The Consequences of Infiltration

–Ramola D/Posted June 7, 2019

The Consequences of Infiltration

in Human Rights “Targeted Individual” Activism against the combined High-Tech, Stealth-Tech War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of

  1. Surveillance Abuses involving Remote Electronic Torture by Intelligence Agencies and Fusion Centers,
  2. Non-Consensual, Inhumane, & Unethical Military/Intel/DARPA/CIA/ Medical Neuro/DEW/MK ULTRA Remote Trauma-Based Mind Control & Behavior Control Experimentation,
  3. Anti-Personnel DOD/DOJ Non-Lethal Directed Energy & Neuro Cognitive Weapons Testing, 
  4. Covert Vendetta Private-Party Revenge-With-Tech Crime,
  5. Psychological Warfare Involving Community Policing, Ridicule, Hostility, Blacklisting, Life-Takedown, and
  6. Remote Physical Subjugation and Violations of Human Rights Occasioned by All Above

While this may be an academic subject to some, and a nonstarter to others, I am taking the trouble to collect and record my thoughts and recollections on this subject primarily for those like me – in the #DisclosureOnTargeting or “Targeted Individual” activism world – who are interested in openly speaking out about the CounterIntelligence, Military, and Private Sector crimes of high-tech neuroweaponry/DEW targeting while not permitting ourselves to be stopped, censored, suppressed, waylaid, misdirected, sabotaged, entrapped in Parallel Construction schemes, thwarted and gatekept or otherwise managed or entrained by CounterIntel and Non-Consensually-Researching impostors, infiltrators, pretenders, misdirectors, managers, censors, gatekeepers, and double agents.

High-Tech, Stealth-Tech Neuro/DEW Crimes

High-Tech, Stealth-Tech crimes include the crimes of Remote Electronic Torture, Remote Directed Energy Weapon use, Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Neurotechnology use, Remote Neuro Manipulation, Remote “Non-Lethal” Weapon use, Remote Anti-Personnel weapon use, Remote Bio-Robotizing, Covert Micro/NanoTech Implantation and Implant Activation, Brain Chip Interface use, Aerosol/Nanotech/Direct Contact/Subdermal Heat/Subdermal Itch BioWeapons and other technologies used on and reported as executing 24/7 torture on their bodies and brains by Mil/Intel victims—who seem to become victims by first being wrongfully put under surveillance by criminally corrupt individuals—FBI field personnel, FBI paid informants, or DHS “Terrorism Liaison Officers” in local Intel agencies and fusion centers. From research and speaking to whistleblowers, it appears that corruption and syndicated crime networks in local police and city/state governments also contribute to wrongful targeting and surveillance of innocents, which is essentially the abduction and kidnapping of citizens for abysmally unethical and inhumane slow-kill Military Weapons-testing and Intel/Military/University  Brain/ Robotics/ Cybernetics/ Artificial Intelligence experimentation purposes.

The fact is, these High-Tech Neuro/DEW Crimes Against Humanity have been going on for decades, as long-time advocates and whistlebowers Paul Baird, the late Dr. Rauni Kilde, the late Harlan Girard, Cheryl Welsh, Soleil Mavis, Charles Schlund, Robert Naeslund and others have attested.

External Control of MIIC (Military Intelligence Industrial Complex) Victims by Media, Psychiatry, Law Enforcement

Organizations and groups and email lists have formed, connecting reporting victims and striving to raise public awareness. Attempts by many groups over the years to publicize, solicit public support, report to Law Enforcement, find and sue the perpetrators have been systematically sabotaged by organized campaigns run by the Military/Intel/Private perpetrators in controlling Mainstream Media coverage to project reporting victims as delusional and paranoid, using complicit psychologists and psychiatrists to state that reporting victims are delusional and paranoid, co-opting Law Enforcement into psych-committing reporting victims as “covert psychotics” with “untreated mental illness,” and co-opting (or managing from within) human/civil rights organizations like the ACLU, Amnesty, and the Red Cross into withholding support and recognition for reporting victims by emphasis on this false and fraudulent “delusional and paranoid” label.

The “delusional and paranoid” “diagnosis” is further pursued by a determined and organized campaign of Psychological Warfare involving COINTELPRO “gangstalking,” oppressive community monitoring using Neighborhood Watch, community policing (COPS, Infragard), community enrollment in clandestine behavior-modification, brain-entrainment, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE/FBI-run) and personality-”management” projects, community and employment blacklisting, sabotaging relationships by telling everyone Extreme-Lies about the victim, socially isolating the victim by getting everyone around the victim to flee in this manner, and generally Psy Opping, terrorizing, and co-opting the neighborhood, community, their own families into collectively gaslighting and oppressing the victim in efforts to discredit and have the victim deemed an unreliable reporting witness of their own extreme Electromagnetic Torture and Psycho-Social Warfare victimization.

Internal Control of MIIC Victims by Military/Intel/Industrial Infiltrators

Meanwhile, control is flexed from within by carefully planted and groomed infiltrators from the agencies, Military/Intel/government and Defence contractors as well as private criminal networks and companies–who are using the reporting victims for terminal and inhumane non-consensual experimentation, field weapons testing, sacrificial SRA-style & MK Ultra-style extreme-trauma/torture-based control operations, group-dynamics modeling and manipulation, and collecting data on their experiments through personal access to and interaction with victims. These parties maintain a close hold on reporting-victim (“Targeted Individual”) interactions, public efforts and community efforts to raise awareness by running imperious and directive/managerial operations on group email lists and from within victim activism groups, by alternately misdirecting, censuring, gatekeeping, crushing, or sabotaging public awareness or legal redress initiatives, while purporting to lead and act as spokespeople for the victim TI community.

The effect is to slow down, sabotage, destroy activism efforts, as well as continue the privileged place of insider as a victim among the victims, continuing to collect data and misdirect victims. The effect is also to overwhelm, sway and destroy personal lives and relationships so as to deflect, undermine, and slow down activism efforts.

Within the 21st-century context of Neurotech/Swarm AI/Social Engineering/Hive-Minding/Brain Net/group behavior modeling operations among Neurotech/DEW vicims as well, the infiltrator-victim continues their privileged placement as insider victim to engage in swarm AI, chatterbotting, hive-minding, mass hypnosis, brain-entrainment, and mass-control operations among victims. Quite apart from the massive deception involved, a very real price is paid by the TI activists who permit infiltrators to sit on their email lists, commandeer their lists, issue faulty directives and guidance, chatterbot all to death, make it easier to neural-network-map and brain-entrain and radio-hypno them and “steer” their hard-won efforts off cliffs.

Keep in mind that “Targeted Individuals” are some of the most extremely tortured, targeted, terrorized, Psy Opped, bodily-assaulted, neuro-manipulated, stalked and smeared Crime Victims on earth. It is no exaggeration to say that TIs are being treated worse than lab rats or guinea pigs by utterly unethical scientists, they are the targets of very large-scale community persecution operations in addition to physical and neurological assaults on their person; what they are being subjected to is beyond-barbaric Crimes Against Humanity being perpetrated on them by war criminals who rightfully should be collectively incarcerated at speed preferably on a remote planet far from Planet Earth.

