Ramola D: Personal Reports

Updated June 29, 2022 | Updated April 12, 2022 | Newer reports on the 2013-Present Day Assault and Battery by the US “Intelligence Community” and “Military Community” and “Law Enforcement Community” and “Homeland Security Community” and Luciferian Freemasonic Khazarian Venetian Nazi Jesuit Zionist British-Pilgrim-Society Mafiosi Criminal Syndicate in operation in the USA and worldwide

Created September 20, 2019

Index of reports on my personal experience as a writer and journalist reporting extrajudicial targeting, trafficking, and extremely unethical and inhumane non-consensual US Military/Intelligence/Industrial/Academic experimentation and C4ISR Directed-Energy Weapons/Remote Sensor Tracking & Testing/Multi-Domain Urban Targeting-and-Attack-Systems Spectrum Assault-Weapon crimes on my own person and many hundreds of others that I know of, deploying “Non-Lethal Weapons” (better labeled Spectrum Assault Weapons) and “Medical/Surveillance Monitoring” from November 2013, when I first became a wrongful target, and an apparent subject of virulent and nonstop Fusion Center, Military and Intel assault, to the present date. For the historic record, reported as experienced, every word true.

Suspected perpetrators: CIA, DOD, DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS, DIA, DARPA, Commonwealth Fusion Center, Boston Fusion Center, Massachusetts State Government, City of Quincy: Quincy City Government, Norfolk County Sheriff, US Airforce, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, Special Operations–and corporate contractors, such as National Grid, Verizon, Comcast, General Dynamics, as well as University and Academics working with above in unlawful behavior modification and neuro-thieving research, and numbers of local contractors, with a heavily Luciferian, Satanic, Freemasonic bent.

Locals (FBI & informants, local Freemasons) plant people on Terror WatchLists & run local terror operations (disguised as Neighborhood Watch) & COINTELPRO, the Federals, UN, International criminals (including FBI) engage in serious, no-holds-barred, military war crimes on them–with military weapons. Markers and alerts of “33” and P3 often suggest High-level Freemason Mafia are involved as well. Literally, that first dirty step of FBI informants/Freemasons putting people on watchlists and redlists leads to a free-for-all and massive, criminal human trafficking spree for torture-and-assault operations by multiple groups of agency, military, contractor, and Freemason/Luciferian/Satanist criminals. Attorney-Generals don’t stop these crimes (see letter & response below from Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, and letter to US AGO William Barr, not-responded-to), nor do Governors, nor do Presidents. All part of the Top-Crim-Club. Had I not been targeted by this sorry bunch, I might never have known they existed, nor learned what I know now: in cosmic terms, it seems they had been longing to make my acquaintance.

Dr. Rauni Kilde has stated she has learned that the perpetrators behind the worldwide targeting and covert assault of select whistleblowers, activists, writers, and natural leaders are: the New World Agenda people, the Star of David people–state of Israel/Mossad/Khazarian Mafia, and the “intelligence” agency criminals: CIA, NSA, FBI et al. Military and Freemasons–who might be part of the NWO agenda–are also definitely involved. This is a longstanding and ongoing War Against Humanity and Consciousness which targets those who stand out and those who speak out.

Ongoing Log: Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record: Note-April 11, 2022: This is only a partial log since it is very clear the CIA and DOD and FBI/DHS who are running these assaults are data-collecting for verification of their weapon-assaults and I have no desire to exist as a ready pipeline to offer data records for their nefarious purposes. Further, my observation from listening to many victim-accounts is that everyone who engages in intimate logging is being neurally-mapped at speed and being assaulted further with V2K and worse. Further, their use of hypergame theory and wargaming means they dish out more of the same when you record or report it publicly: I continue to experience this since I am reporting publicly all the time, but I do not need to report a blow-by-blow account of their atrocities, which continue 24/7, in a surround-sound fashion, which I report as I need to. Nor do I need to spend my life logging their every assault on a daily and nightly basis: the off-the-charts atrocity of 24/7 EMF assault, tracking, vibration, burning, microwave pulse-shotting, battery, smearing, swarming in public, harassment in public, noise harassment is negativity enough: I would far prefer to spend my time seeking out the positive things I can do and do them, which is what I do. As a writer, I am committed however to exposing these subhuman and inhuman atrocities, and report the assaults on myself as regularly as I can. For more, please see my occasional social media posts, letters, disclosure on video news reports and interviews, Substack reports, and other actions I am taking and continue to take to fully expose these crimes on my person–as also on others. Becoming an American State National as also doing a live-life-claim are part of these actions, I will write and speak more about these.

May 19, 2022: Note regarding April 12, 2022: Vital to note this page was updated on April 12, 2022, the day the woman from 153 Pine launched her Framing and quite Set-Up Slander in Public–which led to the events described here: Ramola D: Press Release, April 30, 2022: Neighborhood Watch Harassment & April 14-19 Section 12 Involuntary Psych Hold on Defamatory False-Claim: Police Crime & Police Retaliation for Truth-Journalism Much buzz at Carney Hospital indicated this page, the Weapons Used page, and the Bentley page in particular caused various parties to cry Fire! and scald their fingertips in desperation to enact Acts of War on me (their Crisis-Creation Section 12 on False Claims & Lies)–which they cast as such. I’ve temporarily taken those pages offline but will return them shortly 🙂 Heat or no heat, everyone has a right to record and document anything they want. Recording Facts and Truth, which is what I do, shouldn’t stop, just because the parties dishing out the carnage can’t bear being exposed. Quincy Police and the Mass Fusion Center can be assured I have reams to write on Harassment yet–Their Harassment. And we all know “Harassment” is a puny word for what’s being pulled off here.

