The “Neutralizing” of US Dissent With Neuroweaponry: Open Letter to Journalists and Human Rights Advocates and Organizations in the USA and Worldwide


There has been much speculation in the Press and among journalists and writers recently about what kind of further abuse of civil liberties could ensue from the massive surveillance and secrecy that Edward Snowden’s revelations have uncovered from the NSA–and which also implicate the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the DOJ, the DOE, the DIA, and other agencies and departments of the US Government.

I am writing to call your attention to a phenomenon of extreme civil-rights and human-rights abuse involving the physical torture of humans facilitated by this massive surveillance, which has apparently already been in operation for years/decades, and is currently openly occurring, both everywhere within the United States and outside the United States.

I personally came to know more about this phenomenon in late 2013 when I came across online articles on the subject, succeeding online correspondence with elected representatives and members of Congress, human rights organizations, and local community members, and was thereafter myself subjected to the same civil-rights and human-rights abuse and harassment.

This note updated June 14/2016: My experience, which is still ongoing, is detailed partially in this account at Washington’s Blog (also at Intellihub and Before It’s News,) and earlier here in this account and in C/overt Assaults on Pine Street and various other recent posts–and can be affirmed by any objective third-party observer with a radio-frequency meter, acoustic detector, and a video-camera in my neighborhood.


It appears that the reason this phenomenon–more fully detailed below–has not yet been investigated and reported by ethical, conscientious, investigative journalists in mainstream or establishment media is because:

1) It is being run as a shadow paramilitary CMO (Civilian Military Operation) and Black Ops operation by the American Corporate Shadow-Government (CIA? DHS?) in collusion with Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies especially the CIA, NSA, and FBI as a “covert” and “clandestine” operation targeting outspoken and ethical community members and activists;

2) This operation, with openly-denigrated “Targeted Individuals” –a label used to deleterious effect–at its center, appears to have been carefully constructed to foil and mislead investigators, via false psychiatric diagnoses and active deception practices;

3) It involves the unethical collusion of scientists and medical professionals in a massive cover-up operation;

4) Seemingly huge amounts of money are involved, ensuring the corrupt participation of many social organizations including local law enforcement, local media, and local government;

5)Human rights organizations such as the ACLU and Amnesty International, and elected representatives and members of Congress who have been contacted repeatedly by victims, as well as other individuals and institutions in the know, have all disdained to acknowledge and investigate this human-rights and civil-rights abuse, harassment, and torture, possibly because of being deliberately “gagged” from divulging awareness of it by secret FISA and military court orders, in the false name of “national security,” or, in some cases, also being infiltrated or compromised in some way and being complicit with the harassment.

In other words, this is a Crime of Secrecy, which owes its existence to explicit government corruption.


It is time this horror is brought to light. There is indisputable, objective proof it exists, and I believe journalists and citizens alike need to be talking openly about it.

I am reaching out to all ethical and conscientious journalists, centers for investigative journalism, and centers for human rights advocacy with a request to openly investigate and publicly and widely report on this situation, to openly challenge the extrajudicial and immoral use of secret FISA letters as an aid to torturing Americans in America in a covert military operation, and begin to put into action the legal mechanism necessary to terminate this abuse and prosecute the corporate, government, intelligence, and military perpetrators.

I have absolutely no doubt that one day the whole extent, length, and breadth of this tyranny will be fully exposed, and the Corporate Mafia (often referred to in the Press as the “Financial Elite”) exploiting and using all arms of the US Military and US Intelligence agencies to execute this lethal harassment will be fully brought to book for their creation and implementation of this outright abuse of American citizens and others.

I call on you to spearhead this effort, to step forward and work with other investigators to explore, report on, and widely publicize this subject all over the world, as a first step to terminating this abuse and bringing the abusers to justice.

As a writer concerned with peace, social justice, and environmental protection, also subjected myself to this horrific abuse, I am committed to helping expose this crime.

I am not the first to speak of this crime, and by no means am I the only one to contact journalists and human rights advocacy organizations.

I rely for my information in fact on the tremendous work of activists and researchers who have scoured military documentation from archives and other primary sources, read and evaluated various contemporary military analyses and books, and compiled invaluable information on the subject themselves, in the form of books, articles, and web site compilations, as well as offered their own profound analyses and discussions.

I include with this letter a small list of references (from the vast amount available online) corroborating the information here, and my own suggestions for directions in which any journalistic or human rights or Congressional Committee investigation could begin and proceed.

I remain open to working with anyone, journalist or human rights organization, to write about, publicize, and publicly expose and condemn all aspects of this abuse. And I call on all members of organizations working today for natural justice and aiming to prosecute the extensive crimes of government corruption worldwide to include this vast atrocity in their attention and investigations.

To see evidence of this crime in action on my street, please read C/Overt Assaults on Pine Street and do not hesitate to make a visit to Pine Street anytime. I also aim to post more information and discussion on this subject on an ongoing basis.

Also please take a look at all the FOIA requests I am working on at Muckrock currently, striving to understand how this crime can be conducted openly in my neighborhood, on my person, in 2015, in the city of Quincy, a suburb of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States of America, a supposed democracy.

There are 2 basic aspects to this Use of Deadly “Non-Lethal” Weapons on Americans–Covert Electronic Warfare, and Covert Weapons Testing:



At the behest of the corporate and global shadow-government, the US Military, Airforce, Navy, Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, & others, is–right now, today–covertly and overtly engaging in what the military terms “asymmetric warfare” or “unconventional warfare” and other such appellates as noted above, on American citizens–in cities, towns, and rural and urban areas across the USA–(as well as on other national populations, across the world–either via a multinational force or via the UN’s Global Governance programs or an international association of Intelligence agencies or some other means) using modern and highly technologically sophisticated remote-control radiation neuroweaponry, also euphemistically termed non-lethal weapons (NLWs), or, perhaps more accurately, directed-energy weapons (DEWS) and remote-control radiation Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) weapons.

(For detailed discussion and references supporting this and all information below, please see the enclosed List of References.

