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Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Report & Note | Ramola D | September 21, 2023/Doc Links in Process Sep 26, 2023

Top Secret declassified though redacted documents from 2015 comprising parts of US Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory) contracts released by FOIA offices at Air Force Materiel Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to this writer on Freedom of Information requests made in 2014 confirm weapons-testing operations on humans of radio frequency high power microwave weapons (RF HPM) in “Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research.”

Characterized as volunteers in an Active Denial System contract which also provides close instructions for volunteers enrolling in new research experiments, referred to more obliquely as “human use” in the BAA (broad agency announcement) Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research Basic Contract, humans used in these field and laboratory weapons-testing operations are posited to be protected by Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) documents involving Air Force Institutional Review Boards and filed with the Office of Human Research Protections, as well as numerous Defense and Federal regulations and laws governing human use in experimentation, listed in released contract documents and highlighted below.

General Dynamics Electronic Warfare aircraft F-111 Aardvark

The Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contract

The 2013 DEBR contract with General Dynamics Information Technology Corporation headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, notes in a Statement of Work that the US Air Force has researched the biological effects of RF/HPM radiation technologies for over 30 years–over 40 years now, for both military and commercial use. The Department of Homeland Security, the Joint Services, and commercial customers were expected to benefit from the research conducted under this contract.

Documents posted here.

Primary aims of the contract were to research and catalogue bioeffects in dosimetry investigations extending beyond this contract “as part of an extensive research program.” These were expected to inform national and international health and safety standards to be used by the Air Force Surgeon General for OSHA considerations as well as in further development of “DE technologies” intended to be rapidly developed and deployed–suggesting international operation of Directed Energy technologies in the future, to be tech-transferred to other fields in Health and Safety.

“Research results will be transitioned and transferred to national and international health and safety standards, which will be used by the Air Force Surgeon General for Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, as well as for data to support the rapid development and deployment of DE technologies.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

These aims would support the mission of the Radio Frequency Bioeffects Branch (711 HPW/RHDR–Human Performance Wing/Radio Frequency Radiation Bio Effects) to protect Air Force personnel from radiation hazards while also finetuning delivery mechanisms to “minimize negative operational impact.” High Powered Microwave weapons and Ultra Wide Band Directed Energy were expected to be used.

Studying Cellular and Genomic Human Health Degradation from Radio Frequency High Powered Microwave Weapon Use

Technical areas to be covered by this contract for the Air Force Research Laboratory included DEW effectiveness and safety, DE bio-mechanisms, RF Bioeffects Modeling and Simulation, and Human Effectiveness analysis and integration, all with intent to investigate and identify bio-effects of DE technologies on humans, to be either exploited or mitigated in DEW (weapon) use and in “transitioning DoD technologies.”

Health degradation, an intended objective of such DEW-discovery, was intended to be studied at the cellular, molecular, protein, and RNA/DNA genomic level. The bio-mechanisms of health degradation–biological responses to directed energy in a number of RF HPM radiation systems–were thus intended to be identified, for specific use in further development of directed energy weaponry.

1.4.1 Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms. Conduct proteomic, genomic, and metabolomic studies that identify critical biochemical or molecular changes following exposure to DE prior to or during mission operations that assists in the prediction of health degradation. Investigate basic mechanism(s) of interactions between biology and RF radiation (DC-THz). Uncover previously unknown bioeffects of RF exposure that may provide a defensive or offensive capability to the Air Force. Conduct and design laboratory and field research and testing of the bioeffects of RF and DEW systems hardware and software.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Exposing Humans to Counter-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons In Order to Characterize and Test Devices and Technologies

Effectiveness and safety–to lend to the formulation of “tactics, training and procedures” for safe use of DEWS as well as the development of “future DE weapons and other emerging technologies” were intended to be studied by examining bioeffects from exposure to RF/HPM radiation, which was also intended to yield statistical analyses and the creation of predictive modeling and simulation software.

Human bodies therefore were intended to be subjected to pulsed microwave radiation in systematic ways, to study a variety of bio-effects, to study “human effects” to “characterize devices and technologies,” to help in developing counter-measures to Directed Energy or DE harm, to assist in meeting legal and treaty requirements, and to help develop and test materials and prototypes for new DE devices.

An interest in addressing the “physical and cognitive health and safety concerns of DE systems” also suggests that both bodies and brains were intended to be subjected to directed energy bio-behavioral research operations–and were to be seen as part of “DE systems.” [Neuroweaponry is known also to be directed energy weaponry, as noted in various Biodefense conferences and addressed by military neuroscientists, some of which has been reported here earlier.]

“The development and execution of modeling and simulation of electrical current, DE weapons, and radar and communication effects shall aid in the understanding of effects on and within biological systems.

1.4.4 Human Effectiveness Analysis and Integration. Develop an understanding of the bioeffects associated with exposing humans to counter-personnel, non-lethal weapons is essential for legal, treaty, policy, and material development purposes. Without it, escalation of force options cannot be provided to war fighters. The objective of this effort· shall provide Human Effects data and information that is necessary to characterize devices and technologies intended for this purpose….

1.4.5 Health and Safety. Shall provide substantial value to the Air Force and scientific community by evaluating bioeffects of DE exposure. Shall address the physical and cognitive health and safety concerns of DE systems. Data obtained from RF/HPM radiation bioeffects research shall be designed in this technical area to support national and international health and safety standards.”

Section J, Attachment 1
12 April 13
Basic Contract SOW – Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Excerpts from contract documents (posted here earlier) provided by Wright Patterson Air Force Base in response to a query regarding a 2013 USAF contract with General Dynamics:

Animal Use in DEBR Projects

Animal use in this Directed Energy Bio Behavioral Research Project is also revealed. While specific animal care manuals and instructions are named, this means that the basic DEBR contract used both humans and animals simultaneously in its research studies using directed energy weapon technologies.

Excerpt, FA8650-13-D-6368, Section J, Statement of Work, Directed Energy Bio-Mechanisms

Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots

Active Denial Systems, the Air Force Research Laboratory tells us, have been developed over 15 years of research–in 2013, which makes that number over 25 now–supporting their “safety and effectiveness as a non-lethal weapon”. Further research in this area is continuing, as a Research Project document returned by Wright Patterson Air Force Base revealing experimental use of 95GHz Millimeter Wave energy spots intended to penetrate skin notes.

This project, with a Protocol Number FWR20120147H, and risk marked “Greater than minimal” by an Institutional Review Board nevertheless approved the call for volunteers, publishing instructions which read as alarming to say the least while minimizing the harm to humans and animals in carefully shielding language.

Full FWR20120147, Version 3.00 document describing the Protocol titled “Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots” (excerpted above) returned from USAF on their combined FOIA return linked here.
Documents posted here.
Full FWR20120147, Version 3.00 document describing the Protocol titled “Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots” (excerpted above) returned from USAF on their combined FOIA return linked here.

Human Subject Research Protections

While there remains much to be investigated, analyzed, and reported regarding these US Air Force documents, and the entirety of the available documents is still and newly being awaited from the US Air Force and from Muckrock, where the FOIA requests for them were originally made–and this writer has resumed closer scrutiny of all declassified documents from the Forces revealing energy-weapon research using human subjects, especially post the Second Worldwide Conference on Non-Consensual DEW/Neurotechnology use on world populations, this document which now includes lists of regulations and rules governing Human Research Protections from the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, and OSD (office of the secretary of defense) will be of interest to all in the USA and worldwide who believe–for good reason–they are being non-consensually remote-accessed with electronic warfare technologies i.e. Directed Energy weaponry or technologies in weapons-testing contracts still being kept classified and unrevealed by local governments and fusion centers involved in permitting and executing these research projects on them, i.e. on unlawfully targeted civilians and veterans on the ground.

This writer, as many may know, has experienced much unanticipated, unwarranted, and egregious whistleblower retaliation in recent times–including endless slander in smear campaigns and false psychiatric labeling–for her work in investigating and reporting such projects–but continues to examine and report the human rights and substantive, technical aspects as indeed she must.

Excerpt from Document posted above, DoD Regulations and Guidance, Human Subject Research Protections

It’s Directed Energy Weapon-Testing, Not “Mental Illness”

There is much to report on this subject, and I continue to examine international human rights law, DoD regulations as noted above, other aspects of these received documents, and other aspects of Directed Energy Weapons Testing Operations, which have been conducted in the US and worldwide since it appears 1997, and perhaps earlier.

This is a preliminary overview report to resurface this subject and these documents, because they are important: they prove that such weapons-testing operations have been (and are still being) carried out in the USA–under guise of surveillance and counter-terrorism it appears–and they attest to all that these remote-accessing electronic warfare Directed Energy Weapon technologies affecting bodies and brains are real.

Those experiencing harm today from such organized projects involving fusion center contractor action against them should share this report and all documents here with family members and friends, primary care physicians, therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists. Almost everyone reporting these crimes is falsely named mentally ill by their own neurally-influenced family members. Those in Government aware of these projects and operations yet participating in keeping them secret may want to focus instead on these human subject research protections and act to save lives and families, rather than Defense budgets: weapons-testing operations, clearly, on human beings need to be Stopped.

I hope to add to this page and post all received correspondence and documents on the several FOIA requests which inform this report, some of which was brought to my attention only recently. Confusion at Muckrock–where my FOIA requests, I was told recently, were put under embargo, while notifications of receipt of documents, let alone documents and correspondence, were never sent to me on time and other correspondence not retained online–is still being examined.

Directed Energy Weapons Testing Contracts All Over USA and World

At the time that I made and followed these FOIA requests, I also spoke to FOIA analysts on Air Force bases, one of whom shared with me that there were numerous weapons-testing contracts–upto 1300 she said–ongoing then, with non-lethal weapons or DEWs, all over the USA, as indeed has been reported in the military press, if only briefly, and noted in my US and NATO Weapons-Testing thread.

These Directed Energy Weapons Testing and Training operations, it appears, are being conducted worldwide. Under cover of these projects, other classified projects, in biomedical research, Artificial Intelligence research, Brain research and others are also being flown, it appears. Social harassment in neighborhoods–what used to be called “Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment–OS/EH” by some or “Gangstalking” by others–also owes its existence, partially, this writer believes, along with Phoenix Operations and COINTELPRO and current-day “community policing” and “community participatory research” and “community care” to the cover of these DEW testing operations. Uncovering these weapon-testing projects using humans therefore should be a major subject for all journalists and human rights activists working in the basic fields of Surveillance and political journalism today.

