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“Existential Threat Against Humanity” says Dr. Robert Duncan: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation Conference Bears Witness to Profound Mil/Intel/DOJ/Univ/Private Sector Crimes

Report | Ramola D | October 29, 2022

Updated Nov 10, 2022 with corrections of errata in transcripts

Dr. Robert Duncan, well-known military AI & Robotics computer scientist who has whistleblown publicly on Military/Intelligence miscreancy, opened the Second Annual Conference exposing the unlawful use of anti-personnel Directed Energy Weapons and Neurotechnologies on people worldwide by emphasizing the existential threat to humanity posed by these neuro-hacking technologies:

“I’ve been doing this a couple decades, blowing the whistle, exposing the technologies, trying to help people, the public, understand this existential threat against humanity, I mean it literally changes US, as Klaus Schwab says — my latest book, the one I’ve been working on is called “Emergent Minds, The Birth of a New Species–Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed, Volume 3″ and it covers the topologies of Brain to Computer Interfacing, to AI and to all of the addressing mechanisms–but it’s very unusual in the sense that it’s scientific but then has a translation into layman’s language: What does it mean to you as a human, and from the subjective viewpoint of a human, being a target of this technology.”

Dr. Len Ber: “The Government must acknowledge the civilian cases of Havana Syndrome domestically”

Dr. Len Ber, an endocrinologist originally from Russia but currently a US citizen whose report of alerting Dr. James Giordano — a Military-Intelligence spokesman who has publicly acknowledged the existence of powerful and invasive neuro-hacking technologies — of civilians being hit with the oddly-dubbed “Havana Syndrome” was published earlier in Report 280 | Dr. Len Ber Leads the Acknowledgment of DEW Hits on Civilians by Dr. Giordano, offered his own experience of being unlawfully targeted with neurotechnology.

“I have been a target of Directed Energy and Synthetic Telepathy and Voice to Skull and Remote Mind Control and interventions since 2019. And I’m also one of the few civilians diagnosed with Havana Syndrome--and that happened in 2020. The diagnosis was made by the same experts who diagnosed the Cuban diplomats who were Medevac’d from Cuba. I have the same diagnosis based on the vestibular function abnormalities that constitute a brain injury, and later (I was diagnosed with) traumatic encephalopathy, once again (due to) directed energy (attacks) — I’m currently on medical leave and I’m having a hard time performing cognitive tasks. I can tell you that I just did a follow-up of my qEEG (scan) which is a brain-imaging, it’s an electrical neuro imaging method–it shows that for about six months since April of this year I’ve been under active attacks, the broken number of the broken connections in my brain is about 20 percent up–and that’s the main message I want to take to the mainstream, to the public, the physicians, politicians–that this is a Public Safety issue, this is my main goal, I’m talking about Havana Syndrome because I have the irrefutable evidence for it that this cannot be swept under the rug. I know this doesn’t even start covering the many things targeted individuals go through everyday but you have to start somewhere, and this is my path, this is what I am concentrating on — I am being laser focused on making the government acknowledge the civilian cases of Havana Syndrome domestically--which should open the doors to have a congressional hearing, ultimately it has to become a political issue.”

John Christiana: “We are exposing the crimes so they can be investigated”

Outstanding mountaineer and record-holder for climbing Mt. Everest as well as 7 summits, recent legal Director for Targeted Justice and continuing legal scholar, John Christiana stressed that this is all about “exposing the crimes, not bringing them to a halt necessarily–that will happen in time–but exposing them so they can be investigated.” Identifying cause of action, identifying bases for possible lawsuits such as intentional torts and negligence, keeping contemporaneous journals of DEW attacks are important, he says. He has also done a PET scan to establish brain normalcy, and “kept a journal for 5 years online logging the energy hits in real time.” Remote Neural Monitoring with remote shocking of eyelids and eyes is something he has recorded, noting that these attacks are often linked to social patterns as well. John recommends that people being targeted with such invisible weaponry keep a contemporaneous journal logging the attacks, which he says carries more weight legally than summarizing statements without dates and times.

One of the things John Christiana also called attention to was weaponized Neural Lace, which Elon Musk was recorded in an interview in 2016 as saying could be injected into veins and arteries and travel up to the brain.

The Sensitive Subject of Microchip Implants and Nano Implants

The question of nanomagnetic particles–sent in to the body via vaccines, as recently exposed by scientists studying the contents of the vaccines, or aerosols--as well as other kinds of microelectronic chips and radio frequency identifying chips being stealth-implanted in people’s bodies during surgeries was discussed by all.

Nanosensors envisioned and being tested by a technocratic faction professing medical benevolence; Screenshot,

Many reporting Mil/Intel victims have reported implants of these kinds–RFID microchip and clusters of nanotech both–being found in their body through scanning at home with a RFID detector or with a scanning professional, many have X-rays and MRI’s of implants, some of which this writer has examined.

Radiologists, physicians, and medical staff it seems are easily bought for they will not refer to the evidence of these implants as evidence, they use the term “calcification” to address such anomalies, which points to the body’s natural reaction also to grow tissue over foreign material it cannot evict; calcified nodes are acknowledged but doctors disdain from probing the calcifications physically to determine if there is an implant within.

STEALING X-RAYS AND MRIs, DOCTORING X-RAYS AND MRIs: Then there are the cases of outright theft and disappearance of x-rays, as this writer has herself experienced to keep the evidence of RFID chips being sharpshot into people, or stealth-implanted in people (in surgery, while in hospital for any reason, while at home asleep, in clandestine break-ins by Black-and-Grey-Criminal operatives) from being uncovered; although the CIA in particular tries hard to deny any possibility of people being implanted, they are, putatively, the prime organization–along with factions of US Military such as the Navy–along with NASA with its focus on space telemetry who have been implanting people in stealth for decades.

UK Navy whistleblower Barrie Trower has mentioned implants being used, as also William Pawelec, a former Defense contractor, who spoke about Siemens microchips trackable from 75 miles in space, and Dr. Rauni Kilde, chief medical officer of Finland, in her paper: Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics, which details how implants of different kinds are being used.

Terry Melanson,

2022 News re. Microchips

Physicians remove RFID tracker:

Human Trafficking is a fact:

Today, RFID is being used in hospitals: “The global medical RFID technology market is expected to amount to $10.65 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 22.4%.”

David Larsen has also revealed implants found on his body, as also Robert Naeslund, James Wahlbert, Richard Cain, Michael Bell, and a few other notable reporters of nonconsensual experimentation with medical imaging evidence. Today many who are targeted have posted their scans on social media. A recent conversation this writer had with a reporter of biomedical crime, Christopher Bertolino, included his sharing of MRIs showing seeming implants and wires in his brain, nonconsensually implanted: Report 294 | Christopher Bertolino Reports Non-Consensual Brain Experimentation, Emf/Neurotech Abuse

Dr. Robert Duncan, who expressed some skepticism regarding microchips versus nanoparticles which he agrees could be used, noted that no-one has given him a sample yet of a calcified node or removed a bodily microchip he could examine in a lab, while Alex Crosbie notes that yet these are being used, for some reason, which this writer speculates could be to make people accessible remotely from distant tracking and transmitting satellites as well as closer cell-towers, 5G Starlink satellites, transmitters mounted on streetlight poles, and hand-held-readers wielded by #PublicSafety minions such as UPS-men, USPS-men & trackers planted next door for accuracy of precision-targeting, Multi-Domain Warfare, and specific-organ-attack from thousands of feet and hundreds of miles away including by City trucks, Military drones and Human-Machine Intelligence devices. As Dr. Kilde states, numerous tracking, sensor, and anchor technologies have been studied by the military. During the conference, this writer noted–from her experience as an interviewing and research journalist–that implants of different kinds are being found, not just BCIs in brains but RFIDs and MEMs, all over bodies.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, industrial toxicologist, reports extracting and analyzing brain chips and clusters of nanotechnology found in ear canal specimens and brain menginomas in her book Global Brain Chip and Mesogens published in 2016.

Reporting targets inevitably carry the evidence inside their bodies, and can be radiologically scanned and toxicology/nanotechnology-tested for proof, this should be the defining determinant–not psychiatrists being called in each time someone reports being non-consensually implanted, as currently, disgracefully, is the case, as part of the Grand Umbrella Doctor Cover-up of deadly military and intelligence crime run by complicit physicians, addressed here: Worldwide Appeal to Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Law Enforcement: Extreme Human Rights Violations with High-Tech Remote Human Access Weapons Ongoing MUST Be Stopped.

Many unlawfully-targeted Mil/Intel victims report that they are filled not just with one but 10-50 microchips and nanoclusters, detected through RFID bug detectors or medical/scientific scanning done by private investigators.

Psychiatrists and ER Physicians need to stand back and let radiologists do the scanning–and not hand over X-rays and MRIs to the CIA, NSA, DIA, US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, NASA, DHS, SES, MI5, MI6, Mossad, or private security or intelligence agents or contractors: the Perpetrators of Crime.

Rosanne Schneider: “If we don’t win this battle, Mankind is pretty much over”

Rosanne Schneider, author of two books, spoke personally of her own experience of being brought up in a Catholic foster home and being subjected during her childhood to enough anomalous experiences inclusive of psychotronic technologies, induced trauma and induced dreams to make her suspect now that she had been a lifelong victim of MK Ultra, the CIA’s program of stealth psychological and physical experimentation on minds, behavior, life, and relationships which from all accounts never ended in 1974 with the Church Committee findings but went underground and is still in operation today, a subject Dr. Duncan addressed in 2020: “MK ULTRA on Steroids”: Dr. Robert Duncan Reports On Today’s Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, and The Need For Change.

Many colleagues, friends and reporting victims she has interviewed also hailing from the ’50s and early ’60s generation have reported lifelong MK Ultra targeting and persecution, she notes. What Cathy O’ Brien in her book Trance Formation writes about was a phenomenon applied to many, and for which the CIA can be held responsible.

