Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed

Report | Ramola D | Jan 2, 2021

“Dr.” Katherine Horton: “The woman who broke up without warning the weekly live broadcast”

This is a story which reveals irrefutably the continued malicious and defamatory actions of “Dr.” Katherine Horton as she went overboard in April 2020 in her efforts to lie about and slander me privately as publicly, as also CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and many others, in her many videos, website pages, Twitter posts from July 2018 onwards, when Techno Crime Fighters Forum closed—in the process misleading and crassly lying to the thousands of her followers and others among those wrongfully targeted worldwide who were fed inverted and false stories of herself being “attacked” and “sabotaged” and “slandered”at my hands.

As a consequence of Katherine Horton’s malice-filled actions, lies were conveyed to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe—and apparently lies were cemented for ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, whose misplaced but persistent, crude, and malicious attacks on my name and integrity as a principled journalist have escalated in intensity over the entire year, and culminated in depraved attacks at Twitter and Facebook, marked and rebutted in several articles, including this Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec. 28, 2020 and this Statement on NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart.

Katherine Horton in fact has gone out of her way to spread lies and falsehoods against me and against Barbara Hartwell – while Karen Stewart has run with those lies, continuously embellished them, and added lies of her own, also continuously embellished, becoming more and more extreme in her attacks on my name, and on Barbara Hartwell’s name, marked by Barbara Hartwell in this most recent article:

Wicked Words, Ghastly Images: Egregious Defamation Campaign Against CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell by Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart/Dec 30, 2020 | Barbara Hartwell

What Katherine Horton has done, and what Karen Stewart has done is nothing less than serious defamation and libel, malicious lying, intentional infliction of harm, and tortious interference with my work and public name as a journalist of integrity and character. Inevitably this is also a reflection on their own moral bankruptcy and the complete lack of integrity both these former colleagues in human rights activism exhibit.

Now there is proof that Katherine Horton sought to destroy my name and credibility with well-known NSA whistleblowers I had sought to interview.


In September of 2020, I received an email from NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe forwarding correspondence he had received earlier, in April 2020, from Katherine Horton, asking me to note the dates and requesting that I call him for clarification.

Bill Binney, Former Technical Director of NSA, Whistleblower and Kirk Wiebe, Former Senior NSA Intelligence Analyst, Whistleblower

The email he forwarded from Katherine Horton had been sent to him shortly after—in fact on the same day in April that I’d written to both Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney, April 19, requesting an interview, shortly after viewing Bill Binney’s April 13 interview with Chris Hedges on RT. In that email—a correspondence with Kirk and Bill after a period of silence when I had stopped sending them emails with information on wrongful targeting and the stealth weaponry being used on those targeted (since I had received no answer from them earlier), I had made reference to the smear campaigns being run by Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart on me.

The enclosed thread of emails showed my earlier April 17 letter to Bill Binney which I had sent him right after I viewed that show, thanking him for speaking out (on the use of anti-personnel DEWS on people) and offering some further information on how people are being hit with low-intensity but high-frequency pulse microwave frequencies—from my 7 years of work as a researcher and reporter in this area.

From the thread, it was apparent Bill Binney had received both my emails—to which he did not respond to me, as noted by me earlier, here, in this article:

TechnoGate for Targets: New Intel Gatekeepers NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe?

–and had forwarded my second email instead to Katherine Horton, without written comment.

Katherine Horton’s email is a study in slander and exhorted Kirk Wiebe not to respond to me.

From: Dr. Katherine Horton
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2020 3:30 PM
To: Kirk Wiebe
Cc: Bill Binney
Subject: Fwd: Interview Request/Fwd: Thank you!


Bill just sent me this. FYI, Ramola Dharmaraj below is the woman who broke up without warning the weekly live broadcast that my group had for over a year and a half, and then proceeded to destroy my other European projects one after the other in which I was trying to help victims. She is now working with CIA operative Barbara Hartwell who in turn is posthumously slandering Ted Gunderson, the highest ranking Intel whistleblower to come forward before your group did.