The kind of extreme pyschological and social and physical and neurological control being used on TIs in fact is illustrative of the kind of control that the technologies being used on them promise to entrench shortly for all citizens if not stopped completely: extremely invasive and privacy-destroying Remote Neural Access, and Remote Bodily Access and Manipulation radar/sonic technologies which have been developed with full intention to take over the bodies and brains of all human beings in Neuro Modification and Biological Intervention programs.

TIs are Whistleblowers Informing the World of Black Ops Neurotech Brain & Body Takeover, Ongoing & Impending (If Not Stopped), Intended, of all Humanity

I believe it is important therefore that all TI efforts to truthfully inform the world and seek termination of such invasive and extremely dark and intrusive high-technologies go forward continuously, without deterrence or distraction from infiltrators.

For these reasons, I am continuing the discussion I was compelled by time and length to abrogate in my written statement, The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory, on the subject of my ex-colleague Dr. Katherine Horton, whose words and actions I have been compelled to publicly examine in the light of her being a possible infiltrator or double agent after events surrounding the breakup of Techno (comprising, essentially her own public misframing and disinfo-spreading, as she ran a massive Psychological Warfare campaign against me, attacking me wholesale while saying straight-faced she was actually defending herself from me)—although I had like others had private questions and intimations of her being such much earlier and had chosen not to publicly air them then.

That entire thrust of her Attack-Page on me online at her site, in fact, is summed up in this meme which points out that what psychopaths do is revert focus on others by accusing others of their own crimes against them–”reversal of the perpetrator-victim relationship”:

I will also mention a few others and add to this document as I have time but am not seeking to make this a comprehensive listing; many of us on the inside know the history of infiltration among TIs and its deleterious effects, we’re also aware of the many outstanding infiltrators who haunt our email lists, we share this awareness privately amongst ourselves. The TI community as many of us know is profoundly infiltrated; there are manipulators from many groups working at many different levels including as “media spokespersons” to keep the truth of extreme-crime in Mil/Intel/University/Defense contractor targeting from the larger public; neural and group manipulation is being used on TIs by the group-dynamics and AI researchers, with similar intent, to muddy the waters but also to splinter groups, create internal distrust and chaos, and prevent effective activism.

Because we all benefit from reading others’ analyses and gain a clearer picture across time by exchanging notes with others, I believe there is value in publishing the truth of what we know for one primary reason: the cover-op created by the leader-infiltrators who end up playing censor, gatekeeper, mis-director, “caretaker of the problem,” data-collector, and ultimately, preserver-of-the-TI-program, which is the non-consensual, hiding-in-plain-sight, profoundly-unethical multiple-experimentation & weapons/sensors/AI-testing and operator-training program being protected for multiple government agencies, militaries, local governments, tech companies, and Universities. Infiltrators permit “holding-patterns” among victims; as long as the talky “leader” promises the moon, nothing will be done, as people’s lives literally drain away. This is truly a matter of life or death for the weapon-targeted. It becomes imperative, in this light, to share what information we have.

Dr. Katherine Horton

I will preface this to state that I have deliberately embarked on this full exposé of Katherine for many reasons, not least because she worked for a long time with me, engaged my friendship and public support, then set out to publicly defame and smear me in ways that apparently were very convincing to certain people who continue to support her; her words and actions about other activists and writers also have been defaming and have viscerally harmed others such as Dr. Millicent Black, Melanie Vritschan, Frederic Laroche, Thomas McFarlan, Cassandra (Rupture Corruption on Twitter), CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and most egregiously and lastingly, Melanie’s newborn baby—who has been stuck in a children’s home, for one-and-a-half years of nonstop traumatic removal and separation from her mother, thanks entirely to “Dr. Horton,” more on which further below.

I am also presenting this information in the interests of unearthing the Truth because I assess her to be engaging in discrediting, distracting, brain-entraining, hive-minding, misdirecting, gatekeeping, counterintel actions against those who are targeted—among other dubious sensationalist and misleading actions.

In regards to me, what I find especially horrifying is her casual lying, misframing, and smearing published on what she has termed her Blacklist “Blood on Their Hands” page on her website, and the libelous page with my name on it she has posted, has kept adding to, and keeps online as a permanent Smear Campaign against me–while, ironically, stating in these that I ran slander campaigns against her, “lobbied” to bar her from projects, and other confabulations. These are obviously malicious actions, and defamatory actions, and libelous actions; yet she remains impervious to the several Cease and Desist Notices I first posted, publicly, to her (after she first launched her defamation campaign against me, with her video titled The End of Techno Crime Fighters and followed up shortly after with her website page); she ignores the many rebuttals to her ridiculous accusations I have made on video and in print, and continues to keep her libelous statements on me online. Further, I notice lately that she has published a desperate Cease and Desist Notice to me in her “Crime Files”: a form posting, when she has proved she cannot heed my own several—and joint–Cease and Desists sent her earlier (why would she imagine I would then heed hers?) and when the real crime here has always been her long-term targeting, cyberstalking, and nasty defamation and smear campaign against me.

I am also interested in publishing this material because “Dr. Katherine Horton” is building for herself a new online persona while maintaining her old lies against me; since the break-up of Techno, I am aware she has continued her podcasts, setting up a new Forum for TIs and doing other podcasts including interviews of her own, purporting to be an expert on various matters, and appearing on various people’s shows such as Kerry Cassidy’s and James Fetzer’s and Catherine Austin-Fitts’, in the company of personas like Deborah Tavares and Ole Dammegard, apparently building herself up to be a talking head of some sort—while continuing to maintain to all the world the stale fiction of having been wronged by me, whom she wrongfully accuses of running targeted defamation campaigns against her, the crux of her lying.

From what I have seen of her podcasts, she is occasionally continuing her random talk of violence (please see her Nazi Death Squads video)—one of the primary reasons Techno broke up–and one has to wonder how this talk, coupled with tweets putting Intel heads in cross-hairs has not evoked response from Intel of any kind, nor from YouTube or Twitter. Are her actions, words, and tweets being protected perhaps, as someone working under “Cover”? This is certainly my current assessment of what is going on, really. (Please note this draft was written and on my desktop for weeks before Katherine’s current (as of May 10, 2019) Twitter suspension; I am leaving my draft here as is on that account; because every word I write is read by Intel prior to publication (plenty of evidence of cyberhacking nonstop on my desktop), it is entirely possible my words here have triggered a hasty Cover-Ops move to suspend her account in an attempt to protect CounterIntel tactics and facades which include her.)

As long as she is maintaining online on the Internet whole sheets of lies about me, I am most certainly going to publish online for permanent record the Truth of the matter. In that spirit, which prompted the publication of Swiss Cheese and Bayonets to address her Smear Campaign, as many know, I published a long Twitter thread on #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign, seeking to understand the depth and reason for the malice she has directed against me, after her last Smear Video. I recommend also Cassandra’s supportive and clarifying thread detailing the sequence of attacks here, and what Katherine has done in the way of running smear campaigns on many.

Aspects Not Covered Earlier

In this writing, I will offer a selective recounting of specific aspects that to me have been long-problematic of my experience with her, from the time she appeared on the TI scene with her first Richie Allen interview, and which I haven’t had time or interest to air earlier. For a more complete understanding—if anyone is interested—of my experience with her, please see my earlier articles The Real Backstory and Swiss Cheese and Bayonets.