She reports also experiencing “infiltration of my life by unwitting assets or people who don’t know they are mind-controlled, and extreme manipulation of my life to support CIA projects and operations,”

“In present I am hit with psychotronics which has led to slight left eye drop and used for compliance to Agenda 21 and political principles–Neuroweapons: I suspect brain mapping and the creation of pain and dysfunction on all parts of my body. Transhumanism technology which has resulted in suspected hive mind creation; feeling the emotions of others in real time –thought insertion, control of emotions and torture.”

Neuroweapons and transhumanism are related, she suggests, and MK Ultra victims are now being re-victimized for transhumanism experimentation. Rosanne discusses her own experience further at her blog, including this post: Transhumanism Research is Being Forced on Non-Consensual MK Ultra Victims.

“This is just unconscionable,” she says. “It can’t continue. If we don’t win this battle, then Mankind is pretty much over. If a person’s brain and body can be controlled remotely, then Game Over.”

Craig LaForest: “We have to look after the children of our future”

Craig Laforest, a retired Business Manager on cruise lines, who spoke to the group from Tahiti where he was on a 45-day cruise from Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand, stated that he too had a testimonial to share regarding MK Ultra, implants in his brain and Voice to Skull as well as electromagnetic radiation burns. On his cruise, he reports, “Every day and every night, I am attacked, from satellites, with V2K and these burns on my body. I probably manage to have three hours of sleep at night. I try to rest in the afternoon, I can’t do that. But I am talking about it widely on board the ship, a lot of people are fascinated by this topic, but obviously some people don’t want to know about it, or have heard something about it, I just provide as much information as I can.”

An English-Australian used to travelling on ships since very young, he reports being attacked in Australia: “Now in Australia after leaving Los Angeles where I lived for 28 years I am going through enormous attacks of V2K and Electromagnetic radiation–I am surprised I’m still alive–but I speak about it openly because we have to look after the children of our future and their grandchildren because this is a disgusting technology, absolutely rampant around the world.”

Craig has previously discussed his experience as well as his thoughts on James Cameron, filmmaker’s connection with non-consensual brain research in an interview at Ramola D Reports, which can be found here: Report #149: Craig Laforest on Giving Back Despite V2k, James Cameron & Brain Research Connection

Now a Board Member of ICATOR in Belgium, he reports “We are overwhelmed by the number of people who are contacting us, reporting they are hearing voices.” Noting that this is not schizophrenia which typically is diagnosed in people when much younger, he also testifies that he himself is able to discern between the images and videos being transmitted remotely into his brain versus his own visual perceptions.

Further there is the issue of unethical physicians involved in implanting people non-consensually. “The stories are so similar it’s amazing. MK Ultra was a program that was supposed to be stopped — and it hasn’t stopped. And these unscrupulous ENT doctors are implanting people without their consent while they’re in surgery for a basic operation where general anesthetic is required–and they’re extremely difficult to find, even by MRIs, CAT-scans, or X-rays, because we have calcification in the brain, and Len would be a better person to ask about this.” Craig also makes reference to the mode of delivery of these implants today, which exist across the spectrum from micro to nano and can be injected intravenously or stealth-delivered on a DARPA COVID-test swab through the nostrils. “There’s so much information out there these days about how these implants are put into the brain, through the nose and also through the mouth.”

Alex Crosbie: “Many People Collaborate” “NATO War on Civilians: Is That Not a War Crime?”

Alex Crosbie, a former construction professional from Dublin, Ireland, reports that he worked in the construction industry up till 2011, when he was “targeted with directed energy weapons and neuroweaponry.”

“And these are clearly advanced military grade weapons from my experience,” he reports. “Within a short period of being hit I had ascertained these were advanced military grade weapons systems that were being used on me. But as time progressed I realized that we as a family had been targeted for over ten years at that point–now 25 years, in sequenced phases–targeted us individually, yes, synchronistically–It’s a very complex area to get into in terms of technologies being used, weapons being used. It culminates recently in a — I have to put it into plain words–there’s no other way to put it — the torture to death of my father when we were living together in a room in a B&B in 2019 with directed energy weapons–and brutal psychological mental and physical torture unto death and the induced suicide of my sister Jennifer Crosbie in 2017, about which my father was very concerned that she was at risk from his meetings with her and from the things she had said to him, her behavior, and many threats made against family members, in the plausibly deniable ways in which they tend to do–and that’s my involvement in these crimes.”

Targeting Crimes Are Being Committed in Communities–State Entities Fully Aware

Alex also pointed out that “there’s no secret about these crimes. These crimes are being committed in communities, in local areas–there’s collaboration, harassment, stalking occurring–in businesses, in communities, local areas–and we’ve been subject to it for over 20 years so many, many people know what’s happening and collaborate in it. Whether they know the full extent about the technologies being used, the weapons being used and the nature of these crimes being committed is another question. But certainly its widespread knowledge so it’s not some hidden secret group doing this in the public domain –state entities are fully aware of it, multiple state entities are fully aware and in particular cases have collaborated as well, in various forms of harassment–it’s all a very detailed story. So that’s the background to my own targeting.”

Alex Crosbie has further detailed his own and family’s experience of unlawful targeting and persecution in an interview at my channel: Report 252 | Alex Crosbie from Dublin Reports Covert Generational Targeting with Anti-Personnel DEWs, Neurotech, Induced Family Deaths

Mainstreaming, Limited Hangout, Cover Operations: US Havana Syndrome, NATO’s Cognitive Warfare, UN’s Cybertorture

Further, Alex Crosbie notes: “There’s been a kind of mainstreaming of targeting crimes–of the systems and technologies and weapons used in targeting crimes, in terms of Havana Syndrome, NATO’s Cognitive Warfare doctrine, Cybertorture–the UN’s Cybertorture definition–and all of these as we know are Limited Hangout and Cover-Up Operations: they don’t, they’re only the tip of the iceberg as far as the weapons and technologies that are being used–but I think they’re a good introduction maybe to make the general public aware of these weapons (because they do seem to have gone into the mainstream) and possibly as an introduction to all the previous whistleblowers, activists, writers, researchers, etc.”

Cognitive Warfare Aimed at Civilians is a War Crime

“In terms of Cognitive Warfare–this is a defined NATO form of warfare, and specifically designed to target individual civilians and civilian populations combining a range of different tactics — which includes propaganda, psychological operations, and also specifically, neuroweapons. So, that’s in effect a war crime — I mean, if NATO come out with a defined-form-of-warfare that’s specifically aimed at targeting civilians and civilian populations, including neuroweapons, is that not a war crime being committed? And therefore targeted people are subjected to all these different psychological operations, propaganda, directed energy weapons, neuroweapons, there’s also war crimes committed against all these people, if it’s being defined as a form of warfare, and they specifically say they’re targeting civilians.”


Cybertorture: Not Just Psychological Torture Though but Cyber/AI-Affiliated and Physical Torture with Neuroweaponry

Alex Crosbie also called attention to the definition of Cybertorture proffered by Nils Meltzer, Special Rapporteur to the UN for Torture, which emphasizes Psychological Torture–but this is a limited definition, he points out, when there are computer systems, Artificial Intelligence mechanisms and Neurotechnologies also included in the Cybertorture definition and being used, as well as energy and frequency warfare systems, all of which act upon the brain and central nervous system and body and inflict actual physical torture.

Nils Meltzer’s address to the UN in 2020 was covered here: Magnus Olsson, EUCACH Director: UN Starts Investigation to Ban Cyber Torture

These are Atrocities, War Crimes, Really Serious Crimes: Attempted Murder, Murder by Use of Torture

There is a real danger of these crimes becoming even more widespread and being used widely to target everyone, not just dissidents and activists, Alex Crosbie notes (as appears to be the Cover Story today, from the ABCs, who like to pretend unarmed, peace-loving activists are more aggressive, sneaky, and terroristic than THEY (the ABCs) are and therefore need to be repressed 24/7 with DEWs and Neuroweaponry) but everyone, including the families involved in targeting others today, everyone could be targeted as these weapons systems, their acceptance, and their usage expand.

It is important to put these crimes into perspective, he notes, and as all witnessing to these crimes report. They are not acceptable civil operations to maintain the Peace (for “Peace Enforcement” as they are written up in various military documents).

In a profoundly important statement for the entire conference, and the entire world, Alex Crosbie states, unequivocally:

“These are atrocities–these are war crimes, torture, murder, attempted murder, they’re really serious crimes. From a legal point of view, for the people who participate in these crimes, in various ways, for whatever reasons, in terms of harassment and organized stalking, if you view the crimes in their overall capacity what is the intent and nature of the crime? And the intent and nature of the crime is to force the death of the target by forced suicide or degradation of health, so therefore it’s attempted murder and murder by use of torture. So by legal principles of facilitation, conspiracy, accessories, if all these principles could be applied to the crime in its overall entirety, then many people could be held to account, proportionally to their involvement. I think existing laws could possibly also be used as well. If you assault somebody with a taser that’s physical assault. If you access them remotely or target them using a microwave system or energy-based system you are acting physically on their person–that’s physical assault and torture as well.”

Ramola D: Law Enforcement Involvement, Psychiatry/Medicine Complicity, Public Safety & Telemedicine in Dual-Use Technology for “Behavior Suppression”

During this conference I spoke openly about several aspects of the DEW/Neurotech targeting crimes I have studied, researched, and reported on, including recently.

Law Enforcement & FBI Fully Aware & Involved, Cannot Deny Existence & Reportage of Microwave Weapons and Neuroweapons Being Used on People

Ramola D

In relation to the involvement, complicity, and participation of Law Enforcement in these crimes–a subject I have covered at length here in reports as well as in numerous conversations with key whistleblowers especially Geral Sosbee, former Special Agent FBI, attorney, and judge with an intimate knowledge of the Criminal Justice system and the FBI–I pointed out that local Law really cannot assert lack of knowledge of these weapon systems, technologies, or crimes since they are fully involved.

