Clandestine “Classified” Human Subject Experimentation using EMF Radiation/Sonic/Ultrasonic Neuroweaponry

Report | Ramola D | March 9, 2015

As per ongoing reports worldwide, covert non-consensual human experimentation is ongoing today.

Thousands of Americans, and citizens worldwide, are being experimented on, and have been, for some decades, by “stealth” technologies and “concealed monitoring,” without their consent and knowledge, in many many fields of bioscience and social science and psychology, including neuroscience, through the use of deadly, EMF radiation & sonic/ultrasonic neuroweaponry, satellite and ground surveillance, cybersurveillance, electronic surveillance, and “radiation surveillance”–a euphemism within a euphemism, essentially pointing to EMF neuroweaponry.

How is this achieved? A few ways:

1) Science of every stripe is being funded in massive waves by Military and Intelligence and Security agencies at Universities: in other words, if you want to establish tenure, or get that Post-Doctoral Fellowship or Graduate Fellowship or whatever other juicy award, you will plunge into unethical research, which is “properly classified” by the Military, and not think twice about what you are doing, which essentially is experimenting on non-consenting humans and helping the Military weaponize science or/and perfect their extant weapons on the unsuspecting citizenry. Thoughtless, feckless, shameless, unethical students of every stripe from Social Science and Psychology to Neuroscience and Oncology are currently engaging in “classified” research at various universities and research institutions, and knowingly experimenting on uninformed, non-consenting human subjects, to whom they have been provided access by virtue of their Mil/Intel funding, via Security, Intelligence, and Military classifications, which, by the way, are actually protected by our current proliferation of Secrecy laws, Defense laws, Security laws, Intelligence laws–including the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and others.  This can be researched–which Universities and departments get funding from Mil/Intel/security//what project RFPs does one see issued by Military agencies and departments/Intel/DHS/Security?–and links will be continually posted on this page to extant information.


In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO  and Electronic Warfare

2) Informed Consent, as coded in the Common Rule and the CFR–Code of Federal Regulations, here linked in Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Part 46, Protection for Human Subjects–has been officially Hijacked & is No Longer Protected by United States Law: Take a good look at how different agencies are required to follow that code, and you will see that the DoD–and all its departments, including Navy, Air Force, Special Ops, etc.,–and the CIA, the DHS, and other Federal agencies–each have been handed a carefully altered version of the code, a customized version you could say, hooked in to each their own intentions regarding experiments on human subjects, and each with its own happy platter of exemptions. See (3)

3) Exemptions to Informed Consent are rife in the CFR, for all Federal departments and agencies. Here is the list of CFR sections for each agency using the “Common Rule,” provided by the Office of Human Research Protections, HHS:

The reference in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations is shown below for each U.S. federal department and agency which has adopted the Common Rule:

7 CFR part 1c – Department of Agriculture
10 CFR part 745 – Department of Energy
14 CFR part1230 – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
15 CFR part 27 – Department of Commerce
16 CFR part 1028 – Consumer Product Safety Commission
22 CFR part 225 – Agency for International Development
24 CFR part 60 – Department of Housing and Urban Development
28 CFR part 46 – Department of Justice
32 CFR part 219 – Department of Defense
34 CFR part 97 – Department of Education
38 CFR part 16 – Department of Veterans Affairs
40 CFR part 26 – Environmental Protection Agency
45 CFR part 46, subpart A – Department of Health and Human Services
45 CFR part 46, subpart A – Central Intelligence Agency (by Executive Order 12333)
45 CFR part 46, subpart A – Department of Homeland Security (by federal statute)
45 CFR part 690 – National Science Foundation
49 CFR part 11 – Department of Transportation

Each of these sections, especially ones for the Military and Intelligence agencies, offers exemptions. Yes, these are exemptions to Informed Consent. Please stay tuned for a new blog, The Ghost of Informed Consent, which will translate to plain English each of these sections, so the Hijacking of Consent can be laid bare. But take a look yourself at these sections–just Google them, read them fully, look at what they say.

In gist, what they say is there are lots of situations where Informed Consent can be thrown out the window, and these situations will be covered by law–in the interests of National Security primarily, and as decreed in secret by the Secretary of Defense, and they will be classified Top Secret or whatever classification will help maintain absolute, pungent, permanent Secrecy. Whether it’s medical research, genetics research, neuroscience research, psychiatry research, psychology research, social science research; whether it involves EMF radiation/sonic/ultrasonic weaponry, or Military PsyOps, or a combo of these.

