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July 14, 2017

Thanks So Much For Your Donations!

Thanks so much for your donations which I have been receiving through the Paypal Donate feature on my site. Truly appreciative, and please be assured I am using the funds currently to support others who are wrongfully targeted and in dire need, as well as holding the funds to continue to support the ongoing functioning of this site.

I am not sure if people are okay with me naming them as donors–which I can do, on this page, going forward if you will drop me a note telling me it is okay to name you as a donor–but I am so appreciative and grateful for your support. Until I set up a proper support-the-journalist page, maybe on Patreon, it really helps to know that my work is meaningful and offers information of value to others.

It really strongly motivates me to keep going, too, particularly when I am wondering if any one reads these articles and posts! (And also wondering if people of note–from media, from the human rights world, from psychiatry, and from the large body of concerned, truth-oriented Americans out there–are reading.)

As those of you know who visit here often, I am writing, reporting, re-posting, and publishing information related to the reality of what is going on currently in the US and elsewhere–a reality fully elided or distorted in mainstream media coverage. Really glad to know others stand with me in these efforts.

Techno Crime Fighters Forum Live Podcast

Some of you may know I am working with a team of outstanding True-Intelligence analysts and researchers (the Joint Investigation Team) to investigate reports of wrongful targeting with electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons worldwide, and to help support the extraordinary individuals who are being singled out by criminals in local fusion centers and so-called Intelligence agencies for defamation, covert assault, repression, and suppression of their brilliance, their integrity, their community-mindedness, their spirituality, and their innate light. 

The Joint Investigation Team has its own website now; more information and reports will be forthcoming soon at this site. Dr. Katherine Horton (High Energy Physicist), Karen Melton-Stewart (Intelligence Analyst, 28-yr NSA veteran, NSA whistleblower), Dr. Millicent Black (Pastor and Family Therapist, Researcher), Melanie Vritschan (Founder of ICATOR, Human Rights Advocate) are the other members of the team.

We can be joined live every Thursday on a live Google Hangout podcast hosted by Dr. Paul Marko at World Beyond Belief on the PineConeutopia Youtube channel:

The Techno Crime Fighters Forums live podcast is published by World Beyond Belief/pineconeutopia Thursdays at 11 am – 1 pm US Eastern Standard Time and 5 -7 pm Central European Time.

Our latest show, run yesterday, on matters related to the Military, Military Intelligence, and the Military Industrial Complex which is in the control of secret societies, Freemasons, and Satanists is linked below.

Recommended News Media to Follow

Please drop in at my new media venture with Ahmad Enani, Real Talk True Media on Youtube to view our latest podcasts introduced here recently: 

Launching Real Talk True Media with Ramola D & Ahmad Enani: Midge Mathis & Karen Stewart Discuss Financial Underpinnings & Fraud Behind Covert EMF/Neuro Targeting

Visit Dr. Katherine Horton’s web site and Youtube channel where she consistently uploads videos informing the world on the realities of current-day covert assault with EMF/Neuro weapons by Intelligence agencies and militaries worldwide in the interests of advancing totalitarianism and the communism of the One World Government run by the ZioNazi/Masonic/Satanist Globalists.

Read Dr. Henry Makow’s Bella Dodd – The New World Order is Communism. 

Stay up to date with Seven’s reports from London at 2017/Updated Notices from Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: Shut The #SevenGate Crime Cartel Down!

Stay tuned for new podcasts to be uploaded and streamed shortly at my other new journalist’s channel Ramola D Reports on Youtube.

–Ramola D/July 14, 2017

February 18, 2017

Petition to Congress, ACLU, UN: Stop False Diagnoses Leading To Forced Psychiatric Detainment To Cover Illegal Human Experimentation And Military Training Resulting In Torture

This is an older petition, from 2014, but Dr. Millicent Black, who started it, tells me it is still active, and recommends that people sign it. Included on my page here featuring it is a link to the pdf carrying Comments from the earlier signers, who come from all around the USA and also come from other countries.

