Not Havana Syndrome, Not “Mental Illness,” “Star Wars” Might Be Closer to the Truth: Of Obvious DEWs & Neuro Strikes: A Whistleblower Racket

Report | Ramola D | November 16, 2023

Recently, it appears, (American we hope) John Kiriakou of CIA Torture Whistleblower fame ran a series of “Havana Syndrome” shows on his Top Secret podcast on Russia Today–a conundrum in itself–publicizing the term “Havana Syndrome”–a catchy term from the Mental Health, Psychiatry, and Secret Service crowd aiming desperately to keep Neuroweaponry and Radio Frequency High-Powered Microwave Weapon attacks on everyday citizens Top Secret–while continuing to play Journalist.

Agencies such as the CIA, NSA, BND, KGB, and others–covered by many previously–must have been gratified.

The years roll on, apparently, and all we hear from our “National Security” mechanism preserving our freedoms and protecting our liberties are Crickets.

John in fact made a gratifying mention of this species in his introduction to a recent show dated 28 October 2023 (one of those pictured above): “The US Government iniitally dismissed the symptoms as the product of Crickets. Yes, Crickets. And that is of course, ridiculous.” (I may have that quote wrong since it appears to have changed, in the last few days–as also the rest of the show, with much added imagery and chatter–as I marvelled at this introduction.) (The new one mentions the word “sinister” which is about right, in my estimation, in relation to the CIA, and the NSA as well, both on prominent display on this show.)

Crickets were covered assiduously by the New York Times, I recall.

I covered these Cover Attempts earlier here, at Substack:

Worldwide DEW & Neurotech Targeting and AI- Cybernetic Torture, Bio Neuro Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity By Fusion Centers Et Al

I don’t believe John Kiriakou–like most other journalists, worldwide, not in contact with this writer–attended that first, stellar Online Press Conference held on October 15, 2021 on Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting and AI/Cybernetic Torture, Bio-Neuro-Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity by Fusion Centers, nor the second, Conference II, on Worldwide Unethical DEW/Neurotech Targeting and Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation, held on October 22, 2022, reported here earlier, but then, neither did the New York Times. (Who don’t really cover Crimes Against Humanity.)

He does, however, do a good job playing Still-a-Spokesperson-for-the-CIA despite his long stint as In-the-Public-Eye-as-a-Righteous-Whistleblower, much like Edward Snowden, Bill Binney, and so many others. The CIA, I understand, is an exacting employer, which doesn’t quite let its whistleblowers go, as CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell has recently demonstrated, with a new batch of repeat-storytelling she may have been paid to storytell: my newer understanding of how Intelligence agencies operate is touched on here:

“This writer has increasingly been made aware over the years of the extreme strangeness of the so-called “Intelligence Community” in the USA through her interactions with and journalistic coverage of whistleblowers from various prestigiously-named agencies which apparently all seem to actually be filled with people idly entertaining themselves and others with various covers, stories, and lies.”

Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower | June 13, 2023

Merely asking, what is it about Whistleblowers from the Government agencies, really? isn’t enough anymore. Clearly they are a very special race, class, or species, unto themselves–and as explained to us once, many years ago, of the way terrorists apparently behave, of whom Intelligence agents seem to be the obverse half, they operate separately sometimes, in cells and conclaves. Yet none, it appears, are in actuality acting independently: a tragedy or a regrettable fact, either way you look at it.

Intelligence: A Disinfo Operation?

What Intelligence agencies are supposed to do has always remained an inscrutable mystery to most of us, especially those of us who’ve been relegated, I see, to the (Colorful) margin as Writers and Journalists so CIA whistleblowers like Kiriakou can Rise into the public eye through carefully constructed means, employing Time–an aspect of Reality NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney informs us is what Intelligence agencies seek honorably to work with:

“To project—or predict—Intentions and Capabilities of Adversaries or Threats—in advance, so you can actually do something to stop them and prevent them—That’s what Intelligence is supposed to do.”

–(Using Tragedy as an Excuse to Spy on Americans, The Whistleblowers, April 2023, Interview with Bill Binney by John Kiriakou)

Writing to John Kiriakou

I wrote to John Kiriakou once, in September 2016, at the time that he was awarded the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence award for 2016–an award also bestowed on NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake, in 2011, to whom I also wrote at the time. (Curiously, I live in the town now where Sam Adams’ ancestors hailed from–a “City of Presidents”–and I learn he too was CIA once, in the ’60s, and a whistleblower, on Vietnam, obviously a story there too, and insight into how the CIA-NSA-Media is constructed and operates.)

John Kiriakou was in the Press a great deal at the time, for his speaking out on “enhanced interrogation” Torture activities inclusive of waterboarding, by the CIA.

John Kiriakou at the Fort Collins Community Action Network, earlier named the Center for Peace, Justice, and the Environment, speaking about being Chief of Counter Terrorism in Pakistan, awakening to the fact of children being terrorized (by the CIA), learning and whistleblowing about the “CIA’s Torture Program” and “Enhanced Interrogation” including Waterboarding, and capturing and handing over Abu Zubaydah, projected as being inner-circle Al Qu’aida, in 2002.(Very sadly, Abu Zubaydah was thence “renditioned” to black sites in Europe, then sent to Guantanamo in 2006, and seems (despite Lawyers existing in Amerika) to have been incredibly insanely tortured for 21 years, as reported in May 2023 by The Guardian here–as a consequence of which the entire world understands the US Legal System has failed utterly, that he–and all held at Guantanamo–on “no legal basis for detention (as found by the 95th Session of the Human Rights Council, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, UN, 14-18 November 2022)” needs to be released immediately: a subject surely for further coverage by all human rights groups and true journalists, worldwide, as well as address by those at the Head of Governments, worldwide.)
Former Vice President of US Inc. Dick Cheney on May 13, 2018, Hollywood-whisper- confiding to journalist Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Insider he was all for Enhanced Interrogation–“I believed in it, I was heavily involved in getting it set up,” wouldn’t call it Torture, and admired it for the “Intelligence” it produced. This was 2 years after 2016, when John Kiriakou won the Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence award for his whistleblowing–(which turned out to be for, as reported by the Court/US Legal System revered by the New York Times, the reveal of an Agent’s Name), yet CIA-FBI Torture in its many guises was permitted to continue, a situation still calling desperately for change/

That September, Cait Ryan, a New England RN, and Karla Smith, human rights activists and seeming leaders among a small group of concerned Americans I knew–who were then working together (I thought) to expose the crimes of factions in the Military and Intelligence agencies using and secretly testing so-called non-lethal microwave weapons, space telemetry, radar tracking and other such among other forms of harmful non-consensual bio-neuro experimentation technology on civilians, service members and veterans alike–in other words, indiscriminately, on Americans–were planning to attend the awards ceremony for the 2016 Sam Adams award and I entrusted my letters to them. Cait Ryan had made the acquaintance of John Kiriakou, she had told me sometime, through writing to him when he was in prison, and was going to Washington to meet him and Thomas Drake along with Karla Smith, a trip I was invited on but could not make eventually, by reason of family obligations. As I recall, Cait Ryan encouraged me to write to both whistleblowers, offering to take my letters to them; I believe I was asked and responded as a journalist and prominent human rights awareness-raiser reporting government crime, as I (thought I) was known then in this group; my intent then (looking back now) may have been to apprise these two CIA and NSA whistleblowers somewhat of the nature of the technology crimes many had reported to me, and which it appeared certain Government agencies were then working overtime to conceal.

Writing to inform whistleblowers was also encouraged at the time by Australian writer and human rights campaigner Paul Baird, author of the website, who was then seeking to bring a few NSA, CIA, FBI and other whistleblowers together in a documentary or film to help reveal the overarching crimes of decades-long non-consensual brain, body, and life experimentation with remote-access stealth weaponry, inflicting essentially Torture, on both Americans and people worldwide.

SACHRP in May 2016: Talking about Protecting Humans While Pushing Ahead the Agenda to Strip all Protections from Humans

I was beginning to follow the doings of the SACHRP then–the Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Human Subject Research Protections–in its efforts to transform the Common Rule into an open door for unconsented-to human experimentation by the US Military and Intelligence (DOD/C5ISR) behemoth on Americans–already quietly permitted by both Intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice, having been only recently introduced, in 2014, 2015, 2016, through questioning US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research Projects, via the subject of FWAs (federal wide assurances), re-covered here recently, to the subject of Health and Human Services’s seemingly being involved–without revealing involvement–in the unlawful procurement, use, and exploitation of large numbers of (unlawfully) selectively targeted, terror-and-spy-listed people in the USA post 9-11.

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts/October 11, 2023

[This was perhaps part of the now-emergent long-game concerted push in the entire world of Health, via concoctions such as “Behavioral Health” and constructs such as Community Behavioral Health Centers to begin or continue to disappear human intellect, individualism, family in building NWO frameworks hidden these days under “Smart City” language and concepts of sustainability, resilience, sanctuary, and innovation. I did not know that then.]

I had learned there was tremendous public uproar over the intent to disappear Informed Consent in biomedical experimentation–among the group awakened to this possibility that is, since the SACHRP meetings in May 2016 were not open public meetings permitting open public discourse, nor were covered openly by the so-called Media, as a War might be, or the US Open, or the Coronation of a sudden King.

The public dissent therefore was near-disappeared.

My coverage of this subject at the time included notice of public comment and Cait Ryan’s and Karla Smith’s public appearances at the end of two SACHRP meetings in May 2016, as also Nola Alexander’s, Peter Rosenholm’s, Joan Dawson’s, Cassandra Lewis’s, reported here : No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities | Ramola D | July 17, 2016

These May 2016 meetings interestingly were aimed to disclose Public Comment, after the Period for Public Comment on the NPRM–the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), published in the Federal Register on September 8, 2015, and running a lip-service public-comment period for three months–closed on January 6, 2016.

Their testimonies and statements, powerfully moving, yet constrained to five minutes at the end of 3-hour NIH-Campus (Fisher’s Lane: NIAID) meetings which should have been nationally televised and nationally responded to, can be found here, in the last 20 minutes of each meeting: SACHRP, May 18 and May 19, 2016.

[These meetings were not well-publicized, and did not permit for open public or journalistic access. A query I sent SACHRP for further information prior to these meetings went unanswered. However, based on responses I had received then on FOIA request to the US Air Force, and ongoing research, I provided Kate Ryan with some information on human experimentation weapons-testing programs, which she included in her presentation. Regrettably, I was not able nor encouraged to make it to these May meetings myself. I did address the SACHRP Committee however, in a letter sent by email and fax some time later in September (included below.) Cait I recall asked then if she could share my letter with CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou, and also share it with NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe.]


I wrote then, to John Kiriakou and to Thomas Drake (letters below), requesting an interview, mentioning my coverage of Torture activities being indulged in apparently by various Defense and Intelligence agencies using the weapons of Electronic Warfare–counter-personnel energy neuroweaponry–and the danger of this continuing, via intended changes to the Common Rule permitting waivers for Intelligence and Justice, suggesting they might wish to investigate the matter further. My concern was both for the present and the future.


“In other words, these agencies—which group no doubt includes the CIA—are seeking carte blanche to conceal and cover any and all future experimentation on Americans, as well as, I presume, in this way cover any ongoing experimentation on Americans (or anyone else, worldwide, via Intel agreements), as perfectly normal, everyday Intelligence surveillance activities being conducted by these agencies, which they are under no obligation to divulge whatsoever, since of course all this activity will be classified and has to be hidden for the purpose of preserving National Security.”

–Letter to John Kiriakou, Ramola D, September 24, 2016

Not long after, John Kiriakou responded (letter below), not quite getting the import of what I was saying it appeared, suggesting that people reporting non-consensual experimentation might be “mentally ill” while also saying he had not heard of any such thing in his 15 years of working with the CIA.

This was rather crushing at the time, given our hopes to involve ethical whistleblowers in exposing the hidden crimes of over-reaching agencies of the US Government. Nevertheless, I wrote back, seeking to educate him further, as I passed on the letters also to Cait Ryan, Karla Smith, and Paul Baird, all of whom optimistically noted that perhaps we had sown a small “seed” one day to further blossom, while we each reminded ourselves this was a whistleblower who had been imprisoned for speaking out, and who had a young family–in other words, one not to be further imposed on really. Thomas Drake I did not hear from, but Cait Ryan assured me he might well write back later, given his being more fully engaged then in a doctorate he was working on. Neither agreed to an interview. John Kiriakou did send me on a note he had sent Cait Ryan and Cait told me she had assured John I “wasn’t mentally ill”–making me wonder how on earth Mental Illness had entered the conversation in the first place.

