2015: Asymmetric Stealth Warfare Fully Operative All Across the USA Today

Asymmetric Stealth Warfare Against the US Population Fully Operative Today: Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Microwave Warfare, Aerosol Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Bio Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Neighborhood Robotizing–19 Signs It’s In Your Neighborhood

It’s the end of August 2015. Jade Helm, promising to bring the military overtly into our midst, has been operative for more than a month, and many of us are becoming aware of the incongruity of heavy military equipment and posing-as-civilian soldiers and spies in our midst–across the 50 states, not just in Texas and the west. The preparations Jade Helm is making, even if unclear, are overt. But many of us can attest to a much longer-standing “Asymmetric” “Stealth Warfare” in urban and rural settings today.

Again, it’s “Targeted Individuals” –activists and ethical citizens–who have been illegitimately, unlawfully, falsely, fraudulently–and secretly–labeled “terrorists” and “spies” under the PATRIOT Act/now FREEDOM Act and made the focus of covert assaults by the military-industrial/Intel complex, as well as everyone in their vicinity who have been co-opted into Stasi-like behavior against them, who can fully and freely attest to the current state of “Stealth” warfare in the US today. These two groups–the assaulted and the assaulters–already know the signs: for they’re either living the nightmare or co-creating the nightmare.

If you live in the US, and you have Not yet been approached by an Intel agent, such as an FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA agent or simply a “Fusion Center” or “Joint Terrorist Task Force” personage, and given a secret “notification” of a secret  “assessment” or “criminal investigation” or just (!) an “investigation” or asked to “co-operate in an investigation” of your neighbor, colleague, or community member–in which case you’re already participating, reluctantly perhaps but undeniably, in this Covert Ops/Dirty Ops/COINTELPRO campaign to destroy your neighbor/colleague/friend–take a look below.

See if you can spot what’s happening in your town or city or county, right under your nose, as a “Covert Op” or Stealth Warfare–in military terms, essentially, a secret MILDEC (Military Deception) and CIA PSYOPs campaign of physical and psychological assault on an unarmed, non-combatant civilian.

(Didn’t that used to be called Cowardice–or Bullying? Well, now it’s a bonafide Military Maneuver. Our Trained and Holstered Parties in the US Armed Forces and the CIA/DHS are Shamelessly Taking Aim at Unarmed Civilians and Veterans in the US–and calling it Asymmetric and Urban Warfare.)

I’ve just recently learned too that all US Citizens, via carried-over clauses from old Acts, never revoked, are apparently considered “enemy combatants” by a military that’s essentially currently and secretly in power, thanks to a state of national emergency enacted a long time ago, again, never ended.  See this Commentary on The War Powers Act, 1933. This might explain a lot. I hope to post on this further, in The Truth About US Govt–USA 101 series.

Meanwhile, please take a look at your American neighborhood.  Ask yourself if  any of this sounds familiar.

1. Electronic Warfare: Constant Planes and Helicopters, Circling Planes, Hovering Helicopters

chem trails and constant plane2

Plane and Dispersed/HAARP’d Chem Trails, Wollaston, MA, August 2015

Do you wake some days–whether you’re near an airport or not– to the sky-filling sound of planes or helicopters that seem very close, in your neighborhood maybe, or just over a few blocks, across the highway? Do you wonder sometimes if you are living in a war zone, with that continuous sound? Do you ever wonder what those planes are, what they’re doing, and why you hear them all the time, within the US–when the US is supposedly at war “only” in Iraq, Syria, Yemen? Last time you checked, Connecticut wasn’t Afghanistan. Nor was New York, or Boston, or Iowa.

constant plane 9

Constant Plane Over House/Just Past Roofline–Pine Street, Quincy, Massachusetts, August 2015

But those planes don’t stop. Maybe also you see and hear a particular “growling” plane–a small plane, flying fairly low, fairly often, making a pretty distinctive sound as it trundles by. (And it trundles often.) And at night or evenings you see the white scissor-flash of lights as a small plane circles your neighborhood from a distance, and returns, and circles again. Sometimes you notice helicopters — the small, black, sting-in-tail kind — circling a particular yard or parking-lot or hanging interminably over a single house.

plane closeup

Constant Plane Over Pine Street, just past roof of my house.