The focus of this petition is particularly important today, as the Establishment cover-up of blacklisting, whistleblower retaliation, weapons-testing, and non-consensual neuro-experimentation continues, and those being hit with EMF and neuro weapons who complain to local police continue to end up being named delusional by Law Enforcement, sometimes Baker-Acted or committed on a 72-hour hold.

Those of us who are very aware that non-consensual neuro-experimentation is going on understand how insidious the structured use of psychiatry is to dismiss victim reports; this is a very historic, very old, very clichéd yet also very totalitarian strategy, and we need to keep exposing and challenging it. We need really, to tear it down. Psychiatrists need to be challenged and educated.

News Flash to Psychiatrists, Mental Health, and Law Enforcement: Hearing Voices is No Longer a Sign of Psychosis! But Military Neurotechnology!

One of the signers to our Trump Memo on Torture sent on this link to a news article of interest: police in Virginia Beach are being trained to judge “hearing voices” as sign of delusion and mental illness requiring crisis intervention–really? in this day and age when ample evidence exists for the Military’s documented use of various, patented, admitted-to technologies to induce voices? (The document Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons, for instance, released on FOIA tin 2006 to Donald Friedman, also released later to Dr. Millicent Black, spells out some of this technology.)

Guided by a commenter on the recent Rohinie Bisesar article— which I’m pleased to report will be featured on Public Intelligence Blog soon, thanks to the groundbreaking efforts and interests of Robert David Steele in joining us to expose ongoing non-consensual neuro-experimentation–and with many thanks to Omnisense, EarthPulse Press, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, and John McMurtrey, here are some links to prove the military’s and Intelligence Community’s development and use of synthetic telepathy–or voices inside your head:

Electronic Telepathy–Patents and Public Science/Omnisense

Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars–Richard Alan Miller

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology–John McMurtrey

But I’ll plan to tackle these various hearing-voices-in-head technologies in a separate article soon.

Ani Kaspar and her Various Class Actions and UN Letter Actions

Because of various peculiar events last week, and because I so warmly endorsed and supported Ani Kaspar when I first heard of her and connected with her two weeks ago, I feel compelled to inform anyone who’s interested that unfortunately, Ms. Kaspar has had a falling-out with a few of us over the past couple weeks. When I first heard of Ms. Kaspar, it was in connection with a letter to the UN High Commissioner which she was encouraging all “TI”s to sign and personalize, a letter campaign I was certainly interested in since I too have been thinking of writing to various parties at the UN, and which I joined, for that reason.

Although the letter was not written in the style I myself as a writer tend to use and favor, with maximum candor and transparency, because I was being assured it would form the basis also for joint legal or class action, I consented to use this rather impersonal and unrevealing draft or template and proceeded to personalize it, spelling out the specifics of the various experiences of covert assault, electronic weapon assault, covert implantation, and unwarranted surveillance I myself have been subject to. However, this was apparently not to Ms. Kaspar’s liking for she asked me to “limit my claim” while at the same time accusing Dr. Katherine Horton and myself of “Intellectual Property” theft, insinuating that our Memorandum to President Trump was in some way based on or a theft of her work, while not really spelling out what exactly we, and in particular Dr. Horton, were supposed to have stolen.  (I should note too that I wrote that Memo, with Dr. Horton and Karen Stewart, at a time when I did not even know Ms. Kaspar–or her plans–existed.)

Ms. Kaspar then drew in another highly-educated person in our midst, wrongfully attributing to her a patently false statement that I was “in settlement talks” based on our Memo to Mr. Trump (the import of which frankly escaped me, then and now–I mean, who would I be “settling” with–Mr. Trump?) And also, what exactly would I be settling for? Anyone who knows me also knows I am the least likely person to settle for anything but the truth! And as far as this deadly program of illegal, criminal, wrongful, non-consensual surveillance, assault, and experimentation goes, the last thing I would ever do is “settle,” unilaterally or with a group, rather than fully indict and fully expose the Military and Intelligence and private Defense-contractor perpetrators of these crimes against thousands of us, worldwide.

