Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes

Notes & Updates | Ramola D | Jan 31, 2021/Latest Update May 24, 2021

PREFACE: These mostly Insider-Talk notes are being maintained on an ongoing basis to establish and publish the truth of interactions, especially for those targeted, terrorized, and victimized by the amoral, criminal FBI-DHS-CIA-NSA coterie wrongfully and unlawfully targeting people as “Known and Suspected Terrorists,” “Violent Extremists” et al, who 1) are aware that the “TI” community is grossly infiltrated, filled with FBI-NSA gatekeepers and CIA/NSA/FBI double-agents, 2) are aware of all the players, yet are frequently misinformed and deceived by such prominent infiltrator, limited-hangout, and turncoat parties as Karen Melton-Stewart, Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis/Doris Clause, Ella Free/Felder, and others, who have sought to dominate the conversation, misdirect, deflect, wheel-spin, obfuscate, marginalize and have published open lies, character-assassination, and smears on many.

As many know, the attempts of those–such as myself–who seek to expose and help terminate the excesses, evils, and crimes of Patriot Act “surveillance” (substitute unlawful targeting and assault with RF weaponry & character assassination in neighborhoods to permit unlawful trafficking into COPS/CVE/weapons testing/CIA MK ULTRA contracts) have been rife with infiltration, gatekeeping, censorship, deflection, wheel-spinning–COINTELPRO entrenched, on a massive scale, as the Deep State cockroaches hustle to hide their crimes and keep them hidden for decades.

My last forays into working with a group on a broadcast, the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, ended with revelations, across 2.5 years succeeding the end of TCFF terminating Katherine Horton’s takeover of the show with unilateral calls to violence, of infiltration and character assassination. “Dr.” Katherine Horton and Karen Melton-Stewart distinguished themselves as blatant liars and bullies, in addition to being agent provocateurs and saboteurs after the show closed, posting lies and smears for years which I and others took seriously enough to rebut in detail and with concern.

Lies Exposed:

False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed

Karen Stewart, as everyone knows and can see clearly for themselves, continues to spin out her lies and smears endlessly on her blatantly libelous “Perps and Nutcases” and “Ramola Crap” pages. Not something I keep tabs on anymore, having spent ages rebutting her false claims and lies. My Statement on her carries up to date responses and rebuttals I have indeed wished to make; there are a couple notes to add there which I will shortly but I’m in no hurry, I have much else to do.

Jan 31, 2021 | Karen Stewart’s Targeting of Galina Kurdina

I notice today though after a note from a friend that she is back to dredging up past encounters with others on well-past group emails and making slurs and smears against others, as is apparently her wont, and I am especially concerned that she once more targets Galina Kurdina for attack, publishing past emails from anyone she pleases as she tries hard to make her bizarre points.

As always, she paints a distorted picture. What else can one do when one hangs out with known infiltrators like “Julianne McKinney” and holds up their words as if gold?! (Known infiltrators need to be dropped and walked away from—those who work with them end up revealing their own true colors as infiltrators and perpetrators of targeting crimes themselves, as Karen Stewart has.)

I’ve decided therefore to create this page, to note a few facts and observations of my own, as needed.

Some gems from the obsessed K “Malignant Narcissist” Stewart: “Sherri asked me to post that, had Ramola not given her (Sherri) Galina’s contact info, Sherri would never have known about or spoken to this person and neither would I (Karen).”

(No comment–think that speaks for itself.)

I was present for large portions of the Sherri/Galina fracas and have written and spoken about it earlier. I want however to clarify one factor which escaped my attention earlier.

I have now gone over, at Galina’s request, all the emails between Sherri and Galina on their very first encounter on email, after Sherri asked me for Galina’s information in order to contact her after my interviews and conversations with Galina. Journalists do end up connecting people when they ask, this is well known.

My conclusion after reading all the emails carefully is this: Sherri Guarnieri did indeed jump to the wrong conclusion or did indeed make a jump in reading as she misread Galina’s intent and then began to accuse her of wanting her medical records--never requested by Galina. I have in the past pointed to the reading difficulties both ladies displayed as an ameliorating factor, which I think holds true still to some extent, but I have not in the past mentioned Sherri’s part in this. Not merely is Galina an (excellent) ESL reader and writer, Sherri displays dyslexia in reading and writing, which all corresponding with her are well aware of, but which I don’t think I have publicly drawn attention to before—my error—I should have made this clear earlier when I wrote about my own part in this as a friend of both who sought to smooth over their misunderstanding and failed. However it is only after re-reading these emails recently that I can see it was not Galina who jumped to the wrong conclusion in between emails, it was Sherri. At no point did Galina ask for any of Sherri’s private medical records, which it appears Sherri misunderstood and then fixated on, and brought up on succeeding email threads.

I have always concluded this was a misunderstanding on Sherri’s part and sought on one major group-email occasion to speak to each separately. It is regrettable that Sherri has so misread Galina’s questions and intentions, because a rift has been caused there, and many wrongful claims of intent made.

I think it is necessary for me to state at this point what I can see now, looking through the emails: Galina Kurdina did not make accusations or false claims or demands for private information; Sherri has made a jump in reading and made some false-accusations and false-claims about Galina and has therefore misrepresented Galina’s words and intent as expressed in her emails to her.

Karen Stewart’s postings currently of Sherri’s Thank you email to her, and Skizit and Don’s emails in between to Galina and to Karen do not in any way address that base misunderstanding, and the fact that the false-accusations and false-claims were made by Sherri, not Galina.

Galina has been upset over this matter and understandably so. I am aware and do recall the odd fit that CAHT’s Skizit Gesture (her preferred name) threw on email on a second or third occasion of this misunderstanding coming up again when I wrote to both Sherri and Galina separately, and to Karen and Skizit separately too: that was another occasion of revelation where the infiltrators reveal themselves, with Skizit bizarrely cutting herself off from me, accusing me of being “unable to manage my project people”!

No-one was my “project person”–everyone’s their own being in my seeing and I strive always to be careful and diplomatic with all on group lists or in groups. I was surprised at Skizit’s behavior and did not say much as she proceeded to distinguish herself in email as a sensationalist drama queen, much like “Dr.” Katherine Horton. I have written about this earlier; CAHT’s Neal Chevrier, who was forwarded and read the rude emails from Skizit to me, wrote later and apologized to me, which was very kind of him.

