Standing Notice Regarding Dr. Katherine Horton’s JTRIG Slander Campaign Against Ramola D

Standing Notice Regarding Katherine Horton’s Inexplicable Slander Campaign & Incredible Allegations

December 13, 2018

1. Katherine Horton of appears to be engaged in an on-and-on Targeted Slander, Defamation, and Libel Campaign against Ramola D, with multiple communications on Twitter, her website, and videos at Youtube.

2. She has not heeded any Public Notices to cease and desist her slander, despite efforts made to address her false allegations and clearly show the falsehoods she is publishing, as in Report # 99.

3. By this means she is spreading lies and falsehood continuously, distorting facts, inventing claims, and constructing false narratives.

4. This Targeted Campaign is both malicious and indicative of Intentional Destruction of Reputation, much in the style of the JTRIG operations run by GCHQ/NSA/MI5 to “sow dissension and disseminate false information” (

5. The latest I’ve seen today constructs a false narrative attributing her own, known sabotage of European HR projects and other ventures to me:

6. She is becoming tedious in this nonstop slander and serpentine turnaround of her own sabotaging actions of various projects, a clever way no doubt to evade responsibility and pre-empt rightful allegations (from others) of sabotage of other people’s court cases (Frederic Laroche’s, Melanie Vritschan’s)–by way of her own words and actions, to be further addressed shortly.

7. Regardless of her constructions, the facts remain as spelled out earlier in The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory. A detailed and definitive response to the above and other time-wasting false allegations will be published shortly. Suffice to say for now the defamatory “systematic slander campaign, intrigue, and malicious defamation” attributed above glibly to me does describe very well what she is doing currently or attempting to do to my own name.

8. “Sounding ridiculous” must be the instruction in the JTRIG manual I haven’t come to yet, but that last line qualifies.

9. The point of this notice is to let all know we are dealing here apparently with an insane and ongoing campaign I really won’t be keeping a close eye on since I am—as I have been for five years now–engaged in major journalistic and human rights activism efforts to expose and end major crimes against humanity. My work and I are an open book, readily accessible at my website,, @EccEveryday on Twitter, and Ramola Dharmaraj on Facebook.

10. Be aware please that Katherine Horton is distinguishing herself as a JTRIG Attacker, Discreditor, Disruptor, and general Counterintelligence C/overt Operative, with myself her primary target. Dismiss and Ignore her nonsense at will.

Anyone encountering Katherine Horton’s ridiculous, false, malicious, defamatory, and frankly insane claims against me now or anytime in the future and seeking the truth is welcome to email me privately at

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–Ramola D/December 13, 2018