Magnus Olsson/ The Global Transhumanist Agenda Behind the Covert Assault of Citizens Worldwide

This November, 2013 post by Magnus Olsson on his site, titled Humanity May Be Implanted with Transhumanist Remote Neural Monitoring Implants discusses how chemical aerosols being sprayed on global populations contain nanotechnology “microdust” which is being breathed into our bodies, traverses the blood-brain barrier, and lodges in human brains at key spots, replacing and transforming human-brain neural networks. Satellite networks, scalar waves, HAARP transmissions, nanobot neural networks, and quantum supercomputing combine today to link all human brains into a supergrid that can be manipulated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for global brain entrainment, control, and enslavement–this is already underway, he notes, and, as per this (2013) assessment, 80% of humanity is already implanted.

The targeting of individuals worldwide, therefore, with covert assault technologies which include Remote Neural Monitoring and covert RFID implants, is a AI-controlled phenomenon being run by the NSA/joint Intel cartel to test and fine-tune these global entrainment technologies.  (Just as an aside, more recent videos of William Binney’s talks show him talking about how NSA’s Echelon/Prism network systems are being sold to governments worldwide and how fiber-optic data/voice networks are being tapped in order to collect information on people worldwide, primarily to determine what people the planet over are thinking, see this video on Youtube which records him speaking at the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels in 2014.) However, it’s not merely the numbers of “Targeted Individuals” who are being tested on; everyone alive is being tested on and entrained via the nanotech aerosols, named Microdust Weaponry by the military.

Google executive Ray Kurzweil’s transhumanist agenda seeks to robotize, transhumanize, and immortalize humans, explains Magnus Olsson, in his interview with Alfred Webre. (Also see this post of his which posts a 2-minute video of Mr. Kurzweil discoursing on his manic dream of making humans Godlike by mutilating us–without our consent–with radio-frequency emitting/receiving nanotechnology; there is a careful–and highly questionable–cover story of love, lovingness, spirituality, and God-like qualities supposedly emanating from and being enhanced in the neocortex via connected human brains and cloud computing being proffered here.) Bill Gates, Magnus mentions, holds an astonishing patent for the human body as antenna–made possible by nanotechnology.

Two interviews are posted there, one with Alfred Lambremont Webre of NewsInsideOut, the other with Daniel Estulin of RT TV.  Please click over there for the full post.

“VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Magnus Olsson, Director of the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment (EUCACH.ORG) disclosed that one of the scientists whom he consulted has estimated that 80% of humanity may already be implanted with Transhumanist control nano-bot implants for remote neural monitoring, mind control.

brain controlIn the interview, Magnus Olsson details how scalar waves and the use of super quantum computers in the quantum cloud to control “pipes,” a reference to the brains of humans that have been taken over via DNA banks or via implants that can be breathed in from chemtrail aerosols can breach the blood-brain barrier and then controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) via scalar waves on a super-grid.  Over 1000 grids worldwide are now connected into a mind control super grid that is connected to HAARP as a master planetary AI remote neural monitoring, mind control machine that is implementing a Transhumanist agenda for global enslavement.”

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