Dave Case, Electronic Engineer, Invents an Electronic Counter-Measure for High-Frequency Ringing in Ears or Tinnitus

by Ramola D/Posted 11/9/2016

Dave Case, an Electronics Engineer and inventor, recently disclosed on a call-in talk show for those Americans and others worldwide being covertly targeted and assaulted with directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and neuro-monitoring technologies—in fact the same one featuring interviews by Ella Felder with well-known NSA whistleblowers William Binney and Kirk Wiebe covered here earlier—that he had developed an electronic countermeasure to combat tinnitus, or high-frequency ringing in ears that many people experience today.

What is Tinnitus?

According to the Mayo Clinic website, “Tinnitus (TIN-ih-tus) is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. A common problem, tinnitus affects about 1 in 5 people. Tinnitus isn’t a condition itself — it’s a symptom of an underlying condition, such as age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder.”

Information on numbers from hear.it.org tells us: “According to ATA, the American Tinnitus Association, 45 million Americans are struggling with tinnitus. In Germany the “Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga” estimates that 19 million Germans have experienced tinnitus, and that 2.7 million Germans have persistent tinnitus, of which 1 million have very severe tinnitus. The British Tinnitus Association estimates that 10% of the UK population suffers from tinnitus.”

Coping strategies or anti-depressants offer relief, according to information at health websites.

Tinnitus as High-Frequency Technology Used in Covert Assault

But there are other aspects to tinnitus few outside the military and Intelligence world know about.

In this twenty-first century of Electronic Warfare (Operation, Testing, and Training), those who are being assaulted by DEWs in particular (in illegal, criminal, covert systems of surveillance and harassment being kept concealed by the global Surveillance State in collusion with mainstream media, co-opted psychiatry, and silenced communities) know that the tinnitus they have suddenly begun to experience is an externally-induced rather than natural or inherently-arising physical health condition, so this news of a countermeasure has evoked much interest.

Many who are being thus technologically assaulted report either a continuous high-pitched frequency or being woken continually at night at specific intervals by such high-pitched sounds or ringing.

Dave himself has experienced this tinnitus, and relays that his experience began after he tried to patent a certain invention of his, involving the use of photonic processes in computers, and found that the NSA already had a patent for this light technology, classified Top Secret. He believes that he began to be externally targeted with sophisticated remote electronic technology, and, in his own current analysis of these EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) or scalar signal assaults on human bodies, says the GPS satellite system is the primary system being used for neural information transmission to and from human targets.

Signals Intelligence, Radiation Intelligence, the NSA, Neuro-Surveillance, and Targeted Individuals

Mr. Case points to the information on Signals Intelligence now known worldwide contained in the lawsuit against the NSA filed by ex-NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei (excerpted in parts below, from scanned graphics of a 2009 publication in MindNet Journal), which points to advances in neuro-technology, radar, satellite technology, and bio-surveillance that is still carefully being kept out of the corporate press and concealed under labels of classification and secrecy, while being secretly legitimized for use by the Department of Justice, as uncovered by researchers such as Dr. Nick Begich, and explored here earlier.


Excerpt/John St.Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Fort Meade, MD

According to this information, the NSA is perfectly aware that all human brains give off brain waves which can be picked up, every human brain has a unique brain resonance signature, and, under the right conditions, all human brains can be covertly surveilled, monitored, entrained, and modified remotely.


Excerpt/John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Fort Meade, MD

From this lawsuit and other sources, we learn that mind-reading is no longer fiction, mind control is no longer a myth, mind and behavior modification continue to be an active fixation with the CIA (with its grisly history of MK ULTRA experiments), and, under the broad umbrella of Neuro-Surveillance, the NSA–and DARPA, and the CIA and the FBI, and possibly the DHS and the TSA and the DEA too—is most definitely engaging in it.


Excerpt/John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Fort Meade, MD

Herein lies the secret of neuro-targeting and the entire phenomenon of Targeted Individuals (TIs), desperate attempts to conceal which and whom continue apace—although, thanks to the commitment today of mind control and TI activists, ethical scientists and whistleblowers, podcasters, and writers worldwide, awareness of these advances in neuro-technology as well as of the whole unsavory phenomenon of non-consensual human experimentation continues to surface and spread.