Mark Rich’s book, New World Wars, has a detailed study on the subject.)

Hard as it may be to believe, these attacks are being mounted on a continuous 24/7 basis on citizens by paid assassins–mercenaries–in the employ of private-sector Defense contractors, or the DoD directly, (or the CIA, as some researchers attest), as “soldiers hiding among civilians”, literally everywhere, with the capability of attacking citizens inside every building in the US–inside people’s own homes and apartments, at their workplaces, and also in public places of gathering and worship such as malls, stores, churches, temples, airports, and, additionally, on all vehicles of public and private transportationwith the active participation, clearly, of the Department of Homeland Security, who let them through Security at airports with radiation neuroweapons in their hand-luggage — including trains, buses, and airplanes (as I can attest to, from personal experience). (How are they getting away with this atrocity? By naming this a “Classified/Top-Secret or above” operation, in the interests of “National Security.” Please see this post at The Everyday Concerned Citizen on Crimes of Classification & Secrecy for more information.)

The radiation/sonic neuroweapons are portable, and mounted in SUVs, pick-up trucks, sedans, convertibles, cars of every kind, and carried by individuals in attache cases, carry-on bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags.

The radiation/sonic neuroweapons are also mounted in geosynchronous satellites positioned above people’s residences, and in aircraft such as small planes, possible drones, and helicopters that frequently fly over and hover over residences–and which planes/drones and helicopters can be seen and heard openly in local neighborhoods–although, obviously, not visually witnessed in the actual process of directing invisible (but measurable/detectable) beams of debilitating microwave and radio energy downward.

To understand these assaults, it must also be emphasized that these radiation weapons are Neuroweapons.

People who are being targeted for these sustained neuroweapon attacks are literally having their brains/minds being irradiated; weapons used include Remote EEG readers, Remote Electro-Muscular Shock/Incapacitation weapons, Remote Microwave Weapons, Remote Voice to Skull weapons, Remote Neural Monitoring technologies, and EMF brain-wave monitoring, tracking, and harvesting technologies. (Please see the enclosed links and list of patents posted here for more information.)

Researchers suggest that brain waves of citizens are being tracked for experimental NSA/DOD Neuroscience/Artifical Intelligence/Cybernetics/Supercomputing purposes via a program termed “MASINT,” the military Measurement and Acquisition of Signature Intelligence, meaning the seeking and measurement of signature electromagnetic frequencies associated with the specific brains and bodies of specific individuals (by aircraft and satellite, as well as ground-based means.) (Every human brain apparently gives off unique electromagnetic frequencies, which then offer a means of identifying humans, a unique brainprint, like a fingerprint; in addition, since all thought, mood, emotion has now been determined by neuroscience to be associated with specific EMFs, these EMFs–in the range of very low radio frequencies–which are continuously emanated by individuals and are termed by the military RINT–Radiation Intelligence–can be tracked and picked up by sensitive radio antennas, especially, in particular, by cryogenic radar antennas carried on Electronic Warfare Support airplanes.) (Hence also the constant presence of small aircraft in the vicinity of “Targeted Individuals.”)

MASINT involves the remote tracking, surveillance, and extraction of brain-waves typifying thought-forms, emotional states, analytic mind states, and others (although this may sound like science-fiction, this technology exists globally, please see the List of References; information on MASINT, although clouded in jargon, may be found even on Wikipedia, which, regrettably, is Controlled Media)–the military justification of this, from their documents, is combat preparedness, or knowing the mind of the enemy; and the casting of the American civilian as the enemy.

At the physically experiental and measurable level of the tracked and irradiated American victim, the radiation neuroweapons produce rapid radio-frequency pulses and oscillations, high-energy microwave pulses, and extra-low frequency radiations, and are directed at human nervesacross the entire human nervous system, human organsincluding the heart and the brain, human jointsincluding the knee, ankles, and elbows, human muscles, limbs, bones, organs of the sensesincluding eyes and ears, human glands, and human reproductive organsthe uterus, ovaries, breasts, testes, and others.

The effect produced is precisely that produced by non-ionizing radiation, and similar to that produced by ionizing or radioactive radiation as well as other effects specific to directed-energy application, variously: immediate and extreme nerve and bone pain, nausea, sleep-deprivation, brain-smog, migraines, heart attacks, strokes, cancers, fatigue, overnight arthritis, joint-pain, broken bones, debilitation, miscarriages, infertility, involuntary orgasms, and others.

In addition, all remote neural and electro-muscular monitoring produces involuntary contractions and movements of human nerves, muscles, and limbs. In other words, this is remote biological access, manipulation, and assault of the human body and brain.

Citizens who are targeted, who are often peace, justice, and environmental activists, bloggers, writers, researchers, and journalists with an online presence, and, it is reported by activists, including recently by Jesse Beltran of ICAACT at the Richmond County Council meeting where a step was taken to ban the use of space-based weapons, women–primarily older women, and largely people “of color”–are glibly characterized or labelled as “dissenters,” “extremists,” and “domestic terrorists” engaged in “Information Warfare.” (These labels are described in military glossaries online, and appear in police reports, as evinced recently in the 2009 State of Virginia Annual Police report obtained and posted/shared online by Defending Dissent Foundation. Correction, 1/16/2015: Apologies–I may have meant the 2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment document from Virginia State Police and the Virginia Fusion Center, available here. I did learn about it from Defending Dissent but cannot find it there now.)

The intent clearly is to: intimidate, terrorize, harass, destroy, and murder, using the “traceless” methodology of remote-control radiation and plausible deniability afforded by remote-control operation of weaponry. The mass surveillance Snowden revealed turns out to be a means to a repressive end, to identify and “neutralize” outspoken US citizen activists, writers, and community leaders.


