Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry?

Note & Op-ed | Ramola D | May 29, 2023

Posted today at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is an interview with an alarming title with a science journalist and writer, Sally Adee, editor at New Scientist and author of We Are Electric Inside the 200-Year Hunt for Our Body’s Bioelectric Code, and What the Future Holds, reviewing her experience with tDCS, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, a military brain technology from DARPA revealing uses both putatively therapeutic and other. Also reviewed are a few other technologies including brain decoding or mind reading using something called the Utah Array, and xeno bots, which seem to be living beings from stem cells, therefore these latter not technologies but beings used in bioelectricity or tDCS research–rather immense subjects to further explore.

Most puzzling though is the tone and allusive way in which this major information is presented, as if presuming consent for some very dark technologies (some of which most people unlawfully targeted have been reporting for years now as profoundly invasive and abusive), some yet to be fully exposed–including, seemingly, some such as synthetic telepathy, brain stimulation to amplify learning which seems to be using neural network mapping, and other such: Q&A: How DARPA hacked a science writer’s brain and turned her into a sharpshooter | Sara Goudarzi | May 29, 2023

Like much that is being published these days and apparently over the years in certain forums, both in print and in podcasts, there is a lot of just such seemingly artfully artless presenting of neurotechnology information ongoing, it seems, when the issues, unspoken and unremarked, are huge, with massive implications for all human neuro, cognitive, individual and collective freedom.

“Hacking Brains”: Is Language Being Opened Up Now in Mainstream Space to Gain Consent by Stealth?

Most fundamentally, this article is not about a science writer turned into a sharpshooter, but about a well-published one who in 2007 voluntarily submitted to Trans Cranial Direct Current Stimulation for a story. It is about her seeking a “flow state” through what appears to be either a video game or Virtual Reality or a metaverse scenario, never exactly presented as such. Showing up for her “simulation” (or perhaps just Stimulation) in a traumatized, sleep-deprived jetlagged state, she is then subjected to a series of training exercises for “first-person shooter games” rushing through her repeat exercises with progressive success, not noticing how time flies–essentially getting to some modicum of a flow state at some speed: is this supersoldier training, is this Artificial Intelligence simulations playing out, is this Supercomputing AI and over stimulation of neurons via Syn Tel–TAMI (Thought Amplification and MIND Interface), MIND, SATAN on steroids, is this brain heterodyning or similar? Read (the whole interview/Q and A amalgam) closely and some clues emerge. Yes to all above it seems especially if you understand what trauma-based mind control is all about, what neural circuit mapping in cognitive processing is all about and how this relates to the kind of basic IP theft which brain/EEG heterodyning, cloning or harvesting essentially is. There are connections here to the harvesting of flow states from experts in every field–which actually implies neuro experimentation, generative AI and nested learning algorithms which, if you keep digging into deep learning, machine learning history will bring up links to experimentation on primates from Delgado to Neuralink, on people needing prosthetic limbs, on those held hostage in mental asylums, prisons, nursing homes–vulnerable populations needing protection from all yet inexplicably used historically in non-consensual medical research projects.

There are clues here as well to neuro influence technology, synthetic telepathy, neuro cognitive weaponry, inner voice takeover, narrative disruption protocols, frequency codes for negative thoughts and emotions being piped in, and connections with brain-on-a-chip tech, digital twinning/cloning, BCI (brain computer interface) networks and neurostimulators–a whole history of questionable research leading to these moments of revelation of unethical technology transfer or once-weaponry repurposed as beneficial tech, which numerous military and intelligence and private corporations inclusive of DARPA have been studying for years.

“They kept putting me through these training exercises and I kept failing and being really overwhelmed. Everything was happening all at once—the fake people were running at me, and I didn’t know what order to dispatch them in. It was incredibly frustrating, and I had this entire script of self-recrimination running through my head the entire time. It was just vicious. Then I started just having really negative thoughts. I was thinking this is all garbage, my whole job is garbage—just catastrophizing.

Then the tech came in and switched the current on, and it was like somebody had put noise cancelling headphones on me. I couldn’t hear any of that [negative thoughts] anymore. I did the training again and thought this is completely fine; I know exactly what I’m doing; what’s all the fuss? I was actually really enjoying it. After three minutes, the tech came in (normally, the runs were taking about 20 minutes to get through), and I had dispatched all the bad guys and was waiting the next wave, and said, “it’s done.” I was really surprised—actually, really annoyed—because I was thinking so now, I get it right for the first time and you stop it early. I said, “but I’ve only been here for a couple of minutes.” She said “no,” and I looked at the clock and was shocked to find that 20 minutes had passed. The researcher [in charge] said it was a common response that time starts to fly quite quickly.”

Interestingly it seems it is actually sharpshooting training in the simulation she participated in, and not mass-shooter transformation as some may say the title implies, while the entire article seems to be written in a somewhat obfuscating way, the harms of even “noise cancelling headphone” sensations achieved by electrical current on a human brain lost.

“Zapping Brains into the Zone”

An article by Adee in 2012 helps further elaborate her experience only thinly presented today and the “flow state” she pursued–one well known to artists, dancers, writers, musicians, tennis players, sportsmen and sportswomen of every kind, but again, in itself another area of questionable brain research, which has been reported earlier by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

Human Rights and Lack of Neuro Privacy

Ultimately this is all about much more than what is only very slightly pointed to here–this is about grave and profound harm, issued inhumanely, with reverberating repercussions for Americans, the American military, and indeed the entire world. This isn’t written about though, here. The language in the title, while previously surfaced in mainstream space in the slightest of ways, is still startling enough to draw attention, to mislead, and to premise consent, which no-one with an ethical bone in their body would ever give if they ever knew what “neuro hacking” and “bio hacking” actually means — subjects covered incessantly by whistleblower scientists and journalists here, including at the two recent DEW/Neurotech conferences in 2021 and 2022 as well as numerous panels and podcasts here and at other sites online.