Geral Sosbee has often stated that it is the FBI which is the overarching police body in the USA which is responsible for targeting people–how people are targeted, wrongfully and unlawfully, has been the subject of several articles here, including:

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up

News Report 10: FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Reports Quasi Criminal Justice System Using DEWs/Neurotech on People

Geral Sosbee: Collapse of Constitutional Government of The United States of America & The Responsibility For The Collapse (FBI/CIA/DOD); Call for New Nuremberg Trial

News Report 9: FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Describes The Issue: History of Secret Terror in the USA: Illegal Harassment, Persecution, Deceit that’s Currently Out of Control & Uses Neighbor-Mercenaries, Portable DEWs/Neurotech/Drones, More for In-House Torture

FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Pulls Back the Curtain on Criminal FBI-CIA-DHS-NSA Torture of American Whistleblowers, Select Journalists, and Thousands of Illegal FBI Targets of “Counter-Terrorism” and “Deterrence” with DEWS, Neurotech, Social Harassment: People of Integrity Must Rise

This is No Longer Classified Sensitive Stuff, This is Now Evidenced Law Enforcement Complicity: Public Domain Knowledge of DOJ Involvement

Further, and most tellingly, the 25-year secret agreement between the Pentagon and DOJ (US Department of Justice) on bringing Non Lethal Weapons to the streets of America–which testifies to the unconsented-to actions of the DOD and the DOJ against the people of the USA to jointly develop, test, and operate up till then classified electromagnetic technologies–microwave weapons, through-wall-surveillance-radar millimeter wave technologies, acoustic neurotechnologies, infra-red and millimeter-wave sensor technologies, and much else, a Memorandum which Dr. Nick Begich first reported in his books–surfaced into the public domain in 2018 when a DARPA-Justice MOU and Technology Programs Report were released on FOIA, and reported by me here in two reports (while major repressive DEW assaults and online smear operations (the latter by ex-NSA intelligence analyst Karen Stewart in particular–and her cronies) were conducted ruthlessly on me at the time of writing of each report to stop the disclosure):

Documentary Evidence since 1994 of Covert High-Tech Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use in Targeted Surveillance, Experimentation, Operations by US Government on Americans: (1) The DOD/DOJ Memorandum of Understanding on OOTW/LE, 1994 /12/1/2019

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996 /1/30/2020

Military and Intelligence Testing and Research Plus Repression Operations Which Decided It’s OK to Torture and Terminate People

Evidence for numerous weapons-testing and neuro-exploitation projects being run can be found online at numerous sources: this is DOD and NATO news which has been publicly reported.

US and NATO weapons-testing is described in this thread: US and NATO Weapons-Testing

The Polish Minister of Defense acknowledging the NATO attack on civilians with EMF weapons was reported here by Mojimir Babacek:  Electronic Weapons, Radio Frequency Radiation, Remote Manipulation of the Human Nervous System/New World Order Weapon Ban. Open Letter to the European Commission/ Mojmir Babacek

“Targeted individuals” are Military and Intelligence victims, as Dr. Robert Duncan revealed in The Matrix Deciphered:

2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare

Psychiatrists, Departments of Mental Health, ER Physicians, GPs, Nurses, Physician’s Assistants, Medical Technicians, Hospital Security, Fire & Ambulance EMS Staff All Assist in Concealing DOD-DOJ-CIA Targeting Crimes

Psychiatry plays a large part in Law Enforcement-run Mental Health Fraud, as my own recent experience of an unlawful Section 12 Psych Grab in Massachusetts has revealed, and as the experience of numerous professionals I have spoken with subjected to the same atrocity reveals. While this is a subject I am continuing to write about, both here and at my Substack: Plain Speaking in my Larger Crime series, while also finalizing an Affidavit and various Notices to apprise all involved of their liability, and about which I have reported much already from FOIA-request-responses regarding EMS-and-City complicity and Department of Mental Health complicity, this is a huge subject which everyone subjected to such unlawful forced-mental-health-evaluations by reason of reportage of the crime of being targeted with DEW/Neuroweaponry is contributing to expose.

As my own experience starkly reveals, and as many have reported to me, both here in the US and also in the UK, in Europe, in Australia, this crime is also being run in collusion with the Lawbreaking-Torture-Running-TS/SCI-crowd by complicit medical staff–Emergency Room doctors and nurses, EMS paramedics, physician’s assistants, medical technicians, as well as general practitioners; insurance companies and hospital administrators are just as much involved. My impending affidavit will reveal in full exactly how they work together–as well as establish definitively that these are not idle claims of conspiracy, they are rooted in long-running fact.

At this point, I can safely say that Ambulance Staff, Law Enforcement, Emergency Room physicians (and staff), and Psychiatrists have gotten used to running these Repression Operations on anyone claiming EMF/DEW/Microwave Weapon/Neuroweapon assault or daring to mention the holy word: RFID implants or microchips, and have in fact set up a multi-million dollar industry of Fraud benefiting themselves–while revictimizing Mil/Intel Victims into further biomedical and military-weaponry enslavement.

Yes, so-called Healthcare Professionals are helping to destroy, degrade, return-to-torture, and end the lives of Military-Intelligence victims (manufactured FBI/DHS targets)–and are actively withholding real healthcare for victims. 

Public Safety “Remote and Robotic Control” of Things and People for Full Spectrum Control of Humans and Their Environment

FBI and Law Enforcement–who have opened the door for people to be unlawfully watchlisted and thrust into the macabre Testing and Torture programs of the DOD and CIA being run with impunity–as if Legal, Legalized, or Legitimate–have also paired with DHS and Homeland Security “Public Safety” mechanisms to link everyone and everything in noxious “Internet of Things” and Remote Access “Behavior Suppression” and “Monitoring” programs revealed recently in a series of Richard Walker patents disclosed by Leader Technologies and reported here by me on October 15, 2022:

The Man Who Stole Social Networking from Leader Technologies for Facebook & Friends, James P. Chandler III, Is Dead | Seamy Understory Involving Highlands Forum, DARPA, Fauci Emerges Anew: End of Social Media Censorship Ahead?

Some diagrams from those patents, published by Americans for Innovation:

Neuroweapons and Electronic Weapons Have Been Hidden as Dual-Use Tech

“Dual-use” has become the revolving-door for military scientists engaged in building deadly weapons to destroy human bodies and brains to excuse, rationalize, condone, and permit their use on humans in non-war settings, in civilian life, to be sugar-coated as “beneficial” — to cure paralysis, or calm anxiety, or restore nerves, etc. This is how “non-lethal weapons” have, egregiously, entered the DOJ for use as “corrective” and “Behavior Modifying/Suppression” technologies.

In addition, DARPA, Obama’s Brain Project, the European Brain Initiative have surfaced neurotechnologies (inclusive of nanotech) which combine energy technologies with neural system attack technologies, calibrated to engage as corrective criminal-justice technologies at the right voltage and wattage and density: in this way, military scientists from DARPA and CIA are deceiving the public about brain weaponry they have been using to pulverize brains with, in never-stopped MK Ultra, neurological disruption, and electrical neurostimulation projects as being beneficial.

As a journalist speaking to victims, I can testify that Military-Intelligence victims are not reporting benefiting from these neurotechnologies and EMF technologies–but rather reporting being assaulted, degraded, concussed, electro-shocked, convulsed, buzzed, brain-wiped, brain-hit, burned, pulsed, vibrated, sleep-deprived, breath-deprived, face-hit, migrained, molested, made incontinent, mood-manipulated, bodily deformed, disfigured, organ and joint-hit, health-destroyed, tormented with voices, noises, tinnitus, images, tortured, stroked, heart-attacked, and actively harmed.

Targets are being forced to live with the severe handicaps of extreme 24/7 remote-access neurotorture and bodily torture, while also subjected to social ostracism and life takedown–a modern version of Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron: the best and the brightest assaulted with brain-degrading and energy-degrading and life-degrading technology to suppress them and to destroy their lives.

Harrison Bergeron/Kurt Vonnegut

These atrocities were reported to President Trump twice by this writer and hundreds of other whistleblowers in 2017 and 2019:

Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance/1/26/2017

Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans/7/3/2019

Moral Bio-Enhancement Technologies, Human Augmentation: Further Highway to Totalitarian Neuro Bio Enslavement

Mentioned during the conference also, by Alex Crosbie, is the newly-minted term of “Enhancement” which various operatives in the Behavior Modification MK Ultra Nazi Bandwagon of Future Crimes have latched on to as a supposedly positive identifier of tying people down with neurotechnology to repress and suppress their natural thinking, beliefs, and behavior and force them into acceptable-to-feudalistic-Pharaohs thinking and beliefs instead: Mind Control dressed up as Moral.

“Compulsory” enhancement technologies are being touted now by such feudalists as necessary to convert people to Climate-Change-Think and submission to carbon-credit ideologies–which among other things, want to block the sun, remove your private motor vehicle from you, and force you to obsess with your “carbon footprint.” All this in the name of making you “more altruistic”–aka keel over to Communist and oligarchic objectives to enslave you without a murmur. And indeed this is where neurotechnologies can go, if people do not protest.

Parker Crutchfield, a bioethicist, who famously suggested people be drugged covertly to promote lockdown compliance in 2020 and has now authored another stellar piece suggesting people be manipulated covertly in numerous ways to force belief in the Climate Change Narrative of psychopathic billionaires keen to enslave the world, has a Ph.D in philosophy from Arizona State University, which has a history of developing mind control and neurostimulation projects for DARPA. There indeed is a group of academics propping up the technological directions being carved by mad scientists without morality in the armed forces and Intelligence factions–which people worldwide need to be aware of in order to prevent.

These Unlawful Targeting, Watchlisting, and Military-Intelligence-Private-Sector Crimes MUST Be Stopped

Much more of import was discussed, spoken of, and aired throughout and in closing statements in the 2022 Conference to Expose DEW/Neurotechnology persecution of the populace worldwide, and as Robert Duncan noted, “Whether we can stop this in our lifetime or not, we are doing the right thing in exposing the crimes.” Dr. Len Ber suggested that people go to their neurologists and get scientific evidence of changes in vestibular function if they feel they have been hit with energy weapons.