So in any case, I withdrew my letter from Ms. Kaspar’s campaign, as did many of us aware of these goings-on, and withdrew from any interest in joining in her class actions and so forth. The whole thing was rather puzzling to many of us, given how suddenly it blew up, and entirely without provocation. Throughout, Ms. Kaspar informed us we were being divisive and lacking integrity, also puzzling, since that appeared to be exactly what she was embodying.

Clearly, our approaches as writers and communicators are very different. In any case, we’re left wondering who exactly is sponsoring Ms. Kaspar and if the class actions she was attempting to lead were designed to lead eventually to gag orders and being silenced about the actual experiences and testimonials and affidavits each of us has been preparing. There was also an issue of control of language we were using; I have to say I am growing increasingly wary of people who come by and tell us not to use this word or that word, for this reason or that reason. Language is an open field, and should be, for everyone; we have the innate right, I believe, to choose our own words to express our own intentions, our own understandings, and our own observations.

I guess also that I should find out more about the legal ins and outs of class actions before signing up in the future to join one. 

All this to say, regretfully, that I can no longer endorse or support anything Ms. Ani Kaspar does or purports to do for the wrongfully targeted.

Future Joint TI Letter Actions, and Open Letters

I will keep everyone updated as more joint actions and open letters are rolled out here, including a more heartfelt and candid, revealing, transparent, and forthright letter campaign to the UN High Commissioner and others at the UN.

People who imagine they can contain public attention to this runaway train of absolute evil are seriously mistaken: these are atrocious crimes against humanity, and they Will be exposed.

Recommended Videos

Some videos I’ve watched lately and can highly recommend:

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy Talks to Michael Shrimpton/An Update: German Intelligence Infiltration into World Government

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt’s interview with MK ULTRA survivor Cathy O’ Brien

State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers the Untouchables (& Recalls her Whistleblowing)

Citizen Neutralization with High Tech Weaponry/World Beyond Belief, Dr. Eric Karlstrom

What is the Illuminati? Real Facts/Jordan Maxwell, Anthony Hilder, Terry Cook

Christopher Story-EU Corruption, 1/3, 2/3/3/3

And if you missed my own conversation with Paul Marko of World Beyond Belief: Electronic Warfare and Neuro-Warfare on Civilians Worldwide,

Supporting this site

As I continue to research, write, and build informational resources on this site–all the while continuing to fight for my life and health as I am under constant radiation assault–I’ve caved in finally and installed a Donate button (right side-bar) which leads to a Paypal Donate page. All writing and resources here are absolutely free to all those wrongfully targeted who visit this space, but to everyone else who may find value in this ongoing enterprise, please consider supporting my journalism, research, and resource-sharing so that I may continue this work, for all those wrongfully targeted and experimented-on worldwide, as well as in service for all humanity as we collectively handle these perilous times. I thank everyone who has donated so far: your contributions will surely be put to good use.

Many thanks also to Dr. Katherine Horton who has set up a Donations page for TI activists on her highly informative site, and included a page for me, which leads back to the same Paypal Donate page above. Please visit her own Donations page, and support her own fight on the behalf of TIs worldwide; Dr. Horton is a formidable voice in our midst, I salute her tremendous efforts, and hope to continue to work right alongside her, to expose and end these incredible atrocities against humanity.

Public Documenting of EMF Assault/Street Theater/COINTELPRO

I’ve started to film and upload to YouTube snippets of recordings of street theater as well as photos of cars and SUVs on the roadway from which I’m being variously EMF-pulsed/microwaved, ADS’d (heat hits), and from which EMF signals can be recorded, and hope to maintain these records publicly. All in good time though, as I also focus on building resources and documentation on this site. One of my real interests is in getting back to my Consciousness posts–and posting uplifting information for all.

Powerful Video Appeal to Cease and Desist, and open reproof to Intelligence agencies, Establishment Nazis

Dr. Katherine Horton speaks directly to Intelligence agency heads-of MI5, MI6, and other Agencies, in this powerful Cease and Desist video describing the high-tech attacks on her and reproving their degenerate and treasonous actions of using deadly microwave and other weapons to attack women and men in their homes. These are supposedly highly educated men, the ones who head up Agencies, the ones who carry titles in Government, the ones who function as Ambassadors: yet they are engaging in degenerate actions of base assault. Reminding us–and them–of Intel Agency heads’ degenerate affiliations with child abuse and child trafficking, now being revealed worldwide, she holds nothing back in her address to the sadly, obviously cowardly bullies and traitors engaging in mutilatory and neuro-assault attacks on women and others.

