Ramola D/Public Exhibit: Investigative Journalism is Not “Untreated Mental Illness”

–Ramola D/Updated 6/11/2018/Posted 5/14/2018

Ramola D
Ramola D, Wavemaker Interview

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Rebutting the False Allegations

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Reason for this Public Exhibit

Defamatory and Criminal False Report Made to CPS Against a Journalist

On April 13, 2018, a malicious, malignant, defamatory, frivolous, and criminal False Report was filed against myself, Ramola D/Dharmaraj, a mother, writer, investigative journalist, Press Officer of the US-Europe Joint Investigative Team, and currently also Massachusetts State Convenor to the World Treaty Conference Banning Neurotechnology and Directed-Energy Weapons, by an unnamed “mandated reporter”–a public official given State legal rights to report child abuse or neglect–from among a group of public school officials: the Principal, Vice Principal, and “Director of Security” at Central Middle School as well as the Deputy Superintendent and Senior Director, Student Support Services at the Quincy Public Schools Superintendent’s Office.

This false and frivolous report was made, egregiously, to the Department of Children and Families—a Child Protection Services agency–falsely and baselessly alleging Child Neglect/by way of “Untreated Mental Illness” and submitting outlandish and fabricated accusations aimed at myself of “severe mental illness, untreated mental illness, failure to take medication, psychosis,” a calumniatory, slanderous, libelous allegation completely unsubstantiated, unfounded, baseless, specious, and vindictive—which clearly seeks to harm my reputation, provoke State intervention in my private family affairs, and grievously invade my family privacy.

This act of inexplicable slander occurred directly (less than 24 hours) after I had an informational and completely cordial meeting with the school principal Richard DeCristofaro Jr.–notably, and nepotistically, the son of Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Richard DeCristofaro Sr., a meeting partially attended by vice principal Susan Shea Conner, as a concerned school mother in my professional capacity as an investigative Science, Technology, Surveillance, Defense, Ethics & Human Rights journalist, and provided information related to the unlawful, extrajudicial, #SurveillanceAbuse use of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies on citizens—being reported widely today all over the USA and world—and which is acknowledged by Intelligence agency whistle-blowers (some I have personally interviewed, as a journalist), reported by other investigative journalists, and confirmed by doctors and scientists.

Details of this meeting and retaliatory sequel were recorded in the recent JIT Press Release and will be covered in greater depth shortly, as new and very revealing details of Quincy City Council, Quincy School Committee, Quincy Public Schools, and Military/Government/Private Contractor Revolving Door corruption unfold.

I am constructing this public exhibit to collect all related articles, letters, media coverage and reportage on an ongoing basis as I strive to address these wrongful allegations and fabrications with these government agencies, and further bring to light the facts related to the ongoing use of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies on citizens in the United States of America—a central subject of my investigative journalism.

Criminal Misuse of Power To Suppress Vital Reportage

I post this information also in the public interest: I think the American public, Massachusetts public, and Quincy public–as well as the world public–would appreciate knowing what has occurred here in Quincy, where public school officials, professing “concern,” have engaged in a reckless, irresponsible, and criminal misuse of power to take malevolent, repressive action against the mother of a child in their school, clearly with malicious intent to harm, cause emotional distress, and invade the privacy and sanctity of her family, all because they wish to frantically suppress the subject of her reportage: the use of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies in public places, on school grounds and elsewhere, in Quincy, in surrounding towns, in Massachusetts, instead of researching the information supplied and working to secure the safety of the children at the school.

Absurdity and Venality of False Report When Child is Brilliant, Exceptional, Thriving

Many questions need to be asked here, including the most primary one: Why would Quincy Public Schools react so inappropriately and extremely, daring to slander and libel a publishing journalist, by making an egregiously false and fabricated report on her as “neglectful of her child by way of serious and untreated mental illness” particularly when her child is an outstanding and happy and thriving student, flourishing under her nurturance and care—immediately after a meeting where information on anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies was provided, instead of researching and addressing as a Public Safety issue the information being brought to their attention?

Since when did Quincy Public Schools officials start moonlighting as Mental Health specialists qualified to attribute mental illness, untreated or treated, to parents with children in Quincy Public Schools? Are Quincy Public School officials seeking generally to shut down helpful public-interest information from parents by labeling parents mentally ill? Is this a habit with Quincy Public Schools then, do they generally call up DCF on a whim and falsely and frivolously label parents mentally ill, thus permitting DCF to swoop in and invade private homes, break up families, and remove happy, thriving children? 

Why would Quincy Public Schools wish to shut down information provided by a parent who researches and publishes on subjects related to Public Safety—specifically on DOD/DOJ anti-personnel military non-lethal technologies—instead of investigating further, in the interests of securing the safety of children at the school? Does Quincy Public Schools have something to hide?

Please stay tuned for further investigative reportage on this matter.

Rebutting the False Allegations

JIT Press Release Report

Quincy Central Middle School Principal Richard DeCristofaro, Jr. Makes Irresponsible & Malicious False Report of “Neglect” to Child Protective Services Against School Mother, a Journalist and Human Rights Advocate with Brilliant, Thriving, Contented, High-Performing Child

Letter from Ramola D to Governor Charlie Baker on False Report by QPS/April 26, 2018

Public Records Requests at Muckrock.com:


To Quincy Public Schools

Follow-up Email to Terri Ellis/April 28, 2018

Letter to the Commissioner, DCF/May 9, 2018

State of Massachusetts Law on The Use of Electronic Weapons

Letter from Ramola D to the Chair, Mayor Thomas P. Koch, and Members, Quincy School Committee/June 10, 2018

Information Supplied at School Visit to Principal Richard DeCristofaro, Jr.

Ramola D Bio at Muckrack/Journalism Portfolio Site

Home page of The Wishing Well, Ramola D’s children’s creativity workshop site/artcreatewrite.com

Affidavit of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Assault at Science Fair at Central Middle School Gymnasium/Homeroom

Ramola D, Press Officer, JIT/Business Card

Flyers for Public Education

Community Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes

Bigger Than #ReleaseTheMemo/DHS Terrorist Watchlist Scam

Dismantle DHS

The DHS Scam and Human Trafficking of Innocent Citizens

Letters in Validation and Support of Journalism, Provided by Concerned Colleagues and Government Whistleblowers

NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart’s Letter In support of Ramola D’s Reportage, Confirming Electronic/DEW Use and Criminally Abusive Surveillance on Civilians

CIA Whistleblower and Journalist Barbara Hartwell’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Reportage, Confirming Electronic/DEW Use & Criminally Abusive Surveillance on Whistleblowers

FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage

Biomedical Research Scientist Tracy Wellons’ Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage/Citing State of Massachusetts Law on The Use of Electronic Weapons

Journalist, IT Consultant, and EFL Educator Christopher Burton’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage

Stanford and Yale Trained Neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage

Board Members, Targeted Justice’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage

Investigative Science & Technology Reporter & Universal Aspects Founder Philip Walker’s Letter In Support of Ramola D’s Research & Reportage/Author of the Hi Tech War Crime Report recently submitted to Congress.

UK Linguistics and EFL Teacher Cassandra’s Letter in Support of Ramola D’s Research and Reportage

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Media Coverage

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