Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes

Notes & Updates | Ramola D | Jan 31, 2021/Updated Feb 1, 2021

As many know, the attempts of those–such as myself–who seek to expose and help terminate the excesses, evils, and crimes of Patriot Act “surveillance” (substitute unlawful targeting and assault with RF weaponry & character assassination in neighborhoods to permit unlawful trafficking into COPS/CVE/weapons testing/CIA MK ULTRA contracts) have been rife with infiltration, gatekeeping, censorship, deflection, wheel-spinning–COINTELPRO entrenched, on a massive scale, as the Deep State cockroaches hustle to hide their crimes and keep them hidden for decades.

My last forays into working with a group on a broadcast, the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, ended with revelations, across 2.5 years succeeding the end of TCFF terminating Katherine Horton’s takeover of the show with unilateral calls to violence, of infiltration and character assassination. “Dr.” Katherine Horton and Karen Melton-Stewart distinguished themselves as blatant liars and bullies, in addition to being agent provocateurs and saboteurs after the show closed, posting lies and smears for years which I and others took seriously enough to rebut in detail and with concern.

Lies Exposed:

False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed

Karen Stewart, as everyone knows and can see clearly for themselves, continues to spin out her lies and smears endlessly on her “Perps and Nutcases” pages. Not something I keep tabs on anymore, having spent ages rebutting her false claims and lies. My Statement on her carries up to date responses and rebuttals I have indeed wished to make; there are a couple notes to add there which I will shortly but I’m in no hurry, I have much else to do.

Jan 31, 2021 | Karen Stewart’s Targeting of Galina Kurdina

I notice today though after a note from a friend that she is back to dredging up past encounters with others on well-past group emails and making slurs and smears against others, as is apparently her wont, and I am especially concerned that she once more targets Galina Kurdina for attack, publishing past emails from anyone she pleases as she tries hard to make her bizarre points.

As always, she paints a distorted picture. What else can one do when one hangs out with known infiltrators like “Julianne McKinney” and holds up their words as if gold?! (Known infiltrators need to be dropped and walked away from—those who work with them end up revealing their own true colors as infiltrators and perpetrators of targeting crimes themselves, as Karen Stewart has.)

I’ve decided therefore to create this page, to note a few facts and observations of my own, as needed.

Some gems from the obsessed K “Malignant Narcissist” Stewart: “Sherri asked me to post that, had Ramola not given her (Sherri) Galina’s contact info, Sherri would never have known about or spoken to this person and neither would I (Karen).”

(No comment–think that speaks for itself.)

I was present for large portions of the Sherri/Galina fracas and have written and spoken about it earlier. I want however to clarify one factor which escaped my attention earlier.

I have now gone over, at Galina’s request, all the emails between Sherri and Galina on their very first encounter on email, after Sherri asked me for Galina’s information in order to contact her after my interviews and conversations with Galina. Journalists do end up connecting people when they ask, this is well known.

My conclusion after reading all the emails carefully is this: Sherri Guarnieri did indeed jump to the wrong conclusion or did indeed make a jump in reading as she misread Galina’s intent and then began to accuse her of wanting her medical records--never requested by Galina. I have in the past pointed to the reading difficulties both ladies displayed as an ameliorating factor, which I think holds true still to some extent, but I have not in the past mentioned Sherri’s part in this. Not merely is Galina an (excellent) ESL reader and writer, Sherri displays dyslexia in reading and writing, which all corresponding with her are well aware of, but which I don’t think I have publicly drawn attention to before—my error—I should have made this clear earlier when I wrote about my own part in this as a friend of both who sought to smooth over their misunderstanding and failed. However it is only after re-reading these emails recently that I can see it was not Galina who jumped to the wrong conclusion in between emails, it was Sherri. At no point did Galina ask for any of Sherri’s private medical records, which Sherri misunderstood and then fixated on, and brought up on succeeding email threads.

I have always concluded this was a misunderstanding on Sherri’s part and sought on one major group-email occasion to speak to each separately. It is regrettable that Sherri has so misread Galina’s questions and intentions, because a rift has been caused there, and many wrongful claims of intent made.

I think it is necessary for me to state at this point what I can see now, looking through the emails: Galina Kurdina did not make accusations or false claims or demands for private information; Sherri has made a jump in reading and made some false-accusations and false-claims about Galina and has therefore misrepresented Galina’s words and intent as expressed in her emails to her.

Karen Stewart’s postings currently of Sherri’s Thank you email to her, and Skizit and Don’s emails in between to Galina and to Karen do not in any way address that base misunderstanding, and the fact that the false-accusations and false-claims were made by Sherri, not Galina.

Galina has been upset over this matter and understandably so. I am aware and do recall the odd fit that CAHT’s Skizit Gesture (her preferred name) threw on email on a second or third occasion of this misunderstanding coming up again when I wrote to both Sherri and Galina separately, and to Karen and Skizit separately too: that was another occasion of revelation where the infiltrators reveal themselves, with Skizit bizarrely cutting herself off from me, accusing me of being “unable to manage my project people”!

No-one was my “project person”–everyone’s their own being in my seeing and I strive always to be careful and diplomatic with all on group lists or in groups. I was surprised at Skizit’s behavior and did not say much as she proceeded to distinguish herself in email as a sensationalist drama queen, much like “Dr.” Katherine Horton. I have written about this earlier; CAHT’s Neal Chevrier, who was forwarded and read the rude emails from Skizit to me, wrote later and apologized to me, which was very kind of him.

This is all well-past though, and the reason I am making a note today about it is: it is not right to tarnish Galina’s reputation and keep false-claims about her alive. Karen Stewart today is once again pushing a false-narrative when she raises Sherri’s false-accusations and false-claims against her. Karen Stewart in fact is attacking Galina Kurdina’s name and work by these actions—the kind saboteurs and infiltrators engage in.

Galina has published a Public Notice about the public-mischief-making and smear-campaign-running Karen Stewart here:

as have I: Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020

I admire and thank Galina Kurdina for her work in helping to support and inform victims of Mil/Intel crimes in Canada and the USA, and in publishing notice of these crimes to government bodies, human rights groups, and others.

I support the work of all true activists who help and support others and make these notes today in hopes of clarifying this oft-recurring matter that Karen Stewart has presented in a false light on her page-for-falsehoods-and-smears, Perps and Nutcases at Facebook. (Which Facebook supports, since they refuse to take it down despite multiple reports.)

TI activism is rife with infiltration — but there is no need for anyone to let the lies stand.

Update, 2/1/2021: Galina has now published that early email exchange between herself and Sherri, revealing in many ways, and exposing of US Military and Intelligence crimes as well as of the exchange which gave rise to the misunderstanding between them: Letters between Galina Kurdina and Sherri Guarnieri

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