I thank you, Katherine, for also mentioning the attacks on me immediately following the publishing of the Memo to President Trump on Domestic Torture programs running under cover of Surveillance; these attacks continue.

Cannot recommend this video highly enough. Powerful, revealing, eloquent. Please share this video widely. In the absence of mainstream media attention to these crimes, we must function as media ourselves. Let the world know about the deadly and treasonous Nazi takeover of our American and European governments and Intel agencies, about these Nazi EMF/sonic/scalar programs of mutilation and physical torture, running silently in our midst.

February 1, 2017

Massive High-Powered Microwave/Other Attacks Immediately After Publication of Memorandum to President Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs

Just wanted to record here for history’s sake, and on Dr. Katherine Horton’s advice to publicize this experience, that the publication of this memo last week on Wednesday night seems to have triggered some rather brutal and instant retaliation: I’ve been enduring non-stop high-powered microwave attacks, from all directions, particularly on my head, all day and all night for more than 4 days, and currently continuing, in less intensive fashion, but still, directed radiation, as well as now apparently X-ray attacks on my body (harder to shield), constant flyovers (helicopters, drones, small planes), and what I can only conclude to be combined bio-weapons terrorism/exacerbated by in-your-face microwave radiation since I’ve been hit with a sudden flu, sudden weakness, weird pelvic infections, all overnight, all-night sleep deprivation, and Active Denial System heat being applied remotely to my spine and private parts as I try to sleep. In addition, extreme pain applied either via an implant on my left shoulder blade or a nerve at that location, electromagnetic pulses applied constantly like a razor buzz to both sides of my skull but in particular my left brain, including as I’m driving, and being EMF-shot at constantly from cars as I drive. Does any of this read as any LESS than torture to anyone…?

This is the United States of America, I am here in John Quincy Adams’ hometown, barely a mile from where he used to live, it is 2017, and the barbarians who have crept into the Inner Sanctum of this country are attacking the brains and bodies of the inhabitants with EMF weapons like they have every right to!

I should note that these microwaves I am being hit by appear to emanate from a rooftop generator, from neighbors’ antennas, from neighbors’ houses, from parked cars on the street, and from the cars that still zoom into this neighborhood to noise-harass, park, track, and direct radiation hits from.  In addition, the COINTELPRO–and the number and griminess and high exhaust and chemical sprays (including skunk spray, yesterday evening, at the corner of Beale and Adams) from huge and beat-up pick-up trucks, buses, vans, trucks deliberately speeding past or getting in front on my drives around town–I’ve been subjected to lately has been astonishing, to say the least. To the Massachusetts Fusion Center and its denizens as well as the people in this neighborhood and the Quincy City Council and Mayor running or overseeing this farce, I would like to say: Cease and Desist. These are crimes against my person, you are culpable, and you will indeed be held accountable. Time and history are not on your side.

Addition of Names to Memo to Trump

So, given all this and the fact that my computer is hacked in real time constantly and frozen constantly, please bear with me as I catch up over the next couple days with adding all names to the Memo as they come in. So many of you worldwide have written in to request a name addition; I want you to know I do so appreciate your reading this Memo and being interested in adding your name, your emails are not lost, I have them, and I will add your names shortly and send you a note. Thank you again for signing.

Ani Kaspar is Seeking Your Input to Send a Letter to the UN, Your Congress/State Officials

I just learned of this and of Ani Kaspar, who sounds like another dynamic activist among us who is pushing through currently on a very positive initiative to inform key figures of these crimes against humanity we are enduring. She is building a class action, and references another civil suit from another American activist. Please visit links below for more information, please help and assist Ms. Kaspar and join in as you can in sending letters out.