What is particularly strange is that last Sunday, I announced in a broadcast that Bill and you might give an interview to discuss the outcome of the survey and future steps. Then Thursday night, I showed Bill the evidence of how Ramola broke-up the team and every single one of my projects after weaseling her way in through the backdoor. Suddenly three days later, she invites Bill and you to an interview to talk about the survey, which she could have done at any point for the last 3 years but hasn’t.

Bill said that he is not going to talk to her, which I am glad about because this smacked not just of one of Ramola’s rearguard actions but also surveillance-based reactions of agents again.


Interestingly, Katherine Horton takes it upon herself to inform Kirk Wiebe who I am, when I have indeed both spoken to him and Bill Binney once on a conference call (the one run by Ella Free/Felder launching a Global TI Survey), had sent him many emails, reports, articles about targeting and non-consensual experimentation by US military and intelligence agencies from my research, and am a quite public figure in my own right as a journalist and writer with a prominent website and podcasts.

Katherine’s dive into lies is instant: “the woman who broke up without warning the weekly live broadcast that my group had for over a year and a half.”

Never “her group,” Katherine Horton has often tried to claim she “led” the group forming Techno Crime Fighters Forum—founded by the late Dr. Paul Marko and his wife Mindy Urken, not by her—and the Joint Investigation Group, a loose coalition of human rights advocates none of whom knew or consented to being “led” by her. (Please see earlier responses and videos with Melanie Vritschan where we both rebut this absurd presumption.)

The woman who broke up without warning the weekly live broadcast”–the Techno Crime Fighters Forum broadcast—would be her. As many know, after 1.5 years, that is 18 months of public lying, smearing, and scapegoating, the group with whom Katherine Horton had an irreconcilable disagreement came together to write and publish the facts about the break-up of TCFF, which occurred because Katherine Horton had made unilateral outlandish calls to violence on many of our shows, inviting people to murder corrupt judges, police, security and intelligence personnel—while doing the same on Twitter, in fact, posting images of Intel agency heads with crosshairs on them—and then refusing to admit she had ever done this, while seeking to continue TCFF, a most definitely non-violent broadcast, weekly on her own channel, with our names attached even if we could not make it weekly—something we all protested:

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts

What Katherine Horton had done on TCFF in fact, unilaterally, without our consent, in agent-provocateur and saboteur style, necessitating its close, was to publicly solicit violence and murder, felony crimes which we fully and publicly repudiated, described accurately by Barbara Hartwell here:

INCITING VIOLENCE & TERRORISM, SOLICITATION OF MURDER: Katherine Horton’s Criminal Crusade Against Law Abiding Americans,Dec 22, 2018 | Barbara Hartwell

My earlier publication of what ended Techno Crime Fighters Forum, in an article which was reviewed and approved by all former members of TCFF and the Joint Investigation Team—barring Katherine Horton, that is—prior to publication & video testimonial is here:

The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory

and then proceeded to destroy my other European projects one after the other in which I was trying to help victims”: This is entrenched slander, which Katherine Horton has been repeating on several public forums, in face of the facts, published on video and in print, part of her campaign to invert the truth, mangle the truth, and place myself at the center of her imagined ring. Perhaps she believed it was easier to name one central scapegoat rather than be forced to confess several people she had worked closely with had major issues and fallings-out with her, or perhaps she was seeking specifically to destroy my name. Either way, both Frederic Laroche and Melanie Vritschan, who comprised her “European projects” have published the saga of their separate grievances with Katherine Horton, which I have reported on at length, and whose video statements and Facebook posts describing Katherine Horton’s sabotage of their projects and cases can be found online:

Swiss Cheese and Bayonets: Katherine Horton’s Nasty Defamation Campaign Titled “Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”