Why are Reporting Victims of Crime Referred to as “Mentally Ill”?

Of course, it appears John Kiriakou is using this term of reference now on his shows featuring the more than fraudulent Spychiatry-Invented “Havana Syndrome”, including in an unusual question aimed at former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney revealing more of his own leanings–or being-dragged–into the frantically Fabricating world of Psychiatry: “…in many cases they’re mentally ill. But in many cases they are legitimately suffering from something—and they have the MRIs and the CAT Scans to prove it. Is it possible to differentiate between people who need to be medicated and people who are suffering as a result of something electronic?”

[Is John Kiriakou a secret “Psychiatrist”–much like DOD/CIA neuroscientist James Giordiano, who has rushed out to get an “Adjunct Faculty” position in “Psychiatry”? (James Giordano’s new self-reporting bio here: Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics/June 28, 2023]

The Mythology-of-Mental-Illness being applied as Central Cover to conceal reports of electromagnetic/acoustic neuroweaponry use on the populace has been surfaced in many of my articles before and since, including:

United States of PsyOps: Call Them Paranoid. Call Them Delusional. | June 14, 2016

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers | October 22, 2018

Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies” | May 21, 2015

Failure-To-Report-Crime | The Chicago Sun-Times Debacle: Neil Steinberg, Ella Free, David LaPorte, Ph.D, and the Ruthless Tearing-Down of All Reporting Unethical US Mil/Intel/Medical Experiments and Political Persecution Operations with Neuro/Bio/Energy Weapons as Delusional, Paranoid Schizophrenics Enjoying a “Mass Delusion” | September 10, 2019

It’s true, I’ve lost faith in Whistleblowers, and in human rights activists who have pursued prominence as leaders while disappearing and discrediting others, engaging in both overt and subtle actions of COINTELPRO. “Handling” and “Containment” come to mind when I look back at conversations and communications, sudden apprisings of Public Comment deadlines at Health agencies, slow actions and exhortations to non-action. CIA and NSA whistleblowers–looking back at a long list of them (many of whom can be seen listed as Sam Adams awardees here)–seem to be artifacts of the CIA and NSA, primed to “reveal” while in fact aiding to Conceal.

Looking back on these 2016 emails with several others I thought then were as keen to raise awareness of the incredible human rights abuses engendered by the US Military, Security, and Intelligence factions, I have become aware there is possibly a story to be told here–perhaps the only story left to be told here–in the rise and Intelligence-engineered fall of promising public reportage of US Inc.– now US World Inc.– crimes committed in the name of National Security. But it is National Security which is compromised when taxpayer-paid, citizen-elected bodies turn their sophisticated New Age weaponry on the innocent, trusting populace–millions, worldwide–to destroy our lives.

It’s taken me many years–and re-watching these SACHRP meeting videos–to figure out something others probably know very well, working as they might Inside the NDA, NSL, Lie-to-Deceive world of Agencies, Forces, Services et al: Those who occupy positions in the Spotlight are inevitably Supported, or, more accurately, brought to where they are by intent; there are no “accidental” whistleblowers or activists or journalists permitted to rise to the fore at any time, they are all part of a well-oiled mechanism both bolstering extant Covert agencies and endless Covert Crime, or in other words: The CIA is/in the Whistleblower and the Whistleblower is/in the CIA. As also the NSA, probably–and yes I’ve had some first-hand experience there too, as also with (mysterious) European Royalty/MI5/Swiss Intel/BND–and I’ll have to examine other aspects of this “Government” scenario another time.

Letters: Revealing National Security Crimes

My letter to John Kirakou, September 24, 2016:

The Writer’s bio I enclosed:

The Letter to the SACHRP Committee, September 9, 2016, I sent links to:

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou’s first response to me, September 27, 2016:

Conversations regarding this response with Cait Ryan, Paul Baird, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

My first letter back to John Kiriakou, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

John Kiriakou’s second letter back, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

My second letter back, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

Conversation post that letter with Karla Smith and Cait Ryan, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

Note back from John Kiriakou, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

My last response to John Kiriakou, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

[Open Season on Targets was eventually published, and can be found here:

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up | December 3, 2016]

Conversation around that thread, with ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart, Saturday October 8, 2016:

Conversation regarding John Kiriakou and the CIA in general, with Paul Baird, Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

Sudden Hollywood, CIA Stars, and a Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey

A few months later, in mid-2017, further discussing Paul Baird’s idea of bringing whistleblowers together for a film, there was some talk (shockingly enough) of John Kiriakou having won some kind of deal in Hollywood to scriptwrite or produce a series based on “TI”s or “Targeted Individuals” (whom he didn’t believe existed or leaned on a corrupt APA to call Mentally Ill).

I have no idea what transpired on that score beyond that point (emails below), but there was another rather large scenario unfolding around us at that time–or rather, failing to unfold, and that had to do with a much-vaunted and early-publicized Global Survey of “Targeted Individuals” (Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey Launched Under the Peerless Direction of Top NSA Whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe/June 30, 2017) no-one was given enough information on, and which the probably Pharaonically (CIA/CFR?)-appointed leaders chose not to include me on, either as colleague or journalist, for reasons still unknown to me, while succeeding also in failing their target audience. There is a story to be told here too, and while I have reported in an ongoing way as information came my way, I do not have all the pieces of that puzzle–Was it Racism sent my way then, was it part of the Infiltrator-run support-group scenario crushing the work of the only Journalist working in this area then still, was it something else?

[Ella Free, Katherine Horton, and Techno Crime FIghters Forum all came along right when my print journalism, public reportage, community work, and public awareness-raising were becoming more visible. There were several attacks on my work, family, name, and life inclusive of the tremendous one from my daughter’s public school Principal Richard deCristafaro and Vice Principal Susan Shea Connor of Central Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts in 2018, reported here: Ramola D/Public Exhibit: Investigative Journalism is Not “Untreated Mental Illness”. Excluding my work (and myself) entirely, the group “Targeted Justice” was formed, selectively refusing to recognize my reportage. And after that, when unanticipated implosions began to occur on group email lists, there appeared to be a concerted effort by many on the inside to target me in particular for extended Defamation and Slander and disappearance from both insider groups and the public eye by the Intelligence role-player and a former Techno Crime Fighter Forum colleague Katherine Horton, and thereafter, even more inexplicably, by the then-known-as NSA Whistleblower and also former Techno Crime Fighter Forum colleague whose accounts of extended targeting I had covered extensively, ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart.]

The Global TI Survey was never properly reported, by those who set it up and ran it. At the time that it was closed, in October 2017, I published what information I was given, which pointed to a very small number of participants in the survey: Global TI Survey Update: Survey Now Closed. A note from Karla Smith in May 2018 reminded a larger group “the primary focus of the survey was to gather medically diagnosed symptoms, and other symptoms/descriptions related to what each person has experienced in their own words and without any expectation of the results.” (“Symptoms” as central has always been problematic to me–as my questioning of Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe at the inception conference call for this Survey notes–as indeed the term “Targeted Individual” as well.) My requests in 2020 for an interview with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe which went unanswered at the time were thwarted, I was given to understand later, by Katherine Horton engaging in rather obvious defamation and slander, which NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe alerted me to, as reported here earlier: Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed/Jan 2, 2021.

I was fortunate to be able to interview with NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe later, who sought to further clarify the nature of the false-representation and false-light defamation activities conducted against me by Katherine Horton prior. One NSA Whistleblower at least could discern the truth I have taken pains over time to establish online.

Regarding that survey, perhaps John Kiriakou, Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Kate Ryan, and Karla Smith will enlighten us further one day. I do know that there was great drama surrounding the logistics of submitting the “evidence of the crimes”–medical records, photographs and so on–yet NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe told me five years later during the time of his interview with me on July 14, 2021 he did not see any evidence, that is, he apparently wasn’t given any. This was an important interview, and gave insights into how the NSA functioned back in the ’70s and what has occurred now, in terms of fall-away of Intelligence oversight and inability to constrain full-spectrum Surveillance Data collection and analysis while permitting all kinds of human rights abuses:

NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Discusses NSA/FBI Spying, Surveillance, Persecution of Targets and Advises Americans to Stand Up to Return Ethics & Morality to Corrupt Governments

The phenomenon of “support groups” being Intelligence and Military-created which I have understood only over the years and reported here (The Hidden Hand: How NSA, CIA, DHS, and FBI Collude to Keep Victims of their Top Secret (Yet Well Known) Extremely Inhumane Neuro/DEW Experimentation and Operation Crimes (under Cover of Surveillance, Community Policing, Counter Terrorism) Unheard, Unseen, and Powerless for Decades–Installed Support Orgs and Groups, Installed Intel Plants) I did not know then was in operation among certain groups of people I was closely working with and whose work in public reportage I supported.

Meanwhile, here are a few snippets of the conversation on CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou’s new opportunities on a platter:

My then letter (September 24, 2016) to NSA Whistleblower, Winner of the Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence Award for 2011, Thomas Drake, is here:

Whistleblowers and Intelligence Operations

While reading around this subject as I wrote this article, I came across John Kiriakou’s article in Scheerpost, a site I had never seen before–but clearly one which explains much: John Kiriakou: Havana Syndrome — Paranoia or Reality?/April 28, 2023.

Perhaps the rest of Amerika/America can figure out the extent of the irony here–or convolution in Cover–in a CIA Whistleblower playing Journalist turned Fiction Writer and Screenwriter using in Fiction the very subject he has denied to those reporting obvious military-intelligence-police-private-sector crime to him.

Perhaps America and the world notices also the sad irony in reporting Torture–on a very large scale, using very sophisticated military weaponry, developed now over more than 20 years of weapons-testing on people since 9/11 and over more than 50 years prior, probably since the institution of the National Security Act in 1947 which created the CIA, and involving all branches of the US Military (and other Militaries) and the Department of Justice (as reported here often)–to military and Intelligence whistleblowers who themselves cannot speak of what they may know or have awareness of thanks to NDAs (non disclosure agreements) and relationships of different sorts sealing their silence.

But is the CIA all the Media we have? “Havana Syndrome” as a term many people have now come to think may be about “mysterious weaponry” yet it is very obviously a fraudulently-tagged “Syndrome” involving the repressive use of Police-Dog Psychiatry.

This should be absolutely Unacceptable to the entire Thinking, Reading, Educated world.

The Cover of “Targeted Individuals” being presented by the CIA-Media as “Mentally Ill” with serious problems of Paranoia needs to be dropped. The Facts of unlawful targeting, abusive human rights violations by fusion center agencies and contractors, the use of extreme-abuse remote-access stealth neuroweaponry, electromagnetic and acoustic, and covertly-implanted radio telemetry–RFIDs, MEMs, BCI-CBIs, Neurostims, the approval and protection of AI, Brain and Pain experimentation and abuse by numerous agencies in a Techno Holocaust which needs complete exposure and complete termination need to be known.

Yet it’s that, the whole spectre of Mythology in Process of Creation as Mythology which John Kiriakou ironically seems to stand for–chronicling as he does this process in his well-linked History of the False Narrative of Havana Syndrome, elaborate and absurd, not unlike the storylines of the Christopher Steele Dossier, or the base mythologies of 9/11 having been run by mythical Muslim men from Arabia, while some have been captured and endlessly tortured for false confessions at Guantanamo as he himself chronicled in September 2023 at Consortium News here–which should be seen as the most disheartening, for it helps perpetuate Lies in a fast-awakening world.


In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?/March 26, 2015

2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare

Washington’s Blog: The American Public Informs President Obama’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues About Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation in the USA Today/March 13, 2016

Ramola D/Intellihub News–(Updated) Psychologists Urged to Examine Complicity in Supporting Abusive Systems of Torture in U.S. Criminal Justice System and Covert Government Programs/April 20, 2016

Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America to Expose Covert Targeting and Neuro-Experimentation Program/May 23, 2016

No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities/July 17, 2016

Censorship, Lies, Deception: WIRED Removes Writer’s Comment Exposing DOD/CIA Crimes at Laura Yan’s POPPCon (Psy Op Propaganda Piece) for the Deep State/March 7, 2018

Failure-To-Report-Crime & False-Reality-Construct | #Media POPPCon | 60 Minutes/CBS/Sep 1, 2019: “Targeted Americans: Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government”/September 4, 2019

Failure-To-Report-Crime | The Chicago Sun-Times Debacle: Neil Steinberg, Ella Free, David LaPorte, Ph.D, and the Ruthless Tearing-Down of All Reporting Unethical US Mil/Intel/Medical Experiments and Political Persecution Operations with Neuro/Bio/Energy Weapons as Delusional, Paranoid Schizophrenics Enjoying a “Mass Delusion”/September 10, 2019

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996/January 30, 2020

“MK ULTRA on Steroids”: Dr. Robert Duncan Reports On Today’s Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, and The Need For Change/February 24, 2020

TechnoGate for Targets: New Intel Gatekeepers NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe?/May 17, 2020

Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People/May 5, 2021

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed/January 2, 2021

NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Discusses NSA/FBI Spying, Surveillance, Persecution of Targets and Advises Americans to Stand Up to Return Ethics & Morality to Corrupt Governments/July 19, 2021

Extrajudicial Targeting Technologies (Weapons Use/Tests/Abuse) — Biometric Surveillance, Non Lethal Weapons, Neuroweapons

Blueleaks FBI Bulletin Surfaces COINTELPRO and Seeks to Criminalize the Illegally FBI-Targeted/January 17, 2022

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts/October 11, 2023

Documentary Evidence of Mil/Intel/LE Crimes

Public Disclosure By Military/Intelligence Whistleblowers on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today/May 18, 2023

Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons/September 21, 2023

“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)/October 24, 2023

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS)–Acoustic, Radio Frequency–Sought by the Department of State for “Protection” of Diplomatic Mission Compounds/October 29, 2023

Information Sought on Calls, White Papers, Proposals and Human Rights Responsibilites & Protections from US AFRL on Announcement of New Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER)/November 5, 2023

Information Sought on Calls, White Papers, Proposals and Human Rights Responsibilites & Protections from US AFRL on Announcement of New Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER)

Report | Ramola D | November 5, 2023

A request for information was sent in by this writer via email and a Freedom of Information Act request seeking further information on the nature of calls, white papers, and proposals as well as human rights responsibilities and protections to be provided under any new DETER proposals accruing from the call for proposals and white papers made on the open ARA–Advanced Research Announcement–reported here earlier.

“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

DETER stands for Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research and seems to encompass both heavy-duty DE weapons systems as well as tech-transferred systems and new technologies envisioned for future use in a variety of spaces inclusive of Public Safety, Public Health, and others.

Information Sought on Technical Proposals, Ombudsmen, Human Rights Responsibilities and Protections

The Importance of Informed Consent

The hope always in querying the US Air Force for further information especially on technical proposals and on ombudsmen, human rights responsibilities, protections, and enforcement of same is to ensure all Americans and citizens worldwide are equally protected in all ventures undertaken by the Air Force including in experimental research and no waivers of Informed Consent are made in any form of experimentation involving human subjects. Perhaps this will narrow the field of programs used or being contemplated for future use, but surely all civilians, active military services, and veterans in this country and worldwide will agree their, their children’s, family’s, friends’, grandchildren’s lives and bodies and brains are sacrosanct, and not to be experimented on remotely by anyone under any aegis, any “authority,” without consent.

“Vulnerable” and “Unable to Consent” populations in particular–as maintained in extant categorizations which require human rights questioning and change–would need to know how exactly their rights and privileges as human beings and lawful persons are being protected. The notion of “Unable to Consent” as well would need closer scrutiny, both in these forums and others, including that of Psychiatry, whose intrusion into human subject experimentation, curious at best, needs open address and ending.

Protections for Animal Subjects, Countermeasures for Humans and Animals in Experiments in Interests of Providing Remedy at All Times

Information on countermeasures to Directed Energy technologies, always necessary to include in any scientific experiment conscious of needing to provide Remedy–a particular interest of Government–is also being sought. Information on protections also for animal subjects, along the same continuum of human subjects, in the case of Bio-Safety and Bio-effects testing is sought.

Human rights, animal rights, and animal protection advocates, activists may also wish to query the US Air Force for further information.

Air Force Research Laboratory/Directed Energy Directorate, Experimental Development, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Requests were made to the Air Force Research Laboratory, named as the sub-command and responsbile institution on this ARA–Advanced Research Announcement–which also names the Directed Energy Directorate associated with the AFRL. Also named is Kirtland Air Force Base as site of development: “Federal Agency Name: Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy, Phillips Research Site, Kirtland AFB NM (AFRL/RD).”

While further detail on this announcement is under enquiry currently, it appears that this research announcement is part of a larger Defense project to engage contractors and industry heads as per the “Product Service Code: AC33 – National Defense R&D Services; Defense-related activities; Experimental Development.”

The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code on this announcement is 541715, which is listed as “Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)”. The NAICS page for this code offers further insight into the breadth and depth of this research initiative:

“Place of Performance” on this contract opportunity is stated to be Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Given the seemingly immense scope of the DETER announcement, all details of intended projects may be of interest to all in local governments, cities, and counties. Those aware of Directed Energy experimentation projects run by the US Air Force and concerned about human rights protections for all may wish to also peruse the ARA announcement further and question the AFRL for further information or stay tuned for any further information from the AFRL as provided here. [Links to obtaining any and all FOIA-provided information to this writer will be posted.]

Requests posted below, and to be maintained further at the ECC-FOIA log, under continuing construction.

FOIA Request for White Papers, Proposals, Calls, Notification of Calls, Requests for Proposal and Other Solicitation DETER Documents, November 3, 2023

Earlier, information was also sought on presentations and talks at the DETER Industry Day conference held in New Mexico at Kirtland Air Force Base on October 19, 2023. All FOIA requests may be followed at the ECC-FOIA log, to be updated as information comes in.

FOIA Request for Overview Presentation and other DETER Documents, October 24, 2023


“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS)–Acoustic, Radio Frequency–Sought by the Department of State for “Protection” of Diplomatic Mission Compounds

RAE (Report Analysis Op-Ed) | Ramola D | October 29, 2023/Updated November 2, 2023

Compound defense systems aiming to employ “Less than Lethal” technologies to secure the compounds of diplomatic missions worldwide are being sought in a new call for proposals by the US Department of State, citing international threats to diplomats.

“Systems of interest include, but are not limited to acoustic, radio frequency (RF) energy, static energy, chemical, pressurized water, food-grade irritant, laser, fog, foam, and others not identified herein.”

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

Less than Lethal technologies inclusive of Acoustic Neurotechnologies, Radio Frequency (RF) Millimeter wave, infra-red, and magnetic surveillance and metal detection systems have been acknowledged by DARPA and the National Institute of Justice to have been developed and tested in the United States of America, overtly or acknowledgedly from 1994, according to declassified document reports released by DARPA in 2018 including this one, covered here earlier:

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

These are counter-personnel technologies, specially aimed at people.

They are also the very kinds of technologies avidly denied by the CIA, mainstream media, and Intelligence agencies worldwide, all rushing to name reporters of such technology-use on them “mentally ill.”

Kept secret for many years, rolled surreptitiously into police arsenals worldwide, tested by NATO and the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, in numerous weapons-testing programs which mainstream media just forgot to cover, and surfaced continuously here, including here and here, “Less than Lethals” are apparently now being nudged as extant into plain view by strategists and arms manufacturers revolved-well-into the US Government via publication of contract opportunities such as this, as if desirable, and necessary. Where is the Human Rights arm of the Department of State or GAO or the Pentagon to keep such contract opportunities in check?

Is the Bureau of Diplomatic Security the Global FBI?

(To Be Further Investigated)

The “Bureau of Diplomatic Security,” a police arm of the Department of State reportedly responsible for the protection of 275 State Department missions, is keen to “detect and mitigate terrorist threats to American lives and facilities” and is now “developing innovations in security training, cyber security, and physical security engineering.”

Checking the Department of State website briefly, one finds the US Govt has become the British Empire by stealth and is sending missions to UN and NATO bodies, all corporations, in regions apparently formed by the Club of Rome and Bilderbergers’ Agenda 21 UN in inexplicably intricate ways involving Mens-Club Diplomatic mayhem:

DOS Facilities and Areas of Jurisdiction

[Screenshotting stopped by obvious Cyberhacking–possibly Data Interception from a British Bureau zooming up and down outside.]

(All emphases below in quotes mine)

“As the law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy.  DS is the most widely represented U.S. law enforcement and security organization in the world protecting people, property, and information at 275 DOS missions around the globe.  Every U.S. diplomatic mission operates under a security program designed and maintained by DS.  To achieve its mission, DS is a leader in detecting and mitigating terrorist threats to American lives and facilities, mounting international investigations, and developing innovations in security training, cyber security, and physical security engineering. 

To promote the safe conduct of U.S. diplomacy, the Directorate of Security Technology (DS/ST) deploys agile TSSs to match emerging threats.  ST employs courageous professionals and insightful leadership to accomplish this mission at operating locations worldwide.  The Office of Facility Security Engineering (DS/ST/FSE) develops, supplies, installs, and maintains TSSs to help ensure a safe and secure environment.”

—-Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

Disappearing Testing Operations While Revealing Them

It appears therefore that the long Cover race to simply roll these electromagnetic, acoustic, and other named-as-less-than-lethal weapons systems into use bypassing the requisite public comment and review process and not quite discussing the pros and cons and in fact inhumane aspects of using Radio Frequency technology on people’s bodies–ignoring the numerous reports of absolute torture, cruelty-in-use, abusive and inhumane effects (masked in Air Force, Navy, Army language neutrally as “bio-effects”) from all scientists, whistleblowers, journalists, authors, physicians, everyday reporters of this weapon-use on their bodies, disappeared as “Targeted Individuals” [a CIA-CFR term for Acceptable Pariahs in Democratic but Secretly Communist-Nazi States probably invented by Machiavellian Psychiatrists-playing-Pharaonic-Prison-Guard (Knighted by the Pope and Venetian Black Nobility both)]–has resumed.

“The current international environment presents significant challenges for the conduct of U.S. diplomacy abroad with terrorist attacks and civil unrest directed at U.S. diplomatic facilities even in friendly countries.  Moreover, DOS increasingly finds itself conducting diplomatic missions not only in combat zones supported by the U.S. military, but also in failed states where terrorism is an ever-present fact of life.   

To defend its compounds against intruders and other unauthorized activities, the DOS employs a tiered system of physical, technical, and personnel security measures.  The tiers start outside the perimeter walls and end within the secured spaces of the compound, with each tier adding to the overall defense.  Some of the security measures are intended to deter, detect, and delay perpetrators of hostile or clandestine acts, and to provide notification and response time for security personnel; others are intended to suppress or disable potential attacks.

Scope of Services: A future potential contract is expected to encompass companies with subject matter expertise in LTL compound defense systems, and in identifying commercially available systems and components; also, emerging technologies that meet crowd control and deterrence requirements

LTL Compound Defense Systems:  DS currently employs several legacy LTL compound defense systems.   TDB requires identification of new and/or emerging LTL technologies that may, or may not, be presently commercially available.  These technologies should offer improved performance and new/enhanced capabilities to meet DS’s LTL requirements. 

Respondents are encouraged to respond to individual system categories.  It is important to note that a respondent does not need to have a solution for every system category mentioned in order to submit a response.

If a requirement cannot be met in full, the respondent shall state as to what extent a particular requirement can be met.

TDB is not interested in fences, walls, barriers, or turnstiles as part of this RFI/SS.

Systems shall not use an explosive charge to deploy irritants.

Systems of interest include, but are not limited to acoustic, radio frequency (RF) energy, static energy, chemical, pressurized water, food-grade irritant, laser, fog, foam, and others not identified herein.”

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

“Others not identified herein” as well as the languid construction of this sentence, typical of much militaryspeak, suggests possibly ledgersful of undisclosed patents and systems. Over 5000, by Paul Baird’s estimates from a couple decades ago, as noted in his website, possibly double to triple that now. “Such is the extent of US National Security law that over 5,000 classified devices are currently covered by the US Inventions Secrecy Act.”–Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: Covert Oppression Using Classified Technologies

[Others have been disclosed, patents for stealth neurotechnologies like methods for altering consciousness exist, corroborating reports from the field of their use, but because what appears still to be called The Press doesn’t cover any of it, they are neither known nor tracked; as a consequence, the industry has expanded.]

Systems of Interest Intending Further Expansion of Dubious Military Tech into Daily Commerce

“Food-grade Irritants”: Does this imply Slight Poisons exist, and are acceptable, as “Diplomat/ic mission defense?”

