HIGH POWER MICROWAVE WEAPONS: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FUTURE, 2020, Major Jack McGonegal, USAF | Re-post & Note | September 28, 2023

Re-post from Original & Note | Ramola D | September 22, 2023, Updated September 28, 2023

High Power Microwave Weapons have been in development for over thirty years, prototyped and demonstrated, fielded and tested, thence recognized by the NDAA 2018 and in line to be conveyed more definitively to the operational environment by 2025–making this the time to convey definitively to all playing Government and Military figurehead the human rights violation Holocaust they have wreaked within the USA and without (along with other electromagnetic energy and acoustic neurotechnologies)–according to this study by a US Air Force Major from Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, who presents these technologies as nebulous waves approaching a Future far from us, much in line with other military publications.

[Section 215 of the Patriot Act, History: Factsheet: The Patriot Act/Bridge Initiative Team;

Reflecting on 20 Years of the Patriot Act: U.S. Surveillance Authorities Must Still Change/Elizabeth Seager, Center for Democracy and Technology]

Neither nebulous nor futuristic, these microwave weapons, reported by many, come in two kinds, Continuous Wave and Pulse Wave:

While there is much veiling in language in this document as in most others discussing non-lethal weapons and counter-personnel non-lethals in particular, there is much critical information in here to inform the general reader on the advancement of military electromagnetic technology to steadily miniaturize and extend range for attacks on both personnel and electronics.

Moving HPM to airborne platforms for use in avionic dashboards on planes, military and commercial, as well as in unmanned drones (UAVs) represents a significant movement far into “operational” territory, not quite acknowledged but indicated here as signaling of military progress.

What becomes evident also is that the very large and powerful systems which inform the development of the smaller, portable, handheld, air-portable devices of today come from joint research and development operations between the Air Force, Navy, Army and other agencies. Joint research of course has also been achieved by bringing in the Department of Justice, secretly at first, then–after 24 years, coincidentally, in 2018–surfaced, yet only covertly, through release of the 1994 Deutch-Reno DOD-DOJ Memorandum of Understanding used to bring military counter-personnel electronic-warfare technologies into local police stations, fusion houses, and neighborhoods, for tragically unlawful covert use on Americans, within their homes, their lives, their workplaces, their thoroughfares, their churches and temples, their prisons and asylums, their hospitals, nursing-homes, hospices, clinics, stores and shopping malls–without public awareness, knowledge, or consent.

Declassified documents indeed point to their use in our midst, as previously and recently reported here.

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

Military Weaponry, Military Approaches

While discussion here veers from heavy-duty High Powered Microwave weapon systems like CHAMP, Gypsy, Valkyrie, HIJENKS to “countervalue targeting” (of a nation’s infrastructure) and very little overt focus is directed at counter-personnel non-lethals, there is enough in here, reading between the lines, to raise questions about the ways in which these are being intended and being used. War seems to be a contingency which needs to be announced and Weapons of War surfaced publicly to the “enemy” or “adversary” while HPM weapons–since they come in many flavors, large and small–seem to also operate in Stealth, begging the question, Do the counter-personnels then operate in Stealth? HPM is seen as a revolutionary technology whose use on electronics, infrastructure, or humans is intended across “a range of military operations,” involving, interestingly, the participation of intelligence professionals, and operating within a “coercion continuum” which on closer scrutiny of their coercion-of-behavior aspect, startling and signaling of human-psyche-subjugation, turns out to be accepted military speak for levels of aggression and force.

“Non-kinetic,” a term mysterious even to physicists outside the military world refers essentially it appears to “non-lethal” (applied more inclusively often to include counter-personnel weaponry) which in more recent military usage seems to be used interchangeably with “intermediate force capabilities.”

Still, considering HPM weapons to be “disruptive technology for the future” or “coercive instruments” which can “deliver effects before or during conflicts below the threshold of war or during the war itself” does point to a military approach to using these military weapons within a civilian space–which is what thousands report today, and which is also what is evinced by testing and training operations ongoing, also calling for much human rights and lawful review and intervention.

Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

These technologies, now being slowly surfaced here and there as if assimilated historically into a known arsenal, are it seems being variously used in Deterrence, Corrections, Public Safety, and now, it appears in “Community Health” as “Behavioral Health.” Numbers of such “emerging technologies” and “innovative technologies” fielded by a number of parties are yet still being kept secret, or in recent times being presented obliquely as if being or capable of being “normalized.”

Language in the High Power Microwave Weapons paper suggests or could suggest dosimetry testing and a regular healthcare-system monitoring of bio-frequencies for bio-effects of counter-personnel DE RF HPM weapons, although not explicitly addressed as such:

“Degradation could be intentional or unintentional. If the degradation of the target was unintentional, the target would need reengagement to achieve the desired effects. Knowing what band to transmit is critical because it will determine the effects it will have on the target.

Having the capability to determine intended effects on targets will help to normalize HPMs and help to add them to the vast lists of weapons that commanders have at their disposal to attack targets of interest.”

–High Power Microwave Weapons: Disruptive Technologies for the Future, Major Jack McDougall, USAF

Queries for information sent to the Massachusetts Fusion Center not so long ago, that is, 2015, yielded little response: Massachusetts State Police Cite Public Safety in Not Disclosing Inventory of Non-Lethal Directed-Energy Weapons. More information has been surfaced through National Institute of Justice documents, some referenced here, and through other FOIA requests, notably those of Helena Csorba in Pennsylvania, referenced here and here: Helena Csorba: The Havana Syndrome…Caused by Pulsed, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

Notably, “Conducted Electrical Weapons” which include Tasers have been surfaced in terminology in recent years, from police news reports, as Non-Lethal weapons, but not reported publicly in such a way as to alert the nation that such weaponry exists, is in use, and is highly questionable.

While clearly a major area to report on further, it is also more than time for open admissions from governments about development, testing, and usage of all such counter-personnel directed-energy weaponry–and for people to speak out to stop their usage.

That they exist in our midst, continue to be developed (although they shouldn’t be), and are operative both against electronics and humans can no longer be denied.