The Bio-Relevant Feedback Loop

Targeting humans with remote electromagnetic or scalar wave technologies apparently requires a lot of specific detail. In order to target a human body remotely, Mr. Case says, a great deal of data is picked up first, related to body temperature, brain resonance frequencies, the skin dielectric, and so on. High-frequency signals sent to targets, and modulated specifically for each target, rely on something called a bio-relevant feedback loop which relays physiological data from the target back to the supercomputer running the system.

When the modulated high-energy signals are directed at the target, he suggests, the skin acts as a transducer, absorbing the high-energy signals and transforming these into audio signals which traverse the body and impact the brain, much in the modality of the Neurophone, an invention from 1958 by Patrick Flanagan which can send phase-modulated electrical signals via the skin into the nervous system to be reformed into audio signals by phase-cancellation in the brain, meaning the brain then hears sound–without the ear being involved.

This sound can range from high-frequency ringing or tinnitus to a clarity of music or voices, now being delivered remotely, without material apparatus. Readers—and in particular, psychiatrists, audiologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists–should note that this essentially means that voices in your head, music in your head, or a tinny ringing in your ears no longer means you have suddenly plunged into old age, a hearing breakdown, or that old, passé (and, many contend, false) psychiatric construct of “schizophrenia,” but that physical, electrical signals carrying audio waveforms could be deliberately being directed at your body—a phenomenon that perfectly sane “Targeted Individuals” who report harassment with voice-to-skull or “V2K” technology have long spoken about and are all too familiar with.

Countermeasure Disrupts the Bio-Relevant Feedback Loop


Dave’s Solar Truck

Dave Case, who has been an inventor and engineer from a very young age, and has invented solar-powered engines and gadgets, including a solar truck that has run 3000 miles “without a penny in fuel,” knew that the key to distorting the high-frequency signals being sent to his brain lay in disrupting the bio-relevant feedback loop.

solar-truck-news-001bTo do this, he devised a method using an oscillator to create a similar but differently-phase-modulated sound to the tinnitus, so that the external signals could no longer activate the expected bio-feedback loops, given the distortions being introduced by the oscillator.

This distortive sound was recorded on a CD, and comprises the countermeasure that Dave offers today to all those being targeted. He cites 29 recipients who have offered testimonials to the efficacy of this device (some below).


Dave’s Solar Polaris

Conversation with Dave Case

My recent conversation with Dave Case on this subject is below, as well as his contact information, below the interview.

Dave, you had mentioned, that as an Electronics Engineer, you have come up with a countermeasure for the tinnitus and induced sounds/ringing in ears that many “Targeted Individuals” experience. Can you first give us a sense of your background and experience and interests as an Electronics Engineer, so we understand your expertise in this subject?

I started learning Electronics at age 6. By my teens I had made my own chemistry set, boom box, electronic door lock, servo motor, and I was electro-plating coins, making hydrogen from water, etc. I got my degree in Electronic Engineering and began to invent things such as my magnetic levitator, and a photonic processor (light operated computer), and other projects.

answer-1-exp1You were recently on a call-in talk show where you mentioned that you discovered that your invention had already been patented—was it this exactly or something close? You also mentioned an NSA lawsuit—can we find this online, where can we find more information on this lawsuit, and what was the crux of it, why was the NSA interested in your invention?

solar-polaris-news-001aWhile trying to patent the photonic processor I was attacked by an agency with extremely high technology, I got an electronic sounding tinnitus (pulse code modulation) in both ears debilitating me. I lost everything and could not make a living. I found out later that the NSA already has light-operating computers and it was classified top secret.

The NSA lawsuit in question was not mine. (But the one filed by John St. Clair Akwei.)

I knew that the electronics they were using (on me) could be stopped but how, so I began to make something that sounded just like the tinnitus to confuse their attack system. I built a new type of oscillator that made a similar sound and as soon as I put on the headphones and played the strange sound I was free. I have since cured over 34 people by sending this sound on CDs for free to any one with the artificial tinnitus .