This is all well-past though, and the reason I am making a note today about it is: it is not right to tarnish Galina’s reputation and keep false-claims about her alive. Karen Stewart today is once again pushing a false-narrative when she raises Sherri’s false-accusations and false-claims against her. Karen Stewart in fact is attacking Galina Kurdina’s name and work by these actions—the kind saboteurs and infiltrators engage in.

Galina has published a Public Notice about the public-mischief-making and smear-campaign-running Karen Stewart here:

as have I: Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020

I admire and thank Galina Kurdina for her work in helping to support and inform victims of Mil/Intel crimes in Canada and the USA, and in publishing notice of these crimes to government bodies, human rights groups, and others.

I support the work of all true activists who help and support others and make these notes today in hopes of clarifying this oft-recurring matter that Karen Stewart has presented in a false light on her page-for-falsehoods-and-smears, Perps and Nutcases at Facebook. (Which Facebook supports, since they refuse to take it down despite multiple reports.)

TI activism is rife with infiltration — but there is no need for anyone to let the lies stand.

Feb 1, 2021 | Galina Kurdina Publishes Earlier Emails

Update, 2/1/2021: Galina has now published that early email exchange between herself and Sherri, revealing in many ways, and exposing of US Military and Intelligence crimes as well as of the exchange which gave rise to the misunderstanding between them: Letters between Galina Kurdina and Sherri Guarnieri

Relevant here: Vicious Lies, Libel, Inversions, Character-Assassination: Is Karen Stewart a “TI Leader” or a Covert Fusion Center Operative?

March 8, 2021 | Updates to the Ramola D Statement on Karen Stewart

Posted, at 3 am this morning, further updates, long-pending to the RAMOLA D | STATEMENT ON NSA WHISTLEBLOWER KAREN MELTON STEWART addressing some of her most outstanding continuing slander and libel from December 2020 to date–please scroll down there to see the March 8, 2021 posts. Karen Stewart is freely continuing her lies and smears on her Facebook pages, and projecting her own obsessions on others, while falsely-framing and falsely-claiming much, in looped, repetitious circles which give her actions away as Counterintel Hypergame/Echo-stalking. I have no intention of addressing her repeat drivel and serious defamatory statements against me, which she posts and reposts over and over, misdirecting all in her revisions of history and erasures of fact. But I needed to address a few outstanding statements she has made.

I consider this article, with its publication of email exchanges between Karen Stewart, Millicent Black, and myself during the writing of the Joint Statement to refute Katherine Horton’s gigantic and seriously defamatory lies, my final and definitive word on Karen Stewart’s false-claims of “Bullying” “Harassment” “Insults” during that writing, those emails clearly delineate the Truth and Facts here, and establish also that Karen Stewart is currently running a COINTELPRO operation marked by about-turns, egregious false-accusations, and outright lies:

False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Because Karen Stewart made public remarks on Facebook, falsely-accusing me again, regarding a recent email exchange featuring Bill Binney, Midge Mathis, Galina Kurdina, herself, and myself, I published this thread on Jan 26, 2021, posting some of those emails:

Thread, Jan 26, 2021 covering proof of Karen Stewart’s and Katherine Horton’s COINTELPRO actions, Midge Mathis’s “Nobody Cares,” Bill Binney’s Gatekeeping:

Two of the emails on that group, described in the Jan 26 thread/Posting my long email because it expresses my thoughts on the “support groups,” COINTELPRO infiltration, and in-house gatekeeping by ex-NSA tools.

Perhaps the Counterintel mavens running the dysfunctional engine of Karen Stewart are not quite clear on this point, but as a longstanding subject of their predatory attention, I can assure them all Counterintelligence (lies, deceit, smear attacks) fails abysmally when it becomes crudely transparent. The purpose of these posts is to establish the Truth and Facts on staged COINTELPRO by the agencies which include the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS, US Army, DOD, GCHQ, MI5, Mossad, Swiss/German Intel clearly intended to attack and bury my name and work–and using the handpicked tools of Karen Melton Stewart and Katherine Horton, in addition to many others. As noted in my email above, every single “support group” org. is suspect.

March 27, 2021 | Targeted Justice Refuses to Support Stephen Shellenberger’s Powerful Film Featuring Targeted Artists, “The Spark”

Steve Shellen recently shared with me that Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice refused to support his powerful and very apposite film The Spark, covered several times at my channel, reviewed here by me, by posting a link on their website, and asked me to publicize this whenever I wished–I am making this note here for that purpose, and hope to continue covering his film, so all worldwide get a chance to see it.

Poetic and matter of fact both, the film reveals dark dystopian sides currently co-existent and emergent in our world today–something many are waking to more emphatically as the transhumanist ideals and intentions of the billionaires running the world become clear.

Cover image of Steve’s film/linked here to his Vimeo site where you can watch it for a nominal price

Steve’s note to me on Twitter recently (excerpted): “anytime you want to mention that Targeted justice refused to add a link to my film, a film that stopped TI’s from committing suicide, feel free. They said it was because I charged a rental (had it up for free for TI’s for months as well) yet they listed books like by Dr John Hall, that charged money to purchase, I mean, makes no sense. Like you, I used to support them, even making videos advising people to trust them. Haha, we got duped Ramola, by exactly who I don’t know…Yes, they didn’t just hurt me, they hurt people that needed to see that film. People write still, why did no one tell me about this film?…Just so you know, I don’t begrudge John Hall selling his book on their site. He remains one of my closer TI friends and I honestly can’t say they are all bad over at TJ but something sure as hell is wrong when, again, TI’s are telling me it saved them from suicide. Not just a couple said that either.”

Steve mentioned that Midge Mathis had referred to Richard Lighthouse as being the block or veto-issuer on the mention and placement of his film on their site.

Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice also refused to post any of my articles at the Targeted Justice site, and to make mention of my vast body of work as a journalist to raise public awareness of these crimes, as I have reported earlier, including in The Consequences of Infiltration. I too was very open to them for years, supported and platformed them for long, but their actions have compelled deeper analysis. In addition, as I have reported on several of the Rebutting Lies-and-Exposing-Karen-Stewart articles, Midge Mathis has engaged in public slander, defamation, lies, and libel against me on Twitter and Facebook, participating in mobbing and smear attacks online with Ella Free, Katherine Horton, Andy Spoo, and others. These are active attacks to smear and disappear my work as a journalist exposing these crimes.

Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear

Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation

My opinion of Targeted Justice continues to be that they were/are a group manipulated and set into place by an Intelligence faction, possibly the CIA, to present a palliative front of social justice, to engage in ultimately useless actions to end targeting crimes/non-consensual Mil/Intel/Acad experimentation (such as waving clown banners in front of Langley), to wheelspin and work with complicit media/FBI as “activists” to be then covered as “mentally ill” by media, just as Ella Felder and her group FFTI have also done (check out all the MSM coverage of their protests, and check out my coverage of Ella’s bizarre conversations with reporters), to endlessly promise class action lawsuits, to deflect, gatekeep, publish Disinfo on targeting, and to keep the pool of TIs affiliating with them long appeased, placid, trusting, hopeful, and permitting of the incredible atrocities being conducted on their bodies–when every single person targeted should be writing powerful letters of Cease and Desist themselves, to their own city Mayors, city Councillors, state Governors, local FBI, and heads of all Intel agencies, Secretaries of Defense/Navy/Airforce and the ODNI, all Inspector-Generals, all local telecom companies, all local hospitals and Universities appearing on their computers in IP trace as complicit, along with affidavits, issuing Notices of Liability as earlier advised by Arlene Johnson and publishing them, fully exposing these corrupt and complicit officials. In addition, every TI needs to identify and issue Cease and Desists to every neighbor from whose house they have recorded EMF hits, as also every neighbor engaged in community-harassing them. I also published a brief Twitter thread recently, encouraging all to post public logs, records, films of the attacks on them, get Live-Life-Claims and send claims in Quantum-Grammar to local governments, neighbors, & others, as “Postmaster-General-of-the-world” Russel-jay: Gould has advised on interviews: For those lawmakers who aren’t lawbreakers…

Immediate High Level Routes to Effectively Demand a Stop to Illegal, Unlawful, Non-Consensual, Inhumane Mil/Intel Targeting, Trafficking, Weapons-Testing, and Medical Experimentation On Your Body

As I wrote back to Steve in commiseration, I also remarked on his shared information on the prevention of TIs from committing suicide, “That is a huge accolade — that more than few were saved from suicide by your film. Your work gives hope and shows the truth.”

The subject of Suicide among those being insanely and Satanically targeted by Military, Intelligence, and co-opted governments worldwide is a hugely important one: the extreme nature of the nonstop 24/7 biosurveillance torture with multiple stealth weapons–radar, electro-optic imaging, nanotech-neurotech, BCI-AI, scalar weapons, microwave pulse weapons, milliwave weapons, as well as neighborhood harassment, life-takedown, blacklisting, and in-town, in-travel, in-life full spectrum harassment, with family members being coerced as well to turn against targets–has led many to suicide. This is part of the roster of crimes that can be lain at the door of the FBI, in permitting and executing such gravely human-rights-violative full spectrum atrocity on their watch.

I have posted a link to The Spark on the sidebar of this site, and encourage all to spend the hour or two needed to watch this film, especially those who have no idea of the absolute truth that those targeted like this are sharing today.

10 April, 2021 | Karen Stewart Continues Her Obsessive Defamatory Attacks on Facebook, Repeating Herself

This Note, highlighting Karen’s usage of private emails with Dr. Seth Farber, a repost of a fabricated and clearly libelous character-assassination story by “Tammi Fields,” and posts referencing Millicent Black is posted at RAMOLA D | STATEMENT ON NSA WHISTLEBLOWER KAREN MELTON STEWART (Please scroll down) and being linked here, for the record.

ADDENDUM/24 April, 2021/Duplicity all around:

To add to that slander regarding Dr. Seth, recent information from Dr. Seth Farber reveals that Karen has lied outright to him about being “rejected” and dropped by me as a friend during December 2019, literally concocting a complete sob story, leaning on him as if her therapist and good friend–while he barely knew her and had been introduced to her by me– during the exact time period she had launched and was running baseless attacks on me on Twitter, reported in early threads on Dec 15, 22, 29, 2019. Another inversion of the truth. The Dec 29 letter she has posted (screenshot-posted in the Statement on her) is emblematic of these lies; his comments to her in response to this letter therefore were fully influenced by her false-claims coupled with his unawareness of Katherine Horton’s virulent smear campaign on me. It must be noted as well that Karen wrote this letter, filled with inverted-truth allegations of my “pursuing Katherine Horton” when she had just spent weeks working on a Joint Statement acknowledging the inverse, which is true, that Katherine had spent months and years fixated on, pursuing, and attacking me publicly–another example of a complete turn-around, a flipping of the facts, right after Horton visited her in MD.

In reading her deranged post, Dr. Seth remarked, “Karen has seemingly sadly become unhinged.”

Dr. Seth also reports that he has once again asked Karen to remove his emails and she refused–“her answer was cryptic and kooky”–saying cryptically that she “refuse(d) to work with the devil for the greater good.” He had asked her earlier, he reports, and she refused then too. Why, one must ask. And I think the answer is clear. Because she wants to use those emails against him, and against me, citing his name and work as a psychologist to further her loony narratives on narcissism.

In her comments below her post, Karen refers to this request by Dr. Farber and posts further untruths, which suggest Dr. Farber has been “coerced” to seek retraction of his emails “in return for publication of his articles.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite these gossipy, uninformed exchanges between Seth and Karen–accomplished by way of her duplicity and lies to him regarding the core issue here: Katherine Horton’s long, retaliatory smear-campaign against myself (retaliation for exposing her clear infiltrator & agent-actions, it appears), as well as lies about the breaking of our friendship as noted above, I have published Dr. Farber’s articles on merit, in respect for his voice and work, and in continuing friendship and collegiateship as we each work in our different ways to address and expose FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/DOD surveillance, targeting, and human experimentation crimes. “Quid Pro Quo” is a concept only Karen Stewart could conceive of, in her drive to deceive and destroy names and reputations–and not one I have ever or am ever likely to practice. Nor one Dr. Farber is guilty of either: this is an insult to his intelligence as well. Karen’s use of “Quid Pro Quo” in multiple smears online against me in fact is clear evidence of her deliberate Character Assassination Campaign against me–since November 2019, when she began it, as she flipped and began to run an FBI-NSA-DHS-CIA-Fusion-Center-style Character Assassination Campaign to turn reporting victims against the only journalist publishing the truth about Fusion Center targeting crimes since 2013/2014.

