Cyberhacking to Remove Words, Add In Words, Project Ineptitude, Project Inability to Express, and Degrade Published Writing: IP Theft in Stealth

Report | Ramola D | October 21, 2023

Just noting here that clearly there are places in published text in my articles that have been tampered with, either by next-door neighbor Mossad/IDF hackers, DIA hackers, CIA hackers, AI hackers or by WordPress in-house saboteurs–despite all efforts to prevent same. All part of the intense targeted-for-takedown-of-reputation assaults in addition to actual physical assaults with EMF/neurotechnology I have faced for the past 10 years thanks to a complete breakdown in US government and civil society in Massachusetts, in the Boston area.

This post, I notice today, has clearly been tampered with. Efforts to save the post as is while fixing it have proved difficult as I am continually being hacked in real time. I am noticing this post here though, with the remark that this obviously is an important piece of journalism, absolutely no-one should be tampering with the text–and yet, they have. The importance of this report continues today, as I continue to look at the failure in principled contracting which is highlighted here, which has led to further harm against this writer by the very parties covered here:

FOIA Request Report: City of Quincy Holds a Partially Undisclosed Contract with Brewster Ambulance Services, Complicit in Recent Unlawful Psych Hold on Journalist Exposing Covert Operations in Quincy & World

Obviously, those who cyberhack reports of this nature have agendas of malice against this writer, and are engaging in IP theft in stealth.

I hope to address the tampered text shortly and will continue to list here any other articles I find tampered with.

This is obviously the kind of thing that points to Censorship of many kinds, including, it appears, the desire to further disappear and damage this Writer’s name as a writer. Noted, with regret: 9:44 pm.