I first met Katherine not long after that interview with Richie Allen when she made an audio appearance on Ella Free’s conference-call after which we made contact by email and later on Skype, when Katherine called me. Interestingly, Ella mentioned me by name on her call and said something to Katherine to the effect that she thought we were so alike and that Katherine needed to meet me or some such. (Entirely possible now to me that both were playing tag team to provide “cover for status” for Katherine but I’ll write about Ella later, in connection to her appearance in Neil Steinberg’s Criminal-Cover-Up article in the Chicago Sun-Times recently, and her other dubious behaviors and communications as a self-professed “media spokesperson.”) Katherine’s Oxford/CERN Particle-Physicist credentials made her sound necessary to know to many of us. After that first Skype call, Katherine and I continued to have conversations as friends and colleagues on Skype later (I’ll note she most often initiated these Skype calls) and throughout the time that she worked with me, until July 2018 when Techno Crime Fighters Forum ended.

While I admired her voice and smarts as many others did and worked with her throughout to, as I thought, join forces against a mutual foe–the covert Intelligence agencies and militaries using anti-personnel Spectrum weapons and character assassination tactics on us–there were a few early inklings of something being wrong that I was aware of yet downplayed back then because like other TI activists I was working with, I was impressed by Katherine’s dynamism and wanted to believe in Katherine’s authenticity.

Problematic Indicators of Inauthenticity

  1. My earliest intimation of this occurred on a call when Katherine literally began to interrogate me about something and asked deliberately and rather formally for my opinion, saying something like “I want to hear Your opinion,” when I was talking about it anyway; this stood out as a moment of clear question to me since, at the time, I was aware—by reason of the many odd people crossing my path online, that CounterIntel operatives were struggling to get a handle on who I was, and were trying hard to get a personality profile down; yes, I had already distinguished myself, I suspect, back then to this criminal coterie by way of the articles I was writing (at my media and blog site The Everyday Concerned Citizen and elsewhere online) and FOIA requests I was making and interviews with TIs and whistleblowers I had published –and by my refusal to back down from speaking openly on my website and through investigative journalism of the inhumane targeting, Surveillance, and military crimes I am still reporting. Katherine’s behavior and questioning on this occasion struck me similarly as an exercise in personality-profiling. She followed this up later with other occasions of questioning in similar vein—which did not stand out to me as much later because we had been building a friendship and working relationship, sharing opinions on matters of mutual interest, and I was constantly giving her the benefit of the doubt.
  1. When I first used to Skype-converse with Katherine, she was not sitting in front of aluminium foil or metal—but I was. On many occasions while I worked at my desk or on my couch, I was (and still am) obliged to prop up my usual shields behind me because I was being hit while I worked, with nonstop microwave pulse shots to my head and back and remote ELF vibrations sent to my seat; what I used was usually Reflectix over sheet metal. She asked about my shielding and not long after started to put aluminium foil up behind her; she also made tall shields later with Reflectix over possibly sheet metal that looked remarkably like mine. None of this would be remarkable except that it seemed to me on those early occasions not that she was shielding herself better but that she was learning about shielding and about being hit from me rather than experiencing it herself; the thought then struck me that she was learning about how best to project herself as a victim of these energy weapons. I am not the only one to speculate thus then or later, I spoke with others who felt the same about her, who reported that she imitated what they said about how they were hit or implanted only after they talked about it with her.

It is ironic—and interesting—that on all podcasts, Techno and later, I have preferred, for aesthetic reasons, to stick shielding behind the books behind me, while she has displayed shielding, foil or metal, behind her, as if with need to advertise being hit with DEWs. Currently of course, she has taken to sitting in front of a bookcase herself, much like myself (and many others, I know: it is conventional for intellectuals to be seen on camera with a bookcase background, I am perfectly aware, but it is indeed rather interesting that she has changed her background to imitate, among others, mine), and with a rather telling display of an Oscar Wilde collection behind her, possibly Hiding in Plain Sight the stories she is spinning for the world at large. Or perhaps simply continuing to echo-stalk me as a writer and teacher of literature, more on which shortly.

3. That Reflectix over sheet metal shield: I should note that on that very last Techno podcast we did, Katherine interestingly pulled out a tall rectangular shield identical to the kind I have made for use when I work or sleep, and which I had been sitting propped on the couch with and leaning into me just that week, and leaned it against her head in identical fashion as I was speaking, saying she was being hit. (Also notable about that moment was the classic slant line created by the shield, a rather telltale Masonic/ Zionist/ Talmudic/ Luciferian usage of geometry to undercut the power of Truth being spoken, and another folded-lips moment of the kind I have discussed on this Twitter thread; again, in my reading, a similar symbolic occult crossing-out of Truth that our Masonic politicians practice everyday on the Hill, in conjunction with the hand to head, scratching top of head with a finger gesture that the entire underground-elite-aware-of-DEWs-being-used-on-the-citizenry seem to be using publicly to signal their secret allegiance and alliance with each other while also apparently mocking the DEW’d citizenry publicly.)

4. On many occasions, specific kinds of targeting-hits or -assaults we relayed to her were echoed almost immediately by her in conversation, presented as if they were happening to her—which, in retrospect may have been part of the echo-stalking she was engaged in displaying, part of AI or hive-minding she may well be engaged in building, or just learned information she was parroting.

5. She began to relay sudden egregious assaults as if they were nothing, such as saying overnight she had suddenly found a new laser scar on her navel, sign of an implant, or that she had been implanted the night before in a hotel – all momentous and shocking and major if they were true, but relayed to us as if she were reporting the weather, were part of the normal sequence of events she as a supposed target could expect, and we as similar targets were supposed to accept, and hardly believable.

This was one of the oddest things I had noticed about Katherine—and that others on the ex-JIT team did too, not just myself—that she instantly echoed anything anyone said, about any aspect of targeting, and began to do this to the point where it actually sounded idiotic. I could not really relate anything that had occurred to me without her suddenly stating the very same thing had just happened to her too—in suddenly manufactured scenarios and with such instant and emotionless delivery as to immediately register as questionable.

Later others concurred that very specific things they had said to me over Skype suddenly showed up in things she started to say on podcasts or tweeted about, as things happening to her. In fact, this appears to have continued past the Techno breakup—and still continues. One person I have spoken to at length showed me her Skype conversations relaying experiences she had had showing up within twenty-four hours on Katherine’s Twitter feed, presented as happening to her. Quite apart from the synthetic or contrived coincidence being socially “engineered” to occur all around us within this Matrixed world we currently live in, either that is extraordinary coincidence or plain old surveillance feedback, fed to an insider.

(The purpose here behind such studied repetition and replay also raises that old question: Is Katherine really a targeted victim or merely playing victim as double agent and infiltrator and hive-mind-creator—and learning from real victims what to say?)

