FOIA Request Report: City of Quincy Holds a Partially Undisclosed Contract with Brewster Ambulance Services, Complicit in Recent Unlawful Psych Hold on Journalist Exposing Covert Operations in Quincy & World

Report, Analysis, Op-ed (RAE) | Ramola D | August 16, 2022

The City of Quincy, Massachusetts has sparsely responded (June 1, 2022) to a May 25, 2022 FOIA request from this writer for its current contractual agreements with Carney Hospital, Dorchester and Brewster Ambulance Services, especially in the case of all Section 12 (Forced Spych/Psych Holds) actions of Kidnap, as well as all communications between Quincy Police, Carney Hospital ER Staff, Massachusetts State Police, and Brewster Ambulance staff at time of the unlawful April 14-19 2022 Section 12 Kidnap-and-Capture operation run on this Massachusetts State National with a copy of the contract it held with Brewster Ambulance Services from 2015 to 2020, with proviso for extension for a further two years.

FOIA Request at Muckrock, with the contract which is also posted here (link below):

Request for Information on Contracts and Communications (Quincy City Clerk)/

First Page of the 2015 City of Quincy-Brewster Ambulance Contract.

This request was also passed on by the Office of the Clerk to Quincy Police Department, who then responded with the same CAD Incident Report they had provided earlier to this writer on a separate request–also not fully answered–as if in full response to the request for public records which was also sent on to the City Clerk by Muckrock News. All responses, denials, non-responses, and evasions from the Quincy Police Department in relation to this and other FOIA requests for information surrounding their unlawful Section 12 operation on this writer–including their most recent one, emailed today in response to a communication from the Supervisor of Public Records at the Secretary of State’s office–appealed to after months of silence from QPD–will be reported separately shortly.

This letter to the City Clerk and Quincy Police Department pointing out the lapses in their response and requesting the contract with Carney Hospital as well as all other communications requested was also ignored:

Massachusetts State Nationals Not Within the Maritime/Admiralty Jurisdiction of Commonwealth of Massachusetts and City of Quincy But on Land and Soil Jurisdiction of uSA

It is vital to note that Massachusetts State Nationals stand on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of the land and soil of the true united States of America, and not in the Maritime/Sea/Admiralty Jurisdiction in which float the City of Quincy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, both corporations and not geographical entities, as also the Quincy Police Department — more on which can be learned at the Restoring America pages, American States Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information, and Massachusetts State Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information.

The Quincy Police Department therefore did not have and does not have jurisdiction over any American State National or Massachusetts State National–making all their actions committed against this living writer and journalist unlawful.

In gist, what the Quincy Police Department did on April 14, 2022–preceded by a police visit on April 13, 2022–is addressed in a press release, and being reported in an ongoing series exposing The Larger Crime–of ongoing, yet unstopped covert warcrime and crimes-against-humanity operations against Americans by numerous US military and Intelligence agencies, in collusion with private sector contractors, police departments, and fusion centers using Directed Energy Technologies/Neuro/Nanotechnologies, often hidden as normative surveillance, pre-crime, or deterrence, which this writer has reported extensively since 2014–at Substack:

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Part V: Paper Trails and Weapon Crumbs This last post covers briefly the covert Mil/Intel operations conducted in Quincy, Massachusetts from 2013 to the present date, on which this writer made several public records requests to various US military divisions and intelligence agencies, as well as informed and wrote to state and federal government and law enforcement bodies about.

Partially Undisclosed Contract Between City of Quincy and Brewster Ambulance Services

It appears there are several sections of the Quincy-Brewster contract which are being kept from public view.

These are marked “Intentionally Omitted By the Parties.”

They include elements under Billing and separate stand-alone elements.

Clearly therefore, efforts were made to keep this information, whatever it is, secret. Is this a mark of TSC/CI contracts. I wonder?

No Information Regarding Section 12 Forced Kidnap Operations Visible to Public View (Perhaps those Undisclosed Sections?)

Significantly, there is no mention made of Section 12 Forced Kidnap operations conducted with Law Enforcement–which one would think would comprise a portion of this exclusive arrangement the City has with a private ambulance company.

Quincy Police Department therefore, as a branch of The City of Quincy–a sub-franchised corporation probably–does not, according to this contract, have any publicly disclosed arrangements with Brewster Ambulance Services in the case of Section 12 Forced Kidnap operations in Massachusetts.

Only undisclosed ones. Isn’t that the quintessence of Black Operations?

There is however, some disclosure on all sorts of extra help Brewster will provide to the community when “acute care and transport” is not needed.