Can you tell us a bit about the technology you think is being used, your understanding of how these sounds are being induced? Is this V2K or synthetic telepathy or the Frey effect? Are electromagnetic signals/ultrasonics being sent to people’s ears, or auditory cortex, or is a cochlear implant involved?

In my opinion, the GPS satellite system is the main carrier for neural information transmission and my CD interferes with what is called a bio-relevant-feedback loop used to send bio-data to their super computers from the target, this feedback loop is vital to target a person.

Without the feedback loop, the system breaks down and the target is freed. I do think they are using constructive interference methods that cause large increases in power density at the target only, making it hard to detect with Hertzian type meters.

What kind of frequencies are we talking about? Can they be measured, and if so how? You mentioned the skin being used as a transducer. I understand transducers convert energy from one form to another. Can you explain this a bit more, including telling us what kind of transduction is involved?

Yes, the high energy delivery system takes advantage of the skin as a transducer, when this energy hits the water in the skin, the modulation is transformed into audio and travels throughout the body. My CD vibrates the skin contaminating their signal and then real-time adjustments and timing are lost.

How did you yourself come to this subject? I understand you have experienced this auditory effect yourself.

I did not know before I was attacked that the NSA was testing these weapons of warfare on U.S. citizens. You just don’t hear about it on the news.

I traced times and dates of when I was attacked and it led me to OPERATION “CLEAN SWEEP” 1997-1998.

(From a historical listing of Mind Control projects at a few sites online including here, Operation Clean Sweep was a NSA/CIA operation experimenting with mass behavior modification that was run nationwide in the United States in 1997-98, aiming at “electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control.” Data on emotional wavelengths emanating from people was collected through helicopter probes following media events, and was re-broadcast in order to recreate event scenarios and re-stimulate population emotional levels. The re-broadcast was effected “possibly through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, co-ordinated from NBS in Colorado.”)

You have mentioned testimonies from people who have used your CD. How should it be used, exactly, and can we hear a bit about what these people say?

The CD works best when played all night every night while sleeping on head phones that go to 24 khz.The most interesting thing is if we stop listening to the CD, the tinnitus will try to recover indicating this is an automated system we are knocking out every night. I think the GPS is a huge automated scan and track weapon (multi-function ) guided by Artificial Intelligence.







Finally, given that so many are being assaulted covertly with electromagnetic or ultrasonic energy weapons, since you have a deeper understanding of electronics and radio frequencies than most, can you share with us a little more of your understanding about these frequencies? Most of us understand that our bio-resonance and brain-resonance frequencies are at the low end of the scale between 5-30 Hz, while signals sent in on wi-fi or portable surveillance radar devices may use higher frequencies as carriers; can you explain a bit how this may work?


Excerpt/John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Fort Meade, MD

These constructive interference systems are not bound by Newtonian physics and are almost 100% efficient in energy transference. The College of the Army says psychotronics can be delivered to the enemy though existing wiring or water pipes (used as transducer) in your house. Another way to think of it is wave construction using pieces or pulses assembled only at the target, so they can deliver 5 hz or 9000 MHz depending on results needed.

In closing, what is your best advice re. shielding from these radiation and sonic attacks? Do you have other advice to share?

One of only a few things to stop these weapons is superconductive material, but it is not feasible yet. Soil does lessen it but it takes 350 feet of soil. Other than that you must have an active countermeasure like my CD.

To contact Dave Case for more information or for a free copy of his CD to counter tinnitus, please send him a text message with your name and mailing address at 573-300-1579.

Please note, recent momentous news from World CACH (World Coalition Against Covert Harassment) also offers extensive hope for those being assaulted with V2K technology: a new shielding device, to be presented soon by Magnus Olsson, has been developed with military grade technologies to combat V2K, please see the link below for the World CACH newsletter with this announcement.


