Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”


In an age when psychiatry itself, the entire field of psychiatry, is being increasingly debunked as valid science and seen rather to be what it was historically set up by 19th and 20th century olde-worlde, patriarchical European and American eugenicists, racists, and social-control obsessives to be, a fraudulent State-supported and pharmaceutical-company-propped-up tool of social control, it’s useful to remind ourselves that–all through the last 2 centuries– it has been especially used as a tool by totalitarian governments and authoritarian groups–the Nazis, the KGB, the US secret agencies among them, to crush dissent, destroy truth, and silence credible witness.

Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror

Collusion of Psychiatry/Psychology and Medicine in MKULTRA and Guantanamo Torture

It’s 2015. We have lived through the exposure of CIA Torture practices in both the MKULTRA experiments of the ’50s to the ’70s, and the recent and continuing assaults on the prisoners in Guantanamo.

The Most Dangerous Game: The History of MK-ULTRA (2001)

We have learned that Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Doctors have been involved in calibrating and fine-tuning torture. Recent spotlights this spring on APA revive this horror.

Harper’s op-ed: APA Grapples with its Torture Demons: Six Questions for Nathaniel Raymond

Recent Counterpunch article: The Milgram Experiment, the APA, and Accommodating Torture

These are people who took an oath to heal people, to protect and preserve human life. Is the Hippocratic Oath really the Hypocrite’s Oath….?

The Film Archives: Secret CIA Human Experiments in the United States: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Research Program

Can we believe today that psychiatrists involved with classified CIA operations can possibly be trusted?

Paranoid Schizophrenia: Historic Tool to Suppress Public Awareness of Human Experimentation

US Torture and Secret Medical Experimentation history is littered with examples of people coming forward to report secret medical experiments on their unconsenting human bodies, and, not merely being dismissed as delusional, but given official diagnoses of “paranoid schizophrenia” by complacently complicit psychiatrists, willingly entangling themselves in the machinery of the Authoritarian State.

See this excerpt from a Democracy Now interview for instance with the author of Plutonium Files, Eileen Welsome, who details how victims of radiation experiments were quickly labelled “paranoid schizophrenic” when they began to speak up.

Human Experimentation: Eileen Welsome tells Elmer Allen’s story

Today, “Targeted Individuals” Being Covertly Assaulted By Radiation Neuroweapons in MKULTRA-Extended and Classified Joint Military/Intel Asymmetric Warfare/Weapons Testing & Operator Training are Also Being Targeted for a Paranoid Schizophrenia Diagnosis

ECC-cover of Torture, Asian and Global PerspectivesToday–in an atmosphere of increased Government surveillance and control worldwide, covert Intelligence agency action against citizens worldwide, and acknowledged US Military/Air Force/Special Ops testing and training of Electronic Warfare Directed-Energy weapons on humans–this is exactly what is being done to “Targeted Individuals.”

In secret, classified-research programs (classified in the name of “national security,“) deadly neuroweapons are being trained on civilians, military personnel, civically-engaged citizens, activists, writers, whistleblowers–American citizens and others, both here in the US, and worldwide.

Brain Invaders: Jesse Ventura’s program on his show Conspiracy Theory

“Targeted Individuals” are today’s victims of Secret Medical Experimentation using newer Technology–Remote Control Radiation Weapons and NeuroTechnology Implants–that most people are not aware actually exists.

As human rights journalist Deborah Dupre details, in this 2010 article titled $8o Billion Thug Budget to Oppress Targeted Individuals:

“Some think the Targeted Individual phenomenon sweeping the United States, impacting as many as 350,000 Americans, that spreads out globally, is resultant of organized crime. Others believe it is squarely rooted in government. As president, George Bush stated, it is both.

“Hours after 9/11, Bush announced to the world that his administration would be hiring “thugs” to help “root out” his brand of “terror” because thugs “know how these terrorists think.” George Bush: Americans should expect a battle unlike any other they have ever seen, not one battle, but a lengthy campaign, some visible, others secret.

“The video (below)  (see full article & video at summarizes how government is the driving force Targeting Individuals, paying neighbors, even children to be spies, professional stalkers to keep innocent people under surveillance for further secret attacks. These US-based human rights violation attacks now officially include assassinations on US soil and elsewhere in the Bush/Obama ‘locate and assassinate’ New Phoenix Program that unofficially includes torture.”

