Vicious Lies, Libel, Inversions, Character-Assassination: Is Karen Stewart a “TI Leader” or a Covert Fusion Center Operative?

Report | Ramola D | Dec 23, 2020

Karen Stewart’s alias account @RobertSau with the backside-obsession monikker dedicated to attacks on Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell

It’s no secret by now to many following this year-long series of libelous attacks by troubled ex-NSA Intelligence Analyst Karen Stewart on myself and many others that she simply keeps posting lies and false narratives on social media, embellishing each account with new fabrications. Some of her latest additions have been noted (12/7/2020) on my Statement on her here and in threads on Twitter.

I should note that last month I contacted three ladies she’s cited in her new attacks on me, to clarify their words to her, which exercise proved she’s simply fabricated all statements she attributes to them. In other words: openly lied. As proven before, on multiple occasions: Karen openly and blatantly lies and inverts the truth when she wants to character-assassinate someone.

This is the reason I have posted and re-posted — in rebuttal — the truth of what transpired a year ago, which Karen Stewart has rabidly lied about, convincing others of her lies, each time publishing new lies, and working hard to smear my name and work: Karen Stewart, whom I once worked with as a human rights advocate, and whose travails I once covered as a journalist, has shown she has no integrity to speak of, no ability to relay the truth, no ability to “walk away” from her own commitment to slanderous attacks, no interest in decency, honesty, facts, and truth. No. To make herself look good–after attacking others–she simply lies about being attacked, abused, victimized by these very others–and has in fact called us the very names which could be used only to describe her: bully, abuser, cyberstalker, gangstalker, persecutor, egoist, pathological liar, malignant narcissist, dark Triad, sociopath, psychopath, CIA-handled, CIA-asset, KGB, flying monkey, and many others.

Amy Rayboun, who has spoken of her research and investigation into TI matters at my channel on this report, including her own long persecution by Karen Stewart, made this post (below) a couple days ago on Facebook after Karen Stewart once more posted slander against her on Facebook last week, noted by both Amy and myself on Twitter. (TI meaning “Targeted Individual” who is being wrongfully targeted by the crooked fusion centers and trafficked into UnConstitutional military weapons testing and community policing operations by grasping mafia at the local FBI and “global policing” level.) Our conversation succeeding this post follows.

Amy Rayboun’s post at Facebook:

Amy Rayboun, Dec 21 at 7:14 pm  · i will not stop fighting. i cannot as i made a commitment to true TIs several years ago now. I CANNOT turn my back on them nor will i. i will NOT step down to appease them.

therefore; i am aware there is constant slander, libel, stalking, bullying, cyber stalking,…amongst other crimes being committed by those who choose to commit them.

question: is it a crime to tell the truth in exposing their perpetrators and their war crimes they execute against innocent individuals?

how many times over do i need to state obvious truth that i am not mossad, CIA, FBI, NSA, or belonging to any faction/sector of the government, perpetrators, and otherwise. what lies will be told next time during the next attack where i have to continue to rebut and post the obvious truth?

i will say it AGAIN; Karen Melton Stewart and her flying monkeys are attacking me, Ramola Dharmaraj, Galina, and Cassandra.

the truth IS she has to LIE about us.

Karen has to fabricate lies, concoct stories, and connive disinformation; twisting lies in to facts to even have some type of plausible story line for her purpose of controlling the narrative. the truth is that NOTHING Karen says is TRUE as truthful rebuttals, solid evidence, and concrete facts are presented time and time again in resistance of her shite gobbles.

the truth is that Karen has told SO many LIES about so many GOOD GENUINE INNOCENT TRUE TIs that how could anything be believed she spews. questions: has Karen done anything to help TIs or just herself? is her NSA “story” true about the lady who got “her promotion”? why the psychological evaluations? was she FIRED from the NSA for “behavioral issues”? is anything true at all she has said?

fact in truth is all she has is words as NO evidence presents itself to back up anything she has said to date about anyone to include the “lady who got her promotion”. what if “the lady” is really a innocent individual and Karen targeted her too?

essentially; there is solid evidence of Karen’s attacks; her shite gobbles; and her as a perp. she volunteered as a double agent specifically one of a TI and that one of a perp. question: who does this? another fact i really do not comprehend is that Karen IS 63 years old and her playground is facebook. she uses those who will help her perpetrate to commit her crimes against innocent people.

63 year old Karen spends all her time on facebook writing books of shite gobbles attacking innocent TIs. fact is also that Karen has chronically targeted me for FIVE years now and all because i said ONE bad word. 😂 she continues to cyber stalk me via spying via devices whether it be by mine or by another. remember a few years back Karen participated in serial stalking me then using Anthony spying via my devices. there TRULY is NO end to her shite gobbles. 😂 SERIOUSLY? anyone WHO chooses to believe her shite gobbles of lies about those who are innocent are perps too!

there are even those i do not know who have perpetrated against me FOR Karen. ironically Gregory Fitch* not only claimed me to be MOSSAD and CIA (slandering me because i am NOT) but he claimed on the phone call that Karen was in fact mossad and CIA because of 9/11.

good ole flying monkeys never know what way they will swing but in to the darkness probably where they hit a wall! 😂 nevertheless; these are war crimes Karen is and continues to commit against innocent people.

NO ONE (except perps) need exposing. if anyone has anything truthful to profess he/she will do so of their own accord and recognise. Karen is NO one’s judge, jury, and executioner. she ONLY has shite gobbles!

i honestly and truly believe that ALL Karen has done is worked for the NSA for 28 years and that is it…nothing more and nothing less. she has written letters but it has done nothing; proven nothing; and accomplished nothing as it mounts to NOTHING.

are there any shite gobbles i need to clarify? me being slandered a psycho? is this not what perps do slander one as crazy in attempt to damage one’s integrity and credibility?

on a final note; i will NOT and REFUSE to apologize for telling TRUTH in exposing perps and their war crimes against innocent individuals. i am NOT sorry for shining Light on their darknesses nor should i be!

Amy Rayboun TI investigator, researcher, advocate and Human Rights activist

The vicious nature of Karen’s lies about me have caused grievous harm — as have the lies she has published about Amy Rayboun, Galina, Barbara Hartwell, Cassandra, Alex and others. She has however taught me–in the current context of the gigantic COVID hoax–how the entire construct of the ABC agencies, departments of US government, media outlets has been and is being built on lies. It’s possible you need to have a high deception quotient to even join one of these agencies. Karen Stewart has this in spades.

Both Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart have now distinguished themselves in identical ways: attacking when called out for their lousy behavior, publicly attacking, I should add, after private callings-out, & then proceeding to spend forever building false narratives they’ve kept and keep adding to. I am literally still addressing Karen’s repeat-infamy at my Statement on her month after month, as she keeps slandering me freely on Facebook and Twitter–even though our acquaintance ended a whole year ago. Is she character-assassinating me so the low-life FBI extremists locally can keep targeting me forever–as they are currently? Doesn’t that make her a willing accomplice to the targeting crimes on me and a Fusion Center operative? My Adventures in Counterintelligence & Psychological Warfare Run By Two Lying Spies will be released soon.