The funding (and cover) for this massive operation being mounted on American citizens is being provided by massive military allocations for weapons-testing programs researching the “human bio-effects” of so-called “non-lethal weapons” on humans, such as, for instance, the recent $49 million US Airforce contract awarded to General Dynamics Corporation researching “human bio-effects” of the so-called non-lethals (NLWs), which are the DEWs (radiation neuroweaponry) in question: There is a lot of information on this online, including this Wired article, at In addition, please see the redacted Contract recently provided to me, after much delay, on FOIA request at Muckrock: Request for Documentation of Informed Consent in USAF DEBR Contract 13862

This illegal weapons-testing on humans, like the illegal Tuskegee experiments and others, is being run “under the radar” of media organizations, as a covert operation, guided by Intelligence agencies in the military, and apparently in collusion with other Intelligence agencies such as the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, as well as the DHS, DOE, DOJ, and others, and, additionally, as partially revealed recently by an article in The Guardian by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, involves the collusion and co-operation of several US universities and research institutions doing DoD-funded research in areas of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cybernetics, biotechnology, behavioral science, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, Human Resources Management, and others. (,

It has not been made public, it does not involve public consent, and it certainly does not involve the informed consent of the people, termed the “human subjects,” who are openly being attacked by these neuroweapons and made involuntary guinea-pigs in these Nazi-like human experimentation programs.

It does involve however, the active participation of American citizens, soldiers, and other peripheral actors employed by Intelligence agencies and the US Military to execute and carry out these programs, variously as paid assassins, trackers, students, researchers, observers, supervisors, monitors–they are the ones carrying the weapons in their vehicles and on their person, running the software programs on their cell phones and elsewhere, in public, everywhere, to track and locate people (is this the CIA’s Clandestine “Concealed Monitoring“program?), operating the RNM neuroweapons remotely on people’s nervous systems to track, locate, and torture, operating the EMF neuroweapons remotely on people’s organs to destroy, debilitate, and murder, summoning tracking aircraft and helicopters for assistance, manning and womanning the aircraft and helicopters constantly used in hunting and tracking citizens, communicating constantly with team-leaders and other mercenaries to ensure the continuous tracking, locating, and irradiating of people, taking cell phone photographs, videos, and voice recordings of people in public as part of their monitoring and other activities, and in other ways aiding the US Military/Intel complex in its quest to “neutralize” these people, under the cover, in itself illegal and egregious, of covert weapons-testing, by means of remote-control neuroweapon radiation.

It should also be noted that this dehumanizing tracking and irradiation occurs 24/7, through all hours of the day and night, and geospatially everywhere, inside every building and out, within the continental US, and beyond. The GeoSlavery that Jerome E. Dobson, President of the American Geographical Society, and Kansas University researcher and developer of the now-commonplace Geographic Information System (GIS) (used with GPS) feared (as noted in this very revealing presentation,) is here today, as a dirty Covert Op. This is truly Bodily Human Slavery: the Military’s dehumanizing use of CTTL–Clandestine, Continuous Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (Please see the Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, Locating slideshow here, also linked in References) via Remote Neural Monitoring–essentially flickering and shocking human nerves and muscles remotely–has been noted as experienced by all reporting victims.

This is domestic war, being conducted on US citizens, in domestic space, or, as DHS would tell us, inside “The Homeland,” or, as the Military would term it, in CONUS–the Continental United States. In other words, US citizens are being attacked, terrorized, and tortured within their own country, by operatives within their own government, and on a continuous basis, day and night, over long periods of time, very often years, and very often until the ends of their often foreshortened lives, by radiation/sonic/scalar/DNA-based neuroweaponry, handled remotely. The so-called War on Terror is a War of Terror, being perpetrated illegally by military and mercenary operatives on American citizens, within America, on American soil.


Can this possibly be legal?

Can a government irradiate its own citizenry? Can a government “target” people who speak out against war and injustice? Can people be termed “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” and “dissenters” just because they speak out in their communities or contact members of Congress and elected representatives about their concerns regarding the food they eat, the environment in which they live, or the water they drink?

Or can a government get away with irradiating its citizenry, nonconsensually rolling them into human experimentation programs involving lethal radiation weapons, and openly tracking them with aircraft, satellites, helicopters, and assassins in speeding cars and SUVs and Hummers and pick-up trucks and huge utility/postal/carrier service trucks in their neighborhoods, because it’s been altering the laws on the books insidiously, for years, and sneaking in amendments to test weapons on civilians, open random investigations on civilians, track and surveill at will, all under the false excitations of “national security,” and “terrorist” considerations?

Under the Patriot Act, the AUMF, the NDAA–is all this stuff absolutely legal and above-board? Which makes these Acts what? (Bogus in the extreme? Detrimental to any living human being?)

Or: does it essentially mean

1) American citizens are being convicted, prosecuted, and executed by covert attack without due process

2) Guantanamo, and the illegal precedent it sets, is being replicated on American soil

3) American citizens are being openly tortured by the US Military/Intel complex

4) Much as the Nazis and the KGB practiced, and in flagrant violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and common decency, the US Military/Intel complex, with vast private-sector collusion, is engaging in nonconsensual human experimentation with radiation/sonic neuroweaponry on American citizens, on American soil, in 2015.


One of the reasons this horrific, blatant, and ongoing abuse of citizens is not being covered by news-reporting media, whether corporate or alternate, is that a massive cover-up operation has been embarked on by the Corporate Mafia, to, as the NSA aims to do, “deny, dismiss, disrupt, and discredit” any and all reporting witnesses and victims. 

This has been achieved by ensuring the following:

1. THE CO-OPTING OF PSYCHIATRY: In order to achieve a global and public dismissal of  what people are experiencing–the unmistakeable assault of radiation weaponry on their person–psychiatrists are trained to dismiss all witness and victim accounts of irradiation by remote-control EMF neuroweaponry (non-lethal weapons/directed-energy weapons) and all reports of suspicions of government, military, and Intel involvement as delusional, by paying psychiatrists in high positions (in collusion with advertising agencies who apparently advise on “the art of branding (medical) conditions”) to contrive, create, propagandize, and publicize invented disorders to specifically address accounts of irradiation by remote-control EMF neuroweaponry and suspicions of government, military, and Intel agency involvement.

(Please see references in List of References under Microwave Harassment and also Mass Corruption in Organized Psychiatry, especially Mark Rich’s detailed analysis in New World Wars, which references other books written by more thoughtful, questioning, and ethical psychiatrists.)