In this space what is powerfully reassuring is that there are indeed highly ethical servicemen and women in the US and other militaries worldwide who have come forward to address the human rights issues involved here, to whom we in this country indeed owe much gratitude on this Memorial Day 2023.


Significantly however, this article by an associate editor Sara Gordazi at the Bulletin points to several neurotechnologies and areas of bioelectronics which have now come to be variously applied it appears in fields of amplifying learning, in assisting with sports training, in stroke recovery, in relearning tasks when injured (subjects sometimes covered at my podcasts and articles), but 21st-and-20th-century public disclosure of which from military sources like DARPA needs further to be catalogued and highlighted for public awareness.

This linked article from 2017 in a neurophysiology journal reveals the use of tDCS in studies, not fully described, for numerous neurological conditions or named yet questionable conditions like Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s: Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

As with other neurotechnologies described by whistleblowers and DOD scientists in lectures and journals over the past few years and presented today as therapeutic under various “emerging technologies” and community research headings, it is never clear how ethically these were developed and how ethically they are being used.

Those who have been unlawfully targeted today and for several decades now, in the US and worldwide, have long been subjected to numerous exotic technologies without consent and have long sought attention to be drawn to their absolutely incomprehensible plight, while we see at the very same time numerous technologies being introduced in our midst, in hospitals, in research settings, in criminal justice settings as therapeutic, or interventional, or deterrent, or emerging, or innovative. These must be questioned from a human rights point of view.

Especially disturbing is the tone of presumed or premised consent underlying examination, however slight, of any and all neurotechnology, both here and in much coverage online today which every intelligent observer must rise up to question. When did neurotechnology become a thing? How many of us are willing to submit to brain monitoring and brain surveillance and brain research on our own thinking processes and thoughts? These are subjects we need to keep researching and writing and speaking about–as well as directly addressing with those building them.

Also questionable is the presented narrative of tDCS being used as a therapy not merely to treat depression but to beat back “inner voices” or negative thoughts, an old one much in line with the historic linking of inner voices or “hearing voices” to so-called schizophrenia or schizoid disorders–instead of recognizing the disclosures today of synthetic telepathy, V2K, projected sounds, ultrasound invasion of the brain and other human-effect electromagnetic, bioelectronic, and neuro hacking technologies known today to specialized audiences.

Much to explore and address further, at a later date.

The Future of Intelligence or The Rise of Human Rights? | Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Vs Preserving The Sanctity of Human Brains And Lives

Note & Op-ed | Ramola D | May 16, 2023

While many of us have been reporting the great harms to humanity and ourselves from so-called emerging or innovative technologies including neurotechnologies, nanotechnology, and directed energy technologies, as covered for instance at last October’s DEW/Neurotech conference posted here, conversations at EM Tech Digital 2023, a recent mainstream conference hosted by MIT Technology Review points to the continued upholding of Artificial Intelligence–a technological, machine-intelligence overlay apparently intending to override human agency and brains–as a supposed stable fixture in our future.

The Future of Intelligence/Em Tech Digital

Clearly not enough thought, time, space, or public consideration has been given to the place of humanity in this vast and nebulous scenario where most people do not understand the basic subject matter here. Perhaps because the creation and development of AI and Machine Learning seems to be quite intricate, encompassing various fields such as cognitive neuroscience, computational linguistics, and software programming, behind which seem to lie more buried fields such as nanobioelectronics and optical imaging.

IBM’s program manager Eda Kavlakoglu has a blog post offering insights into some of these terms using a Russian nesting doll concept to explain the connections between them: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence.

Some associated subjects have been covered in the journalism at this site, some profoundly human-rights-violative, especially in surveillance and mil/Intel coverage, COVID vaccine coverage, and nanotechnology posts.

Is it possible that Artificial Intelligence development and brain or natural language processing research could involve human rights violations?

Dr. David Salinas Flores, whose highlighting of the illegitimate use of nanotechnology in the exploitation of humans has been featured here before has drawn attention to such futuristic scenarios as brain internets, cerebral internets, brains on a chip and so on, subjects I too have raised in some interviews and panels, especially those with TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, posted at his site and my video platforms. Ethical problems in the study of human brains including IP theft are noted here–Dr. David Salinas Flores | The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The First Robotization of Africans–and here: Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime.

IP theft (Intellectual Property theft) in itself has long been discussed in the form of EEG heterodyning and EEG cloning by American scientist Dr. Robert Duncan in The Matrix Deciphered, numbers of Russian, European, Indian scientists and journalists, military and intelligence whistleblowers, and others in podcasts and articles here and at my video platforms (the ones left standing that is, past Youtube’s 2021 takedown of my Reports channel there.) This is, shockingly enough, brainwave harvesting, mixing, and/or replacing–forms of read-write remote access to the human brain achieved through a variety of intricate neurotechnology, nanotechnology, and computational means some of which neuroscientists in the military space have recently taken to disclosing publicly, as partially reported here:

Public Disclosure By Military/Intelligence Whistleblowers on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today

Microwave Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Human Control Weapons: From Nazi Times to Russia’s Cheka to the Present “Havana Syndrome”: A Century of Victims

Neuro ethics in itself is a contested space, and many know it. Neuro rights, first established at the government level in Chile, as well as AI via what has been termed non-invasive BCI (brain computer interfaces) at the nano and micro levels, were discussed by Dr. Rafael Yuste, Director of Neurotechnologies at Columbia University, head of the US Brain Initiative Project, on Report #197 at my channel Ramola D Reports in 2020. Neuroethics and neuro rights were also discussed in various other interviews, panels, articles, and podcasts here, some listed below.