Constant Planes and helicopters, particularly looping, grinding planes, circling planes and .hovering helicopters, are all signs of (“Top Secret”) “Electronic Warfare” weapons-testing, weapons-operation, and operator-training; the planes are Electronic Warfare Support Growlers and Prowlers and other such; the weapons being tested are remote-control radio and microwave radiation neuroweapons/Directed-Energy Weapons (see more here), and the humans at the receiving end of this invisible, but palpable, and constant plane again 3deadly and inhumane radiation and radar-tracking assault are some of your fellow-American neighbors and colleagues, secretly targeted for elimination–no exaggeration–by the corporate “State,” rolled into criminal EMR/Sonic/Scalar Weapons-Testing/MKULTRA Human Experimentation Programs without one iota of Informed Consent.

Put in a FOIA request about these planes, and see what you find. My FOIA request, impossibly conferred a No-Records response, is currently under appeal with the FAA, after a year of prevarication and delay, during which the FAA agreed the planes existed, the local Boston-suburb authorities were fully aware of them, but they weren’t going to reveal what they were/are.

constant plane 10

Same plane, above the house/roofline

(Why? I can only speculate, but I can also attest, as a witness of radar-tracking from these planes on my person. Why, because perhaps this is “Classified” information, on a “Classified” project, engaged in “Classified” research, on “Classified” subjects, and Clandestine, as well, by which the Military means “Active Concealment,” and whistle-blowers, as we know, are currently condemned to live in airports or high-security military prisons or other countries’ embassies, so you won’t see an Intel/Air Force/Military insider hold a Press conference yet. (This is going to change, for a certainty. All it takes is one whistleblower with a conscience.) The only way news of such projects currently gets out is through victim and witness accounts–of which there are plenty today, although the MilDec and PsyOps surrounding such individuals seeks desperately to classify them as insane, in order to “disappear” their testimony–that is what the whole phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” is all about.) Stealth warfare at its finest. Overt, yet covert.

Please note however: The entire neighborhood is subject to these aerial assaults of sound and presence–this is Conditioning. Expect to feel like this is a war zone, for these planes are not going to stop–that’s part of the message here, to the populace. You are being conditioned to accept the constant presence of these Electronic Warfare Support planes–Top-Secretly reading minds and EMF signatures, picking up brain waves and emotions, transmitting brainwaves and emotions–in your neighborhood.

2. Electronic Warfare: Cars, SUVS, Hummers, Utility trucks, National Grid/Fedex/UPS/Comcast/Xfinity vans and trucks constantly zooming about at high speed in your neighborhood.

The radio and microwave neuroweapons of Electronic Warfare–the Remote Neural Monitors, the Remote EEG Readers, the Remote Heart Attack Weapons, the Remote Electro-Muscular Incapacitators, the High Powered Microwave Weapons, the Slowly-Blinding Laser, the Through-Wall Surveillance Radar, the Voice to Skull/Synthetic Telepathy Weapon, the Remote Transducers, all of which “Targeted Individuals” report–can be carried portably in cars as well as in utility vans 10planes and satellites, and apparently are.

The zooming about of strange cars and the constant return of the trash truck or National Grid truck to any given street is a signal of “Manhunting” going on, where the paid operatives of these weapons are zooming up and down, trying to utility vans 9get a read on the EMF signatures from the individual being remotely monitored, tracked, and attacked on a continuous basis.

utility vans 6

National Grid across the street from my house/Pine Street/with police officer in tow/allegedly checking gas leaks in street/covert radar-tracking underway

Utility trucks/personnel and US Postal Service vans/personnel are part of this utility vans 11Stealth operation in neighborhoods. The larger trucks in particular–the construction and road-building and trash trucks–seem to be especially useful since their size permits the concealment of larger weaponry, including ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) tracking, Sonic or Low/High Powered Microwave Radiation spreading, and they do make a big noise. Noise harassment–and seemingly innocuous facade-creating service-related or utility-related activity that makes all covert attacks carried out under this cover Plausibly Deniable, a fetish of CIA and Military PsyOps and MILDEC Ops–is a large part of this Op.

