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This is a portal page to two gateway pages for information on the Restoration of America efforts by the American States Assembly and the Massachusetts State Assembly, on which a series of podcasts are being run at Ramola D Reports channels at Bitchute, Brighteon, Odysee/Lbry, Rumble. (All podcasts will be linked here.)

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Anna von Reitz

As people may know, Anna von Reitz has spearheaded the American States Assembly movement to restore the original Republic of the united States of America and help Americans “become the Americans they always thought they were” by returning to the land and soil–as opposed to being lost at sea under frauds run by US Inc. and Maritime/Admiralty Law–and reclaim rightful status as truly free Americans whose God-given rights and freedoms are upheld and protected by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, common law, natural law, equity, et al.

THE RESTORATION OF AMERICA: :Russell-Jay: Gould’s part (and :David-wynn: Miller’s) in reclaiming the status of the original united States of America by registering the Title IV Flag (the American military flag) at the UN and Pentagon in 1999 after the Third US Bankruptcy ended is acknowledged by Anna in America, Some Assembly Required, and described contextually and historically here in my long feature report (as well as in the 4 interviews he did with me, linked there): The Restoration of the United States of America—Commander-in-Chief, Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould has the Title 4 Flag.

However, it appears from all current information this writer can find, that it is Anna von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher who are “bringing the uSA back” for all Americans, under the Peace and Sovereignty US Civil Flag–and moving on as well to returning other countries to their national sovereignty. (See A Brief Report for those trying to understand the New World, linked at the American States Assembly page.)

While :Russell’s Quantum-Grammar movement, and many other groups and individuals all over the USA seem to be working on operating in sovereignty, living privately or “on the private side,” making live-life-claims, eschewing the Justinian Deception of the Strawman/Legal Fiction/ALL CAPS NAME and claiming the rights and protections of Common Law on return-to-the-land, as also the Nation of Quantum described by :David-michael in Report 209: Report 209 | :David-Michael on Quantum Grammar Protocols, Common Law, Flags, History, More and the Purple-Thumb-Community founded by :Lady-Crown, described in many podcasts at my channels including Report 236 | Return to the Land: Lady-Crown Tutikatuku III, Crown of the Mauri Nation, and Maja Jingki Burra, Crown of the Originee Nation, Stand Suv’eran Together, it looks like it is only Anna von Reitz’s group in the USA which has negotiated the process of issuing Notice to the Pope and Queen, establishing two-way communication to ensure the recognition by the Vatican of the united States of America with all claimed assets as extant, standing, not abandoned or decrepit, and in joint sovereignty with the indigenous nations of America–“the unquestioned Paramount Security Interest Holder for all American assets, and the Priority Creditor of most of the bankrupt governmental services corporations worldwide” (A Brief Report for those trying to understand the New World, Anna von Reitz).

(See more to comprehend more at the American States Assembly page.)


Anna von Reitz’s and others’ archived posts under The Truth About US Govt-USA 101 are linked at the American States Assembly page. Intro post in The Truth About US Govt-USA 101 series: The Truth About US Govt–USA 101: (1) Judge Anna von Reitzinger: You Know Something is Wrong When….: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause

Ramola D Reports Let Freedom Ring! podcasts with the Massachusetts State Assembly co-ordinator are linked at the Massachusetts State Assembly page.