11 April, 2021 | Karen Stewart Posts a Letter from Ramola D to Sherri Guarnieri on a Small Group List (She Was Not Included On) with Vitriolic Commentary and Numerous Repeat False-Claims

I’ve just noticed that in addition to Karen Stewart’s multiple slander-and-lies posts at her “Perps and Nutcases” page currently she has made other new entries at her “Ramola Crapola” page, with one notable post I will report here on a couple counts:

March 30, 2021 post at Karen Stewart’s Libel and Defamation/Character Assassination for COINTELPRO Page titled, obsessively “Ramola Crapola”
  1. This post publishes a private email sent from me earlier to Sherri Guarnieri, which clearly Sherri has made available to Karen (CORRECTION to this below), after the close of our communications recently post her (Sherri’s) sending of two of my texts to Karen, later distorted and posted publicly by Karen. It is highly regrettable that Sherri has engaged in this action–of sending Karen Stewart my private emails to her–and I am very disappointed in Sherri’s action in doing so. (Someone else has sent this email to Karen, whether Millicent Black or Bill Binney or Derrick Robinson or whoever else, Karen Stewart has not elucidated on this point, as per Sherri’s email to me today; my correction is below.) However there is nothing in this email I do not stand by, and being a writer exposing the targeting crimes of DOD, DOJ, CIA and their friends, I hope this publication, as with all others, brings greater focus and spotlight on their crimes against humanity in targeting Americans and citizens worldwide with covert energy and neuro weapons. This email also offers my candid discussions of Karen Stewart, all of which again I still stand by--nothing to regret, nothing to retract, nothing to clarify.
  2. This email (of mine) refers to what transpired between Sherri and Galina Kurdina, which I have both written about and addressed on camera about earlier. In re-posting and readdressing this matter, Karen Stewart is once again spinning her wheels and repeating herself, in her usual obsessive, defamatory, smearing way, attacking me nonstop with the same false-claims, false-allegations, flat-out-lies addressed earlier. For my further and final notes on that matter here, please scroll up to the January 31, 2021 post here.
  3. In this rather vitriolic diatribe, Karen vows to keep on attacking me publicly (she names these smears of hers “truth”) while suggesting that my articles on her, written post-her-attacks to closely rebut her many past smears and false-claims, with evidence of same, are “libel” and “obsessive attacks” on her: an inversion of the facts and truth, which anyone witnessing her attacks from November 2019 on Twitter and Facebook post the publication of REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts will attest to–and many have, already, in writing.
  1. Further, Karen (falsely-claiming attacks on others as well) promises lawsuits, time in jail, knocks on the door, and statements of “hate, loathing, and despising.” This deranged verbiage sounds to me like harassment and intimidation in addition to all of this being flat out cyberwarfare–I wonder what kind of attorney could possibly look at the chronology, sequence, duplicity, intensity and malice of her libelous, defamatory attacks on me (and many others) since Nov 2019 fully evident online at this point and help her set up any kind of lawsuit–with no evidence whatsoever, and no substance to her false-claims, with plenty of evidence instead of her defamation, lies, and libel.
  2. Finally, Karen makes several statements about all of this supposedly discrediting and tarnishing my name. Her false-claims and sad accusations reflect on her alone. I have written enough in rebuttal to her claims and will not be repeating myself. But she should know that as a writer who has committed to exposing these outrageous DOD-DOJ-CIA-DHS crimes–which include character-assassination, smearing, discrediting, lying, fabricating, straight from the FBI, DOD, DOJ, DHS in “Psy Ops”–she is merely proving the methodologies of COINTELPRO in operation against the authentic activists, the true documentarians, the outspoken journalists. That she is spending her time trying to attack my name, trying to discredit me, trying to persuade random people neither of us know I am supposedly a “malignant narcissist” only proves my point: she is part of the FBI-CIA-NSA crowd running Psy Ops and Character Assassination to cover their crimes, working hard to discredit a journalist who has done quite a bit to expose Mil/Intel infamy. Frankly, as an all-around writer who is also a fiction-writer, I do certainly find this entertaining fodder for future fiction. Seems like I don’t need to do much these days but publish Truth and Facts as well as my own unvarnished opinion–based on Facts and my own analyses and intuition–for all the world to hear and people like Karen Stewart come out of the woodwork to offer me Story. The world as Kafka says is surely “rolling in ecstasy at my feet.”
  3. I am posting this for the public record.

CORRECTION To Number One above/4/11:

Sherri has corrected me on the fact that the email Karen Melton-Stewart has published and attacked on her Fb page was one I had written in February 2021 in response to her email to a small group titled “Purpose of Legal, “Doxing” – “Publication of Private Facts” – “Misappropriation of Name of Likeness” sent to myself, Kirk Wiebe, Bill Binney, Jerothe M Douglas, Millicent Black, Derrick Robinson, Galina Kurdina and several other parties I do not know or/and were named as “info” addresses. That email therefore was sent to this group, in response to Sherri’s initiating email–but it was most definitely Not sent to Karen Stewart.

Sherri tells me today she did not send this email herself to Karen Stewart and is unaware of the smear-attacks on me Karen Stewart has published on March 30, 2021 using this email.

However, Sherri initiated the small group email list on Feb 21, 2021, including me on it, when I have striven to remove myself from any further discussion of her verbal attacks on Galina Kurdina, and Karen Stewart’s part in it, with a specific note to this effect to her and Derrick Robinson on June 16, 2020, which, disappointingly, she did not honor.

Finally, it is clear therefore that one or more of the other people on this group email list “leaked” the Karen-Stewart-exposing email to Karen Stewart who of course mis-characterizes it as “behind-the-scenes attacks” on herself when it publishes the truth of what she has done.

If Karen Stewart feels she is being “attacked behind the scenes” when she reads emails from me addressed to others (in this case, Sherri) about the incredible actions of malicious public slander she has engaged in over one and a half years against myself and against others, including Galina, perhaps she should realize she should not be engaging in these actions at all: there would be no need to speak openly of her targeting crimes then, in private emails or on group email lists she is not on.

14 April 2021 | Clarification & Close of all Matters Pertaining to Sherri Guarnieri | Closure of all Communications with Karen Melton-Stewart in Nov/Dec 2019

I want to note here that in the aftermath of the recent Karen Stewart publishing of my email to Sherri marked above in the 11th April post, Sherri exchanged further emails with me saying Galina and I had “revived” the use of her name on social media in a defaming way, ignoring my repeated clarifications that Karen Stewart had posted, on March 30, 2021, this email of mine on a thread Sherri had created, causing her name and her email thread to come up.