“Static Energy”: Might this refer to Standing Waves/ELFs necessary for scalar radar transmissions, and acoustic spy technologies such as Synthetic Telepathy using AI neural network mapping?

“Chemical, Laser, Fog”: Possibly aerosol-induced, large scale DE-run?

Clearly, a whole industry exists now, as “commercially available systems” imply, and a whole new generation of continued expansion, development, and further weapons-testing of these so-called Less Than Lethals is being planned here, as also by the intended DETER efforts reported here, all apparently to protect Diplomats–the sons and daughters of fabled bloodline AristoCats steepling fingers as they stumble out of Cobalt 3-2-2 coffins in Yale and Princeton dorms and reach for virgin bloody-marys to return to their Cover lives of covering up Daddy’s daily LTL, NLW, IFC Crime against the citizenry, perhaps?

November 2, 2023/Note: The DOS Less Than Lethal Defensive System Requirements Matrix document provided as an attachment to the published Less than Lethal contract opportunity announcement was repeatedly frozen out as I sought to access and examine it for commentary and possible posting here the day of publishing this article. What this document confirms is that Less than Lethal systems have now reached the level of COTS–Commercial Off the Shelf–systems, they are intended to be electrical and electromagnetic in nature, they have a software component, they are required to be installable outdoors as well as indoors, employ concealment for “low visual impact” and clearly are weapons systems intended to impact the human body.

These are Human Control Weapons Which Need to Be Stopped

“Less than Lethal” weapons as “Non Lethal Weapons” as “Intermediate Force Capabilities” as “Counter Personnel Directed Energy Weapons,” all Cover for Neuroweapons, Nerve Weapons, Microwave Weapons, Acoustic Neuroweapons, Radar Guns, and Conducted Energy Police Weapons–now extending further into Public Safety, Public Health, “First Responder” EMS, Homeland Security, and “Behavioral Health” vibrational and pulse-wave technologies, all for Behavior Modification–have been and continue to be used in acts of terrorism against the citizenry in the name of “counter-terrorism” in “Operations Other Than War” as the famed but unrevealing Reno-Deutch memo from 1994 implicating both the DoD and the DOJ has documentedly permitted.

This essentially means we are being Warred-On, and have been, for a long time. People occupying elitist niches they’ve reserved for themselves alone [“Thinking belongs to Us Alone”] need to start speaking out about this invisible Human Control Electromagnetic Radiation and Sound Weaponry in every arena of their conceptualization, development, manufacture, testing, and operations. [Weaponry I’ve been cautioned against speaking about for a decade (of speaking) now, by those clearly inside this rigged power game–and yes, as an unfortunate First-Line Trench Cowerer here, I’ve been pulse-struck with neuroweapons and energy weapons as I write.]

The full solicitation posted on October 23, 2023 may be found here.


“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

Brief RAE (Report, Analysis, Op-Ed) | Ramola D | October 24, 2023

An ‘Industry Day’ to surface and share information and intention on “Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research” aimed at both building infrastructure, small and large systems, devices, and extension of industry into a future for “next-generation and innovative technologies” in numerous fields including, it seems, Public Health, Public Safety and “integration of disparate technologies for the fielding of new HPEM systems and weapons” was announced for October 19, 2023, as reported by a Notice posted at here.  


The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech

Little known to many, continuing to be exposed at this media site and magazine, the many secretive control technologies used en masse or individually in “targeting” which turn out to be 5G/wifi, aerosols, nanotechnologies, vaccines along with sensors, space telemetry, large-scale weather events as run by HAARP, DEWs, radar, are being streamed it seems through ventures such as this into larger use, particularly through Health and Safety, Behavioral Health, Smart City control-tech.

DETER for Deterrence (Cold War Echoes) Which Suggests Counter-Terrorism and Public Safety–or Possibly Also “Homeland Security” and “Corrections” in Extended Criminal Justice/MK ULTRA Maneuvers to Include all “Communities”

“The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Directed Energy Directorate (RD), will host a hybrid Industry Day on 19 October 2023. This event will provide an overview of the DETER ARA (FA9451-21-S-0001) and the TACTICAL BAA (FA9451-24-S-0001) which will support AFRL/RD in its mission to equip the warfighter with next-generation technologies, innovative solutions, and advanced research and development concepts for directed energy investments.”

Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) Open Announcement/Sam.Gov/GSA

Further information on this Industry Day on October 19, 2023, not dissimilar to the classified Los Alamos Non Lethal Defense Conference days (16th-17th November) in 1993, preceding the 1994 DOD-DOJ (and probably CIA) MOU covered here earlier and in itself heralding a new era of remote-access human control and secretive city and weather control (all yet to be Deterred by humanity), will no doubt be released by the US Department of Defense (in its charge to Deter One World Offense) shortly, perhaps on this writer’s FOIA request as well.

DETERring Awakenings, Consciousness, Human Potential via Nano-Neuro-Bio-Brain-Weather-Control?

A new 2021 DEW contract by the same acronym DETER, sounding quite a bit like the 2013 DEBR–Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral/Bioeffects Research basic contract covering a lot of bases being examined here–has been recently updated, in April 2023.

Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) Open Announcement

This Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research contract–with this rather intentionally explicit acronym DETER–appears to wish to herald another new era of extended Directed Energy weapons and systems testing, research, and operations in the realm of “next-generation” and “innovative” technologies on humans, regions, populations, infrastructure.

A Two-Step process, this announcement signals AFRL’s interest in receiving white papers and proposals first. Systems and supplies for laboratory research and field trials are mentioned. Experimental Development, buildouts of machinery and DE (directed energy) “source components” to include rather dubiously phrased “supplies for laboratory research and experimentation and field trials” appear to rather blandly indicate continued and extended use and unacceptable abuse of Directed Energy “technologies”–graduated from Weaponry–on animal and human populations. Seemingly compendious, more detail in description perhaps in an RFP (request for proposal) might be needed to get some deeper insight into precisely what this very large research announcement is really aiming at.

Excerpt, DETER Open Announcement (emphases mine below):

“Program Summary:
This is an Open ARA announcement pursuant to the authority of 10 U.S.C. §2373.  AFRL/RD is interested in receiving white papers and proposals through a Two-Step Process to perform research and development (R&D), modeling and simulation (M&S), design, component/subsystem, prototype risk reduction, fabrication/purchase, assembly, integration, and testing of directed energy source components (to include spares and alternate component technologies), and/or systems and any required accessories, materials, and supplies for laboratory research and experimentation and field trials in a relevant environment to demonstrate system capabilities.  Dialogue between prospective Offerors and Government representatives is strongly encouraged. *Note: AFRL/RD reserves the right to collapse a white paper/Two-Step into a One-Step if the situation warrants the white paper contains sufficient technical detail to do full technical proposal evaluation instead of white paper evaluation.

*Please see the attached DETER Industry User Guide for guidance on definitions, processes, submission requirements and evaluation criteria.*

Background:  AFRL/RD equips the joint warfighter with next-generation technologies, advanced concepts, and weapon system options across all operational domains to become more agile and increase the commercialization potential of directed energy investments to ensure the National defense.  

This solicitation intends to use acquisition authorities provided by 10 U.S.C. §2373. This authority applies to acquisition of items related to “…ordnance, signal, chemical activity, transportation, energy, medical, space-flight, and aeronautical supplies, including parts and accessories, and designs thereof, that are necessary for experimental or test purposes in the development of the best supplies that are needed for the national defense.  Consequently, white papers and proposals should address how the proposed effort provides benefits to the national defense and a strategy for verifying those intended benefits.

The proposed solutions should be innovative and substantially improve national defense capabilities across the domains of directed energy.  While the Government describes discrete topic areas below, it also anticipates that certain comprehensive technology solutions and prototypes may require multidiscipline approaches that address two or more topic areas.  The topic areas are covered under this announcement, which may be used in any combination.  The Government reserves the right to add, delete or modify the topic areas as necessary.”


Experimentation and Field Trials, Wargaming, Simulation, Biosafety and Bioeffects

Looking closer at the language in the announcement of this solicitation, it becomes evident that a next generation of experimental technologies is being solicited with “prototype risk reduction”, redesign and refurbishment of existing systems, as well as new weapon systems of different kinds all intending rather large-scale control, some of human bodies, systems, space objects, platforms.

Topic Areas include Directed Energy Weapon Systems, System Biosafety and Biological Effects, Wargaming, Precision Tracking as in “Acquisition Tracking Pointing”, Beam Control and Atmospheric Compensation systems to “control the propagation of directed energy so as to maximize energy/irradiance on target.”

Excerpt from DETER Open Announcement:

Clearly a solicitation to watch further, and follow, the persistence of Directed Energy Technologies mention of which here includes Bioeffects, Biosafety, Detection, Targeting, and Tracking, Acquisition, Targeting, and Pointing, Beam Control, Atmosphere Compensation systems, sensor integration (optical, radar, passive radiofrequency), satellite signatures, and much else, in itself indicates the continuing need for all to stay very closely focused on what these precision energy technologies are doing, how they are being used on humans, brains, earth and weather, and why it’s vital to hold on to our autonomy, our intelligence, our human rights, and our humanity as we keep moving forward into True Awakenings of consciousness in this, one hopes, (will become) our Truly Human Twenty-First Century.


Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts

HIGH POWER MICROWAVE WEAPONS: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FUTURE, 2020, Major Jack McGonegal, USAF | Re-post & Note | September 28, 2023

Wildfires, Directed Energy Weapons, Smart City Health & Controlling Humans

Directed Energy Futures 2060, US Air Force | Report & Op-Ed, September 1, 2023: Counter-Personnel DEWs Need Halting for Open Full-Spectrum Ethics Review

Narration and Account of Occurrences on October 19, 2023 related to Unlawful Attempts at Legal Guardianship Civil Committal and Forced Medicating of Ramola D, Writer and Journalist | October 20, 2023

Report | Ramola D | October 20, 2023

Posting, for the record:

Narration and Account of Occurrences on October 19, 2023 related to Unlawful Attempts at Legal Guardianship Civil Committal and Forced Medicating of Ramola D, Writer and Journalist | October 20, 2023

Yesterday, Thursday, around midday, when I was upstairs, I heard the doorbell ring and went down to see who it was. I witnessed the backs of two strangers’ heads on the front porch as I looked out through the front dining-room window, which had both curtains pulled aside, the sheer and the brocade. I did not know nor recognize either. Given the unlawful forced-kidnappings I have been subjected to twice over the last year and the subsequent assassination attempts and grave physical abuse with remote-access vibrational electromagnetic technologies as well as abusive forced-drugging I have experienced since that time—that is, since April 19, 2022 on day of “discharge” from the unlawful site of my first captivity, Steward Carney Hospital, and December 29, 2022 on day of “discharge” from the unlawful site of my second captivity, Emerson I, Bournewood Hospital—I wondered if these two strangers, who looked well dressed, the man in a powder-blue suit and the woman in a black blazer, were connected with the Boston and South Shore psychiatric brigade I had met on both forced kidnaps, and decided it would be best to retreat. I therefore retreated to the family den in the back and thence the bathroom in back and sat down to take a breath. Unfortunately (for these strangers), the doorbell-ringing resumed, accompanied by door-banging. I walked out of the bathroom and looked out at the front porch—the woman’s head was in the window. She beckoned me over, and, given that she clearly needed to be asked to leave, and I couldn’t exactly pretend I wasn’t home anymore, I came up to the dining-room and to the window to tell her to go away, or rather, to find out what she wanted to say—just in case she was someone innocuous, like a vendor or marketer.

“Can I speak to you” she said.

“Who are you” I said.

“I’m Virginia” she said, as if I should Know Virginia.

“I don’t know you” I said.

“I’m Virginia Connolly,” she said, “I’m an attorney, I’m here to speak to you about representing you.”

“I don’t need to be represented” I said.

“Can I speak to you” she said, looking to the door as if I should open it. The man was standing in the door or closer to it, He seemed to have opened the glass door (which has a keyhole on the outside) but I cannot be certain about this right now. (I don’t recall, later in the day, when I opened the door, whether that inner door was open or closed—it’s a slide-lock.)

“I’m not speaking to you, you’re a stranger,” I said, and left the window and went back to the den.

There was sound of talking on the porch and then the phone on the TV cabinet rang. I let the rings go to the answering machine. A male voice announced himself as David Aptaker—a name and person I do not know, have never met, have never been introduced to, have never encountered in my broadcasting, writing, and teaching careers but who sent me a threatening email last month, in September (now published)–and said he was standing outside the door and could I come to the door and tell him I did not want to see him, then proceeding to leave an office number. The doorbell-ringing and door-banging resumed. I went up to the window again and knocked on it to get the woman’s attention. She was looking at the door and ignoring my presence at the window so I had to knock on the window to beckon her over this time.