To elaborate: Colluding, co-opted, bribed, and corrupt psychiatrists in the pay of behemoth drug corporations expediently label all reporting witnesses and victims as paranoid schizophrenics, exhibiting schizoid-affective disorder, or other such contrived disorders and conditions, wherein their credibility is attacked.

Meaning, the moment anyone reports or mentions (to local law enforcement or local medical personnel) “covert harassment,” or being attacked by EMF weapons, directed-energy weapons, or non-lethal weapons, whose pulsed frequencies they can vividly sense on their person–and, please note, which can be measured, objectively, and distinctively, by a Radio Frequency meter or spectrum analyzer or sonic detectorand consults a psychiatrist or physician for help dealing with sleep-deprivation, a first consequence of 24/7 irradiation, or, as is more often the case, is persuaded to visit a psychiatrist by concerned family members concerned about their relative’s sleep-deprivation and alarmed by the person’s first-response attempts to protect him/herself with whatever materials he/she is initially advised toward by various websites (more on websites below)–tinfoil, metal shields, Mylar–the person is immediately tagged as schizoid (and exhibiting paranoia and delusions) by the psychiatrist, and prescribed the particular (and expensive) anti-psychotic, neuroleptic drug the psychiatrist is paid by his or her sponsoring drug corporation to prescribe.

This is done reflexively, in a massive operation which includes 1) the active participation and complicity of senior-level psychiatrists who work openly for the drug corporations who sponsor their conferences and lecture tours and 2) the active miseducating of other and intermediate-level psychiatrists with planted disinformation by means of articles, lectures, and other means of information dissemination. (A favorite means of disinformation is to persuade colleagues and juniors that reporting citizens are highly suggestible, prone to believing the witness and victim accounts freely available on the Internet, which, it is suggested, are nothing but conspiracy theories and in fact evidence of mass delusion and paranoia.)

It is important to note, too, that all anti-psychotics actually cause brain dysfunction and chemical imbalance–that is how they function–and that recent research has fully debunked schizophrenia as a clinical medical condition or disease since there has been found to be no physiological basis for it: no chemical imbalance, no gene, and no blood test or MRI or other diagnostic to establish it. Schizoid disorders, on the other hand– which are freely assessed to exist in an individual by the clinician psychiatrist, solely through conversation–in tandem with their specific neuroleptic drug-treatments, as recorded in the industry-funded, industry-established Bible of Invented Disorders, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) have been proliferating in number, scope, and minutae as more and more “symptoms” of “abnormal behavior” such as, for instance, the observing, reporting, discussing, questioning, analyzing, critiquing actions from aware, conscious, intelligent, independent, and perfectly healthy individuals are noticed and rolled in for further disorder-consumption by the ever-expanding Bible.

Essentially, psychiatrists have been riven by drug corporations–who employ advertising and marketing companies to invent and brand disorders–into two camps: one, the colluding industry-funded psychiatrist who is paid handsomely for their compliance and participation in creating and disseminating false information (via journals, articles, conferences, and set-up patient advocacy groups) on newly-invented disorders, and two, the conned or misled, also industry-supported psychiatrist who is miseducated to believe, act on, and further replicate the false information or disinformation streamed into his or her workspace and psyche by the colluding psychiatrists.

For an in-depth discussion of this phenomenon involving supremely corrupt psychiatrists, and covering all aspects of the immense corruption inherent in the bogus creation of disorders, the corporate and pharmaceutical underpinnings of organized psychiatry, and the compliance of psychiatrists with corporate and military objectives, with exposés, critiques, and analyses by researchers who include reputable psychiatrists, please see the section on Mass Corruption in Organized Psychiatry in the enclosed annotated List of References.

2. “ACTIVE DENIAL AND DECEPTION” PRACTICED ON REPORTING INDIVIDUALS: A second aspect of the cover-up operation set in place by the joint military, NSA, and other agencies seems to be the carefully constructed and planned PsyOp and Military Deception tactics as described in the military’s rather unbelievable but unfortunately extant Joint Doctrine for Military Deception, as well as various other military tomes including those which extensively detail PsyOps under MOOTW (Military Operations Other Than War) and under Joint Terrorism Task Force activities (note also the current existence of PsyOps regiments and divisions, and their directives & activities not merely in theaters outside the US but within “CONUS”). These translate into:


  • The creation or appropriation of a much bandied-about label for all reporting citizens, and the concomitant creation/association of a dismissive associative value for this label, to ensure the dismissal of all citizen reports of EMF neuroweapon attacks: the label being Targeted Individuals, no doubt lifted directly from a military or CIA directive, but used purposefully to dismiss and devalue, by the use of the ascribed value Paranoid Schizophrenic (derived, as above, directly from colluding psychiatrists).
  • The creation and proliferation of websites, videos, and online comments falsely purporting to be created by reporting citizens, which seek deliberately to cast reporting individuals as Paranoid Schizophrenics, or, to elaborate, offer varied mixes of garbled, bizarre, ridiculous, and outlandish accounts and narratives designed to mislead human rights and journalistic investigators into believing that all reports/comments and all legitimate web sites by reporting citizens, are, by extension, bizarre, outlandish, have no factual basis or basis in reality, and are, essentially, the ravings of paranoid, schizoid, delusional individuals, also known as Targeted Individuals.
  • The creation or appropriation/infiltration of so-called support groups and organizations purporting to be of aid to reporting citizens, which fulfill the palliative function of offering to witnesses and victims a (false) reporting body which purports to be concerned with the whole phenomenon of covert harassment with EMF neuroweaponry, purports to offer support via support groups and conference calls and conferences, and purports to engage in actions to influence elected representatives to conduct Church-Committee-like enquiries.
  • In reality, these organizations misdirect effort and energy, disseminate false information to witnesses and victims on many subjects, including shielding and protection methodologies which do not work (the famed tinfoil hats for instance), devalue the immensity of the situation by purporting to represent the “issues” of “targeted individuals,” and work instead to support and broadcast the PsyOp-desired image of reporting individuals as deluded and incompetent Paranoid Schizophrenics.