In these emails–where it appears Sherri is parroting the very same false-narratives of “control” that Karen Stewart continues to maintain on me, making false-accusations of control–Sherri also shared that she had reported “phone cloning terrorism” to the FBI in the process it appears sending emails of mine and Galina’s to them; she also demanded to know in a peremptory way with no explanation or context or clarification whatsoever if Quincy Police had visited my home on “cyberstalking.”

When questioned further on these 2 subjects, she stated “My report to the FBI cyber terrorism unit was about Cloning and terrorism outside of the US which has been disclosed in these emails.” and “I was trying to fact check on you and someone else, and the below speaks for itself and it wasn’t my doing, the police report Ramola.”

Sherri did not provide a clear explanation nor any explanation beyond this hubristic response–why she would need to “fact check on me”. I highly disapprove of anyone “reporting to the FBI and police” issues in communication between those falsely targeted by the very FBI and police who have opportunistically and exploitatively targeted, falsely-labeled, falsely-accused, smeared, slandered, character-assassinated them, for the primary purpose of legitimizing their Federal budgets, legitmizing the false DHS/FBI “War on Terror,” putting 100s of 1000s of innocent Americans under brutally intrusive and 100% unConstitutional radar/audio/video surveillance, and trafficking people into the lucrative DOD/CIA programs of brain-experimentation, behavior-experimentation, AI/cybernetics-experimentation, et al.

As I noted earlier on that same email thread to Sherri and again in response to these emails from her, I have ceased communications with her; what occurred in the course of my email exchange with her was exactly what occurred between her and Galina, with jumps in reading, refusal to acknowledge clarifications, as well as deliberate obfuscation and withholding of information (re. FBI and police above) and veiled accusations of defamation and “cyber-stalking”–for which there is no justification whatsoever. As I wrote to Sherri,

“As I said, I have addressed the matter fully in writing now and will not further be addressing it in any way whatsoever. I do not defame and slander others, as Karen Stewart does, and as you have done with Galina.

If you have issues with your name showing up online again on social media, please take it up with Karen Stewart who has used my email to you to once more distort the facts, post lies, and send cyber-harassment and intimidation my way. She is the one who has revived the matter with this March 30 post–Galina and I are most definitely not as you say the people reviving it.

I’m amazed at your reporting this to the FBI — a criminal organization run by Mafia which has wrongfully targeted me and 100s of 1000s of others — and I do not approve of that nor of much of your actions in this matter, particularly continuing to maintain a false-narrative on Galina.”

Ramola D to Sherri G/Email/April 11, 2021

I regret hugely that my past friendship with Sherri has ended. I have spoken with her often on the phone and Skype in the past, kept in touch via email and phone, helped publish her research on Twitter and at my website, championed her cause and case, exposed her targeting as she has revealed to me in podcasts, panels, and articles, been supportive and available when she has needed to call and talk or report a particularly egregious attack on her. I am sad that we can no longer communicate–meaning see eye to eye, speak and be heard.

The hugeness of what has happened here however, with Karen Stewart publishing and maintaining incredibly excessive lies and false-narratives on me for 1.5 years now–which Sherri, who has remained in contact with Karen and clearly absorbed her lies, is condoning and repeating now, while also using my communications with her to draw in the mafiosi FBI–necessitates my removing and distancing myself from her as with all problematic parties seeking to further attack my name. Sherri is also maintaining a false-narrative on Galina–as Karen Stewart is maintaining and continually reviving a false-narrative on Galina–which to me is unacceptable, outrageous, and very wrong. The whole point of my making these notes here is because Karen Stewart has publicly published absolute lies and distortions about the entire Sherri-Galina scenario here, which I see more clearly now is not, as Galina points out to me a “misunderstanding or dispute or tiff” but attacks by Sherri on Galina, for whatever reason. The very fact that the entire situation would have remained private had Karen Stewart not published openly on it points to the inevitable conclusion that Karen Stewart, as I noted in that email which Karen Stewart published on March 30, 2021at Facebook, is an agent-provocateur, what COINTELPRO would call “a Government informant.” Yet another proof of ex-NSA gatekeeper Karen Stewart’s being an Intel plant and the opposite of a “whitehat” as she refers to herself, engaged in the very targeting crimes, what some call “perpetration” which she accuses fusion centers of engaging in.

False-reports to the FBI are precisely how people are being wrongfully targeted in the first place.

Now, there is also the phenomenon of false-reports to police, under guise of “cyberstalking”: this has not been explained to me further by Sherri, who brought it up, so I will not address it further, except to note that “cyberstalking” is part of the defaming false-narrative Karen Stewart has constructed against me, and keeps reviving online, as she falsely-accuses me of “cyberstalking and persecuting Katherine Horton” (and “seeking to get her and Millicent and Midge and the rest of the literate world to attack Katherine Horton” “on (my) behalf”). Suffice it to say I have meticulously addressed the massive slander, libel, smears, and lies from Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart–as a few others–on me for a reason: to let the world know what has truly transpired here, and to expose these two Intel plants who have sought to discredit me publicly for exposing their COINTELPRO engagement: anyone interested in uncovering the truth must necessarily peruse all of it.

Finally: I notice Karen Stewart is once again obsessively posting rubbish at her Facebook pages–over the past few days–repeating herself. She is also suggesting in some of these new posts that she is communicating with me currently. This is not true. I want to establish that I have ceased all communications with Karen Stewart since November/December 2019, when all private emails and tweets to her to clarify matters as she launched her endless false-claim attacks on me on Twitter and Facebook failed to yield positive response from her end. Nor will I ever be communicating with her further.

In these new posts, Karen Stewart once more gives herself away as the author of the “RobertSau” account which she has lied about is not hers, using the exact modality of obsessive repetition in a couple posts there, reproduced here, for evidence (her current Fb post above, the @RobertSau Tweet posts below):

If anyone’s looking for a soul to pray for, please, pray for Karen Stewart’s. She seems to be lost in her own little black hole of “strong delusion.”

29 April 2021 | Karen Melton-Stewart Can Expect Defamation and Libel Charges

I am making this post primarily for those being deceived by Karen Stewart in her continuing public slander posted against my name–but also to record the evidence.

A few days ago I was apprised of these posts, which reveal that not merely has Karen Stewart crossed the line (she did that long ago), she has taken to active FBI-style character assassination with no regard for the truth, or for consequences.