People coming forward (including this writer) to report being assaulted by pulsed radiation weapons targeting their bodies, covert neurotechnology implants burning up hotspots on various parts of their anatomy, and being subjected to remote microwave torture, directed-energy-weapon attacks, sleep deprivation, and in many cases also Voice to Skull microwave hearing, are not reporting the contents of delusions, hallucinations, or overworked imaginations, as Authoritarian Psychiatrists would like us to believe.

The Misdiagnosis of Targeted Individuals

Obama’s Secret Targeted Killing Program, ACLU Lawsuit by Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner.

Technologies producing the effects described actually do exist and are currently being used by the Military–see their Joint Non Lethal Weapons Program, read Earth Rising I, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace, and Earth Rising II, Betrayal of Science, Society, and the Soul, and research Electronic Warfare. Also see the recent post here describing Clandestine assaults on Targeted Individuals and Joint Military/Intel Experimentation & Weapons Testing.

See this discussion on Psychotronic Weapons from this website in Europe.

See this introduction to Directed-Energy Weapons from Mark M. Rich’s New World Wars (full-text available online).

Neurotech Radio-Emitting/Receiving Implants and V2K Microwave Hearing (Voices In Head) Weapons are Today’s Electronic Warfare/Directed-Energy Weapons For Damaging/Controlling Humans, Currently Being Tested Worldwide

Slowly, the truth is coming out.

Neurotechnology implants have been found, X-rayed, MRI’d, and surgically removed from the bodies of various individuals–see the cases below of James Walbert, Richard Cain, Kieron Lee Perrin.

Secretly Forced Brain Implant Part II: MRI Scan and Reports of Target James Walbert by Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner

Breaking: Secretly Forced Chips in Targeted Individual Removed, Identified (Photos) by Debore Dupre, Before It’s News/reposted at

Cyborg Kieron Lee Perrin Lecture at the Bases Conference

These implants are radio-frequency emitting; they can be detected by radio frequency meters and spectrum analyzers. Today, groups and organizations such as — International Center Against Covert Technologies — are working to expose these secret implants, covertly implanted in humans–in hospitals, in dentist’s offices, while asleep in their homes. RFID chips implanted in humans can even be read by bar code scanners.

Portable precision-strike directed-energy weapons exist, and are being trained on non-consenting civilians worldwide. Although this is being run as a clandestine operation–or rather, as Several clandestine operations–it is not possible to hide the obvious involvement of recurrent/persistent aircraft & helicopters in neighborhoods, nor of ground crew in speeding or parked sedans/utility vans and staked-out houses in neighborhoods.

Dual Complicity of Law Enforcement and Psychiatrists/Doctors

For years, individuals being assaulted have been actively disbelieved, discredited, and denigrated by an active PsyOp/MILDEC operation conducted especially by Law Enforcement and Psychiatrists, pointing to dual complicity:

From Earth Rising, by Dr. Nick Begich

From Earth Rising, by Dr. Nick Begich

POLICE: People being assaulted who approach local police are too quickly and facilely dismissed as “delusional,” referred to psychiatrists, or submitted to forced pyschiatric evaluations, or/and, in some cases, even institutionalized.

This, despite the fact that

1) Local police currently inherit military weapons, including “non-lethal weapons” via 1033 and other, classified programs;

Earth Rising excerpt

Excerpt from Earth Rising, The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace by Dr. Nick Begich

2) The Department of Justice has active Memoranda of Understanding with the Department of Defense, which permit the development and local use of “non-lethal weapons” found to be of mutual interest (Dr. Nick Begich writes about this in Earth Rising, The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace);

3) And finally, thanks to Joint Action programs, secret FISA court warrants are being granted at whim to the NSA/FBI, and the permitting thereby of such classified activities as “concealed electronic monitoring,” “court-ordered electronic surveillance,” and “radiation surveillance” has become commonplace.ER-cover

Clearly, there is a distinct Police/Law Enforcement/Dept. of Justice intention here to keep these classified programs of assault absolutely Secret.

PSYCHIATRISTS: Psychiatrists encountering people being assaulted quickly and eagerly enter diagnoses of paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia, schizoid-affective disorder, and other such, whipping out their drug index to prescribe deadly neuroleptics designed to destroy neurons and synapses, along with willpower, ambition, concentration, and general mental well-being.

On the word of the Authority-Figure of the Psychiatrist, the individual is instantly labelled Unstable, Paranoid, and Delusional.