  • Fusion Centers & Citizen Stasi: The creation of absurd yet co-ordinated PsyOps stalking, surveillance, and harassment scenarios using large numbers of paramilitary and citizen Stasi, FBI-created Infragard vigilantes, neighborhood watch groups, citizen watch groups, fusion centers, local law enforcement, local organizations such as EMS personnel, local business people, and local community members to harass and unsettle witnesses and victims of EMF neuroweapon attacks with continuous noise-harassment, continuous traffic pull-outs and cut-offs, color-coding in attire and vehicles ( including, especially, a lot of red and black, and US flag colors–red, blue, and white) flashing lights and sirens, tailgating, repeated hostile behavior, etc., often referred to online as gangstalking or organized stalking, apparently with the express purpose of unsettling and provoking individuals to anger, acted-out frustration, or/and violence, in the interests of building and supporting the image of all reporting witnesses and victims as delusional, paranoid, violent, irrational, and suffering from delusions of persecution.
  • Rumor & Slander Campaigns: The roping-in of local community members into these organized harassment, stalking, exaggerated surveillance, and attempted-”entrapment” activities, this including neighbors, friends, church staff, and school staff where witnesses and victims have school-going children or attend church services, using blatant deception, primarily by informing them “an investigation has been opened” on the individual, and passing on false, fabricated, or de-contextualized information of a malicious nature designed to defame and smear the character and reputation of the individual, while securing their silence through requiring them to sign non-disclosures or other such gag orders, in the glibly and facilely stated interests of “national security.” These elaborately-constructed rumor and slander campaigns often center around invented sexual innuendo–such as that the individual is a secret prostitute, closet homosexual, or pedophile, around allegations of mental instability, paranoia, and proclivity for violence, and around proclaimed suspicions of terrorism, extremism, radicalism, or “anti-Americanism” in the individual, designed to induce fear and suspicion, and aiming to destroy the reputation and livelihood of the individual.
  • Fraudulent FISA Letters and Bogus Investigations: A primary component of the attack on the “Targeted Individual” seems to involve the fraudulent use of secretly-obtained and falsely-issued FISA letters and warrants  in order to “investigate them under suspicions of terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities,” which, it appears, in tandem with covert Department of Justice initiatives to essentially prosecute “pre-crime” as a military Deterrence Operation (this is a covert DOD/DOJ/Local Law Enforcement program that needs investigation) supposedly legalizes the entire program of covert irradiation of Americans and their enrollment non-consensually into weapons-testing programs in the name of “national security.” These secret warrants and National Security Letters then permit the PsyOps Intel teams (FBI) to fraudulently “open investigations,” while securing the consent and silence and participation of surrounding community members, elected Representatives, local law enforcement, etc., and cloaking the program in a delusive appearance of legitimacy.
  • Hiding behind the Colors of the US Flag: The deliberate painting of the individual, in defamation campaigns, as anti-patriotic and anti-Government, when the individual is often highly patriotic and working legitimately and peacefully to improve the workings of Government, and using frequent displays of the US flag as well as color-coding of flag-colors in attire and accessories and other ways everywhere in public in the neighborhood of reporting individuals, as if in some symbolic message to drive home the primacy or secret significance of the US flag. Also apparent are frequent displays of the word “Patriot” and symbolic visual use of eagle imagery, possibly rather obvious references to the USA Patriot Act.
  • Co-opting communities with nonsense about community co-operation to prevent crime through “behavior-modification”: Using rumor campaigns as described above, centering on sexually perverse innuendo or terrorist or extremist innuendo, indicating to community members the need for the entire community to enroll in community harassment and surveillance activities aimed to elicit modern, neurologically- and psychologically-sanctioned “behavior-modification” or “behavior-control” in the individual. I believe witch-hunts in Salem & elsewhere once proceeded along these lines.
  • Full-spectrum surveillance” for the tailoring of harassment, seeking to provoke a psychiatric diagnosis of paranoia: Covertly tailoring organized harassment activities and themes and colors to information (on the individual’s own use or preference of colors/items, or strengths/weaknesses/fears/interests/concerns of the individual) obtained by full-spectrum surveillance of the individual (a term from PsyOps/Military Deception manuals), again, designed to destabilize the individual and cause them to appear delusional if exhibiting an awareness of this very co-ordinated and thematized harassment: achieved by electronic eavesdropping via installed bugs, remote wireless reading of data on computer screens and drives, covert break-ins into residences, face-to-face interaction and cell phone photos/video taken of items in residences through co-opted community members, interception of all communications, whether e-mail, telephonic, or otherwise, invasive cell phone photography and video-recordings of the individual in public, and other means of invasive surveillance and privacy violation.


  • The deliberate destruction of livelihood, employment, and businesses of reporting individuals by means of dirt and defamation campaigns in the individual’s communities of residence, employment, and association, as described above, in attempts to ensure the complete destruction of reporting individuals, including, especially, their credibility, their earning power, and their ability to seek recourse and pursue justice.

3. ACTIVE CONCEALMENT BY THE US MILITARY ABOUT NON-LETHAL WEAPONS AND REMOTE BRAIN/NERVE/BEHAVIOR CONTROL NEUROWEAPONRY: A possible third reason that this whole phenomenon remains officially undiscovered could be the barrage of continuous Military downplaying to reporters of the sophistication of currently-in-use EMF and RNM radiation/sonic neuroweaponry and remote brain control/behavior control technologies. This includes misnomers, understatements, misstatements, denial, & active concealment by the US Military about non-lethal weapons and remote brain/nerve/behavior control neuroweaponry used in tandem with artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and other technologies to the press.

