Personal Report | Ramola D | Feb 16-18, 2022

It appears that the very sadly scummy FBI which has engaged in a long-term COINTELPRO attack on my name, my work, and my life, operating both in my neighborhood since 2013 when they decided to target me with deadly Spectrum Weapons, Neuroweapons, and Life-Takedown operations—as reported here earlier and here more recently, operating secretively in human rights activism organization groups I have previously worked with online, specifically Techno Crime Fighters Forum using professional character assassins such as the deceiving Dr. Katherine Horton and ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart playing Olympic COINTELPRO quarterback while posing as human rights advocates—as reported here, is newly operating online with massive cyberhacking operations, cyberstalking, and a complete takeover of my browsers when I go online.

These activities have increased lately—as reported here recently—with simply insane cyberhacking and cyberfreezing operations, seeking to freeze my pc as I try to video-edit and finalize and post my science and justice podcasts, as well as going on to engage in a bunch of paranormal operations (I use that word advisedly, they do like to play ghost in the machine) such as abruptly closing tabs, windows, blacking out tabs, switching suddenly to strange pages, setting up ads popping up with specific messages, and so-on, all very intentional no doubt but I am not paying attention to their covert comms here, just noticing they do this to distract, disrupt, and stop the flow of what I am doing online, whether writing, editing, browsing, reading, or composing emails, tweets, or posts. They also send distinct death threat messages through numbers, images, and news stories—as well as people sending me emails with veiled threats and allusions of death in them. I have occasionally recorded these but I cannot and will not spend my life and time recording every single thing they do.

What I want to report here especially is that my browsers are clearly being taken over with a background intent, it appears to me, to create, fabricate, invent, confabulate a false-profile for me online as something other than what I am–a very forthright and transparent writer, journalist, teacher, podcaster–for purposes of falsifying browsing records in NSA and FBI databases, and for purposes of putting-down, in paper, a false image of who I am, what I think, what I do, what I intend with my journalism, speaking, writing, and podcasting–which anyone following my work can figure out in a minute flat.

“Patriot Front” Parallel Construction

This activity of theirs is becoming transparent: my browsers these days are being blanked out, completely whited out, while new tabs I open go to pages I had not opened earlier.

Two days ago a “Patriot Front” page popped up—a group I had not heard of, and I mention this now because I learned a little later from a news article this was one of the groups associated with the Jan 6 rallies which the FBI is now calling an insurrection and riot after installing their operatives at the Capitol to incite and execute riotous actions on that day.

So, is this an example of the FBI—commandeering my PC—trying to set me up as someone who is part of “Patriot Front”? Comical, since I have no connection whatsoever to this group which I had not known of to this day, or, if I had seen their name earlier, had not linked to anything in particular. (Nor do I have any connection to either Democrat or Republican, Biden or Trump rallies, groups, organizations: I have stepped out of the corrupt US Inc. and cannot be classed a “conservative” “liberal” “right” or “left” party: they’re all criminals at the top sadly and every President in the grip of the Luciferians, from what I can tell, I won’t be having any part in it.) But is the FBI engaging in some scummy parallel construction here by flipping my browser to “Patriot Front”?

If it is, which I suspect, given all the other clues being left for me by the daily cyberhackers, then this is proof that once more, records are being falsified in my name, and I am being portrayed, illegally, unlawfully, and criminally, by the confabulating FBI as something other than what I am—which, oddly enough, readers of my work and viewers of my podcasts are a lot more easily and accurately informed on. It takes a whole bureau of “Investigators” to build a false-profile on a very public writer and speaker, it seems.

“PTSD” Parallel Construction

Yesterday when looking online for the Holding the Line, Journalists against Covid Censorship website, I typed in in the browser’s URL field, and was suddenly flipped to a page on PTSD, querying tenderly about trauma and depression (screenshot graphic below).

This has happened on other occasions, with Twitter especially recording any particularly poignant tweet or post (reporting FBI-CIA-DOD crimes, usually) with sudden pop-up ads for drugs for depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, bipolar disorder and so on. Now, some people may argue this is AI at work, tentacling across the Internet and offering those modulated customized ads and prompts based on its bizarre machine-learning algorithms which are frequently off-base. But this was a case actually of my browser being hacked and opened to a PTSD page, when the URL I had typed was correct and should have led to the Holding the Line journalism website. I am aware Holding the Line is a phrase used for many purposes, including helping people in the throes of depression to stand firm and climb out of it—but that is not an excuse for the PTSD website to appear when I type in the exact URL of another website. It was very clear to me the browser was deliberately being flipped by the cyberhackers on my desktop to this page.