World CACH Newsletter, 31st Oct 2016/(Magnus Olsson Soon To Release Highly Effective Military Grade V2K Shielding Technology Developed with Approval of Russian Ministry of Defense)

NSA Whistleblower Powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Stand Up to Support “Targeted Individuals” Worldwide

Whistleblower Nation/NSA Whistleblowers William Binney & Kirk Wiebe speak on Targeted Individuals— Ella’s conference call with NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Weibe/Youtube vide0

John St. Clair Akwei vs the NSA Lawsuit 

The Neurophone by Patrick Flanagan and Gael-Crystal Flanagan

World CACH, Sweden/Mind Control NSA We Have No Secrets (Anymore)

Paul Baird/Categories of Surveillance/Harassment Technologies (with further information on the Neurophone)

Paul Baird/Secret Mind Reading Technologies

Targeted Individuals Canada/Stages of Electronic Harassment

Re-posting of this article in full or part with attribution and linkback is welcomed. Please share widely.

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  1. How do I contact Dave Case for his CD, don’t even know what country that phone number is for, how about an email

  2. sure, you can now order the jammer CD at https://antitinnitusv2k.com

  3. Dave please send me a free cd for v2k a soon as possible. Have no peace with voices all the time. I thank you very much. Have been targeted for 15 yrs. sincerely Brent smith

  4. you can now order the countermeasure at antitinnitusv2k.com

  5. Dear Dave, I am in the UK and a long-term TI. I am also quite well qualified and was astonished to find an effective countermeasure. Please send me a copy – I am willing to cover the postage. God bless you and all of us who have these problems.

  6. “I am setting up an encrypted web site that can be down loaded soon.”

    Thanks Dave. Checked your website and didn’t see an option to download a digital version. Some prefer digital download. Please keep us updated.

  7. We now have the web site working to order my cd countermeasure for the sonic weapon tinnitus and one for V2K ( hearing voices). It is antitinnitusv2k.com It is still free but we must charge $15 for shipping and handling. We are getting letters from around the world thanking me for this invention as hundreds are being freed from the devastating technology being used on people that cant defend themselves…….but now they can!!!!

  8. I know tuca tomoni was just trying to help by posting a link here with my cd on sound cloud for every one to down load but i physically mail them so it stays high quality, and they must have instructions or it wont work, like you must use with koss ktx-pro1 headphones all nite every nite.and then there is hacking, another reason i mail them.I am setting up an encrypted web site that can be down loaded soon.

  9. Freedomisntfree2016

    Oops my bad. I reread his article it says headphones that goe to 24 khz. He recommends KTX-PRO1 headphones. Look on Amazon

  10. Freedomisntfree2016

    Dave says you need to use a specific headphone that goes up to 17 khz for this to be effective. He says use KTX-PRO1 headphones.

  11. Freedomisntfree2016ct

    Dave Case
    Case Electronics
    P.O. Box 394
    Van Buren, MO 63965


  12. Hi. Great info on this site. Ive only just stumbled onto here. Im a targeted indvidual. I would really like to try the CD. I live in the Uk. Does anyone kno how I can get it please? I cant message Dave on number due to different area codes in the UK. But you can use my email to message me with info on how to get it. I hope someone can help me please. Thanx 😉 http://www.tomahawk5@gmail.com

  13. If you cant get through by texting your name address to 573-300-1579 then email me at bbnatural@mail.com

  14. The phone number is still good, you can also email your CD requests to me at bbnatural@mail.com we have cured over 300 people so far, and now have a CD just for V2K.

  15. Yes the number is still good, my phone is hacked by government sponsored hackers often so keep trying.I now have a anti- v2k CD and we now have cured OVER 300 PEOPLE!!!

  16. Tejaswini Mardikar

    I had sent my address to the given number is the number still valid . Do you still send free CDs for help????

  17. Shirley Fauria

    Why do we complain an Congress do not listen. We need enforcement on all levels to help us. FBI , police, NSA etc. Need support. Nephew David Paul Thomas constantly. Traumatuzing body with his weapons New Orleans .Live 8001 Branch Dr, 7020 Manchester. No remorse for elderly

  18. We are now up to 280 people cured or helped and I now have a CD that stops V2K, anyone that wants the countermeasure CD just text me your name address to my phone 573-300-1579 and I will send it FREE.