6. She spent inordinate amounts of time writing to all at length about various people being agents, including activists we were used to working productively with, with long and tedious numbered lists focusing on inanities. Notably, she copied these diatribes to NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe, as if seeking to establish her primacy as an agent-sniffer with them. One of the key directives to Counterintel infiltrator agents from classic DOD/CIA manuals on Counterintelligence I’ve noticed in fact is to call everyone else an agent, and Katherine did that with aplomb. She also called random people she bumped into agents, when they seemed most usually to be community/urban “gangstalkers” aka monitors/paid minions of the kind every TI is surrounded with, in the Stasi world the Wild West has currently become.

7. This next may well be too minuscule to be notable, it appeared so to me then, but it’s stayed in my mind as a small feature of the larger mystery surrounding Katherine: on one of our Skype conversations around the time I published the “Electronic Slavery” article on Millicent’s experience, where we talked about the ring around Millicent’s iris noted by an investigator and toxicologist, indicative of nano implants, Katherine began to say, in her usual copycat mode (described above) that she too had a similar ring, and moved forward closer to her laptop camera to show me one of her eyes more clearly, to prove it. She also took a screenshot of that one eye and sent it to me so I could look at it more closely. I did look at it, to no effect. Katherine’s one-eye pic was memorable, but I did not see any iris-rings as she suggested. (I would dig up this photo if I had not suffered several laptop crashes since that time, I probably do have it buried somewhere on some hard drive.) Was her sending me a one-eye image pointed and a hiding-in-plain-sight signaling of who she really is? I have no idea, but I thought this was an interesting enough anecdote to mention, for the record.

8. She started to talk about numbers of head chips and body chips being “activated” to make her do and say things she could not be held responsible for and has continued this declaration to the present, in the process losing a newborn child at Erasme Hospital and publishing damaging falsehoods in an affidavit for TI activist Frederic Laroche who was being accused of manslaughter in a case where he had been clearly set up; please note that Frederic asked me for help later only when Katherine let him down about supporting him in court (although she popped up again at the last minute and wrote her faulty affidavit for Frederic, as per his testimonial and also my observation) and asked me to write a statement for him, which I did, after first fully exploring and investigating the matter; I have written and spoken further about this elsewhere. In all cases, Katherine bowed to head chips and body chips as prime factor in causing her loose-lips or false-claims, demanding to be thereby excused, as if she were the epitome of the much-touted Manchurian Candidates we continue to research and write about.

9. One of the most disturbing things about Katherine was how she behaved over the entire Erasme Hospital fiasco after words she had said to a midwife led to Melanie’s newborn baby being removed from her by over-eager psychiatrists who did not have the intelligence – or the intention, it appears – to ascertain the truth of the matter, that it was Katherine making statements, not Melanie, and that much of what she had said was untrue. That Katherine made untrue statements to the midwife has only recently surfaced, as Melanie’s court case against Erasme Hospital has progressed. While Katherine, at the time, got on Alfred Webre’s show and relayed dramatically what had happened and denounced all the Erasme doctors and nurses as agents who had played out a framed grab of a known activist’s child, and pointed fingers at nurses and midwives as having fabricated stories, it turns out from the midwife’s testimonial that Katherine had mentioned the words “hearing voices” to the midwife, which apparently offered the low-hanging plum for psychiatrists at Erasme to steal the child, traumatizing her and the mother, and to hand her over the day after she was born to the draconian Belgian juvenile court system, saying the mother was delusional and had been reported to be hearing voices (and later, defending themselves by saying this was their usual, responsible, medical reaction to such a report, of anyone hearing voices). The only thing we had heard about at the time as definitively issuing from Katherine—and which I reported—was that Katherine had spoken about the non-consented-to implant excised from Melanie’s throat, in itself a medical and private matter, Melanie has said, that she did not give Katherine permission to speak about. (I am aware Katherine later insisted she had mentioned the implant as an issue of concern for her breathing; yet there was a question from her own conflicting reports as to when exactly she had mentioned this to the midwife, whether before the birth or after, which really does put her own claimed rationale into doubt; this has been discussed earlier in articles including the Disclaimer on her reportage.) We also heard at the time that some story had been passed around about voices promising great harm, killing, in fact, to the baby-–but not that Katherine had been putting that story out, either in generic form or specifically. The whole story is reported in my JIT press releases and articles of that time and in the subsequent Disclaimer to Katherine’s reportage I was obliged to publish, and is not complete yet, since the case comes to court only later in June of this year, but what the midwife relayed not long ago is that Katherine had told her the (false) story that Melanie had heard voices suggesting the baby was going to be killed. On the basis of Katherine’s extended and dubious conversation with that midwife, Melanie was involuntarily held for a week in a Psych ward after also being subjected to traumatic psychiatric evaluations at a second Brussels hospital, the Hospital Brugmann.

While this entire sequence of events was shocking and heartbreaking to all of us on the JIT team, we took some small solace in the fact that Katherine was dynamically promising to file complaints to Belgian police and take positive action on Melanie’s behalf. The actuality as it played out however was dismal and increasingly disappointing. Over days, weeks, months, Katherine backed off from filing complaints or participating in any way in attempts to right the situation; the more we learned the more disheartening it all seemed. None of us could understand how she could have stepped away from the situation without making any attempts to right this wrong she and only she had set in motion, but the facts are that she left Brussels after that week, after Melanie was released from the Erasme Psych Unit to return to Switzerland without making any attempt to speak to the doctors in the hospital, or file a complaint, or do anything to try to get the baby back. While she has made much of the Witness Statement she wrote and which was found too lengthy and unfocused to be of use by Melanie’s lawyer, it was the only thing she did, it appears; it was extremely painful to us to see the days go by–and the baby first held for months at Erasme in the neonatal ward without her mother, and then later assigned to a mother-baby psych clinic (which did not eventually take her, after, I suspect, my coverage on the case made the matter quite public), later moved to a children’s home, with the mother permitted only weekly half-hour visits—and see Katherine backtrack from all her stated intentions and do absolutely nothing. Not only that, she made aggressive and insulting statements about refusing to go back to Erasme for a mediation the doctors were contemplating and which Melanie was requesting (saying with much bluster she would only go back for a jury trial) and refusing to write a shorter statement of facts as requested by Melanie for the judge in continuing custody hearings.

Since I too had been intimately involved in following these events on a daily basis as first Katherine and then Melanie updated me regularly, it became extremely painful to me to note that Katherine was refusing to do anything to help. I honestly don’t know any woman who would not have bent over backwards and immediately to help Melanie, particularly if it was something she had said that had unwittingly set off such a disastrous train of events. Melanie herself as a mother wronged had chosen to take the route of working with and being compliant with the Erasme doctors to get her baby back rather than file complaints, something I also found hard to witness, but it was harder to see Katherine refuse to do anything to help. As a mother myself, I found it incredibly distressing that Katherine had stepped back and was refusing to help a mother after she had been fully personally responsible for the “medical kidnap” of her child.