Concealment of Nature of Non-Lethal Weapons: Press and media articles and reports that do exist on these subjects seem to be incredibly sketchy, never discuss actual technologies, and seek to present a seemingly benign vision of the so-called non-lethal weapons as actually being non-lethal, less-lethal, not-violent, and not-fatal. Rubber bullets and pepper sprays are frequently mentioned, as if these might constitute the core of the non-lethal weapon arsenal, and the notion of “crowd-control” is frequently touted, as a seeming justification for the development and DOJ approval of these technologies. No mention is made of the horrific effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation used to manipulate the physiology and bodies and brains of living human beings, in weapons targeted to destroy organs, nerves, and other body parts on humans, neither in the short-term nor the long-term, nor of the ethics of irradiating anyone, friend or foe, nor of the covert weapons-testing being run on American civilians, nor of the studies that have been recently run and are being run, today, by different Universities in different social-science and bio-science and artificial intelligence/cybernetics research fields openly employing “non-lethal” weapons and electromagnetic radiation. Reporters at Defense press conferences seem to take Defense press releases at face value and do not uncover any original information apart from what is fed to them.

Concealment of Current Status of Defense Research in Remote Brain/Mind/Control Technologies: Further, there appears to be a blanket suppression of all information regarding the state of DoD research and weapons development in the areas of remote brain/nerve/behavior control technologies, although there are more than a hundred publicly recorded patents on these technologies and weapons, and blanket suppression of mass behavior and brain control (often termed mind control) mechanisms in operation today throughout the US, although these too are recorded in patents, and include, apart from subliminals in advertising on television, the measured, covert use of microwave frequencies (as reported by engineers) pulsed regularly from cell phone towers and antennas at carefully-protected, clandestine, reserved-for-the-military frequencies into neighborhoods, to apparently accomplish mass behavior and mind control or as Fusion Center Procedure Manual terminology would have it, the “regulation of non-criminal conduct,” (essentially aimed at creating docile, compliant, submissive populations).

Concealment of Methodology of Electronic Warfare: The bulk of what the military terms “electronic warfare” involving the targeting, acquisition, and military use of SIGINT--signals intelligence or electromagnetic transmissions culled freely from the atmosphere, and including the signature EMF transmissions of human brains and organs termed RINT-Radiation Intelligence, and MASINT–the measurement and acquisition of signature intelligence/electromagnetic frequencies from specific individuals–is carefully concealed, with what available information being sufficiently clothed in jargon technical enough to put off the general reporter or investigator. Nowhere in publicly-available Electronic Warfare manuals and memos and directives is Any mention whatsoever made of remote mind-reading, brain-control, and nervous-system-control weaponry; this is obviously by design; this activity is being kept covert.

Small and large MASINT planes and helicopters for instance freely roam in cities and all airspaces in the US, with no-one being the wiser, since no-one apparently thinks to ask the military or anyone else what these planes are all about (Please see MASINT in Wikipedia, and please also see my recent FOIA request to the FAA and ensuing public correspondence (acknowledgment of flights yet refusal to explain purpose, in between elaborate delays, still visible on–Request for Information re. Small Aircraft in Wollaston, Quincy, Massachusetts, from Ramola Dharmaraj.)

4. ADVANCED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POSSIBLY FORBIDDING TO REPORTERS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES: A possible fourth reason for the successful cover-up and complete dearth of open reporting on this subject could be the possibility that the science and technology aspects of EMF neuroweaponry and microwave and other electronic harassment pose too much of a challenge to investigative reporters focused on the political, judicial, and civic aspects of civil liberties and privacy rights.

Reporters and attorneys studying constitutional law and civil rights rollbacks perhaps believe they are not necessarily experts in neuroscience, physics, biophysics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, or engineering, and that they are possibly ill-equipped to comprehend the basics of electromagnetic radiation, transmission, propagation, or reception, let alone the 21st-century advances in biophysics, applied physics, neuroscience, and electronics, which allow for the production of highly-tuned neuroweapons trained for precision attack, by organ radio-frequency resonance signature, on specific individuals.

The many uncertainties surrounding wifi radiation, cell phones, smart meters, dangers from microwaves, cell phone towers and antennas, heavy metal nanoparticulates sprayed into the atmosphere, extra-low-frequency radiation connections to HAARP and GWEN towers, etc. are possibly lost on most reporters, accounting for the lack of energized, stimulating mainstream-media reporting in these areas.

One question raised on occasion from reporters approached by reporting individuals seems to be: how can you prove this is happening? The simple, scientific answer to this is, very easily, with a directional radio frequency meter, which can detect pulsed radiation as well as identify the direction of the source. In tandem with observations of other peculiar activity in the vicinity of the reporting individual–e.g., stalking and speeding cars, frequent MASINT plane sorties, stationary satellites, helicopter flights and long-term hovering above individuals’ residences–it is possible to understand how these attacks are being carried out, from where, and indeed, by who. It must be understood too that these are remote-control radiation attacks, doubly hard to pin down therefore, but nevertheless physically and materially measurable events, and not paranormal or imagined phenomena. Radiation is physical and can be detected, identified, and measured, however remotely applied. Further, pulsed radiation arriving on an individual’s person, whether on her/his spine, head, or base of spine–the body’s electromagnetic antenna (See Robert Becker’s The Body Electric)–is distinctive (very different from ambient EMF), and can be measured as such.

5. THE BOGEYMAN OF NATIONAL SECURITY: “National Security” is raised as the pervading interest when communities are made the focus of rumor and slander campaigns centering around the reporting individual, in a bid to ascertain their complicity, consent, and silence. “National Security” is raised in the procuring of secret FISA letters permitting the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other Intel agencies to maximize intrusive surveillance, physical and electronic, of the reporting individual. “National Security” is cited as the reason for keeping these FISA letters secret. “National Security” is cited as the reason for classifying information regarding non-lethal weapons research and testing. “National Security” gags human rights organizations like Amnesty and ACLU and prevents them from acting on behalf of reporting individuals–since a more expedient fate as psychiatrist-designated paranoid schizophrenic has been carefully arranged for them.“National Security” is used to gag elected representatives and members of Congress appealed to by reporting individuals–letters and verbal appeals to Senators and Reps’ offices are invariably met with blank avowals of ignorance and no follow-up, no investigation, no concern.“National Security” is raised whenever convenient, and should be seen for the bogeyman it is, especially in communities when community members give their consent to overt, supposedly-covert tracking activities of military operatives zipping about in their neighborhoods, aiming EMF radiation neuroweapons at their neighbors, whom they are glibly told are “night-walkers” or “unlisted pedophiles” or “idealogical extremists.”

