Local Quincy, Massachusetts Doctor’s Office Colludes to Conceal Medical Imaging Evidence of RFID on X-Ray, Signpost to Ongoing DoD/DOJ/CIA Energy Weapon Assault: Crime on Many Counts

Personal Report | Ramola D | Dec 29, 2021

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Let me preface this once more with a note to say these matters are being recorded for posterity, not merely for myself but for all America and the world as a whole, given the absolutely horrific crimes against humanity being committed currently by the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, US Airforce, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army, and many other agencies and divisions of the US Military and Intelligence “Community” and their minions and Fusion Center & Freemason contractors in particular the “Black Operations” contingent who like to classify their crimes to keep them concealed. Which they keep engaging in despite continuous exposure, so it seems they do have a secret Death Wish: to be exposed, to be seen for what they are, to be unraveled, unbudgeted, and dissolved–as they should be, for what they are doing and have done.

What they forget is they are continually unveiling themselves to those they are attacking: with energy weapons, with neurotechnology, and with multiple social and cyber assaults. And their desperate attempts to destroy the credibility of all whom they assault and feed on like cannibals with their age-old methodologies of trying to get their victims written off as mental cases don’t work and will not work when said victims become persistent and powerful reporters of their crimes.

Dec 18, 2021, Saturday

Last night and early this morning — as often, but rather interestingly after my Thursday visit to Dr. Leslie Alexander for purposes of recording that my arm has been massively brutalized for months, as I have reported, and to get an X-ray to expose the RFID very clearly ensconced in the muscle, as I say, after this visit (more on this below) which actually did expose the harm to my arm, which exposure apparently this lot doesn’t give a whit about — my arm was once again rather intensely hit, in fact with more and more exotic weaponry being used. The sound of zoomers (cars/SUVs/white vans–witnessed later and the night earlier) racing down the street, the sound of drones above making hits on the roof as well as striking the nerves of my face with radar, the sound of the superthug neighbor Mazzeo revving up his SUV and holding that revving for long minutes, while my back, spine and bed was hit with heat energy and vibrations–and later the sight of his SUV pulled out from its usual spot and parked below my window–offer insight into how I am being hit and where the sharp pulses of energy are coming from. In addition to the usual hard pulses on all sides of my arm and shoulder with I suspect high-powered microwave weapons, and scalar radar, I felt my arm was being literally electrocuted with long thin pencils of intense pain zinging down the nerves, shoulder to wrist: this felt different and possibly a sound/ultrasonic bone conductance weapon of some sort or some other kind of conducted energy weapon I have no idea about.

Yesterday evening (Friday) someone from the doctor’s office called and left a message on voice mail on my cell saying the doctor had seen my x-rays and there was “nothing to worry about,” only some “mild arthritis” and I needed to “take Tylenol and do some exercise”. I did not hear this message until late last night since the person calling had left it past 5 pm, although I’d expected a call back earlier.

The irony and deceit and sheer hubris of this message will become clearer in a minute.

But clearly, the intention of the concealed-criminals with the energy weapons and the Smart Grid are counting on conjuring up the symptoms of arthritis, while happily pummeling from a distance with solid pulses and bullets of high-powered microwaves and ultrasonic waves and quantum tunneling and scalar radar, and continuing their precision electrical attacks on nerves and tendons. Not just criminal physical assault and battery with classified weaponry, but intentionally-deceitful medical cover operation in action.

This is literally like the local Mafia confronting one in an alley and beating one to a pulp, then getting the Mafia’s own doctors to sign off on a lie about an old genetic condition popping up from the inside out of the blue and taking one’s muscles and bones into Massive Bruise Alley. And as we also know, the CIA and DoD like to dig into people’s genetics and generational medical histories–and as we who are being assaulted by these outright criminals know, they then like to line up their weapons to produce the same symptoms and conditions recorded in parental medical histories, thus perpetuating myths of genetic conditions being inescapable, while concealing their actions of sheer brutality in producing the symptoms of these conditions.