Take a look at this website created by military veterans being assaulted in many ways, including being used as vaccine experimentees, (click on image below) which carefully details and discusses how psychiatry has been used as a State tool of terror in the past and is currently being used worldwide to dismiss, discredit, and “disappear” the serious witness and victim accounts of “Targeted Individuals” being assaulted covertly by invisible radiation weapons today, for dirty MK-ULTRA-extended human experimentation, weapons testing, and asymmetric warfare purposes.

TIs psychiatry

Read  New World War author Mark M.Rich’s analysis of the political aspects of psychiatrists misdiagnosing DEW-assaulted individuals.

The Authority of the Psychiatrist Has Been Granted by the State and Accepted by Society

We need to remind ourselves that the “Authority” of the psychiatrist does not inhere from any innate superiority of its practice but has always been courted, enthroned, and granted by the State. Society has followed along, not standing up to expose or challenge a field given enormous and wrongful State power, especially in America and the West: to incarcerate and drug/dumb-down thinking adults, to drug vibrant youth and children, to remove children from loving parents, and to crush social or political dissent.

Dr.Jeffrey Schaler: Psychiatry is a Fraud and Is All About Control

Note this article by late Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Thomas Szasz, discussing how psychiatry seeks credibility by aligning itself with Law, rather than with Medicine, other branches of which take care to situate themselves on par with Law rather than subservient to it, and an article by professor Dr. Jeffrey Schaler, discussing the history of psychiatric abuse, and the collusion of Law with Psychiatry.

Dr. Thomas Szasz: Psychiatry: A Branch of the Law

Dr. Jeffrey Schaler: History of Psychiatric Abuse

But this is all changing today. Many organizations and individuals, including careered psychiatrists are exposing and challenging the old accepted norms of Authoritarian Psychiatry. Many families of individuals harmed by psychiatrists’ pernicious (mis)diagnoses and drugging with deadly neuroleptics are speaking out.

Biological Psychiatry Is Being Challenged as Fraudulent

Biological psychiatry has come under fire. Primarily because “mental disorders” cannot be biologically diagnosed at all–no lab test exists to define any kind of “chemical imbalance” (a common urban myth) or cell action signifying schizophrenia or any other of the over-300 “disorders” elaborately laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual — dwell on that for a moment.

Dr. Niall Mclaren, CCHR: What’s Wrong with Psychiatry? A Psychiatrist Explains..

Dr. Thomas Szasz: The Illegitimacy of the Psychiatric Bible

Citizens Commission on Human Rights: Psychiatry, An Industry of Death Museum

CCHR museum

Diagnostic & Statistical Manual: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam

No psychiatrist can prove diagnostically with an objective medical test that anyone has any kind of “mental disorder,” it’s simply the subjective, flawed, industry-guided opinion of the psychiatrist, based on the DSM, which, Dr. Schaler states, is a manual of invented disorders. Indeed, there is a curious connection between the advertising/marketing industry, the various disorders, and the particular pharmaceuticals for these various disorders prescribed by psychiatrists.

CCHR: Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness–Are We All Insane?

Read Cover-Up Initiatives, from Mark M. Rich‘s New World War, which explores the link between marketing, Big Pharma, Wall Street,and psychiatry, and exposes the system of control operative in the field.

Drugs prescribed by psychiatrists are being found to be dangerous and in themselves inducive of brain damage–ethical sales professionals in Big Pharma are beginning to speak up.

See this recent article at

We Are Trained to Misinform: Ex-Big Pharma Sales Rep Speaks Out About the Deception in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Big Pharmaceutical Employee Turns Whistleblower

 The Secret, Covert Torture of the “Targeted Individual” by a Colluding Joint Action Cartel Points to an Ultimate End-Game for All Humanity

What is being done to “Targeted Individuals”–via covert neurotech implants and continuous assault by microwave/radio/sound energy weapons–is a systematic, brutalizing form of torture, political repression, and State control. It points to the current existence and secret use of deadly neuroweapons, being classified under the generic umbrella-term of “Electronic Warfare” and thereby hidden from Society. For a detailed discussion, see the 2015: “Targeted Individuals”… post.

Society ignores “Targeted Individuals” at its own peril–for there is a deadly end-game with Electronic Warfare and Information Operations, the US Military’s acknowledged new 21st-century focus, being enacted in its earlier stages here: the elimination of dissent via remote biological access and remote biological manipulation using potent, invisible energy weapons.

