EMPRESS KAREN STEWART: “I’m NSA to my core, and I won, I won!”

#Bentley360| Truth via Satire | Ramola D | March 22, 2020

Regarding LieCity Central from Karen Stewart:

#KSGoebbelsLies, courtesy Karen Melton-Stewart, famed NSA whistleblower

Let me rephrase that libelous paragraph (first para above in #KSGoebbelsLies) for Karen Melton Stewart who appears to have a major problem with what Facts and Truth are as she forgets she needs people to believe her whistleblowing and blatantly wallows in lies about Ramola:

Imperial Tudor Crown

I, Empress Karen, furious with Ramola for having gone ahead and published the Joint Statement after I tried suddenly at the last minute to delay it interminably from being published–lost as I am in a serious delusion about Katherine Horton’s ability to save the world via a personal court case for which I benightedly provided a affidavit—and after I had coldly cut off my friendship with Ramola when she demurred about a delay, I took to Twitter and Facebook and began to publish excoriations, denunciations and lies about her, in petty vengeance and bloviated ego, unable to help myself.

A choice lie I cooked up was that she had “tried to coerce Millicent and me” to write the Joint Statement when I knew very well she had done nothing of the sort but, along with another writer, had completely stopped speaking to me about Katherine Horton’s slanders against her for 1.5 years.

I suppressed the fact that it was another writer who first informed me of mobbing campaigns and lies about Ramola being bandied about by the Katherine Horton Groupie clan, with a major lie re. The End of Techno which should have been laid to rest a year and a half ago.

I lied instead that Ramola had come “begging” to me to save her from the slander-minions when Ramola had not even known this other writer had written to me on this matter.

I lied again when Ramola eventually wrote to me saying she had learned from this other writer of her kind request for a Joint Statement from Millicent, myself, and Ramola to lay to rest Katherine Horton’s infamous lies, and agreed that such a statement was in order, although it should have been 1.5 years ago when Techno closed.

Another lie I pursued like one demented is that Ramola cyberstalked and persecuted Katherine when it was quite clear to one and all—and also to me, acknowledged as such in an email–it was Katherine who went after Ramola with a whole bunch of smears and attacks right after TCFF closed, and which Ramola meticulously rebutted, proving the wrongfulness of Katherine’s smear attacks.

I also pretended I had not been following this fracas when I was perfectly aware I had dropped her like a stone last year when Katherine was publishing her endless defamations and smears, and when she had completely stopped updating me about Katherine’s actions against her and about her own responses to counter Katherine’s smears—I deserved it, because I had failed to assist earlier in publishing a Joint Cease and Desist to Katherine as requested by her and Melanie and others and had expressed my unintelligent and thoughtless advice instead to just “Walk Away”–something I personally cannot do myself, as is quite evident to one and all by my current rabid pursuit and endless excoriation of Ramola.

I thought it would look really good and point me up as a measured, thoughtful “professional” to say that Ramola had acted against all reasonable advice from me (the famous NSA whistleblower) so I did.

I also decided to completely mischaracterize the entire process of review and change we used during the drafting of this Statement and say instead that Millicent and I had “asked her to remove inflammatory language she tried to credit to us” which I know makes it sound like we are the calm, clear ones and she is an inflaming fiend—very useful when you want to defame and discredit someone—my primary aim here, as dictated by my NSA/CIA “whitehat” bosses who like to bleat about Unity just to scapegoat people like Ramola and ostracize and disappear them, so I did.

Then I could spin my false narrative about her becoming irritated by these reprimands of ours and rising to ever greater heights of infamy.

The coup de gras was when I realized I could stick a little “quid pro quo” “yellow journalism” accusation in there as well – after all I’m NSA, and I know how to lie; this was a whopper but I went for it, the rewards would be great—from Lucifer, that is, who along with Michael Aquino, runs the NSA—I gleefully wrote the tremendous and injurious lie that Ramola had stated I “owed her” for having covered my story, and threw Millicent in there as well. Who’s to know when a NSA whistleblower lies?

Then I pulled out the old “Intelligence Community” standby when a particularly egregious lie is aired, exactly as I was trained, and cunningly wrote “This is fact.”

That’s like closing a door, people fall for it like sheep, straight off a cliff—but hey, I won, I won! I told a whole bunch of lies and pretended it was Fact, I won, I won, no-one’s to know it’s all Freemasonic Knights Templar checkmate, I’m here to win, I’m NSA to my core, and I won, I won!

Who cares if I lie, I’m the “only NSA whistleblower helping targets” and most of these targets are going to sit back and let me reign like the Empress I am (lopping off a head here, a reputation there)–I won, I won!

*** *** ***

For further commentary on that delectable set of lies and idiotic challenges from Empress Karen on that “Perps and Nutcases” Facebook page where she reigns as primary prime with her imperial Tudor crown, please see the newly added-to-addendum version of my statement on her: