Statement of Authorship and Ownership as Statement of Fact Exceeding and Superseding all Copyright Notices | June 11, 2023

Ramola D | 11th June, 2023 | Updated Nineteenth June, 2023

Statement of Authorship and Ownership as Statement of Fact Exceeding and Superseding all Copyright Notices and Stating, Retaining, and Returning Ownership Sometimes Referred to as “Copyright” on All My Creative Work, Brain, and Cognitive Processes to Myself, Ramola D, Whether Known as Ramola D or Any and All Appellates Thereof:

:~All my Creative, Critical, Analytical, Reporting Work in all genres, Published, Anthologized, Broadcast, Reprinted, Reposted, Rebroadcast, or In Draft or In Process or in Storage on Electronic Media or on Websites or Internet Browsers or Internet Video/Audio/Print Platforms or in Storage on my computers, laptops, hard drives, flash drives, floppy drives or In Rumination in my Brain belongs to me and me solely;

:~All Generators of my Creative Work including my Brain, Mind, Consciousness, Soul, Spirit, Heart, Voice, Hand, Breath, Neural Networks, Neural Circuits, Neural Processes, Cognitive Processes, Thoughts, Words, Language, Feelings, Emotions, Senses, Sense Organs, Sensory Systems, Endocrine System, Nervous System, any other bodily system, as well as any Ambient, Radiated, or Signals Intelligence Emanating from me, this Writer, Poet, Teacher, Journalist, belong to me and me solely and cannot be used by anyone for any purpose whatsoever;

:~All Derivatives or Derivatives Thereof created presumptively by any entity or individual, corporate, limited, independent, classified, or otherwise daring presumptively (and always obviously non-consensually despite any language used to deny same) to use, abuse, exploit, corral, harvest, steal, in whole or part, at any time, for any duration, my biological neural networks, brain, other organs, senses, nervous system et al as noted above in All Generators of my Creative Work to develop Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property they are daring to try to appropriate or to use, abuse, as their own, manufacturing for commercial, academic, classified distribution or otherwise, or daring to appropriate, use, abuse, brand as their own, and selling and making profits off of, also belong to me and me solely and cannot be used by anyone for any purpose whatsoever;

:~No licenses, permissions, authorizations of any kind to reuse, use as base, repost, reprint, use in any way, distribute, sell, buy, develop any of my Creative Work, Generators of my Creative Work, or Derivatives Thereof or Derivatives of Derivatives Thereof are allowed to anyone at all by this Notice;

:~Those interested in any aspect of my Creative Work, Generators of my Creative Work, or Derivatives thereof or Derivatives of Derivatives Thereof are advised my Creative Work and Brain et al are my own, and not available for exploitation, stealth usage, overt usage, any usage whatsoever;

:~No compensation, settlement, fee, price, credit of any kind whatsoever can be directed at me for the use of my Creative Work and Brain et al, both overtly from this moment forth, and backdated to any kind of covert, previous and presumptive stealth usage of my Creative Work and Brain et al during any time period of my life here on this plane Earth; all such previous and stealth usage is hereby condemned and must be exposed and ended so as to expose and end all such crimes against humanity;

:~”Creative Work” meaning all creative, critical, reporting, analytical, scientific, artistic et al work I have produced, do produce, and will produce in the form of articles, essays, books, websites, videos, podcasts, and other similar in any genre, language, or medium whatsoever; “Authorship” “Ownership” and “Belong(ing)” meaning exactly what the dictionary definition of both mean and superseding and exceeding what “Copyright” means; “Copyright” meaning the limited concept of ownership currently used in Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Law within Maritime/Admiralty Jurisdiction used by US Gov and others and being clearly inadequate to this declaration and statement of Ownership in Fact;

:~All Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI ventures are hereby denied categorically any and all access to my Creative Work, Brain et al, Biological Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Networks wrongfully built on same, and are advised to stop all exploitation of my creative self, body, brain and being in their apparent ongoing attempts to conceal the true origins of “generative pretrained transfer” intelligence, which appear to include the unlawful use of animals and humans in very dark, classified projects destroying animal and human lives. Such activities must be immediately stopped and all Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Modeling ventures rushing to make money off the concealed torture and abuse of animals and humans must be immediately frozen cold. The world does not need unethical, inhumane “artificial intelligence” when animal and human intelligence far supersedes its capabilities. AI is built on human intelligence, and clearly is using neuroscience for nefarious purposes. Copyright, copyright law, and case law in Intellectual Property protection are woefully inadequate lenses currently to address what should be addressed in the primacy of one’s own ownership of creative work, one’s own ownership of brains, and the protection of human rights and animal rights over all.

:~I reserve the right to make changes herein as I proceed. This Notice is being generated and posted online the 11th of June, 2023. As a living woman, writer, poet, teacher, journalist, artist, American living on the land and soil of The United States of America, I fully reserve all rights to live, breathe, think, write, speak, report, and broadcast in Fact rather than Fiction as the paper Copyright Law maestros of the Maritime Jurisdiction, a watery sea of death for all creativity and all independence and all meaning apparently, wallow in, while surreptitiously exploiting, using, and abusing Creative Talent such as myself, often seeking to bury us wholesale behind the corrupt “National Security Curtain” of false watchlisting, terrorlisting, and other such, permissively running counter-personnel directed-energy and neuroweaponry repression operations on all meanwhile (the term Creative Talent being used here merely to denote one’s own creative talent). These are inhumane, unethical, and unlawful operations, which must be halted.

–Ramola D,

Author, Invisible Season, Temporary Lives, For the Sake of the Boy

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