During this time, Katherine did what she later did when we had problems with her on Techno as well, she stayed off Skype and refused to communicate. When she did come on, at one point, when I confronted her on the matter, asking very serious questions very seriously, she defended herself vociferously and berated Melanie to me, rationalizing her actions, emphasizing her witness statement, saying now that it didn’t make sense for her to be filing complaints in Belgium when she wasn’t the mother, saying she had other things to do like write her own court case, saying she couldn’t be held responsible for her own talking about implants or talking too much to the midwife because she was being hit at that hospital with DEWs and her head chips were being activated, etc. Later she told Alfred Webre she had what he editorialized as a brilliant strategy of intending to file a case against Erasme in the UK—which made no sense to anyone at the time, why file a case in the UK when the crime was committed in Belgium?—but which no doubt was all part and parcel of her dazzling him with what he called her “star-child genius status with crystal DNA of six-strands” – or maybe it was crystal-child status with starry DNA or some such, I forget. Katherine had taken to regularly calling Alfred and filling him up with her notions and apparently her crystalline starriness which led eventually to him berating Melanie loudly and later, after Techno ended, labeling me “ego-invested” on a group email while displaying charmed dazzlement over the crystal one. I did wonder if Katherine was hypnotizing Alfred with radio-hypno tech, to elicit all this stardom, and I wasn’t the only one wondering that. Later she dropped all interest in this supposed lawsuit intention and told Melanie she was no longer getting involved in any further “bullshit” with Erasme Hospital.

Witnessing her letting-down of Melanie and her baby was devastating to me in particular since I had been covering this story closely and had through this time period in October and November 2017 (and beyond) built up a concerned friendship with Melanie as we kept in touch, through her hospital stay in that Psych ward and afterward. It was at this time as well that Katherine first started to divert attention from this still pressing subject of a baby lost and held by a Belgian hospital on the order of callous Belgian psychiatrists by fixating on the TI Affidavit Template and presenting it as her creation, which of course it wasn’t, what she later actually dared to call “her baby.”

Why did we continue to work with her? Despite our severe disappointment over what had transpired? I think the horror of what had happened, her own public insistence that she was not to blame, and our own desire, based on friendship, collegiateship, and sisterhood to exculpate her and step back from the awful suspicion that she was not who she was presenting herself to be with us, but was herself an agent who had participated deliberately in the handing-over of Melanie’s baby to the juvenile court or child protection system in Belgium, held us all quite silent on the matter. Certainly I contemplated it, and still do contemplate it (more on that below). We did not accuse her of this and we did not make a public break with her, but we did discuss this situation privately and with other activists. The Techno podcasts continued because we believed in their efficacy in speaking out about surveillance and targeting and security-state abuses. Once again, we strove to focus on her strengths and continue our efforts of raising public awareness of TI issues together.

One year later, in 2018, on the exact anniversary of the traumatic removal of Melanie’s newborn baby from her arms, Katherine privately attacked Melanie on Skype and on a group email list with a series of extremely traumatizing false-accusations and false-allegations suggesting misappropriation of ICATOR organization funds, and saying she had been advised by many to do so, such as Alfred Webre and perhaps Catherine Austin-Fitts (whom she was publicly in contact with at the time), dropping Melanie abruptly as a colleague in human rights advocacy, stopping all her podcasts and scanning projects with her; I have mentioned this elsewhere in my articles, including in the Disclaimer on her reportage, issued around that time; Melanie has herself addressed this publicly in several podcasts with me. By her confiding, it was clear this was painfully traumatic to Melanie, and it was shocking to the rest of us; and yes we have the emails, but they are private to Melanie and raise matters which were none of Katherine’s business; suffice to say they were incredibly intrusive and pretty darn nasty, they were also openly bullying and harassive.

I will note here that many have told me it is a Satanic action to traumatize people on anniversaries of their initial trauma—in other words, the kind of MK ULTRA thing the Satanists and Luciferians do. (Not, I should probably note, the atheists—whom she professes to be a part of, possibly as cover.) Had Katherine targeted Melanie, by deliberately initiating the removal of her baby in October 2017, and then re-targeted her by deliberately traumatizing her in October 2018 with attack emails, painful false-allegations, and dramatic abandonment? These are not idle speculations, given the events of that year, and given the intensity of these attacks.

Interestingly, conversations with Marc Delantre, author of The Gladio Code, and ex-Belgian and French Intel, who records signals on his server in relation to events and conversations, and reports the neural “download’ of information to him from behind-the-scenes Intel engaging in synthetic telepathy and covert BCI communications, conveyed to Melanie and me around this time period of the anniversary attack on Melanie that, as per his neural downloads, Katherine’s words and actions at Erasme to the midwife who initiated the hand-over of the child to the Belgian Juvenile Court had indeed been deliberate and opportunistic and fully-intended, in connection with her longer-term interest in propelling herself as a talking head into the YouTube sphere.

We don’t know the truth of the matter, but we have all speculated. This however is the crux of infiltration: when people infiltrate activist groups, mayhem ensues. In this case, this was the worst, most horrific thing that had transpired in our midst, and given all that Katherine has revealed of herself to me—particularly in her targeted echo-stalking/Neuro Linguistic Programming efforts directed at me (more below on this, in a separate section) and the vituperativeness of her later targeted Smear Campaign against me, all denotive of nefarious CounterIntel behavior–I personally am not convinced that entire train of events initiated by Katherine at Erasme and culminating in the loss of Melanie’s child was not deliberate, and supported and propelled by a nefarious group propping her up then and now. As to who they may be, my speculations have been recorded in previous articles and in my last Twitter thread on her.

10. Other problematic things that transpired were: one, she dropped the Tsunami notification email campaign she had started (saying she was being too attacked to continue it), just before we got to covering the larger and more notable states and countries of the world, and, two, surprisingly at the time but understandably-to-me now, she did not support or show any interest in any efforts or campaigns others on the Techno/JIT team such as I was proposing, particularly one on informing doctors and psychiatrists about human rights violations and crimes against humanity. (Yes, I do think she is an infiltrator whose intent was never to support real public-education efforts but engage in flagrant sensationalism and diversions online.)

11. Remarkable also was the fact that she had persuaded us to write dramatic letters of support on her behalf to the German ambassador in Berne, but when I at one point discussed my own interest in becoming a lot more public about my own being-targeted by informing the Indian ambassador to the USA and writing open letters to PEN America (whom I have actually written to privately, with no response and result) as an American writer who is being unlawfully targeted, surveilled, persecuted, and attacked with EMF weapons, and asking others as she had done to write on my behalf as well, she literally simply stared at me in a frozen way and did not respond.

While others have named Dr. Katherine Horton a psychopathic narcissist unable to see beyond her own desire for self-aggrandizement, I personally found this response of hers inexplicable at the time and indicative currently to me of her infiltrator-status in being interested only in her own agenda for personal prominence and disinterest in any real human rights advocacy, in anyone else’s position or plight, and in anyone else’s ideas or efforts. As discussed elsewhere before of course, her entire agenda with Techno apparently was to dominate and domineer in the show, engage in agent-provocateur behavior with her nutty calls to violence and generally steer us all into the rocks if she could—which I am glad to say, of course did not happen, thanks to our own awareness, integrity, and vigilance.