Behind it all seems to be a desperate desire to keep their bio and neuro hacking weapons secret–so they can keep engaging in secret Control Operations aka Assault & Battery Operations on all they think need to be destroyed, disappeared, or just plain “terminated” aka Murdered in Secret–and their Cover Operations of casting their prey as Schizoid, Schizophrenic, and Mentally Unstable continuous and uninterrupted, while at the same time also keeping secret the monstrous neuro, bio, cybernetics, bio-psycho-social and AI experimentation they are indulging in.

Earlier on Friday I received a call from the doctor’s office which shocked me. But this will be clearer if I flash back a bit to what really happened at Dr. Leslie Alexander’s office first.

Dec 16, 2021, Thursday

On Wednesday I made an appointment to see Dr. Leslie Alexander of Atrius Health as a possible primary care provider after I called a radiologist’s office for information on x-rays and was told I needed a referral from a primary care physician. When I called the office and made an appointment I told them about my right upper arm and shoulder being in intense pain which they were.

At the office on Thursday, after suffering through the forced mask in the lobby but managing to escape the graphene-soaked-hydrogel in the sanitation gel offered, I informed Dr. Leslie in greater detail about the pain in my arm, telling her at the outset I strongly suspected a foreign object in my arm, specifically a RFID tag since I felt periodic and intense recurrences of pain signals at a certain spot, exactly as if EMF signals were being sent periodically to track and activate it, I also told her about experiencing pain in my arm and shoulder as being the possible consequence of remote-access energy hits. (I did not tell her I had held shielding against my arm and heard the audible impact of those hits–but I might have had I thought about it.)

Explaining that I am a science researcher and reporter who has been interviewing and writing about similar assaults many have experienced and reported, I described to her in greater detail about the kind of ongoing non-consensual and unethical biomedical research experimentation that is most definitely going on; I also told her that while I suspected there was an RFID chip in my upper arm–she actually asked about the scar on my arm which I told her was the laceration I had noticed show up on my arm overnight a few weeks ago, after which I began to be assaulted rather extremely on my arm–I stressed that I could not be certain without scientific proof with something like an X-ray. She assured me I would get an X-ray on-site right after the consultation–which I was both glad and grateful for–and suggested I should take some Tylenol every 8 hours for the pain, after she witnessed with her own eyes I could not fully raise my right hand, twist it behind my back, or lift my hand up to my head. In other words: the fact that my arm was injured was obvious.

Now there are a few other things to make note of before I proceed. One, before she came in I had learned, to my consternation, from the medical technician checking my blood pressure and medical history from his computer that “Vitamin B and Seroquel” were listed as past medications–a throwback to a previous unpleasant experience with a doctor, a marital counselor who turned out to be a child psychiatrist, who, although promising to issue pills for insomnia had issued pills normally handed out for “schizoid disorder” (ironically with side effect insomnia) a fact I found out only when I got home, which led to my refusal to touch the pills–this was around the time that I was first and newly assaulted with electromagnetic weapons in late 2013: I have spoken about this infamy and profound calumny on several interviews, including recently on Celeste Solum’s Hi-Tech Weapons webinar. The infuriation I experienced of having a counselor turn out to be a psychiatrist and one who disbelieved the report of being hit with clear electromagnetic pulses as well as exaggerated surveillance/criminal stalking and monitoring compounded with seeing she had prescribed anti-psychotics and presumed a false diagnosis of schizoid disorder (never expressed verbally to me) is similar to what everyone being targeted with EMF/Electronic Warfare weapons reports: the mention of EMF weapons triggers these false diagnoses instantly–from clearly colluding psychiatrists who are working it is clear with the Covered Party Criminals to conceal their EMF crimes and keep the EMF weapons and means-of-assault hidden. It’s a formula they have been following for a long time: Mention EMF weapons to a doctor and get written up as a kook.

But as I say: This situation cannot and will not continue when simple journalism has clearly established and will continue to establish their mode of concealment here and the facts of use and existence of these weapons.