And there is also verbiage suggesting Brewster is required to meet its contract obligations to a T or risk the dropping of the contract — standard legalese perhaps which all contracts carry, but remarkable in this case when certain clauses are kept publicly undisclosed, by mutual agreement. And when, in the same breath, City of Quincy falls over backwards to stipulate that all actions taken by Brewster–to transport Quincy residents to hospitals–is really between them and these putative patients alone, the City really has nothing to do with it. Peculiar? Just slightly, I think: confusing evidence of both the intending overarching authority of the City of Quincy and the disavowing of involvement in case of dispute.

But perhaps also a way the City of Quincy seeks to protect itself in cases where the transportee has been taken to a hospital against her will, without her consent, as in this case, a matter addressed by this writer in a recent letter to Brewster Ambulance.

While also requiring silence and compliance from their contractors: services required, no questions to be asked.

“Parties Status” was addressed in a letter to Brewster Ambulance by this writer succeeding their daring to send her a bill for their forced and unlawful kidnap-transport of her living being to Carney Hospital on April 14, 2022–the whole subject to be more fully reported shortly.

Excerpt, Letter to Brewster/Ramola D/July 13, 2022

Agreement Exclusions

Agreement exclusions mentioned in this contract suggest that Brewster offers non-emergency services outside this agreement within the City of Quincy, which the City does not adjudicate.

EMS, Fire, Police Harassment of Citizenry

This is an interesting clause in light of the fact that this writer has been frequently stalked–no other word for it–by numerous Brewster ambulances on drives inside Quincy in recent times (deliberate drives and turns past her, lights flashing/emergency or not), particularly whenever mention is made in her writings about them–an unavoidable occurrence now that they have distinguished themselves by running a targeted Forced Kidnap on her, which requires close reportage, wide publicizing, and lawful redressal. Please note: This writer is very well-aware of the notion of Plausible Deniability which cloaks all actions taken against the citizenry by the “intelligence community” and friends: Who would suspect an ambulance of being engaged in public harassment actions, aren’t they always involved in noble, life-saving pursuit as they trundle about the city streets or go screaming down boulevards, lights flashing? This is precisely the Cover for EMS, Police, Fire personnel harassment.

This fact, that EMS personnel have long been used in harassment actions against many has long been reported to this journalist and others–this unfortunately has become part of the covert criminal operations all across the USA today, where Police, Fire, and Ambulance EMS personnel have descended to the venality of targeting citizenry–again, a sad corollary to the ongoing Mil/Intel targeting and crimes whistleblown by many, and reported in focus at this site (some links to articles below).

Documentary Evidence of Mil/Intel/LE Crimes

Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up

No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities

Brewster Ambulance or Quincy Police Prime Movers and Shakers Here?

A very curious aspect of the entire Section 12 fiasco run on this writer was the prime part played by Brewster Ambulance staff in executing the Forced Kidnap. Arriving at speed on Quincy Police Officers Tim O’Brien and Matthew Miller’s call to them, the two lady EMS personnel who entered the writer’s home and participated in the kidnap actually did not lay hands on this beleagured writer but literally made a sign to the male police officers crowding in on her as she was speaking who then laid their hands on her and dragged her out of her home. Extraordinary all around? Especially since they were the only women intimidators in sight?

Or perfectly comprehensible in light of a secret Covert Operations connection with the federal US military/intel bodies running all manner of crime on the bodies of the people of Quincy, Massachusetts, and the USA? Perhaps they’re the real movers and shakers here, with their public-private Defense/Intel contract connections and readiness to execute Spych holds on defenseless writers for processing in the Network’s false-narrative Psych Mills churning away ready to go at a Black Site Hospital in Boston?

This too was addressed in the letter to Brewster Ambulance on July 13, 2022:

FULL LETTER TO BREWSTER AMBULANCE SERVICES HERE: July 13, 2022, Ramola D to Brewster Ambulance Services

Brewster Ambulance Services, Carney Hospital, and Quincy Police Department: The Real 3 Musketeers of Crime

One of the elements of the Quincy-Brewster contract discloses that ambulances are fitted with police radio frequencies and set up to maintain instant communications with Quincy Police and the hospitals they take people to. This means each of these parties are used to being in close communication with each other on all their ambulance runs including such a field trip to nowhere involving unlawful Forced Kidnaps.

When undisclosed clauses in contracts, unlawful kidnaps of living women (showing no sign of “psychosis” needing “acute care”), and no-contract-disclosed putative Black Site hospitals abound, is it fair to conclude the unspoken ties-that-bind between said hospital, ambulance, and police department are very Black Ties? That certainly seems to be the case here–much other evidence to this effect has turned up, and will be reported in full shortly.

Lucrative Contract Opportunity Replaces Previous Holder

In this context it is interesting to note that in 2015 Brewster Ambulance replaced 18-year holder Fallon Ambulance as EMS provider for City of Quincy, raising its earning potential skyhigh.

“Brewster said the Quincy contract is for five years and will likely produce about $5 million in new revenue for his company, which currently employs more than 600 people. He said he’ll need to add 40 employees in Quincy – 28 paramedics and at least 12 EMTs – and he’s willing to hire Fallon’s Quincy staff if they’re interested.”