People worldwide who want to dismiss the increasing phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” may want to understand: The ultimate end-game here with carefully-concealed and kept-classified Electronic Warfare weapons appears to have in its sights All of Humanity, not just the numbers currently “targeted” and being assaulted–which is another reason why the whole phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” needs desperately to be openly exposed by journalists and human rights groups today.

Exposure permits an End to Abuse. Exposure will also open up this whole field of enquiry–the whole subject of Electronic Warfare and brain-control and central-nervous-system control weapons–to the public.

Are we going to let Continued Secrecy and Classification of these Covert Assault programs continue the torture in our midst of “Targeted Individuals” and continue to build toward this dirty end-game?

The whole world needs to know, explore, and discuss:

What kind of radiation/non-lethal weapons is the Military/CIA currently using and developing and testing, under Electronic Warfare?

What kind of “classified research” weapons-testing is going on currently–& who are the human subjects being experimented on, without Informed Consent?

What kind of biological, psychological, and behavioral control of the average human is currently possible, by use of these invisible energy weapons?

(The answer is not in the sticky foams and nets being propagandaistically displayed to reporters; that’s the cover for the actual Brain-Control Weapons they have.)

The Ultimate End-Game is Absolute Biological & Brain Control Over All Humanity

We move here from Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Reality.

Remember that “Conspiracy Theorists” today have been branded as “sleeper or potential terrorists” by a paranoid State. See this Department of Justice memo.

I wonder why? If some of us are letting our imaginations run wild, why should the State care?

Because none of this is imagined. It’s deadly real, and desperate efforts are being made to keep it quiet and keep it hidden from the “sleeping masses”. “Conspiracy Theorists” are being branded a threat because the State wants us to stay unknowing and listen to Authoritarian Psychiatrists instead.

Read this enlightening new article by Jack Mullen at The Government Mayday Rag covering the desperate and failed attempts to gain information on “terrorists” by a bloated Homeland Security department (occupying Maryland) unable to glean any kind of useful information from its numerous Fusion Centers: Maryland’s Bit Part in Homeland Security Theatre

When the clear light of Truth being shone on dark, dirty, and Covert operations becomes too blinding, the State seeks to shut the light down: this is what Targeting is today.

Many analysts believe the ultimate end-game–as is the entire targeting/assaulting/COINTELPRO harassment scenario–is being run by psychopaths aiming at Absolute Biological Control of All humans via Covert Neurotech implants–achievable today via various means including self-replicating nanotechnology rained down on us via everyday aerosols (chem trails), vaccines, and other means; Artificial Intelligence takeover by connecting all human neuro/nano implants via Electronic Brain Links to a Supercomputer; and forcing through a Cyborg “evolution” of the Human to a Transhumanist Machine-Linked Human.

Sound ridiculous? (That’s because it Is–as ridiculous as what is being done to “TIs”.) But we need the whole world talking about it!

If you haven’t been following the worlds of High Tech lately, this will all sound like “Conspiracy” –which in fact it apparently is.

See this recent article by Christina Sarich at Waking Times offering a brief general discussion: Nano-Bots, Mind Control and Trans-Humanism–The Future of Consciousness?

See this extensive detailed article with video-references and links at The Anti-Corruption Society: The Transhumanist Agenda: Human Robotization and Mind Control Slavery.

I have come to understand that yes, there is a covert conspiracy in action. There Is a covert war on All of Humanity. There Are completely-cuckoo power-obsessed and supremely self-deluding Technogeeks and “Behavioral Control” manics and Landed-Gentry apparently intent on mass control and mass domination. This is why All of Humanity needs to wake up and expose and terminate this absolute evil.

The New World Order is neither new nor is it order, it is quite Medieval, and ruthlessly Totalitarian in intent–Medieval Totalitarian Control might be a better name for it.

Lots of sites explore this Transhumanist end-game currently; more to be posted here soon. Please note that the Transhumanist agenda Is the Psychiatrist-as-Controller agenda, morphing now into Neuropsychiatrist; the intent behind Mind Control and Behavior Modification via neurotech implants and nanobots lodged in synapses and neural networks is to techno-modify the human brain to become more easily susceptible to manipulation via electromagnetic radiation.  Dissent, protest, and critical thinking is envisioned in this view to become obsolete–the right frequencies aimed at the right brain regions will erase willpower, motivation, pattern recognition, belief in God, anything you like–as the New World Human is manufactured: depressed, docile, compliant, apathetic, perhaps obsessed with work, and frequency-trained to obey, not abhor, the Authoritarian Psychiatrist. Perhaps obsessively.

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