Report #197: Prof. Rafael Yuste, Director, Neurotech, Columbia Univ. On Neurotech, Ai & Neuro Rights

Lack of Consent in Neuro Ethics and Brain Research: A Primary Problem, Long Exposed

Ramola D Reports | Report #152: Kristen Conklin, Electrical Engineer, HR Activist on Neuroweaponry, Neuroethics, Human Rights, Transhumanism

Report #122: Shad Budge Discusses Global NeuroEthics Conference 2019 and Neuro Rights

Questions remain therefore at every level from the standpoint of human rights.

This virtual Em Tech Digital 2023 conversation with former Google computer scientist and cognitive psychologist, Geoffrey Hinton, titled The Future of Intelligence, while striving to address some of the problems associated with AI doesn’t quite address the invasive and human rights issues surrounding neuro privacy, neuro rights, and brain and body autonomy which must inevitably arise in any kind of Artificial Intelligence development seeking to replace or augment human cognitive or communication processes.

Part of what’s being hidden behind public surfacings of Artificial Intelligence powers therefore are the disclosures made by DEW/neurotech-assaulted or “targeted individual” whistleblowers, which include the psychological terror games played by Synthetic Telepathy operators, Neuro Linguistic Programming echo-stalkers, neural network mappers and others in eliciting people’s individual cognitive processes via decision-tree choices which make up our separate human brains and personalities.

These are large and very troubling subjects for ethicists, neuro ethicists, human rights advocates, animal rights advocates, psychologists, psychiatrists, and everyone else to discuss openly together, along with those reporting harm in non-consensual brain or AI research–the only way, as often discussed here, to transparency and human harmony going forward.


Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

US Department of State Sets Up a New Office for Critical and Emerging Technology Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: Human Rights Oversight Urgently Needed

Seth Farber, Ph.D: The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times

A New World Where Every Thought Counts: Transcending Nano Quantum Chaos with Heart

World Press Freedom Day, 2023: Boston Activists call for Julian Assange’s freedom

Note | Ramola D | May 3, 2023

In welcome recognition of the importance of press freedom and needed protection for journalists worldwide at a time when journalists continue to be unlawfully targeted and detained, Assange Defense Committee reports that today’s 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day is being marked in Boston with a phone bank to call for Assange’s freedom as well as protection for all journalists and those who speak truth to power.

May 3 at 12 pm EDT: All who care about press freedoms and the importance of preserving our human rights and civil liberties can call in to Massachusetts senators and the Department of Justice or send an email to express their minds:

Image: Assange Defense Boston

“World Press Freedom Day was created by the UN to act as both a reminder and a reflection on the freedoms of the press and of speech that we all hold dear. With the continued prosecution of Assange and the recent imprisonment of WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich, these freedoms are under attack daily.”

Assange Defense Committee

Evan Gershkovich is the Wall Street Journal reporter recently detained in Russia on supposed “espionage” charges while he was reporting on the ground on repercussions of Russia’s war with Ukraine, and examining the effects of information warfare on locals in the border regions there.

“This action comes amidst renewed pressure from national and world leaders, as well as major publications, calling for Attorney General Merrick Garland to drop the charges against Assange.”

–Assange Defense

Assange Defense Committee, a coalition of well-known advocates and activists inclusive of writers, philosophers, whistleblowers Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Daniel Ellsberg, John Kiriakou, Thomas Drake and many others advocating for Julian Assange is organizing events across the USA to try to stop his extradition to the US.

Decline in Press Freedom and the Ability to Practice Journalism Meanwhile

What’s faintly reassuring is that the current White House Administration has started to (if only selectively) echo the extant awareness of all practicing journalists and intelligent readers on the subject of press freedoms. At the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 29, President Joe Biden called for Evan Gershkovich’s immediate release “along with every other journalist held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad.”

Biden: “Journalism is not a crime”/Politico, 4/30/2023

The troubled state of journalism today around the world and the targeted attacks on journalists in many countries including the USA has been noted this week by many observers worldwide, as also in this Washington Post editorial and this Republic World article. Unlawful retaliation on journalists, activists, government and agency whistleblowers has often been covered at this site, and one can only hope the entire world wakes soon to the need to honor and celebrate journalists rather than incarcerate or marginalize or disappear them.

In the words of Noam Chomsky, “Julian Assange shouldn’t be the subject of a grand jury hearing, he should be given a medal. He’s contributing to democracy.”

From 8/15/2022: Livestream of Julian Assange’s Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign | Week 1 of the Assange Case…

Follow Julian Assange’s case:

Assange Defense Committee: News and Coverage

Reporters Without Borders: News

Speak Up for Assange:

International Journalists’ Statement in Defense of Julian Assange,

List of International Journalists here; Ramola D: #1308

Lack of Consent in Neuro Ethics and Brain Research: A Primary Problem, Long Exposed

Report | Ramola D | April 6, 2023

Lately there seem to be have been all sorts of surfacing of the need for Neuro Ethics and Neuro Rights, including in mainstream coverage of Duke University law and philosophy professor Nita Farahany’s new book “Battle for Your Brain” and a new interview with her and Antonio Regalado, senior biomedicine editor at MIT Technology Review by Greater Boston News’ Sue O’Connell.