12. I should also note that the videos she was making separately on her channel while Techno was running, with foil caps on her head and hiding under her desk and weeping openly on-camera and calling for men to save the women and children from the Holocaust (by killing the abusers) and projecting herself as a pathetic victim who desperately needed people’s letters and support and funds—while projecting herself as a strong fearless dynamo on our Techno podcasts—were also problematic to us. I personally found these completely inexplicable; others with astute insight noted she was working—as an infiltrator would—to discredit us all, and establish for journalists and others curious about the phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” what Well-Paid-to-Propagandize Mockingbird Mainstream Media had done a good job establishing already, that TIs are a particular breed of mental patients, squawking about EMF assaults and gangstalking, while really being paranoid and delusional and pathetic all around. Quite at odds with what she purported to project on Techno—but what do you know, that’s how infiltrators operate too, in a double-sided way, confusingly enough to deceive.

Echo-Stalking or Mirroring

An issue that many see as curious as I have is the issue of Katherine’s echo-stalking or gaslighting me–copying my gestures, actions, and words on several occasions both in private Skype video conversations and on public Techno forums, which I discussed to some extent on The Real Backstory; I neither imagined this nor blew this out of proportion. I observed and later discussed these notably peculiar actions of hers with Melanie, Seven, Millicent, and Karen. Melanie in fact openly discussed with me her own observations of Katherine screen-reading while conversing with her, something I also witnessed, and which I have discussed earlier.

I will specify what I witnessed and observed in my interactions with Katherine and then present what I have learned regarding Mirroring as being an aspect of Neuro Lingustic Programming or manipulation. Beyond that there are a few other aspects I will discuss to some extent below including other classic Counterintelligence moves like discrediting whistleblowers, gatekeeping re. Technology, sabotage and misdirection; others I have discussed elsewhere, such as entrapment or agent provocateur operations, cover for status and cover for action.

Copying, Echoing, or Mirroring

As I stated earlier, when I first started noticing Katherine was copying my gestures and actions, I resolved to continue observing to see if I was imagining it, seeing a pattern where there was none, jumping to conclusions, or observing factually an actual copying of my gestures and actions.

These are the things I noticed—via video Skype conversations, during I think the latter part of 2017 and early 2018:

  1. Katherine suddenly folding one leg under her on her chair in echo exactly as I had done recently, sitting on shielding and speaking to her. Indeed, making a big deal out of shifting her posture and folding her leg under her. A mannerism and gesture she had never displayed before, and only displayed directly after I had done it on a conversation with her.
  2. Katherine suddenly wearing tee-shirts and tops in the same color and style as I had just worn on a recent conversation with her or was currently wearing—repeated on multiple occasions with teal, khaki, white, other colors of shirts I had then worn.
  3. Katherine getting a white coffee mug or a purple coffee mug or a brown coffee mug after I had used the same, or after I had worn that color, in particular with purple, which is a color often used in color-coded Psy Ops around me, as, I have heard, with others too.
  4. Katherine making a thing out of needing to plug in her computer in the middle of a conversation right after one occasion when I had to interrupt a conversation with her to do precisely this.
  5. Katherine moving close to the computer screen and peering at it echoing my own mannerism, directly after I had done the same, being without my glasses.
  6. Big Red Flag: Katherine suddenly responding to my conversation not verbally as usual to her own conversational style but with sounded “Hmmm”s, much in the style of my responding to my daughter absent-mindedly at home when working on something else, usually on my computer, a standing joke in our family, or occasionally on podcasts—again, not something she had ever done before as a natural vocalizing of her own. In fact, starting to issue these “Hmm’s” while dressed up as if for work in an office with her hair pulled back and not as if she had just been interrupted in her writing at home, as previously, with dishevelled hair when she had used to call me informally on Skype, giving me the impression of being a psychologist listening to me and replaying my own at-home, off-camera “Hmm”s in completely obvious fashion.
  7. Katherine smoothing her hair behind her ears in very much the same specific gesture I had fallen into using—an echo used in Psy Op imitation by other “gangstalkers” around me, now becoming visible on her—in a manner quite foreign to her usual style, a sudden gesture which she started to repeat around me, very noticeably not-her.
  8. Katherine repeating words and phrases I had just used or habitually used either verbally or on Twitter, sometimes rearranging context, including Idiocy, What on earth, Amazing, Absolutely, and a rearranged “Amazing Coffee at MacDonald’s” shortly after an interview I had done with Karen MacDonald. Significant, I think, that she blocked me on Twitter at high speed shortly after Techno broke up and after I had made remarks to others about her repetition and echoing of my words and phrases on Twitter.
  9. Katherine using the word Coffee around me suddenly—used in Psy Op mockery around me by others, an allusion to my liking coffee apparently.

None of the above (plausibly deniable actions) would have stood out to me at all, if these had not suddenly started happening, and then kept happening, and were not accompanied by a self-satisfied smirk—a look of self-conscious and perfectly-conscious awareness. In other words, I was being given every indication that Katherine was fully aware of what she was doing, that she was imitating me, or echo-stalking me, or mirroring my actions and words. This was my conclusion after observing repeated occasions of all above: Katherine was echoing my gestures and words and actions very deliberately and intentionally and knew full well she was doing it.

Honestly, why on earth would she imagine I would not notice this? (The question I asked her on that final email during the last week of July 2018, which she brought up mockingly in her video titled The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum, trying desperately to put me down as paranoid, and apparently attempting a pre-emptive strike, to squash any public witness I made, of her echo-stalking, to prevent me from claiming I had been the victim of her deliberate, targeted echo-stalking, which I was—and actually therefore inviting me to write this piece, focusing closely on it.)

More than anything else at the time, these echoing actions of hers made me question her authenticity and impelled me to raise these matters in discussion privately with others on the JIT team or working closely with me at the time, Seven, Melanie, Millicent and later Karen. I have mentioned these private discussions in earlier articles, where others’ misgivings about Katherine were also aired to me.

I should also note that as I discussed these questions and concerns with others such as Melanie and Seven on Skype, I instantly noted changes in the way Katherine’s image was portrayed on Google Hangouts—one of her succeeding videos was video-interfered with in much the style Techno used to be at my end or Millicent’s end—as if the group propping Katherine up as a “victim” in our midst was working overtime now to project the exact same interference that the real crime victims here were being subjected to, in order to make her appear more credible as a real victim, subject to cyber hacking and interference, as I had noted we were. (Millicent, Karen, and I have all visibly experienced major hacking on our Techno podcasts.) She also began to talk about “expecting” audio interruptions, perhaps calling for them from her hidden team.

The Significance of Echo Stalking: Mirroring, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mirror Neuron Systems, and Behavioral Modification

I was told by many after I revealed the echo-stalking (my own casual term of reference) I had witnessed from Katherine that the term used in psychology for this kind of echoing of gesture was “mirroring” and I also learned from CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell that mirroring is used in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a secretive and subliminal form of manipulation of people used in the field in Intelligence activities, and increasingly used today in Sales and Business Management. This article from a website on Psychological Warfare, which discusses both mirroring and neuro linguistic programming says “Mirroring is a technique by which you subtly mimic the posture and body language of whoever you’re talking to thereby building rapport.” Brief research online will show you that careful mirroring – the echoing of gesture and words – is a behavioral management technique which seeks to subliminally evoke trust, camaraderie, and acceptance in the recipient so as to prime that person for further outright manipulation and behavioral modification management.

