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July 28, 2023: This is a page (first written and posted during the year of COVID) with links to various reading resources to help people examine these issues of freedom, law, sovereignty, jurisdiction, corporations, living privately and lawfully etc. as reported by many different researchers, historians, judges, lawyers and make up your own mind regarding the best ways to live freely and privately in America, lawfully or legally as the case may be, on land and soil jurisdiction or sea jurisdiction.

Despite the mounting rhetoric of tyranny from government figureheads and globalist corporations, looking into the issues of Freedom, Law, Sovereignty, Jurisdiction, and Corporations reveals that everyone in the world is Born Free and can Live Free, shaking off the yoke of totalitarianism and fascism from the COVID-cultists, Climate-cultists, Central Bankers, Globalists, and Transhumanists.

This is a page for the listing of resources, websites, books, articles, initiatives to point anyone keen to protect themselves and families from criminal corporate encroachments such as forced mandates for inToxinated vaccines and fake-virus tests, asphyxiation devices such as masks and ventilators, digital IDs and vaccine passports, forced-removal-from-home to quarantine camps and isolation centers and all other Nazi and Communist forms of life-takedown, family-takedown, and social repression.

Key information on what has happened to governments worldwide via the Federal Reserve Bank, the Geneva Convention of 1930, the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, and other succeeding takeover heists including the International Health Agreements of 2005, is touched on here: WHO and Central Bankers’ Impending Pandemic Treaty to Establish Global Fascism at Speed | Reclaim Your Sovereignty.

Very simply, all nations’ governments are now corporations in Debt to a central banking system linked to the European/Rothschild/Vatican-owned central bank which owns the Federal Reserve, IMF, et al, and all these national corporations are sub-franchise corporations of the bankrupted US Inc., which, like all the other sub-franchises has pledged everyone’s bodies, souls, and labor as collateral for this Debt, by incorporating people’s Names and trading the resultant security/bond certificates on the stock market in a bizarre scheme which only Machiavellians could muster up, whereby the Legal Person/Legal Fiction/Strawman/All Caps Name which you think is your name, is actually a sub-sub-franchise corporation linked to your state and national governments’ franchise corporation, which is how they expect You to keep all their 100 million statutes, rules, regulations, orders, edicts which are not Laws but corporate foibles, because of that Name enslavement they have established.

(Note also that many, many “Acts” have been passed by Congress which are completely exploitative of and inimical to the God-Given rights and freedoms of the people, which trample on the Constitution & Bill of Rights and permit egregious transgression against the people: they are not Laws which can be used against Living Beings, birthright Americans, and birthright natives of any country. Legal has become Criminal and Unlawful today, begging the question What is Legal? and What is Lawful?)

The key to freedom however is You, the living being, comprehending this mess and disassociating from their Matrix system of enslavement which they impose on You the Living Being via the unconscious “adhesion contract” they goad you to set up, without disclosure, without Informed Consent, therefore In Fraud, each time you link yourself, involuntarily or voluntarily, to that Name. They see the Name–Your Name–as their property.

How do you do that (de-link from your Name/live in the Private/claim status as the Living Being you are)? You have to know what exactly you are doing first, so you do need to do some basic research.

Please see the links to resources listed at Restoring America/American States Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information to further investigate these subjects, especially if you are American and want to reclaim your birthright American status, but also if you are not.

What Anna von Reitz has done to help restore the true united States of America offers a way forward also for people from every country, more information at the American States Assembly website. I’ve linked on that page all the Truth About US Govt posts I posted here many years ago, but there are many other pages on this site addressing these issues too.

Many people and groups worldwide are also reviving Common Law in their countries and setting up Common Law Courts of Record (with a jury), and helping people “return to the Land/Land Jurisdiction” and “live in the Private” as living beings not under the Sea Jurisdiction of government corporations which are incorporated in Maritime/Admiralty Law.

This page hopes to collect resources and links on an ongoing basis. Please also leave links to resources in the Comments section if you have any to share.

Links to books and articles and websites here:

Restoring America

America is not United States Inc.

A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World

American States Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information

Massachusetts State Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information

The Purple Thumb Community/Crown of the Mauri Nation

:Russell-Jay: Gould: The Restoration of the United States of America—Commander-in-Chief, Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould has the Title 4 Flag

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July 28, 2023: Please note these are books and websites and documents by different authors each of which have a different orientation toward these subjects, with some possibly conflicting information as well, so discernment and personal analysis are always needed in reading the valuable historical information in these books and posted at these websites.

The Great American Adventure — by Judge Dale, retired: PDF Here

Fruit from a Poisonous Tree  — by Melvin Stamper, JDPDF Here

Reclaim Your Sovereignty, Take Back Your Christian Name — by David E. Robinson/Paperback at Thrift Books, USA

(Website) Living in the Private — An absolutely fabulous website from a New Zealand lawyer with understanding of Maritime/Admiralty Contract Law as well as Common Law with major information on the main points of what Private Side/Public Side is and how to live in the private–but again, expressing only approaches to further research and examine:

Living in the Private — A very clarifying, straightforward, and useful, history-explaining primer from website above, re-posted here: PDF Here

HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN … a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are by Mary Elizabeth: Croft (her e-book re-posted here: PDF Here

(Website) Understand Contract Law and You Win – Mary Croft pageMary Croft – Debt Based Money & Spiritual Economics. Website which helps people to file their documents to change status and become a Secured Party Creditor.

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No government in the U.S. has jurisdiction over the people — M. R. Hamilton, A Free Country

The truth has come out finally and conclusively, by Judge Anna von Reitz — at David Robinson’s site, Maine Republic Email Alert

Watch This – The Law: Reclaim Your Rights – You’re Worth $15 Million! — David Robinson, Maine Republic Email Alert

How to Obtain Personal Justice in a Corrupt American System of Injustice — By Ms. Smallback | October 19th, 2019

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Living Free: Other Information to Examine

July 28, 2023: Various sites and people online have posted information regarding driver’s licenses, adhesion contracts, the right to travel et al some of which is posted here for general research purposes. Anna von Reitz has also discussed these matters in many articles and podcasts as well as this one reported here: Re-Visiting Driver’s Licenses & Car Registrations: Americans Don’t Need Either, Courts Reveal | Anna von Reitz on Private Regulation Z License Plates

Arizona Senator Wayne Stump’s notarized 1985 letter to Sheriffs in Arizona regarding honoring those living free on the land, as birthright Americans–“freemen under the organic Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America”–and not needing driver’s licenses or registrations on cars, et al, which he describes are contracts which is true–a little-known fact but part of that adhesion contract/Birth Certificate Fraud mentioned above:

Minnesota State Rep. Bobby Franklin proposed 3 interesting bills in 2011, including one called the Right to Travel, one repealing Governor’s mandates on vaccines, and one suggesting gold and silver be used exclusively to pay for things, reported by Rvbey Publications here, along with a news report from CBS Atlanta on the subject, and a discussion of unalienable birthrights under Common Law which police are required to honor–as Senator Stump also notes in his letter posted above:

Also posted here:

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