How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, & Globally

How Secret Policing With Deadly, Mis-Named “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US: Secret DoD/DoJ Memos, Targeting “Domestic Adversaries”(“Targeted Individuals”), Permitting Non-Consensual Experimentation, & Bending International Law

Non-Lethal Weapons: Supporting the Operational Art Across the Range of Military Operations Elective Course brochure

Image from the DoD Non Lethal Weapons Program website

This article continues the discussion in the article posted here earlier,  Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons? , and continues to probe the roles of the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense in the ongoing secret/covert use of directed-energy and electromagnetic/scalar/sonic weapons on Americans.

This discussion takes its information most especially from

1), Dr. Nick Begich’s book, Controlling the Human Mind/The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance (EarthPulse Press, 2006), which reports on, compiles, and cites the US Defense, US Air Force, Council of Foreign Relations, and newspaper/journal sources which trace the secret handover and legalizing of “non-lethal weapon” use domestically, as part of Domestic Policing by Local Law Enforcement, which now includes the military, in Civilian Military Operations;

2), Renee Pittman Mitchell’s book Remote Brain Targeting, which also reports on, compiles, cites, excerpts, and lists Military documents tracing the history and development of Electromagnetic Weapons, Directed -Energy Weapons, and Mind Control Weapons used in Electronic Warfare, re-prints relevant reports, and collects relevant patents;

3), Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control, by Dr. John Hall (Strategic Book Publishing, 2014), which discusses Non-Consensual Experimentation in the US, the development of the technologies of Covert Assault and Electronic Harassment that thousands in the US and globally are currently reporting, in conjunction with the rise of State systems of Mind Control, intensified surveillance, controlling Socialist mechanisms, and an over-protected Intelligence Community; as well as

4), Other books, articles, videos, reports, analyses, and web site compilations from scientists, journalists, reporting individuals online, and

5), Information disclosed and withheld on FOIA requests from this writer.

“We now live in a society where this government is experimenting on the public with  electromagnetic weapons for the sole purpose of control….The entire system has to change; otherwise the government will eventually admit that they possess this technology and continue using it and find a way to justify its use under the guise of national security.”–Dr. John Hall (Chapter 15, Pergola of Perdition, Guinea Pigs/Technologies of Control)

“What has been disclosed by the military are weapons which interact with our living energetic systems – living systems which are responsible for sustaining our lives and mental processes. These new weapons are unlike anything ever contemplated by mankind. These are weapon systems which pierce the very integrity of the human being….The greatest issue moving against humanity is the “secrecy syndrome” which governments have succumbed to since the end of World War II. This government paranoia is the enemy of freedom. We need to recognize that within democratic institutions the requirement to disclose weapons and technology concepts should be a matter for public debate. We do not have to tell people how to build these systems, but we must be able to debate these new concepts.”–Dr. Nick Begich (Controlling the Human Mind, On the Way to 1984)

“The common disbelief of the uninformed public is expertly nurtured by those operating in these highly secretive programs. Discrediting is a very important and valuable proponent which serves as an effective means to successfully keep these covert programs under wraps as long as possible and allowing them to thrive. A misdiagnosis enables the continued abuse and cover up of electronic harassment in Psychological Operations, regarding the Targeted Individual….If I can stress anything as vital here, I must stress that the psychosis diagnosis of Targeted Individuals is the ace-in-the-hole for continued testing of technology on human subjects around the world legally.” –Renee Pittman M, (Chapter 11, Remote Brain Targeting)

A Tale of Two Departments: The Department of Justice, Holding Hands With the Department of Defense

Classified research as we know has been pursued in many areas by the Department of Defense and by Intelligence agencies for decades. The pursuit of research into Electromagnetic weapons, which seems to have begun much earlier than disclosed (timelines discussed further below), and into “bio-effects” of these Directed-Energy Weapons surfaced briefly into mainstream reportage under the label “non-lethal weapons,” started to be presented to the Department of Justice, and continued in classified streams as the DOJ began joint research projects with the DoD in the mid-’90s.

Documented Pursuit of Secrecy and Classification in DoJ-Interested Non-Lethal Weapons Research

Notice of these joint DoD/DoJ military research projects in non-lethal Electronic Warfare weapons technologies including EMF and ELF weapons via Memoranda of Understanding and Technology Transfer conferences has been marked by secrecy. Indeed, since the early ’90s, secrecy and classification has been avidly pursued, as evidenced in the closed/classified/non-public nature of conferences, starting with the military Los Alamos-sponsored Conference in 1993 where University and military scientists met with the Department of Justice at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab to unveil and present new technologies for potential Law Enforcement use.

Ironically, this tending to conference secrecy occurred directly after an earlier, 1986 Attorney-General’s Conference on Less than Lethal Weapons, when a report declared secrecy undesirable: “The nature of weapons to be tested and the necessity for the tests must not be a secret of the kind whose ‘leak’ would result in an exaggerated expose and associated public outcry.” In the same breath however, the report noted that several advances had been made in military research and that these advances would be classified, and recommended that the Department of Defense, being well-suited technologically, should be the ones to develop the less-than-lethal weapons technologies.

Non-Lethal Human Effects

Image from DoD Non Lethal Programs website

Please note here that the Department of Justice essentially declared in 1986 that two kinds of non-lethal weapons were on the table for further development and testing in joint DoD/DoJ programs: one, open-domain non-secret non-lethal weapons, and two, advanced, military, classified and secret non-lethal weapons.

The very fact that, post this statement in 1986, all future such non-lethal-weapon technology-unveiling conferences for the DoJ were classified suggests, in Dr. Begich’s estimation, that the true extent to which military technologies in this area had already advanced were only later realized.

What were these secret, classified, non-lethal weapons? We learn from that 1986 conference, other conferences, papers, and military documents (covered further below) that they were Remote Control neuroweapons and directed-energy weapons using radiation, they were aimed at attacking the brain and nervous system, they were radio frequency weapons, ELF–Extremely Low Frequency weapons, and others, modifying brain and behavior (Mind/Behavior Control), they were Remote EEGs (Electro Encephalograms) and EBLs (Electronic Brain Links), deciphering brainwaves (Mind Reading, Neuro Crime), intimately identifying and surveilling body systems and organs via electromagnetic resonance signatures, DNA, radar (Biometric Surveillance/Through-Wall Surveillance/Radar Surveillance), and damaging the human body via targeted RF/microwave radiation “deposited at organ sites”.

When were these weapons developed? The history of military/Intelligence research and development in this radiation neurotechnology, to the extent that has surfaced in the public domain, is long-term and can be traced back to the mid 1930s (“Method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System”, Drs. Chaffee, Light, 1934), through to Mind Control experiments run by the CIA from the 1950s, which came to be known via the MKULTRA experiments partially exposed (and never terminated, most observers believe) in the 1970s, and more. (Please see the timeline in Appendix A, Electromagnetic Weapons Timeline, Remote Brain Targeting, as also the timeline in Angels Don’t Play this HAARP by Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich.)

In the public domain, by the 1980s, when the Attorney General’s conference was held, the taser had been invented, as also various other radio and microwave frequency surveillance and “riot control” weapons including the stun gun, strobe-light weapon, surprisingly- disclosed radio frequency weapons to disrupt brain function in protesters as “barrier warfare,” and infrasonic weapons; the Pentagon had also detonated a number of EMP –Electromagnetic Pulse- bomb tests in the atmosphere above the Pacific. (For detailed discussion and lists of emergent EMF/sonic/other “non-lethal” weapons technologies in the public domain, please see Earth Rising II, The Betrayal of Science, Society, and the Soul, by Dr. Nick Begich)

What about the classified domain?

The Trend Toward Secret Warfare, Secret Mind Control, and Secret Behavior Control, Targeting Large Populations

Significantly, by 1986, at the time of that Attorney General’s Less than Lethal Weapons Conference, Zbigniew Brezinski had already written his Mind Control and Military Affairs tome, Between Two Ages (1970), where he noted the potential for “secret warfare” on the populations of countries via large-scale environmental modifications and “weather control”, which would facilitate large-area generation of ELFs at Human Brain function frequencies (between 1-30Hz) that could enable mind/behavior control of large populations

“Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth—one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period.

This ELF-generation was related to ionospheric heating and found later expression (that is ongoing, as surmised by many analysts) in HAARP’s construction and many uses.

Brezinski, who apparently was very keen to control the minds of the masses (meaning you, me, y/our parents, and y/our progeny), considered Technology to be the Great Deliverer for all such Controllers as himself:

“Technology will make available to leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare...”

Looking at the literature, one can see that Secret Warfare and Secret Mind Control and Secret Behavior Control via various technologies have been pursued by the military/intelligence industry for a very long time. Although this may be startling information to some, because this information is classified, understanding of this phenomenon necessarily comes from researchers who brave the “conspiracy theory” phenomenon to delve into military documents, patents, and engage in primary research of their own too. From the middle of the last century to the present time, the mix of Secret technologies researched, developed, and apparently currently operational on mass populations in the interests of Secret Mind Control and Secret Behavior Control seem to range from techniques gained from psychology, sociology, advertising, via subliminal programming inserted into television programs, to ELF-transmissions via HAARP, cell phone antennas, cell towers, GWEN towers, the whole Smart Grid network—information on which can be found in the work of various researchers, including Jim Keith, Jerry E. Smith, Elana Freeland, Clifford Carnicom, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Rauni Kilde, and others. (Earth Rising II, The Betrayal of Science, Society, and the Soul, by Dr. Nick Begich lists and describes many patents.) (This Mass Control via Secret Technologies is a whole disturbing subject in itself, and not the primary focus of this discussion.)

The main takeaway here from looking at Brezinski’s policy advice in 1970 is that Secret Warfare via Secret Technologies was being contemplated, on large populations.

