Are All Americans Being Covertly RFID-Chipped? Thirty Percent of Americans in a Cross-USA Study Found to be RFID-Chipped

Update, 10/28/2015: Please note, an aspect not covered below is that microchips, including this Verichip pictured below, are today being implanted-CIA-style in unsuspecting individuals by sharpshooters with portable devices in public. As a matter of note, the week that this article was posted online (last week of August), this writer was so implanted on her upper left arm, while reading, in public, in the open, on a Cape Cod beach. The laceration on her skin was remarked-on by friends and family. Pictures of the scar will be posted shortly. Since then, it has become fairly obvious this was an implanting, since radio signals from RFID-readers, bar code readers, and trackers on Pine Street activate this chip in very obviously palpable ways. (In retrospect, this writer recalls certain smug looks on the faces of certain companion beach-goers, some with odd tents and packed equipment.) This is the second time this writer has experienced assault-to-implant by sharpshooters, the first occasion was in December 2013, at a local park in Quincy. This is 2015, Massachusetts, USA for you. Lawlessness, anyone? We are living in the Gulag. And yes, seeking to remove these ridiculous chips is a new goal.

Update, 8/30/2015 & Disclaimer: It’s been brought to my attention that the site hosting this linked article–this link at WITSCIENCE, the Wyoming Institute of Technologyis a parody and satire site, possibly a Disinfo site–take a look, the satire’s well-hidden. That particular article therefore is suspect. However, the reality of covert RFID-chipping has been written about elsewhere. ICAACT regularly scans people for implanted microchips-and finds them. The rest of this discussion therefore continues to be valid. This issue will be covered in future posts.

Re-blogged from Richard Presser’s Blog/Aug 19, 2015:

Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States Populations.


This post on Richard Presser’s blog (linked above) points to a very interesting report on RFID chips found in Americans.

This RFID report, which is written by John Brugle, Ph. D, and was published on June 8, 2014, can be found also at this link at WITSCIENCE, the Wyoming Institute of Technology.

RFID Report: Researchers Scanned Americans for RFID Chips

Sample populations were selected randomly from 3 areas in the country, the Northeast, the Midwest, and the Southwest, and each of the 2,955 American volunteers was full-body-scanned for RFID chips–radio frequency microchips. Guess what rfid chipsthey found–that one in three, that’s thirty-three percent of the total number of people scanned, carried a microchip somewhere on their bodies, most often in their teeth.  The graphic here shows where else the chips were found, and how often–hands, knees, hips, and in implanted screws (teeth again?) and implanted birth control. Does that sound invasive enough?

Please note, the study was published last year, in June 2014.

Who exactly was surveyed, again? Here’s what the report says:

“Population Midwest (MW) contained 958 individuals from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Population Northeast (NE) contained 987 individuals from Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Population South West (SW) contained 1,010 individuals from Arizona and Nevada. Volunteers were recruited using standard methods and compensated in a manner consistent with industry standards. All test subjects were treated in compliance with institutional codes of ethics and standards.”

The Implications?

Clearly, Americans are being implanted–and quite invasively–with microchips without their knowledge or consent, possibly by their very own dentists, doctors, and surgeons, during routine office visits or during scheduled surgeries for something else altogether. (Chips these days are super-tiny, and apparently can rfidbe inserted sub-dermally fairly easily. This can be researched online. See, for instance, this article Office Complex Implants RFID Chips in Employee’s Hands.)

See this University of Pennsylvania paper by Kenneth R. Foster and Jan Jaeger, discussing the murky ethics of RFID chip implants: RFID Inside: The Murky Ethics of Implanted RFID Chips which notes that in 2004, the FDA approved the implanting of RFID implants in humans as a way of accessing their health records.

For years, “Targeted Individuals” experiencing assaults on their bodies by Electromagnetic or sonic weapons have been reporting to medical personnel, local law enforcement, and psychiatrists the felt presence in their bodies of RFID chips, and clearly, they have very good reason for these accounts, as this report suggests.

“Targeted Individuals” Reporting Covert Assaults Clearly Aren’t Delusional, Schizoid, or Schizophrenic for Reporting RFID chips and Covert EMR Weapon Assaults

There’s been a great push in mainstream media to discount the horrific experiences of “Targeted Individuals” being covertly assaulted, 24/7 with EMR and sonic weapons as a loony “belief” they held, at best, or, at worst, a delusion, a hallucination, a manifestation of “schizoid disorder” or “paranoid schizophrenia,” misdiagnoses freely handed out by either colluding or conned psychiatrists.

This report proves conclusively that people are being chipped without their knowledge or consent, all over the United States.

These people who are being chipped could include those who know and feel they are being covertly assaulted, as all “Targeted Individuals” do, by radio frequency  and microwave weapons, which use their RFID chips to identify them, to send assaultive resonant frequencies to, and thus to induce in their bodies the myriad of assaults “TIs” report, including organ damage, remote electromuscular shock, remote neural monitoring, remote heart attacks, and synthetic telepathy or V2K-Voice to Skull–voices induced within their brains, schizophrenia-style. Patents for all which weaponry exists, see this post for more.

Unconsenting Chipped Individuals Could Include You

But it could also include unaware Americans who return from doctor’s offices and dentist’s offices and hospital visits sicker than they went in, who suddenly develop mysterious chronic ailments, whether its “fibromyalgia,” or Lymes’ disease, or gum disease, or infertility, or rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, or irritable bowel syndrome, or whatever else, including cancer, symptoms and all stages of which can be induced by radio-frequency and microwave weapons, as all “TIs” attest.