Note-April 11, 2022: These personal reports should be seen in conjunction with the publication of my podcasts and articles (please examine the dates of my publications at my video and print platforms and social media) since the attacks on me are accelerated, intensified, and extended with their publication.

(Pausing my writing, reports or podcasts does not however stop these assaults which continue 24/7. Reporting the assaults intensifies the assaults. Not reporting the assaults continues the assaults. Silence, apathy, resignation, fatalism, surrender and self-censorship are being promoted and encouraged by these methods: obviously not something a writer such as myself is going to give in to.)

Note that the retaliatory nature of these assaults — also attacking my journalism — indeed seeks to silence my voice as it seeks to brutalize me physically to death. All of these attacks on my body — which began and continue on the basis of false allegations and falsified records, as evidenced by various neighbors exposing themselves, as covered partially here, and which expose the criminality to which the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOD, and DHS (and all federal, state government corporations and city and county govt corporations which support them) have sunk — seek to damage my health, disable me physically, destroy me psychologically and socially, destroy any possibility for meaningful organic relationship or friendship with anyone, including in my own family, seek to destroy all past friendships, assault me intellectually, damage me neurologically, handicap me in private and public, destroy my name, image, career, and profession, damage any possibility of me living an organic life in any capacity, pick up any kind of public work in my immediate social environs and neighborhood–such as return to the children’s art and creativity workshops I was running out of my home when first attacked by the FBI in Oct/Nov 2013, return to any kind of professional life such as my teaching at the college level, make a living as a journalist when I am massively shadowbanned online, return to my writing and publishing in literary fiction and poetry when I am massively rejected by the publishing industry, decimate me on every possible front really, and silence my voice, witness, testimonial, and speaking.

All of these attacks — which the City of Quincy and the State of Massachusetts Corporation have permitted — are therefore profoundly criminal, and all involved in these crimes against me are complicit in targeted harassment and assault on the level of Nazi atrocity. Short of blood and gore from knives and rifle-butts and rifles, but plenty of blisters, lacerations, burns, migraines, rashes, nausea, nanotechnology-assaults from 5G and 4G weapons, the use of Spectrum Weapons on my body–in tandem with all above–is no different than running a pogrom on Jews in a Warsaw ghetto.

Those targeted by the lunatics in the “IC” are being mauled to death in public view–with public participation: that’s the extent of the evil ongoing. Those using these human-hacking and human-molesting weapons have lost all notion of right and wrong and maul without pause: this should be clear sign of mental damage and abject psychopathy. All power to enact power like this on another should be removed from them.

August 27, 2022: Repeat Abuse from the Section 12 Lady Next Door, Using Her Entire Family This Time

August 7, 2022: Evidence of Intel/Big Tech Affiliations: Libel and Slander from Dr. Katherine Horton Propped Up in 2022 by Google/Alphabet/CIA/MI6, Microsoft/Gates, DuckDuckgo/Weinberg

August 2, 2022: Vibration Weapons, Heat Weapons, Noise Harassment, Helicopters & Drones | Weapons of War, Operated by Many, in Suburbia

June 29, 2022: Instruments of Revenge and Retaliation: Stealth Spectrum Weapons, the New Barbarism

June 21, 2022: Black Helicopters, Black Men in Black Outfits, Black Cars, Blackbirds and Smokers–All Post FOIA Request

May 18, 2022: Substack Post with Links to All Interviews Post the Quincy Police & Commonwealth Fusion Center Kidnap & Trafficking Operation: The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It’s Really Brought To Light

April 26, 2022: Chris Haskell Interview, April 24, 2022: “Ramola D The Incredible Independent Journalist Released from the Pen!”

April 24, 2022: Celeste Solum Interview, April 21, 2022: Locked up with Ramola D–Journalism, DEWs, No-Consent, Heart

April 12, 2022: Weapons Being Used on Me | Weapons Used on Me | Ongoing Report

April 11, 2022: City of Quincy Operates Microwave Weapons, Permits High Noise Harassment, Zoomers on Street, Drones in Sky, Parked Assassins, Compliant Vigilantes & Loony Flashing Lights Night and Day

March 28, 2022: About/Updated with summary of illegal-FBI/DHS-targeting assaults & how they began

March 27, 2022: Ramola D: Not a Warrior, A WRITER and Journalist

March 22, 2022: Revealing the Hidden Hand Leads to Instant Malicious Retaliation | Which Reveals Richard Lighthouse Connections to Intel #HiddenHand Criminals


Feb 12, 2022: Quincy City Clerk Queried Regarding Filing a Criminal Affidavit, Immediate High-Tech Assault After