(Some) FBI Secrets Revealed
A series of articles posted recently by The Intercept on the shady deals being run by the FBI–which those of us being wrongfully electronically surveilled have firsthand experience of. I wonder if they cover the means by which art and writing teachers, nurses, mothers, dads, retired seniors, college kids are suddenly made “targets of investigation” to be closely stalked by criminals from fusion centers and your own neighborhood community using pulsed radar surveillance devices on their bodies? Worth exploring. 
Solar Energy Waves are Currently Hitting Earth!
This makes me really happy so I’ll close on this note for now. Just imagine those unstoppable bursts of intense solar energy pulsing and pulsing and taking out those radiation-beaming, Brain Control Link, Mind Control spy satellites! Then that upper tier of all the cell towers out there reserved just for the military beaming of stay-placid stay-docile EMFs to your brain…I’m rooting for that for sure. This is a video from BPEarthWatch, a reliable source. Enjoy!

Dec 26 2016/Intro’ing this page

News & Notes replaces the previous Privacy/Censorship tab on the main menu. (Privacy/Censorship will be rolled into Ethics in 2st-Cent Sci/Tech.)

TI Station replaces the previous Living Beings tab on the main menu. (Living Beings will be rolled into Earth/Environment.)

News & Notes: For some time now, I’ve been weighing the differences between writing on this site as a reporter, as a writer blogging, and as a re-blogger of news and views that seem to me to be essential to our time. I guess I’ve finally concluded that all writing—as I’ve said elsewhere before—to me comes in its own package of form, whether, poetry, or fiction, or essay, and so it’s not that much of a stretch to throw in journalistic reportage and analysis, casual blogging, or conversational notes as part of that diversity of possibilities.

As I’ve turned increasingly to human rights and high tech journalism though, I’ve not had much time to blog—meaning riff on my own views, or re-blog anyone else’s views—as much as I would have liked to. Hence this new page, where I hope to periodically/maybe weekly collect links on specific subjects, and at least point people in the direction of what seems to me to be interesting or vital reading online, as well as leave mini-essays (or links to pages) of my own blogging as I have time. I could also use this page to point to new articles/reports/analyses being posted here, as I continue to work to make this site more usable, for both human rights activists/journalists/researchers and those being unlawfully targeted by corrupt and criminal factions in government, worldwide.

TI Station: The Absolute Truth About Targeted Individuals & Secrecy-Protected High Tech Surveillance Crime or Information For and About Genuinely Targeted Individuals is too bulky for the main menu bar, but that’s what this other new section will be about. (Initially set up on a separate blog, Covert Assaults Satyagraha, but being moved here for convenience.) As those who are actually being openly targeted, surveilled, and assaulted in Secrecy-Protected-Crime by out of control, police-state-building Intelligence/Security/Defense/Police agencies and departments (both in the USA and worldwide) with undisclosed and classified high-tech energy weaponry and neuroweaponry know, there is a lot of disinformation online, as part of the Mil/Intel PsyOp (seeking to portray actual TIs as paranoid/psychotic/delusional) designed to mislead, miseducate, and put off concerned readers seeking reliable information on this subject.

While I still have reservations about the term “Targeted Individual” or its short-form TI–because it has been distorted by Mainstream Media PsyOp usage to connote Delusional/Schizoid/Paranoid–I recognize that this term has become shorthand to describe the whole phenomenon of EMF-targeting, uber-surveillance, and assault of innocents and activists, and therefore am using it here for purposes of ease of reference. Please note there are many Disinformation sites, trolls. and agents online who seek to paint genuine TIs as delusional; they are easily recognizable by the extreme and rabid nature of their narratives.

This section will collect reliable information, relevant and current, for and about TIs, and hopes to–like many other fine sites online–list and point to several other reliable and relevant websites collecting information on this subject. The intention of this section is to publish and point to the incredible atrocity of Targeting which is currently flying under the radar of public awareness–thanks to Media Malfeasance and Complicity with the Intelligence agencies, Security agencies, and Military departments and contractors running these programs of repression, weapons-testing, and non-consensual bio/neuro-experimentation on innocents, activists, and whistleblowers worldwide–with the absolute intention of exposing the criminality of the high-level perpetrators and bringing this atrocity to an end.