3. Electronic Warfare: Parking in Neighbors’ Driveways

These same zooming cars and SUVs and pick-ups are then parked–permitted to park–for brief periods in neighbors’ driveways or in front of neighbors’ houses. Sometimes the driver of the truck or car will chat with the neighbors, as if they’re neuro car pulling into neighbor's drivewayall on congenial social terms with each other, then go in and “Manhunt” in their backyard or basement.

4. Electronic Warfare: Stealth EMF Signature-Reading and Stealth EMR Radiating

Many observers report that now, everyone’s EMF organ-resonance signatures are being “harvested,” “captured,” or really, stolen. The Biometrics of the future, according to these Brain-Control freaks behind these Covert Ops, will include not merely your iris print, your DNA, your face-scan, but also your brain waves and your heart’s EMF signature. If this sounds outlandish, take a look at this patent on cardiac signature tracking.

neurothug in cafe using cell appIn public places, look for people walking about or sitting with cell phones as if reading or texting, including subway cars, with the phone pointed outwards, as if accidentally. Two things could be happening: one, they’re reading signatures from someone, or they’re transmitting a radiation signal, in someone’s direction.

Renee Pittman M, author of Remote Brain Targeting, and several other books on EMR weapons-use on civilians, is currently developing a documentary Deceived Beyond Belief which includes a focus on this subject. Please note that a video she recently posted on Youtube actually showing quite visibly a couple of men using their cell phones to harvest EMFs was recently taken down, along with her entire Google Plus account–which had been garnering thousands of views. This video is a part of her documentary in progress.

(Just in case you are new to this subject and can barely believe all this, stop just one minute and recognize we’re not living in horse-and-buggy America: this is 2015, Everyone has a cell phone, the DHS has an annual budget of Over $60 Billion, the Military routinely loses Trillions of dollars it won’t account for openly, Black Budgets and Covert Ops abound, Everyone is being Gagged by “National Security” terrorism, and the Surveillance you and I are under today is Continuous, and seeks continuously to be (“full-spectrum dominance”) Comprehensive.)

Please note, every single one of our WIFI devices can transmit signals at us, including our own cell phones–distinct frequencies, found to be associated with distinct brain states, moods, emotional states, organ resonances, see the US Airforce’s 1976 Radio Dosimetry handbook for a guide, linked here at a Table of Electric Shock data in humans--any one of us could be c/overtly assaulted in this way in public. Also see this article on radio frequency weapons being miniaturized: Radio Frequency Weapons Technology by Manuel Cereijo.

5. Electronic Warfare: Neighborhood Soldier Stake-Outs

This is what stake-out houses and apartments look like: Houses and apartments that appear to be inhabited by a transient population, people coming and going constantly; houses that don’t appear on the real estate market but are suddenly inhabited. Also, sometimes by new immigrants who don’t speak English and are home all day but seem to be busy all night–possibly part of the push to bring soldiers in from other countries, under UN operations-and they are indeed busy at night, they’re busy tracking their neighborhood “TI” with EMR tracking weapons and assaulting this person with their stealth Remote Control radiation weapons.

See this report, one among many, on UN and foreign soldiers in the US.

6. Parking obstructiveness and weirdness–and Microwave/EMR Warfare?:

You might see strange cars –often older-model taupe or gold, or white cars–parked for long periods at corners and cul-de-sacs. All over the neurothug cartypeneighborhood/town, people may have started parking their cars, often huge SUVs, in the street, rather than in driveways. You may also see illegal and obstructive parking ploys, such as: parking right at the corner of streets, parking halfway up the sidewalk on busy roads, parking right at the point of a sharp turn. taupe1USPS postal vans parked for long periods in particular neighborhoods, often with mailman sitting inside on laptop or cell–Plausible Deniability, remember. See this report on the CIA influencing the media which also covers domestic CIA engagements.

According to scientist Leuren Moret and military historian Laurens Battis in this video talk with Alfred Webre, parked cars are also set up to direct continuous microwave/ radio frequencies at targets.