The Curious Thing About the Military’s Non-Lethal Mind/Behavior Control Neurotechnology Research

The point that this article seeks to emphasize is that, in military advancement of this Secret, Classified, “non-lethal” EMF/DEWeapons/Mind & Behavior Control Neurotechnology research, as opposed to research of any other kind of “lethal” weapons, is that the Department of Justice was clearly quite early involved in keeping tabs on this Defense research, on making use of this research, and in supporting and promoting the joint use of this Defense research and these weapons.

This point is not made in previous (and scanty) media coverage of the “riot control” weapons presented as the “non-lethal” weapons in the DoD’s—and DOJ’s arsenal, and is a vital one to pursue in beginning to understand that the DOJ indeed does have an arsenal of non-lethal weapons it is not openly disclosing, but is currently operating, with military help and co/operation, as part of Domestic Policing–and ongoing Military/Intelligence Nonconsensual Experimentation.

How the Two Strains of Non-Lethal Weapons Developed

It appears in fact that the secret DoJ pursuit of the classified DARPA/CIA/DoD/USAF/NAVY- developed Neuro-technologies of mind control, behavior control, brain modification, and brain monitoring using EMF/scalar/sonic radiation went hand in hand with open-domain pursuit of Directed-Energy radiation weapons for riot control/crowd control, was conducted separately and secretly although referred to openly, as “classified”–and was not questioned in any way or discussed/debated publicly by media coverage at the time.

The writing was on the wall, it seems, back in 1993—and our corporate mainstream media never thought to ask why the DoJ should or would want to pursue the development of secretive, classified military Neurotechnologies in EMF/scalar/sonic arenas—when the DoJ is supposed to be concerned only with publicly-understood Local Law Enforcement, and the Military is supposedly confined to Defense (not Offensive Attack) of local populations through Deterrence of foreign enemies.

Secret pursuit of secret technologies by the DOJ was being conducted in broad daylight—what was the intention? Eventually-secret Law Enforcement use, domestically, of these Secret “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Directed-Energy NeuroTechnologies on US citizens and residents? (A supposition eventually proved true by later documentation, please see below.)

In fact, two points must be re-iterated here: The Department of Justice has shown early interest in the electromagnetic technologies of “Non-Lethal” weapons—ostensibly for crowd control and riot control–for Law Enforcement use, and the Department of Justice also began, in the ’90s, to avidly pursue a policy of secrecy and classification, in respect to other, “classifiable” Non-Lethal weapons, in line with military advances and classifications, all to do with the use of radio/microwave/other EMF/sonic technologies as affecting the human brain, the human nervous system, the human mind, and human behavior.

All completely uninhibitedly, without public disclosure, without public or Congressional debate or enquiry, without public or (recorded) Congressional consent.

Nonlethal slide

1993 Onwards/How the Military and Police Came to Work Together to Secretly Police “Domestic Adversaries” Using Classified Electromagnetic/Sonic Weapons

The classified November 1993 conference at Johns Hopkins was sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, included scientists from the US Army Research Laboratory, the Defense Nuclear Agency, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, others, and “focused on both military and law enforcement uses for these technologies.” (Dr. Nick Begich)

Although no report was issued publicly after this conference, titles of papers presented, and snippets of information offered to Defense publications at the time reveal that radio frequency weapons and the discussion of biological sensitivities and effects of ELFs/EMFs—what has come to be known in military parlance as “anti-personnel effects” and “controlled effects”–essentially the selective degradation of specific areas of the brain, such as those engaged in cognition, motivation, decision-making, and the deterioration of specific organs and body parts, invoking changes in behavior – were major topics of discussion at this conference. In other words, human behavior, human body, and mind control, via electromagnetic/sonic weapons, for law enforcement use just as much as military use. –(paraphrased from Chapter Nine, For Whose Use? The New Tools of Control/Controlling the Human Mind, Dr. Nick Begich)

Defense and Civilian Law Enforcement sharing of technology, generally, has been permitted in the US Code. Renee Pittman writes: “The law allowing military assistance, such as SATCOM in the civilian arena is stated in the United States Code below which says: Inside the United States (as well as abroad), DOD support for law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with Chapter 18 of Title 10 of the US Code. The legislation contains both explicit grants of authority and restrictions on the use of that authority for DOD assistance to law enforcement agencies—federal, state, and local—particularly in the form of information and equipment. Section 371 specifically authorizes the Secretary of Defense to share information acquired during military operations, and encourages the armed forces to plan their activities with an eye to the production of incidental civilian benefits. Under sections 372 through 374, DOD equipment and facilities, including intelligence collection assets, may be made available to civilian authorities.”

In the case of non-lethal weapons, the DoD was not merely sharing already-created technology–although, given the sophistication of the technology aired in conferences, Dr. Begich notes much may have been developed already–it was working openly with the DOJ in the creation, production, and joint-use operation of these weapons, for very specific uses.

