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Organizations Focusing on Chem Trails

Geoengineering Watch (Dane Wigington)

Agriculture Defense Coalition (Rosalind Peterson)

The Carnicom Institute (Clifford Carnicom)

About the Sky (Sofia Smallstorm)

June 24, 2015

Chem Trails & HAARP: Aerosol Assaults on our Environment–Atmosphere, Soil, Biosphere; Heavy Metals, Nanotechnology, and Biological Material in Aerosols

People are finally waking up to the fact that the criss-cross of white trails in our skies, along with the continuous haze in the air, the fibrous clouds, the shirred cirrus splayed across the sky, the incessant West Coast droughts, East Coast snows and floods, continuous virus ailments in children and the elderly, dead or dying trees and plants, burnt smell or chemical smell in the air, often after rain, are Not Natural, and are all related, and connected to the program of aerosol injection in the upper atmosphere, a “geo-engineering” program of Solar Radiation Management that is being kept covert, and has behind it many other covert programs, goals, and intentions, far exceeding that of the first cover, geo-engineering, and none of them boding good for humanity.  This information is being researched and exposed on an ongoing basis. Please see for an introduction and much information, if this subject  is new to you.  More links to be posted here soon.

(Please note, Wikipedia, which discounts chem-trails, points to being controlled-media; their “definitions” and claims of conspiracies point directly to Disinformation, Psy-Op, and Active Military Deception, or MILDEC.)

Several scientists and researchers, including doctors, speak out here about the absolute reality of chem trails and what the heavy metals in nano form being dropped on us are doing to our bodies and brains:

Rosalind Peterson, Founder of California SkyWatch and Agriculture Defense Coalition, speaks at length about the aerosol injections, the health hazards, the chemical effects, the climatic effects, how universities are involved, and how agriculture is being dramatically changed by these aerosols, and how our food & water supplies are being deleteriously impacted.

News & Info

Oct 27, 2014

Rosalind Peterson Speaks at the UN About Chem Trails


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