Ramola D: Personal Reports

Updated December 29, 2021

Created September 20, 2019

Index of reports on my personal experience as a writer and journalist reporting extrajudicial targeting, trafficking, and extremely unethical and inhumane non-consensual US Military/Intelligence/Industrial/Academic experimentation and C4ISR Directed-Energy Weapons/Remote Sensor Tracking & Testing/Multi-Domain Urban Targeting-and-Attack-Systems Spectrum Assault-Weapon crimes on my own person and many hundreds of others that I know of, deploying “Non-Lethal Weapons” (better labeled Spectrum Assault Weapons) and “Medical/Surveillance Monitoring” from November 2013, when I first became a wrongful target, and an apparent subject of virulent and nonstop Fusion Center, Military and Intel assault, to the present date. For the historic record, reported as experienced, every word true.

Suspected perpetrators: CIA, DoD, DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS, DIA, DARPA, Commonwealth Fusion Center, Boston Fusion Center, Massachusetts State Government, City of Quincy: Quincy City Government, Norfolk County Sheriff, US Airforce, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, Special Operations–and corporate contractors, such as National Grid, Verizon, Comcast, General Dynamics, as well as University and Academics working with above in unlawful behavior modification and neuro-thieving research, and numbers of local contractors.

Locals (FBI & informants, local Freemasons) plant people on Terror WatchLists & run local terror operations (disguised as Neighborhood Watch) & COINTELPRO, the Federals, UN, International criminals (including FBI) engage in serious, no-holds-barred, military war crimes on them–with military weapons. Markers and alerts of “33” and P3 often suggest High-level Freemason Mafia are involved as well. Literally, that first dirty step of FBI informants/Freemasons putting people on watchlists and redlists leads to a free-for-all and massive, criminal human trafficking spree for torture-and-assault operations by multiple groups of agency, military, contractor, and Freemason/Luciferian/Satanist criminals. Attorney-Generals don’t stop these crimes (see letter & response below from Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, and letter to US AGO William Barr, not-responded-to), nor do Governors, nor do Presidents. All part of the Top-Crim-Club. Had I not been targeted by this sorry bunch, I might never have known they existed, nor learned what I know now: in cosmic terms, it seems they had been longing to make my acquaintance.

Dr. Rauni Kilde has stated she has learned that the perpetrators behind the worldwide targeting and covert assault of select whistleblowers, activists, writers, and natural leaders are: the New World Agenda people, the Star of David people–state of Israel/Mossad/Khazarian Mafia, and the “intelligence” agency criminals: CIA, NSA, FBI et al. Military and Freemasons–who might be part of the NWO agenda–are also definitely involved. This is a longstanding and ongoing War Against Humanity and Consciousness which targets those who stand out and those who speak out.

Ongoing Log: Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record

December 29, 2021 Local Quincy, Massachusetts Doctor’s Office Colludes to Conceal Medical Imaging Evidence of RFID on X-Ray, Signpost to Ongoing DoD/DOJ/CIA Energy Weapon Assault: Crime on Many Counts

December 7, 2021 Physical Assaults with Energy Weapons: A Barbaric FBI-CIA-DHS-DOD Construct Savagely Imposing Life Sentences on Select Truthtellers & Continuing Stealth Assaults with Impunity, Using Falsified Cover of Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Extremism

November 21, 2021 RAMOLA D: STATEMENT ON MY JOURNALISM | Post Slander Three years and counting of execrable slander, smears, and targeted defamation by CIA/MI5/Swiss Intel infiltrator “Dr.” Katherine Horton and NSA/CIA/FBI sleeper-agent-playing-whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart/Karen Stewart post working with both as human rights campaigners on a broadcast series, Techno Crime Fighters Forum, links to multiple articles exposing their horrific lies and slander here.

November 11, 2021 Smart-City Always-On Surveillance, Gestapo Jailer Neighbors, & Helicopter Harassment: Forget the Great Reset (to Global Communism), It’s Here Now

November 4, 2021 Hi-Tech Weapons Webinar | Nov 4, 2021: Celeste Solum Interviews Ramola D (on Targeted Individuals, DEW Tech, Neurotech, Covert-RF-Implant Tech: Abject DOD/DOJ/DHS/NSA/FBI/CIA Crimes Against Humanity)

October 22, 2021: Online Press Conference | Oct 15, 2021 | Exposing Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & AI-Cybernetic Torture, Bio-Neuro-Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity by Fusion Centers, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Local Govts, Universities, Research Institutions, Local Communities, Utility Cos., & Private-Party Criminals — My experience at ACLU Massachusetts in winter 2013/2014–being dismissed while reporting serious crime–included in my talk at this historic Oct 15, 2021 Online Press Conference on DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Torture, & Trafficking.

Sep 28, 2021 Extreme Assault on Writing Arm & Shoulder: Letters Sent to CIA and US Senate Intelligence Committee

Sep 13, 2021 Retaliation, Tailgating, EMF Battery in Massachusetts Following Candid Reporting on Toxins in the COVID Vaccines and Missteps by Mass. Dept. of Public Health & Mass. Commissioner, Education in Forcing Dangerous Masks & COVID Vaccines (Already Killing Kids) on Schoolchildren

August 10, 2021 Intensified High-Tech Crime & Harassment in Massachusetts: Attorney-General Maura Healey Once More Apprised

June 4, 2021 | Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano

March 16, 2021 Ramola D | A Note on Techno Crime Fighters Forum

March 3, 2021: Youtube Terminates Ramola D Reports After Bombshell Premiere of Alison McDowell Interview on the Greater Danger Facing People Worldwide Today: Full Spectrum Techno Enslavement via “Biosecurity” Games for Western Billionaires–Hedge Fund Gambling Built on Intrusive Bio Surveillance–Which MUST Be Stopped by all Humanity!

Feb 24, 2021 | Treasonous Betrayal–Local Govts in USA Permit Inhumane 24/7 Rape, Assault, Battery, Burns in Bio-Hacking Crimes by CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Military, Special Ops, UN with EMF Spectrum/Sonic/Scalar/Neuro Weapons Hidden as “Surveillance”: American Journalist Blows Whistle on Atrocities

Nov 23, 2019 | Ramola D: Demand Letter (1) to Attorney-General William Barr To Be Removed Instantly From Fraudulent Watchlist & All Associated Fraudulent Surveillance & State-Run Domestic Terrorism Programs Inclusive of Unethical Non-Consensual Military/Intel/Academic Brain/Other Experimentation

Sep 24, 2019 | Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

July 21, 2019 | Ramola D | Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults

August 25, 2017: Report 11: Ramola D Interviewed by Dr. Edward Spencer — Life and Background, Unlawful Targeting and Unlawful Surveillance

SHAMELESS TORTURE IN THE AGE OF ELECTRONIC WARFARE/Interview with Paul Marko/Pinecone Utopia/World Beyond Belief in late Feb/early March 2017 about the entire targeting scenario which began in late 2013, initiated by local Freemasons and Luciferians Sinead Walsh (now President of the Adams Montessori School Board) and Alexander Steffan, then President

TESTIMONY OF CURRENT GOVERNMENT COVERT TORTURE AND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS/Washington’s Blog, March 2016: The first account published of the unlawful targeting I have experienced and still experience, was published in March 2016 by Carl Herman at Washington’s Blog, which has since closed down, and republished April 19, 2016 at Intellihub and From the Trenches World Reports.