So what is the intent of sending me to a PTSD page? While I have in fact covered PTSD in military vets in a few podcasts speaking to vets from US Navy, US Air Force, and the Royal Airforce, I somehow doubt Cyberhacker Central aka FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA and co. were keen to offer me research for a new podcast. No, this is the sort of “Behavioral Nudge” these parties engage in, striving to both deliberately direct my attention while no doubt recording – again, in falsification of browsing records – my forced-online-visit to this PTSD page.

Is this part of the long-before-begun FBI-CIA false-profile-building operation striving to paint me as “mentally ill” “delusional” “paranoid” “with PTSD,” a special ruse used to disappear those they illegally and unlawfully target in neighborhoods with blatant lies and false-narratives and falsified records as reported here earlier? Pardon my suspiciousness, but I have good reason for my suspicions. The FBI has 100% entered my neighborhood and lied to my neighbors, naming me both a “prostitute” and “mentally ill”—I have had absolute proof of this, on several occasions, from the neighbors themselves. What a charming Bureau of Assassins, right?

Ramola D | Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults

False Narratives, Falsified Records, Easy Lies to Legitimize Crime to Invoke Public Harassment: Trademark of Unlawful FBI Targeting

CIA MK ULTRA, DARPA BRAIN PROJECTS & OTHER CLANDESTINE PROGRAMS: But the DOD and CIA cannot operate in my neighborhood—using real assassins, wielding Spectrum Weapons—otherwise. Buy-in from the beleaguered neighbors—now slaves to this criminal lot who brazenly park in their driveways, enter their houses, chat them up as if old friends, put them on RISSNET and Infragard email and text lists and force them to go out in all weather to shovel snow, blow leaves, noise harass, talk loudly, wear certain colors and “community-police” with bizarre full-on stares, place flashing MK ULTRA lights on their back decks, back yards, front porches, fences—couldn’t happen otherwise.

FBI comes along and lies to deceive the neighbors so that the DOD/CIA and friends can operate with impunity, using deadly Spectrum Weapons and Neuroweapons in massive but kept-secret terror-and-torture operations which are 100% criminal, assaultive, murderous, insidious, lying to neighbors about “threat deterrence” and “behavior modification” and “community based intervention” operations to keep the stunningly Mentally Ill Prostitute Terrorist Extremist Anti-Governmentist next door at bay. (Who is none of these things—check who I am here and here and here and here and here–but labels-for-laughs is serious business for the FBI-CIA crowd, they have to start right there, with a bunch of lying labels.) As reported here earlier, and here, and here.

“Revenge Banshee” Parallel Construction

Also quite evident from the cyberhacking is a theme promoted by the FBI—and part of the obvious falsifying of record they are going for here—of those whom they illegally and unlawfully target as “preparing for crime.”

Pre-crime surveillance, crime-prevention, threat-deterrence, after all are the lying rationalizations they record on paper for their absolute, venal crimes against people they have no business surveilling, investigating, targeting, terrorizing, and attacking.

The most insidious aspect of their targeting-and-attacking operations on those seen by them as threats to the Satanic order of things they uphold—people of integrity, the community-minded, the civically-active, the independent, the whistleblowers, the activists, the journalists who stand up for the abused, the oppressed, the marginalized, the war-torn, the displaced, the unborn, the children, the animals—those who have been enlisted into their horrific targeting-for-torture programs by local Satanists, Freemasons, Skull and Bones’ters, Knights of Nimrod and such who have an in-built delusion of their supremacy over those non-Satanists, in fact outstanding and upright citizens they consider “vermin to be exterminated” is their harassment-and-provocation regime, in hopes of getting their targets to actually commit a crime they can then get them for. The crux and core of their Parallel Construction and COINTELPRO operations: where they actually work actively to harass, annoy, frustrate, thwart, obstruct, provoke the target into a state of frustration, anger, and outrage, impelling a “crime” to then occur—which they can then reward with retaliation, aggressive assault with Spectrum Weapons, street harassment, and further falsification of record.

(I have detailed some of the “crimes” of speaking out, on hiking paths, and inside my own home here, which have brought swift retaliation on me: helicopter action, neighbors-with-LRADs, instant drones, instant helicopters—all for the “crimes” of using my voice, which apparently I should have known better than to use, being an illegal-FBI-target who is required to mute herself and secede out of sight: silly me, for not knowing my place (as a deaf-mute apparently) and sticking to it!)

The fact is, though, they’re going for the big one: harass and provoke their targets so they go out with guns and commit actual crimes, the deepest desire of the FBI-CIA, to create the mass shooting patsy they’ve spent decades to build. In fact, I think they’re working on this not just with neurotech—as many of us know by now, it’s the CIA’s MK ULTRA neurotechnologies of brain-entrainment, post-hypnotic suggestion, BCI-AI tech, and the constant harassive ELF assaults, DEW assaults with it which have led to the tragedies of so many mass shootings by targets such as Aaron Alexis, Nicholas Gonzalez, and others—but also through other means, with daily harassment, interminable DEW-assaults, sleep-deprivation, blacklisting, complete life-takedown. They work to so frustrate the lives of their targets that they hope the targets will then implode or explode, via suicide or terrorism—and many, or more accurately, some do. Maybe the right way to look at this is to see it as both working together: life-takedown harassment plus MK neurotech. Because I doubt the suicides can be seen as “organic”: those who take their lives as a consequence of extreme DEW-harassment and life-takedown are literally being MK’d—frequency-attacked into depression and self-harm, brain-entrained into self-harm—to do so.

But this is a known FBI/CIA aim: to create conditions conducive to the commitment of crime.

It’s obviously Parallel Construction then to create the image or seeming look of “radicalization to commit crime.” Which is what I suspect they’re doing on my desktop. Very often, while working online, whether browsing to read the news, watch a video, reading or writing posts, ads for guns have popped up on my screen, while lately, pointed emails from parties I have not subscribed my email id to have started to show up, literally offering me discounts, concessions, and freebies to acquire guns, stun guns, knives (see screenshots below). Why is this happening? Who is doing this? Who is sending my email to these groups? I just so happen to be someone who dislikes guns and weapons of every kind – but someone is working very hard to portray me online as the opposite.

I should also add that these ads in particular show up when I am writing about the extensive COINTELPRO operations of lying and slander against me online, and particularly when writing about the mega COINTELPRO queens Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart (summary of their Intel, in fact probably FBI-NSA-CIA operations against me here), as if in tacit invitation to associate these two character-assassins with actual weapons of violence in “revenge” actions, which latter is also cued overtly in various pop-ups on my browsers and on Netflix/Amazon subscriptions—these are clear indications of “being framed” and being made a victim once more of false-narratives and falsification-of-records which the FBI thrives on and excels in. Why is this happening? Those who are unlawfully monitoring my desktop and watching every word I write, manipulating my browsers and hacking in to display specific ads, specific movie previews, specific news articles, as also specific automatic search terms are working hard to build a false-narrative and to push a false-profile of me into existence—this is blatant, FBI-run, crime. It is defamation and character-assassination to a very high degree. Very clearly, I am being invited by these cyber-hackers to go get a gun and use a gun to settle my disputes and problems: this has to be criminal (using images and pop-ups to show pictures of guns and send emails from gun companies), and I advise the FBI to stop doing this on my browser or anyone else’s browser.

This is clear indication of overt “behavioral nudging” which looks to me extremely dangerous: there are indeed mentally vulnerable people in the world on whom such pointed advertising might have an effect. I am not one of them – but the evidence is here that the cyberhacking FBI on my desktop is working hard to project that image, and that, I think, is indeed criminal. At the least, it is character-assassination, at the most, it is blatant invitation to commit crime—such is the nature of the Cyberhacking Bureau of Crime here.

As a writer who uses her mind and her pen to write—not commit crime—I’d like all these useless cyberhackers to know I reserve the right to use my pen forever if I wish to, to write about anything I please, that’s on my mind. And when I write, it’s nobody’s business but mine what I write, what I choose to express, and what I say. I don’t need “PTSD” browsers to open up, nor distasteful images of guns and nudges of “Revenge.” I don’t need “Patriot Front” or any other Trump-aligned group page to open up on my browser, and I sure as heck don’t need these unsubtle hints of “Terrorist” “Shooter” “Rioter” to be placed in my view: use them on each other, please, that would be more accurate.

Cyberhacking is a crime, cyberstalking is a crime, falsifications of records is a crime, character-assassination is a crime.

Placing people on watchlists who should not be on watchlists is a crime.

Labeling people Terrorists and “Violent Extremists” who are the very opposite of such is a crime.

Labeling people Mentally Ill when they are far from being such is a crime.

Labeling people Prostitutes and Pedophiles when they are nothing of the sort is a crime.

Co-opting neighborhoods into “community-policing” people falsely-labeled such is a crime.

Unleashing Spectrum Weapon, Neuroweapon, and Tracking Radar weapons on people is a crime.

At this point the FBI is chest-deep in crime against me and I advise them to knock it off. If it’s not the FBI cyberhacking (I will be very surprised) (among others I should say), whoever it is (CIA? DHS? NSA?), you are asked to Cease and Desist this outrageous hacking, stalking, freezing, and disrupting of my work online and the deliberate Parallel Construction display of images and email-references of weapons, violence, and psychiatric-disorders on my browsers—in addition to all else: Cease and Desist all attacks on my life, time, body, brain, work, and name, please. All unwarranted–and criminal.