The contract was signed by both the Mayor and the Police Chief as well as the Fire Chief:

Brewster-City of Quincy Contract, 2015, Signature Page

Did Brewster just offer superior ambulance services to win this contract or did they simply prove more amenable to covering up and running covert operations for the unlawful covert Defense-Intel-Private-Sector crowd running non-consensual experimentation and military weapons-testing operations in Quincy?

Make no mistake, these are operations of cruelty, sadism, and inhumanity, not acceptable “surveillance” and “counter-terrorism” and “deterrence” and “community intervention/policing/monitoring” for “Public Safety” as the pontiffs in the DHS and FBI frequently like to announce righteously from podiums. This letter signed by hundreds of Americans testifying to “Public Safety” crimes committing covert assault mayhem on the bodies and brains of Americans was sent by this writer to President Trump in 2017 when he first took office; and this writer was aggressively retaliated against by the covert crowd being exposed here for several weeks after with intensive EMF Tech assault, as reported earlier:

Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance/1/26/2017

FBI and Fusion Center parties have made such inhumane and criminal covert operations possible, as reported here and reviewed here at Substack recently.

Reason for This FOIA Request Regarding Brewster Ambulance Complicity in Quincy Police False-Arrests

In the complete absence of a medical emergency, this writer was falsely written up on a Department of Mental Health form by Tim O’Brien, a Quincy Police officer parading as a “mental health professional” when his trained-to-attack-on-keywords ears caught hint of the term “microwave weapons” upon which he instantly unleashed false-emergency calls to Brewster Ambulance Services, demanding ambulances for “acute care transport” of someone allegedly in the throes of “psychosis” (now found to be, from medical records disclosures, recorded in even worse terms, suggesting extreme crisis, threat to the community, and danger to all–and comprising a grievous and harmful false-diagnosis, in a situation where neither he nor anyone else could actually proffer a “diagnosis”), while neither Quincy Police Department nor the Department of Mental Health has now been able to furnish this writer with the actual educational qualifications of this so-called mental health professional, qualifying him to make instant judgments on the basis of a non-interview, non-conversation with a writer in conversation with her spouse in his forced presence, after he barged into her home with a police phalanx, clearly seeking to run a false-arrest Forced Kidnap and looking for an opportunity, even a non-opportunity, to do so. Brewster Ambulance staff, summoned and arriving at speed, assisted in this capture without any regard to actuality or fact of missing crisis or emergency, but actively and almost immediately engaged in capturing and kidnapping this writer from her home.

“Microwave Weapons” as all Electronic Warfare Weaponry and Neuroweaponry being used by multiple US military and Intelligence agencies as well as the Department of Justice (see the 1994 DOD-DOJ agreement here) on the populace today are being concealed in just such aggressive Mental Health Fraud being run by police departments and Departments of Mental Health all over the USA today–as this writer has been reporting incessantly from 2014. This KGB/Nazi-style Tyranny has also been exported by the US Spy and War Industry to the rest of the world. Re-victimizing the victim and seeking to incarcerate, psych-commit, and criminalize the victim they have assisted in creating for Mil/Intel use-and-abuse has become fashionable in police and Mental Health circles today.

Disclosure on Targeting

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

The reason for this FOIA request was to uncover under what circumstances, with what reasoning, and with what authority Brewster Ambulance (and the other parties, such as Carney Hospital, also on this FOIA request) was contracted to engage in Kidnap-and-Capture activities with Quincy Police on Section 12 Involuntary Holds, especially without in any way operating as true medical and healthcare personnel, able to assess and recognize what a “medical emergency requiring acute care transport” is and isn’t, and able to act in an educated way on it.

It is clear from this contract (and actions on this writer) that this exclusive provider of ambulance services to the City of Quincy, Brewster Ambulance Service, has contracted to turn a blind eye to all police-assisted Black Operations (publicly undisclosed/classified Mil/Intel/DOJ/Private experiments and operations) and in fact actively participate in them as a dominant actor, while protecting the City of Quincy and indemnifying them against liability.

Unlawful Psych Holds using Section 12 Covers Point Directly to Covert Operations

When local police and contracted ambulance personnel work together with emergency room personnel to force a Kidnap and Captivity escapade on a journalist well-known at this point for exposing the covert operations of the Military and Intelligence and private-party affiliate factions, oscillating between indicting her for posting informative notices to neighbors, rebutting her framing neighbor’s ultra-loud false-accusations and lies, and speaking to her spouse in their presence, applying various distortions and psych labels to do so, it becomes obvious something is seriously amiss with this contracted city arrangement with a third-party provider.

Quincy City Hall

Nothing in Quincy is above-board today, and this contract the City has with Brewster Ambulance Services proves it.


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