Domestic Adversaries,” Patriot-Act “Terrorists and Spies”, and “Targeted Individuals”

In 1994, a formal linking of the DoD to the DoJ in the development of “dual-use technologies” for law enforcement and military use took shape via a Department of Defense directive issued by the Director of Policy Planning, Dr. Christopher Lamb. (This was covered more fully here.) Briefly, this directive accomplished a few things: it encouraged the continued development of dual-use electromagnetic and radio frequency technologies in weaponry, it also declared that “non-lethal weapons” would be used on the “government’s domestic adversaries” (“who are engaged in activities we want to stop”), and that the military could assist law enforcement in using these technologies on “domestic adversaries.”

(The several problems with this self-permitting directive, in relation to the appropriation of power over undefined “domestic adversaries,” the use on them of undefined “non-lethal weapons,” and the joint use of Military with Law Enforcement—domestically, within the US—in pointing these technologies at the hapless victims of such arbitrary labeling is discussed at greater length in Chapter Nine, For Whose Use? The New Tools of Control/Controlling the Human Mind, by Dr. Nick Begich, and touched on in the previous article posted here.)

The potential for use of these invisible electromagnetic technologies in secret warfare “so that the victims do not know where the attack is coming from, or even if there is an attack” is discussed and recommended for attacks on “terrorists and drug traffickers” by a Council of Foreign Relations report titled Nonlethal Technologies: Military Options and Implications/Report of an Independent Task Force Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, Chaired by Malcolm Wiener, June 22, 1995.

Presumably, in this CFR configuring, these terrorists and drug traffickers are fair game, both for secret attacks on their person, and for attacks with electromagnetic technologies which can invade, attack, modify, and destroy (silently and secretly) their bodies and brains. This same report notes that electromagnetic signals cannot be broadcast into another country—a “sovereign state”–without consent in peacetime, as per the Nairobi Convention, to which the United States is a signatory.

What is the implication then? That it is perfectly alright to broadcast these signals into human bodies within the United States, without consent, in “peacetime”—or into human bodies inside any foreign, sovereign state in “wartime”? Dr. Nick Begich notes that this may be quite contrary to United States law: “The use of these weapons, even against these kinds of individuals, may be in violation of United States law in some cases in that it presumes guilt rather than innocence. In other words, the police, CIA, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, or other enforcement organization becomes the judge, jury, and executioner.”

Is the terrorist or drug trafficker the primary target then, of these technologies? Or is that a cover story for “domestic adversary”–those “who have committed no crime but whose activities we (the military) wishes to stop”? Are these also the suspected “terrorists and spies” the Patriot Act/now Freedom Act delineates—the ones the NSA and FBI issue (hundreds and thousands—over 300,000) National Security Letters about, and on whom the secret FISA courts issue secret FISA warrants and open secret investigations? Many of us in the US today are beginning to understand this may indeed be the case, with individuals and activists described as “Targeted Individuals” who report EMF assault being secretly miscast as “Domestic Adversaries” by our newly totalitarian state, in order to self-permit the use of these classified and barbaric body and brain assaulting technologies on them.

Low-Intensity Conflict, Domestic Law Enforcement, and Black Budgets

In 1995, the Pentagon received $50 million for developing these dual-use technologies, which Dr. Begich notes could really mean for implementing them, since development may have already been achieved earlier using Black Budget undisclosed monies. Increased amounts have no doubt been sent their way in succeeding years, since the Non-Lethal Weapons Program has grown. According to a National Defense Magazine article from 2005, which talks about military Homeland Defense programs seeking to upgrade non-lethal weapons, “The requirements that are developed from combatant commanders will be shared with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and will provide guidance for state and local authorities”:

“The Joint Non-lethal Weapons Directorate, formed in 1996, has received a recent influx of funds but still lags behind other defense programs. In 2000, JNLWD received $25.8 million, $28.1 million in 2001 and $24 million for 2003. In 2004’s budget, however, the previous year’s figure nearly doubled to $40.9 million, and increased again a year later to $45 million. The administration has requested $43.9 million for 2006.”

Notably, the joint DoD/DOJ dual-use research plan led by the Non Lethal Weapons Steering Committee was co-chaired by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict.

“The weaving together of Department of Defense missions with civilian Department of Justice missions is unprecedented. Not since the Civil War has the military machinery—except in very limited riot control actions—been turned against United States citizens….This raises serious Constitutional questions regarding use of the Department of Defense for domestic police actions, which may be in conflict with the narrowly-defined federal use of the military “for the national defense.” (Dr. Nick Begich)

Radiation Weapons Outlawed for Use in War by International Law But Not Prohibited Domestically

In further trying to explore how these intrusive radio frequency/mind & behavior control weapons have come to be sanctioned for domestic use on citizens, Dr. Begich notes an International Committee of the Red Cross report in 1994 on chemical and radiation weapons as outlawed for use in war by International Conventions. Specifically the report notes that the Chemical Weapons Convention states that chemical riot control agents, while not being prohibited in use internally as law enforcement, cannot be used between nations as a method of warfare.