“Brain implants could treat serious conditions. The technology is closer than you think“/Greater Boston News, April 5, 2023 (Screenshot)–MIT and Duke just grazing past addressing true neuro ethics in relation to “targeted individuals” reporting non-consensual brain experimentation

One of the more startling admissions made here by researchers and elite-academe media obviously long aware of the unethical and covert use of people in brain experiments and non-lethal weapon testing operations–long reported here at this site–is that Consent of those ab/used in experimental brain research is still in question (or that the question of Lack of Consent is making some researchers squirm now).

“…(Regarding) the technology that we’re talking about for implanted electrodes used by people who are suffering from neurodegenerative disorders or who’ve lost their ability to communicate–the primary ethical issues are around safety and efficacy and ensuring the autonomy of the individuals on whom these are being researched are able to provide full consent — there are complex questions with deep brain stimulation about continuity of self, and what that means for a person with depression…”

–Dr. Nita Farahany, JD, MA, PhD
Excerpt, GBH News Interview with Nita Farahany, Duke University, and Antonio Regalado, MIT Tech Review

False psychiatric labels to wrongfully label people mentally ill–or depressed, or paranoid, or bipolar, or schizophrenic–have as we know long been used to inhumanely and unethically experiment on those also wrongfully labeled “targeted individuals” (who start out being wrongfully watchlisted by the Security Surveillance apparatus often as “terrorists” or “non-investigative subjects” as the ACLU has exposed or “troublemakers” by local community mavens who moonlight as FBI informants keen to disappear school moms with a voice)–a serious issue which needs to be publicly addressed by everyone in Medicine, Psychiatry, and Psychology, as indeed everyone in the world aware of identical abuse conducted under MK ULTRA or Soviet/Communist regimes. (Covered previously here and here, for instance.)

Neurotechnologies and EMF technologies being known in military and intelligence circles to invoke the symptoms of mental illnesses (like depression), neurodegenerative disorders, or DSM-labeled “disorders” has been publicly surfaced by numerous whistleblowers, scientists, and researchers over the years, including recently Dr. James Giordano, Dr. Charles Morgan, and Debra D. Schnelle at a Biodefense conference, and reported here earlier:

Public Disclosure By Military/Intelligence Whistleblowers on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today

Non-consensual brain experimentation as also non-consensual energy-weapon-experimentation/testing/operation is a subject therefore which cannot be discussed openly without discussing wrongful mental-illness attribution.

False-Claim of Mental Illness in the Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Other “Non Lethal” Weapons Testing on Citizens in USA & Worldwide

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

Everyday Brain Sensors and Everyday Brain Hijacking via Bluetooth, Nanotech, Smart Tech: Neuralink to Meta to Microsoft to Everyone else

Of equal concern currently to pretty much everyone in the world is the casual mention of “everyday brain sensors” and the vulnerability of the human brain to non-consensual nano and micro implants, “brainjacking” (covert brain hacking), the “commodification of data”–your brain data, that is, AKA your most private thoughts, fleeting or entrenched, your prejudices and passions, desires and dreads, in addition to your language skills, your Math skills, your ability to think logically, compute clearly, summarize, connect, disengage, associate, cognize, remember, recognize, compose, write, read, dance, sing, speak, express yourself verbally or vocally, do art, fix cars, etc–and how indeed (with the right nanotech humming along inside your neurons maybe) you can be Bluetoothed just as easily as your iPhone or Thinkpad, Epsilon’d, dumbed-down, or disappeared.

Think of what this could do to y/our children’s brains–and perhaps has been for a while: Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

Tech companies, we are told, are now flourishing and predating on human brains, coming up with different “consumer-facing” tech which really seeks to normalize brain-computer-interfaces or microchips as sensors to be secreted into earbuds and headphones and other such–while also normalizing other forms of invasive brain surveillance, already in operation in police/criminal justice as crowd control tech and limited-effect tech.

Suggesting, with Antonio Relegado, that Neuralink and Elon Musk have brought “attention to the field,” Nita Farahany says that “brain computer interface companies whether it’s implanted neurotechnology companies or the huge number of players that have started to introduce everyday brain sensors it’s really stimulated all of the major tech companies, all of the brain computer interface companies to rapidly start to think about consumer-facing technologies which is why you have Meta investing in a watch that is supposed to serve as a neural interface to augmented reality and you have Snap buying a major neurotech company called Next Minds in order to integrate into its products and you have Microsoft and Apple all looking at developing neural interface for everyone. I think it’s the big untapped Market in so many ways –right–people are used to quantifying every other aspect of their bodies and of their health but we even know virtually nothing about our own brains so I think the ‘Musk effect’ has led to a huge amount of funding and a race to be the first to develop a broad scale kind of killer app for everyone”: Is this a matter-of-fact surveying of an already too-advanced foray into brain invasion for all humanity or a seeking to normalize such as perfectly okay?

Neuro Rights or Human Rights? Brains to Regulate or Brains to Keep Private?

Neuro rights, neuro privacy, cognitive liberty: these are terms which have been conceived and surfaced for quite some time now, but who is laying claim to these concepts, why are “terms of service” being mentioned and should this be a legal issue, a moral issue, an ethical issue, or a concerted cause for alarm and massive human rights alert for all alive today on all these counts?

