Covert Criminal Targeting of Activists

Very plainly, factions from Homeland Security and the US Military, in collusion with Intel agencies such as the NSA, DIA, CIA, FBI, and in a massive cover-up operation involving the collusion of neighborhoods, communities, and private businesses, has been and is covertly and clandestinely torturing American civilians, (particularly outspoken activists, writers, and community members, in essentially a blatant “neutralizing of dissent”) 24/7 with deadly radio-frequency radiating neuroweaponry, euphemistically termed non-lethal weapons, and Remote Neural Monitoring technologies, both of which permit operators to remotely irradiate and manipulate human beings, in officially-sanctioned and clandestinely-run Non-Lethal Weapons testing and nonconsensual University-run science/sociology research programs on the civilian American population. The Patriot Act, the NDAA, and Executive Orders and Pentagon Directives are being used to cover up this crime of mammoth proportions.

This page lists links to more information on this site, articles and videos, and various websites and compilations of information online.  Relevant petitions will also be linked here.

News and Feature Articles:

How NSA Spies Ruin 1000’s of America’s Greatest People

Collateral Damage USA: Extremist Cells Target 350,000 Civilians

Microwaving Targeted Individuals: End Rights Abuses Barrett Tells Government

Domestic War on Americans Hidden by Secrecy in Homeland Security

Obama Ordered Hit-List of Targeted Individuals Worldwide to Cyber-Attack

7 responses to “Covert Criminal Targeting of Activists

  1. Has anyone ever described being attacked by sound? I fear in my case they switch from radiation of sorts, to sound to …?.
    My skin is getting very wrinkled real fast, My energy level is very low. I developed black circles under my eyes. At times I have severe diarrhea, I have constant headaches.
    And … all this because “they” don’t want to touch Kaiser’s crimes?
    … no justice and more crimes. What happened to our country? Who stopped human rights from being a right we had? JS


  2. Ramola, Thank you kindly. I do not know how to protect myself against these radiations bombardments. Can you help me with this? Please write to my new email.


    • I hope to make a post soon about shielding, Jupirena. Please Google shielding meanwhile–metal blocks non-ionizing radiation, rubber and carbon microwave absorber will deflect some of it. So sorry to hear.


    Kaiser Permanente Crimes. EMF Radiation. Invisible, Silent and Very Dangerous Retaliation.

    Jupirena Stein


    • Thank you for your comment, Jupirena. This is disturbing, and it seems part of the global holocaust of persecution with EMF radiation weapons worldwide and in the US–that is currently underway, and that owes much to the CIA MKULTRA experiments on humans which have never stopped apparently, but just gone underground into “Black Ops.” I hope others will also investigate further. I will take a look too. Please take precautions to take care of yourself and stay well.


  4. Not only are these agencies and private contractors monitoring every second of our lives, they are in collusion with the media to take guns away. If you research into hoaxes like Sandy Hook, Boston, and lately this Virginia journalist hoax, you can speculate that others are faked, too. It’s a 1-2 punch: destroy people’s lives covertly and take their guns away.


    • Absolutely. I’m sure gun control factors into it too–and there’s the other end of it, trying to create Manchurian candidates (through mind control/electronic harassment) to engage in mass shootings to bolster the gun control agenda. I have always believed in gun control, but everything happening in the world currently suggests what’s more important is gun-control and weapon-control among the military, police, and Intel agencies and their minion contractors-it’s their weapons and their abuse of same that’s destroying our world.


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