Protest, speaking out, exposing the crimes is important–because we do not want governments to roll out remote-access energy-weapon hits and neuroweapon-manipulation on everyone as public policy. Thousands are being persecuted in every country, while equal thousands are falling ill without knowing they are being remote-accessed and remote-assaulted.

As we are learning, many programs have been launched through Criminal Justice, Countering Violent Extremism, Neighborhood Watch, Community Policing, Community Health, Public Health, Public Safety, and Military Operations Other Than War portals, permitting various parties to assault the citizenry–both publicly and covertly–with energy weaponry and neuroweaponry as well as extreme-character-assassination to permit massive public harassment under benevolent guise–this is unacceptable.

Under cover of legitimacy, civilians are being unlawfully targeted and attacked to death–while being brutally used for brain and social control experiments–and falsely being named mentally ill, troublemakers, pedophiles, prostitutes, pornographers in public venues by COINTELPRO Criminals to permit and sanction their social ostracizing and public harassment and excuse the rabid 24/7 military-intelligence activities with vehicular/ satellite/ drone/ helicopter/ human operative/ neighborhood stalking & tracking around them.

We closed the conference with a call for all agencies to halt the targeting crimes.

As Alex Crosbie noted, “It is time for whistleblowers from inside the agencies and military to come forward.”

The second Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation conference has been posted at Brighteon, Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, and can be downloaded/uploaded to anyone’s channel worldwide, for maximum exposure. Video-makers and activists are also encouraged to excerpt and post video clips from the conference to highlight the disclosure. As many in alt and indy media are well aware, mainstream media–operating as an arm of the Government–has been running MockOp Mockery pieces–in abject cruelty–to disappear the testimonials of reporting victims, to prop up criminals in Military-Intelligence-Private-Sector running these crimes, and to pretend none of this is happening, a scenario addressed here several years ago: United States of PsyOps: Call Them Paranoid. Call Them Delusional.

Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experimentation: Conference 2

Watch at Brighteon: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experiments: Conference 2

Watch at Bitchute: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experiments: Conference 2

Watch at Odysee: Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting, Non-Consensual AI/Cybernetics/Brain Experiments: Conference 2

Further Information and Disclosure on These Crimes in the 2021 Conference Video

Note that this conference follows the 2021 Online Press Conference (also posted at all Ramola D Reports video platforms), where speakers presented more detailed introductions of the unlawful targeting and DEW/neuroweapon-attack operations being conducted, and to which I have added key statements and information from other whistleblowers, writers, journalists, and activists, such as Cheryl Welsh, Paul Baird, Dr. Rauni Kilde, and others. That conference was reported here:

Online Press Conference | Oct 15, 2021 | Exposing Worldwide DEW/Neurotech Targeting & AI-Cybernetic Torture, Bio-Neuro-Trafficking, Stasi Crimes Against Humanity by Fusion Centers, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, Local Govts, Universities, Research Institutions, Local Communities, Utility Cos., & Private-Party Criminals

Both conference videos therefore are powerfully informative and educative and can be used in school, college, ethics, and human rights law settings to inform and alert people and call the world to action to halt these crimes. Please share both widely.



Sep 22, 2022/Report 294 | Christopher Bertolino Reports Non-Consensual Brain Experimentation, EMF/Neurotech Abuse

Newsbreak 147 | Celeste Solum Says Cyborg Soldier 2050 Already Here: Human Devolution Sans Consent

Report #22: Chris Burton — Part 1: IT Success and Neuroexperimentation, V2K/Odysee/Sep 22, 2017

Report #31: Christopher Howard – Neuro-Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy/V2K, AI Looped Replay/Nov 12, 2017

Report 298 | Breaking News! Anna von Reitz Reports the American Government has Backed the US Dollar with Gold | Global Banking and Economic Collapse Averted | US and Australian Debt Paid Off

Report | Ramola D | October 19, 2022

World-rocking news, shared in a first interview on this subject, Report 298, and two recent State Assembly webinars by Anna von Reitz, Fiduciary for The United States of America:

The American government has stepped forward to provide the gold to back the US dollar, a global banking and economic collapse has been averted, and US debt and Australian debt has been bought out.

“Actual money is always asset-backed or an asset in and of itself. The US dollar-–linked to oil as the petro-dollar—has now been linked to gold.” —Anna von Reitz

“The US Dollar is Now Asset-Backed”: Banking Collapse, Hyperinflation, Bail-ins Averted

In her American States Assembly webinar on the 10th of October, Anna von Reitz made the bombshell announcement about the US dollar being backed with gold through a “very fortunate collaboration with someone who has helped open up resources that have been locked away, that belong to us, and that we can apply to our own benefit.” The resources meaning American gold, silver, precious metals.

“The US dollar is now asset-backed– by us. We’ve been able to negotiate and then to bring forward the amounts of gold necessary to back it. And so we’re not looking at a wholesale bank collapse. We’re not looking at a gross devaluation of the dollar through hyperinflation. We’re not looking at a bail-in. And we are not looking at a long-term loss of the dollar in the world market. And we’re no longer looking at our reputation shredded because of the actions of some of our employees, (and trustees).”

Teri Kealoha Sahm who hosts the Monday night webinar helped emphasize the reverberating import of this announcement, which is linked here.


The first, momentous announcement, Oct 10, 2022 by Anna von Reitz of the US dollar being backed with American gold

The decision to insert fluidity into the world economy through backing the US dollar—the world’s reserve currency—with gold, offsetting the US debt with the credit of physical assets and getting the world economy moving again, was made, she reports, despite the “wild rodeo” run by those who have created the “economic drama” currently evident worldwide, because of the need to strike a balance to avert financial disaster for the everyday American and all else dependent on the US dollar. “A lot of the commodity rigging will go by the wayside.”

In her Report Dated the 8th of October, 2022, Anna von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher assured the world:

“This evening I am able to positively assure everyone that we have avoided a banking and insurance industry collapse. We have not been able to keep the real estate bubble from bursting and the related fall-out from that, which could mean that up to 30% of the workforce in the United States and Europe will be out of work for some time..

.Let us next turn our attention to how best to soften the collapse of the real estate speculation bubble, remove illegal mortgages, and retrain millions of workers for more satisfying and productive occupations.”

The full article, which addresses the cordial American-Russian Alliance of 1858 and calls on all to call out the criminals responsible for the Nordstream pipeline explosions while averting any Biden/Deep State push to war with Russia can be found here:

US Debt and Australian Debt Paid Off

In her webinar on the 17th of October, Anna also expanded on how the Australian debt has been bought out as also the US debt.

Teri Sahm noted that literally “American credit has been extended to stabilize the economy” while another way to understand this is “Americans have redeemed the credit and provided the gold to back the US dollar.”

In Report 298, Anna describes in detail what exactly it means when the debt note—the US dollar– which so far has been the Federal Reserve promissory note, or a debt note, an IOU, a promise to pay and not actual money—is backed by gold; essentially it means that now the debt note has been given physical value, and, being linked to the gold exchange rate, now accrues value based on the rise or fall of that exchange rate, and becomes representative of that actual physical asset, which can be used for trade or to forgive debt.

“For example, we took a bunch of gold and we paid off the debt of Australia. Why did we do that? Because otherwise their economy would have imploded, millions of people would have suffered needlessly, and it would have had a domino effect on a bunch of other nations–they would have all been in the same boat. So we redeemed the Australian currency on the same basis, using the Dollar as the reserve currency, the standard—so you’ve got Australian debt-notes that were redeemed by the US Dollar that were redeemed by US gold—that is, USAmerica Unincorporated gold—the unincorporated people who owned the actual physical assets, and are in fact the only people who can own the physical assets.”

“It doesn’t really hurt anyone to do this—it’s just balancing the teeter totter (playground seesaw) so everything is not all concentrated in commerce and commercial script and everything is not sequestered away as far as assets go—you can start that interchange, that flow of both commerce and trade, and people can benefit from that, because the devaluation of this (the US dollar) means the revaluation of the asset that this is based on—and you own both (the credit and the asset).”

Teri notes that ”because the dollar is now gold-backed, it’s strengthening” and Anna confirms “because the debt is reduced; every time we redeem these (dollar notes) the debt goes away and the credit returns to the issuer.”


Anna further explains the significance of the credit and money seesaw created, the notion of recognition of the American Govt/Federation of States by the US Government, and the nature of the change that has now occurred with this asset-backing of the dollar, reserve currency of the world, and how it will affect all countries tied to the dollar

And Who Exactly is the American Government?

We open Report 298 with Anna describing further who the American government is, as opposed to the US Government.

“The United States of America,” with a capital T to the “The,” Anna reminds us, refers to the original and unincorporated American government on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, a restoration of the original States of the Union, with the fifty restored sovereign State Republics contributing to a rebuilt Federation of States—a venture of restoration Anna von Reitz and Head of State Clinton James Belcher have spearheaded, and that has become an actuality as all the state assemblies have been put together and are now standing on Land and Soil.

The American government therefore is not the same as the United States Government, a British Territorial incorporated government, nor the municipal United States government, a Papist incorporated government, both operating in the Jurisdiction of the Sea or Maritime/Admiralty Jurisdiction–as has often been discussed in many of her articles, and also covered in the Let Freedom Ring! Podcasts and in her recent September 2022 report at Ramola D Reports, Report 292 | Anna Von Reitz & Teri Kealoha Sahm | Update on American State Assemblies & the US Raj. (Also see American States Assembly for links to a few explanatory articles.)

“The American government stands outside and apart from the US government,” says Anna in Report 298, “…and when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin in the ’60s and ’70s we knew they were separate subjects, we had textbooks very clearly labeled American History and US History. But over the years since Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education—which is basically illegal and unConstitutional—began to get involved in setting the curriculum for all the state public schools it’s only been US History.

So entire generations have grown up thinking there is only US History and believing American history is US History, and it’s not!

So knowing this, when I grew up, I went back and started looking at the history and structure of government as I knew it and as I was taught it, and the fact is the American government is the employer of the US government.”

What are the Implications for Americans and People Worldwide?

Anna addresses the questions of what this means for the people of America and the world, in particular American state nationals who have understood this crucial difference between jurisdictions and governments and are working with Anna and their state assemblies to bring freedom and positive change to their states on the land (which all Americans can do)—while stepping out of the Sea Jurisdiction of the US Government, using the process of declaring oneself living and a state national which was discussed recently in a podcast with Michelle Ford, Co-coordinator for the California State Assembly:


Report 295 | Michelle Ford, California State Assembly on Restoring Your American Status on Land and Soil Jurisdiction

“What it means,” says Anna, “is the employers are taking control of the employees again, we are interacting with them, we are telling them what we want done and how we want it done.”

Americans on the land have therefore been recognized quite openly with this momentous move–as they are also recognized each time an American State National interacts with or Notices them.

Does the US government recognize the American government then, and American State Nationals?

What Anna suggests is that a transition is in the process of taking place although it may take a while, years or decades to fully see it through—but a Great Shift is upon us:

“They have to work with us—we’re their employers, we’re the source of their money, we’re the source of their credit.”

A Few Concepts: The Constitution, Credit, and Gold and Silver

Notions of debt, credit, and actual money (gold, silver, precious stones/anything of commonly recognized value) usage in the USA go back to the time of the drafting of the US Constitution.

Anna explains that the US Constitution requires that the government—meaning the government service contractors or the US Govt/British Territorial government and Municipal Government—act on Credit, while requiring the States—the unincorporated states, not the current State government corporations—to pay with gold and silver. But for a century and several decades the States have not been in session and although land-and-soil Americans have always been here, the governments, through “unlawful conversion” of all into US citizens—a presumption and impersonation—have been ignoring them.

Anna’s commentary:

Further explanations in a new article by Anna von Reitz: Public International Notice of Reversionary Trust and Claim

“We have not been functioning on that system for a very long time because the Constitution requires the Government to act on credit, and requires the States to pay with gold or silver. Well, if the States haven’t been in session there’s no responsible parties able to pay in gold and silver—or oil or anything else. So everything gets rolled over into a trust.”

The assets of Americans therefore have been held in trust in various banks—much of this gold confiscated from American families in the 1930s but also earlier, as Anna has described in recent articles at her website including this article on Trust Gold–A Brief Explanation to the World, Donors, Middlemen and You, the Blood Money, Money Spell series and others such as this one: Who really owes who in America?

These American assets are considerable in value, Anna notes. The momentous act of literally saving not just the American economy from plunging into a debt crash but the entire world economy, similarly burdened, by being linked to the US petro-dollar was made possible, Anna explains, by the fact that Americans do have huge amounts of physical assets—not just land and mineral assets like other countries but riches in gold, silver, metals above and beyond the holdings of other countries such as China.

American assets had historically “been left adrift out there—banks were beginning to say our assets were abandoned. The situation is we were declared missing, ‘we don’t know where they went.’” As in the case of Robinson Crusoe or anyone who goes missing: Anna explains that after 7 years if someone is still missing their estate is taken into the public venue, a probate court distributes those assets to whoever, their public interests are ceded, their private interests are distributed to their next of kin.

Part of the research and disclosure Anna has been providing in writings at her site over the years includes discovery of these American assets. “We have the receipts and deposit slips, we have records. We raised our hand and claimed those assets.” “Our government was missing since 1865…so here we come back on stage and we are the richest nation on earth. ….we exercised only 3 accounts—and those 3 contain 150,000 metric tons of gold.” In contrast she notes that decades of accumulation had left China with only “28,000 tons of gold total.”

These astronomical amounts of gold and other assets therefore—locked inside trusts (as well as hidden in caves, such as in the Philippines)–are being freed by the claiming-of-assets, which is being used by the Federation to facilitate international trade.

What has happened now is that an international trade bank dealing in physical assets—gold and silver—has been set up, over and above the current commercial banking system, which brings the commercial banking system as subsidiaries under public law just as the international trade bank is operating under public law, and the US dollar, which has been in actuality a debt note or Federal Reserve promissory note, is now linked to the credit of actual physical assets and the gold exchange rate.

Additionally, the American States Assembly is now minting coins. “We are ordering the minting of some of our gold into American Eagles—and those will be available for international trade purposes.”

Again how that works will be through the Treasury and Mint: “We go to the Treasury with our gold and ask them to take it to the Mint and have them mint our coins.” Further explaining “it’s not the gold standard, it’s the gold exchange rate,” Anna notes that through it all the part played by the American people is central.

Snapshot, Report 298

Holding up a dollar note she states: “We give value to this, we extend our credit through this, when we redeem this, it not only lowers the debt of the issuer, it also then accrues as a credit to whoever is holding the debt—the value of it depends on the exchange rate. 22 of these to one ounce of silver, and 2000 of these to one ounce of gold. So when we strike those coins, they will have a value—and will be traded internationally according to what that value is on the exchange rate—it just gives us a means to trade internationally and we have credit to trade in the commercial realm, as required by the Constitution. When the states manage their gold and silver assets they own both the gold and silver and the credit generated by the gold and silver—for you as the ultimate asset owner it’s a win-win situation—you own both sides of the teeter totter—you’re in the catbird seat because you own both sides.”

By using asset-backed currency from now on, she says “We’re trying to transition from the status quo where everything is based on credit to a mixed system where there is both credit and what is behind it” permitting an “ebb and flow” to vivify and catalyze the economy into dynamic motion.

Dollar Notes Based on Actual Money/Gold Rather than Debt Collateralizing People and Labor

Inevitably this move to back the dollar with gold will lead to freedom from historic enslavement, of the kind pulled off by those who sought to register and securitize everyone from birth, not to mention create Legal-Fiction “persons” as corporations from names.

In Report 298, Anna discusses anew the semantic deceits in language used by those who collateralized people and labor while aiming to keep the truth of those frauds hidden. Long term practices of incorporating governments led to further deception. Notions of Civil War continuing on to the present day relate to mercenary conflicts run by the British and Papists since 1865 – they are still at war with each other, she says.

Report 298 is a richly informative and meandering discussion, addressing many aspects of what we all face and hopefully will rise from as these ancient frauds and unseasonal crimes are addressed by one and all.

Baby-boomers and older Americans as also all age groups and genders are exhorted by Anna to “get off the couch” and help to clean out the corruption. The route forward to medical freedom, health freedom, clean air and rejection of bad ideas such as transhumanism and social credit schemes lies just ahead, but people will have to rise to make sure we and all our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren are on it.

For more information on all these subjects, and to read Anna’s advice and regular updates, please visit and The American States Assembly site. To go directly to the banking and dollar/gold discussion in this podcast, please go to about one hour into the conversation.

Watch Report 298 here:

Bitchute/Report 298 | Breaking! Anna von Reitz: American Govt Backs US Dollar with Gold, Bank Collapse Averted

Watch at Odysee:

Watch at Rumble:

Watch at Brighteon:

Please share this article and the videos widely!


Anna von Reitz: Public International Notice of Reversionary Trust and Claim

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The Man Who Stole Social Networking from Leader Technologies for Facebook & Friends, James P. Chandler III, Is Dead | Seamy Understory Involving Highlands Forum, DARPA, Fauci Emerges Anew: End of Social Media Censorship Ahead?

Report | Ramola D | October 15, 2022

The entire seamy understory involving (crooked) scions of government, intelligence, law, information technology and the military swings unstoppably into view as the death of James P. Chandler, III, patent attorney for Leader Technologies and secretly-operating spy for IBM, DARPA, the Highlands Forum, the British Pilgrims Society, the US Patent Office and a trove of others is marked: Leader Technologies marks this Oct 10, 2022 moment with a biographical and historical reminder of the stealthy operations of Harvard-trained Law Professor Chandler in handing over key intellectual property to a group of marauding maestros in US Government, the military, and private-sector–long-lasting theft which has led to the extreme social media censorship and Internet-takeover affecting us all today:


Interestingly, perusing the century-long history of usurpation, colonialism, theft-as-practice, lies-by-rote MO practiced by the progenitors of the Council of Foreign Relations, the British Pilgrims Society, the Milner-Rhodes Round Table leading up to the present day of spies, soldiers, “world leaders” and their backseat drivers recorded in this rather incredible documenting of history at Americans for Innovation: Findings of Fact, Timeline, and Database, as well as glimpsing the internal workings of the Highland Forum–in particular a meeting including DARPA, NIH, and Anthony Fauci talking about Nanobots, Biowarfare, and the Flu Vaccine in one breath–as revealed in this Whistleblower Affidavit from 2020 makes clear the actual “Great Work” AKA stealth rise of the New World Order and Internet of Things, all built on outright treason and crony fascism.

Chandler: Key Player in Weaponizing Internet and Social Media

Behind Chandler was an already operative network of players, yet it seems he played a key role in bringing several groups together and, through the handing over of a key intellectual invention whose power was instantly seen and coveted by the military-intelligence-private-sector enterprise behind DARPA, IARPA et al, was instrumental in propelling forward the Weaponized Internet which faces us today: exacerbated censorship, propaganda to privilege the pharmaceutical and Military-Aggression industry, casual IP theft, and intended fascist bio-governance through the Internet of Things, Internet of Nano Bio Things, Global Brain Internet or Cerebral Internet, with the complete loss of human agency it all portends.