(“Terms of service” is a phrase used by Nita Farahany in a Guardian interview. “There are profound risks from both the commodification of the data but also what it means to have your brain activity monitored by others and what that does to freedom of thought. The technology is at an inflection point: use is ascending steeply but it is not yet mainstream. We have a moment, before the terms of service are set by others, where we can have a voice in how it is used and deployed in society.”)

Non-Consenting “Subjects” of Classified or Hidden Military/Intelligence Technologies Have Long Exposed Neurotechnology & DEW Abuse

Mind reading, replacement of your inner voice, soul-jacking–essentially transforming your personality via MK ULTRA style “crime prevention” neuro surveillance seeking to provoke or hypnotize people into crime-creation–mind-control via remote EMF tech, overwhelming synthetic telepathy, and the tracking and transforming of your mental activity or neurological state have long been reported by those covertly targeted with military and Intelligence neurotechnologies, disclosed by DOD/CIA/Navy/Army whistleblowers and scientists, and increasingly exposed now as being rolled out, including in schools and crowd control situations as post-COVID reports from China and Europe and the US and Australia demonstrate.

A significant public exposure of unlawful targeting of Americans and abuse in non-consensual brain and energy bio-effects/bio-behavioral research occurred in 2011 and 2012 with the Presidential Bioethical Commission hearings, as also with the SACHRP comments during the Common Rule revision in 2015/16 when Intelligence and Criminal Justice agencies were apparently given a free pass to experiment on civilians without any of the human rights protections the Common Rule (already watered-down version of the Nuremberg Code) offered.

This was covered here earlier:

Washington’s Blog: The American Public Informs President Obama’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues About Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation in the USA Today | 3/13/2016

No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities | 7/16/2016

Neuroethics as a means to address such rampant abuses has long been discussed on my panels and podcasts, including in such memorable interviews as with neuro rights activist Shad Budge, Columbia Neuroscience professor Dr. Rafael Yuste who brought Neuro Rights to Chile, the Invasive Neurotech, True Neuro Ethics panels, and the recent Neurotech/DEW Tech online conferences I hosted in 2021 and 2022.

It should be noted also that everyone I have interviewed or worked with over the years in relation to their exposure or/and disclosure of these neurotechnology and DEW abuses has contributed vastly to the exposing of these crimes against humanity and brought forward the entire public discourse on neuro ethics, bio ethics, and neuro rights, which all academics, private parties and media now tentatively touching these subjects need to consult. (As indeed they need to consult also the vast body of literature from numerous researchers and writers who have addressed these matters, including Cheryl Welsh, Paul Baird, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Rauni Kilde, Gloria Naylor, Mark Rich, Dr. John Hall, Mary Gregory, and others.)

The fact remains that these disclosures from the field cannot be overlooked in any intellectual reportage or review of technology use in this area, and a serious overhauling of the entire fields of surveillance, psychiatry, brain research–whether in public, private, or academic sectors–is long overdue.

Consent cannot be presumed for the great numbers of unwitting, involuntary, non-consenting people who have come forward in many ways to report the great harms on their persons inflicted by remote neurotechnologies and energy technologies–implicating military, intelligence, corporate, and academic research, classified or not–even by so-called neuroethicists fraudulently held up by corporate media and academe. Nita Farahany, interestingly, was a member of President Obama’s Bioethical Commission headed by Amy Gutmann in 2011 and 2012 which heard the testimonials of numerous Americans exposing these crimes (as also, curiously, was Christine Grady, wife of Anthony Fauci).

The entire industry of neural interfaces, augmented reality, prosthetics, BCI-tech, nanotech, optical imaging tech and so on needs to come under much closer scrutiny than it has currently, always in light of the vast public disclosure of crimes against humanity in such research made by many many reporters of these crimes, often dismissed, wrongfully, as a cadre of mentally ill “targeted individuals.”

Inevitably also, the abuses of animals, particularly primates, in neurotechnology and BCI (brain computer interface) research, as exposed last year in the case of the Neuralink-funded use of baby monkeys at UC Davis–reported here and questioned further by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine–must be further scrutinized in light of harms to humanity implicit in all such research.

A sampling of panels below:

Report #122: Shad Budge Discusses Global NeuroEthics Conference 2019 and Neuro Rights/March 16, 2019

“Existential Threat Against Humanity” says Dr. Robert Duncan: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference Bears Witness to Profound Mil/Intel/DOJ/Univ/Private Sector Crimes | October 22, 2022

Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference | Oct 22, 2022


Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

Affidavits, Letters of Validation and Support, & Legislation Efforts Attesting to Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation & DEW Use on Civilians

Surveillance Technologies and Artificial Intelligence within the context of International Human Rights Law

Note | Ramola D | 3/30/2023

Are governments beginning to stand up for humanity today within the context of international human rights law or bringing in surveillance technologies and AI together without recognition of their harms?

A State Department press release today: “Surveillance technologies can be important tools for protecting national security and public safety when used responsibly and in a manner consistent with applicable international law.  At the same time, a growing number of governments misuse surveillance technologies to restrict access to information and the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms.  In some cases, governments use these tools in ways that violate or abuse the right to be free from arbitrary or unlawful interference with one’s privacy.  In the worst cases, governments employ such products or services as part of a broad state apparatus of oppression.”

The Summit for Democracy mentioned, live currently, seems to be international in scope and endorses human rights in face of advanced military technology for disclosure of and close attention to which much public discourse and debate is still needed.