Feb 2, 2022: Predator Drones and Microwave Hits: Hubris, Bullying, and Terror From Those Who Say They’re Quelling Terrorists

Jan 24, 2022: COINTELPRO Karen Stewart & Her Narrative of Cyberstalking

Jan 6, 2022: False Narratives, Falsified Records, Easy Lies to Legitimize Crime to Invoke Public Harassment: Trademark of Unlawful FBI Targeting

December 29, 2021 Local Quincy, Massachusetts Doctor’s Office Colludes to Conceal Medical Imaging Evidence of RFID on X-Ray, Signpost to Ongoing DoD/DOJ/CIA Energy Weapon Assault: Crime on Many Counts

December 7, 2021 Physical Assaults with Energy Weapons: A Barbaric FBI-CIA-DHS-DOD Construct Savagely Imposing Life Sentences on Select Truthtellers & Continuing Stealth Assaults with Impunity, Using Falsified Cover of Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Extremism

November 21, 2021 RAMOLA D: STATEMENT ON MY JOURNALISM | Post Slander Three years and counting of execrable slander, smears, and targeted defamation by CIA/MI5/Swiss Intel infiltrator “Dr.” Katherine Horton and NSA/CIA/FBI sleeper-agent-playing-whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart/Karen Stewart post working with both as human rights campaigners on a broadcast series, Techno Crime Fighters Forum, links to multiple articles exposing their horrific lies and slander here.

November 11, 2021 Smart-City Always-On Surveillance, Gestapo Jailer Neighbors, & Helicopter Harassment: Forget the Great Reset (to Global Communism), It’s Here Now

November 4, 2021 Hi-Tech Weapons Webinar | Nov 4, 2021: Celeste Solum Interviews Ramola D (on Targeted Individuals, DEW Tech, Neurotech, Covert-RF-Implant Tech: Abject DOD/DOJ/DHS/NSA/FBI/CIA Crimes Against Humanity)

October 22, 2021: Online Press Conference | Oct 15, 2021 | Exposing Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & AI-Cybernetic Torture, Bio-Neuro-Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity by Fusion Centers, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Local Govts, Universities, Research Institutions, Local Communities, Utility Cos., & Private-Party Criminals — My experience at ACLU Massachusetts in winter 2013/2014–being dismissed while reporting serious crime–included in my talk at this historic Oct 15, 2021 Online Press Conference on DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Torture, & Trafficking.

Sep 28, 2021 Extreme Assault on Writing Arm & Shoulder: Letters Sent to CIA and US Senate Intelligence Committee

Sep 13, 2021 Retaliation, Tailgating, EMF Battery in Massachusetts Following Candid Reporting on Toxins in the COVID Vaccines and Missteps by Mass. Dept. of Public Health & Mass. Commissioner, Education in Forcing Dangerous Masks & COVID Vaccines (Already Killing Kids) on Schoolchildren

August 10, 2021 Intensified High-Tech Crime & Harassment in Massachusetts: Attorney-General Maura Healey Once More Apprised

June 4, 2021 | Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano

March 16, 2021 Ramola D | A Note on Techno Crime Fighters Forum

March 3, 2021: Youtube Terminates Ramola D Reports After Bombshell Premiere of Alison McDowell Interview on the Greater Danger Facing People Worldwide Today: Full Spectrum Techno Enslavement via “Biosecurity” Games for Western Billionaires–Hedge Fund Gambling Built on Intrusive Bio Surveillance–Which MUST Be Stopped by all Humanity!

Feb 24, 2021 | Treasonous Betrayal–Local Govts in USA Permit Inhumane 24/7 Rape, Assault, Battery, Burns in Bio-Hacking Crimes by CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Military, Special Ops, UN with EMF Spectrum/Sonic/Scalar/Neuro Weapons Hidden as “Surveillance”: American Journalist Blows Whistle on Atrocities

Nov 23, 2019 | Ramola D: Demand Letter (1) to Attorney-General William Barr To Be Removed Instantly From Fraudulent Watchlist & All Associated Fraudulent Surveillance & State-Run Domestic Terrorism Programs Inclusive of Unethical Non-Consensual Military/Intel/Academic Brain/Other Experimentation

Sep 24, 2019 | Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

July 21, 2019 | Ramola D | Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults

August 25, 2017: Report 11: Ramola D Interviewed by Dr. Edward Spencer — Life and Background, Unlawful Targeting and Unlawful Surveillance

SHAMELESS TORTURE IN THE AGE OF ELECTRONIC WARFARE/Interview with Paul Marko/Pinecone Utopia/World Beyond Belief in late Feb/early March 2017 about the entire targeting scenario which began in late 2013, initiated by local Freemasons and Luciferians Sinead Walsh (now President of the Adams Montessori School Board) and Alexander Steffan, then President.

TESTIMONY OF CURRENT GOVERNMENT COVERT TORTURE AND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS/Washington’s Blog, March 2016: The first account published of the unlawful targeting I have experienced and still experience, was published in March 2016 by Carl Herman at Washington’s Blog, which has since closed down, and republished April 19, 2016 at Intellihub and From the Trenches World Reports.