In my view, this is National Security journalism, and all editors, publishers, reporters aware of and able to further interpret and report on these declassified military documents may want to do so. I will continue to report as best I can.

[Links to be posted in full shortly]

Initial FOIA requests

[I made a few to USAF in 2014, to a couple different offices: for a single contract in response to the named General Dynamics BAA solicitation, and for all contracts; plus, I queried HHS for the General Dynamics FWA. Many other related, similar, or identical requests to other offices including the Department of Defense remained unanswered or came up with “no responsive documents.” Some of the correspondence maintained currently at the Muckrock site (as I see it here) I do not recall seeing at the time; much crossing of correspondence also points to miscommunications. Another USAF request with further correspondence with FOIA offices seems to have been removed; hopefully Muckrock will return all requests and correspondence as is/as was online shortly.]

Requests were made at Muckrock and these are the links/to be posted at ECC shortly:

Single-contract request: Request for Documentation of Informed Consent in USAF DEBR Contract/Air Force Materiel Command/October 18, 2014 | ECC Link

All-contract request: Request for Documents/Informed Consent on all current DEBR contracts/Air Force/November 10, 2014 | ECC Link

Request to HHS, OHRP (office for human research protections): Request to OHRP for FWA on Directed-Energy Weapons Research contract/Department of Health and Human Services/October 27, 2014 | ECC Link

[A Related Request, pertinent to all FOIA requests made on this matter:

Request re. information on small aircraft over Wollaston, Quincy, MA/Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Public Records Division of Massachusetts/April 7, 2014

Request for Information re. small aircraft over Wollaston, Quincy, MA/Federal Aviation Administration/May 5, 2014 ]

Cover letters and correspondence:

Cover Letter, Colonel John Devillier, USAF, Commander, 28th May, 2015.

Cover Letter, Karen M. Cook, FOIA Manager, Wright Patterson AFB/OH, 27th July, 2015.

Acknowledgment of Single-Contract FOIA Request, FOIA Office, Knowledge Operations Division, USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, 88th Air Base Wing (AFMC), November 6, 2014

All received documents to be maintained at the Documents Obtained…link below.]

Current postings of documents are partially linked here and at Muckrock(More of an explanation and updates as I receive them I hope to maintain here as well):

Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up


Technologies Used in Targeting, Tracking, Trafficking

Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: Covert Oppression Using Classified Technologies

Interview with Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: “Bogus National Security Laws Have Enabled Big Brother to Monitor Everyone and Harass Many”

Documentary Evidence of Mil/Intel/LE Crimes

Targeting is Real

Fourth of July, 2015: Covert Civil War–& “Asymmetric” Stealth Warfare–Rages All Over the USA Today

2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare

In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council in Massachusetts: A Focus on Crisis Intervention or Crisis Creation?

Report & Op-Ed | Ramola D | September 14, 2023, Updated September 19, 2023

A “Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council” meeting was held online in Massachusetts yesterday–news about which remains to be further reported locally, little can be found reporting these meetings.

Such meetings–and such a council–have apparently been held and existed for a while, as listings at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health note.

Not exactly reported in Boston newspapers, the Council itself was apparently set up in 2018 after a bill requiring the establishment of a Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission, presented in 2017-2018 to the State of Massachusetts House and Legislature, was seemingly transformed into a Resolution and thence a Session Law which was passed in 2020: House No. 4866; Chapter 253: An Act Relative To Justice, Equity And Accountability In Law Enforcement In The Commonwealth.

The Council itself refers its Legal Authority to an expanded provision in extant Mental Health laws while also calling on the Act so created (above) which purports to stand for justice and accountability but which clearly requires further scrutiny on all fronts: M.G.L. Chapter 19, Section 25(e);

[Disclaimer: This writer is just beginning to examine the Mental Health landscape in Massachusetts law and praxis and will revisit this section further post exploration of the history of creation of these laws which seem to be in use in Massachusetts but which surely point to regressive dystopia no-one in Massachusetts (educated, aware, with children, with parents, with families, single, old, young, elderly, newborn) could possibly want. Is Massachusetts on the Leading Edge of UnBrave New World here…? Another subject to explore.]

A lot of disparate news in Boston however over the past couple years on the subjects of community policing, “crisis intervention,” “behavioral health,” and “substance abuse disorders” point to a growing interest in further stratifying and expanding an already questionable and over-reaching field.

Bringing together executives in State Government from Health and Human Services, Public Safety and Security, Mental Health, city Police Chiefs, and “consumers of Behavioral Health services” the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council is apparently keen (as per published agendas) to meet regularly, offer public meetings, discuss police reform in relation to mental health, and steadily advance the agenda spelled out in the bill overseeing its creation, while the distributed Centers–Crisis Intervention Team-Training and Technical Assistance Center (CIT-TTAC) associated with it appear focused on transforming police officers into “crisis”-fixated mental health professionals–surely something police officers themselves do not want.

Not merely is there an emphasis on training law enforcement on different perceived aspects of the mental -health-officer nexus presumed, there is clear evidence here that police teams are being trained to force people labeled “mentally ill” or “in crisis” into “treatment,” as for instance in the interest of the Center in “providing technical assistance to cities and towns by establishing collaborative partnerships between law enforcement and human services providers that maximize referrals to treatment services.”

“Municipal police,” note, get a special mention. Municipal Government is described here by Anna von Reitz. Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title II, Chapter 19, Section 25 can be found here.

Crisis intervention inside the Mental Health creation paradigm within the urban scape is also a focus of the closely-named and older Community Oriented Policing Programs at the Department of Justice, who appear to have transitioned lately into openly acknowledging intent to transform community responses into mental health crises in this guide–perhaps a slip in phrasing, still, an oddly evocative one for all who have witnessed or experienced the avid crisis-creation of such teams: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: A Best Practice Guide for Transforming Community Responses to Mental Health Crises.

Subjects to keep an eye on and pursue further in reportage, this long-term marrying of law enforcement to mental health becomes especially concerning in light of how children, youth, young adults, employees at any workspot, elders, or indeed any one are being perceived today–when any “behavior” exhibited can be read as a “symptom” of crisis, impending crisis, or some DSM-manufactured “disorder” which police and EMS are now being trained to fall over backwards to prevent.

Policing Behavior Cannot Really Be Called Health–& What Kind of Technology is Being Used?

In an age of rampant electronic warfare, cognitive warfare, and undisclosed use of radiative, acoustic, vibrational technologies developed by the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies which can and do access people remotely and produce distinct and deleterious bio-effects, none of us can remain sanguine in the face of this encroachment.

Community policing has always been a problematic construct, post Patriot-Act with the rise of “gangstalking” or co-opted social harassment; today that construct is being turned silently into a much larger hold on our communities.

Much that is secret and not spoken of is kept sheathed by these terms–yet as more and more people are harmed all around us, we need to question all aspects of “behavioral health,” not blindly accept it as a new norm we all need to be shaped by. Fixations on “wellness” and “well-being”–now to be ensured by police and Public Safety–and how exactly?–need questioning.

Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission in Massachusetts

Newly created, in 2018, while laws, commissions, and statutes have suddenly proliferated on the books, all aimed at control, hierarchizing, and disappearance of freedom, independent critical thinking, and creative expression, a very special Commission in Massachusetts promises to force behavior modification on populations of every kind, from children to adults to elderly, all in the name of Mental Health.

Backdrop to the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council–set up in 2018 as noted above–which brings Government and Police into communities, the Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission brings Health and Human Services together with Courts and Mental Health, inclusive of Substance Use Disorder, into the suddenly enlarged realm of Behavioral Health, no doubt soon to openly include Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neuropsychiatry as maestros of human deliverance right at the very top.

All this while populations of every kind are indeed being rained on with energy-weapon and technology testing, operations, and aerosols, which local “authorities” will not acknowledge as ongoing–open channel to bringing in Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Community Care into universities, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, hospitals, police stations, prisons, stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, swimming pools, community centers, devised by those who seem to have written themselves out of this equation–yet cannot, if “statutes” and “Acts” are to be kept by all.

(Excerpts above from the Legal Authority named above.)

Community Behavioral Health Centers have now popped up all over Massachusetts, while a “Network of Care” links Behavioral Health providers with communities, and community centers– where mental health “patients” treated to 24/7 surveillance by tired “mental health counselors” playing prison guard are secretly, continuously treated as wanting, and less-than, and deficit–take on comforting names like “clubhouses.”

Baker opens 24/7 crisis helpline, 25 new community behavioral health centers | The initiative is part of Gov. Baker’s Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform. / 3, 2023

“Crisis Intervention” and “Trauma-Informed Care”: Creating Crisis, Creating Trauma

“Crisis Intervention” is more than nominally problematic–and while Boston Police seem to have drawn up a system of protocols to run, essentially, trauma on people–children and families, mothers and fathers– as this discussion of Section 12s points to, this is so patently an unacceptable normalizing of trauma and crisis-creation that all in Massachusetts and in the USA should step forward to further explore and act to end this travesty. Section 12s, invidious as written, hubristic and terroristic–as this writer has experienced, written about, and will write further about–are being used fraudulently in Massachusetts and should be abolished.

In communities, police given labels of “mental health professionals” act as “co-response,” this graduating to “embedded clinicians” with police, as a South Shore Mental Health brochure (below) advertises; in schools, they are now being trained to act as “school resource officers” given training in Adolescent development: if parents haven’t seen this yet, they may want to know children are being policed (in what numbers?) into mental health and, it appears, “crisis intervention” in school, in the absence of parent presence.

Remote Biometric Recognition

Worse, it appears laws enacted in 2020 are projecting a complete takeover of human beings through the monitoring of facial expression, gait, to infer and record emotion, and a distinct intent to use “behavioral health” against people, including police.

While indeed emotion, expression, gait, facial contours can all be affected by energy technologies, and have been reported by hundreds of people unlawfully targeted and beta-tested with these technologies, including this writer.

And the casual insertion of “remote biometric recognition” is hardly the way to surface police use of energy-weapon technologies using 5G, AI, remote-access surveillance inclusive of audio, video, MilDec to acquire same, and the deceptive use of nanotechnology as well to shape or re-form faces.

