make this a known, public issue. Thousands of us who are affected are relying on your voice. Really, everyone in the world should be alarmed, and outraged, and inspired to action. Ultimately, this may be the overriding subject of the twenty-first century: the biological control of human beings, as a means of political control, censorship, repression, and therefore enslavement, all across the planet. No exaggerations. It’s going to take a whole lot of us to make a difference. Thanks. Ramola D


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