Posting, For The Public Record | Unlawful Targeting of an American Writer & Journalist

Ramola D | Page Created 10/28/2020 | Updated 9/28/2021

Sleep-deprived nightly, face inflamed from microwave pulse hits nonstop from neighbors’ houses, attacked during podcasts with heart-hits, head-hits, private-part hits, necessitating shielding, non-consensually implanted, with assaultive frequencies sent to implants, this writer continues to “put her best face forward” and work assiduously, night and day, to expose these and other crimes against humanity, against herself, against others.

UP TO DATE REPORTS HERE: Ramola D: Personal Reports/Also a page posting all articles and letters on my personal case

Ongoing Log: Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record

SHAMELESS TORTURE IN THE AGE OF ELECTRONIC WARFARE/Interview with Paul Marko/Pinecone Utopia/World Beyond Belief in late Feb/early March 2017–First interview about the entire targeting scenario which began in late 2013, initiated by local Freemasons and Luciferians Sinead Walsh (now President of the Adams Montessori School Board) and Alexander Steffan, then President of the Adams Montessori School Board.

I’m posting here all articles, letters, threads, links to posts related to the unlawful EMF/Neurotech/vehicular & crowd mobbing/neighborhood stalking & monitoring/street-theater stalking & Zersetzung targeting, along with character assassination campaigns and targeted smear-and-lie campaigns against this writer and journalist over a period of seven years now, from Oct/Nov 2013 starting in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts, continuing transcontinentally on my travels, to London, United Kingdom, Paris, Frankfurt, Chennai, Bangalore, everywhere I traveled in South India, and within the United States: in Boston, Burlington, Vermont, New Hampshire, various cities in Western Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Myrtle Beach, Connecticut, Rhode Island and in various towns and cities in these and other states, at all travel stops, hotels, motels, buildings in these states, and returning to Quincy, Massachusetts, where the rot firmly resides.

I have sought information on this targeting and been rebutted. I have collected much evidence. I have studied the subject, and I will be issuing Cease & Desists to the various groups (government, commercial, law enforcement, academic, private) I have identified are involved. I will also be issuing Notices of Liability and filing Notices of Claim. I will be writing and publishing my Affidavit of fact and truth on this matter to fully reveal the incredible extent of the crimes on my body, brain, and self, as well as home and family shortly.

The parties involved–ALL PARTIES INVOLVED–are hereby advised to immediately CEASE and DESIST these targeting and Remote-Access assault crimes, and also advised that they will be held liable, they will be publicly exposed, and they will be required to pay. I remind all parties of this Notice of Crimes Against Humanity they are committing. I remind all contractors currently flickering nerves and sending pulse-hits, including all nefarious neighbors, all local government bodies, all dark agencies, all Universities, all federal and private corporations who are engaging in non-consensual weapons tests, demos, fieldings, operations, invasions, intrusions, data collections on my body and brain it is gross human rights violation and crimes against humanity they are committing. The impressive infrastructure set up to execute these crimes–calling it surveillance, calling it monitoring, calling it Crime Prevention, calling it Peace Enforcement, calling it research, calling it social engineering, calling it experimentation–merely underlines the extent of the entrenchment but does not detract from the fact that these are Remote-Access Crimes Against Humanity.

The extreme crimes against humanity attended on my person over seven years, night and day–from drones, cell towers, helicopters, neighbors’ antennas, energy weapons carried into hotels and apartments, sonic weapons carried in a woman’s purse in a store, pulse shot weapons and plasma weapons firing into my bedroom and couch, LRADs and quantum tunnelling weapons sending loud-pulse heart-hits, nonstop, every night as I lie down to sleep, several intense heart-hit attempts on my life from helicopters, minivans, excavation trucks next door lifting up the neighbor’s swimming-pool, large trucks sending ELFs night and day into couches to vibrate private parts and spine, radio FM generator trucks sending congestive heart frequencies into my chest on walks in Pageant Field, Quincy, Mass, or Blue Hills, Milton, Mass, microwave pulse shots to head and face from energy antenna systems carried in trash trucks and recycling trucks in Quincy Mass, multiple nanotechnology attacks creating subdermal-heat attacks, infra-red heat waves sent up spines in plasma bombs or pulses at night to sleep-deprive, sonic weapons to attack private parts, hyperscalar radar crawl-hits into private parts from the neighbor’s house, microwave pulse shots into face, head, and body from neighbors’ houses, up and down the street, portable devices carried in a stranger’s pocket shooting pulses into underwear (audible on shielding), energy attacks & electrical attacks on brain, spine, nerves, creating brain assaults, electroshocks from utility vans, USPS vans, FedEx vans, UPS vans, landscaping service vans, closed-bed trucks, cell phones in a neighbor’s hand flickering nerves, and more–will not be forgotten.

I seem to have been hit with every kind of exotic energy weapon on the planet created to assault humans remotely, and I will shortly spell it all out in my Affidavit. These weapons should never have been invented and they should not be used, period. The “boys with the toys” are playing Full-Spectrum-Dominance on humans currently, and the world should know. Execrably, “girls with the toys” are operating too, like companion vampires.


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TESTIMONY OF CURRENT GOVERNMENT COVERT TORTURE AND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS/Washington’s Blog, March 2016: The first account published of the unlawful targeting I have experienced and still experience, was published in March 2016 by Carl Herman at Washington’s Blog, which has since closed down, and republished April 19, 2016 at Intellihub and From the Trenches World Reports.