The Consequences of Infiltration

This diagram she created points to the desperate attempt to paint me a Machiavellian, manipulative ringleader, while slandering everyone on it:

That Frederic Laroche approached me for help at the last minute in addressing his case in court after Katherine Horton let him down and indeed sabotaged his court case with an error-laden affidavit is well-known; this is the Investigative Reporter statement I wrote for him, attesting to the existence of the neuroweaponry and anti-personnel energy weaponry he has reported being used on his person:

Investigative Reporter Statement by Ramola D for Frederic Laroche

That Melanie Vritschan initially continued to work with Katherine Horton—much to my surprise–even after suffering the loss of her newborn at her hands, and stopped working with her only after repeat-sabotage of her scanning projects and abusive refusal to help her with her newfound troubles in trying to get her baby back from first Erasme Hospital and then the Juvenile Court in Brussels is also well-known. Melanie, who has also been slandered publicly by Katherine Horton, has published the truth and facts of Katherine Horton’s baseless attacks on her in several videos and statements she has read out on video collectively posted here. I, with others—including Karen Stewart–have been on group email threads in October 2018 witnessing Katherine Horton’s brutally abusive, slandering, and bullying attacks on Melanie Vritschan one whole year after the loss of her newborn, in painful anniversary reprisal of those dark moments in October 2017, described both in Swiss Cheese and Bayonets and The Consequences of Infiltration.

She is now working with CIA operative Barbara Hartwell who in turn is posthumously slandering Ted Gunderson, the highest ranking Intel whistleblower to come forward before your group did.”

Pure slander regarding both CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and myself, this statement is outright falsehood on many counts. One, I have never worked with Barbara Hartwell, who, it must be clarified is in no way a CIA operative but a principled CIA whistleblower and independent journalist whose acquaintance and friendship I came to after interviewing Geral Sosbee, a former FBI Special Agent and whistleblower whose case has been extensively covered by Barbara Hartwell. I have interviewed Barbara Hartwell several times and been glad and grateful for her candid conversations on counterintelligence and psychological operations from her expertise, warfare we are currently seeing in action right here with Katherine Horton.

This podcast interview in fact with both Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee is historic and comprises major whistleblowing and testimonial regarding the wrongful targeting of people as well as covert assault on them with anti-personnel DEWs and neuroweaponry:

Ramola D Reports | Report # 106: CIA and FBI Whistleblowers Barbara Hartwell And Geral Sosbee Discuss The Truth About Surveillance Abuses

I have also been glad and grateful for Barbara Hartwell’s support and analyses when the smear campaigns run by Katherine Horton and her misguided followers first burst over the cybersphere, and for her many articles addressing the infamy and malice of both Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart.

But it must be noted—as it has been, often before—Barbara and I do not work together; she is her own person and I mine; we are both highly independent journalists focusing on our own areas of interest and writing what we each wish to write, which often do not coincide; we do not have the same policies of operation as writers, and we do not agree on all issues. What we do have in common is high integrity, principle, and solidity of character, as well as profound empathy, outspokenness, and a deep interest in human rights advocacy journalism. As for Ted Gunderson, Katherine Horton – who promotes herself as an analytical thinker with a doctorate – has not done her research; Barbara Hartwell worked closely with Mr. Gunderson—right-hand man of Edgar Hoover, who was the founder of COINTELPRO– and was slandered by him after dubious dealings of his, including arms sales to terrorists came to light; these matters have been publicly reported. Those who delve deep know that the FBI is a compromised organization, that corruption at the highest ranks of the FBI is commonplace, and that, as Barbara reports, Ted Gunderson, like John De Camp was apparently involved in the very pedophilic and Satanist operations which they have written & “whistleblown” about, matters revealed by Barbara Hartwell and others.

What is particularly strange is that last Sunday, I announced in a broadcast that Bill and you might give an interview to discuss the outcome of the survey and future steps. Then Thursday night, I showed Bill the evidence of how Ramola broke-up the team and every single one of my projects after weaseling her way in through the backdoor. Suddenly three days later, she invites Bill and you to an interview to talk about the survey, which she could have done at any point for the last 3 years but hasn’t.”

Katherine Horton has frequently sought to suggest that other people’s actions are in some way precisely timed with hers, in apparent desperate need to cry “retaliation” or “sabotage.” She does the same here, while in actuality, her actions and mine have had no connection whatsoever with each other. My (April 15 or 16) viewing of Bill Binney’s interview with Chris Hedges on April 13 led to my email of April 17 thanking him, and my suggestion of an interview to follow up his Chris Hedges interview to discuss the long-silent TI (Targeted Individual) survey he had launched in June 2017 was emailed to him and Kirk Wiebe on April 19, shortly after. Note, I was in India at this time, having been detained there after the lockdowns hit post a mid-winter Feb/March visit home to my parents’. Those who know my work know I have sought to cover this subject widely from all angles, by speaking to whistleblowers and scientists both, in addition to TI activists, authors, and TIs, and had in fact, before I left Boston in mid Feb, recently published an interview with singular DOD/CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, covered in an article here:

“MK ULTRA on Steroids”: Dr. Robert Duncan Reports On Today’s Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, and The Need For Change

Further, how does Katherine Horton know I have not asked Bill and Kirk for an interview earlier? She does not. I have indeed made this request as an open invite several times to Bill Binney earlier, it has been unanswered.

I showed Bill the evidence of how Ramola broke-up the team and every single one of my projects after weaseling her way in through the backdoor.“

I’d be curious to see this non-existent “evidence” (the lies & misreadings on her website?)—a clear example of Katherine Horton’s deceit, both to Bill and to Kirk, and a sweeping and theatrical pronouncement of being victimized when the truth is the exact opposite: Katherine Horton has broken up many people’s projects, including TCFF projects, described in greater detail here: The Consequences of Infiltration

I do wonder what “weaseling her way in through the backdoor” means, in this deceitful construction, apart from pure insult and falsehood. I would remind anyone being wrongfully informed by Katherine Horton that my research and journalism on Mil/Intel targeting, experimentation, and human rights violation issues which was begun in late 2013 well precedes her entrance onto the scene in late 2016/early 2017, and that the people on the European projects she mentions had been known to me earlier, had sought my platform as a journalist and human rights advocate of their own volition—after her betrayal of them–have been covered often by me, are still good friends and colleagues, and were grateful for my help, as I too have been grateful for their own exceptional human rights advocacy and work for others.

Bill said that he is not going to talk to her, which I am glad about because this smacked not just of one of Ramola’s rearguard actions but also surveillance-based reactions of agents again.”

Considering that Katherine Horton has been breathing down Bill’s neck with falsehood, misrepresentation, and deceit, it appears to me she has essentially compelled him not to speak with me. What surprises me is his ready compliance. As for rearguard actions: that is part of her false-reality construct, evidence of her blatant interference in my work as a journalist, inverting the actuality of event: she is clearly engaging in a rearguard action here, strong-arming Kirk into not speaking with me, after strong-arming Bill first, like Mata Hari. And then “surveillance-based reactions of agents”: let me laugh out loud. That is pure and absolute inversion: on many occasions both I and others have witnessed Katherine Horton behave in ways that suggest she is the recipient of surveillance-feedback off our desktops—addressed in earlier articles, including The Consequences of Infiltration.

Given that the email thread showed that Kirk Wiebe also had been persuaded by her string of lies to not speak with me, I have to say it indeed took me by surprise to see his note asking me now in September to speak privately with him.


So I did of course call Kirk Wiebe, the first time to leave a message when I could not reach him, and the second time making contact.


I have to report I had a very pleasant and informative conversation with Kirk Wiebe, and that what I report here is with his permission. We spoke on a variety of matters, some personal aspects of which remain confidential, as I then assured him. The most pressing and relevant matters however, I report below.

Kirk Wiebe informed me that journalist and broadcaster Dave Janda had sent him a copy of my article, which reported his and Bill Binney’s silence succeeding my interview request of them, and that it had led him to further explore my work and journalism in matters of Surveillance and the crimes of wrongful targeting and human rights violations. He said that it had taken him a while to figure out the “tall poles” in TI human rights activism but that he had come to understand I was one of them, had been publishing solid work for a while, was a physicist with an understanding and respect for scientific method (I have an undergraduate degree in Physics), that he had a profound respect for my journalism, and assured me that he would consider my reports or pointers to those targeted I knew of as trustworthy and reliable.

He also said he had been prompted by his friend (Dave Janda) to look into my work, and that he owed me a profound apology for misreading me earlier and not responding to my email interview request, explaining that he had been misled by Katherine Horton’s email, as he had indicated in his September 14 email to me. Kirk Wiebe also spent some time discussing with me his technical background, explaining that he had been an amateur ham radio operator since very young, and understood a great deal about microwave and millimeter wave radio technology. (In my article questioning his expertise—which I had not then known anything about—I do raise questions about his and Bill’s technical and scientific knowhow in regards to these anti-personnel DEWs being used on people today.) We also discussed some of my discoveries from research and FOIA requests to the US Airforce on Active Denial Systems employing millimeter-wave (5G) technology in the 93GHz range, now being made smaller and portable; I offered to send him links to some of my reports and research online.

It was clear to me Kirk Wiebe was acting in integrity and was seeking to set the record straight with me, post Katherine Horton’s sabotage of my interview request of him and Bill Binney.

Kirk Wiebe also discussed with me his concerns about Katherine Horton and asked for my assessment of her. From what I understood from the conversation, it appeared Katherine Horton had not left the United States of America. She had flown to Maryland, chasing down the contingent of NSA whistleblowers she had set her sights on for image-improvement: Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Karen Stewart–I had thought sometime in September 2019—and either came back or had stayed on, finding herself stranded during the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and therefore staying on, apparently in Bill Binney’s residence, where she still was. Kirk Wiebe conveyed that Katherine Horton’s words and actions that he had witnessed had given rise to quite some concern on his part, and that he was especially concerned on his friend Bill’s behalf, that she was mentally unstable or had a dubious background and darker agenda in her pursuit of him.

Kirk asked me what I knew and personally thought of Katherine and I described our interactions over the year and a half that I worked with her, expressing to him exactly what I have reported in print earlier: that she appeared to be collecting HUMINT data, that she had privately and publicly subjected me to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and “mirroring” or, my term for it: echo-stalking, that she had embarked on mega smear operations—which Karen Stewart was supporting and now continuing—that she had been responsible for the loss of a newborn child, which situation she did not help to ameliorate, that I had witnessed her abusive behavior in email to Melanie, that I did not believe she was mentally ill, but rather, deceitful, manipulative, and dangerous around young children. I also mentioned, either then or later, that information we had found online from someone (“Kiwi Farms Archive” on Youtube) questioning her videos suggested that a court in UK had recently named her mentally incompetent, while she was seeking to polish up her public image with a PR firm she had hired and was claiming some new European “Right to be forgotten” (demanding that people remove reports on her online).

We further discussed NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, an apparent mainstay of Counterintelligence as also Sales Management; Kirk in fact pointed out it is old programming, most men trying to win over women know all about it. We also spoke of how personable and charming Katherine had been to us in the beginning and how it was possible to be deceived by that facade. Kirk, it was clear to me, was indeed very concerned for Bill and speaking with me on the subject out of concern for his friend.

I offered to send him my articles and reports on Katherine Horton in rebuttal of her repeated false claims and false allegations against me–as well as those of Barbara Hartwell’s, which indeed I did later, after this conversation.

We also discussed the fact that in all the time I had worked with Katherine Horton, I didn’t think she had comported herself as the particle physicist she portrays herself to be, had never discussed any aspects of quantum mechanics, which she says she taught courses in at Oxford, while it seems many aspects of the covert weaponry being reported by TIs could find explanation in concepts like scalar waves, quantum entanglement, and quantum tunneling. Weaponry in the (unclassified) US Army manual in fact mentions laser tunneling.

Last week I spent some time penning a Public Notice to repudiate Karen Stewart’s interminable attacks on my name as a new page of hers at Facebook filled with her solipsistic ramblings and malice-filled lies libelously named Ramola Crap @RamolaCrapola came to light. One of the loony statements she periodically makes is that I have “lost access” to “not one but three” NSA whistleblowers. This information is being published to reveal the truth of Katherine Horton’s deliberate sabotage of my work and name – which has misinformed Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe – and further fuelled Karen Stewart’s malign attacks on me.

I appreciate very much that Kirk Wiebe has sought to set the record straight regarding this matter by contacting me and that he has been open this week to my publishing this information, in the public interest, and to further clear my name. Regrettable of course that Katherine Horton has wreaked such damage to Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe and I hope that going forward their supportive voice and work as needed NSA whistleblowers will work synergistically with my own work as a journalist, writer, interviewer in helping to disclose the crimes of covert targeting and harassment with RF/EMF/acoustic/other energy weapons and neuroweaponry to the world.



My first letter on April 17, 2020 to thank Bill Binney, from that thread:

—– Forwarded message from “Ramola D” XXXXXX—-
Date: 4/17/2020 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Thank you!
To: “Bill Binney” XXXXXXX

Dear Bill,

THANK you for speaking out. Great show and journalist to be disclosing the facts on microwave weapons hitting people to.

PS: The most common way in which people are being hit is with low-intensity but high-frequency pulse microwave shots to induce migraines, organ hits, joint hits etc–no visible burns–I hear it every day on my audible-shield & am migraine-hit each time I publish a podcast or article — it’s all AI-run it seems like. Mostly tethered aerostats/satellites but also portable devices/installed devices. But of course there are dozens of exotic weapons these people have and some induce burns, the 5G mmw tech — have experienced those too!

Hope you saw this–my recent report on DARPA disclosure:

And this, on the gamut of effects and technologies being reported:

Pl. feel free to send on to Chris Hedges. I’d be glad to speak with him anytime!




Ramola D

Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist | Writer | Poet | Educator | Activist

Editor & Publisher, The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Reporter, Ramola D Reports on Youtube, Vimeo, Bitchute

Twitter: @EccEveryday

Facebook: Ramola Dharmaraj

Sent using Hushmail

My second letter to Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe on April 19, 2020, forwarded by Bill Binney to Katherine Horton:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Bill Binney XXXXXXX
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 at 15:57
Subject: Fwd: Interview Request/Fwd: Thank you!
To: Dr. Katherine Horton XXXXXX

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Ramola D” XXXXXX

Subject: Interview Request/Fwd: Thank you!

Date: 19 April 2020 at 05:30:45 GMT-4

To: “Bill Binney” XXXXXX, “jkwiebe” XXXXXXXX

Cc: “Ramola D” XXXXXXX

Dear Bill and Kirk,

I wonder if now would be a good time for you both to speak more openly about what many of us have been reporting…and report your work with the TI survey, plus any other work you may be engaged in, to clean up the gross human rights violations we are seeing across the world….? PLEASE plan to come on my channel and have a conversation at your earliest!