EN + ASL | The Summit for Democracy 2023 | Day 2

“Today, the United States is proud to join 44 Summit for Democracy participating states in endorsing new Guiding Principles on Government Use of Surveillance Technologies. These Guiding Principles illustrate how governments can maintain their commitment to respect democratic values and protect human rights in the responsible use of surveillance technology. They were developed by consensus in the Freedom Online Coalition, a group of 36 governments dedicated to protecting the same human rights online as offline, currently chaired by the United States.

The Guiding Principles are intended to prevent the misuse of surveillance technologies by governments to enable human rights abuses in three main areas:

  • The use of Internet controls;
  • Pairing video surveillance with artificial intelligence-driven tools; and
  • The use of big data analytic tools.”
Media Note, US Department of State, 3/30/2023

Questions of human rights abuse, Informed Consent, non-consensual use of people in big data analyses projects, AI use in espionage, law enforcement and military testing operations, neurowarfare, “cognitive warfare” and crowd control technologies–as often examined here, including here and here–as well as others, involving all of humanity, this generation and the next, and all to come, still remain.

Questions of course considered here and in previous conferences and panels at this site quite often:


Guiding Principles on Government Use of Surveillance Technologies:

Also watch the rest of the Summit for Democracy live here at the State Department.

Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 17th of February, 2023

Among the many revelations emerging from Davos 2023 is this gem from a session moderated by Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson, with Professor Nita A. Farahany from Duke University School of Law (video link below) presenting a vision of a supposed future which she tells us is already here.

In her wide-ranging narrative she expounds on a number of brain surveillance, brain entrainment, and mind hiving technologies, astounding approaches to workplace management, concepts many may actually be familiar with from previously-published journalism on some of these subjects, including at my site.

Mind Hiving in Groups or Synthetic Telepathy or Brain Heterodyning/Entrainment or a combo of these…? A very interesting post here which discusses mind hiving and possibly different technical forms of telepathy

Professionals working in teams or parents with children in colleges or schools in probably every grade at this point, worldwide, may already be familiar with small group activities in some form. Imagine this transformed to another level of managed performance which includes neurotechnology. To comprehend that, this is the presentation for every parent, and every team member of workplace projects in any industry to watch.

Robots in the workplace or humans being moved into machine intelligence…?

Indeed, what is being unfolded here is insight into a dystopic view of life-and-work reality few of us could dream up or imagine of, yet one we are told is already here. Surely this: how can such a convoluted takeover of our brains be already here? is a question all must pause to ask. innocuous music videos to improve cognition or memory or sleep: is there a deeper motive behind these clothed-in-wellness programs? Has there been a widespread sweep of neuro takeover strung over the years into our lives?

Or rather, these emerging technologies call out in immediacy for our attention, especially as mothers, as fathers, as children even, as thinking college students and thoughtful employees in any workplace, in any profession, in any walk of life, pretty much anywhere.

Neurotechnologies raise hard questions re. brain autonomy, neuro privacy, cognition rights and liberties, the ethicalities behind neuro surveillance and much more. What Professor Farahany is doing here is very similar to what others such as Professor James Giordano and Professor Charles Morgan have been doing for years — covered here in part: Public Disclosure on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today.

What they may really be doing is perhaps just opening the conversation for all of us to continue and take forward in the ways we as humanity need.

Do any one of us want all our minds read, our thoughts scrutinized and neuro-censored, our children mind-hived into clusters and their specialness or talents degraded and depressed or, conversely, their uniqueness and individuality honored, respected, and revered?

Starting from neuro surveillance to….what exactly?
Neural networks being studied worldwide–to what end?

We must learn as much as we can about these technologies now and take an active part in speaking our minds on these subjects in the best ways we can each muster, especially in light of the need to preserve brain autonomy and neuro rights not to mention uniqueness of talent and emotional integrity for our children’s futures and our own independent lives in our own respective workspots, before it is too late.

Another must-watch from Davos, and a must-think-about, must-share-please, with all.

Davos Raises Hard Questions All Humanity Must Answer For Brain Autonomy in Our Children’s Future

WEF/Ready for Brain Transparency?

Truly it is up to us all to think deeply and act wisely to safeguard our humanity in the face of propelled technology expansion in one wise or another, especially for our children, rather than stall in top-down notions of performance and behavioral health management, concepts causing some to hold and carry power over others, to the extent of supreme neuro invasions none of us need surely in our lives.

In the Name of Psychiatric or Physical Therapy Are Highly Questionable Projects Being Run Experimentally on People?

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 9th of February, 2023

Another video that has crossed my path lately in the sense that it has appeared abruptly on my Youtube playlist which of course may quite well be run by AI at this point, as everyone else’s is, based on past interests, is the one below on all kinds of projects being run through the use of light and vibrations on cerebrospinal fluid, a fluid which can be found in the spine, brain and nervous system.

An interesting exposition by this Harvard trained neuroscientist Mauro Zappaterra, what is spoken of here is a number of “therapies” possibly evolving out of his own stated focus on “polarity therapy,” reiki, and “cranio-sacral therapy” to effect physical or psychiatric change in patients — healing physical pain as well as making patients feel better, which possibly points to psychiatric therapy as well — an area of particular interest to me since I have been and continue to expose and challenge the use of false psychiatric labels on the non-mentally-ill, in fact the supremely normal if not highly accomplished, such as myself, a writer and journalist who has reported and still seeks the end of all whistleblower retaliation on her for daring to simply do her work as a journalist.

