Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower | July 17, 2023

Note | Ramola D | July 17, 2023

I am writing to address a few matters noted in the post at Barbara Hartwell’s website dated (at my browser) now as made on July 4: “Swans Against Slander”? Or Delusions of Grandeur? Outlandish Falsehoods of “Truth Journalist” Ramola D/Dharmaraj

[A few days ago (possibly July 9), I imaged one of the original postings under this title (as posted below) now dated July 4. (The file I suspect has now been changed, judging by visible change in the file on my (hacked) desktop noticed a little while ago and obvious clatter next door from the resident hackers playing neighbors here in my neighborhood.)

Yesterday, July 16, I imaged the same post at the BarbaraHartwellvsCIA website now also dated July 4. (Both dates and the imagings below have been changed as I wrote the rest of this article–very slowly, as obvious ELF cyber-hacking was slowing down the typing on my computer and the cursor became a black rectangle.)]

It was clear to me from first reading that this is not the Barbara Hartwell I have known and interviewed. Much like other “IC” (intelligence community) member whistleblowers whose work we all benefit from, yet who enter abruptly into decline, I suspect that her website has been taken over by a ghost writer apparently fixated on defamation and slander–yet who seeks to make prominent her insider reportage and whistleblowing.

I have questioned therefore whether it is worth taking the time responding to any aspect of this post, given that my primary intent as noted earlier is to ignore any further defamation and slander from Barbara Hartwell.

There are however a few matters I wish to address.

One of them has to do with the fact that the postings attributed above to Barbara Hartwell at her website have changed as noted above. Personal reports and logs made at my site as private witness testimonial to my own experience of grievous, persecutory harm via the abuse of baseless and abusive surveillance with extended harms of anti-personnel directed energy weaponry and neurotechnologies, a subject of much reportage at my site, have been misreferenced by the writer and, sadly, derided. In this context I must note also that since my site has been greatly cyber-hacked, and my writing hacked on the page (frozen, text cut, delayed) at moment of writing, changes may have been made to words and phrases here and there, a matter I am still investigating.

The two postings I have noticed were imaged as noted above:

This one’s from July 16 (as on her website yesterday, July 16):

PDF July 16, 2023

And this one’s from earlier:

PDF July 9, 2023

[Note made at my desktop before the files changed as noted above: (Clearly they are somewhat different.)]

The other has to do with the false-accusation of my supposedly sending defamatory emails to two of her friends and later to “unrelated third parties” in a grand projection of supposed extended slander, a matter which I addressed rather clearly in my original address on this matter, and which still stands. These false-accusations, repeated here and there, have been worded in this form at one spot:

“And no, I accused her of nothing which was not true. I simply exposed her unethical actions of sending defamatory messages to my friends, behind my back, in my own defense.” [Barbara Hartwell]

False-accusations include lies wearing the skin of declaration and fact, such as the “statements” made using the signal “FACT:” noted in this missive, a matter probably most clear only to those who know that Living in the Private is sadly being used by some wrongfully (using English Grammar inaccurately) to bury Truth rather than uphold it.

These for instance are outright lies:

[BH: Barbara Hartwell is one of the parties named.

FACT: I have never, at any time, conducted any “campaign of defamation and slander” against Ramola D, neither “publicly”, nor “privately”.

FACT: My reports have been solely in my own defense against the defamation and gossip of Ramola D.

FACT: No truth whatsoever is presented by her in connection with my name.][Barbara Hartwell]

As the true Barbara Hartwell knows, there was no defamation and slander from my end, nor any other friends and colleagues between us than the two I have claimed openly and who have claimed me openly, but certainly a difference of opinion on the matter of the term “Targeted Individuals” and all endurings of harm those either claiming that term (“Targeted Individuals”) for themselves have reported or those attributing that term to civilians and veterans being persecuted under the guise of surveillance or healthcare monitoring have deliberately ignored and dismissed. This latter is a subject I have written on earlier and which I will once more address, specifically in response to what I have perceived to be mistaken analysis of both that term and its extended context.

It is regrettable that the CIA and its alumni have taken to maintaining a harmful cover-operation to disappear the voice of journalists exposing the multiple crimes against the populace as noted above, and one can only hope intellect, awareness, expanded consciousness, and clarity of seeing returns to them all.