Directed Energy Medical Technologies

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Listed and linked below are a few medical and scientific papers and presentations–written by medical scholars, scientists of every stripe, computer/electronics/telecom/RF/AI engineers–proving the link between Militarized Neuroscience, DE/RF HPM, DE/RF HEL, Electronic Warfare, and Medicine–what passes for Medicine today, that is, and has, for decades, where Doctors–that’s GPs, PCPs, EMS Physicians–and Specialized Physicians and Highly-Paid Consultants such as Radiologists, Oncologists, OB-Gynecologists, Neurologists, Neuroscientists, Ophthalmologists, Medical Physicists, others–have used, recommended, known, implanted people for, and consumed academic scholarship about the very same Directed Energy precision-in-use radio and acoustic “energy” and “neuro” technologies on the Human Body and Brain, while colluding with (Playing Police, Playing Pharaoh) Psychiatrists and so-called “Behavioral Health” and “Mental Health” professionals to destroy, defame, discredit, dismiss, disappear, thence to neurodegrade all those, educated, articulate, speaking who report the non-consensual use on their bodies of unlawful electromagnetic technologies and neurotechnologies–operated on their Bodies and Brains for Unethical Radio Dosimetric, Ethicsless Experimental Exploration, Human Control, Human Cyborging, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics purposes–as “delusional, paranoid, grandiose, persecutory-delusional, acutely-delusional, little-to-no-insight, abnormal, disturbed, unstable, dangerous, unsafe, bipolar, schizoid, psychotic, prone to psychosis, schizophrenic, needing drugging, brain-degrading, vibrating, vaccinating, abducting, terrorizing, incarcerating, force-medicating, force-implanting, force-isolating, 24/7 tech monitoring, placidating, depressing, neuromodulating, neuromodifying, altering,” effectively creating, permitting, and approving Selective Victimhood: Pariahship and Lepership, Extreme Bio Slavery, Brain-Racism: Selective Brain Takedown, Body-Racism: Techno Mutilation/Disabling/Deformity, Plain Racism, Overt Sexism, Clear Neuro Bio Subjugation, Electronic Slavery, Disappearance in Plain Sight, and Flagrant, Open Abuse, Accepted and Made Acceptable by Doctors and to Doctors, thence to All: A Techno Holocaust so excessive its denial by doctors–and their friends–cannot stand. Obviously to be ENDED.

[EMS Hospital staff forcing a Psych Intake post Abduction: Unlawful and Abusive: Flagrantly Criminal] Image: Stock/Getty Images
  • GP: General Practitioner/term from the UK
  • PCP: Primary Care Practitioner/term from the USA
  • EMS: Emergency Medical Services/USA
  • OB: Obstetrics
  • DE: Directed Energy
  • RF: Radio Frequency
  • HPM: High Power Microwave
  • RF HPM: Radio Frequency High Power Microwave/term from the US Air Force
  • RF HEL: Radio Frequency High Energy Laser/term from the US Air Force
  • IRL: Infrared Laser/term from the Air Force Research Laboratory

Many thanks to the scholarly writers, editors, Internet intelligence analysts, researchers, presenters, investigative journalists and scientists who make this public information service possible.

Energy Efficient Neural Stimulation: Coupling Circuit Design and Membrane Biophysics

Thomas J. Foutz,# 1 , 2 D. Michael Ackermann Jr.,# 1 , 3 , 4 Kevin L. Kilgore, 1 , 3 , 5 and Cameron C. McIntyre 1 , 2 , 5 , * Guglielmo Foffani, Editor | National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH, PubMed Central, 2012


Benefits and hazards of electromagnetic waves, telecommunication, physical and biomedical: a review:

S. BATOOL1, A. BIBI2, F. FREZZA1, F. MANGINI3 | European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences | 2019

1Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications,
Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
2Department of Biochemical Sciences, School of Molecular Biology and Medicine,
Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
3Santa Lucia Foundation, IRCCS Neuroimage Laboratory, Rome, Italy

Biophysics of Neuromodulation by Rapid Deposition of Energy

| AFRL Powerpoint Presentation, Chris Valdez, 711 HPW/RHDR/Human Performance Wing/Human Effectiveness Directorate, Bioeffects Division, RadioFrequency Bioeffects Branch