Of course the other reason I am particularly interested in bringing this video to the attention of others indeed all of humanity is what is actually spoken of in this video — which I think physicians in particular, just basic, general practitioners and physicians and anyone else above that, trained in any specialty of medicine, especially neuroscience would best understand in all its implications and dangers: the fact that apparently neuroscientists at top universities are working on subjects so esoteric as raising one’s Kundalini energy and studying DMT molecules and applying occult principles from such ancient tomes as Tibetan texts on consciousness with intent to apparently, incredibly, study near-death experiences or examine brains at point of dying, or give people mystical experiences or transform their nervous systems in some way, based on understandings of how stem cells in embryonics work and how early God-given potentials are being studied here and possibly intended for alteration.

Funding: the substructure behind all research projects

Now of course what I have been reporting in recent times — although in spare ways on Twitter and in emails and so forth — or at least part of what I have been reporting has had to do with various energy technology uses on me, and listening to this exposition does make me think there is a high possibility this kind of what appears to me to be rather inhumane and unthought-through unethical experimenting may well have been run on me.

Since last November when I first published my Living Testimony and sent claims to all parties involved following which much occurred including a second unlawful Section 12 which I have been striving to address privately, communications laid around me have suggested a kind of “halo effect” being intended to be created externally in conjunction with “Jesus programming” on me — the kind of mirror-reflection thing which could get people such as a journalist who has long stood up for humanity and sought an end to harm on people to start imagining they are actually gods or avatars, classic DSM delusions which could then rationalize false psych labels and thereby false psych “therapy”–a kind of “going to God project” which no-one would suspect as having its roots in faulty experimentation.

Listening all through to the end of this video brings up darker possibilities I hesitate to even mention, since very weird word games and “MK” ops are also being played not just on me but literally on all of us today, seeking to shift blame from perpetrator to people — for which reason I am keeping my notes here somewhat trimmed while I seek other means of private introspection and analysis. The word “disclosure” has quite a weight of baggage attached to it, for which reason I will hope that those to whom this term applies the most consider especially what these projects mean and may mean, both to themselves and others.

Meanwhile I recommend that physicians, human rights attorneys, neuroscientists, criminal justice investigators, ombudsmen in every kind of organization aimed at preserving our values as a society, community, and world step forward to investigate these projects, check the funding and principles behind them, and take whatever action is needed in their view–and our view as a whole, caring, humanity collective–to halt and terminate all harmful projects and save the lives and health of all those experimentally and also non-consensually involved in such projects.

Each one of us is a melody, a note playing out our own dreams and chords into the world. Each one of us is needed here on earth just as ourselves, to be and become ourselves, organically evolving into who we surely are and have been intended by God to be already. Let’s not disturb the symphony.

News of Harm: Humanity in Crisis as Those Targeted Non-Consensually Reporting Being Held Within AI MK Ultra & Pain Research Projects are Possibly Being Used in “Martyrdom” & Forms of Brain/Heart/Soul Harvesting

Report & Op-Ed #TechnoCreative| Ramola D | 6th of February, 2023

Various sources within communities reporting “synthetic telepathy” — a reported military and intelligence technology — one of many reported on often by this science, technology, and human rights journalist and writer, suggest that a crime of the most unimaginable magnitude is being carried out on thousands of people who have been targeted unlawfully and non-consensually drawn into multiple projects seemingly innocuous but with very dark intentions.

To what extent any of these reports are true needs to be fully investigated and addressed by relevant human rights organizations and criminal justice organizations.

Some of these projects are possibly hidden behind purported Artificial Intelligence Mind and Behavior Control projects studying numerous subjects and especially those engaged in Pain Bio-Behavioral Research Projects which supposedly involve people who are imagined to have consented to “martyrdom” via experimental treatment designed to cause and study pain in the human body and brain.

What a concept, that anyone whatsoever would ever consent to be a martyr–or that the concept of martyr could even exist in this day and age. And what a horror, that anyone could actually be involved in such dastardly schemes to remove lives, souls, hearts, and brains. Martyrdom is not a normal idea even to consider in the face of basic and fundamental human rights and freedoms–absolutely no-one in the world would consent to be a martyr, in the opinion of this writer and probably billions on Earth.

So many questions arise in the face of this purported possibility although one beats all—can it be possible even that people’s lives can actively be taken from them in a research project?

One hopes it is the great concern for humanity, present and future, which will cause people to bring up these projects openly if the case — on which not much information seems to exist but enough to suggest grave harm has been aimed at all of humanity, subjects covered earlier here in numerous projects.

Not much is known currently but it appears that the kind of thing spoken about by Dr. Robert Duncan in Project Soulcatcher may indeed be true while much of this is speculative.

As a human rights journalist and writer long engaged in reportage on this subject which she is retiring from currently as she turns back to her creative writing and art and community service, this writer hopes that all people will rise to the awareness that recognition of our human rights, natural rights, God-given rights are our most powerful accomplishment in consciousness as a collective, and hopefully all circles will step forward to address this subject and save those involved non-consensually or unknowingly in these projects.

Imagined Prospects of Present and Future in Advanced Computing, Cognitive Computing, Pervasive Computing

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 3rd of February, 2023

In a rather fascinating TED Talk from 2018, Tim Mullen of Intheon, a spokesman from the seeming future seems to be describing an imagined reality only allusively spoken of yet incorporating many aspects of our present knowledge.

Ranging across wide fields of knowledge and inquiry, this talk seems to be revealing in a smattering of glimpses insights into such ephemerals as embedded tech – what some of us may call brain nano — cognitive computing, brain computer interfaces, ubiquitous computing, virtual reality, and other such, concepts of such vast import that our brains glaze over at some, especially if hearing those terms and concepts for the first time.