I informed the technician I had never taken those medications and they needed to be removed from my medical record. I also explained the entire false-diagnosis engaged in by Dr. Ourania Madias in relation to the marital counseling and told him I should have sued her for it.

The technician told me he would note down that I had not taken those medications. Then after a few minutes Dr. Leslie Alexander came in.

Two, I should say she rushed in really, accompanied by a woman dressed all in black introduced to me as a nurse in training who stood behind her and crossed her legs as I spoke. Dr. Leslie was in a white coat and — ding ding alarm bells — unnatural and peculiar and very false-flag-looking bright-neon shoes. (Last week at Geek Squad a bright yellow neon rag sat on the table as I spoke to the guy who told me my laptop was well and truly dead–an event found to be untrue, thankfully, later; but that neon signal is often used by the false-flaggers who run Psy Ops, Gaslighting, Denial Ops on targets as well as Mass Shootings on all and sundry–usually on ambulances, worker clothes, shoes.) She also told me she was in a rush and I had come late and she had very little time and needed to be brief–all hallmarks of being rushed for ambush and throwing off course. I should have noted those neon signals and recorded everything from that moment on but I didn’t, much to my folly later. I said ok and explained the problem to her.

I should add, I also mentioned the 2013 Dr. Madias false-diagnosis and asked how I could get that taken off my medical record. She said that would not be possible but I could (gag) go back to her for a “reassessment”! I said there was no way I would ever do that — but I should have said I had never gone to this woman for an “assessment” in the first place. I also pointed out to Dr. Leslie that far from being a “schizoid” or anything else as Dr. Madias had implied with her absurd 2013 prescription, I had spent 8 years doing journalism and 20 years teaching College writing before that; what this woman had done was issue a gravely wrong diagnosis and drug which I had anyway never imbibed. So are medical records made it appears: out of lies and criminal collusion. I aim to address this situation further; Leslie and the nurse mentioned Patient Health Relations to contact; the truth about this false diagnosis needs to be widely published, including to the medical world of records and databases; the truth needs to be in my file–just as much as in reports and books.

Three, as I described the condition of my arm I also described the use of RFIDs on people, the assaults with energy weapons on the arm, and the fact that I had interviewed many who reported non-consensual unethical experimentation with energy weapons. At one point Dr. Lesley-Ann Alexander asked if I was “involved with them”–I corrected her, informing her that highly unethical military and Intelligence scientists were using these weapons on people, and that I had interviewed many reporting victims, I had reported on it but was certainly not “involved” in it.

As I said, she listened to what I had to say, advised Tylenol, asked me to wait for the X-ray tech and left. I was escorted after a while to another room adjoining the X-ray room and waited a while, then was led in to the X-ray room where a woman technician handed me a lead apron, helped me to remove a silver chain, and stood me up against a board and directed me to hold my arm this way and that way and took about 8-10 x-rays. Then I was led out at some speed with the technician telling me she did not interpret the x-rays and the doctor would call me tomorrow. I saw one x-ray on the monitor as we left: my right arm and bones and a distinct, white rectangular metallic object embedded in the muscle part, poised semi-vertically, with one side serrated in the very shape of serration which had appeared on the laceration on my arm overnight: very clearly, this was the RFID chip embedded in my arm, I suspect covertly sharpshot as the other RFID Verichip in my arm had been sharpshot on a Cape Cod beach a few years ago–as previously reported. I should add, the shape of that laceration was the same too. So now I have 2 RFIDs in me sharpshot into each of my arm by criminals.

This is where I should have stopped and taken a snapshot of that screen with my cell phone–but I didn’t, because I foolishly thought the doctor would call and describe the X-ray to me the next day and advise me how to remove it–which in a world not corrupted by criminals in the Intelligence agencies, she should have done. I also thought I would have a copy of the X-ray soon enough. I was ushered out and I let myself be ushered out when I should have stopped.