This article, NLP Techniques: Mirroring, explains mirroring further:

Mirroring is simply the process of mimicking subtle behaviours within whoever we are communicating. Before you go and start mimicking someone’s every word, be aware that mirroring must be subtle as to appear to be unconscious! This is the difference between a good conversation and a punch or slap.

Mirroring can be achieved by copying any of these things:

    • Speech patterns
    • Body language
    • Vocabulary style or specific choices of words
    • Pace, tempo, pitch, tone, volume”

Author and motivational speaker Dr. Lisa Christiansen, who titles herself a Strategic Intelligence expert, and offers a rather nauseating detailed how-to, discusses this as mind control:

Mirroring and matching are two techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming used to gain rapport at the unconscious level. This is possible by becoming like the person with whom you need to make a connection.”

Finally, this comprehensive and eye-opening article discussing NLP as mind control and hypnotherapy, Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from NLP Mind Control by a self-confessed New Ager comes right out and says it, that both NLP and mirroring are “nasty to the core” and deliberately manipulative methods of Mind Control:”

“An NLP person essentially carefully fakes the social cues that cause a person to drop their guard and enter a state of openness and suggestibility.

Once rapport is achieved, the NLPer will then begin subtly leading the interaction. Having mirrored the other person, they can now make subtle changes to actually influence the other person’s behavior. Combined with subtle language patterns, leading questions and a whole slew of other techniques, a skilled NLPer can at this point steer the other person wherever they like, as long as the other person isn’t aware of what’s happening and thinks everything is arising organically, or has given consent.”

Mirroring is also apparently a means of power-play, and a manipulative tool to influence a person of higher status to hand over goods or privileges to another.

Interestingly the psychological study of mirroring as influential and manipulative coincides with the neuroscientific study of mirror neuron systems, which comprise the same neurons that apparently click into action when humans view an action being performed as when they perform the action themselves; a silent communication of sets of neurons within each brain occurs. These mirror neurons act as involuntary transmitters and receptors of information, setting up an empathetic resonance between speaker and listener. By this means too, influence can be achieved.

Mirroring therefore appears to have the potential of evoking empathy or silently manipulating another’s actions and behavior and operates as a form of subtly instituting mind or behavior control.

The mirroring or echo-stalking I was subjected to by Katherine was not subtle nor subliminal; it was noticeable, observed, and recorded in conversations with others, so we can safely conclude it fell quite wide of the mark if mark it was, of subliminally shaping my perceptions or inducing suggestibility or initiating mind control, it came across instead as an overt attempt to imitate, gaslight, control.

Gatekeeping and Censorship and Sabotage

I may have covered this elsewhere so I’ll keep it brief. One of the obvious consequences of infiltration and a counterintelligence goal is the capacity for gatekeeping and censorship, and in the time period when she worked with me, Dr. Katherine Horton certainly displayed that, projecting authority as a physicist when she issued her pronouncements, several of which have stood out as questionable to me or downright false. (Please note I am not without educational context in Physics here; my undergraduate degree is in Physics, my minors were Mathematics and Chemistry, and my MBA included Advanced Statistics, Simulation Modeling, and Operations Research, subjects I practiced during my years as a management consultant and technical writer and trainer as well as science writer and editor.)

For instance, she strove to dismiss a photograph I personally had of a beam of energy coming down from above the roof of my sister’s house in London and striking down over the top-floor bathroom where I had been showering (and being irradiated with microwave pulses) into the backyard, as she dismissed others’ photos of similar rays or beams as well, by saying it was sunlight, when it is clear looking at the photograph it is not.

On several occasions including that one she demanded I listen to her regarding her analysis of the science. She kept repeating “ a photon cannot cancel out a photon” when I brought up electronic countermeasures which the Military uses, and suggested—as many others also have, including electrical engineers —that a sounded combination of opposing frequencies was not likely to do anything to stop the incessant V2K reported by many—except this is exactly the kind of countermeasure the Military uses in their Electronic Warfare defenses. Electrical engineer Dave Case has also spoken with me about his anti-tinnitus CD, wherein a series of sounds—mixed frequencies–helps break down the brain entrainment which permits V2K and slowly lessens the power of external signals to affect the auditory cortex.

Also, in all the time I worked with her on the subject of the technology hitting those targeted, where we have discussed that often the pulses and beams appear to penetrate layered metallic shielding, she has never once mentioned scalar electromagnetics, energetics, photo-biology, standing Whittaker potential wave structures, internal EM energy, quantum entanglement, non-locality, holographic reality, consciousness, or other aspects of modern physics a high energy and particle physicist might be expected to be aware of, as in play here in the myriad technologies targeting people, or useful to understand in efforts to shield and protect oneself. Nor did she mention the work of physicists such as Bob Beck and Tom Bearden who have written about electromagnetics affecting the human body, but merely dismissed all talk of the beams hitting one as waveforms she was not familiar with. This does have the effect of gatekeeping or keeping further knowledge and research from view, when someone in a prominent position closes the door on extant science while claiming degrees to establish that prominence and saying things commandingly like, “You have to listen to me, Ramola!”

There is also scientific misdirection which can cause real damage as in Frederic Laroche’s case, when she talked with certainty about multiple head chips being “activated” when he left the scene of the incident (wrongfully characterized an accident), accounting for his leaving, when in actuality he had done nothing of the sort but merely driven onward, as sedately as earlier, after the woman who had leapt onto his car herself slid off. (The whole story is here, in my Investigative Reporter Statement for Frederic Laroche.) This seemed to be a pet theory of hers she was airing—about head chips being activated—but it had the potential to sabotage Frederic’s case and defense, since he was making it clear he was not in some kind of fogged-out state but merely acting calmly on his own best judgment at the time, given the peculiar circumstances of the situation.

I am not currently following all her theories and claims and videos, all this is record of my experience with her by recall—and I am doing my own research continuously and sharing what I learn. Luckily, there are others including myself who are researching and revealing the physics in play here, and open to exploring all areas of scientific knowledge in efforts to help reporting victims shield and combat the energy-weapon targeting. Beyond my undergraduate degree in Physics, I have read and continue to read modern Physics, which stands me in good stead as I continue to delve more deeply into how exactly energy weapons work and what they do to the human body. While also studying energy and consciousness science, to find ways to beat the targeting—not something ever covered by Katherine.

Those Attacked by Dr. Katherine Horton

It’s important to note that among the many people Dr. Katherine Horton has attacked and slandered online, she has trained her vitriol at those whose testimonial is invaluable to establishing definitively that covert assaults with spectrum and sonic neuroweapons are being run in the US and Europe, such as DOD/CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan and CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell. One has to ask why she would do this. Why would one seek to tarnish the reputation of the lone Intelligence agency and Military whistleblowers testifying to the existence of these technologies and the committing of these crimes? To discredit their testimonial perhaps? To devalue their witness? Those are not the actions of an activist seeking to help reporting victims; I can state definitively that in all the letters I have written for reporting victims, and in the Investigative Reporter statements I have written for those battling court cases and incarceration, it is the whistleblowing testimonial of government insiders, along with mention of declassified documents and public-domain Military/Intelligence information that carries the most weight. Without whistleblowers—in this still kept-secret space—it is impossible to project with certainty the nature of the non-consensual experimentation and field weapons testing that is going on, and still being denied or kept silent by the DOJ and DOD.