7. COINTELPRO/PsyOps Harassment

Smelly Gas Leaks: Gas leaks from houses or middle of streets all over neighborhood. This is especially evident in my Quincy, Massachusetts neighborhood. I notice on Muckrock.com that there have been FOIA requests regarding gas leaks in Boston–clearly a state-wide ploy. Calling National Grid does not stop the leaks. Certain co-opted neighbors are covertly engaged in unplugging or turning on the leaks at specific times, in the vicinity of the individual being assaulted–Noisome Harassment at its best, part of Stealth Warfare.

In addition, there are inexplicable gas leaks also from certain gas stations, especially those near traffic lights. This too is aimed at the larger populace–for all of us are subject to these nauseous fumes as we sit in traffic waiting for lights to change. Note, the smells here are not Gasoline smells, but Natural Gas smells–drop in at the corner of Adams Street and Furnace Brook Parkway in Quincy for a good whiff sizzling out from the Mutual gas station there, to see what I mean–you won’t have to pause for long.

8. PsyOps: The Red Shirt/US Flag Red-Blue-White/Color-Coded Brigade

Notice people in bright red shirts and jackets constantly walking about? You redshirts3redyellowneonmight see people in seemingly synchronized colors, usually bright, such as neon colors, hot pink, turquoise, also black from head to foot; people in red/white/blue in distinctly noticeable and odd combinations. A lot of redshirts6men with black or brightly-colored backpacks, trying hard to look like students with heavy loads. This is all part of the COINTELPRO/PsyOps aimed at certain individuals–so if you see that unfashiony red redblueall over the place, be assured it’s not a style statement. See this website for some detailed discussion by another individual being assaulted by government military/Intel minions on color harassment, “neurolinguistic programming,”and COINTELPRO “gangstalking”.

9. PsyOps: The Little-Dog Brigade

Plethora of little white or grey dogs in your vicinity suddenly? The COINTELPRO/PsyOps folks seem to be infatuated with the little dog species. So if you see lots of men/women walking about with little dogs, particularly white or grey terriers/shih-tzus, that’s a tip-off that COINTELPRO is alive and well in your neighborhood.

10. PsyOps: Traffic Warfare

Have you noticed sudden, excessive traffic in certain areas and neighborhoods? You might also notice an increase in speed of the cars and SUVs and pick-ups suddenly pouring through your neighborhood, as if Madonna or David Beckham had just moved there (right next to you). Look for these: high speed of traffic, long traffic lights, rude traffic pull-outs constantly on roads in front of you, including directly from driveways, traffic cut-offs — someone in your line of traffic is a “Targeted Individual,” and once more, you too are being subjected to this COINTELPRO harassment. It Looks Plausibly Deniable, and that’s what they’re shooting for.

11. PsyOps: Police/EMS/Fire Presence

quincy police stalking

Police pulled into park parking lot in vicinity of a “TI”

Noticed an increase lately in the number of police cars with sirens and lights speeding about or stopped on roads and intersections? Often hear the scream of sirens fairly close to your neighborhood? It didn’t use to be this way, did it. Drugs, you’re told. Immigrants. Criminals! You’re not imagining that things changed overnight for they did. Our cities, towns, and suburbs are being converted into corporate police strongholds. No, there’s no Increase in Drugs, or Criminal Immigrants, or a sudden Increase in Crime in your previously-quiet town–there’s just an increase in Police cars speeding about, and ambulanceblaring their sirens, often for the benefit of the “Targeted Individual” but in the process noise-harassing everyone else in the vicinity as well. You might also notice an increase in ambulances, EMS, Fire trucks and vans zooming about and stopped/parked in public places–all of this, Plausibly Deniable stuff, is deliberate.

12. PsyOps & Smart Grid Construction


Endless Pointless Construction on Pine Street/Redoing Sidewalks/Aug 2015

Notice an increase in huge construction projects that seem to go on interminably, replete with huge trucks, noisome exhaust, high noise levels, and police presence? Have you wondered what the underground utilities are that are being refurbished? Is this part of the Smart Grid being constructed? (An underground network of electromagnetic sensors and equipment that can stop your car at will.) Large trucks, as noted earlier, conceal larger microwave ADSequipment, including Active Denial Systems, which can pump High-Powered Microwaves at a setting called Extreme Spread (all over the body of the “Targeted Individual”) from a distance.