“In other words, we can use on our own citizens what we cannot use in warfare with real enemies who are threats to national security. This explains why the development of nonlethals has moved out of the Department of Defense into the Department of Justice.”

An important point is being made here, that essentially International Law has failed to protect humanity; these non-lethal weapons, as also chemical riot agents, by this 1994 Convention, are not being prohibited for use inside countries, on domestic populations, by countries’ governments—exactly the situation we are currently faced with today, as thousands of people from countries worldwide report the covert use of electronic weapons on their persons, as also, in large numbers, in the United States of America.

Neuroweapons Using Brain-Machine Interfaces Not Prohibited by International Law?

Bringing this discussion up to date is Neurowarfare using brain-machine interfaces. While this continues to be an open subject, some observers seem to savor the fact that there is no “freedom of thought” protected by the Bill of Rights or Constitution, and, according to White, Stephen E. (2008) “Brave New World: Neurowarfare and the Limits of International Humanitarian Law,” Cornell International Law Journal: Vol. 41: Iss. 1, Article 9, “(neuro) weapons employing brain-machine interfaces most likely do not violate international humanitarian law.” (A subject that needs further, separate discussion.)

Low-Intensity Conflict, 1984 onward

Of interest to this discussion is the means by which the domestic use of Non-Lethal weapons on so-called “domestic adversaries” has been facilitated, by the extension of the military concept of “Low-Intensity Conflict” to the domestic sphere.

The document Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology, produced on Maxwell Air Force Base in 1986 succeeding a meeting and presentations on these subjects in yes, interestingly, 1984, carries a Foreword by then House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Low-Intensity Conflict, in his view– a long-term, secretive form of warfare which would include psychological operations–is a preferred means to deal with radicals who “engage in dirty little wars in faraway places with almost no regard for legal nicety or the technical problems of international law.” In his view, the military is currently limited in addressing such conflicts, and non-lethal weapons offer new possibilities and new directions for such address. But they also pose attractive possibilities for domestic law enforcement, he notes, offering “new options to local police and law enforcement authorities.

At this Air Force conference, various EMR technologies capable of affecting human physiology, mental functioning, and human behavior were presented and discussed, and urged by some presenters, including one Captain Paul Tyler (cited below) to be further pursued for use in low-intensity scenarios.

We mustn’t forget, it was 1984. (Although now, it definitely seems like we’re well beyond Orwell.)

Remote Control Radiation Technologies Being Referred To, 1980s Onward, Are Being Reported

The technologies being referred to in these early documents exploring, reporting, and advocating the use of EMR technologies in the control of humans—whether domestic adversaries—activists, protesters, crowds (the usual group increasingly being marked out today as subjects for warfare) or other—are precisely the technologies being reported as operative on their person by thousands of individuals in the US today, and globally, efforts to disappear whom have been exerted continuously by the apparently-operative Global Totalitarian State, using the psychiatric profession, the government-propaganda-spewing corporate media, and the label “Targeted Individual”.

Clearly, as many can attest (including this writer), these technologies are in full operation today, whether they are being weapon-tested, used for operator-training, or functional in some ongoing roll-out of secret, non-consensual Neuro-Experimentation programs—but there seems to be a continuing attempt to keep these technologies secret, covert, and out of the mainstream press. (Take a look at any Washington Post/NY Times or other article which will qualify the experienced-use of ELFs or EMFs as “alleged” by a mentally-ill individual with a diagnosis of schizoid disorder/schizophrenia, or cast all reporting individuals as mentally ill—for instance, coverage on “Manchurian candidates” used in mass shooting events, Aaron Alexis, and Myron May, both of whom reported covert assault with electromagnetic weapons, which included Synthetic Telepathy (microwaved audio/voices inside the brain–a patented military technology which mainstream media appears unable to report) before they made the tragically wrong decision to react with guns.)

Commandeering of American Communities in Stasi-Like Secret Policing

At the same time, whole neighborhoods and communities are aware of and being commandeered in the use and protection of these deadly radiation neurotechnologies against their own neighbors and community members. Is the reading American populace aware of this? These assaults on Americans are taking place under cover of “Non-Lethal Technology,” using DOJ-permitted cover stories and lies regarding the need for 24/7 “court-ordered” electronic surveillance and Neuro/Behavior Modification. Neighbors are drawn into this World of Secrecy via threats of fines and jail time waved before them in the form of National Security Letters. (See ex-NSA officer Mark Novitsky’s interview by Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot.)

Since this community-corralling phenomenon has been discussed elsewhere on this site—here, and here—suffice to say here that the secret use of invisible, and deadly EMF Neurotechnology weapons by joint Dod/DoJ operatives—via Fusion Center, Joint Task Force, JTRIG, and Local Law Enforcement initiatives—in neighborhoods, with neighbors, on neighbors, serves to fill the playbook of Secret Terror: a Secret Police, operating in secret, on certain targeted individuals, who are cast as undesirable, much in the style, historically, of Jews, gypsies, and others in Europe by the Nazis, or witches by the Puritans in Salem, or political dissidents in the USSR, China, Cambodia, elsewhere.

We are speaking here of American neighborhoods. American neighbors. American communities. An American Secret Police.

Disappearing the witness, as we all know, is classic criminal procedure, and disappearing the witness via psychiatric misdiagnosis is classic Red Terror practice.

Yet we are speaking of the United States Department of Justice.

“Fast forward to today, we have over 300,000 people in the United States voicing complaints of electronic harassment which includes directed energy attacks and synthetic telepathic harassment. It sounds unbelievable at first until you delve further into the complaints and history of the technology.

…Knowing how this research started and how it progressed as technology progressed should alarm the medical community that nonconsensual experimentation is occurring rather than an exponential rise in mental illness. We have known for some time that several technologies exist that are capable of putting voices in one’s head to subliminally harass or control them. Therefore, when these complaints are voiced, it can no longer be seen as a turnkey diagnosis of mental illness.”— (Chapter Nine, The Hidden Agenda, Guinea Pigs) Dr. John Hall

“John Mitchell was the Attorney-General during the Nixon Administration. His wife—Martha Mitchell—told her psychologist that top White House officials were engaging in illegal activities. Her psychologist labeled these claims as caused by mental illness. Ultimately however, the relevant facts of the Watergate scandal vindicated her.

In fact psychologists have now given a label—the “Martha Mitchell effect”—to “the process by which a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health clinician mistakes the patient’s perception of real events as delusional, and mis-diagnoses accordingly”.

…Richard Nixon was later to tell interviewer David Frost (in September 1977 on Frost on America): “If it hadn’t been for Martha Mitchell, there’d have been no Watergate.” –Chapter Eleven, Remote Brain Targeting, Renee Pittman Mitchell

Many Americans report that reporting these abuses—and the experience of remote electronic harassment–to the local police station has led to them being forcibly evaluated by a psychiatrist or forcibly committed to a mental institution.

(Please pass on this article to all those who have suffered such an injustice and would like to educate their local police as well as their physicians and psychiatrists on what is being fully revealed here, and on their rights to report ongoing and very real electronic assault/harassment–although, clearly, the local police station is fully complicit, and engaged with DHS/DoD/DOJ in a large-scale cover-up: These are not imaginary weapons. The Department of Justice, in joint actions of covert operation and experimentation with the Department of Defense, has developed and is operating invisible EMF/scalar/sonic neurotechnology on Americans.)

The unnerving fact that our fusion centers and local police are fully complicit and part of this scenario as they turn a blind eye to reports of peculiar stalking and surveillance scenarios in neighborhoods by reporting individuals may be ascertained by non-committal responses to FOIA requests for information such as this one, in Massachusetts, by this writer, where it is evident that reports of highly suspicious and patterned vehicular speeding, parking, and entry/exit in the writer’s neighborhood elicit absolutely no concern or interest. Earlier attempts to ascertain inventories on non-lethals being permitted on the streets in Massachusetts met with this refusal, with “public safety” being cited as reason, even though a law currently exists in Massachusetts, that prohibits the use of electronic weapons in electronic harassment actions on residents.

Indeed, there is extensive information today on the patents used in these neuro-technologies, and information too on these technologies from ex-CIA, and DoD/Navy scientists who helped develop them.

What Has Been Published About These Classified Technologies?

Apart from witness and non-consensual experimentee accounts (which abound today, across the Internet, and whose testimonials persist, despite avid attempts at discreditation (as paranoid/schizoid/schizophrenic/delusional accounts of imaginary technologies with imaginary powers) by the cyberwarfare brigade evident everywhere online), we rely today for testimony on the nature of these being-kept-secret Electronic Warfare weapons currently in use, covertly, in experimentation programs, in weapons-testing programs, in surveillance scenarios, on:

1) the verbal and written accounts of scientists who have worked with the CIA, DoD, Navy, and others in developing some of these technologies;

2) military/Air Force/ documentation that discusses these technologies, however slightly; and

3) the enormous work of researchers such as Renee Pittman Mitchell, Dr. Nick Begich, Tim Rifat, and others, who are publishing their work in books, articles, and podcasts.

There is no mistaking from these accounts, that these are Remote Brain monitoring/ influencing/ modification technologies, Remote Body accessing/influencing/assaulting/damaging technologies, and that they involve the determination of individual electromagnetic signatures for brains and hearts, individual bio-resonance signatures for nerves and organs, and carry in their intentionality research on Neural Interfaces, Electronic Brain Links, EEG Cloning/Heterodyning, Mind Hiving, and other such.

