Ramola D | July 23, 2020

I am making this statement—especially for those I interview and write about--to clarify a few matters in relation to my work, given the free and easy falsehoods posted online against my name by two ex-colleagues in human rights activism, one the ex-NSA Karen Stewart, the other the supposedly-ex-CERN-“Dr.” Katherine Horton, both of whose slander remains online.

(I’ve written much on both; articles with irrefutable evidence from their own pen and voice exposing what they have done & continue to do, along with various followers of theirs, are linked in compilation here: Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation. Notably, both have smeared and libeled other leading human rights activists too.)

Clearly, my work in truth-journalism and the revealing in particular of Mass FISA abuse and unlawful DHS/FBI/CIA/NIH/DOD/DOJ/USAF/NATO/MI5/MI6/Mossad targeting/non-consensual experimentation crimes with military neuro/bioweapons/anti-personnel energy weapons has gone well “over the target” for my having become the subject of such intense and bizarre smear campaigns.

There’s always a #MockOp when a journalist or activist is being smeared!

Those who know me and my work have no need to be reminded of the following, and believe me, I’m honored & grateful for your support and faith in who I am and what my principles and values are, you have stood me through some absurdly ferocious attacks online, you have pointed out the Facts which both these ladies have decided to drop for agent-like smear-attacks.

Others—who are invited to check out my work on video and print for themselves to investigate its worth & “the content of my character”–may be reassured to know: my work is and has always been truth-seeking, based in fact, and pursues accuracy, and that I cover subjects which seem to me to need coverage (matters especially related to science and technology, ethics and human rights, whistleblowing on crime, corruption, covert operations by Intelligence agencies and military divisions against the populace, current affairs within the lens of human rights, liberty, justice, sovereignty, and advancements or findings in new science and consciousness which help inform us all).

I especially wanted to address a few matters that Karen Melton Stewart has sought wrongfully and repeatedly to attack (as evident in her own words splattered online):

  1. Contrary to her false and absurd public accusations of “quid pro quo” (for which she has no proof because none exists), my work is self-initiated and voluntary and never makes demands on those whose stories or work I cover; I neither impose nor expect, and never demand reciprocity of attention as she has impugned. I’m glad to cover all whose cases rise to the public eye, and work independently, with neither expectation of acclaim nor reciprocity in coverage of any kind.
  1. I honor privacy, in an age when privacy is under profound attack—including by such as both these ladies who have published private emails and texts of many including myself without permission—and, unlike them, I absolutely do not publish emails or texts from anyone without their permission except in the case of public slander, in excerpt, under Fair Use, when someone is posting libel and smears against me, as in the case of Karen Stewart.
  1. I honor confidences and requests for anonymity; given the nature of the stories I cover, where people often report targeting by unscrupulous Intelligence agencies, police departments, security companies, powerful tech companies, and military, justice, or medical units for whistleblowing on malpractice or crime, I offer coverage only when people are ready to publicize, and ask all interviewees often if they are ready to go public, to what extent, and what they wish to keep confidential for now. As independent media reliant on no-one and protected by no-one, I engage with all interviewees in honor, with integrity, on the basis of word: I keep my word.
  1. I don’t pursue stories or people for their names or stature but make interview requests where the work of exposure, humanitarian endeavor, entrepreneurship, science, or expansion of consciousness, freedom, rights that someone is doing is outstanding and worthy of coverage. I have been privileged to interview many outstanding groups and people, I have bent my skills, time, attention, energy to offering them sustained and focused coverage, I hope to continue doing so.
  1. In fact, I’m honored and pleased to be continually working with so many outstanding people around the world engaging in the quest for sovereignty, community, harmony, and helping humanity and glad whenever needed or possible to be a connective link between many.
  1. I work with intent not to misrepresent anyone’s work or words which means, like most journalists keen on accuracy, I work closely with those whose work or stories I report on, and check for accuracy prior to publication.
  1. I publish op-eds and commentary marked clearly as such, and make no excuses for the incisiveness and clarity of my writing and views.
  1. I am a writer-journalist with a background and continuing work in fiction, essay/memoir, & poetry, not inhibited by archaic notions of what journalism should be, I express my thoughts freely, and use my pen to showcase Truth & Facts—but it is My pen, I acknowledge the subjectivity of all writing, all journalism, and I strive to make clear distinctions in my writing between the relay of fact and the relay of opinion.

To stay tuned to my work which I hope to keep expanding, please subscribe to my video channel on Youtube at Ramola D Reports; please sign up for email notifications of new publications at my print website here, The Everyday Concerned Citizen, at everydayconcerned.net. I also have Ramola D Reports channels at Vimeo, Bitchute, Disseminate.TV (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s site), and am building a new media site and magazine S/elect Truth Media, which I’ll post links to soon. Thank you.

“The truth is always something that is told, not something that is known. If there were no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything. There would only be what is.”

― Susan Sontag, The Benefactor