Secret “Human Subject” Experimentation–Military-Grade Weapons, and the CIA/MKULTRA programs

These are being-kept-secret, covert weapons of Electronic Warfare, currently being tested and trained on whole populations, both in the US and worldwide. If you are thinking of the CIA and MKULTRA, you will not be far off the mark–humans are being experimented on today, in 2015, without consent.

Journalists in establishment media continue to fail us abysmally by refraining from reporting on what by all accounts continues to be and become a mass 21-st century holocaust. Alternative media is beginning to report more and more on this phenomenon however: see this Pete Santilli show, for instance, where Ken Rhoades is interviewed; and both European and American groups–the ICAACT and EUCACH in particular–working on exposing this tyranny are making progress, as the 2015 International Conference on Covert Harassment, scheduled to be held in Berlin in October, attests.

When Brian Williams reported glibly not so long ago on NBC that by 2017, all Americans would be microchipped, perhaps what he failed to add was–And you’ll never know it! For this microchipping of us has apparently been going on a long time, as this report reveals, and All of America is being targeted.

This seems to be a real turning-point report and I thank Richard Presser for drawing attention to it. I suspect every single misdiagnosed “Targeted Individual” would like to show this report to their psychiatrists and physicians.

We Need to Speak Out on Microchipping and Electronic Surveillance & Electronic Harassment

Surveillance on steroids, anyone? Our Brave New World has been spinning for a while now.

Covert assaults with EMR weapons are not being imagined by an imaginative few. Covert implants of RFID chips are not being imagined either–they are actually going on, covertly, all over the country. And Medical Personnel are involved, complicit, and complying with the Dirty Ops surveillance/harassment tactics of Mil/Intel in performing these RFID implants!

No American is safe, this seems to suggest, from one’s own doctor or dentist.

When is America–journalists, scientists, attorneys, the literate, the intellectually-aware, as well as everyone else, including the Doctors, maybe the few remaining ethical Doctors out there–going to put a Stop to this profound evil? Now is the time to stand up and be counted! Please take action, as and how you can, to combat this ongoing carnage. If you work in the medical profession, in whatever capacity, and you are aware of covert RFID chipping of humans, please speak out–please make this a public debate.

Please also spread this information widely, help keep America informed.

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  1. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Dear Ramola,
    The ICAACT site does not appear to have updates. I attempted contact via their site message system, approximately (2) two years ago, to no avail. I received no acknowledgment of my request for scanning. Please advise at your most convenient opportunity. May God richly bless and keep you and yours.
    Most Respectfully and Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

  2. Hi Ramola,

    “then they came for the trade unionists”

    just seeing this for the first time…. although it is hearsay I have evidence they were using other employees to shoot implants into us at work…. this employee joked about it in front of me at a fast food chain…. someone else who hung out at the same place was very strange barely maintaining human form….. I have not experienced this often…. but many coworkers said things….. and there was a Snowden disclosure about the trades people…. the whole company came down destroying many job’s and benefits for AFLCIO workers….

    … “this came in my email… this is why I say we are owed a settlement.. I would say this is run from the banks at least in my case… what it seems like is a method of destroying unions and workers… those who target the coworker also loose their job… at least this is what happened in my case…. but the whole program goes way beyond this ultimately… to the universities and hospitals and insurance companies and local governments wherever one goes… it is murder… quite simply beginning with the corruption of medical information to surrounding the target with viruses and bacteria … all who participate are taking part in a murder….

    “Hi y’all,

    I thought I might share some info with you. It turns out the organised stalking phenomena is being exposed thanks to Snowden.

    It seems that in the UK, the police ran a cottage industry of maintaining blacklists of workers such as in the construction industry. Basically if a company has a grudge against a worker, they submit their details and a fee to a senior police officer. The targeted individual is then put on a surveillance roster and monitored by Special Branch.
    When Special Branch and their successors are involved, informers are deployed, phones bugged and the targeted individuals are investigated in depth on a regular basis.

    If a target get a job, the police will slander them to co-workers to get them bullied out of a job. If this does not work, the place of work will get often burgled, fires set, electrics burnt out, computers damaged and cars in office carparks targeted by vandalism.

    The police also have access to GCHQ intelligence and routinely use the info to update their files on the targeted individuals.

    The level of criminality of the security authorities is breath taking. There is often an increase in local crime levels in areas were a targeted individual is being harassed. Not even elected officials are safe.

    Here is a link;

    What ever happens in the UK often comes from the US. According to Snowden’s revelations, the NSA paid the UK’s GCHQ millions to collect intelligence on US citizens and the NSA collected information on British citizens. More interesting the US used the information harvested from the internet and telephone calls to repress dissidents using organised stalking.

    Merely commenting on Youtube or on forums with controversial opinions is classified as being a radicaliser even if you are not a terrorist or suspected of being one to be turned into a targeted individual. It just takes one comment and you can become a victim of organised stalking criminality.

    “The NSA believes the targeted individuals radicalize people through the expression of controversial ideas via YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites.”

    There you have it; you don’t have to be running for president to be a ‘targeted individual’.



  3. Carolyn–ICAACT offers scans, please check their site:

  4. Carolyn Toele

    Do you still do scans?

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