  1. Some of these scientists include: Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, and Dr. Barrie Trower. Please see their books, essays, video/radio interviews, and talks for more.
  2. Some Defense/Air Force documentation, which proves early Military/Air Force interest in using frequency-specific radiation in weapons systems to disrupt and destroy human action:

From Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology (Ed. Lt. Col David J.Dean, Air University Press, Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1986):

“Paul Tyler also discusses the application of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) to Low-Intensity Conflict. He surveys ongoing scientific research into the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. Tyler tells us current evidence indicates that specific biological effects can be achieved by controlling the perimeters of electromagnetic radiation directed at human subjects. Thus there is the potential to use EMR to control human behavior or even to maim or kill adversaries.”

Paul Tyler: “The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations…the EM systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective.

Paul Tyler: “Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. They are silent, and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop…”

Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000. (Volume 1, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, 1982):

“Biotechnology research must consider the significant advances that can be made in electromagnetic radiation weapons and defenses that could be in place by the year 2000…Research is first needed to develop and apply methods for assessing pulsed RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) effects. Techniques are needed for depositing RFR at selected organ sites...These studies will require prudent extrapolation of physical and physiological data obtained from laboratory animals and humans in operational environments.”

Research efforts described by this report comprised 3 areas: Pulsed RFR Effects, Mechanisms of RFR with Living Systems, and RFR Forced Disruptive Phenomena. The use of RFR in new weapon systems being contemplated then (in 1982) by the USAF “was intended to change the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system.” (Dr. Begich, New Toys for Defense, Page 173/Chapter Nine, Controlling the Human Mind)

Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, 1986

Experience with electroshock therapy, RFR experiments, and the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggest the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive of purposeful behavior, and may be capable of directing/or and interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again proving a speed-of-light weapons effect.

Examining these documents, Dr. Begich wrote in 2006—one decade ago–that “The advances in wireless transmission of energy for these kinds of weapons has reached the stage where we could see them being used in the coming decade.” It is 2016 now, and thousands of Americans, Europeans, and Asians are reporting that these weapons are indeed being used, on them, without consent.

Proving that the DoJ most certainly has been aware of and actively pursued the development and use of remote-control EMR technologies aimed at affecting/degrading humans, the 1987 Attorney General’s Conference report notes:

“Participants also discussed the use of various wavelengths and forms of administration of electromagnetic energy as a non-lethal weapon. A substantial amount of research has been conducted in this area…”

This DOJ report went on to remark research in the use of highly specific EMR frequencies to affect specific physiologic systems and obtain specific effects, the use of ELF to produce nausea and disorientation, sleep and confusion, and the possible use of wirelessly-transmitted energy to achieve similar effects from afar.

The current public stance offered by the DoJ and by police departments therefore, that “non-lethal” options represent pepper spray and rubber bullets alone, is disingenuous at best, and, on its face, openly deceiving. Note that the Department of Defense assists in maintaining this deception—this response of absolute ignorance of Neurotech DEWs by General Michael Hayden, as questioned by activist Tyrone Dew, should be both eye-opening and a tragic commentary on the open deceit being practiced by the military.

Secret Weapons and Secret Policing Make Peacetime Work for Military, Police, Security and Intelligence Agencies

There are many questions to be asked here. What is the purpose in keeping this research and these technologies secret, when thousands are reporting being experimented on/assaulted by these technologies? What is the purpose in the DOJ keeping its arsenal of non-lethal weapons being used by Local Law Enforcement/joint Military action secret? What is the purpose in maintaining the euphemistic label “Non-Lethal” when lethality is ensured by repeated use, and when severe damage to the human brain and body—of non-combatant, arbitrarily-designated “domestic adversaries”–is an intended result?

What is the purpose of the Department of Justice permitting and engaging in the Covert Assault of thousands of Americans with undisclosed “Non-Lethal” weapons – when none of these Americans have a criminal record/or are engaged in any criminal activity, nor can be lawfully charged with a crime and/or openly arrested/indicted/convicted?

“The hidden agenda is actually not so hidden anymore. It’s about as obvious as a giant pink elephant doing the merengue at a super bowl halftime show without a wardrobe failure to try and prolong its lackluster career a little while longer. Unfortunately, the United States has become the land of the controlled and the home of the apathetic. The wealthy class has long been controlled with taxation, the poor enslaved with welfare, and most recently, all of us controlled by surveillance. Our current administration has the same agenda as the United Nations and intends to be the enforcement branch of a One World Government, hence the strong push for gun control in this country, which coincidentally is linked to electronic harassment very intimately. It does not surprise me, or any of the victims of electronic harassment, that every one of the recent mass shootings has been by an individual “hearing voices.–Dr. John Hall

“Today the numbers continue to rise among people globally voicing their outrage of these covert, sanctioned operations. Even if a person is targeted by law enforcement, the individual’s situation bypasses the justice system as a place for addressing allegations and the target becomes the target of malicious prosecution and abuse of process relentlessly. The military programs are mainly technology testing programs, and a person can be put into one of these programs by simply angering the wrong person.”Renee Pittman Mitchell

According to Newt Gingrich (Armageddon Killing Them Softly, Russell Shorto, GQ, 1995) , these technologies are “our real peace dividend” (a fairly opaque statement which brings up all sorts of questions—Weapons that bring peace? Weapons that can and will be used in times of peace? Weapons created by peace?): “They will preserve the defense industrial base, stimulate jobs in high technology industry, and provide much-needed new options to local police and law enforcement authorities.

