Letter to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues/On Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

Date: March 3, 2016

To: The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

Public Comment for Meeting 24, March 3, 2016

From: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen—www.everydayconcerned.net

Thank you for the opportunity to comment to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, meeting 24.

On this occasion where you are focusing on issues of education in Bioethics, I would like to call your attention to the ongoing and historical documentation of unethical and non-consensual human experimentation, being widely reported today in the United States of America, in bioethics education. According to Dr. John Hall, author of Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control (Strategic Publishing, 2014): “Fast forward to today, we have over 300,000 people in the United States voicing complaints of electronic harassment which includes directed energy attacks and synthetic telepathic harassment. It sounds unbelievable at first until you delve further into the complaints and history of the technology.Knowing how this research started and how it progressed as technology progressed should alarm the medical community that non-consensual experimentation is occurring rather than an exponential rise in mental illness. We have known for some time that several technologies exist that are capable of putting voices in one’s head to subliminally harass or control them. Therefore, when these complaints are voiced, it can no longer be seen as a turnkey diagnosis of mental illness.”— (Chapter Nine, The Hidden Agenda, Guinea Pigs) Dr. John Hall

Microwave, radio, millimeter-wave, RFID-implant, neurostimulator, and other technologies reported as being used non-consensually on reporting individuals go beyond synthetic telepathy/microwaved voices in heads, and include many remote electrical and electromagnetic devices engaging in remote biological manipulation of bodies and brains, including in their effects, and not limited to: Remote Electroshock, Remote NeuroMuscular Stimulation, Remote Neurological Manipulation, Remote EEGs, Remote Radio Frequency Radiation deposited at various organ sites, remote brainwave manipulation and modification, remote dream manipulation, remote sexual stimulation, and more.

Please be aware that these technologies are both under study and operation currently in public as well as classified domains, and it is widely believed that this non-consensual experimentation with these technologies is being conducted by Defense and Intelligence agencies, often through Universities, but also through private contractors, using existing Exemptions in Informed Consent, permitted by the NDAA and by Executive Orders.

Please also be aware that their being permitted in this fashion does not suggest in any way that these experiments, technologies, or covert bodily/brain manipulations have the consent of American citizens—the “consent of the governed”–explored more fully here: “Exemptions to Informed Consent” in Classified Research and Non-Consensual Covert/Clandestine Human Subject Experimentation in the USA Today Versus “Consent of the Governed”

Please therefore understand that the concern being evinced by citizens, physicians, journalists, and researchers regarding this non-consensual experimentation is based on 3 very important considerations:

  1. There is No Informed Consent obtained from unwilling human subjects in these experiments.
  2. There is No Consent of the Governed permitting non-consensual human experimentation on human subjects. Exceptions and Exemptions in Informed Consent have been appropriated by an unethical framework of unilaterally modified laws and Executive Orders, and must not be mistaken for Consent of the Governed/in the name of National Security.
  3. ALL reporting individuals, without exception, report this non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains, from their experience, as barbaric, inhumane, profoundly invasive, intrusive, cruel, sadistic, lethal by repetition, assaultive, violent, malicious, harassive, unethical, amoral, and venal. These are not reports to be ignored by any sane or civilized or informed society, let alone by Bioethicists.

Every single medical and other researcher interested in Bioethics in human subject research should be made aware of this current and ongoing situation of Extreme Unethicality, described above, in order to address, expose, and terminate such an obvious violation of human rights and humanity in our midst.

I would also like to reiterate that I am very concerned that the proposed changes (NPRM) to the Common Rule will render the regulations much less effective in protecting human beings from unethical and non-consensual research. The concern stems from the proposal to:

  • Explicitly exclude and exempt 19 categories of activities and research
  • Allow department or agency discretion about applicability of the policy
  • Allow IRB waiver or alteration of consent
  • Secondary use of biospecimens

The proposed changes if implemented would result in a total of 19 exclusions and exemptions as compared to 6 current exemptions. No exclusions currently exist. Explicit exclusions proposed by the NPRM deemed not research that are especially concerning include Intelligence Surveillance Activities and Criminal Justice Activities.

Additional concerns relate to existing loopholes in the Common Rule, lack of oversight for some federal and non-federal entities and the need for reporting and tracking.

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that they will implement President Clinton’s memorandum requiring the informed consent of all human subjects of classified research and that this requirement is not subject to waiver. I sincerely hope that the other 14+ departments that currently comply with the Common Rule will follow the DOE’s example. Also, that they comply explicitly and not via executive order. Lastly, I hope that all other entities, federal and non-federal will also be required to comply with President Clinton’s memorandum.

I join others who have written this commission before about the thousands of US citizens and others that are continuing to report they are victims of classified research including remote weapons testing. I would like to add a human element to our concerns by letting you know that we lost another 3 victims over the past month. They were known to be very kind people:

Name Date passed away Age
Ron Gillman (father of 2 girls) January 29, 2016 52 years old
Scott Fulbright February 1, 2016 53 years old
Jessica Davis Thompson February 2, 2016 29 years old

Please publish the truth about ongoing non-consensual human experimentation in your educational materials; please work to remove all exceptions and exemptions to Informed Consent, instead of adding several more under Intelligence Surveillance or Criminal Justice—they are
not justifiable under any rubric, National Security or otherwise; please stand up for human rights and humanity instead of letting the understanding of “Bioethics” become a meaningless shell for Open Deception, where the sacrifice of some is permitted for the supposed salvation of all, as in the horrific CIA MKULTRA experiments; please understand that every single medical student, researcher, clinician, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and high school science student has the right today to be fully educated in the actual truth of non-consensual human subject experimentation in the areas of Neuro Crime, Neuro Experimentation, Neuro Modification, and others, whether by Intelligence Surveillance agencies or for Criminal Justice research, as we stand today on the lip of a massive revolution in human affairs with the new knowledge of remote influencing technologies capable of manipulating the human body and human brain. Please provide this letter to all Bioethics Departments in universities.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to major changes in your approach, and a true pursuit of BIOETHICS.


Ramola D/March 3, 2016

(Without Prejudice/All Rights Reserved)

Writer, Activist, Independent Journalist/Testifying Witness: Unwilling, Involuntary, Non-consensual Experimentee, since 2013


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