Ramola D | A Note on Techno Crime Fighters Forum

Note For The Record | Ramola D | March 16, 2021

While many people are aware Techno Crime Fighters Forum, of which I was a part, and which came to an end in July 2018, ended with “Dr.” Katherine Horton imploding the forum with her refusal to address key issues which needed addressing, and that thenceforth she spent over 18 months attacking me publicly online in videos, on Twitter, and on her website, while also attacking others–which I have written and spoken extensively about, and that more recently ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart picked up her smears in November 2019 and continued them, with malice, for another 18 months (something she is still obsessively continuing, on Facebook and Twitter), to the extent that I have been compelled to issue several Cease and Desists and Statements and Public Notices to/on both of them, I think it is important to set one matter straight, for posterity.

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Techno Crime Fighters Forum (TCFF), a weekly broadcast run by a small group of dedicated human rights advocates, was set up to publicly address the crimes of the Intelligence agencies, Fusion Centers, and Departments of Defense in the US, UK, and elsewhere worldwide in wrongfully and inhumanely targeting and attacking people with neuro/bio weaponry, labeling them as “Known or Suspected Terrorists,” and organizing community-policing and community-monitoring activities against them. In no way was this group itself involved in a single activity which could even remotely be labeled as “terrorist,” “extremist,” or “radical,” and in no way could any “intelligence” agency dare to classify this group as being anything other than focused on revealing their own crimes.

The weekly broadcast was intended to be–and mostly was–educative, informative, supportive, entertaining, and community-building, all of which it accomplished during its run of 71 episodes, from March 2017 to July 2018.

The failure of Techno Crime Fighters Forum in curbing the random verbiage of “Dr.” Katherine Horton, which brought it to an end, has been discussed at length in several articles at this site, and was instrumental in exposing her as a COINTELPRO-running, NLP-running planted agent-provocateur, gatekeeper, and saboteur. Karen Melton-Stewart’s own COINTELPRO behavior in gatekeeping on email lists and social media, attacking many publicly, defaming many publicly–but particularly myself–began to reveal her to me and others as COINTELPRO gatekeeper, provocateur, and discreditor only afterwards.

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The FBI has a history of targeting activists for life-takedown with criminal, persecutory life-destruction activities. These targeted crimes had already been leveled at the members of Techno Crime Fighters Forum (barring its founders perhaps, by their own assessment, Dr. Paul Marko and Mindy Urken) before TCFF began, and constituted the base and reason for the TCFF investigation into Intelligence agency and military crimes. That “Dr.” Katherine Horton was definitely an Intel plant and fraud, and that Karen Melton-Stewart probably ditto is a realization partially nurtured during TCFF and fully understood only later by me.

What this implies also is that TCFF was perhaps a targeted set-up, with covert Intelligence-agency intentions: possibly to parallel-construct, label, target its members and supporters, including myself, who had already been criminally, wrongfully targeted, since 2013, by local thugs in Quincy (Freemasons?), local FBI, and local Fusion Center criminals, and since 2005, I suspect, by the FBI, after becoming visible with particularly striking signs–reported to me later as televised–during (peaceful) anti-war marches in Washington DC in 2001 and 2002, and (peaceful) animal-cruelty protests (baby in arms, ardent to change the consciousness of the world by standing up for suffering animals in horrific pharma-run primate labs) in 2005 in Fairfax, Virginia.

My entire foray into online journalism and work online interviewing whistleblowers and reporting victims of Neuro/DEW crimes in fact began only after I was targeted mercilessly in 2013 with extreme-attack EMF weapons, violently-sharpshot RFID and tracking weapons, and became the subject of an intense US Airforce DEW-testing “bio-behavioral research” operation, described to some extent earlier here and in this recent letter of notification to Massachusetts State Government officials. I believe I have also become a subject of NSA and CIA brain mapping and brain assault operations, continuations of MK ULTRA–described as SIGINT projects in ex-NSA John St. Clair Akwei’s lawsuit of 1992 versus the NSA, and evidence of classified projects engaging in massive crime.

These are not research but torture operations–they constitute grave crimes against humanity, and Techno Crime Fighters Forum was engaged in exposing, publicizing, and bringing to light these terrible crimes and atrocities being committed today on people worldwide.

That “Dr.” Katherine Horton was instrumental in getting venal Intelligence agencies such as the FBI to further parallel-construct and target the members of TCFF was raised and discussed by Dr. Millicent Black, including in email exchanges which I have published now, with the False Claims article exposing Karen Stewart’s lies–and is a completely plausible scenario.

My purpose in writing this note however is to emphasize the stark ground-floor fact here: the FBI has been targeting hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens, in the USA, in the UK, worldwide, wrongfully labeling them terrorists, then engaging in full-on attack operations on them using a variety of means including military non-lethal weaponry, while also human-trafficking them into Defense, Justice, Intelligence, and nefarious Health and Human Services and Science Foundation research projects involving complete stripping of their human rights, essentially “detaining” them as in-house prisoners in electronic concentration camps, non-consensually implanting them, tracking them 24/7 from drones and satellites, and assaulting them continuously with radiation weapons, scalar weapons, sonic weapons, plasma weapons, radar weapons, neuroweapons, BCI-AI weapons of every exotic kind. This is crime on a scale that no-one has dreamt of, that can only be compared to what the Nazis did in their concentration camps to prisoners, to what the CIA has done to children, to people incarcerated in prisons and mental institutions, to Satanic Ritual Abuse.

It is important to establish therefore, for the record, that Techno Crime Fighters Forum sought to address through exposure these profoundly depraved crimes against humanity by a worldwide network of Intelligence, Security, Military, and Justice agencies and divisions, who have brought the use of “Non Lethal Weapons”–that is, Remote-Access Human Control Weapons into the world, and think it is 100% OK for them to use these incredibly assaultive, human-enslaving weapons on people today–as they continue to do, with complete impunity, displaying in this action not Intelligence nor Public Safety but profound bestiality, lack of humanity, lack of ethics, lack of soul, lack of principle, lack of morality, lack of Intelligence, and lack of sanity.

These agencies and military divisions practicing Secrecy, Compartmentalizing, and Classification in name of National Security have essentially become sadistic criminal hideouts, and should be dissolved.

All 71 episodes of TCFF can be found online I think, despite Youtube’s recent takedown of my channel--and their exposure of a Youtube/Google/CIA/FBI need to fully disappear the Uber disclosure of their own targeting crimes against humanity recorded there–and will be reinstated by me shortly at one of my other channels or here at ECC. TCFF is long gone now, but it stands for an important historic stand against tyranny and inhumanity, and as such, from a journalistic and media-history point of view, I think those broadcasts continue to be of interest.

I have much to say on the subject of Activism versus Terrorism, and I will write more shortly. Activists who hold up signs and march in rallies against the horrors and crimes of war or huddle on cold days in front of primate labs to speak for the mutely suffering inside with handmade signs and babies in arms are not terrorists, but holders of humanity’s conscience.

The real terrorists in the US today are the Intelligence agencies and Military, and what they are running today are nothing less than Terror Operations inside America.

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers