Studying Global Covert Assaults with Classified Electronic Warfare Radiation and Neuro-Technologies

In December 2015, it is no longer possible to deny the reality of covert assaults worldwide on individuals, families, and whole populations with covert 21st-century Electronic Warfare technologies which include microwave weapons, scalar weapons, sonic weapons, ELF weapons, RFID implants, and which are aimed at attacking, manipulating, and destroying the human brain, the human nervous system, and the human body.

Many observers, analysts, researchers, and subjects of this assault have published articles, videos, and audios on this subject.

Alternative media sources are slowly becoming aware enough and empowered enough to cover this subject as the increasing number of discussions today in the print and video-blogosphere and radio talk show circles illustrate. (The Truth Denied, Conscious Consumer Network,, Pete Santilli, to name a few). Whistleblowers like William Binney and Russell Tice have spoken tangentially of these covert abuses, always suggesting in their public interviews that the surveillance that Snowden has revealed has only covered “the tip of the iceberg” in Covert Ops run by the Intel agencies they have worked for.

Even though media coverage has been inexcusably slow, and media outlets such as The Intercept and The Guardian, Vice, Salon, Politico, Democracy Now, The Nation, Truthout, and others which try to position themselves in the critical-of-government space have failed absymally to cover this subject at all, alternative media coverage is still a major step forward in progressing from reflexively labeling and dismissing all subjects experiencing and reporting these covert assaults as mentally ill, insane, schizoid, schizophrenic, bipolar, and other such designed-to-discredit psychiatric-state-devised terms, which has been, historically, the Modus Operandi so far in civil society. (Our well-evolved “psycho-civilized” society.)

What do we really know so far, from various sources?

A joint cartel of military, Intelligence agencies, Defense contractors, Homeland Security, and independent contractors, with the blessings, complicity, and “legal” involvement of local law enforcement and the Department of Justice, are working together to target, assault, and experiment on “Targeted Individuals” with these deadly microwave and sonic and scalar technologies.

Today, “Targeted Individuals” continue to be blacklisted locally–police and FBI are eager to sic the “insane/unstable” label on anyone reporting assaults with invisible radiation weaponry while covertly using and permitting these very same invisible radiation weapons/Covert Non-Lethal Weapons (read non-lethal as a misnomer) to be used on them; their businesses and modes of employment are sabotaged; their reputations tarnished and characters assassinated; their communities co-opted into both permitting the mercenary soldier groups who assault them to enter and invade their neighborhoods to ply their deadly trade of point-and-kill, and assisting in this Community Predation, Joint Assault, and Covert Drawn-Out Homicide, by themselves using apps on their cell phones to track, surveill, and point satellite-directed neuroweapon hits at their neighbors, who have now been JTRIG-demonized and dehumanized for them as easy, legitimate, permitted “Targets.”

The FBI’s Consensual Monitoring and the CIA’s Concealed Monitoring both may be in use in communities where “Targets” live.

Those targeted are both activists and non-activists, veterans and civilians. they include children, the young, the elderly, the disabled, the so-called mentally ill.

They include a high percentage of educated, older women in their forties and upward–women, clearly, who would be unafraid to speak out or take action in their communities.

They include people from diverse cultures and communities, socioeconomic classes, and age groups.

WHO and WHY–Why are these assaults occurring? Who is behind them?

What is the history behind them–how can we understand them? Why would Anyone want to target and assault random individuals worldwide with invisible covert weaponry? Is there a covert Global Operation–Global Governance, Global Shadow Government, Global New World Order–already underway? Is the purpose Global Pacification, as prequel to Global Totalitarianism? Is this part of the globalists’ Global Depopulation agenda?

These questions in particular –who and why — may be of interest to those trying to research this phenomenon, whether from the point of view of aware subject, or investigative journalist. (The question of How, focusing on the technologies themselves, will be considered separately.) This page hopes to list page-links to articles and sources–many of them old, archived on the Net, but also all new and breaking information–on an ongoing basis studying these particular questions, who and why. Links to be updated here on an ongoing basis as new pages are added.

Magnus Olsson/ The Global Transhumanist Agenda behind Covert Assaults Worldwide

Marshall Thomas: Monarch, The New Phoenix Program–Army Intelligence, INSCOM, MKULTRA, COINTELPRO

Please share this page with independent journalists and researchers, talk show hosts, anyone with integrity, courage, and intent to expose the truth, who may benefit from the information being collected and archived below.

To all indy journalists/truth-focused media: Please join the fight to expose and publicize and force the termination of these deadly assaults. Please explore, research, investigate, write, discuss, publish, interview reporting individuals, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, military personnel, whistleblowers; please recognize we are at a significant turning-point for all humanity with this deadly weaponry, which is already operational; please speak out.