Karen Stewart has used my author-photo in an April 21/22 Facebook post, with open lies printed next to it, a comment on an April 21 post filled with odd distorted allegations and claims, below which my photo, with my name, as also the photos of others including of Galina Kurdina, Amy Rayboun have been posted, where she is evidently clearly attacking and slandering us all en masse. She has posted new lies at an earlier pinned post on her page at Facebook. She has posted several lies in the post dated Feb 3, 2021 at Facebook brought to my attention recently. All of it brazen slander. I have written to Dr. Seth Farber, Bill Binney, and Kirk Wiebe about the Feb 3 post, and I report their responses below.

Karen has No Business using my copyrighted author-photograph and name with lies printed next to it–exploitation with intent to harm–and she is advised to immediately remove this post and photograph from her Facebook pages:

This is Karen Stewart’s April 21 rambler, below which she posted the photo above, and photos of others, clearly “indicting” us:

Evidence here again, below, with her March 28, 2018 pinned post at Facebook, posting my article first, then, later, in comment, a passel of lies and smears, of Karen Melton Stewart working hand in hand with Katherine Horton to direct targeted character-defamation my way–a picture is emerging really of planned character-assassination from these two COINTELPRO queens:

Karen’s Feb 3 post with her repeat-lies, smears, slander, rambling, and libel; to all new readers encountering this saga of lies and smears for the first time, this is precisely why a Statement and Public Notice in addition to several articles and threads rebutting her false-claims and clarifying her untruths and Disinfo have been posted on the Flipped Karen Stewart:

Now for an excerpt of response from Dr. Seth Farber to the above Feb 3 tirade:

To put Dr. Seth Farber’s note-excerpt in text: “Ramola, Can’t you tell from what she writes that she is mentally imbalanced?????? The one person who commented seemed to realize that! He wrote:
“Karen i would to speak to you a secured format, i did Facebook messenger you to see if i could contact you.” He obviously realized she is being inappropriate. She needs help

Dr. Seth went on to state he felt sorry for her, and suggested I should feel the same. (I don’t, for obvious reasons: Karen is knowingly conducting a long-term smear operation on me; in my view, it doesn’t warrant sympathy, it warrants exposure, and a lawsuit.)

My question to Bill Binney regarding what Karen may have meant by her claim of “being enlisted to defame her” went unanswered; no doubt he passed on my email to Ms. Katherine Horton as he did the last one last summer, and no doubt she will be passing it on to Karen Stewart soon, to be freshly published at one of her slander-spots on Facebook.

Kirk Wiebe however did very kindly respond and informed me he had no idea about Karen’s activities and noted she “seem(ed) to be ranting.”

Karen Melton Stewart is hereby informed, yet again to Cease and Desist from her idiotic slander and smear campaigns against me, remove all photos and head-shots of me from her web pages including all her many pages at Facebook, where she continues to attack and smear many, and be prepared to face defamation and libel charges shortly.

Katherine Horton is hereby informed, as well, to remove all her slander and smears against me, as well as all photos and headshots of me from her web pages, and also be prepared to face defamation and libel charges shortly.

Karen Stewart and Katherine Horton may also expect to see a full expose of their COINTELPRO actions against myself and many others in print, audio, and video, to set the record straight, once and for all, for posterity, very soon.

(And may I close with a prophecy, which requires no piercing insight on my part, but merely observation of their past behavior, each time I or others have rebutted their false-claims, exposed their double-agentry, and challenged their lies, as the Intel puppeteers behind them swing into action: Both these ladies will suddenly rush out and do a series of interviews with anyone they can find, issue podcasts and flyers, letters and posts, in efforts to shore up their tattered image and assure all that yes, indeed, they are doing great work to save everyone from the boogiemen of the Mil/Intel crowd–who have sure gone to great lengths to find and place people like them–to attack, smear, and slander others to silence our voice and work–in our midst.)

Addendum, April 30, 2021: Immediate Deep State Retaliation for This Post Above

As earlier noted, in disclosure of particularly virulent targeting post-expose of the In-House Infiltration, my exposing of the double-agent, infiltration, agent-provocateur, agent-saboteur, limited-hangout, controlled-opposition actions of Karen Melton-Stewart, Katherine Horton, and others right here in this April 29 post above has resulted, all evening April 29 and today April 30, in massive, 360-degrees use of focused heart-congestion frequencies, delivered via microwave pulse shots and ground-wave radar, directionally, from equipment in neighbors’ garages, homes, yards, parked cars, recorded on my directional shield, and recorded on camera. The intense and abrupt assault directly after this post points directly to Deep State–that’s FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS & Mossad friends–retaliation in protection of their methods of War Crime & True Domestic Terrorism obfuscation and cover via installed COINTELPRO agents, in this case, Karen Melton-Stewart and Katherine Horton–who, as I have stated above, can expect further exposure and slander/defamation and libel charges shortly.

Targeting individuals–as the FBI does, as Fusion Centers do–is True Domestic Terrorism, and these 2 ladies have engaged in these very Targeting actions now, in assistance of FBI and Fusion Center Crimes, over 2.5 years, both against myself, and others, targeting me maliciously, tortiously, and vexatiously for outrageous character assassination: reprehensible, criminal, and most definitely to be fully exposed.

Afterthought, April 30, 2021: Why is Exposing Ex-NSA Karen Stewart’s Smear Operation Producing CIA/DOD Death Squad Assassination Attempts?

I have to say the immediate and excessive retaliation–with deadly microwave pulse shot weapons and targeted heart congestion frequencies from all sides, plus a distinct heart-hit pulse shot as I stood at the front window this afternoon from a blue SUV pulling out of the Murphys’ driveway (& stopped-to-hit) where it was long parked directing frequencies into the house–by the CIA/DOD DEATH SQUAD patrolling these streets and frequently hitting with pointed malice (on distinct occasions I have noted) does make me wonder. While every podcast and article I publish produces pulse-shot-hits, the extreme attack I have been under today does make me wonder. Am I supposed to sit back and let Karen Melton-Stewart and Katherine Horton slander me to bits, for days and months and years, on and on like the obsessed maniacs they have become, and not respond–as Bryan Tew suggested desperately in an unsolicited email a few days ago–and if so, to what end? To let stand their Character Assassination operation and the establishment of their False-Narrative based on fabrications and lies? I rather think the deluded agents running the Smear Operation here believe they can keep their US & worldwide targeting, terrorism and torture operations ongoing for years–and merely get me, the outspoken writer and journalist, out of the way, with this Black Op from Karen Stewart–extending the Black Op from Katherine Horton: they have miscalculated very badly. This entire industry of trafficked terrorism involving Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, DARPA, DOD, Universities, NSF, NIH, and multiple weapons contractors and pharma companies, and local governments–inclusive of double agents placed to act as sensationalists, misdirectors, gatekeepers, and spokeswomen smearing others at will–is coming down.


Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation

5 May 2021 | Karen Stewart REMOVES her Obsessive, Defamatory and Libelous “PERPS and Nutcases” and “Ramola Crap” Pages from Facebook After Post Above & After Amy Rayboun’s Recent Posts Promising Criminal Charges on Karen Stewart

In an interesting turn of events, Karen Stewart’s two most libelous pages freely slandering myself, Amy Rayboun, Galina Kurdina and many others were found to have been removed from Facebook today.

I somehow doubt that it was Facebook which removed these pages, since I, like Amy and Galina had reported several of her more egregious posts to Facebook last week–and like them was met with stonewalling.

Facebook, indeed, I had remarked in text to Amy, needed to be sued along with Karen: they flatly denied that her slanderous posts using my photo and others’ with lies posted next to them were “false information, hate speech, or harassment” (their own terms) and reported glibly that these harassive defamatory posts “did not violate their community standards.” I wonder which aspect of my intention tipped the board here, but I am not the only one promising defamation charges.

Amy Rayboun has been publishing lately on an egregious attempted-murder incident she was subjected to–well, two actually–involving a suspect acquaintance, poisoning of her coffee and sabotage of her tires, these attempts involved 3 people, one of whom she has named as Karen Stewart, the other as Anthony or V who runs podcasts as the Red Pill Show. Those posts can be found at her Facebook page and include this April 28 post. She has been reporting she has spoken with Law Enforcement and FBI about these incidents and is pursuing criminal charges for Karen Stewart which include defamation and libel charges. Indeed, Karen Stewart’s slandering of Amy on a never-ending basis–exactly like her slandering of Galina nonstop and her slandering of myself nonstop, all with fabrications and lies–has been painful to watch, and this post earlier reports on it, as also this one.

I must add that I made those addendum and afterthought posts above to definitively record that I was massively retaliated against, right after reporting Karen’s defamatory posts: what does it mean when exposing someone immediately provokes death-hits? Does it mean Karen and the death-squads using heart-hit weapons on me immediately after are related? It definitely seems like it.

Exactly as exposing Midge, Ella, and Katherine also provoked retaliatory death-hits: I think we can all do the Math here.

It is no small matter, to have made this discovery, that speaking openly and analytically of infiltration and COINTELPRO by certain parties initiates death-hit retaliation: it means there is most definitely a connection between them and the Death-Squads. I would personally suspect CIA #MockOp stands behind them all.

Further, let it be noted that Karen’s slander and lie campaign on me, which has run for 1.5 years now, has been run on multiple platforms and media and is not forgotten because she has pulled two defaming Facebook pages, as she pulled her “Ramola’s Sphincter” @RobertSau account launched last March/April and pulled in June also post mention of lawsuits.

As is evident from her repeat-slander Feb 3 post, it appears that once more Karen seeks to invert the truth and post a repeat lie–in efforts to convince readers she was not the one who, in Nov 2019, abruptly turned on me publicly, posted lies and false-claims on Twitter, then launched a massive smear operation on me literally overnight, with false-allegations–and absurd ones!–of being victimized, while then obsessively ranting in post after post on Facebook and Twitter about “malignant narcissism” and psychopathy, which she embodied.

Finally, checking two other of Karen Stewart’s several accounts on Facebook reveals that she has not taken down all her slander-posts there, these are “NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart” and “Karen Stewart NSA Whistleblower Interviews etc.” She has in fact pinned her Feb 3 post–posted above–at one of these pages, with its litany of lies paramount.

Karen Melton-Stewart is once more advised to remove ALL slander-posts publishing lies, fabrications, and smears against me, and is once more advised to remove my photograph from her pages, she has no right or permission to use my photograph, my name, or any likeness or work of mine.

Salutary to remind her of her own words, before she was expertly CIA-flipped, by Ms. Swiss Intel CIA-Center Katherine Horton in November 2019 and thence began a Smear and Slander Operation she appears unable to stop–yet in the process fully revealing the Transcontinental CIA COINTELPRO she has now overtly become a part of:

Screenshot from NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart @karen_kams56P

5 May 2021 | Major article release, reference collection of documentary and whistleblowing evidence for all reporting victims and activists

Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People

6 May 2021| Urgent Advisory: Karen Melton-Stewart is Dangerous, Disassociate Completely From Her

Advisory to all, in light of recent events, recorded at my ongoing, (April 29, 5 May posts especially):

Karen Stewart appears to be running with the “Deep State” Death Squad which is able to initiate death-hits on me from my neighborhood/street directly after exposing her. Please read my testimonial in these posts and read Amy Rayboun’s testimonial at her Facebook  page (April 28, The Ugly Truth) regarding recent events.

Post these recent posts–after intense and absurd defamation attacks this spring from Karen Stewart–where we have both published our intention to seek defamation/libel charges against KMS, and in Amy’s case, also attempted-murder charges, Karen Stewart has scrambled on 5/1/21 to remove two of her most defamatory pages, Perps and Nutcases and her obsessed “Ramola Crap” page–since we had begun collecting evidence of her slander. She has then–as predicted by me in Notes–rushed off to ingratiate herself with the “TI community” such as we have it: I see evidence in my inbox from PACTS his morning of a letter she is advising all to send Congress with a template she has provided.

Do not be deceived by this incredibly insane and maliciously nasty woman. In my considered analysis, the incredible attacks on me over the last weekend and the last few days point directly to Karen Stewart’s involvement, not just as an infiltrator and agent and government informant, but as someone being actively protected, used, directed–in COINTELPRO character-assassination smear campaigns against us–by absolute mercenaries using radiation heart-hit weapons to direct kill shots my way; I can only conclude this is a NSA-CIA-FBI death-cult gang which has previously attacked me, on specific, memorable occasions, in just this way (intense heart-hits, designed to assassinate) during the course of my publishing specific podcasts and articles exposing the CIA and FBI especially, which occasions I have recorded in various articles and Twitter threads and videos, but which I will once more highlight in a separate article soon–and which she seems to hang with, since they are intimately responsive to exposure of her slander and cyber-harassment crimes. (There is much other evidence of this association, involving cyber-hacking.)