She looked over and said again “Can I speak to you” and I said, “I’m not speaking to you, you’re a stranger.”

I then pulled the sheer across and the brocade across to shut her out of view and retreated upstairs. I went to a front room window diagonal from the porch and looked down to see the man on the step. He was wearing black glasses and looked about sixty-five. (Both were “white” or Anglo Americans. She was wearing blondeish hair and black glasses, a black sweater, a black blazer and lighter pants. He was in a powder blue suit, a lightish shirt and that’s all I saw.) After a few minutes I went down to look out the front window, lifting the curtains a tad. I did not see the man. I saw the woman by a black-grey SUV parked up the hill opposite, obviously speaking to someone across the street. I looked but could not see properly who she might be speaking to—I presumed it might be the next door neighbor, the Le Ming woman who has been making intensive noise-harassment street theatre all summer and became the Duchess of Digging Holes as she dug up the entire side of her house by our driveway apparently looking for hidden water piping, but perhaps it wasn’t her. I don’t know. I saw a slightish looking figure in pants, man or woman I could not tell, with a backpack on his back, walking away, up the street on this side—the side our house is on–as the woman got in her car and drove away. It didn’t strike me that this man or woman was in a suit. Perhaps that was a Third member of the Unlawful Psychiatric Ever-Attempting-Civil-Committal Brigade running impersonating fraud on this family and seeking to unlawfully commit the sane and truthtelling journalist as insane and incompetent. Perhaps that was “Back Up” as occurred last April, when three Quincy Police men got in our front door and later called for Back Up and an ambulance while I was speaking to my husband and asking him to let them out. Perhaps that was the man in the powder-blue suit. Who knows. My day and week had clearly been disrupted. I sought to resume my day but took time out to write and post a Notice online to All Psychiatrists and Lawyers and EMS and LSW folk (in this place they call Massachusetts but which seems to have become Manic Mental-Health-Captivity-Obsessed Hunting Country and Predation Land, sending it to my absent husband at his workspot email address. This Notice was printed and posted this morning on the inside of my front door—a glass door—and the inside of my front dining-room window, as Plain English Notice to all attempting to visit and “speak” to me of the Unlawfulness in seeking to cast a living and working Woman Writer and Journalist as insane, incapacitated, and incompetent.

2:43 pm, October 20, 2023

Finalized 3:11 pm, October 20, 2023

Ramola D, Author, For the Sake of the Boy, Temporary Lives, Invisible Season

Publisher, Editor, Reporter, Broadcaster:

The Everyday Concerned Citizen, Delphi Quarterly, Ramola D Reports

Pine Haven, Quincy, Massachusetts


Notice to All Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Hospital Staff, EMS Personnel, Ambulance Staff and Owners, Licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers | October 19, 2023

Reporter’s Note 6: Personal Update, October 19, 2023

Directed Energy Bioeffects Research | The BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002 Solicitation, as Archived

Report | Ramola D | October 15, 2023

Posting, as I find it, here, the links to the original Broad Agency Announcement for the Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research High Powered Radio Frequency Microwave Weapons testing contract reported here recently. This is a page I came upon a few nights ago as I worked on completing this post on Human Rights Research Protections on the subject of testing weapons on humans: Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts. I was looking for the original RFP on the contract which I had quoted in one of my letters to the Office of Human Research Protections, which as I recall I came across first on the site in 2014, a site that now can be found on the Wayback Machine’s archive but seems to have been replaced by

Link to Broad Agency announcement with several documents for review:

“Broad Agency Announcements” as described by Federal Acquisition Regulations listed at the US Government website appear to refer to open-ended research and experimentation rather than more finite and bounded research:

“….BAA’s may be used by agencies to fulfill their requirements for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding rather than focusing on a specific system or hardware solution.”

Documents listed here as under different time and date stamps include the list below and will be further reported on shortly:


Download All Attachments/LinksAttachments

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BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002-01.doc (opens in new window)53 KB PublicMar 05, 2013
BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002-03.pdf (opens in new window)25 KB PublicMar 20, 2013
BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002.pdf (opens in new window)258 KB PublicFeb 22, 2013
BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002-04.docx (opens in new window)36 KB PublicMar 29, 2013

For reference, my original FOIA request at Muckrock as archived at Wayback in 2014:

Request for Documentation of Informed Consent in USAF DEBR Contract • MuckRock (

As I am still awaiting documents from this past request and new ones, this find online of information related to this solicitation on the US Air Force-General Dynamics contract feels significant. Much is presented in these declassified documents which I imagine may have been posted here only in recent times and after the filling of this FOIA request. These documents are marked “Public” which means they are being held in the public domain and are available for public perusal. Some of these documents have been included in redacted PDFs after US AIr Force FOIA Office release on this FOIA request and posted online at Muckrock, found, accessed, and reposted at my site in 2020 in a few documents including Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002, and 2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare.

I am posting this link and information currently here as found, for further reportage shortly.

One aspect of note is the use of the term “Bioeffects Research” as opposed to “Bio-Behavioral Research” which term as I recall I used in my FOIA requests in 2014, as directed, I believe, by text in the extant US Air Force RFP at the time: a mystery yet to be solved. “Bioeffects” is a term used in “radio dosimetry” on several other contracts and declassified documents including the declassified US Army Intelligence and Security Command document released to Mr. Donald Friedman in 2006, Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons.


Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts

Ramola D, Letter to the Ombudsman: Human Rights Violations on US Air Force Contracts, October 2nd, 2023

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts

Report & Note | Ramola D | October 11, 2023/Updated October 12, 2023

Human rights protections on the US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (Weapons-Testing) Contract in response to the solicitation BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002F, reported here recently as on other military contracts are assured by a Federal Wide Assurance (FWA), a formal certifying HHS “Assurance” document provided by the Defense contractor, in this case General Dynamics Information Technology, and approved by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Human Research Protections, signed by a Human Protections Administrator, in this case a “Principal Subject Matter Expert” from the contractor in question, General Dynamics Information Technology, as well as the company’s President, and indicating existence of a designated Institutional Review Board from the US AIr Force, in this case Chesapeake Review Inc.

The Question of the Federal Wide Assurance, OHRP, and IRBs

Federal Wide Assurances, a mystery in themselves, requiring closer study, as also Institutional Review Boards are referred to by HHS online thus: “Through the FWA and the Terms of the FWA, an institution commits to HHS that it will comply with the requirements in the HHS Protection of Human Subjects regulations at 45 CFR part 46.”

The “Terms of the Federalwide Assurance” can be found here on the OHRP website: Federalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects.

HHS Protections of Human Subject regulations referenced above, 45 CFR 46 can be found at the Code for Federal Regulations website:

And, as below, at the OHRP, HHS website:

Unfortunately it is not quite clear to what extent any human rights or human subject research protections on such contracts are actually guaranteed, overseen, periodically addressed, or audited by external parties given the formality of such a document and the fact that it is not exactly available for open review.

This subject was earlier examined in a few posts at this site in 2015 when the subject of the Office of Human Research Protections needing to assure Federal Wide Assurance on every experimentation contract involving humans, including military, first came to this writer’s attention:

Clandestine “Classified” Human Subject Experimentation using EMF Radiation/Sonic/Ultrasonic Neuroweaponry

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

At the time (October 2014), correspondence with Dr. Jerry Menikoff’s OHRP and subsequent research of Federal regulations by this writer, intended to determine the nature of Informed Consent as understood by the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that while the OHRP’s stance was that it did not guarantee protections for anyone on contracts not funded by Health and Human Services, exemptions to Informed Consent were also provided to all agencies of US Government via written exclusions in the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), as published here then.

This issue of protections has become a pressing one in recent times as thousands of people have come forward both in the USA as well as in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia to report being unconsentingly experimented on. Many know that Informed Consent has become a phrase, a label, words in a template not adhered to, contested by lawyers, ignored by unethical researchers from many institutions.

Current text online at HHS presents the principles that Should govern informed consent and ethical treatment of “human test subjects” but there is much else behind this subject which needs continuous public address.

Ramola D: Complaint to OHRP and Response from OHRP Regarding Non-Consensual Human Subject Research/Contract Involving Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research/US Air Force, October 18-23, 2014

In October 2014, I wrote in to the Office for Human Research Protections, to the Director of the Office for Human Research Protections, Dr. Jerry Menikoff, and to Ms. Kristina C. Borror, Director for Compliance Oversight, OHRP, seeking information on how to file a formal complaint regarding being used non-consensually as a test subject putatively on an US Air Force contract, possibly the one whose RFP (request for proposal) I had then read and was researching further (the DEBR contract which is now being further reported here), at the same time as I was making Freedom of Information Act requests to the Federal Aviation Authority regarding the frequent flyover of helicopters and small planes over our house and yard. During our interchange of emails (now PDF’d below) I learned that OHRP, tragically, could not investigate allegations related to research funded by Federal Departments and Agencies other than themselves but that they would retain my emails as a formal complaint filed with their office as a matter of public record.

Excerpts and Email Exchange with OHRP, HHS in October 2014, Complaint Regarding Nonconsensual Human Subject Research, Contract Involving DEBR/USAF

Federal Wide Assurance For the Protection of Human Research Subjects from General Dynamics Information Technology in Relation to the US Air Force Contract on Solicitation BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

In November 2014, I received the FWA for the US Air Force 2013 General Dynamics DEBR contract from the Office of Human Research Protections, HHS via Muckrock, seemingly redacted but with some information on responsible parties in General Dynamics Information Technology, to whom I then wrote in December, 2014, seeking clarification on their Informed Consent practices and enquiring about field research, acquisition of “human subjects”, watchlisting, bio-effects, and related aspects, within the context of non-consensual but deleterious biomedical radiation research as surfaced and discussed by then in lawsuits, investigative journalistic research, whistleblower testimonial and general witness reportage. I did not receive responses to my letter of enquiry, sent by email.

These letters and questions, still relevant–and likely useful for Congressional enquiries and Commissions of Truly Ethical Beings–are posted below.

FOIA Documents returned from the Department of Health and Human Services, November 28, 2014:

Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects filed by General Dynamics Information Technology, June 30 2014-6-17-2018/Returned on FOIA Request November 28, 2014 from DHHS

The “Terms of the Federalwide Assurance” referenced in No. 5 of the FWA above can be found here on the OHRP website: Federalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects.

My letter sent in December 2014 to John Alvarez, the named Human Protections Administrator described as a Principal Subject Matter Expert on this FWA for General Dynamics Information technology filed with HHS was copied to S. Daniel Johnson, the named President of General Dynamics Information Technology, Kristina Borror and Jerry Menikoff of OHRP, HHS, Letitia Aby of the Human DIgnity Council of which I was then a part, and the general information desk at Muckrock. I wrote as a journalist, seeking answers to questions on Informed Consent by the people named “human subjects” affected by the contract.

Ramola D to GDIT: Enquiry Regarding Informed Consent Human Subject Protections on Current USAF Contract Pursuant to FOIA Request to OHRP for GDIT FWA via Muckrock:

Questions raised above: Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs) Testing or Directed-Energy Bio-Behavioral (DEBR) Research into Human Bio-Effects Using Human Subjects | Created 12-8-2014, Sent to GDIT December 9, 2014

I had also made enquiries on FOIA for Informed Consent documentation to the Department of Defense and to the US Air Force with no responsive documents returned from the Inspector-General, DOD while a redacted, older document was returned by the US Air Force, along with, more recently, from Muckrock, some additional information provided by the Department of the Navy in an addendum naming and listing human rights protections provided by various Department of Defense regulations (see below). This information–the question of what kind of protections exist on military contracts as enshrined in extant regulations and for who–will be further discussed in a separate article soon.

There are many aspects to this subject and I like a few other journalists and scholars who have examined “human subject protections” have sought to send our views to those professing to provide them, to little avail. I will continue to unearth some of this history here and in future journalism.

Revisions to the Common Rule within the Context of Classified Operations and Reporting Victims of Same

The very notion of providing human subject research protections–to whom? (Consenting or completely non-consenting subjects, pulled into classified operations via reckless watchlisting by secret society mavens shaking hands with each other behind closed doors while pulling in kickbacks as FBI “informants” on upstanding school moms and dads?)–was revised in 2018 in the US by a group of agencies and military contractors and divisions, seeking changes to the Common Rule. This was a painful situation to examine and seek to influence at the time, as many tried.

