This page lists news and op-eds on censorship, action items to protect privacy, electronic and physical, to protect freedoms of speech, reporting, & writing, and to speak out against surveillance, media or individual repression, and censorship, whatever form it takes, and lists organizations working to protect these basic individual liberties and rights.

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Oct 27, 2014

Chris Hedges: The Myth of the Free Press/from Truthdig


Oct 1, 2014

Petition from The Committee to Protect Journalists to the White House to protect the right of journalists to do their jobs, to collect information, to protect sources, and to report the truth as found: “When journalists believe they might be targeted by government hackers, pulled into a criminal investigation, or searched and interrogated about their work at the U.S. border, their ability to inform the public erodes. If journalists cannot communicate in confidence with sources, they cannot do their jobs. Join us. Support the right to report.” Please speak out for journalists all over the world and the US, sign this petition.

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