  19. Hello. It´s still possible to contact Mr Case? I´m in Austria.And I would like to try the CD: I´m under covered electronical harasment.

  20. I would like to contact Mr David Case.

  21. Elizabeth Anderson

    Dave- Is the phone number listed still valid? I texted with no response. Can someone else send me this CD?

  22. Is it possible that if say 500 or 600 people with this AI induced tinnitus would all play this cd at the same time would it blow the super computer or satellite.This CD for sure unhooked me from the AI matrix. Thank you Dave Case

  23. Thank you Sir David Case and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR ETERNITY After 7 years of this harassing Tinnitus in just two days of listening to your CD my tinnitus is gone .

  24. Hi Dave Case.
    I am a TI from Malaysia and I have a FB page titled Anti Gang Stalking Malaysia. I would really be grateful if I could get my hands on the CD that you are talking about. But before that I thank you for putting the effort to counter these attacks. I have basically given up on finding a solution until lately the news about American Officials targeted in Cuba, only then I could narrow down to Sonic Weapons.
    Please give me details of how to contact you to obtain this CD. Hope you reply, thank you.

  25. Hi Dave case. I have been trying to get in touch with you about this CD you have created that combats tinnitus
    . However as i live in the UK i couldnt text you.
    Could you please get in touch with me about this
    . My email is leahdjones1991@gmail.com thanks!

  26. Do you know the international dialling codes to contact you from australia?

  27. Hi Dave, I would like a copy of your free CD but your number doesn’t have the correct international dialling codes required. I am in Australia. Justine

  28. Just to update every one, since this article was published my countermeasure CD has cured or helped over 65 people.this evidence will be used to prosecute those responsible for high treason, using weapons of warfare on defenseless citizens for for the purpose of scientific and monetary gain.

  29. I urge everyone to write letters to the Secretary of Defense NOW. I read an email today November 19, 2016 that Mike Rogers of NSA has been recommended for removal as head of NSA. I have been writing to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army describing that I am being tortured on a torture for pay contract. Do not be embarrassed to describe theSICK and demented torture that is just that – torture for pay. All paid for by the taxpayer. This is THE RIGHT TIME TO SEND YOUR LETTERS TO THE PENTAGON. Dianne Renee Chandler I am a former action officer who also was a contract specialist, and I OBJECT to these horrendous evil contracts that torture no consensual subjects. I am tortured and I OBJECT to this contracted torture of humans. Dianne Renee Chandler

  30. I believe the medical pharmaceutical industry is working with these agencies to make large profits by targeting thousands and when they go to there doctor they are miss diagnosed and are given expensive medications that make them millions and the data gathered allows the military to perfect weapons of ware fare on there own citizens.(treason)

  31. yes, getting many reports of cd players not working and the artificial intelligence will try to stop you from using cd, it will turn up the tinnitus ,it will increase attack to try to make you think the cd dont work, but if you don’t give up the cd always defeats there efforts.

  32. Mary, what is SS? I wonder if people on Social Security Disability Re being targeted?Dianne Renee Chandler

  33. All, I am sorry about the typos. My phone is under attack. I get items from LESS EMF. I also like the duvet covers. I put a solve rises headband over another headband. I also have a silverized scull cap that I put in between two cotton skullcaps. And I have the Ladies Hat. I wear multiple layers of cotton pajamas, socks, shoes with Dr scrolls pads. Also a leather jacket sometimes. The attackers still beat me to pieces and I get blistered for trying to resist. I hope the new President will stop protecting this activity . Otherwise, he is another puppet of the New World Order using Electronic Concentration Camps for supporters of the US Constitution. Dianne Renee Chandler