Uniting Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services

The number of mental health and law enforcement coalitions and joint services increasing steadily nationwide seems to be avidly pushed for today –and has been earlier–by the Department of Justice and police associations, such as the IACP–the International Association of Chiefs of Police–which advertises the “One Mind” campaign bringing together Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services:

To what extent is this a legitimate endeavor? To what extent are the figures cited by these campaigns credible?

A key to this conundrum might just be the fact that all or nearly all those reporting being unlawfully targeted with energy weapons technologies–for decades in some cases, multiple years in some cases– have been unlawfully labelled “mentally ill” along with a whole lot of other populations mislabeled, miscast, and misread as such–further subjects to explore.

This report from 2006 from the Department of Justice’s COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program “People with Mental Illness” illustrates the dangers of policing mental illness–when mental illness itself is being invented and falsely attributed to hundreds of thousands. 2006 is also when weapons-testing on Americans was announced by an Air Force secretary, Michael Wynne.

And “crowd-control situations” is not the only circumstance in which such weapons-testing–an eternal shame to America and all nations which have followed in our footsteps here–has taken place, harming civilians and veterans both: matters which must and should be widely known.

This subject–and the current modalities of it–will continue to be covered at this site. No-one is safe when deceiving and criminal actions of mislabeling for profit and repression are taken against people in the holy name of Justice, Safety, Health, and Community.

Wildfires, Directed Energy Weapons, Smart City Health & Controlling Humans

Brief Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | September 6, 2023

Examining the scene of destruction in Lahaina, Maui, and theories of Directed Energy Weapon use there via images of the real destruction versus padded media narratives of carnage–while Smart City mayhem, inclusive of Smart Grid takeovers (JUMPSmartMaui (energy efficient but oligarchic at heart) and Smart Health sweeps via Nanotech (Digital Health/Tele Health/Behavioral Health for psych label pigeonholing and interactive communism-by-consent citizenwide) is being rolled out in Maui and Hawaii in general–it looks like it is possible DEWs–possibly airborne lasers were used to start these wildfires, in a spectrally precise way (military language covering for frequency-based), although I’d imagine any fire-fighting expert would have a better understanding of whether DEWs were indeed used or whether this is evidence of general fire destruction: glass blown out of cars and building windows, tops of roofs removed, carboned metal, a historic banyan tree charred and so on.

Devastation in Maui/Landsat/Visible Earth, NASA

Still, many mysteries surround this fire which leveled a beloved and royal historic site, home once to a king, with grass and wood from houses burning, roofs burnt, cars charred not burned, historic storefronts burning, a library burned, a historic church named Waiola (“living water”) burned–while a lone red metal-roofed house surrounded by stone was left standing. (Metal and wire mesh can protect houses from fires, notes this report.)

Lahaina historical landmarks before and after they were devastated by deadly Maui wildfires/CBC News/August 12, 2023

(Images above from CBC News)

The red-roofed house, coincidentally, is owned by a couple with roots in Massachusetts, Trip and Dora Atwater Millikin, while it appears the tailing off of the unusually strong trade winds associated with Hurricane Dora at the time and thought to have fanned the flames of the wildfires may have spared their house just as much as the other fire-resistant actions of preservation they took, such as laying stone around the house.

“Trip Millikin and his wife, Dora Atwater Millikin, bought the Front Street house in 2021, according to the Civil Beat. The home, which once housed a local sugar plantation’s management employees, is thought to have been moved from the plantation to its current location in 1925, the Civil Beat reported.

The house was pretty rundown when the Millikins bought it, so they decided to renovate it and preserve a piece of Lahaina history, the Civil Beat reported.”

Photo: Why a Wooden House in Lahaina Was Spared in Maui Wildfires (

The question of drought carries a hidden secret.

News analysis examining the carrying of fire by dry grass and brush has looked at drought conditions on Maui and Hawaii in general at the time, and found that indeed sudden drought was registered a few weeks before the fire, going “from lush to bone dry and thus more fire-prone in just a matter of weeks”: A look at the Maui fires, and what’s behind them (, Associated Press, August 10, 2023).

“As of May 23, none of Maui was unusually dry; by the following week it was more than half abnormally dry. By June 13 it was two-thirds either abnormally dry or in moderate drought. And this week about 83% of the island is either abnormally dry or in moderate or severe drought, according to the U.S. drought monitor.

A look at the Maui fires…/Spectrum Local News/AP

Now how on earth did Maui move suddenly to D2, Severe Drought conditions? Perhaps through large-scale drying up of the atmosphere with electromagnetic weaponry such as HAARP, HELs, HPM maybe?

Drought has abruptly descended on Hawaii before:

Drought conditions during rainy season reported in March 2022

Drought reported by the National Weather Service in June 2022

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Dora around the same time as the fire shows possible microwave transmission patterns, of the kind identified to be HAARP-related. Is it possible HAARP may be used to manipulate weather to address (also manipulated) drought conditions in specific areas?

Earth Data, NASA

Radio frequency manipulation of weather in weather warfare actions on the Earth covered by Geoengineering Watch has more information.

HAARP facilities are worldwide now. Interactive Map of HAARP and Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide • Live Earth Monitoring & Educational Resources • ClimateViewer Maps

Image from site on Geo-terrorism/HAARP Microwave Warfare Scenario

New images use AI to provide more detail on Maui fires/ 29, 2023

Hawaii wildfires: how did the deadly Maui fire start and what caused it?/The Guardian/11 August 2023

Information from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: August 2023 WildFires

High Energy Lasers

Looking briefly at the laser weaponology from the US Government, High Energy Lasers developed by the Department of Defense–as also High-Powered Microwave Weapons–seem to occupy a whole class of scaled energy weaponry from very large to very small, and appear to be deployable from battleships and airplanes as well as Army tanks and trucks.

Directed Energy Weapons Testing along with MilDec Wargaming, Modeling, and Simulation

Development and weapons-testing of these HELs seems to be a joint Army, Navy, Air Force venture with Defense contractors being rather preeminently involved. Modeling and simulation games–“wargaming” in fact–appears to have become a modern military preoccupation, rising to manic heights with the rampant tear-down of Smith-Mundt sanity engineered by the Obama Administration in 2012, opening the doors to Psy Ops, MilDec, NLP (neuro linguistic programming aka echo-stalking), Storytelling-in-Media, Disinfo-smearing and simulation nonstop: the Modern advent of Anything Goes. So it’s become very easy now for these mavens of the 77th Brigade who specialize in Psy Ops to roll in a whole number of actual on the ground Army actions and in the air actions and on the sea actions with Futures-testing “modeling and simulation” what-if covers (including media actions) and leave no-one the wiser as to what exactly is happening.

Treating American citizens as enemies of the state to propagandize domestically–essentially making all captive rather than free–has led to inordinate abuses by government against the citizenry, both in terms of actual physical abuse and massive psychological takedown within families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, using systemic deception and lies.

Laser Use in Anti-Personnel Weaponry Testing for Human Bio-Effects

The Directed Energy Futures 2060 report as also much other military publication on lasers certainly admits, if only minimally, to laser-deployment in anti-personnel attack weaponry–as also to laser use from planes–while news from weapons-testing contracts across the past several decades, never disclosed in mainstream media as harmful to humans, reveals quite a bit of harmful electromagnetic weapons testing, both large-scale and counter-personnel to study human bio-effects.

“Intermediate Force actions” in this excerpt below from this overview report refers to non-lethal weapons and technologies–which include such unapproved DOD-DOJ technology as infra-red lasers and millimeter wave through-wall detection technologies, some described earlier here (and unapproved here meaning unapproved by the American public via public interactive, openly-debated, openly-regulated government disclosure on the ground or in mainstream/corporate media–which latter has become defunct now, in this regard: the surfacing of truth).

Damaging the human eye in an “offensive technique” using anti-personnel non-lethal weapons, surfaced here below is not presented here–nor experienced by many reporting victims of unlawful weapons-testing, including to this writer–as testing alone but operations now. Does mention of non-State actors here (in operations) mean private mercenary corporations, being used to deploy Crowd-Control Technologies inclusive of Active Denial Systems (microwave/milliwave weapons systems) against a questioning public? (And do private corporations include “Law Enforcement” corporations now?) (They’re all incorporated.)

That “laser weapons can also cause damage by igniting fires” is probably well-known in the Defense industrial world. New laser weapons being developed and sold to governments implies testing of same–where, when, how, and why such weapons are being tested and operated are further questions to ask of government officials–using FOIA requests.

Smart City Health and What It Might Entail

Meanwhile it appears Maui like many other parts of the world have people on City Councils corralled by the real estate and technology sector “top dogs” who run media, hospitals, Universities and public relations campaigns presenting the (currently being modeled and simulated) future as both Clean, Energy Efficient, and Inevitable.

Fires which consume trees and impel a touching reliance of whole populations on questionable Emergency Medical Systems and the equally questionable city/state infrastructure behind them are being used and have been used to bring in “digital health technologies” via COVID-19 and its “vaccines”–also known as 5G technologies: nanobiosensors, 5G transmitters, “wifi health” or “tele health” while the harms of radiating devices and the loss of organic biosphere from ravaged or cut-down trees, known to facilitate close-range 5G transmission, are being played down.

21-102-DOH-brings-health-and-digital-navigators-and-telehealth-services-to-underserved-communities.pdf (

The Pandemic Has ‘Permanently’ Changed Health Care In Hawaii – Honolulu Civil Beat/May 28, 2021

Transforming health care at the edge | MIT Technology Review/June 10, 2021

When public safety, public health, and public security collide, we can be sure it’s not public welfare we’re looking at here but a much more invasive form of eventually intended remote body monitoring, without consent, as earlier posts on NBIC Convergence here and here point to–matters to be further reported.