Visual aids offered during the talk help a great deal though in conveying this vision of the future–nebulous still as we gaze at them, somewhat recessed, slowly coming into view and yet misty and unclear.

To what extent will any of this persist into the future, we wonder, noticing as well the curious symmetry of shapes on the images flickering before us with the measured speech of the speaker.

To what extent is this imagined, to what extent can any of this be true, we wonder.
Embedded tech being brain nano as we see — prospects of brain computer interfacing and cognitive computing embedded
Direct brain-computer interfacing an elaborate project, we see, and a complicated, widely-affiliated one — which makes us wonder, how vast is this project and who is invited?
Odd ideas perfectly explained for a singular moment then whisked into that liminal space between comprehension and oblivion
Exquisite language weaving a thought or thoughts into possibility not all would even consider feasible let alone plausible
Intuition: Who would ever have thought that one day Technology would pursue the paths and processes of intuition, but here we are, and for the first time we begin to feel a sense of unease: how exactly do we interpret the above–we don’t really know, but someone is pursuing the answers.
The brain, the body, cognition, devices–the internet of things, a fuzz of interconnectivity–is this what the “Cognitive Halo” refers to?
What an extraordinary visual, the Indian meditator using virtual reality to raise 3 balls over the ocean–or is it sand, is it sea grass, is it the flow of foaming water we need to see with closer eyes here.
A sunny day, and mountains in the distance
Techno designs becoming a dream, immersive, all are held in seamlessly without intent–yet each, individually, still at center, at heart of this dream
Listening to the speaker, many possibilities arise–but startling concepts like “open source neuroscience software” and “ubiquitous neurotech interfaces” stand out
Artistic notions of enclosure within which virtual reality blossoms

There is so much in this single talk, so brilliantly condensed, that it becomes imperative that we watch and listen again, watch and listen again, unfolding into view the many different concepts here, to see how far neuroscience has advanced, how far computer science has advanced, and how this world of deep introspective intellectualism that clearly underlies research dreams and hopes in these areas incorporates concepts and paradigms from so many different spaces that we are at a loss to fully comprehend the implications here or grasp the direction in which these dreams are going.

Perhaps the answer is right here though, in these spectacular images and quotes, with each of us at the center and heart of this dream, each of us dreaming a new world of creative possibility into being.

Where Hive Minds, Dimensions, Witchcraft, and Technology Collide: Supercomputer Soundings and Voices, Not Really “Voices in Heads”

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 1st of February, 2023

So, following on my last rather esoteric post here: A New World Where Every Thought Counts: Transcending Nano Quantum Chaos with Heart, reporting on the completely bizarre reality we apparently now inhabit, the news from numerous sources including ordinary people leading ordinary lives has come in: it appears something peculiar has indeed happened in our world and Universe.

Everyone’s “not-talking” about it–yet talking about it in quiet inner groups.

Essentially all that Geordie Rose and friends have talked about (see linked post above) in combination with various other projects and cycles of time whorling out into consequence has suddenly resulted in a scenario perhaps none expected: –at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), brain nano, quantum computing, supercomputing, even, incredibly, sorcery, and CERN’s possible breaking through dimensions or universes, pulling in entities or things from a parallel universe or dimension–spirits? demons? –added to some sort of magical physics which only the top physicists at MIT and Stanford and Fermi Labs and CERN perhaps know about, our world, meaning our whole Universe has somehow split away from “heaven” and God while suddenly being interpenetrated with other dimensions such as what people call the astral or a spirit world of sorts.

Technology, Not Imagined “Voices in Heads”

As a consequence we are now, we’re told by some, apparently living in a place where almost-ghosts and hauntings and thought forms actually take voice close in, around, near us, while some apparently feel (or know) they are communicating in a hive-minded way in this space.

Inner thoughts become voiced, involuntarily, and appear to travel.

The conversations of crowds, hive-minded in curious ways, engaged in a number of diverse Internet and supercomputer AI and neuro behavior modification projects suddenly become audible in an odd, remote-access kind of way, the hallmark of secret projects — but can it be?

Is it possible these things have occurred without intent or drawn into the world deliberately–a kind of “remote viewing” tech which could never have come into being (if the case, all of this is speculative based on multiply-reported experience) except at this particular point in time and space?

For years those targeted have been reporting the most peculiar technologies being used on them: energy tech, neurotech, scalar tech, neuro influence tech, as putative canaries in the coal mine for AI, synthetic telepathy, voiced inner voice, hive-minding, neuro-bio-behavior-modification projects and much more, covered at my site for years, and subjects of the two online conferences run in 2021 and 2022.

But coming together in super bizarre ways where it seems people are reading each other’s minds, and pre-saying others’ thoughts, and the very fabric of material reality has suddenly become alive with soundings and voicings linked to a computer–the supercomputer project apparently pulling in the entire Universe. Bizarro beyond thought!

Is everyone observing or experiencing these things? Many report they have. 

In any case, something else seems to have happened which is the literal presence or feeling of presence of those kinds of odd entities those MIT scientists talk about (being pulled in from parallel universes or dimensions) — Anna von Reitz has written a lot about this, and various other people too; many of us are beginning to wonder what has occurred to the fabric of time and space we inhabit.

All of these are subjects for surfacing in conversation and journalism, esoteric as it all is. Meanwhile, Internet censorship keeps such conversations hidden or non-existent, much to our collective regret.

I look forward to seeing other writers begin to address this perhaps-weird anomaly in spacetime we have fallen into or expanded into, and indeed hearing scientists speak openly about it too.