Laura Eisenhower: We Don’t Have to Engage in their Battles and Dramas

Lately I have been listening to a few talks by Laura Eisenhower stored online at Youtube, from various conferences (Loveland Star Knowledge, Free Your Mind) and talks and interviews she has given the past few years, and highly recommend all of them.

In particular, I recommend listening to this interview (video link below) of Laura by Roxy Lopez from The Truth Denied where both interviewer and interviewee converse in depth about ways in which we as the people being acted on by a military-industrial complex and globalist cartel gone mad can act individually to go inward and reclaim our own personal power as spiritual beings, and how this private inward transformation can create global transformation. 

Some interesting moments include Roxy Lopez bringing up the issue of “Resistance” as innately problematic and being an externally-defined response. Laura explores in many responses how our detaching from external dramas which pull us outward (the false flags, the dark agendas) and going inward instead to work on ourselves, finding what we personally are drawn to and love, staying in our heart, and connecting to the great power of our own inner voice/spirit/personal differences and power will strongly connect us to vast, sweeping and positive energies from the Universe which focus, she says, will inevitably result in the evil of these dark agendas that are targeting humanity imploding on themselves and petering out.

Additionally, being in harmony and synchronicity with the Universe could help us to act, to speak out, share knowledge, and expose what needs to be exposed as we strive to bring others into greater consciousnness along with us. In particular, she notes that the time period 2012-2017 is important as stargates are opening, permitting vast transformations, even as dark agendas try to smother us and hold us down in the grip of lower energies and negativity.

Sophia/Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation

Also, this lovely and thought-provoking essay, linked on her website,, filled with information from gnostic sources, archaeology, mythology, as well as awareness of the military-industrial complex, ET influences, and spiritual alignings, in typical Laura Eisenhower style, illustrating her great gift for encompassing a wealth of subjects in one space, offers hope: Sophia/Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation.

Sophia/Christ Consciousness exists within all… This force has been intentionally suppressed so that we are not in our divine essence and true power... We see it on a macro and micro level… This planetary body is veiled, and underneath this veil exists a humanity that is swimming in a lower density pool ruled by lower entities that grab onto anything they can to fulfill their agenda.”

“The Military Industrial Complex has thrived on secrecy, and even as disclosure will happen, it will most likely be done in a manipulated way, never fully revealing why it has been kept secret and what was done behind our back for all of these years.  Disclosure is happening amongst us though and if we can really integrate and understand other valuable truths, we will be protected against them using disclosure to then introduce false concepts that can further draw us into their web of deceit, while allowing the other secrets to slowly be brought into our world, as the introduction of human robots, (which act as human weapons) and ET wars that could be fake or real, slowly start to show themselves.  This is all a part of a meme that we do not have to participate in.  Even if we witness aspects of a catastrophic timeline, we have a choice to not venture down that path and there are ways to avoid it.  Everything we see happening reveals the health of the collective whole that other beings and races reveal as extensions of ourselves, as we are extensions of the many dimensions – emanating the ones that match our vibratory frequency.  If we are not a part of the problem, then we don’t have to engage in their battles and dramas.

Most of what has been happening in secrecy, though, has created an inevitable drama, as they have been spending trillions of our tax dollars on agendas that only serve their elitist mentalities. This includes: off-planet colonies with the use of teleportation and time-travel, the targeting of individuals who they perceive as a threat, the Secret Space Program, also MK weapons, HAARP, underground bases and strategic false-flag events to further draw us into their manipulative pit like 9-11 did.  Dark rituals, horrific child-abuse and the creation of agents and slaves to serve them, use the knowledge of the occult to infect the planetary body with negative frequencies that is food to them.  This is how they sustain power and influence behind the curtain.  This keeps creating fear, pain, and negative feelings that is a life force that they live on.  As awful as this all sounds, there is a way out.  This is why it is crucial that we understand the concept of Christ-Sophia consciousness and how these lower forces have affected our DNA, and produced this junk DNA (un-used and un-activated) and how that connects to the planetary body and its veils and the suppression of the Goddess. It is not a new-agey thing, this is ancient, it doesn’t need to be labeled, it is not about the physical even, or being a female – it is about creation and what we are up against and how much the scales have been tilting towards the war mongers and control freaks… this is a way to soften it all, and return the power to Gaia.

Their lust for our powerlessness and blind faith is further exacerbated by the use of mind-control and micro-chips that do not allow individuals to access their inner voice and their connection to Source.  Some people are directly involved in the programs, usually beginning in infancy and others are in a kind of trance as the ELF microwave frequencies that are emitted from our TVs keep us locked in a lower mind-set that is obsessed with the lives of others and consumerism. The nerve toxins of chemtrails keep us in a state of nervous system disorder, as we also are infected emotionally and psychically by delusional feelings, alongside a deep and powerful longing to be free, because things are just not right.”

Unity Consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine to restore balance, nutrition, higher love and wisdom; the pulling of our energy away from feeding the false system; and choosing to detox, deprogram and support the causes that count are where we can best direct our energy.  It is important to have the realization that we are a part of this planetary organism Gaia, which is essentially the body of the Goddess who morphed into the planet and whose womb is both the Cosmic and Earthly.  Gaia is Multi-dimensional who has embodiments of herself on Earth, who act as a bridge to the Higher Worlds and multi-dimensions. Through the cycles of Venus as a Unified field, we are capable of lifting these veils and creating global transformation.

The Goddess energy is our missing link right now, as her story isn’t just one of feminine power in the World – she also represents Cosmic power whose origins are in the creation of all Worlds, in a realm called Ain Soph, or Bythos where Sophia came forth forming the Pleroma and the Aeons – the first womb of creation that birthed divine pairs, Gods and Goddesses.”

We have been robbed from our free-will on many levels, but we take responsibility when we see that there is no separation and we can create global transformation – by seeing ourselves as a microcosm of the greater whole and the love-story of Creation, where the alchemical marriage within is awakened and God and Goddess rest together in eternity on all levels of existence…  End times to me is more about the end of having to share this journey with those who oppose our creative freedom and divine light. The forces that have been feeding off of Gaia and ourselves and have taken our life force, can finally be returned to us – leading to the dream being awakened and harmony being restored through the rays of love, wisdom and Sacred Union… a true Happily Ever After…”

(These are scattered excerpts, please visit her link for the whole essay.)