Clandestine “Classified” Weapons Testing in the US, & Worldwide

Weapons Testing/Weapons Operation/Weapons Training?

The fact is, deadly neuroweapons using electromagnetic radiation (EMF), extra-low frequencies (ELF), ultrasound, high-powered microwaves (HPM), radio frequencies, and other kinds of radiation, remotely targeting human bodies and brains, and capable of creating immense damage to humans, are currently being ruthlessly trained–and have been, for at least the past 20 years, as per thousands of civilian reports–on US civilians and others, in a massive “clandestine” or “covert” operation involving a soup of Intelligence agencies and bearing the clear marks of the US Military.  Is this weapons testing, weapons operation, or weapons training? Who is being targeted, and why? Is this how Dissent is being “neutralized”? Why has Informed Consent not been obtained? How is it that Mainstream Media does not report–yet–on weapons testing without Informed consent being conducted on US civilians? Why are Human Rights groups in the US maintaining silence on this subject? More on all these subjects below.



Clearly at the behest of the corporate and global shadow-government running the US, the US Military, Airforce, Navy, Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Homeland Security (DHS), & others, is–right now, today–covertly and overtly engaging in what the military terms “asymmetric warfare” or “unconventional warfare” and other such appellates as noted above, on American citizens–in cities, towns, and rural and urban areas across the USA–(as well as on other national populations, across the world) using modern and highly technologically sophisticated remote-control radiation neuroweaponry, also euphemistically termed non-lethal weapons (NLWs), or, perhaps more accurately, directed-energy weapons (DEWS) and remote-control radiation Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) weapons.

Mark M. Rich’s book, New World Wars has a detailed study on the subject.


It is possible the funding (and cover) for this massive operation being mounted on American citizens is being provided by massive military allocations for weapons-testing programs researching the “human bio-effects” of so-called “non-lethal weapons” on humans, such as, for instance, the recent US Airforce contract awarded to General Dynamics Corporation researching “human bio-effects” of the so-called non-lethals (NLWs), which are the DEWs (radiation neuroweaponry) in question: There is a lot of information on this online, including this Wired article.

This illegal weapons-testing, like the illegal Tuskegee experiments and others, is being run “under the radar” of media organizations, as a covert operation, guided by Intelligence agencies in the military, and in collusion with other Intelligence agencies such as the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, as well as the DHS, DOE, DOJ, and others, and, additionally, as partially revealed recently by an article in The Guardian by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, involves the collusion and co-operation of several unethical US universities and research institutions doing DoD-funded research in areas of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cybernetics, biotechnology, behavioral science, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, Human Resources Management, and others. It has not been made public, it does not involve public consent, and it certainly does not involve the informed consent of the people, termed the “human subjects,” who are openly being attacked by these neuroweapons and made involuntary guinea-pigs in these Nazi-like human experimentation programs.

Military Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and PsyOps

Listed below are articles, videos, and books written by independent investigators, Defense researchers, alternative media reporters, and human rights activists on various aspects of this subject:

Human Behavior in Military Contexts

Secret US Biological Human Experimentation

Official Touts Non-Lethal Weapons for Use

Measurement and Signature Intelligence (The measurement and acquisition of signature electromagnetic frequencies associated with specific humans, named “targets.”)

Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (CTTL)

Identity Intelligence and Special Operations

Pentagon Training Still Says “Dissent” is a Threat Indicator

Insider Threat Program Advances Slowly

Directed Energy Weapons: Do We have a Game Plan?

Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Support to Psychological Operations

Ex-NSA John St. Clair Akwei’s Lawsuit Against NSA for Remote Neural Monitoring & Harassment

Also see book references at end of this discussion.

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program/Fiscal Year 2015 Non-Lethal Weapon Technologies/RFP

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