I have learned since that I should ask for the radiologist and doctor to attend immediately to X-rays while I am on-site, and while the X-ray is also on-site.

Because it’s clear that X-ray was off-sited at speed, most probably with the collusion of that X-ray tech–or who knows, perhaps Black Ops Maria–the nurse-practitioner who attended my consultation with Dr. Lesley.

As I left the building, a man came running to cross my path and run past me into the building–very much in the stalky way the Syn Tel Mind Hive thugs generally run (constant runners across my path) but perhaps with a purpose–while I noticed a black SUV parked just outside and a guy in a white SUV parked opposite me, with a blue M license plate. I have to look that up but Mass State Police have similar license plates–it may be a govt plate.

Dec 17, 2021, Friday

Someone from the doctor’s office called me mid-morning and said “everything was alright, there was no foreign object on my X-ray, mild arthritis in the bone.” I explained what I had seen–a distinct foreign object in my arm–and said this was rather shocking and I needed to speak with the doctor. The nurse who spoke to me asked me if I had seen X-rays before and knew how to read them, I said yes, indeed, as a science reporter. She asked what I was expecting to see and I explained in entirety what I had explained to Dr. Lesley: I suspected there was an RFID microchip inside my arm judging from the frequency of EMF signals being sent to my arm, and the intensity of localized pain; I explained the hits to my arm which I suspected were from energy signals. She said she would consult with the doctor and get back to me that evening.

Then later I found the message someone (else) had left, saying the same thing–nothing to worry about, take some Tylenol. (Oh yes arthritis but hey Tylenol)

Dec 29, 2021, Wednesday

One, I do not have arthritis.

Two, I am being positively slaughtered with energy weapons sending distinct pulse hits to my upper arm, elbow, shoulder.

Three, I most definitely have an RFID chip sharpshot into my upper arm, as evident on that X-ray displayed on the monitor which I saw with my own eyes.

Four, the criminals hitting me and sending energy pulses to my arm–zooming about on the street in their SUVs and little cars, cowering down in their bunkers next door, flying their drones and aerostats and portable pointers from windows next door above my head–have not stopped. Not figuring out that stopping their assaults might stop me going to doctors and getting X-rays done–which I now have every physical excuse for doing & continuing to do since they continue to injure my arm–they have densely continued their assaults.

The next week I think on Tuesday I spoke to Dr. Lesley on video on a virtual call–she kept her gag on and said Maria was in the room(this is a physician pushing the useless Masks and deceit regarding an infectious germ never-proved-to-exist)–and said she had seen nothing unusual. I explained what I had seen on the monitor and asked if my x-rays had been given to someone, she said no, that would not be possible without my consent–I said yes, and that is why I mentioned medical malpractice. I told her I would be seeking a second opinion and asked her for the X-ray films–she said they would be sent on a CD.

After that we had an exchange of text correspondence when I suggested to her someone from her office–not herself–perhaps had handed my X-rays over to an external party. She wrote back to say no-one from her office would do that. (Right.)

She also wished me well in hoping the “symptoms” would end. (Right) (Hasn’t happened yet.)



Thank you for your information this afternoon. One other thought strikes me, and I believe I should share it with you. If you are not withholding clear-X-ray information from me, and if you have not handed my X-rays over to anyone without my consent, there has to be someone in your office who has done so. I certainly saw some interesting action in the parking-lot–a man rushing to get in the building–as I left that day after my medical appointment with you. I did not imagine what I saw, and I very clearly saw a metallic object outlined on the X-ray monitor showing my arm as I left. I had expected to hear positively from you the next day with steps on how to remove it. I see now that will not be forthcoming from your office. However, it is clear to me someone has tampered with my X-rays, and removed them from my file, and that has to be someone working on the inside in your office.  As I said, I carry the evidence inside me–and I need to find a trustworthy X-ray provider who will give me the results on the spot.  What a sad commentary on the state of affairs today that someone who is being non-consensually bio-trafficked with microchips and Wifi signals and horrific military spectrum weaponry (Electronic Warfare weaponry) cannot get medical help to stop this horrific crime of assault–this is a crime against humanity and everyone involved in suppressing, removing, or withholding  or otherwise tampering with medical X-ray and imaging evidence is assisting as accomplice.