6. CLOAK OF SECRECY & ACQUIESCENCE TO SECRECY: Because the US Military and the NSA and DARPA and other agencies tend to get away with pretty much anything saying it is “classified” information and “top-secret” and “clandestine” and other such–being related to National Security of course–they are able to 1) conduct research for decades on emerging sciences and technologies and how to exploit them for “warfighting,” such as seeking to weaponize neuroscience and microwave radiation as has now been successfully accomplished; 2) conceal all evidence of new weaponry and release only minimal information on them as and when they wish; 3) suppress all information related to their latest CMO (Civilian Military Operation) moves, such as moving covertly into neighborhoods, influencing community members, running harassment campaigns, etc.; 4) suppress all information related to weapons testing on civilians, and weapons use on civilians; 5) suppress all information related to the massive, illegal, social-engineering use of covert Artificial Intelligence, cybernetics, and other programs. Reporters therefore appear to be forbidden to ask questions, raise questions, or speculate on certain subjects because they are all “classified.” Members of Congress are forbidden from correspondence with constituents on complaints of electronic harassment because the subject is “classified.”

And apparently human rights organizations too are gagged by this measure, which raises the question of their validity really as human rights organizations focused on humans as opposed to keeling over in the face of military classifications and censures. When a human rights organization does not independently investigate repeated allegations regarding the crimes of a government by reason of that government’s own strictures and admonitions, it is no longer a human rights organization but a government agency consenting to totalitarianism. And when reporters consent to external or self-censorship in the face of military stonewalling, they too become tools of a corrupt government.

7. CULTURE OF HIGH-TECH SPYING, SNITCHING, SNEAKING, COVERT SURVEILLANCE, COVERT HARASSMENT, COVERT DISCRIMINATION, AND OPEN LICENSE TO HATE: In today’s atmosphere of ubiquitous cell phone use and continuous surveillance, not to mention the ease of access to spy gadgetry of all kinds including mini-cameras, mini-recorders, mini-eavesdroppers, cell phone jammers, electronic jammers, and nanogadgets too of all kinds, it seems to have become completely acceptable and certainly dead easy for masses of students and personnel assigned to covert projects to “blend in” with the normal cell-phone-using, constantly-texting, video-running, picture-taking populace in public places and easily engage in covert tracking, surveillance, observation, and irradiation of individuals without detection.

Mass surveillance by federal Intelligence and military agencies, electronic and physical, in conjunction with bogus FISA letters and bogus investigations seems to set the stage for covert roping-in of entire communities into communal harassment activities through these means. Young employees of spy agencies and young students on covert research projects funded by DARPA join ranks with older employees and supervisors/instructors/researchers and easily roped-in community members in finding it acceptable if not downright fashionable to covertly spy on, track, locate by GPS apps, surveil, and irradiate civilians in public.

Like the folks in the Milgram experiments, people seem to be easily manipulated to oppress and harass other people in their own neighborhoods, whether by incentive of money, delusory appeal to patriotism and “national security,” or otherwise. In the organized stalking activities of modern COINTELPRO, artificial-intelligence and social-engineering experiments connect and direct people in vast networks purely by cell phone. It is all indulged in as a mass game and public delusion that allows openly for covert discrimination and seems to proffer free license to the general, deluded public to openly pick out and “hate” certain individuals–by making it easy to set these up as targets, thereby dehumanizing them in the process. In effect, the persons so targeted are being made the foci of hate crimes. The point here really is that it is so easy to spy these days, a lot of co-opted people take pleasure in it, and deludedly think they’re saving the US while doing it–and this mass spying runs undetected because cell phones, GPS, and numerous apps make spying super-facile and easy to camouflage. Military research projects run by students at Universities therefore slip easily into cover in plain sight. And this thanks also to the absolute lack of ethics all around in all aspects of these research projects, and the complete lack of oversight on any of these projects.

8. LACK OF ETHICS, LACK OF OVERSIGHT IN DARPA AND OTHER NATIONALLY-FUNDED RESEARCH PROJECTS: Were Defense-funded research projects openly discussed and information on them openly available to public and Press scrutiny, it is doubtful that they could continue in the unethical, unmonitored fashion they are currently being run. Where is the ethicality in using American civilians without their consent in weapons-testing programs, in neuroscience research, in DNA research, in social science research, in psychiatry research, in artificial intelligence research–or anything else? At core of these projects is a base violation of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics–these research projects involve a complete lack of informed consent. Every single researcher involved in these projects must know the score–there is No informed consent, no voluntary signing-up of humans to be irradiated and harassed–yet there are clearly doctors, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, artificial intelligence mavens and their students, and therefore whole departments at Universities, and administration, faculties, and Boards at Universities involved in these projects, surreptitiously, covertly, clandestinely–all these people are acting unethically, the whole of the DoD is acting unethically, protected by the inbuilt lack of ethics and lack of oversight in these “top-secret,” “classified,” “clandestine” assaults on humanity.

9. CIVILIANS UNPROTECTED BY LAW FROM MILITARY WEAPONS TESTING?: It is not clear whether there do exist state laws and federal laws to protect citizens from their own government testing weapons on their persons. The US has a long history of such surreptitious and clandestine weapons testing. Can it be true that recent Pentagon directives actually permit the Military to test weapons on civilians, as some surmise? If that is indeed true, why is the general public not informed, why is this not an issue of national urgency talked about in national newspapers? Would Anyone in the country openly accept a government and a military that can irradiate them at will, calling this necessary weapons testing? Surely if there were such a directive on the books, citizens and newspapers would protest? Shouldn’t one’s government Represent us, and not Irradiate us?