The words of many human rights activists and those experiencing harm from covered operations were lost to all: No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities | 2016-7-17

Claiming Human Rights Protections: Writing to the Ombudsman for the US Air Force

The notion of weapons-testing on humans as also on animals is or should be reprehensible to all.

As a matter of fact, people all over the USA speaking out about the unlawful use of directed energy weapons technologies on their physical person have long experienced, spoken out about, and sought redress for the harms they have experienced, physical, psychological, social, emotional and life-related as often covered here.

Those continuing to address and speak out about these human rights violations and life-takedown operations conducted on them or those they know and love may want to write to the named Ombudsman for the US Air Force on this contract, whose name and address can be found on the pages sent onward by the US Air Force and Muckrock and now published both here and at Muckrock.

This writer’s preliminary email last week addressed to the Ombudsman for the US Air Force and calling for a halt to all DEW testing on people is posted here for public review.

Ramola D, Letter to the Ombudsman: Human Rights Violations on US Air Force Contracts, October 2nd, 2023

More actions need to be taken on these documents and this writer continues to work on these matters as she continues to query Muckrock and the US Air Force for a fuller reveal of the documents provided on FOIA request earlier but which seem to be withheld somewhere in transit.

The 2013 USAF DEBR Contract

While this contract, in the form–of scattered sections–in which it has been provided to this writer remains somewhat mysterious, closer inspection reveals it is of profound significance and may in fact be the base contract being provided to a principal contractor for use in design of subcontracts with other Air Force bases, cities, organizations, and subcontractors; further perusal reveals the possibility of several kinds of contracts being folded within this one. Reportage on this subject will continue under separate focus and as further documents are provided to this writer.

Meanwhile, readers may wish to write to the Ombudsman themselves, and include the letter above, also to be posted on a separate page to be linked here. I hope to continue researching who best to write to next and will publish my letters and record of phone calls as I proceed.

Both at the time that these assaults were first directed my way and later, I have made many “complaints”–that is, letters of disclosure, enquiry, questioning–on sites online at the Department of Defense, the Air Force Office of Inspector General as guided by OHRP, and others. This is prior to the letters to many in Government sent by letter-mail and email, which I am striving to collect here, in efforts to provide a chronological history of effort in human rights activism and journalism.

Those who have followed this subject know that absolute tragedy has resulted, nationwide, and worldwide, consequent to the use of electromagnetic weapons — radio frequency high powered microwave weapons among them — and acoustic neuroweapons on people, unconsented-to, undisclosed publicly, and currently being reported as in use in numerous areas, including Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Medical Technologies, Neurotechnologies, and tragically, in incredible extension of MK Ultra, in “Behavioral Health.”

Meanwhile, public report of weapons testing on human bodies which has sought recognition in Media has been prohibited by the police-enforced lock of Fraudulent Psychiatry.

These subjects need candid address by all in Medicine and Law Enforcement today as also in the US Air Force, if this and all other nations are to proceed forward in some semblance of civility in safeguarding our children’s futures and all our rights as humans with God-given lives to live, flourish, and prosper, on this our mutual plane/t.


“Exemptions to Informed Consent” in Classified Research and Non-Consensual Covert/Clandestine Human Subject Experimentation in the USA Today Versus “Consent of the Governed” | January 21, 2016

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage? | March 26, 2015

Clandestine “Classified” Human Subject Experimentation using EMF Radiation/Sonic/Ultrasonic Neuroweaponry | March 9, 2015

Domestic War on Americans Hidden by Secrecy in Homeland Security “Counter-terrorism” & Intel agency activities | November 16, 2014


Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Report & Note | Ramola D | September 21, 2023/Doc Links in Process Sep 26, 2023

Top Secret declassified though redacted documents from 2015 comprising parts of US Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory) contracts released by FOIA offices at Air Force Materiel Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to this writer on Freedom of Information requests made in 2014 confirm weapons-testing operations on humans of radio frequency high power microwave weapons (RF HPM) in “Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research.”

Characterized as volunteers in an Active Denial System contract which also provides close instructions for volunteers enrolling in new research experiments, referred to more obliquely as “human use” in the BAA (broad agency announcement) Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research Basic Contract, humans used in these field and laboratory weapons-testing operations are posited to be protected by Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) documents involving Air Force Institutional Review Boards and filed with the Office of Human Research Protections, as well as numerous Defense and Federal regulations and laws governing human use in experimentation, listed in released contract documents and highlighted below.

General Dynamics Electronic Warfare aircraft F-111 Aardvark

The Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contract

The 2013 DEBR contract with General Dynamics Information Technology Corporation headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, notes in a Statement of Work that the US Air Force has researched the biological effects of RF/HPM radiation technologies for over 30 years–over 40 years now, for both military and commercial use. The Department of Homeland Security, the Joint Services, and commercial customers were expected to benefit from the research conducted under this contract.

Documents posted here.

Primary aims of the contract were to research and catalogue bioeffects in dosimetry investigations extending beyond this contract “as part of an extensive research program.” These were expected to inform national and international health and safety standards to be used by the Air Force Surgeon General for OSHA considerations as well as in further development of “DE technologies” intended to be rapidly developed and deployed–suggesting international operation of Directed Energy technologies in the future, to be tech-transferred to other fields in Health and Safety.

“Research results will be transitioned and transferred to national and international health and safety standards, which will be used by the Air Force Surgeon General for Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, as well as for data to support the rapid development and deployment of DE technologies.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

These aims would support the mission of the Radio Frequency Bioeffects Branch (711 HPW/RHDR–Human Performance Wing/Radio Frequency Radiation Bio Effects) to protect Air Force personnel from radiation hazards while also finetuning delivery mechanisms to “minimize negative operational impact.” High Powered Microwave weapons and Ultra Wide Band Directed Energy were expected to be used.

Studying Cellular and Genomic Human Health Degradation from Radio Frequency High Powered Microwave Weapon Use

Technical areas to be covered by this contract for the Air Force Research Laboratory included DEW effectiveness and safety, DE bio-mechanisms, RF Bioeffects Modeling and Simulation, and Human Effectiveness analysis and integration, all with intent to investigate and identify bio-effects of DE technologies on humans, to be either exploited or mitigated in DEW (weapon) use and in “transitioning DoD technologies.”

Health degradation, an intended objective of such DEW-discovery, was intended to be studied at the cellular, molecular, protein, and RNA/DNA genomic level. The bio-mechanisms of health degradation–biological responses to directed energy in a number of RF HPM radiation systems–were thus intended to be identified, for specific use in further development of directed energy weaponry.

1.4.1 Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms. Conduct proteomic, genomic, and metabolomic studies that identify critical biochemical or molecular changes following exposure to DE prior to or during mission operations that assists in the prediction of health degradation. Investigate basic mechanism(s) of interactions between biology and RF radiation (DC-THz). Uncover previously unknown bioeffects of RF exposure that may provide a defensive or offensive capability to the Air Force. Conduct and design laboratory and field research and testing of the bioeffects of RF and DEW systems hardware and software.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Exposing Humans to Counter-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons In Order to Characterize and Test Devices and Technologies

Effectiveness and safety–to lend to the formulation of “tactics, training and procedures” for safe use of DEWS as well as the development of “future DE weapons and other emerging technologies” were intended to be studied by examining bioeffects from exposure to RF/HPM radiation, which was also intended to yield statistical analyses and the creation of predictive modeling and simulation software.

Human bodies therefore were intended to be subjected to pulsed microwave radiation in systematic ways, to study a variety of bio-effects, to study “human effects” to “characterize devices and technologies,” to help in developing counter-measures to Directed Energy or DE harm, to assist in meeting legal and treaty requirements, and to help develop and test materials and prototypes for new DE devices.

An interest in addressing the “physical and cognitive health and safety concerns of DE systems” also suggests that both bodies and brains were intended to be subjected to directed energy bio-behavioral research operations–and were to be seen as part of “DE systems.” [Neuroweaponry is known also to be directed energy weaponry, as noted in various Biodefense conferences and addressed by military neuroscientists, some of which has been reported here earlier.]

“The development and execution of modeling and simulation of electrical current, DE weapons, and radar and communication effects shall aid in the understanding of effects on and within biological systems.

1.4.4 Human Effectiveness Analysis and Integration. Develop an understanding of the bioeffects associated with exposing humans to counter-personnel, non-lethal weapons is essential for legal, treaty, policy, and material development purposes. Without it, escalation of force options cannot be provided to war fighters. The objective of this effort· shall provide Human Effects data and information that is necessary to characterize devices and technologies intended for this purpose….

1.4.5 Health and Safety. Shall provide substantial value to the Air Force and scientific community by evaluating bioeffects of DE exposure. Shall address the physical and cognitive health and safety concerns of DE systems. Data obtained from RF/HPM radiation bioeffects research shall be designed in this technical area to support national and international health and safety standards.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Excerpts from contract documents (posted here earlier) provided by Wright Patterson Air Force Base in response to a query regarding a 2013 USAF contract with General Dynamics:

Animal Use in DEBR Projects

Animal use in this Directed Energy Bio Behavioral Research Project is also revealed. While specific animal care manuals and instructions are named, this means that the basic DEBR contract used both humans and animals simultaneously in its research studies using directed energy weapon technologies.

Excerpt, FA8650-13-D-6368, Section J, Statement of Work, Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots

Active Denial Systems, the Air Force Research Laboratory tells us, have been developed over 15 years of research–in 2013, which makes that number over 25 now–supporting their “safety and effectiveness as a non-lethal weapon”. Further research in this area is continuing, as a Research Project document returned by Wright Patterson Air Force Base revealing experimental use of 95GHz Millimeter Wave energy spots intended to penetrate skin notes.

This project, with a Protocol Number FWR20120147H, and risk marked “Greater than minimal” by an Institutional Review Board nevertheless approved the call for volunteers, publishing instructions which read as alarming to say the least while minimizing the harm to humans and animals in carefully shielding language.

Full FWR20120147, Version 3.00 document describing the Protocol titled “Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots” (excerpted above) returned from USAF on their combined FOIA return linked here.
Documents posted here.
Full FWR20120147, Version 3.00 document describing the Protocol titled “Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots” (excerpted above) returned from USAF on their combined FOIA return linked here.

Human Subject Research Protections

While there remains much to be investigated, analyzed, and reported regarding these US Air Force documents, and the entirety of the available documents is still and newly being awaited from the US Air Force and from Muckrock, where the FOIA requests for them were originally made–and this writer has resumed closer scrutiny of all declassified documents from the Forces revealing energy-weapon research using human subjects, especially post the Second Worldwide Conference on Non-Consensual DEW/Neurotechnology use on world populations, this document which now includes lists of regulations and rules governing Human Research Protections from the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, and OSD (office of the secretary of defense) will be of interest to all in the USA and worldwide who believe–for good reason–they are being non-consensually remote-accessed with electronic warfare technologies i.e. Directed Energy weaponry or technologies in weapons-testing contracts still being kept classified and unrevealed by local governments and fusion centers involved in permitting and executing these research projects on them, i.e. on unlawfully targeted civilians and veterans on the ground.

This writer, as many may know, has experienced much unanticipated, unwarranted, and egregious whistleblower retaliation in recent times–including endless slander in smear campaigns and false psychiatric labeling–for her work in investigating and reporting such projects–but continues to examine and report the human rights and substantive, technical aspects as indeed she must.

Excerpt from Document posted above, DoD Regulations and Guidance, Human Subject Research Protections

It’s Directed Energy Weapon-Testing, Not “Mental Illness”

There is much to report on this subject, and I continue to examine international human rights law, DoD regulations as noted above, other aspects of these received documents, and other aspects of Directed Energy Weapons Testing Operations, which have been conducted in the US and worldwide since it appears 1997, and perhaps earlier.

This is a preliminary overview report to resurface this subject and these documents, because they are important: they prove that such weapons-testing operations have been (and are still being) carried out in the USA–under guise of surveillance and counter-terrorism it appears–and they attest to all that these remote-accessing electronic warfare Directed Energy Weapon technologies affecting bodies and brains are real.

Those experiencing harm today from such organized projects involving fusion center contractor action against them should share this report and all documents here with family members and friends, primary care physicians, therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists. Almost everyone reporting these crimes is falsely named mentally ill by their own neurally-influenced family members. Those in Government aware of these projects and operations yet participating in keeping them secret may want to focus instead on these human subject research protections and act to save lives and families, rather than Defense budgets: weapons-testing operations, clearly, on human beings need to be Stopped.

I hope to add to this page and post all received correspondence and documents on the several FOIA requests which inform this report, some of which was brought to my attention only recently. Confusion at Muckrock–where my FOIA requests, I was told recently, were put under embargo, while notifications of receipt of documents, let alone documents and correspondence, were never sent to me on time and other correspondence not retained online–is still being examined.

Directed Energy Weapons Testing Contracts All Over USA and World

At the time that I made and followed these FOIA requests, I also spoke to FOIA analysts on Air Force bases, one of whom shared with me that there were numerous weapons-testing contracts–upto 1300 she said–ongoing then, with non-lethal weapons or DEWs, all over the USA, as indeed has been reported in the military press, if only briefly, and noted in my US and NATO Weapons-Testing thread.

These Directed Energy Weapons Testing and Training operations, it appears, are being conducted worldwide. Under cover of these projects, other classified projects, in biomedical research, Artificial Intelligence research, Brain research and others are also being flown, it appears. Social harassment in neighborhoods–what used to be called “Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment–OS/EH” by some or “Gangstalking” by others–also owes its existence, partially, this writer believes, along with Phoenix Operations and COINTELPRO and current-day “community policing” and “community participatory research” and “community care” to the cover of these DEW testing operations. Uncovering these weapon-testing projects using humans therefore should be a major subject for all journalists and human rights activists working in the basic fields of Surveillance and political journalism today.

In my view, this is National Security journalism, and all editors, publishers, reporters aware of and able to further interpret and report on these declassified military documents may want to do so. I will continue to report as best I can.

[Links to be posted in full shortly]

Initial FOIA requests

[I made a few to USAF in 2014, to a couple different offices: for a single contract in response to the named General Dynamics BAA solicitation, and for all contracts; plus, I queried HHS for the General Dynamics FWA. Many other related, similar, or identical requests to other offices including the Department of Defense remained unanswered or came up with “no responsive documents.” Some of the correspondence maintained currently at the Muckrock site (as I see it here) I do not recall seeing at the time; much crossing of correspondence also points to miscommunications. Another USAF request with further correspondence with FOIA offices seems to have been removed; hopefully Muckrock will return all requests and correspondence as is/as was online shortly.]

Requests were made at Muckrock and these are the links/to be posted at ECC shortly:

Single-contract request: Request for Documentation of Informed Consent in USAF DEBR Contract/Air Force Materiel Command/October 18, 2014 | ECC Link

All-contract request: Request for Documents/Informed Consent on all current DEBR contracts/Air Force/November 10, 2014 | ECC Link

Request to HHS, OHRP (office for human research protections): Request to OHRP for FWA on Directed-Energy Weapons Research contract/Department of Health and Human Services/October 27, 2014 | ECC Link

[A Related Request, pertinent to all FOIA requests made on this matter:

Request re. information on small aircraft over Wollaston, Quincy, MA/Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Public Records Division of Massachusetts/April 7, 2014

Request for Information re. small aircraft over Wollaston, Quincy, MA/Federal Aviation Administration/May 5, 2014 ]

Cover letters and correspondence:

Cover Letter, Colonel John Devillier, USAF, Commander, 28th May, 2015.

Cover Letter, Karen M. Cook, FOIA Manager, Wright Patterson AFB/OH, 27th July, 2015.

Acknowledgment of Single-Contract FOIA Request, FOIA Office, Knowledge Operations Division, USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, 88th Air Base Wing (AFMC), November 6, 2014

All received documents to be maintained at the Documents Obtained…link below.]

Current postings of documents are partially linked here and at Muckrock(More of an explanation and updates as I receive them I hope to maintain here as well):

Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up


Technologies Used in Targeting, Tracking, Trafficking

Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: Covert Oppression Using Classified Technologies

Interview with Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: “Bogus National Security Laws Have Enabled Big Brother to Monitor Everyone and Harass Many”

Documentary Evidence of Mil/Intel/LE Crimes

Targeting is Real

Fourth of July, 2015: Covert Civil War–& “Asymmetric” Stealth Warfare–Rages All Over the USA Today

2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council in Massachusetts: A Focus on Crisis Intervention or Crisis Creation?

Report & Op-Ed | Ramola D | September 14, 2023, Updated September 19, 2023

A “Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council” meeting was held online in Massachusetts yesterday–news about which remains to be further reported locally, little can be found reporting these meetings.

Such meetings–and such a council–have apparently been held and existed for a while, as listings at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health note.

Not exactly reported in Boston newspapers, the Council itself was apparently set up in 2018 after a bill requiring the establishment of a Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission, presented in 2017-2018 to the State of Massachusetts House and Legislature, was seemingly transformed into a Resolution and thence a Session Law which was passed in 2020: House No. 4866; Chapter 253: An Act Relative To Justice, Equity And Accountability In Law Enforcement In The Commonwealth.

The Council itself refers its Legal Authority to an expanded provision in extant Mental Health laws while also calling on the Act so created (above) which purports to stand for justice and accountability but which clearly requires further scrutiny on all fronts: M.G.L. Chapter 19, Section 25(e);

[Disclaimer: This writer is just beginning to examine the Mental Health landscape in Massachusetts law and praxis and will revisit this section further post exploration of the history of creation of these laws which seem to be in use in Massachusetts but which surely point to regressive dystopia no-one in Massachusetts (educated, aware, with children, with parents, with families, single, old, young, elderly, newborn) could possibly want. Is Massachusetts on the Leading Edge of UnBrave New World here…? Another subject to explore.]

A lot of disparate news in Boston however over the past couple years on the subjects of community policing, “crisis intervention,” “behavioral health,” and “substance abuse disorders” point to a growing interest in further stratifying and expanding an already questionable and over-reaching field.

Bringing together executives in State Government from Health and Human Services, Public Safety and Security, Mental Health, city Police Chiefs, and “consumers of Behavioral Health services” the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council is apparently keen (as per published agendas) to meet regularly, offer public meetings, discuss police reform in relation to mental health, and steadily advance the agenda spelled out in the bill overseeing its creation, while the distributed Centers–Crisis Intervention Team-Training and Technical Assistance Center (CIT-TTAC) associated with it appear focused on transforming police officers into “crisis”-fixated mental health professionals–surely something police officers themselves do not want.

Not merely is there an emphasis on training law enforcement on different perceived aspects of the mental -health-officer nexus presumed, there is clear evidence here that police teams are being trained to force people labeled “mentally ill” or “in crisis” into “treatment,” as for instance in the interest of the Center in “providing technical assistance to cities and towns by establishing collaborative partnerships between law enforcement and human services providers that maximize referrals to treatment services.”

“Municipal police,” note, get a special mention. Municipal Government is described here by Anna von Reitz. Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title II, Chapter 19, Section 25 can be found here.

Crisis intervention inside the Mental Health creation paradigm within the urban scape is also a focus of the closely-named and older Community Oriented Policing Programs at the Department of Justice, who appear to have transitioned lately into openly acknowledging intent to transform community responses into mental health crises in this guide–perhaps a slip in phrasing, still, an oddly evocative one for all who have witnessed or experienced the avid crisis-creation of such teams: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: A Best Practice Guide for Transforming Community Responses to Mental Health Crises.

Subjects to keep an eye on and pursue further in reportage, this long-term marrying of law enforcement to mental health becomes especially concerning in light of how children, youth, young adults, employees at any workspot, elders, or indeed any one are being perceived today–when any “behavior” exhibited can be read as a “symptom” of crisis, impending crisis, or some DSM-manufactured “disorder” which police and EMS are now being trained to fall over backwards to prevent.

Policing Behavior Cannot Really Be Called Health–& What Kind of Technology is Being Used?

In an age of rampant electronic warfare, cognitive warfare, and undisclosed use of radiative, acoustic, vibrational technologies developed by the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies which can and do access people remotely and produce distinct and deleterious bio-effects, none of us can remain sanguine in the face of this encroachment.

Community policing has always been a problematic construct, post Patriot-Act with the rise of “gangstalking” or co-opted social harassment; today that construct is being turned silently into a much larger hold on our communities.

Much that is secret and not spoken of is kept sheathed by these terms–yet as more and more people are harmed all around us, we need to question all aspects of “behavioral health,” not blindly accept it as a new norm we all need to be shaped by. Fixations on “wellness” and “well-being”–now to be ensured by police and Public Safety–and how exactly?–need questioning.

Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission in Massachusetts

Newly created, in 2018, while laws, commissions, and statutes have suddenly proliferated on the books, all aimed at control, hierarchizing, and disappearance of freedom, independent critical thinking, and creative expression, a very special Commission in Massachusetts promises to force behavior modification on populations of every kind, from children to adults to elderly, all in the name of Mental Health.

Backdrop to the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council–set up in 2018 as noted above–which brings Government and Police into communities, the Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission brings Health and Human Services together with Courts and Mental Health, inclusive of Substance Use Disorder, into the suddenly enlarged realm of Behavioral Health, no doubt soon to openly include Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neuropsychiatry as maestros of human deliverance right at the very top.

All this while populations of every kind are indeed being rained on with energy-weapon and technology testing, operations, and aerosols, which local “authorities” will not acknowledge as ongoing–open channel to bringing in Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Community Care into universities, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, hospitals, police stations, prisons, stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, swimming pools, community centers, devised by those who seem to have written themselves out of this equation–yet cannot, if “statutes” and “Acts” are to be kept by all.

(Excerpts above from the Legal Authority named above.)

Community Behavioral Health Centers have now popped up all over Massachusetts, while a “Network of Care” links Behavioral Health providers with communities, and community centers– where mental health “patients” treated to 24/7 surveillance by tired “mental health counselors” playing prison guard are secretly, continuously treated as wanting, and less-than, and deficit–take on comforting names like “clubhouses.”

Baker opens 24/7 crisis helpline, 25 new community behavioral health centers | The initiative is part of Gov. Baker’s Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform. / 3, 2023

“Crisis Intervention” and “Trauma-Informed Care”: Creating Crisis, Creating Trauma

“Crisis Intervention” is more than nominally problematic–and while Boston Police seem to have drawn up a system of protocols to run, essentially, trauma on people–children and families, mothers and fathers– as this discussion of Section 12s points to, this is so patently an unacceptable normalizing of trauma and crisis-creation that all in Massachusetts and in the USA should step forward to further explore and act to end this travesty. Section 12s, invidious as written, hubristic and terroristic–as this writer has experienced, written about, and will write further about–are being used fraudulently in Massachusetts and should be abolished.

In communities, police given labels of “mental health professionals” act as “co-response,” this graduating to “embedded clinicians” with police, as a South Shore Mental Health brochure (below) advertises; in schools, they are now being trained to act as “school resource officers” given training in Adolescent development: if parents haven’t seen this yet, they may want to know children are being policed (in what numbers?) into mental health and, it appears, “crisis intervention” in school, in the absence of parent presence.

Remote Biometric Recognition

Worse, it appears laws enacted in 2020 are projecting a complete takeover of human beings through the monitoring of facial expression, gait, to infer and record emotion, and a distinct intent to use “behavioral health” against people, including police.

While indeed emotion, expression, gait, facial contours can all be affected by energy technologies, and have been reported by hundreds of people unlawfully targeted and beta-tested with these technologies, including this writer.

And the casual insertion of “remote biometric recognition” is hardly the way to surface police use of energy-weapon technologies using 5G, AI, remote-access surveillance inclusive of audio, video, MilDec to acquire same, and the deceptive use of nanotechnology as well to shape or re-form faces.

Uniting Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services

The number of mental health and law enforcement coalitions and joint services increasing steadily nationwide seems to be avidly pushed for today –and has been earlier–by the Department of Justice and police associations, such as the IACP–the International Association of Chiefs of Police–which advertises the “One Mind” campaign bringing together Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services:

To what extent is this a legitimate endeavor? To what extent are the figures cited by these campaigns credible?

A key to this conundrum might just be the fact that all or nearly all those reporting being unlawfully targeted with energy weapons technologies–for decades in some cases, multiple years in some cases– have been unlawfully labelled “mentally ill” along with a whole lot of other populations mislabeled, miscast, and misread as such–further subjects to explore.

This report from 2006 from the Department of Justice’s COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program “People with Mental Illness” illustrates the dangers of policing mental illness–when mental illness itself is being invented and falsely attributed to hundreds of thousands. 2006 is also when weapons-testing on Americans was announced by an Air Force secretary, Michael Wynne.

And “crowd-control situations” is not the only circumstance in which such weapons-testing–an eternal shame to America and all nations which have followed in our footsteps here–has taken place, harming civilians and veterans both: matters which must and should be widely known.

This subject–and the current modalities of it–will continue to be covered at this site. No-one is safe when deceiving and criminal actions of mislabeling for profit and repression are taken against people in the holy name of Justice, Safety, Health, and Community.

Wildfires, Directed Energy Weapons, Smart City Health & Controlling Humans

Brief Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | September 6, 2023

Examining the scene of destruction in Lahaina, Maui, and theories of Directed Energy Weapon use there via images of the real destruction versus padded media narratives of carnage–while Smart City mayhem, inclusive of Smart Grid takeovers (JUMPSmartMaui (energy efficient but oligarchic at heart) and Smart Health sweeps via Nanotech (Digital Health/Tele Health/Behavioral Health for psych label pigeonholing and interactive communism-by-consent citizenwide) is being rolled out in Maui and Hawaii in general–it looks like it is possible DEWs–possibly airborne lasers were used to start these wildfires, in a spectrally precise way (military language covering for frequency-based), although I’d imagine any fire-fighting expert would have a better understanding of whether DEWs were indeed used or whether this is evidence of general fire destruction: glass blown out of cars and building windows, tops of roofs removed, carboned metal, a historic banyan tree charred and so on.

Devastation in Maui/Landsat/Visible Earth, NASA

Still, many mysteries surround this fire which leveled a beloved and royal historic site, home once to a king, with grass and wood from houses burning, roofs burnt, cars charred not burned, historic storefronts burning, a library burned, a historic church named Waiola (“living water”) burned–while a lone red metal-roofed house surrounded by stone was left standing. (Metal and wire mesh can protect houses from fires, notes this report.)

Lahaina historical landmarks before and after they were devastated by deadly Maui wildfires/CBC News/August 12, 2023

(Images above from CBC News)

The red-roofed house, coincidentally, is owned by a couple with roots in Massachusetts, Trip and Dora Atwater Millikin, while it appears the tailing off of the unusually strong trade winds associated with Hurricane Dora at the time and thought to have fanned the flames of the wildfires may have spared their house just as much as the other fire-resistant actions of preservation they took, such as laying stone around the house.

“Trip Millikin and his wife, Dora Atwater Millikin, bought the Front Street house in 2021, according to the Civil Beat. The home, which once housed a local sugar plantation’s management employees, is thought to have been moved from the plantation to its current location in 1925, the Civil Beat reported.

The house was pretty rundown when the Millikins bought it, so they decided to renovate it and preserve a piece of Lahaina history, the Civil Beat reported.”

Photo: Why a Wooden House in Lahaina Was Spared in Maui Wildfires (

The question of drought carries a hidden secret.

News analysis examining the carrying of fire by dry grass and brush has looked at drought conditions on Maui and Hawaii in general at the time, and found that indeed sudden drought was registered a few weeks before the fire, going “from lush to bone dry and thus more fire-prone in just a matter of weeks”: A look at the Maui fires, and what’s behind them (, Associated Press, August 10, 2023).

“As of May 23, none of Maui was unusually dry; by the following week it was more than half abnormally dry. By June 13 it was two-thirds either abnormally dry or in moderate drought. And this week about 83% of the island is either abnormally dry or in moderate or severe drought, according to the U.S. drought monitor.

A look at the Maui fires…/Spectrum Local News/AP

Now how on earth did Maui move suddenly to D2, Severe Drought conditions? Perhaps through large-scale drying up of the atmosphere with electromagnetic weaponry such as HAARP, HELs, HPM maybe?

Drought has abruptly descended on Hawaii before:

Drought conditions during rainy season reported in March 2022

Drought reported by the National Weather Service in June 2022

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Dora around the same time as the fire shows possible microwave transmission patterns, of the kind identified to be HAARP-related. Is it possible HAARP may be used to manipulate weather to address (also manipulated) drought conditions in specific areas?

Earth Data, NASA

Radio frequency manipulation of weather in weather warfare actions on the Earth covered by Geoengineering Watch has more information.

HAARP facilities are worldwide now. Interactive Map of HAARP and Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide • Live Earth Monitoring & Educational Resources • ClimateViewer Maps

Image from site on Geo-terrorism/HAARP Microwave Warfare Scenario

New images use AI to provide more detail on Maui fires/ 29, 2023

Hawaii wildfires: how did the deadly Maui fire start and what caused it?/The Guardian/11 August 2023

Information from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: August 2023 WildFires

High Energy Lasers

Looking briefly at the laser weaponology from the US Government, High Energy Lasers developed by the Department of Defense–as also High-Powered Microwave Weapons–seem to occupy a whole class of scaled energy weaponry from very large to very small, and appear to be deployable from battleships and airplanes as well as Army tanks and trucks.

Directed Energy Weapons Testing along with MilDec Wargaming, Modeling, and Simulation

Development and weapons-testing of these HELs seems to be a joint Army, Navy, Air Force venture with Defense contractors being rather preeminently involved. Modeling and simulation games–“wargaming” in fact–appears to have become a modern military preoccupation, rising to manic heights with the rampant tear-down of Smith-Mundt sanity engineered by the Obama Administration in 2012, opening the doors to Psy Ops, MilDec, NLP (neuro linguistic programming aka echo-stalking), Storytelling-in-Media, Disinfo-smearing and simulation nonstop: the Modern advent of Anything Goes. So it’s become very easy now for these mavens of the 77th Brigade who specialize in Psy Ops to roll in a whole number of actual on the ground Army actions and in the air actions and on the sea actions with Futures-testing “modeling and simulation” what-if covers (including media actions) and leave no-one the wiser as to what exactly is happening.

Treating American citizens as enemies of the state to propagandize domestically–essentially making all captive rather than free–has led to inordinate abuses by government against the citizenry, both in terms of actual physical abuse and massive psychological takedown within families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, using systemic deception and lies.

Laser Use in Anti-Personnel Weaponry Testing for Human Bio-Effects

The Directed Energy Futures 2060 report as also much other military publication on lasers certainly admits, if only minimally, to laser-deployment in anti-personnel attack weaponry–as also to laser use from planes–while news from weapons-testing contracts across the past several decades, never disclosed in mainstream media as harmful to humans, reveals quite a bit of harmful electromagnetic weapons testing, both large-scale and counter-personnel to study human bio-effects.

“Intermediate Force actions” in this excerpt below from this overview report refers to non-lethal weapons and technologies–which include such unapproved DOD-DOJ technology as infra-red lasers and millimeter wave through-wall detection technologies, some described earlier here (and unapproved here meaning unapproved by the American public via public interactive, openly-debated, openly-regulated government disclosure on the ground or in mainstream/corporate media–which latter has become defunct now, in this regard: the surfacing of truth).

Damaging the human eye in an “offensive technique” using anti-personnel non-lethal weapons, surfaced here below is not presented here–nor experienced by many reporting victims of unlawful weapons-testing, including to this writer–as testing alone but operations now. Does mention of non-State actors here (in operations) mean private mercenary corporations, being used to deploy Crowd-Control Technologies inclusive of Active Denial Systems (microwave/milliwave weapons systems) against a questioning public? (And do private corporations include “Law Enforcement” corporations now?) (They’re all incorporated.)

That “laser weapons can also cause damage by igniting fires” is probably well-known in the Defense industrial world. New laser weapons being developed and sold to governments implies testing of same–where, when, how, and why such weapons are being tested and operated are further questions to ask of government officials–using FOIA requests.

Smart City Health and What It Might Entail

Meanwhile it appears Maui like many other parts of the world have people on City Councils corralled by the real estate and technology sector “top dogs” who run media, hospitals, Universities and public relations campaigns presenting the (currently being modeled and simulated) future as both Clean, Energy Efficient, and Inevitable.

Fires which consume trees and impel a touching reliance of whole populations on questionable Emergency Medical Systems and the equally questionable city/state infrastructure behind them are being used and have been used to bring in “digital health technologies” via COVID-19 and its “vaccines”–also known as 5G technologies: nanobiosensors, 5G transmitters, “wifi health” or “tele health” while the harms of radiating devices and the loss of organic biosphere from ravaged or cut-down trees, known to facilitate close-range 5G transmission, are being played down.

21-102-DOH-brings-health-and-digital-navigators-and-telehealth-services-to-underserved-communities.pdf (

The Pandemic Has ‘Permanently’ Changed Health Care In Hawaii – Honolulu Civil Beat/May 28, 2021

Transforming health care at the edge | MIT Technology Review/June 10, 2021

When public safety, public health, and public security collide, we can be sure it’s not public welfare we’re looking at here but a much more invasive form of eventually intended remote body monitoring, without consent, as earlier posts on NBIC Convergence here and here point to–matters to be further reported.

Behavioral Health and Community Care: Cause for Concern When the Mental Health Enterprise is Obviously Flawed and Seriously Harmful to all Citizens

Lahaina’s wounds to mental health could ripple through generations: Experts/Hawaii News Now

The sudden “Mental Health” and “Behavioral Health” concerns–all around the USA today and world–of suddenly reinvigorated social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors using “Collaborative Care” or “Community Care” or “Care Coordination” models seek to psychiatrize pretty much everyone, terrorizing the rest into silent subjection as they transform all into “patients” to be imminently harmed with a label of whatever level of subjugation is desired by the oligarchic network wielding NeuroPsych weapons of war on the populace: “anxiety” to “depression” to “schizophrenia” to “tardive dyskinesia” to “dementia” to “mania,” just as arbitrarily as they please. Then corral the whole community into action against them–with lies–as they pull in ever-fatter paychecks and police all their newfound patients with passion, pursuing them from pillar to post with more and more sugar-coated terror (white gloves and coats over their snowy white boots).

“Bipolar Disorder,” “Manic Depressive Disorder,” “Schizophrenia,” “Delusional Disorder,” “Acute Delusional Disorder,” for instance: Extremely terrifying “Diagnoses” to most–but which should really be known as False and Fraudulent Psychiatric Labels, meaningless and expedient–which can be manufactured overnight on anyone today, primarily to remove basic human rights, by a marauding hierarchy of State actors seeking to politically suppress stand-out citizens including journalists and writers, professors and nurses, consultants and creators, veterans and families. As has certainly been reported today by thousands of Americans, including to this writer. Labels and lies which become means for uneducated but easily-trained-to-be-communist-socialist-minions of the “smart city” buildout of community prisons to suppress others using cell phone and handheld satellite tracking, Bluetooth interception and interference, and matrixed monitoring and “e-heathcare” action inside a networked satellite-drone-celltower-portable-and-handheld-device system of action delivering “innovative healthcare technologies”–nothing but tech-transfer energy-weapon privacy-invading vibration technologies, designed to remote-access and alter the human body and brain without consent.

That is the greater danger behind such fires which consume cities and towns and forests as well.

Whatever level of “Smart” anything–whether energy, health, cities–people may choose to embrace, it is that awareness–that exploitative and eugenicist oligarchy, monarchy, communism, destructive socialism (such as forced migration, forced public health monitoring, forced energy/health technology use on people) today is being brought forward into our midst on the back of very sophisticated (and wrong-turn, no-ethics) neuro-biotechnology, military physics and mathematics, undisclosed high energy weapons testing, undisclosed biomedical experimentation, undisclosed Artificial Intelligence brain takedown of people, seeking insidiously to enslave–that we need to keep before us, and that intended enslavement which we must refute, reject, resist as best we can as we seek to keep and uphold our common humanity.

Terms like “Digital Government” “Digital Hospitals” “Digital Health” — seeking to digitize the human body — need to be explored and exposed by all. None of us needs Human Control Technologies running through our veins or seeding our human skin. Nor False and Fraudulent “Mental Health” labels: The entire edifice of medieval Psychiatry, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, which is working as a seal to enslavement today inside corporate globalist and CIA/DHS/NSA/FBI constructs of secrecy-driven subjugation of the citizenry needs to be publicly investigated, fully exposed, and torn down.

Smart and Digital

JumpSmartMaui seems to offer a viable electric-car alternative to fuel-driven cars, but is there a catch here? Corporate oligarchies in particular running such ventures should give everyone pause. Again, something to explore further. This case study offers further insight.

The New Smart Grid in Hawaii: JUMPSmartMaui Project/Hitachi

Digital Governments galore: Govtech Events

Hawaii Digital Government Summit

International conferences on system sciences, bringing a few sciences together: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2023