Is this also part of the PsyOp of bringing construction trucks and smoke and smell and inconvenience into the vicinity of the “Targeted Individual” and his/her entire community? In Massachusetts, a policeman can be found at every construction site, small or large. (Wearing neon lately–and oh, don’t miss the Captain’s hat either these days–worn now, along with neon gear, also by school moms volunteering for cross-the-road Traffic duty.)

13. Neighborhood Warfare

Co-opted Neighborhood Stasi, Snitching, & Surveillance


Redshirted Neighbor Opens Noise Barrage with Power Tool to Clear Pristine Lawn


RedShirted Neighbor Rushes Out To Hammer Tiles on Long-Neglected Shed

Excessive noise harassment: If you’ve suddenly noticed an increase in loud saws, neighbors shouting at their kids, a sudden increase in neighborhood work on houses, sidewalks, streets with attendant loud noise, neighbors holding normal conversations at abnormally loud volume on street, a certain houseful of people constantly holding loud parties with loud music, you’re not imagining it: this neighborhood has been “radicalized” by a Fusion Center to engage in high volume harassment.

In my neighborhood, Noise Harassment by Neighbors is instigated–apparently by the instantly-acting AI-Network–when the operating Radio/Microwave Weapon-wielders in vehicles zipping up and down our street at high speed (and parking to “lock on”) are unable to “lock on” to my EMF signatures to irradiate me at ease–this is covered more fully in this earlier post.

14. Neighbors being pitted against Neighbors/Fusion center activity/Neighborhood Watch activity/Robotized Neighborhoods

Artificial-Intelligence Networked Info/Robotized Actions

If you’ve been co-opted to “co-operate in an investigation” of your neighbor, you have also been roped into an Information network where you get directions and information on your cell or other electronic device to engage in specific kinds of harassive or “monitoring” behavior that you are told is aimed to “deter” or “halt” or “modify” any incipient “terrorist” or “criminal” activity from your neighbor or community member, including color codes you are required to sport in your clothing while around the “TI”. If you have not yet been co-opted, but notice your neighbors spring into action at odd times to pull out of driveways, drive in and out, wear certain colors, or act in certain ways, you may be sure COINTELPRO has got them, and it’s probably coming your way soon, too. This is part of the Mass Control/Robotizing of Neighborhoods currently under way–everyone hooked into this network is essentially being commandeered by Artificial Intelligence centers to robotically harass and assault “TI”s in your midst. You can find your spine and say No to this distinct assault on your own individuality and sovereignty, please read this.

15. Character Defamation/Slander along with Gag Orders

Have you recently been shown a “file” on your neighbor/community member with supposed information about her or him, were you informed he/she is “under investigation” by the FBI/NSA/DHS? If so, you were also served with a Notice to Keep Secret all communications and notifications of investigation. This is part of the Defamation and Slander/Character Sabotage campaign being indulged in by these Intel operatives taking recourse in the Patriot Act/Freedom Act who are wrongfully investigating innocent Americans for no reason other than to create scapegoated individuals to investigate, while controlling whole neighborhoods around them, and consigning them without Informed Consent into classified Directed-Energy Weapons-testing programs. Please watch ex-FBI agent Mike German talking about this, a video included in this article.

16. Mass EMR Warfare

Have you noticed an extraordinary amount of people getting and dying of cancer in your neighborhood or community/people getting sick all the time/people getting all sorts of illnesses rather young–including Alzheimer’s, dementia, fibromyalgia, gallbladder, liver, and kidney issues, heart conditons, arthritis, migraines, infertility, MS, etc? Part of the Stealth operation with Directed-Energy weapons involves mercenaries pointing these invisible-radiation weapons at people in neighborhoods–some observers note this is happening all over the world. This is a Eugenics program, aimed at people who live alone, as well as at healthy men, women, and children–it is also part of the covert Mass Control experimentation programs going on. Where health is, disease is being created. Please see this video talk by Leuren Moret and Laurens Battis with Alfred Webre for more.

In addition, EMFS are being found to be carcinogenic. We are under assault today from cell towers, microwave towers, cell phones, routers, smart meters. See this report from Mercola.com on the dangers of EMFs.