10. I have run out of making excuses for reporters and rights advocates. I don’t think reporters and rights advocates should take government statements at face value, nor that they should be fobbed off so easily as they seem to be. This phenomenon should have long come out of the shadows and far reaches of Internet conspiracy theory and been acknowledged for the frightful and real monster it is.

This is an issue of not merely national but global importance. I understand from perusing reports online that civilians in many countries report being targeted and harassed electronically with EMF radiation neuroweapons, that there may be a sort of arms race going on in this field, and that US PsyOps tactics are being used worldwide, whatever that implies or means. This would imply that all over the world, elements from military, mercenary, and Intelligence factions, guided globally by a global Corporate Mafia, are aiming deadly neuroweapons at innocent civilians, subjecting them to unspeakable torture in their own homes, freely manipulating human brains, muscles, nerves, and other body parts, while running deception campaigns to discredit and dismiss as mentally-ill all reporting individuals, in a vast coup that permits them to run roughshod over the common citizenry, destroy all political dissidents, and silence the communities in which they live and work.

No amount of deludedly believing, as corrupt industry psychiatrists would have you believe, that these are the delusional reports of delusional people can take away from the fact that these covert remote-controlled radiation neuroweapon attacks are actually happening, and on a national scale, and that they are horrific.

They are or should be unequivocally illegal. They involve torture, as well as persecution minus process (no due process, no charges brought–because no charges can be brought, given the innocence of all reporting individuals), and they bode ill for the future of humanity. A situation which permits one group of people to remotely manipulate the bodies and brains of another is a plantation situation which condones and embraces enslavement.

These “dirty” weapons should be the subject of a global ban, just as nuclear weapons are the subject of concern and proscription.

But first, awareness of these weapons and their use should be widely and fully disseminated. Journalists should investigate and report openly on these subjects. The public should be informed of the urgency and enormity of what is happening, in their midst.

The targeted abuse, harassment, and execution of select individuals by remotely-controlled radiation neuroweapons is a red flag to all of humanity–if One person can be targeted this way (and today, thousands are), Everyone can be so targeted–and perhaps that is what the military has in store for us. Shall we just let them call it “Top-Secret” and “Classified” then, until we’re all controlled by remote-control radiation? Shall we bow down to the bogeyman of “National Security”?

I am writing this to you obviously because I disagree, I think it is more than time to expose this horror, the whole lot of us in this country and on the planet should be talking openly about it–so that this abuse can be unequivocally stopped.

There is a lot of information on this subject online, please do conduct your own independent research. My websites The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Covert Assaults Satyagraha post articles, links, and resources on an ongoing basis.

Please pay attention to this vitally important issue of our times. Please research, investigate, report. Please begin the much-needed process to hold all the Clandestine Government Perpetrators of this incredible Domestic Torture program running in the shadows of the American Police State responsible, and please work to fully expose and immediately terminate this incredible atrocity.


Ramola D/Dharmaraj

Editor, Delphi Quarterly

Author, Temporary Lives (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009)

Invisible Season (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 1998)



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5 responses to “The “Neutralizing” of US Dissent With Neuroweaponry: Open Letter to Journalists and Human Rights Advocates and Organizations in the USA and Worldwide

  1. Oconee County SC totally Hive Mind Controlled, strong federal presence due to nuclear power plant? (3 reactors, a biggie) if Colorado Springs is gangstalking capitol of the West, Oconee County is capital of the South East. Everything from Masons, to Cartel to The Good ol Boys to murder to drug production to sex/human trafficking. I’ve been here 2 years and I highly doubt I’ll survive but as my fiance was driven to suicide, my son given Type I diabetes from the booby trapped house (3 suicides in 5 yrs!) with it’s emp outlets, dirty electricity wiring, kill smart meter, thinest walls with no isulatioin in outer walls and neighborhood of Nazi Pigs that even stabbed my dog last summer becuase he’s a good smart and scary barking black lab that ALWAYS tells me who’s good or bad and which side of the house they’re on…stole all my money, attempts on my life, beaten black and blue and broken IN FRONT OF MY KIDS while police did NOTHING, not even watch videos my 11yr old son took, not one single time and it went on for months!…I’M IN IT TIL THE END now. I’ve lost everything, I have no secrets and they all do. My kids are terrified and won’t even visit me here and went back to live with their dad in GA. I’ve been redroomed, smeared x 3, web cammed “The Tracy Show”….and I keep stumbling behind the curtain and get evidence before I even know wtf has happened. I’m a 20+yr stay at home mom…I’m a TI because of personal reasons, not politically because I didn’t even know what methadone was til 2018 much less The Elite, depopulation, transhumanism, The Hyper Game, Narcisstists and let’s not forget KILL CONTRACTS! This town is such a experiment/hyper game/practice battleground full of gangstalking neighborhoods they use the trains and whistles for signalling!
    For the love of Pete! It’s been 2 years and a substantial amount of the county population and I’m still not down so…BRING THE EYES OF THE WORLD TO OCONEE COUNTY SOUTH CAROLINA because there’s something big here, I say BLOW IT WIDE OPEN…because y’all forget the most important thing Star Wars teaches us…evil never wins, good always triumphs! Always…love, Tracy TI at Corinth Dr Seneca SC Oconee County…The Upstate! Go Tigers!
    PostScript: Or it might be an elaborate scam in a county run by a mexican cartel and none of the above even exists because…I don’t know! I’ve never met another TI in person and no one here seems to be able to tell the truth…either or, STILL NOT LEGAL, ETHICAL or a nice thing to do.

  2. I’ve been targeted for almost 10 years now. Denied all legal rights and attacked in every public setting. I broke a code and reported it to the FBI in March of 2008 about 8 months before Obama’s election. The info I discovered was used to dismantle a plot to overthrow the nation and is leaked at Enemy of the Swamp DOT com.

  3. Extremely well-done. ApplegateFriend is spot-on.

  4. By far, the most comprehensive, spot on information regarding the government’s domestic terrorism directed at innocent U.S. citizens ever published. All victims of these atrocities should print this out and mail it to everyone you can in the media and political sphere, as well as to your families, so they can understand the depth of the horrors of your torture.

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