Which seems to mean they will prop up the military-industrial complex (in times of peace?), create work for the makers and users of high-tech electromagnetic neuroweapons, and give police (and DHS?) a new set of weapons to try out on the local populace, under cover of surveillance in the name of National Security: deadly and covert New Age neuroweapons, making make-work for the immense and useless network of security and intelligence and policing agencies that is the current security state.

Other Media Coverage on Secret Policing with Non-Lethal Technologies in the USA

Please see GQ‘s recent article on the New York Police Department using X-Ray Backscatter Technology on New Yorkers: The Future of Policing is Here and It’s Terrifying.

“Departments large and small are using a host of new gadgets—from laser light weapons that can induce vomiting to surveillance systems that can predict crimes before they happen.

And what’s scariest of all is the majority of these technologies are being funneled down from the U.S. Military, down into neighborhoods that are most definitely not war zones. “After 15 years of war, there’s a demand for all these companies to find new markets for all these technologies,” said Joel Pruce a professor of human rights at the University of Dayton who studies police technology. “So it trickles down from the military to police.” The revelations about the backscatter vans were just one more sign that the future of policing is here, and it’s terrifying.”

Secret Policing, Secret Military Operations Against Citizens, and Secret Radiation Technologies Should Be Exposed and Terminated

These are terrifying crimes against humanity that must be exposed, written about, and widely published, if they are to be prosecuted and terminated, as they should be. The self-sanctioning of covert policing operations by the US Government on its own people, the use of the US Military in covert offensive actions against the people in its own country, the people it is charged to defend, and the use of deadly weapons that use sophisticated radiation and plasma technologies to damage and degrade the bodies and brains of human beings/American citizens and residents are all reprehensible, completely unethical, amoral, and really quite incomprehensible. We don’t seem to be living in a sane or “civilized” society anymore.

Everyone who has experienced the covert assaults on their bodies of these deadly radiation weapons will tell you that “non-lethal” is a complete and absolute lie, that these weapons are barbaric and inhumane, and they are being used–24/7, non-stop harassment and assault–in a pathologically insane way by the covert cartel of Law Enforcement, Defense, and Intelligence agencies who have permitted themselves the Neolithic privilege of assaulting their fellow-humans, under “legal” cover from the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, and various spurious laws and Executive Orders.

Americans: we need to wake up. Secret Policing and Secret Assault are the hallmarks of dictatorial fascist totalitarian regimes. The SS is not here, dragging people out by their necks into the middle of the street and hitting them with the butts of rifles. No. But something far more sinister is taking place in our midst. All over the USA–and the world too, now–Secret Police, completely assisted by local communities, and the lies of community psychiatrists, are pointing, shooting, and assaulting innocent Americans, activists, writers, indy media bloggers and journalists, and whistleblowers, with radiation–microwaves, radio waves, infra-red rays, millimeter waves, X-rays, scalar waves–issuing forth remotely from Directed Energy Weapons, designed to incapacitate and injure their bodies and attack and destroy their brains. They are Doing this secretly and Denying it publicly. These are methodologies of Mass Control and Individual Control. They are also mechanisms of repression and a gratuitous display of power.

Is this acceptable? One might well ask: How can this be happening in the USA?

“Oppression involves a failure of the imagination: the failure to imagine the full humanity of other human beings.” –Margaret Atwood

I appeal to every American reading this to examine your conscience and, if you are already assisting in this program, make the moral decision to stop being a party to this incredible violation of human rights and humanity; if you are just learning about this atrocity in our midst, please make every effort, within your own field of influence, whether as a physician, attorney, journalist, writer, thinker, professor, police officer, Intel or military officer, Sheriff, or any other, to step out and take a stand against this crime: make your voice heard. Covert radiation neurotechnology–electronic weapons–and brain hacking in neuroscience, advances in Artificial Intelligence and cybernetics have brought us to a new page in history, as a species, and it’s up to each of us to figure out if we want to assist in the extinction and/or enslavement of humanity, or otherwise. Because that is absolutely where this kind of Secret Policing is headed.

My own feeling is that ultimately, it’s our fellow feeling for each other alone that can make a difference, and a personal awakening each to our own light, our own powers of feeling, our own ability to see, reason, and think for ourselves, our unique individuality, our own powers of expression, that will give us the moral courage to speak out in these times, to take a stand, to say No–all of this is what “They” are striving to take away from us today.

(Part Three in this Series exploring the US and global governmental establishment of secret policing, surveillance, weapons-testing, and neuro-experimentation programs globally, on countries ranging from the Five Eyes countries, to countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, will follow soon.)


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