  34. I live in a house with a metal roof and I wonder if this makes the assault worse. The house was completely electrically upgraded and I requested an analogue meter. Based on my measurements, my ten mars 3 axis field meter TM 196 points to a group of neighboring houses. I am suspecting that the smart meters may be used to transmit waves to a target as well as directly from a DEW. I get attacked with severe radiation whenever I try a countermeasure. The attackers do it anyway, just because they can. I cover my head with a solve rises headband on top of another one and I have a silverized skullcap that I layer in between cotton skullcaps. Last night the microwaved me and included a ELF wave. I had to switch to the ladies hat from less end. I get fried. I was extremely beaten hard from head to toe several nights ago. My head hurts so bad I am sure I have a concussion. They are beating my brains out because I resist neural monitoring. I do not want them to turn me into a robot they can command to go and kill people. One of my torturers says I can die from torture. So, I get to decide between being zombified to kill people or die by other sadomasochist torture. My heart is with you all. I am on a letter writing campaign to DoD, Army, congressmen, senators, e-mails, letters, I get torturef no matter what, so I will die from speaking out. These people view us as things to be manipulated by pain and terror of what will come each night. This is indeed the Nazi regime resurrected and most Americans have no clue we will all become slaves unless these programs are refunded. The President has allowed this to happen with his Presidential Directives protecting these terroristic activities. Dianne Renee Chandler Retired Army, Ltc and Army War College Graduate. Also former Contract Specialist. Wow we are paying for our own torture on these contracts.

  35. Hi David, I’ve gotten all the exact equipment you recommended that you sent with the CD. Something that hasn’t happened in awhile since I started using your CD is I have been severely burnt by what is probably microwaves. I have been burnt before but not to this level of severity, this one is blistered. Also the batteries in the cd player have not even got me thru a complete night. This happened with 4 sets of new batteries. I had to by an adapter just to be able to play it thru the night. So I have had a slow start to implementing this program,

  36. yes, it takes some people longer for results, some have immediate relief.You must use head phones that go to 24 khz such as KOSS KTX-PRO1(amozon for $15) or it will not work.It is even stopping the gang stalking and street theater because it synchronizes you brain from the carrier signal. It also will stop the V2K but that takes many weeks. You also must play cd on repeat all ,every night all night since we are more vulnerable when unconscious .

  37. I physically mail them to ensure they are not tampered with, but thanks for the suggestion.

  38. Thanks very much Neal, I will link to your site, and hope to feature it shortly. Thank you as well for all of your articles and efforts. In the failure of mainstream media we are most definitely collectively informing and educating the world.

  39. Probably true.

  40. I think there is a risk involved in putting on the internet for download. It could be easily tampered with.

  41. The DHS is also involved with the targeting, if I run a tracert command, I always get hits on the CIA, FBI, NSA, SS and DHS. What this means is that all theses gov agencies are monitoring my internet activities. Based on that and my experience, I think this is an interagency program. Some people are targeted from the ground and some are targeted by military aircraft. I have experienced both.

  42. Mr. Case might find it easier to upload his CD to YouTube. That way victims could download and record it themselves. Another option, would be to upload it to something like Google Drive, and then posting a link to the download. I’m sure this would help dissemination, and would spare Mr. Case the time and expense. Here’s a link to one of my recordings of the the 24/7 torture I have endured for almost 3 years now: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1-ZkUQGgzGKVEotZjZiN2c5a2s . It can be downloaded, or listened to online by using the Google Drive Music Player. Best, Applegatefriends – Terry Bass

  43. I just started using the CD. Thankyou Dave for sending it to me. I’m still in the initial use stage and will report back after a sufficient evaluation time.

  44. Just sent this to my lawyer, when my targeting began I had high frequency tinnitus too 24/7…. until a zip line that was put up with the advent of this torture, came down.

    It was put up I believe as an antenna to get thru the obstacles of a heavily-wooded area and the fact our roof was metal.

    K. M. Stewart


  45. This is a good article. Thanks for your efforts.We are: Citizens Against Harmful Technology, Targeted Individual, Wireless Body Area Networks, Electronic Slavery 

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    | | | | Citizens Against Harmful Technology, Targeted Individual, Wireless Body Are… This website is for the education and support of Targeted Individuals, people who have been extra-judicially pun… | |



    Tell people about the free 44 page booklet called What is a Targeted Individual.  You can let people know we have a Sunday night conference call with chat room on talkshoe.com. (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 134999#, Pin1#.Take Care,   Neal  C.

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