Whole Post:

The Internet of Things: How Patent Theft & Intelligence-Private Partnerships Have Led to Global Bio Surveillance

How the concepts behind the Internet of Things were lifted from the large-scale social-networking-platform ideas from Leader Technologies–ideas and patent for which took 145,000 hours and over $10 million to achieve, Leader reports, not the few weeks of dashing discovery in a drunken state by Mark Zuckerberg, as the Facebook story goes–and then turned, by a group of military and intelligence mavens using patent-holder Richard Walker as frontman for Cover, into a global biosurveillance mechanism expressed through a number of related patents–which include chipping humans as “wetware” and delineate numerous tracking and remote control programs actually disclosing, incidentally, how millions are being unlawfully targeted, watchlisted, and tracked today–is told here, in these very revealing posts: (This is a bombshell article which should be widely read and shared.)


“Amazingly, the Deep State shadow government, in its evident hubris, has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.”

….The eventual patent focused on remote control of aircraft, but also subsumed control of vehicles, ships, equipment, commerce, education and people.”

This patent offers a remote-access mechanism for connectivity across numerous platforms, demonstrating how vehicles, people, and any tagged “thing” can be remotely accessed, all supposedly in the interests of Public Safety–to halt or prevent the hijacking of planes, but with buy-in and participatory use by a 360-degree-swath of players in EMS, Transportation, Construction, City Maintenance, Parcel Delivery, etc., essentially displaying the set-up and operation of the Internet of Things (of which the targeted, tagged individual or thing would be a part); and showing how the Deep State can crash any aircraft or blow up any car, probably:


“While this patent focuses on aircraft, it is written so broadly as to encompass all kinds of equipment and devices, including people, defined as “wet-ware.”

While the patent was issued on Nov. 15, 2005, it incorporates filings going all the way back to Dec. 2, 1996.”

“”PFN” means Protected Primary Focal Node. “TRAC” means Trusted Remote Activity Controller.”
PFNs–Primary Focal Nodes–seem to be operating like RFIDs in this construct, centers for trackability.

Particularly interesting diagram in the patent showing how PFNs can be incorporated into walls (of houses?) and vehicles

Targeting People for “Behavior Suppression” and “Remote Management” as well as Stealth “Healthcare”

Several Walker patents point to the ABC agency-military-private sector conglomerate watchlisting-for-tracking-monitoring-management enterprise. camouflaged today as Surveillance–which, as this writer often reports, has sunk into depravity unimaginable.

This patent, which requires separate reportage along with the one above, in fact points to the targeted implantation and tracking of humans, which at this point in time many thousands of people both in the USA and worldwide are reporting as ongoing–and as a profound crime against humanity, conducted in defiance of all human rights laws we have:


Is it possible that all “Targeted Individuals” are being monitored (and mauled)–essentially, bio-hacked by numerous corporate entities–under the auspices of these so-called “Public Safety” patents?

Chandler’s Role in Transferring Leader’s Networking Patent for Nefarious Internet of Things Build-Up

Walker, whose patents are referenced above, had connections to Highlands Forum, of which Chandler was also a part, reports Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media researchers.

Fourth, the global data sharing platform described in the patent was not doable by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T and Cisco. They were all behind the curve from an R&D perspective when the Internet emerged. For example, Bill Gates thought it was a fad. The telephone pager network that Walker described could not scale to the volumes required for such global communication.

James P. Chandler surely could not believe his luck, when, in early 2000, Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies was first introduced to him. Leader was looking for the best patent attorney in the country to protect its social networking innovations.

David J. Kappos

Chandler, on the other hand, needed a fix for the Deep State’s ailing digital takeover master plan. He agreed immediately to be Leader’s patent attorney. He then spent the next three years deceiving Leader until he was able to get his hands on the underlying engineering source code, which he immediately shuffled to the IBM Eclipse Foundation where DOJ’s Eric Holder and IBM’s David Kappos were waiting, along with Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Kleiner Perkins, Qualcomm, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, AT&T and a host of other rogue C.I.A. providers.

Leader’s source code was essential to building The Internet of Things, quickly.”


Classified Theft: Chandler, Highlands Forum, Continuous Theft of US Patents

It appears that Chandler had a close connection with the mysterious Defense-Private-Sector inner-circle group called the Highlands Group.

A retired Air Force captain with a background in engineering and computer systems has published a vastly interesting affidavit where he details his interactions with Highlands Forum members and their part in suppressing and stealing patents from American inventors. DARPA and the DOD’s Office of Net Assessment ran this group, he reports. Select private-sector parties were favored by their edicts, others lost out–or rather, were stolen from and outlawed.

Full affidavit:

Interestingly, it appears from this affidavit that the Highlands Group did not exactly practice “Public Safety” — rather, they worked nefariously to divert attention from certain hazards–nor did they keep to their own rules. Also interesting is that Law Professor Chandler was present at the after-disaster Space Shuttle Challenger meetings of Air Force Base staff with this group in 1986, meetings kept inordinately secret. That DARPA and Highlands wished to privilege a few select parties over others became visible at a meeting to discuss a certain Black project–a discussion dropped and overtaken by a tirade by Chandler alienating many Defense contractors, this veteran reports.

2005 Encounter with Fauci, Nanobots, Flu Vaccines, and Biowarfare, Not to Mention Dark Secrets from DARPA

Also interesting is a meeting involving Fauci, then Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in 2005, where Fauci, unintroduced, engaged in fevered conversation with Highlanders mentioning nanobots as biological warfare devices which could be triggered (presumably) by wireless electromagnetic signals for precision targeting.

Also curious was Fauci’s mention of the flu vaccines.

Especially significant about this affidavit is that the author was moved off this classified SAIC Boeing project mentioned here under whose aegis he went to this meeting, as a consequence of sharing information with the Army personnel whose project he had thought it was. In the process he learned DARPA apparently had ulterior objectives for the project even the Army was not aware of.

DARPA in other words–facilitated by the Highlands Group–was engaged in driving unshared agendas–even in these classified circles where people held clearances, even on projects with the US Army, their supposed military partner, aligning with certain favored private partners–in this case Boeing–instead.

The current operations of unjustified and nonconsensual experimentation on the US Army as also all other divisions of the US Military by DARPA through its funded Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which it has forced on all soldiers indeed bear witness to an imperialistic autocracy being practiced on the military by high-level military researchers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Theresa Long has questioned the safety of the vaccines and published an affidavit on her witness of unprecedented disability in soldiers and airmen post vaccine, calling for an injunction, reported here earlier (please scroll down for her information): Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Worldwide Call for a Halt to the Unsafe & Toxic COVID Vaccines, for a Halt to Vaccine Mandates, & for Freedom to Practice Medicine & Share Research Without Fear of Censorship–As Medical Boards Issue Unscientific Edicts & Censor Truthtelling Docs


Nearly 3000 American Soldiers Refuse COVID-Vaccine After Proper Informed-Consent Briefing by US Military Doctor and DMED Whistleblower Dr. Pete Chambers

Chandler and the Bigger (British) Picture Vs. An Internet Future Minus Censorship

Chandler’s close affiliations with British Pilgrims Society members and especially British SERCO, which now runs the US Patent Office and apparently the US Navy, has led, Leader reports, to Leader’s social networking inventions still being copied by a plethora of tech, media, and banking companies–“Google, Facebook, Instagram, GAB, Truth Social, IBM, HP, Microsoft, AT&T, Washington PostNew York TimesDaily MailDaily Telegraph, Reuters Thomson, BBC, HSBC, Bank of England, JPMorgan, Rothschild & Sons, Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Blackstone, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, ICE,, and the rest of the Babylonian British Pilgrims Society’s fascist corporate network worldwide.”

Although Leader sued Facebook for patent theft (“willful patent infringement”), rigged courts and judges shrinkwrapped in mega conflict of interest meant a win for Facebook:

“Leader proved that Facebook infringes Leader’s patent on 11 of 11 claims and that there was no prior art. Facebook prevailed on an “on-sale bar” claim—a claim not asserted until Jun. 24, 2010, three weeks before trial.[004] Leader appealed the on-sale bar verdict to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on May 04, 2011,[005] then, when the appeals court failed to apply its own well-settled Pfaff and Group One legal tests, Leader petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on Nov. 16, 2012, but was denied a hearing on Jan. 7, 2013.[006]

Bookmark: #fidelity-contrafund-danoff-facebook
Both the Federal Circuit appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court petition were ruled in Facebook’s favor”–

Would things be different today were these inventions–which have been skewed in use and applied to the construction of the New World Order–returned to Leader?

Things can change, Leader suggests, with a return to the precepts and values of the US Constitution:

“If we choose the timeless values of the U.S. Constitution, we must protect and restore Leader Technologies’ property rights. Then, we empower real, ethical innovators to rebuild our digital networks in a way that takes us to higher ground….

We cannot allow this thievery to continue….

These social networks can and will be reconfigured to provide the positive benefits without the abuses of security and privacy. However, they will not be run by the current crop of “public-private” criminals, who must be run out of town, this current President and his cabinet among them.”

The intermeshed network of British and European interests behind the running of the USA was discussed in this conversation last year with Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media here:

Report 261| Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel on The Long British Empire & Bankers’ Hold Over America and the World–& How to End it

The detailed history and commentary presented in Findings of Fact, Timeline, and Database/People you trusted are hijacking the Internet offering deep insight into the past, present, and necessity to uproot all spy-state wickedness is not to be missed.


Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: European Members of Parliament Expose Pfizer’s Lies on Vaccines Stopping Transmission, Fake Vaccines Used for Show By Politicians, French PM Macron Included; Canadian Dr. Hodgkinson Reveals 20 Million Dead from Vaccine, 2 Billion Injured

Video posts and links | Ramola D | October 12, 2022

Cristian Terhes, Member of Parliament from Romania — who has been outspoken on corruption in the EU and European Commission as reported at their conference in Strasbourg earlier here where a group of ethical MEPs in Europe exposed Ursula von der Leyen’s corruption in striking backroom deals with Pfizer even as the gigantic scientific fraud of COVID was being exposed worldwide — has once again spoken with a group of MEPs on the subject of Albert Bourla from Pfizer failing to be present at the COVID Committee hearing yesterday at the European Parliament.