I was cheered to watch your Chris Hedges interview in full, Bill, and especially hear what you said at the end, about the intent being full-spectrum population control and global depopulation. As you know, with this COVID-19 lockdown, now everyone is getting a taste of the kind of “detainment” we have been subjected to, wrongfully; and the weapons being used on TIs (reported in those 2 documents linked below) while not fully known to most fall right within that context–given that what we have been dealt here is pretty much a kind of China-social-credit-system, with TIs being ostracized, blacklisted, shut down, and literally being slow-killed, mutilated, persecuted, assassinated…

Extending a warm invite to you both as I continue to cover targeting in all its aspects and also cover the current plandemic scenario & the attempted rollout of further fascism….please subscribe to my channel at for notification of new interviews and reports.

Please let me know when would be a good time for an interview.

The last couple years have been extraordinary in terms of the amount of disclosure we have all collectively been able to achieve, but it has also been extraordinary for me personally in terms of the betrayals, smear campaigns, lie campaigns, and public abuse I have been compelled to endure, including, and especially from Katherine Horton and lately Karen Stewart–both it seems to me, completely in the thrall of behind-the-scenes agencies directing their actions and words, and both willing to engage in massive deception and public insults of a former colleague which unfortunately detracts from their own public image. If you have not followed the carnage, please feel free to check out the extensive writing and Twitter threads I have been compelled to put out in rebuttal of their false allegations and besmirchings of my name (all linked from the main page at–they have essentially assailed my integrity and my work as truth-media. However, I think I have responded accurately to their smears and established the truth of the matter in all cases–and am glad for those who have also written in support of me, such as Cassandra and Barbara Hartwell; Cassandra’s recent thread in fact has been enormously important in rebutting Karen Stewart’s incredible turn against me and lies lately (linked at bottom of my statement on Karen). Barbara, by the way, has made the observation that the way I have publicly targeted (by many) has been of the extreme nature usually reserved for Intelligence agents!!!! (I suppose journalists exposing the Intel agencies also get slammed the same way!)

In any case, I am grateful to all those who have stood by me and understood perfectly how I have been essentially targeted by these two ladies–for what? I don’t know, but it seems posturing for public attention is a part of it–and that my work as a thinking and investigative journalist, which precedes my acquaintanceship with them, and which apparently has occasioned these major attacks, continues.

I am currently writing a summarizing report on targeting based on my journalism, interviews with many TIs, and investigations and research over the past 6 years, and hope to make it available to Sacha Stone of the ITNJ, Kevin Shipp, and Nils Melzer. Please let me know if you too would like a copy, as soon as I have it done–hopefully by May 20th or so.

My second Memo to Trump covers the gist of it, but I will have references for all & provide more detailed reporting from TI testimonials:

After that I will have to write a detailed affidavit on the crimes of targeting I have personally endured and continue to face.

By the way I am currently in India, having come here to visit my family and then finding shutdowns happening–no flights etc–but will be glad to work around your schedules to find the best day and time for an interview. I am 9.5 or 10.5 hrs ahead of Eastern time here. (Am being hit here too I am afraid, not as badly initially, but currently like clockwork–it’s all on AI, it seems, and pulse shots at my head and heart are their favorite–they hate the kind of exposure I do on Twitter and my articles/videos.)

Robert Duncan recently interviewed brilliantly on MK ULTRA continuing —

Report #165: Robert Duncan on the Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, & the Need for Change/

–I hope your interview will be next!

Hope this finds you well, and looking forward to hearing from you! PLEASE consider that I am the ONLY long-standing journalist reporting on these crimes, and seek to work with EVERYONE in this field as much as I possibly can–it would be an absolute honor and privilege to have you on my channel…:)

I can be reached on Whats App and cell at XXXXXX; Skype at XXXXX Twitter at @EccEveryday; Facebook at Ramola Dharmaraj, and here on email or at I usually record interviews on Zoom and post shortly after — or do a livestream if guests wish it or if it’s Newsbreak news.

Thanks, best,



Ramola D

Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist | Writer | Poet | Educator | Activist

Editor & Publisher, The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Reporter, Ramola D Reports on Youtube, Vimeo, Bitchute

Twitter: @EccEveryday

Facebook: Ramola Dharmaraj

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