Let’s be clear, these exemptions point to Secret Human Experimentation–on Americans.

In reports, the people targeted by Mil/Intel/Security for secret human experimentation are tagged under language designed to shroud, such as “federally classified human use protocol,” which can be seen in this 2002 Air Force biomedical research report from Veridian Engineering which can be found online, Biological Effects of Directed Energy.

Again, more links forthcoming.

4) In addition, these classified research projects and weapons-testing projects are subject to No external oversight. Most Defense projects use internal Institutional Review Boards–which means most Universities and private companies/Defense contractors doing this Military research–using military weapons–are, like the Military, answerable to no-one outside the internal review board–which has a stake in letting the research happen at all or continue–yes, a monetary stake; Univs do love their funding, and Defense contractors, as we know, subsist on our taxes.

5) There are a multiplicity of ways in which people are “trafficked” today–for isn’t this trafficking?–into non-consenting human experimentation & research. Federal agencies and programs, NSA spies, FBI lists, Medical facilities with a MOU with Defense/Intel, all of whom will traffick: foster children, people on disability, the incarcerated, the pregnant, anyone with a chronic health condition who visits their doctor frequently, anyone who is a patient anytime at any medical facility; anyone who undergoes surgery; anyone who stays overnight in a hospital; and anyone who catches the attention of NSA sleuths using Artificial Intelligence filters on your email or actions online; anyone in your community who speaks out, stands out, signs petitions; anyone who becomes the victim of a petty vendetta, retaliation, grudge; anyone with moral fibre who openly opposes government or private oppression/wrongdoing.

Links to be added shortly.

5) The rash of creation of fusion centers and Joint Actions permits all sorts of abuses, through tying Law Enforcement to FBI/CIA/NSA Intel and DoD High Tech: such as,  permitting fraudulent NSA/FISA actions (such as waving around a fraudulently-obtained National Security Letter from a secret FISA court to gag all community members from divulging the fact of their being notified of a fraudulent “classified investigation” being conducted on a target subject, and to thereby also force them to participate in covert community harassment/”research”/”behavior modification” of target subjects; or permitting local law enforcement to use EMF weapons on activists and residents, and call it “court-ordered electronic surveillance,”  and use satellite and portable EMF weapons on subjects and call it “radiation surveillance.”

This is how people all over America are being “targeted” and being experimented on, this is how invisible radiation technologies are being used to attack people in secret.

Many many people in America know or must know about this secret human experimentation–student researchers, faculty researchers, review board members, University administrators, medical facility personnel, doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharmacy staff, community members served NSLs, people in the pay of the military or law enforcement who wield the EMF neuroweapons, who incessantly point their little cell phone app at unconsenting subjects in public, transmitting GPS co-ordinates to an operation center, whether mobile or satellite, to initiate the neuroweapon hit, neighbors of subjects who permit their houses and driveways and windows to be used, by weapon-wielders, the so-called “gangstalkers” or Citizen Watch/Infragard vigilantes who stalk subjects and subject them to all sorts of rabid road actions and street theater–there is a Vast number of people in everyday society who are fully aware of this criminal covert human experimentation, being carried out in our midst.

Is every one of them without a conscience? Is every one of them unable to see that what they are party to is morally and absolutely wrong, that what they are condoning is the torture and death of innocents, that a government that can permit such experimentation on its own citizens–and call it classified–is criminally corrupt at core, and cannot be understood to be a people’s rightful government?

Who will speak out of what they know, what they are doing? Who will break out from under this “national security” spell and challenge this High Crime of experimenting openly on American citizens while denying it (as classified/secret/cannot be confirmed to exist or not exist) in daylight?

More and more of us need to delve, explore, and publish our findings on these subjects. More of us need to openly challenge the horrors of experimentation on anyone and everyone with these terrible weapons, which are tagged euphemistically by Defense as “non-lethal” and “crowd-control”–especially as currently used on citizens, on a 24/7 basis, constantly! they are deadly, damaging, pain-producing, and ultimately-lethal, for they promote a slow-kill, or steady-destruction. These weapons–which permit the remote biological manipulation of the bodies and  brains of human beings–are in our midst now, but as humans we need to take a stand–we do not have to use them, we can exercise our base common sense: all over the world, they need to be banned.

More on all these subjects soon.