A Pfizer director–Janine Small–instead showed up as a spokesperson and made the bombshell announcement — under questioning — that Pfizer knew perfectly well its vaccine had not been tested and so could not verify the vaccine stopped transmission–on which lie the entire vaccine roll-out had been predicated, as Dutch Member of Parliament Rob Roos published in a video which has gone viral on social media.

Rob Roos, Dutch Member of Parliament questions and exposes the Pfizer representative Janice Small:

The entire committee meeting/European Parliament is here (the marketing-speak from Pfizer would require a separate article to dissect in all its flatulence):

Rob Roos has since appeared on Fox News, as reported here:


Ballgowns in Satin for a Vaccine Business Plan: Ursula von der Leyen Delivers Corruption in Europe | Strasbourg Press Conference Reveals the Ursula von der Leyen-Albert Bourla-Stephane Bancel Dealmaking in Secret/Substack

What Pfizer and Politician Lies Have Produced: 20 Million Vaccine Deaths, 2 Billion Injured

In Canada, Dr. Roger Hodgkinson has exposed that new analyses of vaccine injury and death data shows 20 million dead, 2 billion injured–“unimaginable carnage”:

Full interview with Laura Lynn here:

Former French MP Jean Lassalle Suffers Massive Heart Damage and 4 Heart Surgeries in 9 Months, Exposes Macron and Other Politicians as Having Faked the Vaccine

Jean Lassalle, former French member of Parliament reveals he almost died after he took the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine and actually reported it during his election campaign but was silenced. He states he did not know Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated, nor other members of French government. People like Macron, Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, he says rolled up their “blond arms for the camera”, pretending to get vaccinated with the actual COVID jab while in actuality it was all just show. He on the other hand wanted to publicly demonstrate whether the effects of the vaccine were good or bad and indeed reported publicly that the effects were dire, to no avail. The effects on him were extremely serious, he says, he almost died, and had to have four heart surgeries within nine months.

Liars in Media, the CDC, the White House Are Now Being Seen to Be the Incredible Liars on Camera They Have Been From the Start As They Pushed the Deadly COVID Vaccine

This brilliant compilation of the figureheads in media and de facto govt-corporation politics swearing deceitfully to the efficacy of the vaccine in stopping transmission of the never-proven-to-exist SARS-COV-2-virus back in 2020 and 2021 — and thereby deceiving not just millions but billions of people worldwide, many of whom have lost their lives, their children, and their health permanently to this experimental gene-therapy, loaded-with-graphene, loaded-with-parasites injection — has been going viral on social media too, and is most salutary to watch, at this moment in time:

Greater Cause of Disease Not Germs But Terrain: COVID’s Always Been A Lie

The lies of politicians and crooked billionaires and their paid figureheads in media also draw attention to the harms of Germ Theory which has posited “viruses” as being responsible for disease while no virus has ever been isolated, and while the Terrain of the human body determines health or disease, according to many scientists, researchers, physicians, and holistic health practitioners, including several featured at Ramola D Reports, as this vital interview as well:

The Hidden Science: Greater Cause of Disease Not Germs but Terrain | Of Pleomorphism and Microzymas–Educative Panel on Terrain with Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Andy Kaufman

People Have Woken Worldwide But Governments Continue the Carnage

That the vaccines are causing extreme carnage and must be stopped is something millions have woken to worldwide — yet other media-mindwashed-millions continue to be deceived as governments, media, police, and Pharma continue to push the deadly jabs.

Raising public awareness therefore is a matter of conscience, and one in which everyone can take right action–please spread the word. The very deranged “Pharaohs” at the head of the power pyramid in the world are harming people everyday as they plunge ahead with their global enslavement plans; it’s going to be every one of us taking peaceful action to protect our children and ourselves that will change this world.

Train-Wreck of COVID Vaccine Insanely Jolts On: Sudden Deaths as Children Die, Babies Die, Adults Die, Athletes Die, While Govts & Pharma Sign New Deals

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: Thousands of Doctors Worldwide Convene to Declare International Medical Crisis & Call for Immediate Suspension of All COVID Vaccines

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: Billboards, Signs, Papers in Ireland Warn of Scientific COVID Fraud, Dangers of Vaccine, Great Harms of Digital Reset

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: UK Defenders of Children Expose Pharma-Protecting Police, Act to Close Vaccination Center in Bristol to Prevent Further Child Deaths & Injury

Please share widely.

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: UK Defenders of Children Expose Pharma-Protecting Police, Act to Close Vaccination Center in Bristol to Prevent Further Child Deaths & Injury

Video Post and Link | Ramola D | October 11, 2022

People in the United Kingdom have woken up and taken to the streets, holding rallies and protests, while a small group led by Mark Sexton, retired police officer, Steve Forsyth and others have been directly confronting police at vaccination centers in Bristol, Leeds, and Windsor, informing them of the harms to children and adults from the vaccine, and asking the police officers–supposedly protectors of the populace from crime–to stand back and let them close down vaccination centers to prevent further harm to children and adults from the COVID vaccines, which have produced an enormous number of deaths and injuries, and an investigation into which has been registered at a police station in Avon and Somerset (crime reference number from Avon & Somerset Constabulary 5222236390).

Mark Sexton’s previous actions have been reported here: Former Police Officer Mark Sexton Reports London Metropolitan Police in “Special Measures” After Police Inaction Post Apprising Them of Grave Pandemic Crimes by Members of Parliament and Media


This encounter in Bristol on 4th October (video also posted below) is truly spectacular and needs wide sharing. Resolute conversations with police lead to an encounter with the University of Bristol landowners who demand their departure, while it is clear from the police stance that they don’t care to act as real crime-investigators or law-enforcers but are protecting the business of the vaccination center, replete with its allegiance to the pharmaceutical enterprise running the vaccine show.

“Corporate Policy Enforcers” not Law Enforcers nor Crime Investigators

A comment below the video explains who the police really are and why they’re actually just doing their job:

“They are entirely fit for purpose. But their purpose is not what people believe it to be. The corporate government make acts because they are all actors and their corporate policy is enforced by the policy enforcers. THAT is their ONLY job. The rest is in everyone’s imagination. The ONLY thing you are looking at with governments and corporations is organised crime. So you lot keep peacefully protesting. The mafia are well known for their reformist habits.”

Indeed, the posture and behaviors of the police officers suggest Masonic signaling: as many now know worldwide, the pervasive clutch of Freemasonry and secret “brotherhoods” on police forces as in governments is no figment of the imagination but historic fact.

Ex-Master-Mason (in the police force) exposes the Freemasons:

Chris Abbot (with the letter in his hand) hands it to Mark Sexton. Abbott is the Director of Estates and Facilities at the University of the West of England (Bristol). Visit Counter-Covid-Crime: for information on how to contact and inform him further on the crimes against humanity being committed by the vaccinators (in the face of clear causality in child mortality post-vaccine.)


Children, high school students, athletes, people in their twenties and thirties have dropped dead from the vaccine; others have developed heart disease and diverse injury. This compilation of news from the past 7 days leading up to 7 Oct 2022 illustrates:

YOUNG HEARTS PART 24 – 10 DAYS OF CARNAGE (100 in 10 days – October 2022)

Vaccination Center in Windsor Closed

News from today (from Telegram) is that a vaccination center in Windsor has been successfully closed but three of the team have been arrested–two currently released on bail.

The evidence pack posted to accompany the crime report is listed at COVID Crime Stoppers on Telegram, where this group calls on all to stand up for the children as responsible adults and act to close the vaccination centers which are harming children:

for Vax Center closure.

We already know the likely outcome… your mission is to shame and expose every force and its members in the land… then let the people know that by duty, the law is only ours to exact.

For our children… THE TIME IS NOW

1, Dr Scott Youngblood (13/09/22)
Video of his 12 minute slide presentation. Screenshot all relevant slides and print.

2, Lighthouse news. (29/08/2022) with all significant data.

3, Dr Robert Gorter excess deaths in children.

Children are being killed: 8x increase in Excess Deaths among Children in Europe since COVID Vaccine roll-out according to Official EU Data

4, Dr Aseem Malhotra 4 minute video demanding vax be stopped

5, Dr Aseem Malhotra peer reviewed paper.

See follow up visit

The case briefing document handed in to police is here:

Crime Stoppers has called for the arrest of the “policy enforcers” who are permitting crimes against children to be committed:

Important Public Announcement, COVID-19 Scandal

This notice carries the information from January 2022 of the criminal investigation begun by the Metropolitan Police and Hammersmith CD in a case lodged on 20 December 2021:

The great harms of the COVID vaccine continue to be recognized worldwide by doctors and nurses, mothers and fathers–while Pharma-run governments continue their downslide into apparent democide of their own populations.

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: Thousands of Doctors Worldwide Convene to Declare International Medical Crisis & Call for Immediate Suspension of All COVID Vaccines

Weaponized RF/ELF: Who’s Doing This? | Lookoutfa Charlie on Youtube Compiles the Facts

Video post with links | Ramola D | October 11, 2022

Brilliant compilation of cases of people subjected to sudden illness, sudden blood clots, sudden death, stalking and harassment, migraines, brain pressure attacks, Blackhawk helicopter attacks–who include actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, DHS whistleblower Julia Davis, journalist Michael Hastings, Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, and the very tragic Aileen Wuornos–as well as a slew of “mass shooters” or Manchurian’d victims/MK patsies–Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, Nicholas Cruz, James Holmes, Stephen Paddock, Aaron Alexis, and many more–going back to Mark Chapman, many of whom reported hearing voices: it’s all weaponized Radio Frequency weapons and Extremely Low Frequency weapons, suggests Lookoutfa Charlie, in a very compelling video which needs listening to and sharing widely.

Interestingly he also records and plays back ambient radio frequency buzz sounding like voices which he and many others have found to be steady in our environment, or pulsed at regular intervals, as in Clifford Carnicom’s observations.