Karen Stewart has arrived in our midst as a supposed whistleblower–whose cause I am personally responsible as a dedicated and open-minded journalist exposing targeting crimes for championing, promoting, platforming for 3 years, from March 2016 when I met her online to November 2019 when she flipped on me post a visit to her home in Maryland by Katherine Horton (Swiss Intel/CIA plant, in my view, now) and began to character-assassinate me brutally online, without cause, and in deliberate inversion of the facts, for 1.5 years. Her attacks on me and on Amy Rayboun and on Galina Kurdina are unpardonable.

I would be remiss if I did not share my deepest concerns about someone in our midst and I am making this post for all TIs to see (I will post it in Notes), so they may be fully informed. This has gone well past sanity–Karen has I believe shown herself through her obsessive smear operations to be seriously unbalanced–also Dr. Seth Farber’s view, on reading some of her latest posts: he has called her “unhinged, mentally unbalanced, and needing help, someone to feel sorry for”; it has also gone well past doubt.

The association here to me is crystal-clear now, as it has also been made clear to Amy Rayboun, by her testimonial: we have both been made victim to absolute, physical assassination attacks post the exposing of malicious smear campaigns from Karen Stewart. This makes her a dangerous person to associate with, and I am publishing this urgent advisory to inform all immediately.

As we in this tragic group of Government-trafficked victims-of-extreme-crime know, extreme efforts are being taken by NSA, CIA, FBI et al to keep these EMF/Neurotech crimes hidden — including assassination-attacks with stealth weapons on journalists and human rights investigators (Amy works as a human-rights investigator and analyst for TIs; she recently made a stellar post on her analysis of these targeting programs at her Facebook page I will publish soon.) None of this should be acceptable to Anyone.

Just FYI, also, for your reference, and for use in all correspondence you may make as you inform organizations, governments, human rights groups and demand reparations and acknowledgement for these crimes, I have published an article collecting documentation and whistleblowing and will update this further as we move forward:

Please share this widely, thanks.


6 May 2021 | Apparently Committed to Hypergame Pointless Reactions, Karen Stewart Returns her Libelous Pages Online

Noting for the record, what I am informed about this morning and checked for myself to confirm, the entrenched and deceiving Libel and COINTELPRO Queen Karen Melton-Stewart has, directly after I emailed the above advisory to a few people, returned her two libelous pages online to Facebook — which permits her to maintain smears, lies, false-information, false-claims, false-accusations, false-narratives on myself and others — perhaps to broadcast to all the evidence of her long Smear Operation, and to establish her reputation for crude and defamatory attacks on many. No idea why she would wish to continually expose her targeting crimes — but it appears she seeks a continuous spotlight. I will not be further reporting on her defamatory actions and posts for now, given that I have fully exposed her, but I will indeed be publishing The Insalubrious Saga of Ms. Flipped Karen and Ms. Planted Katherine shortly.

Amy Rayboun has responded on Twitter to my posts yesterday marking the initial takedown:

Food for Thought, regarding those who are bought-out and compromised, recruited and flipped, and those who are long used as sleeper agents in counterintelligence and espionage:

The definition of Mole (Espionage) from Wikipedia:

“In espionage jargon, a mole (also called a “penetration agent”,[1] “deep cover agent”, or “sleeper agent“) is a long-term spy (espionage agent) who is recruited before having access to secret intelligence, subsequently managing to get into the target organization.[2] However, it is popularly used to mean any long-term clandestine spy or informant within an organization, government or private.[2] In police work, a mole is an undercover law-enforcement agent who joins an organization in order to collect incriminating evidence about its operations and to eventually charge its members.

The term was introduced to the public by British spy novelist John Le Carré in his 1974 novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy[3][4] and has since entered general usage, but its origin is unclear,[1] as well as to what extent it was used by intelligence services before it became popularized. Le Carré, a former British intelligence officer, has said that the term mole was actually used by the Soviet intelligence agency, the KGB,[2] and that a corresponding term used by Western intelligence services was sleeper agent.[5] While the term mole had been applied to spies in the book Historie of the Reign of King Henry VII written in 1626 by Sir Francis Bacon,[1][2] Le Carré has said he did not get the term from that source.”


I’d meant to add this in but haven’t had the time. After returning her two libelous pages online, Karen posted this note, and shortly after (on May 6 or 7) closed down her pages again. The tone of this note speaks for itself and displays both her immaturity and pathological lunacy. Whatever game Karen Stewart is playing–and it seems like it is a game to her–she is mistaken if she believes I and others she slanders are here to spend our time noting her moves: we’ve spent months rebutting her lies. I’ve been appalled to find that she has been continuing her slander for 18 months now, post her fallout with me in November 2019 when she chose to be manipulated by Katherine Horton and the coterie behind her to attack and lie about me, running an incredibly nasty smear campaign replete with repeat lies and ever bigger lies on several platforms–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, private email lists, DMs, texts. That she and Katherine are, and have long been part of a cover operation seeking to sabotage, discredit, smear, character-assassinate, repeat-target, and disappear my work–and others’–I think she has established fully now. Karen Stewart is a full-fledged fusion center operative at this point, fully controlled by some extremely disreputable characters behind her–NSA, FBI, or CIA, any or all, take your pick. I must conclude someone among this clan is advising her now–as earlier–to save her hide and keep those libelous and lying pages offline: they are indeed pages looking for a lawsuit. However, she has carved for herself and Katherine Horton a place in activism history here, and both these lying ladies and modern-day spies or double agents will be further written about.

Salutary to note as well that despite removing these primary pages of slander on Facebook and closing defamation groups like “Perps and Nutcases” carrying smears and lies on many is the fact that Karen Stewart continues to post libel and slander, and continues to mislead and misinform people, as this post to Ken Peartree dated April 30, recently passed on to me by someone witnessing her slander on multiple forums, evidences:

The irony of this comment is not lost on me; Karen Stewart, like Katherine Horton most closely evinces the continuation of the CIA’s Mockingbird operations of control, manipulation, disinformation, lies, and propaganda, as well as both NSA/FBI and CIA counterintelligence discrediting operations. What Karen is also doing here is once more Inverting-the-Truth about “hysteric smear campaigns”–which she and Katherine Horton have run against me now since July 2018. “NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart” deliberately turned, in November 2019, against the One journalist who had covered her story for several years, promoted and platformed her, and began to run a manic smear campaign filled with a largesse of lies against her: Who does that? And why? I think we know the answer now, and no doubt the CIA is mixed up in this, the very corruption she references here–which she embodies.