In addition, Katherine has attacked independent journalists engaging in public-service journalism who are unafraid to speak their minds, and frankly, standing out in a sea of silence on these subjects: myself, Cassandra, and Thomas McFarlan. (There are and have been other journalists covering these subjects such as Deborah Dupre and Vic Livingston, I am aware, I am noting that we three have been attacked by her.) We are in a very small minority in the world today, we writers who will write openly about targeting crimes, and attacking us does mean striving to silence us online, striving to discredit us and get people to dismiss our voice and reportage: that ultimately is the most serious damage Katherine has aimed at in regards to me, certainly. These actions are not the actions of a disinterested “warrior” as “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”–also part of that fake-alt-media network propping each other up?–gushes in a recent misguided post, but a supported saboteur.

In similar light her attacks on Melanie and her child I view necessarily as sabotaging attacks, given that Melanie runs a unique and avant-garde organization offering human rights scanning and support to non-consensual experimentees and victims of EU and NATO Intelligence agency and military tyranny. Which does bring up the question of whose side she really is working on.

Those Supporting Dr. Katherine Horton

While some suggest that their appearing on Katherine’s podcasts merely means they are availing of an alt media platform for greater dissemination of their message, such as Kevin Annett and Richard Lighthouse, such appearances do seem to suggest support and endorsement—of someone who freely runs smear campaigns on journalists, discredits whistleblowers and true activists, and seems to have no qualms about sabotaging projects and lives.

Others feature her on their shows or websites, and looking across at the alt media landscape one can see who is allying with who, who is interviewing and supporting who, and what any of this means, quite easily for oneself.

Suffice to say that none of the people who feature or promote Katherine have acknowledged my own journalism and podcasts, and generally behave as if my work and voice on these subjects doesn’t exist, as also the work and voice of other prominent activists; in contrast to my own modest viewership on videos, theirs inevitably display a far higher viewership on YouTube and Twitter. All this to say there are definite networks in action, and supported ones at that. High view counts on YouTube point inevitably to support—by which I mean support by background Intel, manning the flow of information at Internet tech/social media view gates.

Concluding This Section On Dr. Katherine Horton

In closing this matter, I will say only that all of the above—and everything else I have addressed elsewhere—leads me to believe as I have stated before that “Dr. Katherine Horton” is a supported infiltrator, who quite pointedly singled me out for attack and subjected me to her targeting, mirroring, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and gatekeeping, in apparent efforts to control and influence my voice and work as a journalist researching and reporting on surveillance, military and Intelligence crimes, a targeting that did not stop when Techno ended but assumed greater proportions as she openly attacked me in videos and on her website with a smear campaign filled with lies, and openly attacked and defamed others as well. I have shared here and elsewhere the basis for my opinion. Her fixation on me is published online at her own site, in her own videos. I was taken in by her at the outset, as many have been; my friendship with her was betrayed by her many actions against me. I have felt an obligation to report the truth of this matter for others—despite how tedious it’s been excavating her actions–and I don’t advise that anyone who is currently targeted sit around waiting for her to save them as she seems to invite everyone to.

I recommend in fact, highly, that each person wrongfully targeted work diligently at presenting their own information and formal complaints in as many forums as they can manage, stay vocal, stay expressive, publish widely, interview widely as possible, and keep seeking justice through the written and spoken word, in groups or individually—and as media-creator, editor, publisher, journalist, human rights advocate, teacher, workshop-leader, I will also continue to build forums where others can participate and take collective action. I recommend also that people explore and use these Immediate High-Level Routes others recommend, to express their no-consent, no-contract stance with meaningful documents.

I also recommend caution to all who are targeted in what they watch and who they listen to. Brain-entraining, hive-minding, EEG-heterodyning, radio-hypnosis, chatterbotting, narrative-disrupting, neural-network-mapping, algorithm-identifying, social-engineering, influence-mapping are all most definitely ongoing activities today—just look at the trolling on social media or the swarm of backpackers or Psy Oppers in any public space, holding concealed neuro-influence and “non-lethal” devices or just pointed cell phones, or the cluster of brain-invader projects on the DARPA website–and YouTube has become a hive of voices calling shrilly for attention. Traverse with caution, practise discernment, trust your own innate instincts.

Other Infiltrators

I will add information here on a couple others shortly as I have time: Dr. Sean Nunez (ex-DARPA, who wanted to pay me a magnanimous $100 each for articles he fondly imagined I would write to his topic and tune), Dr. Matthew Aaron (who called me anti-Semitic after Global Gestapo 7 & 8 with Dr. Eric Karlstrom and submitted the most extraordinary list of misinfo to Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun Times, while saying at the TI Spring ’19 Rally targeting is run by random “criminal harassment networks” rather than fusion centers and Defense/Security/Intel/Medical/Univ contractors, inclusive of the FBI, the CIA, DHS, and DOD, DOJ, local police and EMS), and Ella “Free” (who has sent several insults my way including her latest, “piece of work,” for calling her out, while telling Neil Steinberg a portion of TIs are mentally ill, exactly what he was going to write anyway, and telling me she does not read–so is hardly aware of what has been published lately on these technologies being used against us, yet purports to run an organization labeled “Freedom for Targeted Individuals,” puts out flyers, and promotes herself as a “spokesperson”).   It’s a tiring subject, but delineating the landscape helps us all.

The bottomline is: we are living in a time period when corporations, Universities, militaries, Intelligence agencies, police, EMS personnel, local governments, telecom companies, utilities, small and large contractors, and people lacking scruple but armed with self-aggrandizement and greed have consented to predate and prey on all of us using the new stealth weapons of their diabolical making or embracing—neuro/bio/nano/sonic/RF/implant weapons--and extravagant efforts are being made to hustle all the targeted into a TI ghetto, seal their lips, misdirect their efforts, and stop them at all costs from revealing the true nature of these morbid US-budgeted brain experimentation, weapons-testing, and neuro/bio-monitoring-operation crimes, all of which are profoundly inhumane, unethical, and barbaric. Secrecy permits abuse, and infiltrators and counterintel agents misdirect the conversation. Not until we break all holding patterns imposed on us by in-house and outhouse infiltrators and censors will real truth break through: the entire world needs to know this truth, about these World War III Mil/Intel Weapons and Projects: weapons of remote human manipulation—brain and body both; and extremely dangerous, intrusive, unethical, and humanity-destroying projects of Bio-hacking and Neuro-hacking. They should be known to all and stopped by all.

To my detractors, the ones who wish I wouldn’t keep writing about things they’d rather never see mentioned or focused on and send me obnoxious little notes on Twitter or under my videos—and often misdirect by saying “this is infighting/group splintering/divisive”: all I can say is, when you are wronged, you have a right to speak out and expose the truth; when false-reality-constructs are created and maintained in your name, when you become the focus of attack and targeting yourself, you have a right to set the record straight and put the Truth out there.

To my supporters and friends, who feel these matters are enlarged and understood better through my thinking through and writing of them–which I have needed to do also just for myself–and have waited patiently for this piece, which I promised all a whole year ago, thank you.