Directed Energy Futures 2060, US Air Force | Report & Op-Ed, September 1, 2023: Counter-Personnel DEWs Need Halting for Open Full-Spectrum Ethics Review

Brief Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | September 1st, 2023

This Air Force Research Labs overview report from 2021 (pdf also below) associated with a summit held in October 2019, offers insight into both the broad sweep of agencies involved, both domestically in the United States and abroad–via overseas agreements and partnerships with the US Air Force, OSD, Navy, NATO it appears–and insight also into the range of DEWs developed over decades by the US, inclusive of counter-personnel DEWs (directed energy weapons) which have transitioned in labeling to “intermediate force capabilities.”

Agencies involved in reporting this development of DEWs, as noted in this report on the Directed Energy Futures summit at Kirtland Air Force Base in October 2019–and presumably also involved in their development–include the Office of the US Air Force’s Chief Scientist for Directed Energy, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the US Naval Research Laboratory, the Office of Naval Research, the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office, the Los Alamos, Sandia, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, other Defense groups, private companies, Universities, and NATO affiliates.

Interestingly, this document names no-one as author, but professes to be a report comprised by the above parties for the “Office of the US Secretary of Defense’s Directed Energy Community of Interest”–one among several “COI”s described here, essentially a roadmap to intended military takeover of all human life in the future by a marauding insider community of public-private partners which appears to be what some in US Government–and others worldwide–have currently devolved into.

Anti-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons Inclusive of Microwave Weapons Have Been (& Apparently Are Still Being) Tested on Humans for “Human Safety” and “Effectiveness”

While only a faint amount of cautionary awareness regarding the actual deployment of such energy weapons on humans is evinced in these pages, and their coverage here slight, what is most essential to note regarding these “anti-personnel” or “counter-personnel” weapons is that they are succinctly mentioned at all, here, in putatively 2021, as military technologies under development, during the very years of their continuing testing, training, surfacing, and deployment–providing absolute proof thereby to educated professionals worldwide, in particular physicians in Emergency Rooms and psychiatrists in Hospitals, of their existence and public safety testing on humans (in fact, Americans), the latter surfaced earlier in 2006 as US intention by US Secretary of the Air Force (2005-2008), Michael Wynne.

The issue of whether it’s ethical and humane at all to test such weapons and technologies– directed energy weapons or neuroweapons–on humans is only very faintly alluded to in this report by mention of the term “public acceptance” as pivotal in future usage and rollout of these technologies.

Public acceptance however cannot be granted without public awareness and knowledge of the harms accruing from the use of such weapons on humans, something that’s been made impossible by the near-century-long Mainstream Media, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Law Enforcement, Local Government, Public-Private Partners’ (and thereby influenced family members)’ whiteout/blackout of mention of harms by both those reporting such usage on them as unconsenting subjects, unlawfully watchlisted and thereby unlawfully captured into classified testing operations, and those investigative writers, journalists, scholars, witnesses, activists, whistleblowers, and human rights organizations supporting and accomplishing this reportage.

Until such awareness is facilitated and established, this writer believes, the testing, usage, operation, application, and planned further deployment of all counter-personnel DEWs–inclusive of neuro-technologies and nanotechnologies–should be halted for a widespread full-scale, full-spectrum, overt and open, public Ethics and Human Rights review (as I called for in 2014 at The Human Dignity Council (an organization now obsolete) and posted at ECC here: Call for a Congressional Committee: Investigate & Prosecute Non-Consensual Clandestine Experimentation, Surveillance, Monitoring, Harassment of Citizens with ElectroMagnetic/Scalar/Sonic Weapons & Related Crimes).

US and NATO Weapons Testing Thread/ Twitter/ @EccEveryday

Some of the many Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army testing operations over the years since 2006 have been surfaced here earlier in a Twitter thread of mine, published, interestingly enough, in April 2019, around the same time, I would imagine, that the Air Force Research Labs’ summit for later that year in October 2019 and report in 2021 were being planned, and certainly while my work online and name as well were being rather unprecedentedly disappeared (although both have been disappeared for a long time quite successfully otherwise) with smear campaigns et al (See Reporting the Journalism that’s been Lost: on Disclosure from Declassified Docs on DEW/Neurotech Ab/use on Americans, Europeans By Their Own Governments | Reposting a Twitter thread/Part of The Hidden Hand Reveals): US and NATO Weapons Testing Thread.

RTO & NATO’s Non-Lethal Weapons and Future Peace Enforcement Operations, from 2004

This RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) document from 2004–Non-Lethal Weapons and Future Peace Operations–referenced in previous reports here, and to be further reported at ECC soon, provides Europeans and citizens from all NATO-affiliated countries absolute proof of the existence and development of counter-personnel directed energy technologies, including high-powered microwave weapons:

US Air Force’s and Dept. of Defense’s Directed Energy Futures 2060, From 2021

The US Air Force’s and Department of Defense’s Directed Energy Futures 2060 document therefore, one of many which have surfaced over the years (many posted here for public review) yet a rather significant report summarizing much military development of DEWs, similarly offers Americans the same evidence of existence, development, and testing of these technologies.

Extracts from Directed Energy Futures 2060 on Extant Counter-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons, in 2021

Pertinent extracts below on counter-personnel directed energy weapons from the DE Futures 2060 report, as recorded in 2021:

Coverage of Active Denial System weaponry–reported as having undergone extensive testing for safety–from the US, China, and Russia surfaces the existence of this weaponry in these countries, known now publicly also as crowd-control technologies, covered here recently, and to be further covered soon in relation to new information supplied on FOIA requests.


Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

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