Also, microwave pulses have been found to be pulsed into neighborhoods. See this report on chem trails which covers the nanotechnology sprayed in our atmosphere and this Carnicom Institute report, one of many, which covers ELF–extremely low frequency-pulses.

17. Chemical Warfare, Bio Warfare

chem trails8

Chem Trail From Plane Just Over my Neighbor’s Backyard Dissipating Into Fibrous Cloud/Pine Street, Quincy, MA/Aug 2015

The constant aerosols we are all subjected to are toxic and dangerous for all of us. Take a look around: chem trails and Haarped skies rampant above, especially on sunny days–which means not only is our air polluted, our sunlight is limited; dying trees and plants, with heavy attacks of fungus on trees; gardens that don’t grow; constantly sick kids; breathing difficulties in kids and pets; hyperactivity, screaming and shrieking, sudden “crazy talk,” odd, disjointed movements, amnesia and slow-to-develop mental skills in kids, allergies, sensitivities, breathing issues–all of these are related to the conductive nanotechnology carried in these aerosols and entering our bodies.

See this post for more on what’s in those chem trails we breathe everyday and that’s choking our plants.

Not merely chemicals and bio-weapons, but also nano-particulates, aiming to transhumanize/cyborg’ize us. See this Conscious Consumer Network video talk between medical researcher Desiree Rover and scientist and researcher Leuren Moret touching on all these subjects.

18. Immune System Warfare

Is an epidemic of insomnia sweeping the nation–or is it just in your town? How often have you found yourself being woken up at night, right in the middle of your dreams (REM cycles), by the sound of speeding cars or motorcycles outside, mobikesfairly close, or by rattling sounds, or whistles, or sirens--on a regular basis–this is not accidental. Coveys of motorbikes are indeed setting out on main roads in cities in the middle of the night, at specific times, coincident with the REM cycles of sleeping humans–midnight, and every few hours after that, right uptil morning–stay up one night and check. This is certainly the case in Quincy, Massachusetts. Who is orchestrating the forays of these sound warriors?

It is well-known that interrupting REM cycles–part of sleep-deprivation torture tactics–interrupts the restoring and strengthening of the immune system,which occurs at night.

Is this a deliberate attack on all our immune systems?

19. As vaccines are too–for vaccines compromise our immune systems.

See this Epoch Times article by Louise Valentine explaining how vaccines compromise the immune system. Also this article by Paul Fassa on Natural News explaining how vaccines lower immunity, although of course we have a gigantic allopathic system–with the CDC/NIH, etc.–in place making it their business to suppress all voices proclaiming the dangers of vaccines.

Vaccines continue to be an issue of contention, as more and more is revealed about the underhanded dealings to suppress studies and shred documentation attesting to the dangers of vaccines. Note for instance, the testimony by Dr. William Thompson of the CDC regarding how documents from studies finding correlations of vaccines with autism were destroyed, discussed in this video from Next News Network:

We Are Under Massive, Worldwide Assault

Well, this is not a comprehensive list. We are under assault today in the US, and worldwide, in so many ways–in our food, our water, our air, our very bodies. But not all of us know that this is a concerted, deliberate, many-pronged assault on us–the citizenry of the world.

What are we going to do about it? Awareness is the first step, action has to be the next. Whatever your skill-set, your specialty, please step forward, please assess, evaluate, for yourself, research widely, become aware, and act openly to resist.

We are all targets and victims of this Asymmetric Stealth Warfare–but we don’t have to assent to it. For our very survival–as humans–depends on what we each choose to do today, how we choose to live our lives–to accede to the blatant covert terrorism being unleashed on us, or stand up in clarity and resist it.We are literally being called to action, each and every one of us.

Each of us has a part to play, and our awakening is the first step.  Spreading the information and researching further could be good immediate next steps.

Leuren Moret‘s website, leurenmoret.info, is a good resource for more scientific information, as also Deborah Tavares‘ website, Stopthecrime.net, and Clifford Carnicom‘s website, carnicominstitute.org.

Please pass on the information as you find it, speak out, write, document, create petitions, write to Congress, speak out at City council meetings. We need all the help we can get to beat this extreme assault on humanity. Stay positive too: we need to move forward with absolute confidence.

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