Ethics in 2015 Sci/Tech

This page has been set up primarily to link to resources and report and document how ethics in 21st-century science and technology research is really barely existent today. There is a tremendous need to educate ourselves on what is going on, to question  and challenge, via FOIA requests, letters to editors, creating petitions, making public comment whenever possible, and speaking out in as many ways as we can.

Universities today willingly accept Military and Intel Agency funding to plough ahead with unethical weapons research and experimentation. Students and faculty at Universities willingly engage in unethical practices to “get ahead.”

Meanwhile, inventions and creations that come out of these research labs, many of them under black budgets and secrecy rules, promise to unleash extreme harm to individual bodies and brains, and in many cases, are already doing so, via covert and clandestine human experimentation. Harm to the environment is already underway, as in nanotech aerosol spraying and HAARP weather modification.

Mind Control, Behavior Control, and Robotizing Humans has become a fascination not merely of Intel agencies such as the CIA with their MKULTRA-extended experimentation, but also with the Military, who are funding social scientists, neuroscientists, and others, in open Universities and research institutions, and experimenting with massive projects such as mass-control of humans via electromagnetic radiation targeting whole areas, via HAARP arrays, ELFs, and other means.

Human subject experimentation is at an all-time high, all around the world, much of it covert. The Nuremberg Code of Ethics, the Hippocratic Oath, Informed Consent–all these lie in tatters today.

Is Bioethics as a field just a cover or front for some terribly unethical practices? Or are there some truly dedicated bioethicists horrified at what is going on?

Drug Research is being found to be a supremely corrupt field, as is Agricultural Research.

Please submit any resources–send email or comment–to be listed here that you know of.


Questionable Biological Research/Links to Recent Articles, News Reports & Analyses

Plague of Bioweapons Accidents Affects the US

Questionable Physical/Chemical Research/Links to Recent Articles, News Reports & Analyses

Organizations & Blogs Keeping Tabs on Research/Ethics



Petitions and Requests for Public Comment


One response to “Ethics in 2015 Sci/Tech

  1. I think everyone is being mind mapped through their cell phones. These mind maps are then made into mind clones. When we talk on the phone, it collects the neural network sequences are copied as we are thinking, during the entire conversation. These sequences and voice recordings can then be edited in the clone and re-uploaded via phone/signals to the brain.

    Emotional states can be altered and uploaded. Memories, programmed thinking, memories of feelings/ subconscious and unconscious mind state – all can be changed and re-uploaded.

    This is managed by a super-intelligent AI. These programs, files are being created constantly, and the person you think you are talking to may actually be the mind clone of the real person – or part real and part mind clone, as the conversation progresses. The Super AI is much faster – maybe 60,000 x’s faster at these changes than the human mind. Collecting it all is about making a realistic mind clone of everyone on the planet. Full control. Full replacement of real human to virtual human – at least by phone/media. No one will ever know.

    If people die, the memory can be erased about that person having ever existed. The pain of loss can be erased. If you are tortured, you will have it erased – the memories and the feelings, so you don’t get mad at the torturers. They get to torture with complete impunity. The AI is being made to do this all automatically, so only the person wanting the torture has to pay for it and it gets done, without human intervention.

    This is all being covertly tested on people because if people knew they would probably kill themselves. And it may be ultimately for killing anyway.


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