We have a number of Intelligence agencies, private corporations, Defense contractors, military divisions currently wallowing deep in the industry of electromagnetic weaponry, both anti-object and anti-personnel–and the entire field has expanded to include neuroweaponry, nanoweaponry, sonic/acoustic weaponry inclusive of Synthetic Telepathy, putting voices in heads (see Military/CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan’s recent expose of technologies which mimic schizophrenia--putting voices and subtle inner voice for neural influence into heads) and all sorts of other exotic technology as well as AI which has turned into a powerful negative force — as Tarun Ravi and I discussed recently in Report 296 with Tarun Ravi, a new and bombshell interview which will be reported on more fully shortly.

Dr. Robert Duncan | Neurotechnologies: Voices in Heads, Hive-Minds, Neural Influence | Aug 2020


It’s an ongoing saga of criminality which needs public airing, redressal, and halting.

It is inexplicable to many of us how this situation has been allowed to go on for decades — and part of the reason is we have physicians, psychiatrists, law enforcement, emergency service personnel all involved in the cover-up — which perpetuates the criminality, and continues the trend of crimes Manchurian-committed by the most exploited victims, as well as continues the trajectory of the covert divisions running these deadly operations across a range of intensities and effects on pretty much everyone in society today, to lesser or greater effect. We are all being targeted, to one extent or another. RF and ELF weapons can cause physical illness or brain effects or both. Some are being targeted under cover of Surveillance, some singled out by grasping predators in the spy agencies for their “Genius” harvesting of brains (open IP theft and neuro destruction), some thrust by whim into the most serious Manchurian Candidate programs of crime-creation, some being given chronic illness for life control, some given occasional illness for targeted doctor-visits and pharma-profits (suggesting the Pharma industry is quite complicit), and more. The human herd is being managed by psychopaths, nothing less.

It is possible that most if not all of the crimes currently being committed today are Manufactured Crimes, manufactured in stealth by the maniacs running this terrifying neuroweaponry on their chosen targets–the circle of which continue to expand today.

People will have to get informed and find their consciences to make this madness stop.

Lookoutfa Charlie has another video examining the history further of the Manchurian assassin-creating programs of MK ULTRA and more of the cases of the mass shooters and serial killers–once an American product, now cropping up all over the world:

Please share widely.

Candid Conversation on Ongoing World Lunacy Vs People Awakening to True Health, Surveillance & EMF/Neurotech Targeting Crimes, Pharma Harms, COINTELPRO, Neighborhood Stasi in the US: Giuseppe Vafanculo/Perfect Triangle with Ramola D

Video post and links | Ramola D | October 10, 2022

Last Friday night Giuseppe Vafanculo, journalist, radio host, holistic practitioner, musician and songwriter who runs the show The Perfect Triangle hosted a conversation with me on a number of subjects, current affairs to esoteric and spiritual; it was lovely to have an open and candid conversation with someone attuned to the lunacy of what is going on inside the USA and worldwide across the board from the vaccine harms and deaths, targeting crimes, Psychiatrist and physician complicity in entrapment-harassment operations run by the covert ops contingent (seeking to keep their EMF Tech/Neurotech targeting, operation, and experimentation crimes concealed)–as reported in my several interviews, articles, and press release related to the unlawful Psych-Grab run on me in April 2022 (which I am still addressing in journalistic reportage and the law).

False Psychiatric Labels a Mega Crime Which Needs Further Reportage

A primary aspect of this Local Police-run Psych Grab on a journalist reporting police, military, and Intelligence crimes was to get corrupt psychiatrists to stick a false psychiatric label on the reporting journalist — in attempts to shut down the very necessary human rights, whistleblowing, and advocacy journalism I do: a subject I will not stop writing and speaking about.

As I said to Giuseppe during the show, there is no way I am going to sit back and let corrupt physicians and psychiatrists affix false psychiatric labels on me–for the daring “crime” of reporting the “delusion” of definitive EMF Technology assault which several police, military, and Intel parties are engaging in-– I am working on an affidavit, a statement, and much else to follow on the reportage I have already done on this matter and the letters I have already sent to various parties, including the local police, the local ambulance service, the hospital, the health insurance people, all of which will be published shortly.

The crimes committed on me are identical to the crimes committed on millions of people, hundreds of whose stories I have reported on.

It is time to halt this madness–Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health departments are engaging in extreme crime when they attempt to disappear a reporting journalist of crimes against humanity with false psych labels.

I will be glad to speak openly on this subject with any journalist, any alt or indy media, anywhere in the world who wishes to interview me on Fraudulent Psychiatry and Complicit Law Enforcement/Emergency Services to conceal the use of Anti-Personnel Spectrum/EMF/Neurotechnologies on civilians, please email me at

Livestreamed on Friday night, now posted at The Perfect Triangle and posted here by permission:

Watch on Streamyard:

Visit Giuseppe’s website and listen to his radio shows here:

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: Thousands of Doctors Worldwide Convene to Declare International Medical Crisis & Call for Immediate Suspension of All COVID Vaccines

Report & Links | Ramola D | October 4, 2022

Thousands of doctors worldwide have rallied in the last few weeks to meet, hold press conferences, publish or sign a Medical Crisis Declaration, and call on their colleagues in the medical profession to examine the evidence with them and join their call for an immediate suspension or halt to the COVID vaccines–referred to by many as gene-therapy injections, not really vaccines.

These doctors join the thousands who have spoken out earlier in 2021, made videos, appeared in podcasts, interviews, and conferences calling early for a halt as Vaccine Injury databases began to record deaths, heart attacks, and strokes, and blood clotting damages began to be scrutinized with intent by cardiologists, pathologists, and research scientists.

Today these databases are recording the deaths of children, the young, sudden deaths across age-groups, and the deaths of athletes, while many analysts speculate it’s millions currently dead from the vaccines, not thousands, as the VAERS/MHRA Yellow Card/EudraVigilance databases suggest.

News Report 2 | Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Call for a Halt to the Toxic COVID Injections, Vaccine Mandates, Physician Censorship, & Urge Against the Vaccinating of Children

Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Worldwide Call for a Halt to the Unsafe & Toxic COVID Vaccines, for a Halt to Vaccine Mandates, & for Freedom to Practice Medicine & Share Research Without Fear of Censorship–As Medical Boards Issue Unscientific Edicts & Censor Truthtelling Docs/Oct 25, 2021

Screenshot from article:

Medical Crisis Declaration

The doctors and scientists who have come together to formulate this statement declaring an unprecedented international medical crisis cite the many alarming facets now seen to be associated with the COVID vaccine such as excess mortality in all countries where the majority of the population have been vaccinated, sudden rise in deaths among young people, rise in miscarriages and perinatal deaths, and adverse side effects which include permanent disability.

The declaration calls for thorough investigations of the deaths post-vaccine and of interactions between ingredients of the vaccines as well as molecular, cellular and biological vaccine-effects. Recommendations include compensation and psychological help for the afflicted, early detection programs to address cardiovascular issues, as well as research and treatment for all who have experienced adverse side effects.

The Medical Crisis Declaration can be found here; as of date, 22,628 people have signed, thousands of these being doctors and scientists from the world over.

Several doctors have made videos, posted here and at Odysee and Rumble.

Indian Doctors Conference Discussed Vaccine Damages and Called to Stop the Shots

A group of Indian doctors recently held a conference online on Sep 10, 2022, to publicize the Medical Crisis Declaration then signed by physicians from 34 countries, alerting India and the world to vaccine injury from the COVID injections as they called for all authorities to stop the shots, covered at the Universal Health Organization and Awaken India Movement.

Their press release announcing the conference — with more information — is here.

The livestreamed conference is at Facebook and posted below.

World Council for Health Press Conference/Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist, Says the Vaccine Must be Suspended

Link to Newsroom link at WCH: Newsroom (

The World Council for Health held a press conference recently where Dr. Malhotra, a UK consultant cardiologist, presented his experience and findings encapsulated in a recent peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, where he was joined by Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist from the United States, and Dr. Tess Lawrie, Director of E-BMC Ltd and EbMCsquared CiC and member of the WCH Steering Committee.

The WCH press release for this event with links to much information is here.

Dr. Malhotra’s call for a suspension of the mRNA vaccine until serious side-effects are fully investigated comes after an initial support for the vaccine when it was first rolled out and a current turnaround after his very healthy father (72) died suddenly with clogged arteries after the shot.

Dr. Malhotra does not seem to be against all vaccines–indeed, his comments during the conference suggest he has not explored the entire subject of vaccines very deeply–but he does critique the base set-up of the pharmaceutical industry which is fixated on delivering profits to its shareholders and not on anyone’s health, and reports the recent admissions from Lancet and other medical journal editors that a whole lot of scientific fraud pervades the medical journal (propped up by Pharma) landscape, with over 50% of what’s published being false.

““We must use this as an opportunity to transform the system to produce better doctors, better decision making, healthier patients and restore trust in medicine and public health. Until all the raw data on the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have been independently analysed, any claims purporting that they confer a net benefit to humankind cannot be considered to be evidence based.”

Dr. Ryan Cole presents some rather compelling slides with his presentation, sharing his analysis that the spike protein is found all over cells in the body while displaying samples of the very long and rubbery amyloid clots found in deceased people who were vaccinated.

Unfortunately, Dr. Cole, like various other prominent physicians currently speaking out does not make reference to the graphene findings and other metallic and parasite findings in the vaccines and vaccinated blood, which have been covered extensively here (list of most articles/podcasts at Toxins Found in COVID Vaccines, Masks, Swabs) and will continue to be covered.

The only reason the shots are not being stopped worldwide yet is that we continue to live in an inverted world where corporations keen on profit run governments–as noted here, it’s people now who need to rise and stop their families and communities from being harmed by these non-vaccines: All COVID Vaccines are Dangerous–Causing Paralysis, Death, Heart Attacks, Serious Injury: They Should Be Halted, and Physicians, Parents, Citizens Need to Speak Out En Masse

Train-Wreck of COVID Vaccine Insanely Jolts On: Sudden Deaths as Children Die, Babies Die, Adults Die, Athletes Die, While Govts & Pharma Sign New Deals

Please share this information widely.