I want to again assure you that not I nor my staff would have tampered with any medical documentation of yours. That is not how we practice medicine here at Granite and we would never put our patients in harm’s way. I hope that you are able to find relief of your symptoms and soon.
Leslie-Ann Alexander, MD


This story is not ended. But is currently how it stands. I am recording this here to establish that my upper arm–which has the evidence–has not given up its evidence. Clearly I need to do more now to establish imaging evidence.

When doctors, nurses, and lab technicians assist the CIA and friends in REMOVING MEDICAL EVIDENCE of their crimes, that is most definitely Medical Malpractice. What Dr. Lesley-Ann Alexander and her office have accomplished with this operation, jointly and collectively, since she is standing up for them–and did wear neon yellow false flag shoes, which a neon yellow sign saying 23 on a truck I drove past a few days later helps covertly-communicate is part of the Luciferian Satanist 23 clan/of which no doubt the DoD/CIA is a part–is once more hide the evidence of deathly covert-implant-and-covert-assault crime for a little longer.

A bio-hacking chip sold as a bio-hacking chip; the internal metallic silhouette might appear as a serrated rectangle on an x-ray

She has not responded to my latest communique, asking her for a reappointment with a radiologist and an X-ray which is read on the spot.


Thank you for your reply, Dr. Leslie-Ann Alexander.
If that is the case, I am sure it will not be a problem to reschedule an X-ray appointment with you and the radiologist at hand to immediately address what is seen on the X-ray monitor–with no delay of an hour or a day.
I am not imagining what I saw in the X-ray technician’s office on her monitor-a small rectangular white metallic object poised semi-vertically with one edge serrated in exactly the same way the laceration on my arm showed (the scar of which you witnessed on my arm), and the extreme localized pain in my upper arm/shoulder area which to me signifies the presence of a RFID chip which is being painfully accessed remotely with RF signals has not stopped. This tells me this object is still implanted in my upper arm and can be seen in all future X-rays.
Please be aware that what I am reporting is essentially solid evidence of illegal and criminal bio-trafficking of my body without my consent; whichever criminal agency or military operation is doing this to me it is ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL. It is also a crime against humanity, and is exactly akin to sex trafficking where women are covertly implanted for tracking purposes and used for sexual exploitation. That is not the case in my case–but bio-trafficking is exactly like sex-trafficking in that it digitally and wirelessly enslaves the subject and opens her/him up to continuous and painful bio-hacking and bio-exploitation.

This is precisely what I am researching and writing about. In fact, I have a post on my website recommending all physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers who encounter reports of RFID chips to immediately send the reporting-victim for medical imaging. This is the only way the medical and healthcare profession can step in to protect, care for, and restore to health those being unlawfully bio-trafficked and used for horrific medical experimentation to rival Nazi atrocities during the 2nd World War, Tuskegee syphilis experiments, ’50s Plutonium experiments, and others.
You have an opportunity to engage in the amelioration of this situation and assist the victimized and cruelly exploited.
Please let me know if you can schedule a repeat appointment with your X-ray center, a radiologist and yourself on hand on the spot to address the X-rays as they show up on the monitor. I will be glad to wait as long as needed for this appointment.
I’ve not seen the X-ray films as yet but I recall your X-ray tech put me through several–not 1 or 2, more like 8 or 10; perhaps she can repeat this procedure while you and the radiologist address what is seen on the X-ray monitor and I can take a photo of what appears –as I should have, the last time. (I was too busy observing your protocols and permitting myself to be led out in the confidence you would call and tell me how I could have that rectangular metallic object–an RFID chip in my assessment–removed.) Thank you.


This post will be updated when I have further news to report.