Behavioral Health and Community Care: Cause for Concern When the Mental Health Enterprise is Obviously Flawed and Seriously Harmful to all Citizens

Lahaina’s wounds to mental health could ripple through generations: Experts/Hawaii News Now

The sudden “Mental Health” and “Behavioral Health” concerns–all around the USA today and world–of suddenly reinvigorated social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors using “Collaborative Care” or “Community Care” or “Care Coordination” models seek to psychiatrize pretty much everyone, terrorizing the rest into silent subjection as they transform all into “patients” to be imminently harmed with a label of whatever level of subjugation is desired by the oligarchic network wielding NeuroPsych weapons of war on the populace: “anxiety” to “depression” to “schizophrenia” to “tardive dyskinesia” to “dementia” to “mania,” just as arbitrarily as they please. Then corral the whole community into action against them–with lies–as they pull in ever-fatter paychecks and police all their newfound patients with passion, pursuing them from pillar to post with more and more sugar-coated terror (white gloves and coats over their snowy white boots).

“Bipolar Disorder,” “Manic Depressive Disorder,” “Schizophrenia,” “Delusional Disorder,” “Acute Delusional Disorder,” for instance: Extremely terrifying “Diagnoses” to most–but which should really be known as False and Fraudulent Psychiatric Labels, meaningless and expedient–which can be manufactured overnight on anyone today, primarily to remove basic human rights, by a marauding hierarchy of State actors seeking to politically suppress stand-out citizens including journalists and writers, professors and nurses, consultants and creators, veterans and families. As has certainly been reported today by thousands of Americans, including to this writer. Labels and lies which become means for uneducated but easily-trained-to-be-communist-socialist-minions of the “smart city” buildout of community prisons to suppress others using cell phone and handheld satellite tracking, Bluetooth interception and interference, and matrixed monitoring and “e-heathcare” action inside a networked satellite-drone-celltower-portable-and-handheld-device system of action delivering “innovative healthcare technologies”–nothing but tech-transfer energy-weapon privacy-invading vibration technologies, designed to remote-access and alter the human body and brain without consent.

That is the greater danger behind such fires which consume cities and towns and forests as well.

Whatever level of “Smart” anything–whether energy, health, cities–people may choose to embrace, it is that awareness–that exploitative and eugenicist oligarchy, monarchy, communism, destructive socialism (such as forced migration, forced public health monitoring, forced energy/health technology use on people) today is being brought forward into our midst on the back of very sophisticated (and wrong-turn, no-ethics) neuro-biotechnology, military physics and mathematics, undisclosed high energy weapons testing, undisclosed biomedical experimentation, undisclosed Artificial Intelligence brain takedown of people, seeking insidiously to enslave–that we need to keep before us, and that intended enslavement which we must refute, reject, resist as best we can as we seek to keep and uphold our common humanity.

Terms like “Digital Government” “Digital Hospitals” “Digital Health” — seeking to digitize the human body — need to be explored and exposed by all. None of us needs Human Control Technologies running through our veins or seeding our human skin. Nor False and Fraudulent “Mental Health” labels: The entire edifice of medieval Psychiatry, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, which is working as a seal to enslavement today inside corporate globalist and CIA/DHS/NSA/FBI constructs of secrecy-driven subjugation of the citizenry needs to be publicly investigated, fully exposed, and torn down.

Smart and Digital

JumpSmartMaui seems to offer a viable electric-car alternative to fuel-driven cars, but is there a catch here? Corporate oligarchies in particular running such ventures should give everyone pause. Again, something to explore further. This case study offers further insight.

The New Smart Grid in Hawaii: JUMPSmartMaui Project/Hitachi

Digital Governments galore: Govtech Events

Hawaii Digital Government Summit

International conferences on system sciences, bringing a few sciences together: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2023


Insidious Targeting: The Route to Neurodamage via “Behavioral Health” and Community Care

Report and Op-ed | Ramola D | August 26, 2023

While doctors in Emergency Rooms and psychiatrists in Psych Wards along with Primary Care Physicians in their own offices profess absolute ignorance of radio frequency devices used in the tracking of humans just as much as of pets, objects, clothing items today, it is clear the Medical Device industry which includes RFID chips and BCI implants is well and flourishing.

Tech Transfer via “Health”

Not merely that, medical devices have now been fully transitioned over from the Military arena into Health–Defense situating itself inside Health is a many-pronged Octopus it’s clear–and have found their way, no doubt over decades of secret implanting in the back rooms of the CIA and DOD (that’s University labs from what I hear–and Hospital premises from what many have reported including to me), along with mad experimenting with radio technologies wildly denied by local “Law” posing as “Mental Health Professionals” (as also recently reported here), into c/overt use in Hospitals, Waiting Rooms and Emergency Rooms, Corridors for Stacking and Private Offices, Imaging Centers and Radio Labs, Teaching Hospitals and Clinics worldwide, as this new NIH “Notice of Funding Opportunity”–PAR-23-253: Device Based Treatments for Substance Disorders (excerpted below) also indicates.

[This Notice, as also much other information, to be reported shortly, has been unearthed with specific reference to the unlawful actions of “Mental Health” and “Behavioral Health” edifices in the USA, aligning unlawfully with Law Enforcement and hospitals to falsely label people reporting electromagnetic technology usage on them as mentally ill, a vaster story, previously covered, and to be further addressed here, as this writer learns more.]

Excerpt, NIH Notice of Funding Opportunity PAR-23-253, NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts (emphasis below mine):

“The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to accelerate the development of devices to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The continuing advances in technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to develop neuromodulatory or neurophysiological devices that are safe and effective SUD treatments. The objective is to move devices to their next step in the FDA approval process, with the ultimate goal of generating new, FDA approved device-based treatments for SUDs.”

Device Based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders, (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)/NIH Grants and Funding/National Institutes of Health, DHHS, Posted August 17, 2023

BCI Implants: From Delgado to Silver Spring to DARPA to “Targeted Individuals” to “Behavioral Health”

Tragically, this technological transfer from DARPA to doorsteps has already been accomplished, we are aware, in the arena of brain implants–a major subject for journalistic excavation which this writer is still exploring. Physicians with moral compass are here being asked to view “neuromodulatory and neurophysiological” devices–surely developed over decades already using both animals and humans, both excruciating and painful for all humans of moral principle to witness–as normal, natural, and expected extensions of known medical device technology and usage, to modulate, modify, change, suppress, pacify, or stimulate people’s brains, which is indeed MK Ultra on steroids, as Dr. Robert Duncan, DOD/CIA whistleblower has testified, in a discussion of non-consensual brain experimentation in recent times.

Overt Research Objectives of a Rather Major “Behavioral Health” Takeover of Modern Life Which Every American (and Citizen Worldwide) Might Want to Look Into

What this rather first-light-on-modern-neuro-piracy Notice reveals is that physicians and psychiatrists in particular are being asked to continue their tacit approval of neuromodulation technologies (such as TMS, TCM), already known to many psychiatrists, certainly tested in academe, released to hospitals, tested in labs by neuroscientists–that encroachment of neuroscience into psychiatry, over-eager, brash, deceitful, particularly difficult to comprehend–to bring that usage of energy technologies into wider usage, and indeed deeper and more invasive usage through the use of implanted devices: “These technologies include, but are not limited to, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, vagal stimulation, deep-brain stimulation, focused ultrasound, and others. Also of interest are technologies that may not directly modify neuronal function but report on or alter neurophysiology that affect outcomes.”

So what exactly do these neuronal-altering and neuro-scanning, neurophysiology-altering and behavior-influencing technologies intend to do?

Precisely what thousands who have experienced their unconsented-to usage on them have already revealed, in interviews, in conferences, in lawsuits, in books, in articles, in websites, in petitions, in letters, in pleas to government officials to stop: the unacceptable use of electromagnetic and acoustic technologies to modify, alter, silence, subjugate.

Helena Csorba: The Havana Syndrome…Caused by Pulsed, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | June 5, 2022

Is it possible that these high-powered microwave weapons, the millimeter wave surveillance technologies used by local police and state police, FBI and DHS, fusion-center contractors and Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, Army, NSA, CIA/DIA are the same as the energy technologies being used already in Medicine, in Radiology, in Cardiology…? Radio Dosimetry, calibration and modulation, testing for effect and gaining in knowledge of subtlety of biologic effect is surely the key: yes, the technologies exist along continuums, along a spectrum of possibilities, tested, designed, re-designed, used for various purposes and arriving now in the Halls of Health like magic pills designed to heal. Many physicians surely know this.

Over these “COVID” years especially it appears NIH grants to University or hospital researchers and experimenters–another area of focus for journalists to dig through–have started to surface what has been long concealed.

As this particular Notice shows, through “treatments” and “interventions”–language intended to evoke warm fuzzy feels of “Behavioral Health” taking over your entire life–and inexplicable focus on gaining or worse, generating “FDA approvals,” the black-socked psychs padding through the undergrowth of MK mayhem (syringe in hand) seek now to ensure that no-one drinks a pint or swirls a martini or even sips a secret sip of Victory Gin–by simply buzzing you ear to ear with the very same vibrational brain technology, now device-based–although previously merely EMF and lesion-based (see below)–to destroy your brain.

When anyone and everyone can be “diagnosed”–meaning, ahem, labeled–with a Disorder, a Syndrome, a Psychiatric Tag, possibly at work by a co-worker, at home by a family-member, at school by a school nurse or counselor, at a doctor’s office by a PCP (primary care physician)–and the ones probably tossing back the most number of vodka-tonics or whiskies in between picking the caviar off their polka-dotted ties are given such Abject Power over you merely on the basis of said Tag or Label, then the next stop is not Narnia but Oceania (and it’s here) and the very same physicians with a fancy pHarma label to their names become, overnight, your Zoo Handlers. Is this what psychiatrists and physicians go to school for? It is time for the rest of the world to catch up to the truth of what is going on, both in the hallowed halls of academe and on the floor in falsely labeled “mental health wards” and “emergency rooms”–a subject I will surely write on more, shortly.

There is much to be very concerned about in the research intentions of this Notice, and the excerpt below calls attention to some ramifications of concern, this writer believes, for all humanity.

Medical Tyranny on the Backs of Behavioral Tyranny

There are several aspects to the current “Behavioral Health,” Mental Health, and Psychiatry scenario sweeping America, the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, the whole world really, that all of us are concerned about today–certainly it seems as if we are all being pulled without volition into a Brave New World and Orwellian paradigm–when surely we don’t have to be. As one who has recently experienced such an unlawful being-pulled-into myself, I can certainly report that Hope is not lost, that there are indeed intelligent, humane, thoughtful people out there, both inside and outside the Mental Health world, whose intellects and awareness can be called upon, whose own moral compass and central intelligence they best can call on themselves, who can indeed make a (lawful) change and turn these movements of theirs toward self-destruction around, for all humanity. They do however need to think deeply, consult their souls, and take Right Action.

The “Collaborative Care Model” to Corrall All Unknowingly into Communism-by-Consent

One aspect to look at are the research questions noted below, and their focus and implied focus on the concept of treating supposed psychiatric disorders–posited to be brain-circuit based–with suitable doses of electromagnetic field pulsings, then measuring the effect by observation of “behavioral response” “symptoms”–a symptoms-based approach to addressing any number of issues people may have with life, their families, employers, the world, as “behavioral health” problems needing drug and other psych interventions, when in actuality they might merely be fielding human loss, grief, career-disappointment, or other such. The questions–the much larger questions–of social, temporal, and political context are then lost, people become prey to their own “primary care practitioners” as hinted at here in the “Collaborative Care” model mentioned here, a means by which “community health monitoring” among other modalities of totalitarian-medical-takeover-of-human-life–carefully constructed to coincide with community “surveillance”–is now being accomplished: the very scenario of continuous, offensive, unconsented-to, invasive life-hacking and bio-brain-monitoring thousands of unlawful targets of Mil-Intel crime have previously reported as social harassment, organized stalking, gangstalking, electronic harassment, and more.

Measurement-Based Treatment To Target, Aims Center Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions, University of Washington, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Division of Population Health

Leaked 2017 Gangstalker Recruitment Video/End International Criminality: Interview with Ex-Gangstalker Whistleblower | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | April 9, 2018

Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | (28 June 2023)

A Global Gestapo? Physicians and Psychiatrists Now Found to Endorse EMF Harms and Social Stalking

The irony of course is that the very physicians and psychiatrists both who have spent decades pinning false labels of “Paranoia” on their outspoken patients for reporting electromagnetic technology harms and social harassment (aka group or organized stalking) have now turned into arbiters and users, themselves, of similar EMF technologies, replete with implantable medical devices, while lending themselves to now-rolled-into-Behavioral-Health collaborative, community-based “health monitoring” activities in public on their patients, wittingly or unwittingly, essentially, secret and swarming Gestapo-style stalking.

Device Based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)Activity Code UG3/UH3 Exploratory/Developmental Phased Award Cooperative Agreement

“The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to accelerate the development of devices to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The continuing advances in technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to develop neuromodulatory or neurophysiological devices that are safe and effective SUD treatments. The objective is to move devices to their next step in the FDA approval process, with the ultimate goal of generating new, FDA approved device-based treatments for SUDs.

“Applications may focus on the pre-clinical and/or clinical development and testing of new devices or existing devices approved for other indications. Applications may evaluate the mechanism of action of a device.”

“The UG3/UH3 Cooperative Agreement involves two phases. The UG3 phase, for up to two years, is designed to support a project with specific milestones to be accomplished by the end of the period. The UH3 phase is to provide funding for up to three additional years following successful completion of the UG3. UG3 projects that meet their milestones will be administratively considered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and prioritized for transition to the UH3 phase. Investigators submitting to this NOFO must address both UG3 and UH3 phases.”

Research Objectives This notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) seeks to support research into neuromodulatory technologies to treat SUDs. These technologies include, but are not limited to, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, vagal stimulation, deep-brain stimulation, focused ultrasound, and others. Also of interest are technologies that may not directly modify neuronal function but report on or alter neurophysiology that affect outcomes. This NOFO strongly encourages the testing of device-based interventions previously approved/marketed for non-SUD disorders, as well as new interventions in active development.Understanding how these new treatment modalities work is of primary importance to this NOFO. In neuromodulatory technologies, for example, there are multiple coil types which can result in different breadths and depths of biologic effect. For studies that seek to understand how the neuromodulatory and neurophysiological interventions function, early stage endpoints should incorporate objective measures that examine both the delivered dosage/treatment duration and the proposed mechanism of action of the intervention, and should determine if the intervention target has been modulated. Areas of interest to this NOFO include understanding the effect of the intervention on circuit-based targets, as well as to characterizing the breadth and stability of the behavioral effect. The questions may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Does the intervention preferentially and reproducibly engage/modulate a circuit-based target in a dose/stimulus-dependent manner?
  2. If circuit-based target engagement is verified, is there a measurable clinical benefit as detected through functional domains or clinical measures?
  3. What is the relationship between changes in brain circuitry and behavioral responses?
  4. What types of SUD behavioral activities are responsive to the intervention?
  5. long does the altered behavioral response last?
  6. Are subsequent treatments needed to maintain the behavioral response?
  7. Are there potential side effects and safety issues associated with the doses?

All aspects of dose delivered by a device should be thoroughly defined. This includes, when applicable,

  1. The spatial distribution of dose delivered by electromagnetic devices, using anatomically-accurate computational head models to simulate the distribution of electromagnetic field in the brain;
  2. The temporal characteristics, including pulse shape, pulse direction, frequency, train duration, inter-train interval, and other aspects where appropriate;
  3. The contextual aspects of when and how the dose is administered, including specification of brain state at time of administration, engagement in cognitive/behavioral therapies, social context of device delivery, and others.”

Neuro Modification via TMS Device “Neurostar” Was Approved for the Treatment of Depression by the FDA in 2008

The FDA clearing or granting of clearance to the use of brain devices for transcranial magnetic stimulation in those labeled with depression or depressive disorders occurred in 2008, as this article from the Psychiatric Times notes (emphasis below mine):

“The FDA has cleared the first transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device (Neuro-Star) for the treatment of major depressive disorder in adults who show no improvement after an adequate trial of a single antidepressant. The TMS device is not implanted and is deemed to have only “moderate” risks (it is nonsystemic and noninvasive).

In January 2007, an FDA panel deemed the TMS device “clinically ineffective” with “marginal” results when compared with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Although ECT is highly effective in patients who do not respond to antidepressant treatment, it has the potential for serious adverse effects, such as short-term amnesia and other cognitive deficits. The TMS device induces a much smaller electric current to stimulate nerve cells at specific points of the brain and does not induce seizure or loss of consciousness; it is also administered on an outpatient basis. However, the device is not as powerful as ECT and is currently being used to treat patients with relatively mild depression who have not responded to a trial of a single antidepressant, but not 2 or more.”

Depression Treatment Turns a Neuromodulatory Corner: FDA Clears TMS Device
Nov 1, 2008/Laurie Martin/Psychiatric Times

The great danger here of course is that the notion of FDA approvals and granting of authoritarian power to psychiatrists over the use of electromagnetic technologies to affect the brain, even presented slightly as a procedure for a mere office visit (“outpatient basis”), is often simply taken for granted by people–even highly educated–steeped in false medical doctrine, trained to acquiesce to medical professionals without question. When in fact any EMF technology used on the brain–including as ECT–can and does harm intensively, as reported often to this writer, in the realm of non-consensual brain experimentation, and noted in memoranda to presidents as here. Those who acquiesce and those who administer both need to examine military radio dosimetry extensively, and speak extensively to reporting victims of non-consensual mil-intel crime, before they can make judgments, arbitrations, or regulations about the use or abuse of these EMF technologies on people’s brains.

Neuro EMF Technologies Are Now Being Used as “Treatment” For a Number of Labeled “Psychiatric Diseases”

This excerpt from another paper offering an overview (emphasis below mine) draws attention inevitably to the great danger of both labeling people–a large subject in itself–and labeling people falsely, and the greater harms thence of using vibrational electromagnetic technologies to change and alter people’s brains:

“Mental illness exacts a heavy toll on human health. The leading cause of years lived with disability worldwide, neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, psychosis, and various forms of addiction are major contributors to the global burden of disease [[1][2][3]]. While pharmacological and psychological therapies have long been the mainstay treatments for these disorders, a substantial proportion of cases remain treatment-resistant and require alternative interventions [4]. One such alternative involves directly modulating the structure or function of implicated brain circuitry. ”

“Recent decades, however, have seen a resurgence of interest in circuit-based psychiatric treatments, driven both by technological advances and by ongoing progress in the effort to understand, visualize, and measure the neural substrates of psychiatric disease [10]. This neuromodulatory renaissance has particularly centred on non-lesional, reversible interventions – both invasive, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS), and non-invasive, like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – that permit targeted modulation of specific brain structures [11]. Building on older depth electrode work [12], DBS in its modern incarnation was first applied to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in the late 1990s [13], with subsequent work exploring its utility in conditions such as depression, anorexia nervosa, and bipolar disorder [[14][15][16][17]]. Parallel developments have occurred in the non-invasive realm; dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) TMS was first explored as a treatment for depression in the mid-1990s [18,19] and has since received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for this indication on the basis of numerous large-scale clinical trials [20]. At present, an array of electrical, magnetic, and ultrasonic modalities – invasive and non-invasive alike – are under investigation for use in not only mood disorders but also schizophrenia, OCD, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders [10,11].”

Neuromodulatory treatments for psychiatric disease: A comprehensive survey of the clinical trial landscape/Elias, Boutet, Parmar et al, Brain Stimulation Volume 14, Issue 5, September–October 2021, Pages 1393-1403

This is obviously a vast subject, and there is much ongoing in this field which requires close scrutiny and public awareness, in addition to ongoing focus and reportage–but hopefully all reading this will become more aware of the need to stay on top of their own healthcare and family’s healthcare and not permit any physician, psychiatrist, or primary care physician to wrongfully label them mentally ill with any disorder or syndrome or disease, given what is passing as “treatment” and rational “intervention” today: in this writer’s view, absolutely unacceptable brain modification, brain vibration, neurodamage, and destruction of self.

For those whose physicians expediently profess ignorance of both radio frequency devices, covert brain experimentation, and counter-personnel Directed Energy Technologies, this Notice is also proof today of the existence and usage of EMF Neurotechnologies in hospitals by psychiatrists–supposedly toward benign end–which they may not know, tragically, is a legacy of the CIA MK Ultra’s Subproject 119 (and much else), an offshoot of DARPA’s Limited-Effect Technology program operative in civil space, and a legacy too of historic military non-consensual biomedical experimentation across time.

There is more to investigate and report: anyone visiting their primary care physician now is vulnerable to behind-the-scenes authoritarian “behavioral health” management, not merely people being framed unlawfully as alcoholics (or drug addicts, depressives et al)–as this Notice premises, anyone visiting a therapist or psychiatrist can be written up behind-the-scenes as delinquent or uber-intelligent–pathways there to unlawful watchlisting and covert ops usage in Artificial Intelligence programs, anyone dragged into hospital “emergency rooms” and Psych wards can be thrown without consent–and completely criminally–into aftercare “health monitoring” programs sheathed as noted above–matters this writer is certainly exploring further and deeper and aiming to report in her own situation, post April 2022.

Meanwhile all those who can see the current scenario unfolding for what it is may want to alert others: this is not the time to merely dream of saving our children, but acting to save them by creating our own new worlds of reason, true caring, community, creativity, and harmony and standing clear in our own sovereignty as thinking adults.


Billions and Millions: Moderna and NIH Make Deals Behind the Scenes as New Variants Steal In

Note & Op-ed | Ramola D | August 23rd, 2023

As a new round of (false-claim) Corona Panic starts up again in America, with whispers of Eris going around, variantly decimating millions to come, and Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel makes the Massachusetts Billionaire list again (like Moderna in general, and Pfizer, et al, having made billions already off COVID or the vaccine or both), and fixations aim to begin on masking, sheathing, desisting from breathing, it may be a good reminder to all to stay focused on the real story: the Exposing of the Harms of these vaccines, which appears to have swung into new rounds of wheelspinning this year as much as the last and the one/s before.

On EG.5 and Eris

EG.5 Initial Risk Evaluation, 9 August 2023/World Health Organization

What to Know About the New Dominant Covid Variant/NYT/August 11, 2023

As the new Eris Covid variant spreads across the world, here’s what we know so far/CNBC/August 15, 2023

New Covid vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax will likely protect against Eris variant/CNBC/August 18, 2023

At the March 22, 2023 hearing held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension, Senators Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul and others questioned Stephane Bancel on COVID vaccine hikes (to $130 a dose), airing the concept of Conflict of Interest and surfacing the industry downplaying and disappearing of heart disease findings in adolescents post-vaccine.

A hearing requiring its own further dissection, this one shows Senators questioning the overnight billionaire with some intelligence.

Chair Senator Sanders’ opener starts with a taxpayer focus on the price hike reported widely earlier in corporate media: “We are looking at an unprecedented level of corporate greed and that is certainly true with Moderna today–according to a recent survey, 37 percent of the American people could not afford the prescription drugs their doctors prescribed, got that–over one-third of the American people can’t fill their prescription drugs that the doctors prescribe, meanwhile 10 major pharmaceutical companies made over a hundred billion dollars in profit in 2021, a hundred and thirty seven percent increase from the previous yield in these same corporations; the 50 top Executives made over 1.9 billion dollars in total compensation in 2021 and are in line to receive billions more in Golden parachutes once they leave their companies. In other words all over this country, in Vermont and in every state represented here, people are getting sicker and in some cases dying because they cannot afford the outrageous cost of prescription drugs while these companies make huge profits and the executives become billionaires.”

Persisting in his pleas to M. Bancel to consider lowering the price of an upcoming booster, Chair Senator Sanders was nevertheless rebuffed by prior allegiances to profiteering.

CDC’s OpenVAERS Data

In this context therefore it is interesting to note that mention of the overall numbers of CDC-reported (and other-reported: MHRA, UK’s Yellow Card scheme, et al) deaths and disabilities from the vaccine, often covered here over the past couple years, still marked at Open VAERS (although seen to diminish across the last two years as, no doubt, the vaccine too began to change its profile) was carefully skirted.

Earlier explorations by this writer of the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines have included a conversation with Rutgers University’s Dr. Shobha Swaminathan, a Principal Investigator on clinical trials for Moderna, who spoke then of further phases of clinical trials to come and suggested the CDC (not researchers) be questioned on VAERS reports of the deaths and injuries post-COVID-vaccine, something surely every journalist should be working on with diligence.

Report 270: Moderna Trials Principal Investigator at Rutgers, Dr. Shobha Swaminathan Endorses COVID Vaccine Safety while Numerous Physicians Prof. Peter McCullough, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Elizabeth Eads Cite Vaccine Dangers & Urge Against Vaccinating Children

The DARPA-NIH-Moderna Nexus

Unwittingly revealing more than he probably wished to, Stephane Bancel admitted to handing NIH $400 million essentially, it appears, to help bring in the next wave of pseudo pandemics (via novel variants or known “viruses”), as Senator Rand Paul questioned him closely on the dangers of the COVID vaccine in relation to its particular harms in the realm of myocarditis for young adolescent males in the age range 16 to 24.

This handover was widely noted at the time, and reported by Moderna in its quarterly financial report although it is perhaps less clear what the purpose is behind it. The reminder of the interplay between NIH and Moderna in the development of the mRNA vaccine, ownership of the patent for which has been in much dispute made for a cornerstone moment. Senator Paul’s remarks as also Senator Sanders’ examination of the subject from both ends, NIH and Moderna, invite every American parent watching to investigate further.

The notion of Conflict of Interest takes on new meaning when billions are in play obviously.

When the Government (DoD) awards billions of dollars to a (gene-based) vaccine company annually to buy millions of doses of a vaccine and then accepts millions of dollars for a vaccine technique their own (NIH) scientists helped develop, then handing over said technique back to the company to do with as it wills, while the company avers the Government knows best as to how that money will be used, and clearly new “viruses” and vaccines are being planned, by both parties–in a long saga of “pandemic preparedness” to come–then who exactly is the “governor” here and who the “customer,” is it likely this pantomime will ever end?

A key to the immediate rollout of new vaccines for the next set of variants, modulated by category (of what kind precisely needing further investigation) is M. Bancel responding to Senator Sanders: “This is not the same product. We used to have ten doses in every vial. Now every vial will have a different dose.”

Given the intentions, openly published, both at this hearing and elsewhere, of mRNA technology’s applicability to other drug and cancer treatments to come, as well as other variants to come, the question of how these treatments are going to be personalized or use targeting modalities becomes of special interest.

Reminders from Defense and Health on Moderna’s rise

It becomes requisite to read between the lines really, when the manufacture of viruses and vaccines both spring from an immaculate melding of military and multinationals professing keen interest in the One Health of billions, and the Continuation of Government and Industry is found to be a long-scripted saga replaying itself in the halls of Congress–something some are only now waking to.

A cursory examination of Moderna contracts with the US Army and Defense over the past three years tells us a lot more about entrenched corporations and systems, about what we can expect to see mildly pull back in the next few years and what intends to stay.

Contracts For June 21, 2021 | Contracts for July 29, 2022

DoD Awards $1.74 Billion Agreement to Moderna, Inc. to Secure Over 65 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for Fall Vaccinations | July 29, 2022

HHS and DOD Statements on FDA Authorization of Moderna Vaccine/December 18, 2020

Variants and Viruses, Biowarfare and Biosecurity

Billions for Boosters–Moderna & Pfizer Cash Out Big on Global Marketing Fraud, Fuelling Beta, Gamma, Delta Variants Amid Mask & Vaxx Mandates, Fantasy COVID Forever While American Children Die from Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines

Screenshots from the CDC Website:

Military laboratories working in the realm of biowarfare (to create “viruses”) and contractually with Moderna to create vaccines put some of this in plain sight. Brigadier General Michael Talley of the U.S. Army Medical Research And Development Command (USAMRDC) and Fort Detrick, Maryland offers this tidbit about Army scientists at USAMRDC and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) at an Army medical conference:

Their efforts have led to significant advancements in science and the development of medical countermeasures to protect and treat against infectious diseases.  Today, as we move at top speed in the fight against COVID-19, the work being done by our scientists at both laboratories are yielding promising results.

“At USAMRIID (USAM Research Institute for Infectious Diseases), they’ve been safely replicating the virus to support countermeasure development.  Meanwhile, the team at WRAIR has designed a unique COVID-19 vaccine candidate.” –Brigadier General Michael Talley, USAMRDC

Question Clinicians and Research Scientists Both

Two takeaways from this brief look at what Moderna’s up to in Massachusetts and DARPA ditto while folks at NIH and Washington DC dream of delivering new COVID vaccines to every child in every country worldwide (Pandemic Preparedness to the fore): the Government’s sailed into this mix with new fervor it’s clear, while “personalized” and “targeting” gene-based “therapeutics” are making their way into homes through the usual mandated or propagandized means–it’s up to parents to start saying No to vaccines more vociferously, and looking into what exactly is in these vaccines, which are clearly beginning to proliferate, not shut down.

Parents could start by interrogating their Primary Care Physicians and pediatricians, with some insistence. Medical professionals–and managers–must learn they cannot steamroll people into compliance–or ignore queries for information–without being held accountable for their words and actions.



Millions in COVID-19 Test Contracts & Pandemic Plans Signal Escalating Build-Up of Testing, Vaccine, Pandemic Industry in Treasonous DARPA/WEF Hybridizing Humans Agenda: Reject The Tests & Vaccines Both

Newsbreak 144: Pam Popper Explains How Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Caved to Lawsuits And Retracted Vaccine Mandates While Fraud at the FDA and Pfizer Opens the Door to Liability Lawsuits Likely to Topple Big Pharma for Good But Also Lead to Major Social Ripples

Bombshell: Dr. Mike Yeadon, Former Pfizer Scientist, Deep-Sixes COVID Vaccine at World Council for Health’s 66th Assembly: Reject Genetic Vaccines, Reject Digital ID, Reject Digital Currencies to Prevent Human Enslavement

Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: European Members of Parliament Expose Pfizer’s Lies on Vaccines Stopping Transmission, Fake Vaccines Used for Show By Politicians, French PM Macron Included; Canadian Dr. Hodgkinson Reveals 20 Million Dead from Vaccine, 2 Billion Injured

BREAKING: US Media, US Govt, CDC, and FDA Corruption Revealed As FOIA Documents Show HHS Widely Paid Media to Blindly Promote the Deadly COVID Vaccines while Pfizer Paid FDA 2.8M to Expedite EUA | Death-by-Vaccine Continues

Pfizer’s Military Connections, and Moderna’s Too–mRNA Vaccines Come from DARPA and Seem to Be Operating as Neuro-Bioweapons, as per Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Description

“Pandemic Preparedness” and the Defense-Health Infrastructure Behind It

Plans for Preparedness or “Pandemics”? A Brief Look at the “Global Health Security” Industry

CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO, Treasonously Agreed to by 196 Countries

“Global Health Security” Versus AI-Run Digital Health: Does the WHO, European Commission’s Partnership Respect Human Rights or Aim for Cerebral Internet Cyborgism?

WHO and Central Bankers’ Impending Pandemic Treaty to Establish Global Fascism at Speed | Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Plans for Preparedness or “Pandemics”? A Brief Look at the “Global Health Security” Industry

Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | August 8th, 2023

Strategic plans now exist to plan for “public health emergencies” both in the USA and worldwide, as many recent disclosures from the US Health and Human Services department reveal.

2022-2026 ASPR Strategic Plan at ASPR

Why exactly health becomes “public health” and how exactly “emergencies” have suddenly come to the fore remain eternal mysteries to some of us–they must continually be questioned.

Clinical trials and Medical Counter Measures have become a growing industry now in many parts of the world, and bolster the growing infrastructure of “global health security” and “pandemic preparedness” drawn into being by the WEF, WHO, and leading Western and Eastern governments and militaries, as surfaced here.

An industry which manufactures tests, vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics is an industry which seeks to entrench itself, which means one has to continually question such new outbreaks as mentioned now in Africa and elsewhere.

National Stockpile Numbers point to such expansion of industry while the Strategic National Stockpile in the US connecting with corporations globally to increase MCM manufacture can only point to further stratification of supply chains and warehouses, factories and laboratories, auguring an extraordinary return of Empire.

Quite apart from the implications of further gene modification and cyborgizing through mRNA and nanobioelectronic inclusions in future vaccines and tests (speculations based on findings in the COVID-19 vaccines and tests noted here and in the reports of other astute journalists and physicians worldwide) which is essentially the pointer to transhumanism-by-stealth, it is interesting to note the order and intensity by which these planned pandemics aim to infect our lives–Ebola, Sudan, Marburg mentioned here in this April press release from ASPR (the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response, now bristling with Offices to ensure planning, industry, and research, all questionable).

Pointing as well to planned pandemics and the intended corralling of the world’s populations into an inevitable communism-by-consent, we are looking now at a sophisticated build-up of resources which all of us who care about the personal private health of our families and ourselves, the freedom to choose natural and holistic healthcare remedies, and the freedom to exist within our own national borders and sovereignties would do well to learn more about, speak more about, and act to divert toward humanity’s best interests.

Further Examination of Banking Fraud in the UK: Are We Closer Worldwide to Routing Corruption At Its Core?

Video Reports, Neelu Berry Chaudhari & Lee Cant, 26th July 2023, 31st July 2023 | Posted here August 5th, 2023

Neelu Berry Chaudhari, pharmacist whistleblower and science journalist reporting on much corruption in the UK along with Lee Cant, retired auditor and accountant from London–interviewed here recently–continue their investigations of government, judicial system, and banking corruption in the UK (subjects often covered here including with Michelle Young on the Saturday News Panels series from 2020-2021), unearthing much as they speak with Ex-Police Crime Commissioner from Thames Valley, London, Anthony Stansfeld, as well as with Andy Agathangelou, Founder of the Transparency Task Force, whose international meeting online addressing the Great Insolvency Scam was covered here.

A remarkable set of conversations which highlight the true ills plaguing humanity and the efforts by deeply engaged and thoughtful professionals in science, banking, financial services, journalism, and law enforcement to bring powerful new change to our world, these two conversations are a must-listen, must-share set of candid panels and talks for private dissemination worldwide. Especially vital for all to hear are the suggestions from these panelists and presenters on how to address entrenched banking fraud in the absence of ethical backbone within the courts, banks, regulatory authorities in financial services and law in Britain, and the importance of raising to prominence the often-muffled voices of our whistleblowers.

Neelu Chaudhari’s focus as well on anti-terrorism laws to rout out corruption and terrorism in courts and governments, sadly what we are dealing with now worldwide (conversations returned to here earlier) as Edward Ellis’s and others’ work to bring Equity Law forward in the Mass Corruption Remedy Process to address hundreds of corruption cases equitably comes to fruition–is vital to follow.

Two statements from Thames Valley Police Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld on major banking fraud and high-level fraud, published earlier, along with earlier coverage on the Transparency Task Force highlighting reports from whistleblower and activist for mothers’ rights, Michelle Young, are also linked below.

1 of 2 | IS UK GOVERNMENT STILL A PUPPET OF JAILED TERRORIST BANKSTERS? with Ex-PCC ANTHONY STANSFELD | Neelu Berry Chaudhari and Lee Cant with Ex-PCC Anthony Stansfeld and Founder, TTF, Andy Agathangelou | 26th July 2023

2 of 2: IS UK GOVERNMENT STILL A PUPPET OF JAILED TERRORIST BANKSTERS? with Ex-PCC ANTHONY STANSFELD | Neelu Berry Chaudhari and Lee Cant with Ex-PCC Anthony Stansfeld | 31 July, 2023

Links and Notes from Neelu Berry Chaudhari:

Brief Notes on Major Banking Frauds overlooked by UK Fraud Agencies. PCC Anthony Stansfeld 2013-2021.

High Level Fraud. Anthony Stansfield, Ex-Police Crime Commissioner, Thames Valley Police gives Witness Evidence that Fraudulent Trading by UK Banks is still Money laundering £200 billion every year despite almost 50 year jail sentences of HBOS Lloyds bankers and £45 million fines by FCA.


Newsbreak 161 | July 2, 2023 | Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Wrongfully Held in Prison Shines a Light on 100s of Cases in the UK | Please Sign the Petition For His Immediate Release

Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Imprisoned Without Cause, Denied Appeals in “Inversion of Justice System”: Whistleblower Pharmacist Neelu Berry Chaudhari and London CPA Lee Cant Alert World to his Work for Humanity

Michelle Young and the Transparency Task Force Expose the UK’s Great Insolvency Scam

News Panel 23: Whistleblowing on Financial Crimes: Lloyd’s of London & High Level Fraud

UK Parliament Notified of Massive Insolvency Fraud Indicative of Malfeasance by Judges, Barristers, Banks, Courts, Law Firms Using Fraudulent Court Documents, Fabricated Debt, Repeated Violations of Statutory Law and Human Rights

UK Mothers Across Socio-Economic Lines Reveal the Crimes, Corruption, and Fraud Rampant in UK Family Courts and Bankruptcy Courts Which Unlawfully Asset-Strip and Defraud Women & Kidnap, Foster, Traffick, and Disappear Their Children and Babies

“Pandemic Preparedness” and the Defense-Health Infrastructure Behind It

Report & Thoughts | Ramola D | August 4th, 2023 | Updated August 6th, 2023

With the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy by the US Department of State a few days ago, last year’s launch of the ASPR (Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response) as a separate division of HHS, and the announcement of launch of the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response by the White House last week, all tied in with pre-scheduled changes to the Pandemic Treaty and earlier International Health Agreement changes, it seems the stage is still being set for continued build-up of industry and stricture, the intent totalitarian, the method all-encompassing.

Looking back over the past couple years particularly at the news from the DoD’s Joint Project Manager for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Medical/Defense (whose focus in many of these articles seems to be on the care of Military Service members unfortunately being labeled “warfighters”), it appears steady progress has been made in expanding the outreach of Defense to Health, awarding DoD contracts to large medical labs and device manufacturers, bringing the healthcare industry and Defense branches together, as well as bringing Defense right into the halls of Health and Human Services as this DoD-HHS MOU from 2021 illustrates.

Efforts at the WHO, EC, WEF meanwhile coincide with this expansion and plausible spiraling in of the proverbial revolving door: “Global Health Security” Versus AI-Run Digital Health: Does the WHO, European Commission’s Partnership Respect Human Rights or Aim for Cerebral Internet Cyborgism?

National Stock Numbers, a key cataloging intrinsic to these efforts, assigned it seems through established Defense protocols has expanded into the realm of vaccines and treatments when “COVID-19” came into our midst.

“The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense’s (JPEO-CBRND) Joint Project Manager for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Medical (JPM CBRN Medical) played a critical role in facilitating the assignment of National Stock Numbers (NSNs) to four medical countermeasures (MCMs) – developed under partnerships between manufacturers, the JPM CBRN Medical, and other U.S. government agencies – that protect our nation’s service members. NSNs are an essential part of the national logistics supply chain used in managing, moving, storing, and disposing of material. Assigning NSNs is a step forward in delivering these products to deployed forces, allowing the MCMs to be prepositioned in strategic locations around the globe and ensuring timely access to the products in regions where warfighters encounter unique threats.
The four products include:
•    JYNNEOS™ smallpox vaccine (NSN 6505-01-684-4091)
•    Tecovirimat (TPOXX®) smallpox treatment (NSN 6505-01-684-9538)
•    Heptavalent Botulism Anti-Toxin (HBAT®) (NSN 6505-01-684-9483)

•    EVZIO® naloxone autoinjector (NSN 6505-01-684-9014)”

—-National Stock Numbers Assigned to Critical Medical Countermeasures for the Warfighter > JPEO-CBRND > News (

Now it appears more of these expected pandemics are on the horizon, as this news release from the Office of the Secretary of Defense from September 2022 suggests, listing NSNs both for COVID-19 “countermeasures” and non-COVID-19 countermeasures, which latter means a long list of other diseases/viruses have already procured top billing as diseases-to-come:

The COVID countermeasures:

“Of the 28 JPM CBRN Medical-sponsored NSNs assigned in recent years, 14 were for items specifically targeting COVID-19, and valuable during the global pandemic: 

  • Remdesivir (NSN 6505-01-688-2270)
  • Seracare Life Sciences SARS-CoV-2 Reference (ECM) Material Kit (NSN 6550-01-687-8878)
  • BioFire Defense Coronavirus Test Kit (NSN 6550-01-687-2996)
  • BioFire Defense Coronavirus Detection Kit (NSN 6550-01-687-3020)
  • BioFire Defense Coronavirus Test ECM Kit (NSN 6550-01-687-8878)
  • Abbott Laboratories Coronavirus Test Kit (NSN 6550-01-687-8122)
  • Cepheid Coronavirus Test Kit (NSN 6550-01-688-2739)
  • OLUMIANT® (baricitinib) (NSN 6505-01-688-4626)
  • HUMIRA® (adalimumab) (NSN 6505-01-691-4533)
  • Young Innovations Nasopharyngeal Swab (NSN 6515-01-691-2298)
  • Pfizer COVID vaccine (tozinameran) (NSN 6505-01-692-4172)
  • Moderna COVID vaccine (mRNA-1273) (NSN 6505-01-692-5287)
  • TAVALISSE® (fostamatinib) (NSN 6505-01-692-3286)
  • Accuviral Nasopharyngeal Sample Collection Kit (NSN 6550-01-691-2786)
Joint Project Manager for CBRN Medical National Stock Number Sponsorship Supports Access to Critical Medical Countermeasures > JPEO-CBRND > News (

The Non-COVID countermeasures surely to be averted:

“The JPM CBRN Medical’s core program efforts are dedicated to the development and acquisition of safe, effective, and innovative medical solutions to combat chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. While supporting the U.S. whole-of-government response to the COVID-19 crisis, the JPM CBRN Medical team has concurrently continued to deliver traditional CBRN MCMs [Medical Counter Measures] to the warfighter. Since the onset of the pandemic, the JPM CBRN Medical has also sponsored 14 NSNs unrelated to COVID-19:

  • TPOXX® (tecovirimat) (NSN 6505-01-684-9538)
  • JYNNEOS (smallpox vaccine) (NSN 6505-01-684-4091)
  • TEMBEXA® (brincidofovir) (NSN 6505-01-696-1752)
  • INMAZEB® (Ebola treatment) (NSN 6505-01-693-8769)
  • ERVEBO® (Ebola vaccine) (NSN 6505-01-694-6755)
  • FIRDAPSE® (amifampridine) (NSN 6505-01-693-4057),
  • Heptavalent Botulism Anti-Toxin (HBAT) (NSN 6505-01-684-9483)
  • Ruzurgi (botulinum neurotoxin treatment) (NSN 6505-01-686-6357)
  • EVZIO (naloxone autoinjector) (NSN 6505-01-684-9014)
  • Bag Valve Mask with Filter (BVM-F) (6515-01-690-7226)
  • Omadacycline (anthrax treatment) (6505-01-685-8977/8964/8990/9011)
  • Raxibacumab (anthrax treatment) (NSN 6505-01-686-9526)
  • Ribavirin (Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever treatment) (NSN 6505-01-686-2538)
  • XOFLUZA® (baloxavir marboxil) (NSN 6505-01-693-3211)

Smallpox, Ebola, and botulism, to name a few, may not be on the average U.S. citizen’s list of pressing concerns, but they are still diseases of interest from a world-view threat perspective.” 

Joint Project Manager for CBRN Medical National Stock Number Sponsorship Supports Access to Critical Medical Countermeasures > JPEO-CBRND > News (

A number of diseases in fact are anticipated in other strategy documents such as the September 2021 White House American Pandemic Preparedness: Transforming our Capabilities (version linked here with my highlights), with its demarcations of what we all hope the new DoD is now working hard to prevent, given the older one’s inexplicably colonizing slide into Health and Human Services.

This confusion of weaponized technologies with healthcare services today with the advent of “innovative” “Defense-enabling” “novel” technologies linked to telecom’s stretch into higher and higher frequencies and a military substructure inclusive of ultra-wideband radar, GWEN (ground wave emergency network), low-frequency radio waves at neuronal/cellular ranges has led to a state of ongoing subjugating of humanity, as often discussed here, a situation which can only be curbed and regulated from here on out, not permitted to run free into further unethical mayhem.

For yet another look at how advanced computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, and nanotechnology have led to invasive device-use of every type in healthcare, this compilation offers much information: Fully Integrated Biochip Platforms for Advanced Healthcare/Sandro Carrara, Andrea Cavallini, 2012

In examining this landscape, I can only reiterate that we each need to step forward today to correct the presumptive edicts of authoritarian Medicine, and work instead to bring forward our own views on healthcare, our own varied home-remedies and each of our ancient traditions to ensure true health for ourselves.

Further: A vital aspect to emphasize is that each of these contractors and industry-entrenched multinationals is only a private corporation; as private Americans and citizens ourselves, none of us needs to think of ourselves as anything other than singular, individual, unique, able to think and speak for ourselves and our families, able to say No to invasive treatments we don’t wish to use. The more of us who speak, the more apparent should it become that tyranny in camouflage (syringe in hand) cannot hold.


[External: merely for more on this subject; obviously narrative, views, framing not mine] A new U.S. agency is a response to the fact that nobody was ready for the pandemic/Sacha Pfeiffer, NPR, All Things Considered, August 3, 2023

Freedom of Information Act Request Response: Memorandum of Understanding Between Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services Regarding Acquisition Support

Report | Ramola D | July 25, 2023

Received, only recently, from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense and HHS regarding Acquisition Support (letter and memo posted below) referenced and reported here earlier (links below). This Memo was signed on May 20, 2021 by the Deputy Secretaries of Defense (Kathleen Hicks) and Health and Human Services (Andrea Palm) as announced by both Defense and Health at various Defense and Health sites online including here at the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense on May 26, 2021.

Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, Air Force in Presidential Executive Office

The Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, OPPR, intended then was reported as launched a few days ago with a new Director named yesterday, Paul Friedrichs, an Air Force Major General to lead what is referred to as a new permanent office within the Executive Office of the President.

“Specifically, OPPR will oversee efforts to develop, manufacture, and procure the next generation of medical countermeasures, including leveraging emerging technologies and working with HHS on next generation vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other public health threats.”–FACT SHEET: White House Launches Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy

(Medical countermeasures, emerging technologies, and treatments mentioned here being of especial interest, to be further addressed shortly.)

DoD-HHS MOU 2021

Earlier coverage here on this memo

Millions in COVID-19 Test Contracts & Pandemic Plans Signal Escalating Build-Up of Testing, Vaccine, Pandemic Industry in Treasonous DARPA/WEF Hybridizing Humans Agenda: Reject The Tests & Vaccines Both | January 10, 2022

News Report 6 | Millions in Tests While DARPA/White House Plans Point to Endless Pandemics and A Clear Hybridizing Humans Agenda | January 23, 2022

From Pandemic to Permanence: How DOD and DHHS are Maneuvring to Instal Future Pandemic Controls while Painfully Testing & Vaccinating All US School Children for COVID, Despite PCR-Testing Failure and Deaths & Disability Caused by the Experimental Gene-Based Vaccines | June 7, 2021

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services Regarding DoD Acquisition Support | MOU Number 042021

Letter from Department of Health and Human Services Regarding June 18, 2021 FOIA Request

While there is much to examine further in this Memo, it is clear from the verbiage announcing it (examined in closer detail here) and within it that the agreement made here between Defense and Health to install a permanent assisted-acquisition funding pipeline for HHS [the Defense Assisted Acquisition Cell (DA2)] not merely relates to a massive “pandemic preparedness response,” defeating COVID-19 and preparing for future public health emergencies, but also to significant build-up of infrastructure and industry essentially engaging in technology-transfer from Defense to Health, situating the military inside the Department of Health and Human Services, and facilitating insider communications between the two with dedicated personnel, workspace, and other resources on an ongoing basis, obviously a subject to keep a close journalistic eye on, as we move forward.

Of especial interest to this writer and putatively to all audiences focused on human rights, true ethics, and necessary change to preserve our common humanity are the extending interagency connections and intentions to use COVID-19 measures to establish a sweeping procurement of what are termed “health resources” such as “diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, personal protective equipment, drugs. biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment required to diagnose, mitigate, or prevent the impairment of, improve, treat. cure, or restore the physical or mental health conditions of the population.”

The great dangers here of concealing a plethora of questionable and harmful “medical devices,” “diagnostics,” and “therapeutics” et al which might include “dual-use technologies” within preparedness intentions or harm mitigation intentions or physical disease prevention intentions or physical or mental health restoration intentions cannot be stressed enough. What has been reported to date regarding vaccine content and the dangers of nanotechnology in masks and tests points to the attempted cyborgism of humanity, something one hopes the military just as much as health and human services professionals with intellect and awareness are working currently to stop.

More coverage to follow.

Nanobioelectronics and brain and nervous system control via nanotechnology inclusions in vaccines, nasal swabs, and masks, a subject to be further examined, have been extensively covered here earlier, with early coverage including Red Alert! Graphene Oxide Found in Pfizer/AstraZeneca Vaccines–Used in Biosensors and Neural Interfaces–Could Be the Secret Link to Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) Human-Machine Convergence for AI Singularity & Full Spectrum Brain/Bio Control Intended by Anti-Human Transhumanists, Globalists, Governments and Newsbreak 133: Team of Scientists Confirm Presence of Toxins Graphene, Aluminium, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids, Parasites, Other Toxins Variously in 4 COVID Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.

Freedom of Information Act Request Response: Memorandum of Understanding Between Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services Regarding Acquisition Support

Report | Ramola D | July 25, 2023

Received, only recently, from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense and HHS regarding Acquisition Support (letter and memo posted below) referenced and reported here earlier (links below). This Memo was signed on May 20, 2021 by the Deputy Secretaries of Defense (Kathleen Hicks) and Health and Human Services (Andrea Palm) as announced by both Defense and Health at various Defense and Health sites online including here at the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense on May 26, 2021.

Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, Air Force in Presidential Executive Office

The Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, OPPR, intended then was reported as launched a few days ago with a new Director named yesterday, Paul Friedrichs, a US Air Force Major General to lead what is referred to as a new permanent office within the Executive Office of the President.

“Specifically, OPPR will oversee efforts to develop, manufacture, and procure the next generation of medical countermeasures, including leveraging emerging technologies and working with HHS on next generation vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other public health threats.”–FACT SHEET: White House Launches Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy

(Medical countermeasures, emerging technologies, and treatments mentioned here being of especial interest, to be further addressed shortly.)

DoD-HHS MOU 2021